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from paris and james reading these are our headlines this evening. the past has come back to haunt president trump's labor secretaryy alexander acosta he's announced his resignation on friday this over itsts handlingf a sex crimes case. involving financier jeffrey steve this when mr cost was a federal prosecutor. and turkeyey him membeberf nato has been begun taking delivery of an advanced russian missile defense system on friday. it's a move that could dririve a wedgdge into thehe hearts of the western military allnce. hell on earth that's how many describe their lives in libya's migrants detention centers france twenty four has spoken to one woman whose journey began in her native ivory coast before.
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being s stopped s short in one h ceer will briri you her story later in the show . it's ten pm here in the french capital thanks for watching france twenty four now will start to this evening in the u. s. where the labor secretary alexandra costa said. on friday that he is resigning at this follows questions over his handling of a two thousand and eight secret plea deal. with wealthy financier jeffrey epsteiein who's beenn accused of sexually abusing d dozens of underage g girls acosta made the announcement of his resignation. alongside the u. s. presidents let's take a listen. i do not think it is right and fafair. for this administration labor department they have seen as the focus.
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rather than the incredible economy that we have today. it would be self pay for me to stay in this position. and continue talking about a case of twelve years old. rather than about the amazing economy we have right now. and so i submitted my resignation to the president. no for more at one what is the latest that resignation of from the trump administration we're joined from washington by david smith washington bureau chief. said the guardian newspaper. ad david's -- i'm just until a little bit earlier and yesterday in fact to costa was defending his record whahat was it the pushed in to go now. that's right. he h he tried to clean althoughe gave an extensive press conference -- defending himself against these criticisms. suggesting for example but prosecutors back in that case a decade ago in florida -- did not want to go as far as yeah he done all he could do -- any any
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epstein tags but the pressure grew when some of that's claims wheree -- disputed by peoplee w- ram enrolled at the time and i also pointed out that sound as part of this. agreement. jeff yep stein's victims well we're not even informed which was againsnst the law so who iso rarely across the special event walls are strongly. question and what's the fresh charges against epstein -- emerge. in new york a few days ago -- his position looked -- increasing mail titled -- widespread demands for him to step down that it was that you just one scandal too many i think for this. administration -- some appraising a coaster. but doing notable thing an unfolding all his soul. i'm mike -- many of those who've tried -- to whether the store. no tell us a little bit more -- tell our viewers who haven't been following the the blow by blow accounts of jeffrey ups
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teens at and misdemeanors over the years to tell us a little bit more about the figure of jeffrey eckstine. and who he has front her nights with which is many of course of the grace and good rich and famous at in washington new york and elsewhere. tell us more about him and where the ball could stop if you like in terms of and hit that that the poison of being associated with them at this stage. yeah i've seen. a wealthy up a billion ask financier -- live the high life in the in new york and florida and as you say very well connected -- he was -- study friendly with -- donald trump but onene pointnt and as you can imagine the president has been. eager to distancece himseself himself in recent days. bill clinton -- traveled on his playing and and and consoles i out now what trying to decide and even -- britain's prince andrew -- one day i called tax.
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i'm and i think it's important member the timings was long before the meat to iraq at stee- carried all with impunity -- for a while and i don't see even when it was course in part i got this pre dale -- consulted adding a thirty month sentence - with plenty of flexibility buck. press joins the coming new york more women have come forward in tv interviews -- in the area of the the me too movement -- bear its determination to hold men to account for crimes such as sexual harassment and it's it's pretty cool site with. jeff grant seen in you you see math in the in the public reaction -- widespread condemnation -- a widespread view thahat he must now pay for these crimes which included -- paying money to girls paying them to bring more girls to his residence is -- on the pretext of getting my soldiers but that could be cut into sexual abuse and david do you t think what's
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your opinion on whether or not this could really impact on donald trump -- personally we remember going back to his campaign at the scandals over it you know very said tapes that were rececorded prob proboblem y the bleepep -- - it didn't a aft the white house h he wonon theo presidency are we looking at a president who is. somewhat teflon when it comes to issues like this and and sex scandals beingng associated it would it would take really a smoking gun for it. to affect him personally. i think so -- i i don't expect to long term damage to trump. from this -- partly calls are a coaster has resigned and about will potentially. a necklace and the bugugs -- and paul hill said because the issue dated back. many years the call the trump presidency -- and i decade ago - and and then in addition indeed-
