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yeah b but you see what you like for paris in france twenty four i'm marco in these the headline. head to head in a tv debate jeremy hunt pushes boris johnson the stated field. resigned the content or breaks it johnson says no deal will be. vanishingly inexpensive. as you know now six from london correspondent coming up. paris declares a state of emergency on the climate the french capital has pull at quality. restricts card usage on hot days the city recently criticized the judgment on breathing problems caused by pollution. it to these far right deputy prime minister live streams his closure of a migrant camp. take a selfie posed to the press
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in sicily at the site plan to the largest in europe. thank you very much for being with us. the t two canandidates to replae theresa may go head to head the tv debate in london it's entitled britain's next prime minister the rt tv debate. bars johnson former foreign secretary still the favorite to win not similar the left is going to take print out of the u. on october the thirty first deal or no deal. johnson as far as secretary jeremy hunt appeal to those who are against heart breaks it. gates with. well i think are far more likely to get us out by the thirty first of october because i have a plan. which involves engaging with the european union negotiating with them but i just wanna test because forces as mentioned state a loss i just wanna knono
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howw. solid that commitment is if you don't get us out of the e. by the thirty first of october. we resign we got to come out on october the thirty first and i think anybody who goes into this negotiating a unification proposing yet again. to kick the can down the road well i think run the risk of forfeiting trust with the electric and also underminining on thesese negotig position in brussels to johnhnsn this to o hans quest. to delay does not d deliver a dl you're. lying deliviver a deal my my stk to that dedeadline i think i ita note you taste of what's goingng on right now on the street is i. t. v. a lot of former employer no less. i'm well how are they getting on what's the latest points school between johnson and humm that's been given a copy of our london correspondent of course he's full of all things breaks it for us from the very start benedict what would we do without you. great to see you hope you're okay now then your thoughts on how they some clash of
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conservative titans is going. well the first thing to say is that the first time that the british public land hundred and sixty thousand membership members of the conservative party i've seen. the two contenders. i'm one of them will become the next release on the twenty third to july and the next day become the next prime minister united kingdom and succeed. to reza made since the first time we've seen these two men. actually in the studio -- battling it out and it was a bottle almost from the beginning as you see that was pretty much the top. of the beginning of thee debate yoyou would be surprised it waws into harm's in the f first part was absolutely entirely devoted that was half a an hour. to brek that queststions the very questn that is dividing the united kingdom thrhree is off to a bris exaggerate by the british electricity 52% let's remember. a deadline was missed on the
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twenty ninth of march i actually leaving which we hadd been told. of for two yeaears would be the absolute d definite date onon wh the u. k. would divororce. the e. u. . and now those that other looming date the thirty first of october and we had digesting that i should. take it launches a vast example to say that repeatedly. mr hans. try to get t to boris j johnsono alalso certainin questions and indeed in the concluding statement was -- all what. quality did too he missed a haunted law in boris johohnson - he a actually s said i really ae his ability to not also the question of make his smile tell us a joke. it's's a great quality for a politician but not foror a prime minister theresa i need to give- what's mister johnson said about the best quality. about was to hunt he said he seemed to struggle one has to say but even she said i'd mine's ability to change his mind. and campaign for a brexixit not which is a way o of actually having a pop.
