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good evening this is life in paris on fronts twenty four i'm not a messy coming up for you in ththe next sixty m minutes. miranda modis sworn in for the second time as india's's prime minister thousands gathering to watch hisis inauguration. dy now saying who get to gripss with the e economy and keep inda say. another election in israel benjamin netanyahu fighting for his political life once again off to his own mps vote to dissolve parliament. and of course not vote. and landing in the country just hours after that selection is cooled jared kushner beast meets benny minute netanyahu as he tries to get his longng delayed
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peace plan. off the ground. the r render mode is being sworn in for second time as india's prime minister. he celebrated his return to running the world's largest democracy in front of an audience of somome e eight thoud people including some of the country's biggest bollywood stars and leaders of neighbors bangladesh and sri lanka. number eighty one on a reelection on the hindu nationalist platftform promisisg that he protectcts india's security. he's -- brian takeke a l look at what's ahead for moshi now. outside the presidential palace in new delhi the renter moody second iraq begins. i the rendering dermatologist
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moodody. he shohould've gave somewhere in e name of gogod myy faithth in d a leaead in the constitution of india. now he needs to get to work. asia's third largest economy is faltering mody has push through reforms like a goods and services tax but unemployment reached a more than forty year high last year. and falling food prices mean millions of pharmacists struggling. as well as the domesc situation i in gear is expectedo take onore responsibility on the inteternational stage. one country applying the pressure is ththe united states it once moody's administration to act as a counterweight to beijing and prevent china from dominating the region both economically and politically. another neighbor poses perhaps the biggest challenge india and pakiststan came e close to warr recentntly after a suicide b bob attack killed at least forty indian police in contested kashmir. and the two sides traded s.
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strikes. capitalizing on the major national security i issue moody promisised to o keep india safae during campaigning. so far he's refused to enter talks with pakistan intellisense will india says is terrorism. one of the plan she made was to earn the trust of indians nevevr the less there is on ease among minorities in the country paicularly muslims as mody a hindu nationalist. begins his second term with the launch of mandates. let's talk more than about what's next out for indian crossed to new delhi now to talk to the filmmaker vj saying -- good evening to you thanks very muchch for joining us on frorons twentyty fouat night. we justt had that then i'm at te enend of t that report thahat te arare a number of m minorities n india muslims mosost obvioiouslu feelel u uneasy. about about modis reelection do youu think they have reason to . yes so i give you a veryy c cse an example actually does. it before yesterday. i was talking to a group off
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muslimim workersrs here and youw around the house. and they come with their age which is you knoww those sandals the log statat i i here. lotf anti muslim atrocitities have takenen place anti muslim d anti of which is the lowowest.. of the hindu calll systetem thee cost. addresss city them tataking plae thato i ausustin thanknk you knw what happened so they gave me an example of the cityty come from ththe sa. villages which means that large part of the population is onlyly was then andnd eveven with thaty said first thing t they s said n austin with this gangs. they say yes we can scare. we are not petrified to be set free moreircumspectct aboutut things. a a well behaved so thatat nothg could go wrorong thanks for a mn like me was born and brought up in thehe air like indians -- is
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really the shocking because it'll be the water brought up one of t the second d as sort oa black holee. he did a a good platfoform s sot thing they saidd was thahat the scads numberr do they said that even in the only leaves and this is very important to uererstand. bebecause i heard what your cmon trtree was before and i think te arguments have e to be newew was to get to undersrstand why. they're in thehe body comes back about a hundred such anan astonishing to me. which is the is that even that the mususlim off thehe village d r qualityy to i said how come it peoeople thisis game that thy will do o it. . for thirty saidt because it's such a cool country in some ways that economic incentives speech. congress other opposition parties. sosort of undeder e estimated understanding the more the government had done makake them they've given. of gas cylinders to be moved