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trouble it seems the benefits for all men. yeah it's got a little going on a wall. in the old days that a president would have one scandal it could be -- fake whole -- he he has about a dozen all the guy -- and and people get confused and they they tend to neutralize each other -- the the reason deposit british i'm past that -- can derek -- like into trump to the terminator who -- emerges from the e plane. going a teflon terminator so possibly at least [inaudible] yes. the slogan in any case said david what will it will it will see how it plays out but thank you for those insights into. at the jeffrey obscene. scandal and how that could impact further on the trump administration with alexander calls to resign. now moving on it's a move that could create major friction in nato as turkey a member of the alliance that has begun t taking livery of an advanced russian missile defense system. and washington has spent months at trying g to prevent the deal
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from happenining and couould no- slslappedd sanctionsns on on crk turkey could also face e expulsn from an f f. thirty five figiger jet program. and games for his more. these images show s. four hundred missiles arriving in ankara the r russian madeefense system is s the source of f much diplomatic tensision. turkrkey's felony to memembers expressed that concern over the purchase yup but this friday the turkish foreign minister confirm the deals going ahead despite that reservations. as there is the you that we've always said regarding the s. for hundreds. it's an agreement that has been finalized. the process continues and it's progress. which are we are coordinating these things mission flights mission for personnel who are coming to diamond. washington has threatened retaliatory moves including economic sanctions. the pentagon is also likely to prevent tacky purchasing natives next genereration jack's. the relalationship between the o
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nations is already tense. last year it took his detention of an american pasta sculpted bitter rift. under brunson was convicted on terrorism charges and sentenced to three years in prison until washington intervened. the deal with russia was reportedly worth two billion dollars and has r raised concers in the west that turkey is drifting closer to moscow. the two nations have repaired relations which had been on the rocks of the two turkish military j jets shot down a russian warplane. over the turkey syria border in. twenty fififteen and on t that y wewe spoke eararlier to francece four i is a chief f foreign edir rob parsons about the possible impact of this defense deal between turkey and russia established. obviously it's a it's a major concern -- that would be done with it destroying nato probably not -- but would it b be a seris blow quite clearly would be of turkey with to break away if turkey were. to fall into if you like the the
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russian capital it has to be said you know that the the history of turkish russian relations. is not a good -- one there have been conflicts over the centuries and quite often that their interests as we saw very recently witith the shooting don of a russian plane -- over the turkish border with syria i'm not always -- not a not always on the same page so you're the the the the site to consider as well but for the moment it does seem that. turkey under rigid tie above the line is set on going down this fall for whatever reason -- and nato and thehe united states is going g to be forced. to respond in one way or another not this station looks like it's going to be sanctions. the question i think it will be hiss house turkey going to responond to that. rob persons are speaking a little bit earlier no building towards hurricane strength tropical storm battetery is startiting towards l louisiana s friday. as t the states -- prerepares fr what could be a long slow and epic drenching.
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new orleans is bracing itself for possible flooding the national guard troops and rescue crews have been posteded arounud the state with boats high water vehicles and helicopters. home owners have been sandbagging their propertieies e packing up and leaving the white house has declalared a federal emergency. allowing very state and federal agencies to coordinate the inevitable relief efforts will bring you more. on the story as it develops. the last week the bombing over migrants detention center in libya put the spotlight on the desperate plight of those trying to transit through north africa across the medic training for a better life in europe. as france twenty four is on full me go home website has found the living hell insured by those prevented from crossing to europe long predates. the most recentt spike i in fighting a around thehe capital tripoli our journalists were contacted by a woman whose journey began in her native ivory coast before taking an unexpected a and tragic turnn. in libya this is her story.
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she hasn't had time period. she was w wondering if she was expecting a child and doesn't want to tell him. she's afraid he'll hit time. or worse yet [inaudible] moscow high. she can't do anything. she calmed us for anything she can also for test. and you asked her if he's the father there's not another man. no she's sure it's him. we love. basically he's kidnapping have. and afteterwards he'll sell hero a smuggler. the questioion i is is a goal to sell her afterwardrds.. and according to heher. he really wanted across thehe scenee. so we can buy another girl .
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almost every day he summons me to his room and forces me to have sex with him. sometimes he hits me on the face or on the stomach. when i don't want him to touch me he hits me? i'm afraid to die. at the beginning he asked for money to free me that since i have nothing he abuses me he says he will kill me if i don't sleep with him. i never know what time he will
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come in but when i hit the key i'm scared. he does things to me i don't want to talk about it it disgusts me. i come frorom a small village in the ivory coast for several months i've been locked up in a man's house in tripoli libya it's a fairly residential area. the doorr is locked i i don't kw his ne i call h then this year he'ss about fororty he's nt married he lives alolone. meme i nearly. seventeen then this year has told me to stay quiet he says if i try to run away he will kill my little sister. my six year old sister is with me he doesn't touch her he's promised not to i don't't know f she understands what's going on she doesn't talk much anymore. do you think it's planted she stopped talking.