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at mr hunt. aboutt proving parliament and that's very important an expression that many bushes people once terribly familiar with it's about suspending parliament if parliamentt as is indeed believe. perhaps beginningng of september tries -- the p prime minister whwhoever becomes prime minister and that would be misteter barns johnson or mister hunt. what willing to suspend parliament if parliament? voted t to take no deal. off the tatable boris said it is absolulutely bizarre for the united kingdom to weaken his position by running out proving parliament to enable britain to leave without a deal on the thirty first. of october. and interestingly also that same question would you perot parliament mr hunt said no -- would y you like to know what'sp ththe candidates had to say abot mr trump onn the on going. and worsening spots between london and washington. yes please a b. from justin here what they gonna say about that completely and one thing they've clearly a going to get to grips
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with if they become the next prime minister hans understand saying that the current. ambassssador wouould stay in pl. exactlyy as the first it was the more general point about what they think about president trump's tweets and then indeed - the moderate a juliet ching i'm of the i. tv presenter actually auspice candidates would you or would you not we have to say that the u. cacampus today -- in washshington is used to *-*- the end of the year would you or no- allow him to continue until. the end goals of the planned mandate. mr hans first criticized president trump's comments on the row over these leaks -- emails from the buttons of man in washington mr johnson insisted repeatedly about towards a very good relationship with the white house he had he said how important that close friendship was with united states. that -- it was almost important ally he said about the uk and
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the us and interestingly mister johnson said mr trump court was dragged into a british political debate i don't necessarily think it's the right thing to do. as jereremy s said when he was pushed harder. mr johnson did not clearly stat. that h he would keepp on c conde simply said. the misteter a prime minister should be allowed. to o ke popolitically sensitive the decisions like that so in other words if he becomes pm. he reserves the right -- to in a sense he was the dark onn that position buster orr or notee. mister han said he would keep second at the bushes diplomat at the center of t this -- row untl he retires at christmas. and i think that -- really both men welell -- point scoring buti think i actually missed a huntn. lalanded quite a few blues on mister johnsonon is the sense tt
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he kept all. of the fuss was johnson kept on interrrrupting the men often spe could reach other. and some it will be very interesting to see what the papers say i'm i'm happy to say i will be doing that report. in the morning s so i have given appointment twowo of you is to watch me. talk about the papers and how they view no doubt we will have very statatements and spinnining fromom both c camps. indeed must see television it will be benedict. looking forward to that thanks as ever for joining us but any public. responded that he said thank you very much indeed benedict. thanks to live in paris paris has announced a state of emergency that's the capital of france saying. the state of emergency on the climate a climate catanese to be creative the name of back to educating the young and the public in general about the issue on the move centres off course in the twenty fifteen paris climate colds nations committed to limiting theheise. ofof glolobal temperature to wel below two degrees.. after new york city and some six
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hundred and fifty other towns around the world. paris has declared a so called climate emergency. it's a symbolic measure to stress the fact that the french capital was still committed to fighting global warming. four years after the paris accords were signed. two new measures were adopted during the paris city council. the french capital city hall has vowed to create an internrnist real working group on climate change. composed of scientists who wilil advise decision makers on upcoming environmental projects. it will also launch a climate academy with the aim of better educating the public about the issue. ahead of municipal elections next year the french capital socialist mayor and their goal is seeking to boost her green credentials. this comes in the wake of other ambitious projects. the mayor has already significantly restricted traffic in the city center. and has introduced emergency traffic bands d during popollutn peakaks.
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more recently paris's also unveiled plans to create urban forests to improve air quality. michael so watching that one very closely. this is a cool french consumers to be better informed of the risks of overdosing on paracetamol. countries most use pain killers also the primary cause of liver damage needed to transplant. francis medical watchdog once a clear and stark warning on each of the billion boxes of paracetamol sold in france each year. overdose equals danger. this warning will appear on products containing power seats imho across from in nine months time. the move comes after national health authority charged with ensuring the safety of medicines voiced concerns over the damage that the truck controls to the liver. paracetamol uses extremely widespread in front with one billion products containing it sold each year. over a ten year period such products or 53% increase in sales the drug provides a
