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paris world news and analysisis from francnce twenty four on mao and these are the headlines. robert muller says he was prevented from bringing a prosecution against us president trump. that is inquire into russian interference didn't clear trump's name. also announced his resignation from the us jusustice department and the closure of a special counsel. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu faces a midnight deadline to form a new governing coalition. as he seeks to stave off the crisisis that could trigger an unprecedented second election this year. or even forced him to step down. my micron has joined the calls to prevent the execution of
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french jihadists tried a convicted impact. french preside though s says the guilty m men should serve their sentences in iraq . thank you very much for being with us announcing the official end of his investigation and his resignation to the us justice department. robebert mula chosese to end wia bang his revelation that his hands were tied over a possible prosecution. of the us presence will found the flames of controversy his confirmation that there were occasions when trump was actively trying to obstruct the investigation will fuel the displeasure with years ago ministration and most of all given the light to trump's claims. mullis says his report does not put the us president in the clear. the appointment order directed
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and as set forth in the report after. that investigation if we had had cog confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime we would have said so. wewe did not however make a determination as to whether the president did commit a crime under longstanding department policy. a present president cannot be charged with a federal crime well he is in office. that is unconstitutional. even if the charge is kept under seal and hidden from public vie. that too is prohibited. the special counsel's office is part of the department of justice and by regulation it was bound by that department policy. charging the presidentnt with a crime was therefore not. an option we could consider. robert mullerr finally speaks fr the crowther coastal waters correspond with listening to it every word that's john philip now for some more analysis. of what this could mean for the explosive stuff from what.
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yes it is because it means that he might go away he might be reretiring from the deparartmenf justice but the storyry d definy will knowledge because what robebert miller the special counsel did today as he had in his reports beforehand. he was essentially telling congress to take this into its own hand he was not ablble to indict a sitting president because of department of justice guidelines that he made very clear today. but he also said that congress could now not in those exact words but congress could now take this into its own hands. and investigate further in congress of course is doing exactly that the house judiciary committee a more than anybody. is still investigating might even want the special counsel to provide sworn testimony add to that committee now one word we haven't mentioned yet is of course what the president calls the i word impeachment. it is something that's more and more democrats are saying should be explored by the u. s.
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congress because it is only the u. s. congress. that can do such a thing there are now over fifty democrats in the house of representatives who are calling for those proceedings to begin because they believe there is enough proof in the molar reports. of obstruction of justice by the president now over fifty members of congress is actually not a loss -- that would have to be a lot more for this to actually happen and of course the body that would decide whether a president would be impeached or not would actually be the u. s. senate's this has a republican majority. all of this is very unrealistic at this point but what we learned from robert muller today is this story will not go away despite robert miller doing his very best to go away himself. by retiring and basically saying that we will hear no more from him by the way the president in the sense agreeing with that saying that the case is closed but democrats would not agree with that president with the
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president's point of view. of course though the president has repeatedly at trumpeted tha- he was exonerated there was no - proof of collusion against him - mula appearing to say something well the kind of opens the door towards the possibility of prosecution what's the official reaction from the white house for the it is more or less the same. reaction that we've had over the last few weeks you know that the president has tweeted many times in all capital letters and very enthusiastically -- that that was a clear conclusion in the mall a report and that was no collusion no obstruction well the white house has been that littttle bit more careful today because what robert miller clearly said today was yes there were no findings of collusion between. the russian government and the trump campaign team that we know from the reports and he made that even clearer today. but that there was no obstruction of justice that is not a conclusion by the special counsel. that was a conclusion that the that the attorney general came
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up with and that's william barr who was appointed for the position. by president donald trump said the white house is telling a little bit more of a castle line here. but still believes t that the president has been exonerated now here's an interesting question though going forward demomocratsome at least m might want to look at impeachment. and you know what the president's might want that to happen as well because he wants to be seen. a little bit as a victim going into the twenty twenty presidential election he wants to be seen as somebody who democrats are going off that even after the mobile report. is entirely over that's why we're seeing this tug of war right now between democrats and republicans democrats don't want to say outright that they want an impeachment to happen. and republilicans wilill some of them incluluding the president might actually what something like that to happen a to make them look more competent if you will. for the crown as ever thank you very much indeed for the cause of that our correspondent at the white hous.
