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tv   France 24  LINKTV  August 5, 2019 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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the day at two eighty k. to be more people have died after the mass shooting in the united states on the weekend the death toll now twenty two for the attack texas. nine in ohio president of trump said americans must condemn racism bigotry and white susupremacyy.t least twenty people killed in cairo after a car full of explosives crunched in the center of the city the nearby hospital was damaged in the blast and had to evacuate patients. and protests in cities across pakistan as locals react to india's
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decision to revoke the special status for the disputed region of kashmir. your daily deciding to take full control a move seen as illegal find the other side. welcome to the frieiends twenty four news you're mine eve irvine it's good to have you with us well two more people have now died after that my shooting. at a shopping center in the u. s. at the weekend bringing the death toll in that attack to twenty two over two dozen others were wounded and it was just well enough to mass shootings in twenty four hours. speaking from the white house u. s. president donald trump condemned both attacks saying the sinister ideologies of racism and white supremacy must be defeateted he did however is stay largely clear of any talk about gun control laws in corning and cussing because you're clifford to take a look at the existing laws in the us and how democrats in particular want to change them. and the right to bear arms is enshrined in thehe us constitution.n. this
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means all lawful residents are not to bite and own a gun. the exceptions fugitives people with criminal records. and those who are deemed a danger to society box in the aftermath of the shootings in el paso and dayton. and months ahead of democratic party primaries. presidential candidates on the left have been laying out the plans to change gun laws. among the targets the national rifle association. in this election we have to have. leaders are willining to stand up and say im not gonna let. this issue be be be determined by what the interest of ththe corporate gun lobby are. and the nra senator kamala harris suffered a concrete proposal if elected president she would take executive action to implement background checks and banned the importation of assault weapons into the us all the candidates have proposed similar measures like restrictions on magazine capacity or laws preventing
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those with mental illness from buying guns. on the republican side this monday president donald trump called for stronger background checks on gun uses the provided no details on what sort of legislation he would supports we must make surure that those judged to pose a grave risk to public safety. do not have access to firearms and thatt if they do those firearms can be taken through rapid due process he also distanced himself from strongly condemning us gun culture saying video games and social media were to blame foror radicalized in those behind mamass shootings. hello at least twenty people have been killed in central cairo after a car packed with explosives collided with other vehicles in the city is the deadliest attack in the egyptian capital in over two years. a number of cars nearby caught fire and the main cancer hospital which was offset it was damagaged forcing the evacuation of dozens of
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patients. authorities believe the explosive laden car belonged to a militant group and was on reretreat different location and to carry out an attack when it crashed our correspondent in cairo shape. of the produce it gives us more on what happened. talked about thirty pm last night. car was driving the wrong way down a bait sorrow. cairoo at thehe end yourur ministrtry released a v o showing the car movoving the walkwayy down the s street slowy it exits the frame and that there's a large explosion of the screen. this is where you know the deadliest attack in cairiro for the two y years with thatat at least twenty people dead. thatt the blast was quite large and double a damage the national cancer institute which was r right in front of the site ofof the accident. they w would have said that a lot of the casualties were people who were camped out in front of the
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hospital initiated waiting area where people often sleep at night if they come from another governorate. i'd waiting for their lovoved one t to their or theieir patieients hi toward getting treatment.. thehere appears to be the extent ofof damage inside the institute itself with equipment and furniture strewn insidee patienent's room.m. dozens of patients who were receiving treatment inside the center belted transferred to nearby hospitals. at though it that does those smaller bombing so over the over the past few months usually by roadside devices both of taken place more often target target security forces. in two cases targeting tourists near the kermit but car bombs a bit far rarer in the capital it it the past couple of years he didn't authorities believes that this wasn't the intended target that perhaps the car was on route to a different location to carry out the attack. also suguggestig that they believe a militant group is the owner all at that
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car what more. can you tell us about what is who may be behind this attack. right impairment strickland at the car involved in the accident had been stolen months earlier about this earlier in the nile delta. it said that the mililitant groroup how sosomebody was t trying tott a conducting a a terrororist atk on another tararget. and that it crashed into that it took three cars in front of the hospital. and blow up happen about. existence off in july of two thousand sixteen it's a car because a crime have largely bebeen to react to that targege. symbolic of the regegime or the security forceces. we have too also sayhahat half ofof the cult the e night any respoponsibility for the e attack. in a statement published several hours after the impairment of streets claims the group expressed its condolences for thehe victitimsd stated that its focus to the tax locally on the receipt but bob what are called in a- civilian. so i fell on the group has claimed responsibility for the attack
