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two am et. yeah but its use welcome to live from paris world news and analysis from france twenty four i'm margot in these are the headlines. thee nuclear deal sustains and you body blow iran has exceeded the level of a rich uranium. the leader of iran's revolutionary guard says the world knows that iran is not dedeceiving. joining -- for analysis. i gather my a from the european council on foreign relations. donald trump speaks on the environmentt green c campaigners i'm not expecting great things on the us press into. the night climate change as well
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the school in the u. s. found the powers climate cold. with the goings on in washington [inaudible] his analysis. greece's conservative prime minister kitty us -- mid. darkest that's been sworn in this monday the u. s. educated right window faces a hefty challenge he takes over from the far left. sir it's a party led by the sea bass. thank you very much for being with us. the u. n. nuclear watchdog has confirmed iran has enriched uranium at a level higher than the limits set in the twenty fifteen international packed inspectors of the international. atomic energy agency on the eighth of july verified that iran is enriching uranium above three point 67%. of you two three five that's the exact precise terminology the announuncement comeses hours afr
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teterence saidd. it exceeded the agreed cap and reached four point 5% of richmond in response to the united states withdrawing from the deal. strong armingg european countris into keeping their side of the bargain. the islamic republic said it would continue breaching the uranium enrichment cap set by the twenty fifteen nuclear deal. unless remaining signatories of the agreement fulfill their promise of helping these crippling us sanctions. there's a case that i bought a wounded visual party of it all options on the table an including withdrawing from the deal i i mean i had to hide for the remaining countries in the deal. especially the europeans do not fulfill the commitments seriously. and do not do anything more than talk -- runs third step will be harder. who -- i mean i'm a twin andnd iran's dececision to breach the deal did not come as a surprise. on sunday authorities had warned they would cut away the nuclear deal every sixty days until europe acted.
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but on monday the european union simply warned iran not to go further -- we have schools on it on to not to take further measures that undermine the nuclear deal and we now strongly or to run to stop. and reverse order dvds that are inconsistent -- with the commitments made under the j. c. p. o.. eight several months ago france britain and germany had vowed to create a financial mechanism that would allow european firms to treat more freely with iran. in a range of goods including those subject to us sanctions. but the mechanism was never used by the signatories of the agreement leaving you ron in a deep recession. get some of further analysis -- bring in thatt alley again my a seor policy fellow deputy director for the middle east and north africa program at the european council on foreign relations of the thank you very much for joining us on france -- twenty four the iranian revolutionary guards to saying that iran isn't pursuing a
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nuclear weapon. and that the world knows that the us of course that stance is that it's the reverse. who do you think we should believe? well there's a body equal the international atomic energy agency that charged with very flying and inspecting. iran's claims so fault they claim that iran has been a finding findingng y your committ up until a few weeks ago when it all started to reduce its compliance. and this monitoring a agency is charged by the international community to essentially. verify iran's came so i think we should be. looking to the iaea inspectors on the ground that have fifteen occasions verify that iran's nuclear program remains for peaceful purposes. and yeyet the united states dond trump has the stance that is it is maintaining. i'm now ellie did around has breached t the uranium enrichmet
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limit. whatat do you think happens s n? so i think it's a unfortunate i regrettable move that iran has made the steps but really. no one can have predicted anything different given that the us sanctions bring what corner on has been piling andnd cornering wrong you know. right. now that it has to o react resue domeststic politicics now thehet steps are reading the over the summer weeks to try and see if first and foremost. the europeans the chinese and the russians remain paparts the steel can mususter togogether se sort of economic package that might persuade iran to reverse indemnity its actions. that unfortunately att this stae lookoks quite unlikely. so the next question is is it time for the europeans to come together to discuss with iran how to freeze the escalation on the nuclear fall and not may
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perhaps be part of president my problems out reach with. iran's presidedent this is our last few days to create a new dialog process to prevent a flown collapse over this deal and to find a soft landing. and i think in the run up to the un general assemblbly thihis september you're gonna see a lot of european asset to try and prevent the full unraveling of this deal. on that very topic kelly i'm seeing that donald trump and among american had a conversation -- this monday along those lines to ensure it says in front of me around does not obtain. nuclear weapons of course going back to what the ram revenue she got says they're not looking to create nuclear weapons what they are saying. i'm. europe's been under pressure from around to try to find some kind of solution and so far failed. do you think there's any leeway europe has to try to create a way out of this crisis. but i think we have to o be realistic it's unfortunately at this stage unlikely that