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convenient solution for many. very effective in pain it works very well. but users com builds tolerance. it happens really quickly but you increase the dosage to five or six grams a day and from that day to the next there's a process that destroys liver. so that it's veryy quick in this process can be irreversible up to the point where you're forced to have a liver transplant oversee withth with what. i'veve. the the use of paracetamol is particularly dangerous for certain groups alcoholics and those under fifty kilograms included. one study in front found that one in five patients can seem paracetamol to a potentially toxic level. it is hoped that the new warning labels will prevent this risk in the future. sam brought peace i reported that. the court here in paris is acquitted the flamboyant french tycoon down out to be a fraud. over four hundred full million euro payment link to the sale of the german sportswear company adidas. back in the nineteen nineties top because not battling cancer
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wasn't present to this verdict he pretty suspended -- treatments to find exceptions which could assume face five years in prison. it's a legal and financial saga spanning decades. came to an end on tuesday. the judge said there was no evidence that back enough tacky and his co defendants were guilty of embezzling public funds. bull charges were dropped. rule. ridge without a horde has given a judgment of exceptional clarity and independence. it is for me and most of all for mister deputy and the other co defendants whose professional futures wrongly hung in the balance. a huge relief and a source of immense satisfaction. for now we want to enjoy the success and we'll see what happens. if you deal the operation. the embezzlement claim stems from a controversial arbitration that awarded hundreds of millions of state funds in compensation to that piece. he claims the vents state trunk
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bank. your name had sold one of his companies for him. the sports brand adidas action on feb price also implicated was the current ceo of orange whose chief of staff of the finance ministry at the time of the habituation. if you know that you could on the possibility that your said that the arbitration was legal that it was legitimate given all the records the claim that the process leading up to the arbitration and it's resulting decision was fraudulent. is absolutely unfounded you want to do this you will be called. the now seventy six year old brother nafta pete wasn't presence of the ruling. as he's dealing with a relapse of stuff occurs and stomach cancer. its least alright deputy prime ministers and posing for the press of a migrant counter is closed. at this of any claim to cited cicely was the largest in europe streamed live on the internet sabini also posted. a huge reduction in the numbers of migrants coming to italy since the start of banning rescue boats bring in them a
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short. last year. smiles among the wreckage matteo salvini posed for the press in front of a pile of rubbish at the maneira migrant sensor once home to more than four thousand one hundred people. the facility which formally house us military personnel employed four hundred workers from the local area and migrants themselves offered cheap labor during the orange office. last week the centers inhabitants were forcibly relocated and cheese day the italian interior minister frame the center's final closure as an issue of law and order. it's going to go to get a call that i know. surely all colleagues will recall the inquiry's launched by the magistrates related to the media center ranging f from nigerianan mafia. drug smumuggling prostitution rapes and homicide impala gagne ththat cannot be forgotten. also in there when i certainly meant the got the since coming into power in june two thousand and eighteen cell beanies league policy in coalition withh the populist five star movement.
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has launched a crackdown on migratioion with h ships frequey prevented from docking on italian soil and the prosecution of those helping moniker. despite this more than three thousand migrants of rugugged it today since the beginning of the year. savini who is also the deputy prime minister is seeking to impose fines of up to one million year rise for humanitarian rescue vessels which he says of blocking proper access to italian ports. with time now for a look at the day's business using for that which by brian quinn could at sir thomas. starting with a deeply trade dispute but not as i understand between the us and china this time it's japan and south korea going head to head not this time right -- nice change of pace refreshing influenza last week japan instituted export restrictions to south korea on three key materials used in the manufacture of consumer electrtronics. that a sigignificant blow to a y korean industry w will soul is w not only threatening countermeasures but taking its case to the world trade
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organization. it's also denouncing reports in japanese media that some of the materials in question may have been shipped from south korea to north korea. for the possible production of weapons into hillier reports. at the heart of this plant japanese curbs that twenty ten the export of mateterials vitalo south korea's tech industry. nothing last thursday exporters have to apply for a license. japan's government has hinted that the reason lies behind illegal transfers of material to north korea. a claim dismissed by soul. it went t to ponder taken gororn you got such baseless allegations are completely opposite to the international community's high trust toward south korea's controls onn expoports of strategic material. wewe u urge japan to stop making such a groundless claims you not a certain under. the real root the tensions goes back to the second wororld war when japanan o occupied the korn peninsnsula. recent court rulings ordering japanese funds to compensate
