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tv   Al Jazeera English News Bulletin  LINKTV  May 27, 2019 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> the changing face of europe. nationalist parties win big in european elections, but so do the liberals andnd greens. in the u.k., a program set party comes out on top while the conservatives have the worst result in their electoral history. ♪ anchor: hello, you are with al jazeera. also coming up, the eu's youngest leader forced from power after a corruption scandal causes a political avalanche in austria. and an investigation track the
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military spy grains supporting libya's most powerful warlord. ♪ half a billion europeans are facing a new political landscape. for the first time in four decades, the centrist alliances that have dominated european parliament has failed to form a majority. new political forces are on the rise with far right parties storming france, italy, and the u.k. there's also been a merging support for the liberals and greens. we report from paris. ♪ reporter: the face of europe's parliament is changing. the traditional power blocs of the center right that have dominated for decades lost, as populists and liberals surged. >> for the first time in 40
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years, this is the first election since 1979 that the first vesicle parties, socialist and conservative, will no longer have a majority. over fearsationalism about immigration fueled populist parties in france and italy. only is the league of the first party in italy, but marine le pen is the first party in france. in the u.k., nigel farage is first good it is the sign of a europe that is changing. reporter: green party's in several countries a celebrated results,t eu election highlighting concerns about climate change. >> people across europe want to form a peaceful europe together. we have a great result in germany, ireland, the netherlands, austria, and across
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europe the greens are strong. reporter: the election results reflect a growing political trend in the eu 28 member states. people are increasingly rejecting traditional mainstream parties and supporting alternatives and voting for causes. the center-right european people's party remains the largest bloc in the eu parliament, but with no majority, it will be forced to seek support from the former pro eu coalition. >> they have scored badly and they have both lost votes, but we see a third emerging, which is the liberals. at the moment, the liberal party, if one includes the votes nextacron, good be in the -- could b be in the next europn parliament. reporter: the european project was created after world war ii to ensure that rivalries between countries would never again result in conflict.
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while these elections show that politically, europe is more fragmented than ever, pro-eu majority,ill retain a suggesting that although some voters may be questioning the european union, most still believe in it. anchor: some of the most dramatic results came in the u.k., where the traditional big parties suffered massive losses. theresa may's conservatives could only manage fifth-place, the worst result in 200 years. the opposition labor party did not do much better. it is all down to brexit and containshat the report flash photography. reporter: this is the jubilation that comes with taking on britain's governing party and humiliating them. by peoplege energized betrayed that brexit has not happened. the brexit party won over 30% of the vote. the conservatives got just 9%, the worst result in 200 years. left the brexit
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process, we never would have gotten a brexit like what we voted for in the referendum. this clearly will put pressure on them, pressure on the resolution. reporter: he has not wrong. theresa may is on the way out and rivals vying to replace or will be drawing lessons from what has just happened. when david cameron calls the twicerexit -- called the 16 brexit referendum, he was trying to heal decades-old divisions and the threat from nigel farage. it backfired spectacularly. nigel farage has punish the tories again. as a party they are more really divided than they have ever been, and it is hard to see how the next prime minister will be anything but a hard brexiter. languages only reflect this. >> the message is clear from these results, we need to
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deliver brexit. i led a campaign to get britain out of the european union and we must honor the referendum result. reporter: but they were actually more votes to remain parties intend to work to the brexit party and u.k. independence party. the liberal them across were in second place, stealing labor voters and jeremy corbyn's halfhearted support for a second referendum. >> i think it's clear from the big picture of the results that we have a clear majority in the country who want to stop brexit. reporter: most labor voters and stemmps want the party to bleeding by advocating for another public vote. jeremy corbyn says he supports this but his focus primarily on winning power. >> the priority at the moment is for this government to call for a general election and neck should have a general election so we can decide the future.
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parliament has basically been given nothing to do by the government. reporter: britain's political center of gravity is failing. its two main parties have lost -- ground toround, parties that represent brexit. whether they are all the way down or just damaged it is thessible to say now, but other parties will now be harder to ignore. anchor: a surprise breakthrough thehe eu election came from greens, they stand to become the fourth largest bloc in the european parliament and of the greatest success coming in germany, where the greens came second with 20% of the vote. they took over one million votes from the country's two largest parties. they also came in second place in finland on 16%. france saw a major upset with : 13.3%, tomentalists make them the third-largest party.