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europeans can find a silver bullet solution that's going to keep around compliance. but there are ways t to minimize the damage that's going to unfold attention being that we'll see a few months ahead. so the first thing that ththe europeans should really be putting a lot of political asset behind. is to trying to get this in stakes mechanism for trade with her aunt. all up and runnining we've b ben told that transaction is imminenent -- in terms of being announced through this trade a vehicle with a rock but so far we havenen't got somome news on. too dedelivering on thatould enhance your credibibility and leveverage with the wall and i'm alsoso strengthen its own hand n any potential talks with the united states. to trying to present itself as a global acto. second a area where i think we're goioing to have to have me european political afterwards she is in the out reach with. the us president dirirectly and alalso with his whitete house as to trying to create some reading
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rooms were wrong. on the economic scale particularly when it comes to oil exports now it's clear that the the the more sanctionsns animal pressurure wrong seals. thee further we a are from gettg around to come to the negotiating table the last year and a half of this tactic from president trump. has only led to the rear disc increasing that t the us would have to mimilitary response to n id in the region or the nuclear issue. so i think the best of f the roropean shohould be doing now. is to minimize damage that could unfofold from thihis escalation. and to draw both washington and tehran to a political track rather than this military escalate to track that we're seeing unfold in recent weeks earlier in my of the european council foreign relations thank you very much indeed for joining us thank you for your analysis here. france twenty four that's the elegant my of the european council for relations a senior policy fella the deputy director
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for them at me east and north africa program. of course what you'll developments on the situation regarding around the nuclear deal and developments going forward. next president donald trump has been claiming america's leading the world on environmental issues he's just delivered a speech this monday trans been talking up progress in some areas well defined criticism. from environmental groups who've criticized him of his steps to slash green regulations i'm back at a global efforts to fight climate change tropicales pulled the us out of the paris climate accord. engine twenty seventeen he's repeatedly mocked and deny climate change is also the process of reversing obama it removes protecting the environment including laws the band coal ash sludge dumping in rivers. coal plants in the us produce a million tons of coal ash each year. from day one my administration's latest job or yourur influence susure that. america is among the very latest air and clean store. you want the latest air one
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crystal. and that's what we're doing and that's what we're working on so far that's a stretch for the crowther are a man in washington for that good evening to you we've heard trump speaking a little bit that. tells a bit more about what he's been saying. well his messageges -- not necearary that thehe united stas is l leading the world when it comes to environmental issues but that's the united states is- first of all giving priority to economic growth and the that van will l lead to a clean -- environment in the united state- i think your introduction was just right the statistics on the facts speak for themselves this is the kind of event that needs a lock a lot of fact checking because of course. thee united states is not leadig when it comes to the environment is certainly is not leading when it comes to fighting climate change as you said the most important. policy reversal -- from this administration was of course that exit the announced exit -- by the uniteted states from the paris climate agreement essentially that is the message from this president's that's nothing will get in the way of
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the creation of jobs and economic growth if environmental regulations gets in the way of that. then they have to be discarded in order to create jobs and that then will eventually possibly leadad t to environmentall improvements in the united states -- it's not very tenable really what the president of course is saying he has in the past often said that the united states has the cleanest at and the cleanest water world wide that of course is not true the vice president said the same -- just a few days ago there's just some of the falsehoods that we have from the white house when it comes -- to the environment says some of this is just about true of the quality of air in the quality of water is going up in the united states but it has been going up since the seventies. and that is not really something that this administration i can be particularly proud of but that is one of the things that this admin administration is trying to tout hit today. indeed and i'm skews me felt