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s. eleven paris michael michael his weight into the controversy over the fate of french jihadists on death row i in baghdadad the french president called foror a stay of f execut. on t the seventh so far whoho've been handeded down d death sent. but michael once the meant to serve their time in iraq i is a totall of twelve being held the worldd accuseded of being membe. of thehe islamic state g group. captured during the collapse of the e hottest. caliphate. not often but it isn't for me to say today how iraqi justice works. on the other hand side just like with our allies if abolished the death penalty. we will of course ask for the capital punishment handed to us citizens to be commumuted to lie imprisonment. or to anotherr sentence that fis within the framework of our bilateral agreements. boy looking at which president - emmanuel micron on the french citizens. currently on death row in a back that'll for more analysis -- the we spoke with some amazement lecture in international relations at lancaster
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ununiversity. a lot of french officials a campaigning vociferously to try and get the sentence overturned. there's very little t tt that friends can do in this regard because to do anyththing m moree strenuous anything more political would be to a road and to challenge iraqi sovereignty which it clelearly isn't.. in a a position t to do all willingly all have the willingness to do but what it is doing is trying to make this issue incredidibly well known incredibibly well covered.. so that there was preressure ony got t to try and replace this dedecision. anand i t think if it continueso do that then it will maintain its its position as a as a champion of human rights once there's a certain understanding of of fighting and an individual goes to fight focal dis whole isis. what the iraqis are doing is saying the anyone that is a member of full travels to join the group even if that working in a hospital? can be found guilty of all being a fighter beieing a membeber and thus be sentenceded to death so there's a complexity to it thehe in tererms of fighting and and e
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the particicipation in the group that w was certainly. an importatant issueue withh red to children many of whom havave been borne out in iraq and syri. without anyy real sort off opportunity to exerert their agagency to o return and it seeo me thahat they are the ones payg the thehe worst posossible prire here. beining courts withinn two differerent legalal systemsms ad beining abandoned b by by both f themem. so i think that's what friends can really eggs - -- its its agency and try and continue to champion for humuman rights by making the case f for from repatriating childldren that hae been being. tormented and reallyy s sufferet the hands of this group. michael so watching for developments -- from baghdad on the fate of those -- frerench. jihadists currently on death row awaiting a death. sentence. next to visit a donald trump's son in law to amman has exposed a rift between the us and jordan one of the us is key allies in the middle east. john king abdullah receive jared
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kushner and restated jordan's commitment to a two state solution between the israelis and the palestinians donald trump is hailed and promised the deal of the century to resolve them at least in conflict. it's still to be revealed christians tourists seems an attempt to rally arab support before the next peace conferenc. before jordan christian was in morocco. jared kushner excxchanging pleasantries witith the king of morocco in this postt ramadan feast the son in law under fisa to dononald trump is on a diplomatic mission in response. looking to gather support for israeli palestinian peace plan. the e trip which takes into ammn in jordan followed by jerusalem the us is a time to broker p pee bebetween both nations. is set to be a very tough one palestinian authorities continue to boycott the trump administration ever since washington recognize jerusalem as israel's capital in. twenty seventeen the details of cushion is peace plan remain for the moment on nine however it is no secret that he does not
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believe in a two state solution. which for years has been at the core of diplomatic negotiations on the twenty fifth and twenty six of june at the press conference in bahrain. the white house adviser will have to unveil the economic parameters of his plan. the united states hoping that the palestinians will support the proposed plan in exchange for financial and logistical support in palestinian territor. this is an attempt to force an economic solution over a political solution. thee palestinian peoplpl want to enend the occupation and proof that life under it. despite being invited to the june press conference in manama bahrain palestinian leaders have already announced that they will not be a attending. prime minister benjami netatanyahu declared victory off to israel's election on the ninth of april but now he's got until wednesday night well with my basically to figure out a coalition. in i convince parliament to dissolve itself and hold you election instead rather than