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tragic story there graphics set in the report by adele gastelum isis a longer version of thought in french for viewers w who. spspeak french on the website france pretty four dot com. catch up now on our headlines this evening the passive come back to haunt the president trump's labor secretary alexander acosta. he has announced his resignation on friday it's over hihis handlg of a sex crimes case involving financier jeffrey. steam this when n mr cost with a federal prosecutor. and turkey a a memrr of nato h s begugunaking delivivery of an advanced russian missile defense system on friday it's a move that could drive a wedge. ininto the hearts of the western military alliance. which we know once you buy cold standard f for the business he's an evevening cold. and now you're starting with more consolidation in at the global auto industry tells about the threat fortin volkswagen first announced a collaboration back in january they actually expanded that today on friday. companies unveiling plans to
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cooperate on electric cars and on a time is vehicles to growing areas of the world's auto secto. it's part of a bigger wave of mergers and jointnt projectss rippling across the industry. i mean i'd like has the story. two giants of the auto industry for ten votes wagagon work together to preparee for high tech low emissions future. we're now confifirmingg. that we will extend our collaboration into a thomass technology. wewe share the view that technology i is an enabler in is nott an end to itself the people will remain our constant focus in this ever changing world. the rivals times colleagues loan an equal share of robocop firm although a all r right bye forty was the majority shareholder. food alsoo bring to o the tablee billllion us dollars of investments. votes wagon will add one billion of its own as well as its two hundred person company will turn us intelligent driving worth one point six billion. the companies say it's a win win
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most welcome will benefit from argo a on his expertise and force we use votes wagons technology to finally make serious inroads into the electric vehicle markets. from twenty twenty three on which aims to sell six hundred thousand of its electric because to europeann consume as is the latest in a a string of industry partnerships. as w well to make as a top to finanancial preciouss magellan'f going green. diamond b. m. w. are working together on the automation bmw is also working with jackie were non driver on electric engines. meanwhile honda has invested in a subsidiary of general motors focused on autonomous vehicles. partnerships aren't always an easy ride last month fiat chrysler pull down to the manager with renter's pinning the blame on pressure from the french government. turning now to the markets where wall street finished friday with some gains. dow jones up nearly nine tenths
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of a percent as you can see right here the s. and p. up nearly half of 1%. were ford motor company is listed it shares gained about 3% on friday. facebook shares also at one point 8% is after us regulators approved a five billion dollar settlement with the firm. over privacy violations linked to the infamous cambridge analytica scanned all. mixed bag over on the major european indices on friday the th at sea and the dax both finished the day in negative territory. account on the other hand saw gains of about four tenths of a percent. meanwhile volkswagen shares were up three quarters of a percent over in frankford after that new collaboration and coming out with ford. now the world is continuing to produce far more oil than consumers demand. that's according to the international energy agency the group released its closely watched monthly report on frida. i found the oil supply exceeded demand by nine hundred thousand barrels a day. of the first half of the year that imbalance expected to continue well into. twenty twenty a big reason for that is soaring productction in the united states.
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last year the country overtook russia and s saudi arabia to become the world's largest oil producer. one of biggest airlines in the u. s. meanwhile says it's keeping boeing seven thirty seven max jets out of its fleet until november. that means about five thousand flights united airlines will be canceled in september and in october. bad news for the airline but also for boeing. seven thirty seven max was grounded worldwide in march following two deadly crashes. but regulators are still looking into flaws with the aircraft before the letter back in the air. meantime airlines are being forced to cancel flights and swallow unexpected costs. night of cours i is only one o f mamany carriers to be hit by the jets ground. and finally a couple of deutsche bank managers are under fire as after they allegedly called tailored to their london offices to fit new suits on monday. that of course wasn't just any monday it was the same day the bank began layofoffs affecting some eighteen thousand employees worldwide. reporters outside the office found the scenes that were ordered were worth more than
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sixteen hundred euros each. but your bank ceo christine suing has condemned the behavio. of t the german newspaper on friday that he personally called up those were responsible. he says t the quote colleagueues won't forgeget thatt call. suppose james if your banker it's important to have a nice suit i i guess but but n n very goodod optics on this definitely nas stuff and also -- the blindness in the folly of the 1% is what we could say you might say. thanks michael thanks. now it's time for me to watch with emerald muscle how are you i'm. fine you're starting with the top story this evening alexander costas resignation and reactions rolling in thick and fast yeses. in the light of the new sex abuse allegations against billion a jeffrey at sign -- and that's been a very critical reaction mostly from the left us with that. hey we have -- it's not working it's me stop. it's like connection paul gas collection problem. pushing the wire on the rice