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listening to these things. one can imagine one green campaign as might be saying has been any reaction yet from from those kind of people. well this is the kind of thing where you almost don't need the reaction i have been so many pre bottles as that cold -- before this speech -- by the president because when you see something announced as the white house touting its progress on its environmental record you know that you just have to look up the facts to counter it's essentially but when it comes to the politics of all of this. well we have heard of a lot so when it comes to the environment from democratic presidential candidates for example who are not necessarily and all not members of any green party that of course exists here in the united states but has no political clout. but they do for example almost all of them promise that they will bring the united states strange back into the paris climate agreement as soon as they would potentially end to the white house -- that's one of the things that -- has democrat that demo democratic
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presidential hopefuls -- put clearly into that programs to try and get. into the white house otherwise welp the fact checkers have been out in force -- first of all there are some places that you can concretely mention where the united statates has not been strong of course. on the environment that has been drililng on publblic lands despe the fact that the president just a few minutes ago said that he is protecting public lands -- that's one of those fact checks that are relatively easy to do and then there is the simple fact that the president says that said the united states has the best access to clean drinking water world wide. that might b be true statisticay but you havee such glariring problemsike flint michihigan a town where the drinking water still i cannot be used at this point it has been. a very well reported on says those are some of the reasons -- and some of the e examples thata green campaign as would certainly -- bring up a at this point andnd rememember also thas some democrats in the house of representatives not necessarilyy dedemocratic leadershihip i i wo
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bring something up called the green new deal a very very ambitious plan -- to improve the environment in the united states and bring the united states back to the to when it comes to fighting climate change. for the cow that has ever thank you very much and thank you for teaching me that word pre bottlee i wondr what the wave that will but i get completely what it means. and why -- it's useful in this context thank you sir as of a farm state for the crowther our correspondent that as you can see. in the shadow of the white hous. xto life in paris in france twenty four greece's new conservative prime minister can yeah course mid so takis was sworn in this monday the us educator right window faces a have to challenge the takes over from follett submits a party led by alexis y you press. after austerity measures required under the bailout recent years and countries public thatt last you stood at three hundred and thirty five billion euros. that's a 180% of gdp prime
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minister mitsotakis is promising to end a decade of economic crisis. turning the page and moving forward that's the p promise of new greek prime minister kiriakis mix of takis. after a decade of brutal austerity measures his center right new democracy party promised tax cuts and prosperity that message resonated and mezzo targets as supporters hold. weekly see the effects. right now is there for him to implement these projects [inaudible] ininvestments s of greece hass rerecovered frorom t the depthse financial crisis and its three bailouts but its citizens are still significantly poorer. it's a takia says he will reduce taxes to bring down the staggering 18% unemploloyment re and make greece more business friendly likewise he is considering further privatisations and more foreign
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investment. also on the agenda renegotiating stringent european budget requirements for athens the new prime minister wants that to happen fast. we will be receiving a vote of confidence from parliament on sunday july the twenty first so we'll be ready to legislate immediately after -- after that and of course our discussions with our european creditors -- will -- will begin immediately. chose a hard nosed performer with a harvard university degree and kinsey consulting experienc. during the campaign mr talk it's insisted he wanted to be judged on that resume not on his family's powerful political dynasty. now that he's in office will be judged on his results. and watching every step of the way the let's action that in athens. nextxt time the business goals during the june just on it's a major change in one of europe's. biggest banks three market deutsche bank starting to make the first of what are expected to be sent eighteen thousand job cuts over the next few years.
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layoffs took place today in monday in sydney london and new york among other cities across the globe. all parart of a multi billion yr restructuring plan when it's seenen by many as a r retreat ur hiss ambitions of being a top investing bank. song in to compete with wall street giants like goldman sachs and jpmorgan. perhaps for not much longer. robert sector has more. a radical overhaul for germany's top bank. deutsche bank unveiled the seven point four billion euro restructuring plan on sunday then we'll see it considerably downsize its fall the tile investment banking division. you dialaled this is about reinforcing our strengths and cutting back significantly in areas where we notice competitive as befefore such as stock trading. the bank will cut some eighteen thousand jobs over the next threree years around a fifth of its current work force. it will also s shut down its equities trading business shrink its bondss in rates trading operations.