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wenteland, the green party from 5% to 15%, almost replicated in the u.k., where the share rose from 4.6% to 12.5%. the green parties are projected to take 69 seats in the european parliament, making them potential key makers when it comes to choosing the next president of the european commission. monica for sony is the cochair of the european green party and says the parties ability to unite as one of its biggest strengths. >> even if we are not a huge political force, we are able to be united on an issue to him and we will, because we are able together majorities. i think this type of unity will strength in the next negotiations, which i trust are not going to be very easy, that which we have certain
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priorities that hopefully will be respected. also because we are not alone in this. our so-called green wave has been very much pushed by young people, but also the vote of young people. i believe that other parties will be kind of humiliated. we don't have much time to reverse the trend and fight climate change. we have a paradox. italy, my own country, is a place where the mobilization of young students was the biggest in the world on the 15th of march. there are a couple of questions, one is the offer, perhaps we were not strong enough or good enough to take and interpret these kind of movements that are very sudden and quick. the second is that the political debate is basically stuck. so-callede the
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migration crisis, etc., which did not allow the green issues and climate issues to come out. anchor: meanwhile, austria's without a leader after their leader was forced to step down as chancellor following a vote of no-confidence. opposition parties joint to remove him from office after a corruption scandal that brought down his right wing government. we have the story from vienna. ago,ter: just over a week sebastian had a stable coalition of the austrian freedom party. now this chancellorship is over after only 70 months in office, and his country has no government. this was the scandal that engulfed his former partners and eventually ended the coalition. the secret video emerged at the freedom -- of the freedom party leaders apparently advising russians how their country could increase influence over austrian politics. led co-ops toy
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force the cabinet ministers from office last week. now they have returned the compliment. he made the entire freedom party responsible for the wrong actions of two people, and we took the appropriate measures. that is what he did. he tried to take advantage of a difficult situation and try to enlarge his own power base. reporter: for the social democrats, it was about denouncing what they call the unconstitutionality of the actions. this is a shameless, unrestrained, and irresponsible power grab. this is what we are witnessing, that the power in our country is based on the people and not you. reporter: it was a stark contrast from sunday, when sebastian led his party to its best european election result in 20 years, which makes the opposition decision to force an early election seem electorally questionable. the chamber is now empty, the politicians who voted the government out have left,
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perhaps gone to think about planning their election campaign. the one irony of this result is that the man who is been forced from office might well be soon back on those same government in opinionenches polls are anything to go by. something he knows all too well. as he told his supporters soon after losing the confidence of parliament. >> today, parliament decided, but at the end of the day, in september, the people will decide. i am looking forward to that. reporter: clearly he thinks he can rise the support back to the -- ride the support back to the chancellorship. anchor: more political upheaval in romania, where the leader of the ruling social democrats is starting a 3.5 year jail sentence after losing an appeal against a corruption conviction. [booing] gochor: protesters chanted "
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to jail" as he was driven to prison from his home in bucharest. he is regarded as romania's most powerful man, but he had a previous conviction for vote rigging. 42 more people were found dead in the number of brazilian prisons, according to officials, a day after 15 inmates killed during rioting. they were killed after fighting broke out during visiting hours. officials have launched an investigation into what caused the violence. arrested for have suspects in connection with friday's bomb attack in lyon. they arrested the lead suspect in the south of the city, and later arrested three others, including his mother and brother. detonated outside of a bakery in france's third-largest city. in other news, france's largest car manufacturer renault is in talks with fiat chrysler about a
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merger. they are studying with interest a proposal from the joint u.s.-italian company. if it goes through, the new company would be the third-biggest automaker in the world he hide toyota and looks like an. volkswagen.yota and there is still more ahead. we hear from a yemeni mother struggling to feed her 10 children. and as memorial day is marked in washington, we look at the immigrants fighting for the u.s. army and hoping to get citizenship. ♪
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>> this weather system in japapn
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is getting us s heavy downpours but it is sweeping across and behind it will be a lot cooler. ♪ theor: a quick look at headline stories. nationalist parties have made significant gains in elections to the european parliament, anding polls in the u.k. europe. the austrian chancellor has been forced from office after a vote of no-confidence. and there is more political upheaval in romania, where the role of -- the leader of the social democrats is starting a 3.5 year jail sentence after losing a corruption conviction. we know at least 18 people have been killed in air strikes the syrian government forces.
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a number of people are also trapped under the rubble. government troops have been pushing to take the city since last month. the region is the last major rebel stronghold in the region. for years after the war in yemen, which was already one of , it isrest arab states on the brink of famine, millions of your -- millions of yemenis forced from their homes. hasrter: this yemeni mother 10 children to feed and this is where they live, and a makeshift camp in a remote province in northern yemen. >> we are living under a tree and we don't have anything. there are snakes, which we are scared of. yesterday we had to kill one that got too close. i struggle for my children and beg so i can feed them. reporter: fighting has
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intensified in the province in the past two months. around 420,000 yemenis are forced from their homes and living in hundreds of makeshift settlements like this. and the numbers keep rising. >> this camp is in a very bad condition. some people have received food aid packages and others have not. some people have received tense and others have to live under the trees. the situation is like homeless people who don't have anything. reporter: aid is trickling in through a port. thehope generated by withdraw from the city earlier this month is fading. there is fighting on the escorts, -- the outskirts, raising concern that the crisis is growing even worse. the war is intensifying in many parts of the country. everyday we hear stories of