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sometimes that works. see if that is do we have do we have connection we have connection yes we do. tracy i've had the p problem. all right well i was given three options in your call asking how did the sex offender jet difference on our main immune from real punishment for so lon. in part because of a deal negotiateded byy alex acosta ri- thoughts of the democrats basically a blaming trump and republicans here we have -- democratic presidential candidates better route and saying he should never be appointed trump new cost is history when he nominated him -- bots -- actually other journalists pointing out that you know it because it's all so it was it was the senate to approve him. i'm not in disc -- janice hit. and giving us a list of the fifty two republicans an eight democrats voted to confirm him as a perfect tree. in the first place -- yeah and then say of course -- trump's cabinet has had to start tandava
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kate bennett his reports -- her teens coming yes is a part that is actually yeah stoning figure in in. yes. and i bomb is administration had by this point none had left an ambitious or any one of the pots at this point -- but so jim acosta who's no relation he's a cnn report -- basically at the thing all speculation out he whether he was pushed to whether it was -- across is our decisio. choice to leave and he says trumping stream over this for one to be worried about it and my if the twenty twenty campaign so he thoughts. it did the suggestion as he was pushed i saw a lot of people are green about till they trump himself -- he said the site at stuy as across the idea. and said it's not it's him not me because i'm with him -- then we have -- yeah but i know it's it's a lot people speculate -- quite skeptical about lots because just two days ago he wa- defending himself -- quite physically over his a plea deal at the time. and see some my mommy hurls
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because all of this of course they played i was in in florida i can't say exactly -- and said wishing the pace -- says i actually -- it's it's the resignation significant because it shows the meeting rock me to reckoning is continuing. and that more women are choosing to come forward and the forties a paid for taking such allegations most their seat and then once that's all right. but whether that will ever affect stolen from two times i suppose it h has a accusations about in the past is is remains to be seen i'm moving to paris where yeah right now i i there was a rather big event we haven't spoken about it yet but we will. be at later in the show at this is that the g. needn't lives in las. fat black jacket slide assets inspired by y the g. to joan and they're they're fighting for theieir residency papers right d it was a big incident said saturday about a quarter telltale hit they hit a occupying the sale in paris. the video then head on basically they are very angry and they were so they they sold one of these power of the portrayal is one of our parts as i clinic.
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of buildings right swear the liam for the great. and exactly -- fronts as heroes- it so you're. the symbolically to occupy that space is it's it's huge very symbolic said if this journalis- she on not points as the chosen spot this beneath the statute representing fronts reading live free or die -- the monopoly this chosen spot is -- causing quite a lot of interesting these are scenes outside these things outside this janice had been following them all day and he says that the police charge the. and the they were being treated like cattle -- and said he had no words that's how shocked he was -- how they were being treated lots of -- people on the right -- coming down and i'll just say that it was unacceptable to you -- have.
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it's nice to see on him -- maybe have not in japan -- and she said it's unacceptable see illegal immigrants occupying with impunity the bottle in front the only future for an illegal immigrants should be deported thought so low. so see that's the that's the right position. but on the left we have so i meanan this is kerry one of thee stories werere thee images could could could portray difference - story to be back story which is you all these people looking for their papers they've been in france for years and years and years they're looking to make i. a big -- dramatic but you know at statements i suppose on but then what the images show is kind of waves and waves of migrants with the please try too mamanage it so it p plays into e to do the story in. story telling i guess of both sides in some respects but in particular anti migrant said yeah and i think that that does it's really divided people this right. right. remember divisive story indeed now lastly some unusual gas a a jojoining the bastille day parae ththis yes they can powers fourteenth of july in two days time that's right and so every year front celebrate the fourteenth of july pesky day -- with among other things a military parades. and this year it's a little
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difference -- archie gonna show you some pictures of this from the casese. we see herere is minute she gret boats and rings were house scene at dawn this morning on on the show as a user. and that for sunday's parade and they're actually taking call as well this is the only one to to showcase some of the technology that that increasingly using. the top of the line technology - and d so he they all the which s really cool l yeah. and we were bored or something yeah and at this injuries and one of the rebels that they showcase switching solo idea was actutuly -- he helplped put out the fire and not to them idea this. is the sort o o thing kids rebel it's a fireman reports five or so best to the two point z zo plplus plus plus somomething abt all right well i'll have to keep a keep my eyes peeled for all of
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thosee -- technological innovations on sunday thanks funneled. unethical for business i think that's the end of this half
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07/12/19 07/12/19 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from new york, this is democracy now! pres. trump: i don't call them raids. i say they came in illegally and we are bringing them out legally. amy: as the trump administration threatens to begin nationwide immigration raids on sunday, we speak to immigrant rights organizers in new york, atlanta, and los angeles to see how their communities are preparing.


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