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and creates a capital release units in order to sell around seventy four billion euros worth of unwanted assets. the strategy signals a shift away from the bank's global ambitions after it's been two years trying to compete with the wall street trading giants like goldman sachs. and jpmorgan chase it's notot a thing butut i think investment banking by touch a bong wasn't as successful as expected. anand these drarastic measures e the necessary consequence left in. deutsche bank has been battling declining revenue and rising operating costs for yearsrs. and has been plagued by a series of lawsuits which saw its pay out billions of euros in settlements since the two thousand eight financial crisis. the restructuring is seen by many as a last chance for the firm after merger talks with german rival comments bank. collapsed earlier this year. now earlier france twenty fours alley lady sat down with the chairman of french banks of
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sedation and i'll. then bake also announcing job cuts earlier this year the much fewer by comparison. to sixteen hundred marines -- beanie smoggy insisted that deutsche bank's problems are specific to the german under. but i love my set to the modify all of the bar. for deutsche bank it's totally different we control any comparison. which bunk was facing this problem its investment banking department was over size compared to the rest of the bank's activities. on the more traditional banking system in general. yeah i'm not a math germany traditional retail banking is less profitable under which a bank's market share was less significant from a guy i mean probably magically perfect. investors have greeted those changes at deutsche bank with some skepticism. company shares were up briefly on monday but they fell leader on the finisish today down over. i turning just under seven euros a shshare. turning now to the rest of monday's trading action wall street in the red to kick off the week. dow jones finished the day down about four tenths of a percent.
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nasdaq meanwhile saw losses of that point 8% on the heels of last week's better than expected jobs report in the u. s.. those figures actually works such good news i do investors that's because they were seen as potentially lowering the chances of the veterans are decreasing interest rates. later this month. the major european indices all finished monday in negative territory as well the fifty down just slightly check on his well the dax meanwhile losing about a fifth of a percent as you can see there. interest rates also a hot topic in turkey president recep tayyip erdo on fire the head of the country's central bank over the weekend. no official reason was given but it was reportedly in response to the bank's refusal lower interest rates. move caught many off guard it's also resulted in some heftyty losses for t the turkish their currency was down one point 9% against the us dollar on monday. the central bank now expected to lower the cost of borrowing when it meets later this month. that could result in further losses for the turkish lira it's just a year removed from from a financial crisis that saw that currency lose nearly a third in
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value. and finally a story parisian restaurant is preparing to reopen. the famous or infamous will catch on t the show's lease at pependin o on your perspective. inc iss an expensive brerest re frfrequented by tourists and businessmen alsoo known for hosting the victoryry celebratin of presidentnt nicolas sarkozy when he was first elected in. two thousand seven w was ransacd and burned by s some yellow as protesters back in march part of larger damages to businesses along the boulevard. the cat says those days are behind it it's ready to open its doors again next weekend. not just on any day mark the b. july fourteenth france is a national holiday. cope thank you very much indeed i think we should go just to see what it's like posting lead the business and hopefully you foot the bill. great to see. it's cross judea and the chance to meet you watch g good evenin. nonow that plenty of ongoing and sometimes heated discussion about women's football in the aftermath of the women's world cup yes absolutely -- it's been a spectacular win and overall performance throughout the store
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two women by the american that women's football scores and france's leading sports paper like keep at pay tribute to them on the front page with this image. of the words grace again which you can't help feeling is a little bit of a data donald trump -- implying really ththatt is the women scored who has already made. america great -- does need the help of the us president he likes to say make america great again mike at his side very. much used that he catch phrase i suppose you might say. and i'm not in the age of american rupee note with arms outstretched my that is when the schools a lot of controversy it is absolutely everywhere today here it is in time magazine again. a lot of people who. fundamentally don't like her i believe it's an arrogant gesture it's the kind of thing we see all the time from the man and nobody blink. maybe about six hundred thing football fans love when it's that ever played the schools you know you kind of want to see that kind of attitude you know absolutely and and that is really what we're saying if you don't like how you don't like the attitude. and if you do that and you think