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risk someone else being appointed to form. a government pete o'brien here at france twenty four with this. on the brink of an election re run. benjamin netanyahu has little time left to reach a coalition deal i mean if you're looking for an m. shift before i promise you that i will continue to act. in every possible way. to form a government is in a in the time that's a lovely name according. if he doesn't manage it israel's presidents could give him two weeks more or pointed not the member of parliament to take up the task. rather than risk someone else being selected netanyahu is widely seen as preferring a snap election which could be approved on wednesday. the thorn in his side of the door liebeberman who's nationalt parties five seats on crucial. we are not looking to bring down netanyahu when we are not looking for an alternative candidate but we will not give up our principles and promises. to the citizens of the state of
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israel. the former defense minister is refusing to back down on his demand that jewish seminary students be required to perform military service. it's a highly sensitive issue and opposed by ultra orthodox parties that would be members of netanyahu's coalition. lebanon has long championed his view but some see his refusal to cooperate as a power play. he's been allied with netanyahu several times but now looks to present himself as an alternative for the right wing while the prime minister's influence wayne's after a decade in the role and amid a potential indictments for corruption. the prime suspect for the bombing in l leon last week's nt repoportedly admitted t the c c. twenty four year old here in computer students and police custody -- over the incidents that left at least thirteen people injured by flying metal as the device was detonated outside a bakery. in a busy pedestrian zone the motive for the attack is still unknown. it was a premeditated attack
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planned well in advance after more than forty eight hours of questioning the legal bombing suspect finally decided to talk. confessising thahat it is indeem in the surveillance imageges. and he who plantnted the bomb lt friday which left thirteen people lightly injured on a commercial street of leon. the twenty four year old i. t. student admitted fabricating the parcel bomb. find that he conceived of the attack weeks ago. in late march he bought try acetone and steel ball bearings before purchasing electric wiring and a telephone in early april. fifteen days later he bought a remote control device and then batteries on a website in may. it w was one of t these online purchases that gave him away. investigators also scoured his computer discovering documents evoking the islamic state group. the suspects reportedly admitted to having links to the terrorist organization to police during interrogation sessions. he can be detained without charge until friday morning and authorities are still questioning three members of his
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inner circle his parents and one of his brothers. so the prime suspect reportedly- the the facts were waiting to find and most of the course and this is with any more developments on that story. when the situation the bombing in the -- last week of course bring it to you. a stadium disaster which resulted in the deaths of thirty nine football fans has been commemorated in liverpool and injuring. violence at the high school stadium in nineteen eighty five european cup final so it sounds crushed to death. when will collapsed as liverpool fans attacked the crowd? there was some six hundred of breasts later some fourteen with the precipitous beach sentenced to three years in prison for manslaughter the instance so in these clubs banned from european competition. the five he's. his days -- in football history that the high school stadium disaster. kind of a business can -- joins us more speculation about when the boeing seven five seven baxley will be cleared for
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takeoff absolutely marcus seven thirty seven max's of course have been grounded since march - after two deadly plane crashes killed three hundred and forty six people now going ceo has declined to give a timetable the international air transport association says it's likely to be at least ten to twelve more weeks. i would take us till the end of august well boeing is trying to work on changes to its automated software but has yet to submit those updadates for apppproval. pilots are also calling for more intensive training for getting back into those planes. regulators will have the final say european and canadian safety safety authorities have said they'll conduct their own chehes in addition to those carried out by the american faa. before giving the green light. germany's unemployment rate has risen for the first time in five yearars the data for may show oy a slight up tick 5% unemployment up from four point 9% in april. it's still among the lowest in the eurozone but it's the latest in a series of warning signs for