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well just -- didn't alll cooking stuffith wouldndn't even totoday they do. from a a friend o of mine a lite you can geget all t t clothesese don't rules he said that you know. he hello. he met someone probably find usable. and unemployed guy. fourteen five years later. he still doesn't have a job he's unemployed and he's still went back and looked at multi but that said ththerare e real economic. on that. you knknow now we're looking ata at a huge -- financial at how huge unenemployment what is modd you reallyy going to do now to try to come e about. you know i mean the indian economy the i. guns in your home because i mean your own. range of economic growth is almost 1% to one point 1%. bye bye in india it is still the six or 7% six point -- five the
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last day rentals of sliding the economic problems it iss one thing to win a parliamentary election and this is not just to a more the it was true of writing on the industry will read it out on the it is one thing to wind up on the detection. and it is another thing. to actually. overcome the problems of governments tomorrow to as you say. unemployment huge model the highest level of unemployment india'ss witneness even i indias witness whichch is in india levs of unemployment as it is mumuch higherer than the brought. over here it is the highestst since l lt fororty years hee hao confront that h he'd have to confront the p palm is probobles you comee to the same b before. so okay. and then it's a backward country economomically w which is comimp would be gone and emerging economy today it doesn't mean to say y that we should be economic problems. is the humuman self emplploymena sesectoral so sometimimes i even
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wonder weight is a sixix point % when i look k around and i i sometimes feel that it's not just -- indicators of economic will that be taken the west but over here perhapsps the indian economomy is growing because its super exploitation of senate label ball in. being mine was actually mr saying unfortunately i think we are going to have to leave it that but thank you very much for sharing your time and you know those of us on the program must be chasing that. will make a talking to us today- from you daddy. next then it is -- election season once again in israel full the second time this year israelis are going back to the polls this off to benjaminin netanyahu failed to form a coalition government. netanyahu's likud party had voted to hold that snap election ralph and then allowing the his rival benny gantz the challenge of trying to form a coalition. hello you're on tonight we spoke to the israeli janice gilad health and he says this was an outcome nobody expected. nobody thought including myself that this would be where we would find ourselves -- on the
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thirtieth of may just six weeks after netanyahu clinched ball was really on on almost unexpected. victory his best result in six or seven election campaigns that he ran in his very long correa. all the styles were perfectly aligned for him. and then they want i i think that part of what netanyahu -- let led to netanyahu's phalia rules his complacency in the wake of the last election since that you know he would just save it the results with such joy that he didn't really well are called enough to put his coalition together and he couldn't. really bank on of exit lieberman and unlike -- prerevious roundsf big g lieberman.. was his. ally -- foror many many years he wass the chief of stafaff all fr the first t the canal administraration a and later ofd
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rather promiminent c coalition partner -- notot alwayays a v vy rereliable one i mean he did lee nothing there was governments as well as other people's governments -- repeatedly but still i think the lieberman was- a family rooted. in the right wing and this is what brorought netanyahu to thik quite rightfully as i would do to that -- of lieberman was going to join his government at some point but he didn't. the tensions of spike this week between the gulf and iran several oil tankers in pulp lines in the gulf region have been attacked. leaders that been quick to point the finger at tehran tonight saudi arabia is hosting an emergency summit o on the issuse he's our brian has the full details. a series of summits kicking off at mid nineteen a very busy mecca. topping the agenda for the arab and muslim leaders tensions with the wrong. saudi arabia is seeking to rally
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support against its rival after recent attacks on oil installations in the region were blamed on a wrong by the usus. an earlyy a gathering in jeddah saudi arabia said iranian interference must be dealt with. though it doesn't want war. to a kid in my message currently act. threataten the glolobal economy. and posose a danger to regional and international security. they must be dealt with with strength and firmness in what has. tehran has denied involvement in the attacks as tensions rise with washingtoton off to the wet left the multinational nucuclear deal witith iran w we imposesed sanctions and boosted its military presence in the gulf. another concern f for the summis the rift between qatar and other gulf states. the joint defense agreement between them was formed almost forty years ago but it's been fractured by disputes in twenty seventeen a saudi led political and economic boycotts was imposed on guitar. the qatari prime minister is however attending the meetings