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south koreans forced to work for them hi anger japan's governmen. but tokyo insists the new limits are unnecessary security measur. a kind of such a this this action taken by the japanese government is a review of a domestic seja to properly control experts. that full it is not a subject for discussion on japan is not a schoolol thinking up with during the curves i more or less the committee said. south korea has reacted by filing a complaint with the world trade organization and by threatening to impose countermeasures. it's also putting its faith in a bilateral meeting scheduled for friday. nothing comes out to fact it's thriving consumer electctronics sector will be at stakake. tech giants like samsung and lg which provide chips to apple and why wait might n need to find nw supply. meaning global supply chains could take a hit. the twenty four is any hillyer will bmw has unveiled the first electric version of its iconic
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mini. production w will begin in late twtwenty nineteen with the first sales reaching customers early next year the model will save the jobs of around five thousand workers at the many plants in oxford england. bmw has previously warned that a no deal breaks it could result in moving some of its production out of the u. k.. next the emir of qatar is in the u. s. meeting with president donald trump and signing business deals with several us companies. troubled plane maker boeing set to sell five seven seven seven cargo planes to the small gulf monarchy. this as the company warned its deliveries fell 37% in the first half of twenty nineteen likely knocking it out of its position as the world's number one playmaker. cutter itself strtruggling to hd up under a two year long economic embargo by its arab neighbors including saudi arabia and the united arab emirates. both trump and the and they're saying cutter is investing heavily in the states. are -- economic partnership is being more than a hundred and
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eighty five million. and we're planning to double this number we have a lot of investments in the u. s. chose the economy here. we do a lot and for strtructure and we're planning to do more investment. time now for a check on the markets european indexes ended the day lower moments with one hundred closing down just under two tenths of a percent. the cat carol here in paris down a third of a percentage shares an air france sank following the french government's announcement of a new eco tax on airline tickets. frank for dachshund down nearly nine tenths of a percent at the close deutsche bank shares losing 4% there as investors worry the bank's massive restructuring plan won't be enough to turnrn it around. wall street makes as investors look for clues to the federal reserve's next policy move the dow ending the day down a quarter percent. s. and p. five hundred wass a minor gains the nasdaq finishing up over half a percent as shares in netflix jumpeped on record viewership numbers. for season three ofof stranr ththings. finally for business it's common wisdom and that the rich get richer the twenty eighteen and
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did see an exception at the very top. in annual report from consultancy firm at cap gemini i shshows the world's wealthiest people seeing the value of their assets lose 3% last year rising interest rates and the us china trade war c contributing to that dip. trade fairs and the footsie all world index down 11% with the shanghai composite losing a quarter of its value in. twenty eighteen not to worry though extreme inequality is alive and well as markets have bounced back in. twenty nineteen the world's roughly eighteen million high net worth individuals still control sixty eigight tririllion dollarss that's nearlyy the wowod's entire yearly economimic output. at the very top twentnty six billion there's no control as much wealth as the bottom half of the world's population. so a bit of a dip their marketable this is the world's smallest and most expensive violin playing sets on gold no doubt franklin i think is that something up but everybody was thinking listening to that -- half analysis thank you very much of a break when the with
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all the business great to see. the cross judea james street in the mediawatch good evening sorry mark -- you'd be looking at the diplomatic. rangel genetic in some rounund. incidedent betweween washington london of the british ambassador's leaked comments about. one president donald trump and it is getting. hotter and hotter this what is now a days weather -- apparently even trade talks to break that related trade talks are kind of been postponed so it's actually reaching. at the level of you know it's having an impact on policy topping and talked on demand workings of government or leadership debate that's right i can place a and in the u. k. tonight that's right t the same time this even some speculation so i suppose just took. for for for for viewers who haven't kind of kept up with that this was last sunday is the mail on sunday in the u. k. reported on leaked memos from the uk ambassador. at you know and they're meant to speak frankly about their reading of things and he's came up with words like an apt in secure incompetence about. donald trump and the white and the federation yeah that's it so
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it wasn't a you know obviously diplomatically that's very embarrassing and eyes much of the nelson has been thing the leaks were wrong whoever's behind it should be. you know named and shamed this is not the kind of thing that can go on it in in in to play in diplomatic dealings. at but it's not in the inbox was full it's in the sense that he was doing his job that's the reading there of i want one analysis piece in the independent so what we saw today is. as you know it donald trump seeming to have taken a bit of time because it that this wasn't knee jerk stuff. it was you know a day or two later on but he referred to the ambassador as the wacky ambassador of very stupid guy a pompous fool. and perhaps even more -- alarmingly at he went on to talk about trees amaze management of breaks it is foolish a and yet e didn't take my advice and so anyway that triggered add germany hans who is of course the head of diplomacy. and i had to so if you could argue some egg on his face he he said look this is disrespectful these comes to disrespectful and it's wrong to speak this way to our prime minister in our