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the box biggest economy whihi brbriefly sold at the end of twenty eighteen of heavy weight manufacturing sector has suffered as global trade slows. its major banks are also showing signgns of strainn. meanwhilee the european central bank has warned the businesses across the u. r. as in need more skilled workers. a survey by t the banks one in r small to medium size businesses said the biggest challenge they face is the lack off skilllled lalabor. the shortatage is partrticularly acute in france and germany. easy also born to the challenges to financial stability have risen singled out italy's budget problems of this particular source of concern. european commission has formally written to the italian government asking for an explanation of the situation. well it chicken on the day's trading actions all losses across the board in europe as this trade tensions continue to leave their mark this is also watching that. on the upcoming clash between brussels and rome stocks in the lawn down about one and a third our schedule down one point 7%
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at the close. well she also firmly in the red we saw thehe dow jones losing aboutt twowo hundred points by e closing bell a paring back some of its earlier much sharper losses. ten year treasury note yields fell to its lowest level since twenty seventeen shares of abercrombie fitch down nearly 25%. as the retailer one of the growing impact of trade tariffs. what america's largest economy is forecast to contract in the first quarter of this year for the first time since? twenty sixteen economists believe economic activity in brazil frank point 2% in that three month period. they've cut the growth outlook for thirteen straight weeks. it piles pressure on the far right president h his approvall ratings have slumped as the economy s spotters. and familieses suffer own gains for has the story. times are tough for many inin brazilil. elizabeth late to suzanne have family get by ron fink hundred us dollars a month and a little help from the government like ththis free milk.
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everything e expensive. salaries are low there's nothing left over and with prices increasing it's difffficult. it's good that i don't need to buy more milk. i took it t there for free i thk he alslso receives milk a at sco at the motorolola. nearly fifty fivivmillion brazilians live in poverty it's around 26% of the population. economy i is struggling and inequality is on the rise the income of the richest is increasesed b by eight point 5%r the past seven y years. well that of the p poorest has fallen by 14%. did did those make in twenty fourteen brazil and said a deep recession inequality increased. has continued increasing of the past three years. this has not happened since nineteen eighty nine when we had a record level of inequality in brazil so it's a process not just of a decrease in income. but it's an increase in inequality well died. investors hunt hopes in the new
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right wing president jibal scenario would revitalize the economy. with market friendly policies. but he struggled to implement pension reform his signature economic strategy. paulson ours approval ratings plummeting along side the full cost for the economymy. according to the right wing estado de sao paulo newspaper 36% of voters now consider his administration bad or full. mark let's keep an eye on in brazil as the economy continues to suffer even under the new president we are lucky to haveve you kate thank you mucuch and de cakes with all the business. it's cost you ten screens ready with that media watch great to see you likewise mark with all the papers yet. have secrets on working hard. court case almost like a lawyer. france is put in the spotlight back on the french committee of hash tag me too which is close was hash tag. battles to bowl which translates to squeal annual pig that's right so this was all this many of squealed behalalf i wasn't wh
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justificication that's it and is such a it's a cop the conversation started if you like a quite rented in a french context. and so sandra miller is a woman behind at the battle still poor. at first i go should be the original tweaks right that this was a treat the came. in the media are from offff of another two weeks which is actually this onene it'll s sho- gosh my sense of loss to to per this it's if i scroll up so she is quoting qualls eligible you who it was a possible tv channel i called equity i had said to her at some point. and and it was comments about her breasts and have that that she was his type on that you know i'm gonna make you. give you pleasure all night long ways can maybe a more respectable way of saying it. in any case it was sort of you know if you can. somewhat lose i suppose and he himself then it spoke out about this at quite a few times in public saying look it was crude. but it wasn't harassment and so what this case is going to do mark is actually destroyed was a crude or was it her husband so
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it is actually kind of interesting in that regard alright then decide yeah. andd it's also it but if you think the central question actually in this case is the issue of defamation i'm at the so if if me too has been criticized for anything. it has been criticized for the unilateral sort of at and decoration of sexual harassment by victims of sex harassment online so the reason to chew process you're just saying this happened to me. and there's no judge to say well actually yes and eight there's also the risk of people tell lies on and on and can also happen so this is a case that is but it is essentially looking at all of those. at central sort of ethical sources might run into it too on another side of it you had for for soso long the the side of te scale with the sexual harassment and all the applications and then do. comments and you know who will look at the press on kind of