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the highest level official to visit saudi arabibia since relations sououred. they want to calm hostilities qatar's foreign ministry says it's for the greater good of the region. now two years after his death the body of one of congo's opposition leaders is finally being repatriated. the political standoff over essien tissue caddies remains east when his son felix became president earlier on this year. tonight tens of thousands of people have been gathering in contrast to to welcome his body high. in the capital tamat nickel reportrts for us. it is important to grasp h how would how impmportant it is in r congo this i is an unprecedented event eighteen she see katie's body is comingg back. home it is important because he is amazingly popular he was amazingly popular he'ss been in may amazingly popular since the nineteen sixties he's been in opposition figure head. forever at first on the the
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mobutu regime then on the lawn this year it could be a lot and then under joseph. kabila until at eighteen she security. died in twentnty eight seventeen he's popularar b because he wast afraraid he's been jailed in coo was an opposition leader and people k knew thatt he e was re. to fight against any regime -- any oppresessive regime andnd hs not afraid and he went to jail - for he's ideas and at people know that in july twenty sixteen eighteen she see katie came back to kinshasa after a three year exile and millions would present in the streets. to welcome him he was eighty three years old back then he was already quite weak and q quite ill but m mills wiwith their and he gave a speeh in front of millions of people and that was a good example of how popular. he was he was. hardly at able to speak properly
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he was very ill but people were still there listening to him and now his body is coming back hom- this thinks of limit days coming back home and millions of congolese people are going to pay tribute -- to this exceptional -- political figure in dr congo. against all the odds the woworls smallest baby has survived she was born in december weighing just two hundred and forty five grams of the time that about the same. as an apple doll to saying then that she would have less than an hour to live but this week the baby was discharged from hospital weighing a healthy two point t two kilograms. sally ship on has her story. lilike most pararents seaeabeesm thinks she's a miracle and in her case many would agree. born at twenty three weeks seventeen weeks too early c. b.
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was the smallest baby on record to survive. a micro preemie and she beat all odds. they told my husband that had about an hour with. misuse possible. but that our turn into two models which turned into. a day which time in a week. you won't see seabees family on camera her relatives want to remain anonymous for her sake. but the world key with sharing her story full of hope. she's a american that's for sur. indeed cb is fortunate although delivered prematurely because her life in her mother's life were at risk she suffered none of the usual complications so far. no brain bleeds no longer in hard issues her story inspired hospital personnel. i just wanted to know how strong she is. it brings new hope for future
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micro preemies. she is the from the heart warming story than those guys ththen went quite different lets get t the business with kay meeting get evening to you caitlyn idedea at we know then trade of course a top focus for the trump administration --- but it's not just imposing towers is is also about trying to forge new deals and so in the vice president mike pence is an auto- this evening but the find the finishing touches on the new version of nafta. which has the slightly less catchy name of the u. s. mexico canada agreement. on gains for has the details. putting on a united front both leaders appeared keen to show that the bond between the nations is still strong despite last year's trade spent. thee main issue on the agenda te united states mexico canada agreement. which is set to replace existing north american free trade agreement known as nafta. we're very much looking forward- to to working together to make sure that the benefits of this
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agreement which we took -- took a fair bit of time and energy to get right. renegotiating nafta was a key pledge of donald trump's twenty sixteen white house campaign. but talks turned sour last year after the us president place tariffs on steel and aluminium imports from canada and mexico. ultimately lifted this mainn. the us mca will govern one trillion dollars in trade between the three countries. it includes changes for the dairy industry and you -- to regulations president trump and i believe that the relationship between the united states and canada has. never been stronger we have a historic opportunity to strengthen the economic ties. between our two nations with the passage of the u. s. m. c. a.. but the new deal has yet to be ratified by any of the three countries. in the us it faces opposition from some democrats it'll make his. who say it doesn't go far enough to protect workers and the environment? six of the day's