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country your diplomats. your diplomats give the same private opinions. back to add the the if this is stuff that should be obvious repeat this is you know the functions of diplomacy. and you said the u. k. u. s. aligns with the grapes in history and i agree. and he went on to say but i always need to treat each other with respect all this month after the pump and the the the the t the the of the great displays of friendship i during. the state visit now to make this all the more -- and i'll just quickly kind of go to m.. at one common tear up by chasing totally of the new statement he sank trump is showing himself depends can easily offended but these remarks about the bridge by mr can't be tolerated. german homes and boris johnson must defend the prime minister stop with these are the comments are during the day today. and we've seen that -- terminal to come out with statements were very clearly at critical less s- in the case of boris johnson who just spoke about his good relationship with the white house now what's interesting about this here is there is also speculation mark. at that it's not let the for the front for site is they're
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calling is within the tory party leadership bartlett could perhaps explain the leak. in the sense that there is speculation. that speculation. i underline the point that the entourage boris johnson at monks have been. responsible for for those leaks in order to discredit the head of diplomacy in the person of terminal it's possible it's not certain. boss why would why would t that have been leaeaked andnd what wh would hahave to think about the most of and there you go what else is there to say so much. so much as so many people -- commenting on one that you see old not all the marks were negative some some. some of what he said in this league member was kind of saying look the guy like schwarzenegger in the final scene of the terminator you he could emerge in the flames boxer but intact. it's all n nothing to take every tongue in cheek those that face that he was gonna respect the jump it'll right. that's true. too but look it it just definitely i caught a huge one
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comment everywhere add that with people annoy each this is one barrister in in the u. k. saying i'm outraged on behalf of our protonation. at w. where is the outrage more government so people really feeling this is not okay this is not. as same behavior erin burnett said a us based anchor at kind of bringing in the the diplomatic and name calling in mud slinging with i can jump on and say actually. in the end -- that seem to get a better response from trump you know into the into the woods up the ante i meaean it's with myy mind. with rumer what trump cold kim yeah see some of the names he called him a quick family of what went beyond what the british ambassador said about trump you know what it is it's kind of extraordinary i i i did this said this i thoughtt was an interesting comment. as well at okay i get the psychology -- can come on and the desperate quest for power foreign policy when put difficulty understanding his visceral aversion. to allies this is like the special relationship in dayton dayton date a couple do one thing and then he will just turn into the exact opposite and then. cry innocent some both cited brooch it's a remarkable rigight
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mental significant gymnastics it that way our boss expression if you don't we don't need enemies if your energy. contents like these it is. no there was a couple of other comments that i saw and i do want to be a kind of you know really laying it take on all latest thinking on james to have a say. actions well if you can muster said proves that the bus was right i did see quite a fewew remarks about saying well look. this is what he said in the behaving exactly in the way that he's saying. behave. and another toll care concentrate talks in anger for being defined as insecure could think better which confirm those like my most so. there was a certain without the number limericks mark attends kindle fellow named trump got into a bit of a grump. as britain's ambassador could not have been a sitter that's not a word. about the incompetence i think trump is the we we we we can i think that's salable items okay temps inserted would. royce would finish with this add this is the front page of the times of london this morning -- above with the headline the crumpled would not be dealing with them busters that's from now completely unrelated photo is next to not headline. as as from pages tend to be.
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i had some people wondering. you know. this is what the synchronicity at the picture added to pick a particular bird for its plumage will remind him of also plug. in a any case julian chasez someone give the times from page layout editor a big bonus i hav. so i don't know what they're talking about their new idea [inaudible] no clue. bows at certainly at twenty nineteen twitter. diplomacy to response. it's a very strange time we're living where it's it's gonna get worse and worse or better bette. say it is a gift that keeps on giving to touch in both senses touched him. james thank you very much indeed for to his through the maelstrom that has this effect with the u. k. ambassador donald trump from james a meeting with prime of the business as ever thank you so very much today thank you for watching to stay with this mot
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