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racial right weighing down yes well this isn't about you sort of look is is balanced a little bit but like you say. there's no legal you process that's right is the big issue is that it is it is a big issue about but i suppose you couldld also say thahat people might not want to go under go at that. i i legal status in the case i need to know what i mean is it a full share and to get them as a humiliation the might and see you that's right that's it. note there was a similar case recently so with the basic just gonna give a sense that the pre owned and his lawyer argued that he had been sentenced by social media. the lawyer said the debate sparked was superb but that his client had non the less been slandered so that as i said to the central african questions will be decided on by the jury does and does he admit that he set the things that yeah he say. yes good happens rating essentiaially he's not denying knocks at well if h he doeoes wt to treatat taken down i eighty d he i think he kind of feels that it draws. in any case it was another case last month at that was thrown out of court marked by danny boyle denny bhopal a former mp for the green or your college party he had been accused of sex harassment by eight different women. and it again in in the context of me to and panel simple at his claims of slandnder work from it by the court. so there is a i it would be to e intereststing to see if if at ts case centring on s sometime nowe
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go t this timee wait on the chal that doctor gentleman headed up is -- also full in that that'll acadia the the whole set channel is going to say it's interesting as well so. i'm not settling but price rising bid to act out to the stadium. okay that's too long gillette. back to the center of a controversy over a new ad featuring a trans gender teenage boy. shaving. note a couple months ago that or not at that that sort of tackles the whole me to issue again and it was sort of calling on men. to raise their game and was a creek criticism of host toxic masculinity and i'm not i won't play because it's only advertising for them but chill at you can see the headlines you're talking about is that this is another odd. i will play little extracted this because the actor at the center of this ad the artist is
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thompson at bone kevin to be. he's trying to basedd and he shared on on facebook his gratitude for two gillette for allowing him to share his line up all those kind of figure out what kind of man i want. even with his folder. you can see on the various points in the video. you might remember mark the film girl which at also deals with issues of teenage -- trans gender identity sexuality all that beautiful film that was in conferences for last year and a lot of and a lot of praise. so if the if there are a lot of stories like this the moment drawing so it's it's a conversation that's happening if you like and sexuality identity teenagers and and what not. but of course to lele her just inserting thehemselves in a conversation for advertising purposes just to give you a sense of some of what's being said the new dilettante features a chance transgender boy shaving for the first time. this is a comment in the us it's a little it's a little much to normalize and promote high school age kids undergoing hormone therapy and gender reassignment don't you think right. so you can see of course it's provoking reactions like that
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and then you have come to reply here's what i think. a high school teacher who's who has taught at trans kids not one of them woke up in the morning thinking ole. i think i'll be trans in high school so you know this is a great way to make my life more. peaceful and tranquil so much building and so she says they are bravave a as hell and maybes odd hopes so i suppose on one hand. it's nice to see you conversation happening but certainly janetta is doing is not is doing it it is a thirty itself in this conversation. at for publicity and profit so thisis is what is a good thing t there is that.. kinda like less every side yes. the company seeking to profit out of it i believe the conversations having an act that has to be good that's not it he gets exacerbated wrote a coconversation is to be lotus yh practical. props james we could talk all night. no you should talk online thank you sir until quello might let me let me say that clearly thank you jane. it's great to see you okay with the business as of a pleasure to have you on board. and the things you've watching too without you it's not worthwhile stable is more to
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come here live from
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05/29/19 05/29/19 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from new york, this is demomocracy now!w! don't step ints and missouri, we're going to see, for the first time since roe v. wade, a state that has had all of its abortion clinics shut down and eliminated, and a should be terrifying to all of us. amy: and then there was none. mazars only abortion clinic might be forced to close by friday. ct


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