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trading action now the major european indices closed mostly higher shrugging off those on going trade tensions again too about half a percentage point in london paris and frankfurt. just milan closing below the flat line there. wallststreet managed very slight gains byy the closing bell after sharp drops earlier in the week at t the nasdaq up about a quarr of a a percentage point there. i just after the closing bell uber reported its first quarterly financial results since going public. ththe billion dollar loss was in line with expectatitions in a surprise for investors there. huawei is pushing ahead with its legal case against washington's efforts to ban it. the chinese tech giant has rejected allegations that its links to the government to pose a security risk. and this week invited journalists including front twenty four shop at home to tour company headquarters in shins and here's his report. it takes twelve hours start to finish to make this model of
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follow a smart. is finely tuned process turns out one device every twenty eieight point t five seconds. a process that will be heavily disrupted by the us sanctions against the company. by one estimate deliveries will drop by 25% if while we can no longer fully use google's android operating system. this without counting in the cost of funding alternatives to american chip suppliers. the hallway says it has stockpiled components in anticipation. it is also working on developing its own chip producing ability and own operating system. we have a ninety day window which h were going. to ten you o look at what we need to do -- but like i said the plans that we have a real advanced and and we can cope with this. will it be a comfortable migratation. may not. but do we have the resources the assets the people and the will.
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to work through this of course would. always also counting on the u. s. court system to o overturn te sancnctions. this lawyer believes the chinese group has a strong case especially when it comes to the accucusation of intellectual property theft. i think it's a hard case even for the side of the us government they have a two bear hyper no proof. they have a to prove every element is matt -- this i think there would be a lot of roomom e allowed to resume for the homicide of iq. in the meantime hallway will have the task of convincing european customers to stay on in spite of uncertainty over key google apps like g. email are you. to the chinese tech giant represents 25% of the european smartphone market. and judging by the look of their down one campus. which includes replicas of paris granada and freiberg the old continent is a crucial battleground for hallways global ambitions and the us led
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campaign against it. a rare look inside at this headquarters thehere yeah inteteresting stuff kay thank vy much the c committee that withot business update up on the program and tonight less than ever. to the other side of the studio because it's time to media watch james credence to hijack another and you study as often with t this interview in e la monde at newspaper talking about a sexual harassment in francophone africa and perhaps the beginnings of the meetings that make me put. that as well that's right an in depth interview with that one of the people who is kind of a bit at the origins all of that. i suppose west africa's answer at two at me too so just to get the back story first of all she's an actress by the name of as i told sorrel -- from burkina faso on and she decided to break her silence earlier this year about years of of harassment. sexual harassment and and worse inflate physical assault even -- by -- one particularly well known -- parking at working at bay -- director and this is this is a a photo -- all over all of him it's time who said hey with
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rago and so in a she she can see here that she has. a scar on her cheek what happened was in its september twenty seventeen he assaulted her with a broken bottle. as their their since been a court case and he got a one year suspended sentence for that physical salty still denies though that there was any. long prolonged sector austin so she spspoke to him onon the boad the back story and of course. as is always the at the issue with that with the sort of i'm with the sort of issues it's one person's word against another's but her. her and her herer story is is vy it's shocking. and she said i have difficulty look at myself in the mirror when i smile i can feel the sca. and it reminds me of what happens. she spoke about six years ferrante's man sat before in the seventh year she was assaulted in. twenty seventeen fret cellphone coles blackmail and accommodate it culminated it when she threatened she she was -- working for various productions that he was -- that he he was the director all of the most recent one was -- a series called the looked upon the thronene nothing to do with the