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that it's great -- and she decides to send it right because look please read jeeves and what time magazine says in this article is that. the women are winning this title again retaining this title is not she the best response that they could have heart to the critics -- because the husband lot of criticism of the us team megan rapinoe in particular -- insight should long -- of course was saying that she would not attend the white house it's almost if they won a slightly less politely than i just said it then. but she's come away from this taking the title the golden bowl at the best plan the golden boot for the highest score so she really couldn't done anymore. at to silence the critics. donald trump i did not she say. congratulations to you. women scores are great and exciting play america is proud of you'll he says. but this kind of political row and the harsh words between the
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president's arm to stop plan. is very much over shattering everything you see online at this from the cartoonist pa ger- she has that megan rapinoe kicking at don't come into the trash can. add this an image officials image obviously over american repeat it at the white house and who knows if it would look like that if it did happen we don't know if he's going to invite them to the white house. he said before he would whether they won or lost but she's since that he's not quite sure -- but meghan repeat it has held off that she will not attend a much awards. and now the other thing that is causing great controversy -- involves the american flag he she is holding it aloft in that unusual primate fashion and books. the political leanings of people watching i guess today's game do seem to have colored that opinion as to what happened duriring celebrations aftfterwa. at because a fox news commentator is among many two retweets at these images at just after the final whistle when the celebration. and you see that an american flag ends up on the floor -- lots of people see me to blame meghan repeated for the us even
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though she wasn't the one originally holding it. and it does seem as though they are just looking for reasons to criticize her at and sayay. things about had that time date they wanted to put across at this job was as i understand the excicitement of thee momentt but please never disrespect the fla. and this gentleman sayingg he should be to o step b by this unpapatrioticc nosossa cysticc behavior megan r rapinoe i is neither here nor a role model. and it's worth taking a look back at this piece from last week from usa today nancy almost been traveling around with the u. s. court here in n france. during the world cup and the more she says it's very easy to say -- pachter also can you love your country and hung a flag outside your home and it's a lot harder to do this active -- partridges in that she believes meghan repeat a really importan- and make it as quick to tears saying maybe you don't agree
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with every single way that i do it i know that i'm not perfect i think i stand for honesty and for the truth. of the wanting to have the conversation when you said nasa cystic an apostrophe who you might have been talking about trump but it was someone attacking the piano which is a disease another think now with the football is a can expect a much smaller. paycheck than than male counterparts do people think it's time that that change. will megan repeat exactly does she says everybody is ready for a change i think that's probably exaggerating a little bit. if there is a difference with the us because the us women's team wins things. the us men's team ready doesn't said that the disparity in the pay does seem at all to that the fee for a talking about doubling the prize money available in the women's world cup next time around. at this time thank you million dollars was up for grabs. compare that to the men's game whenen i was four hundred millin dollars up for grabs in twenty eighteen i'm not the place he has joined the cools for back pay not quite going the whole hog the equal pay. but the gene king at the tennis maestro has said that these athletes have brought more attention support from pride to women sport and perhaps any
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other team in history and she thinks. they should get what they rightly deserve it's hard to disagree with position can because she's been that she's done it she's bought the tee shirt and sold it back she's up. hello an example to follow on every level i think. emma thank you very much indeed have a chance of meeting which thanks can to coal spangler with the business ramming food
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07/08/19 07/08/19 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from new york, this is democracy now! >> we are such a proud and strong and defiant group of women. amy: the u.s. national women's soccer team makes history of winning its record fourth world cup, soon after the game ended, the crowd began chanting "equal pay." we will look at the teams fight against gender discrimination


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