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people fleeing from airstrikes, showing, landmines. people tell us they are scared, tired, hungry, and worried that things will not get any better. this is as bad as they have ever had it good -- it. families like this one is struggling to survive, and the possibility of aid reaching their camps appear to be fading. anchor: al jazeera investigations have tracked military aircraft and spy planes that seem to be supporting libya's most powerful warlord peered forces are battling the government for control of the capital, tripoli, but he is being backed by a range of our -- of aircraft that doesn't seem to be part of his arsenal. inside libya, the country is under embargo imposed by the united nations. , he says thealyst
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conflict in libya could become a full-blown proxy war as a result issues inng regional the country. >> in some of the outside players that clearly the united arab emirates, egypt, and i think interesting about the french intelligence apparently being involved in spy tracking activity, and russia. what we are seeing is a lot of players coming into libya. we should not forget that in violatingo the uae the security council embargo, turkey has been selling weapons to the prime minister, who is of course leading the recognized government and tripoli. it is a situation, and i think a recipe heading toward almost a yemen scenario, where in effect you are beginning to see a proxy war potentially emerging, with
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outside influences starting to come in. outsiders are seeing him as a straw man that can bring the country together, but for him, it is an opportunity against the muslim brotherhood. for france, who knows what macroin is playing. the arms embargo should be respected, and should be an attempt to return to these negotiations. on the day the yuan was set to begin a dialogue -- the u.n. was set to begin a dialogue, and offense was launched on tripoli. potentially this could be a yemen type confrontation. anchor: the israeli military syrian attacked a
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rhetoric that attacked one of its warplanes, near the foot of the golan heights. there are reports of instruction of a military vehicle. meanwhile, israeli mps have passed a preliminary motion to dissolve parliament less than two months after elections that seemed to offer benjamin netanyahu a new mandate. left in theurs coalition to rule the country. others want to end exceptions for orthodox jewish men being in the military. now to another story we have been following, more bodies were covered from a lake in the democratic republic of congo after a boat sank on sunday. at least 45 people are confirmed to have died. we have more. reporter: dozens of bodies have been pulled from the water and dozens more are still missing. it is unlikely at this stage
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that survivors will still be found in the water more than 24 hours after the boat sank. survivors say it was overloaded with cargo and people, and that is common for both on congo's many waterways that are crucial for connecting the interior of the country. with little in for structure, many rows are only passable on a motor bank -- motorbike and almost impossible after rain. from the point of view of crews, it is a way to get a little extra income, and for passengers, if the only way to get around. many of the passengers on this boat were going to collect their monthly teachers salary. when the boat sank, soldiers around the lake tried to rescue some of those who had survived. they, however, did not have any
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proper military boats and were using small wooden boats, the same kind used by the fishermen in the villages that live around the lake. to choppys also prone waters, big waves, and heavy, tropical storms. even losing engine power on the lake for a few minutes and overloaded wrote can come with -- overloaded boat can come with substantial risks. anchor: sources have told us that armed men have abducted and killed at least seven people in the -- in a northeastern nigerian city. we have more. reporter: the attackers came in the dead of the night as their victims were preparing to go forward to midnight prayers for ramadan. abductedcted -- several people and took them to the outskirts of the people and cut them down with machetes. apparently the attackers were trying to avoid attention on
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themselves, and that's why according to security forces, they were not using guns. thekilling came hours after nigerian army denied reports of an earlier ambush that resulted in the killing of 25 soldiers. the nigerian army through a spokesman said the story was not true and there was no such incident in the area over the weekend. boko haram has stepped up its attack in northeastern nigeria just as a joint task force that have been fighting boko haram has also stepped up operations. one faction in particular is accused of carrying out the latest killings, because they were civilian and military targets. anchor: it was memorial day in the u.s., when america honors members of the military killed in service, but not everyone who serves is american-born.
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joind 40,000 immigrants the u.s. military in the hope of earning u.s. citizenship. eirwe report, th recruitment is being scaled back. reporter: every year, thousands of immigrants pledge allegiance to the united states to become new americans. it is a moment baba longs for. he left senegal 10 years ago to study computer science in virginia. after earning several degrees, he decided to enlist in the army in 2016 through a program that allows non-us citizens who are in the country legally to join the military and immediately apply for citizenship. >> it has always been a dream of mine to serve this country. but i figured this was the best opportunity for me to do that. reporter: the army was looking for french speakers from africa
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at a time when terrorism threats were growing in the region. he says he can fill that role, but he has been three years since he enlisted and he is still waiting to ship the basic training. the pentagon and 2017 announced major changes to the way noncitizens are recruited, leading to long delays. >> there is a concern that these recruits might be security threats. are you a national security risk for the u.s.? >> idol think so. i don't think i am a national security risk. , ion't have any problems don't have any issues with the law or anything. reporter: a retired major general led the u.s. army effort to train the iraqi military in the early 2000's. he says at a time when the u.s. military is struggling to meet recruitment goals, welcoming immigrants to serve is essential. >> they tend to be very high performers. they tend to be language
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important. fromtend to be ambassadors their birth country. and all of that weaves into a picture of a young man or woman to has a lot to contribute the armed forces of the united states. reporter: but a growing number of immigrant soldiers are denied citizenship, even after reporting for duty. and harderme harder for foreign-born u.s. military recruits to become citizens of the country they now serve. in fact, recent government figures show that 60% of immigrant soldiers are denied u.s. citizenship. that's higher than the 11% the nile rate for immigrant civilians. -- denial rate for immigrant civilians. baba says he wants to give something back to the country he
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hopes to be his own. he doesn't know if that day will
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