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other. phone series but in any case at what happened in the aftermath of her finally speaking i was is that it we are seeing the beginnings of something that could be described. as similar to to me to know there is a petition launched i said this year's fespaco which is -- one of his biggest film festivals -- it's in breaking apostles capital ouagadougou every year she spoke out about her experience about what has been happening and in fact at the cook the a collective disini austin unknown alleviate which is an african. sort of association of a of a people involved in cinema they launched this petition at two and you can see it gone two thousand three hundred signatures it's not a huge amount. but it is also i suppose a smaller cinema sort of world stand at say -- in france or in hollywood or whatever -- but he did get the ball rolling i suppose in terms of trying to draw attention to what happened to her on the broader issue. all that sexual assault in in -- the world all of cinema in africa now i am in the aftermath
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of the house the con film festivals seoul another actress nowadays -- bhosle dion launch hash tag at not even afraid meant that birth at so again very much in the vein of me too and said the french equivalent - bottle stopper. no it hasn't really taken off there has been a certain attraction online but we're not seeing at the level of momentum either we soul with a a panel slumped over in france for me. too in in in -- in the u. s. at but we have seen other consequences for example davis thank moans of one of the biggest -- french speaking at channel in the world they are now -- refusing to take on the second season of the tone. on it so there have been other kind of industry reactions like not that i've. at at the directing question i'd taken to task he was a quick question by the moaned as the moonon to askk the kit recentlyt the publication -- title tesserae or the like -- and he said these are just a child like stories that she made up about me and the scar on her face was made out of horse meat -- i'm
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going going to the come from festival and for me life will go on so out. i mean i i get that there was a court case over the physical assaults andnd he was sentencedo one year suspended sentence but he he's denying a lot of the rest but at least it's getting the ball rolling in terms of people coming up with. these stories desespite a huge e of few remaining a very interesting story thank you very much for bringing that to our attention from at the moment thank you very much james and then that. just for you to send something quite dififferent thann a to the atlantic in the united states which is a publishing a a piece showing us -- so those stereotypes about ad travel it struck a chord is going a bit viral online this s is really funny it's like it's really worth taking the time to read this p. said there are two types of airport people i think we kind of know which country we fall into. or you know maybe the some people somewhere in the middle but generates people rushing at the last minute that's me panic sets.. a party were e typing -- for in any case it's not hard to spot people about to miss the flight there weaving between on a time travers at a speed somewhere between a power walking the
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sprints. are there elbow dancing their way to the front of the line to plead their case for me did screen at the panicked maybe red faced very familiar to maybe even wearing red. so put it put it talking about here is how one country person generally content is times the other and said those were. at you know just just about making the flight on time think well that's fantastic it enough to wait around this. awful environment for three hours pointlessly abbott than others are of course thinking. you know all sorts of things could go wrong on the way to the airport why would you leave so little time when you could obviously missed your flight. and then often you sometimes to mister. for frogs twenty four quite recently -- gosh i missed a flight to tokyo one servivi thatat i have you k know i did locally managed to get out of having to papay for the tickets but they did speak to crackle johnny gore can at the universityty of north carolina he's a psychiatrist. who said it's actually? it's some sort of it reaction to anxiety in both cases people dealing with stress in different ways i suppose you have. people kind of the things the last minute because they like a bit of a pressure to get the job done and then others will be
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very prepared. in advance and apparently that ties in with -- where is this people who are yes according to jeffrey call take -- type a personalities who tend to be impatient unambitious or are often punctual and type bees who tend to be more relaxed and that's the rustic. generally arrive later. and in the light that that much i mean with all take the new regulations overly casasa grow because great. post -- it's a funnyny article s making waves online yes or i will double check it out thank you very much james crayton that with all media watch at this evening it is time that. special break unless comparison
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05/30/19 05/30/19 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from new york, this is democry now! >> we ll run a sharp, clear ecection cpaign which will bring us victory. we will win. we will win in the public will win. amy: for the first time in israeli history, the prime minister has failed to form a new government, forcing an election. could this help kill the trump's administstration's so-called middle east peacace plan? we will l speak to longtime palestinian n diplomat hanana ashrawi, who was recently denied


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