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so far we'll have to see. how things develop as investigation continues and we get information about whatt happened. but thehe contitinuesn a a bowl of attacks that have contntinued if your call the pat several years. the most vicious of which are located in central sinai with there's a full blown insurgency happening at the northern part of the peninsula. but it we've seen attacks target high level government prosecututor in cairo and the nile delta and other parts of the countryry. the president talking about his cc called this a cowardly terrorist attack and vowed to crack down on those responsible. for up to see what develops in the days and weeks to come. sure i found
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real good to speak to settle and they're- on a protest in pakistani cities of karachi lahore and islamabad as hundreds. take to the streets of bigger demonstrations are actually planned for tuesday people there are reacting to india's decision. to revoke the special status on the disputed region of kashmir. the special status on kashmir. whwhat eleven duduring the partition off the indian subcontinent in nineteen forty seven counts may like all the muslim majajority regegionss expected to go to pakistan but faced with h i invasion by pakistani tribesmen it exceeded to india in october nineteen forty seven. two years later a special provision was added to the engine constitution providing g autonomy to indian administered kashmir. under all school three hundred and seventy the states of jammu and kashmir w was announced t to hae its own constitution. a separate flag and independence over all matters except defense foreign n affairs and communication. another provision was added in nineteen
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fifty four known as our school thirty five eight it provides special rights to permanent residents of jammu and kashmir including the rights to buy property and hold state government jobs. all schools three hundred and seventy and first five a. are seen by many as protecting cast me as distinct identity. being india's only muslim majority states. but that special status has long been in the cross hairs of prime minister narendra modi's hindu nationalist bjp policy. i did run. india will win i'd won many kashmiris fear that newew delhi wants t to change the state's demographics from muslim majority to hindu majority by allllowing him to ue to buy land and settle that permanently deputy director of the asia program at the wilson center in washington mister michael coogan mine it gives us his view on. why india may have made the move now. the ruling bjp party in india had telegraphed its intentions for
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quite a number of months. even several years to repeal article three seventy but in terms of why it happened now. i would look at two key geo political developments in recent days one was presisident donald trump offered to mediate cashmere which i think really. alarmed india in india i think wanted to really show that it there's no need for mediation. that's going to go ahead and formally incorporate. cashmere into the indian nation on the whole the other key factor here is the peace process in afghanistan that is proceeding very. rapidly with pakistan's facilitation meaning that if he ever more likely that afghanistan is going to have an end to its war and a political settlement in which the taliban has a key role which is also very alarming for india so i think that. by making this major moving cashmere right now in the was trying to push back against pakistan and demonstrate that it continues to have. a lot of regional cloud and then it could essentially do whatever would like to do including a drastic unprecedented. move like the
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ones made today with cashmere. chanting that they want to re claim hong kong and have a revolution protesters still on the streets of the city bricks and bottles thrown at police headquarters. the general strike plunging the region into new chaos at the start of the week. the demonstrations began over two months ago now a and sisince then hundreds of people have been arrested hugh coat royer brings us up to date. medics sent a a young man closig his eyes and nose. police fired tear gas at protesters the latest in about one thousand rounds the fight since june the ninth. a third straight day of unrest began with demonstrators blocking rose public transport. paralyzing traffic during morning rush hour. they always have time even mine i think that they're spending their time to doing the right thing.
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we want to universrsal suffrage we want. complete with a legal tradition bill. hundreds of flights were also canceled as employees walked out in response to cold for a general strike. chief executive carrie lam accused protesters of endangering hong kong. such extensive disruptions. in the name of certainty months or uncooperative movement have seriouslsly undermined home cals law and order. what started out as an outcry against and now shelved extradition bill that would have allowed authorities to send suspects to be tried in mainland china has evolved into white a protest against beijing's encroachment on civil liberties. and against the hong kong governmnment. they set. those press conference this repeats the same things again in a game with a dressing on the- police say more than four hundred and twenty people have months. finally a state farmwo
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plane from world war two is backck in the sky is a a it's gg around the world in four months according to the current plan scoring forty thrhree times on clomid or is it woululd be the firstt plane of its kind t to me such a journey. the trip said to be a tribute to those who designed and indeed fluid or no country. has more. it was once called the most beautiful machine to fly. until now the spitfire had been stored in a museum but on monday it took flight again for an unprecedented journey. to pilots will take turns flying the iconic british built aircraft across more than thirty countries soaring over some of the world's most admired landmarks for a four month expedition. for pilot steve brooks the plane has symbolic value that transcends the united kingdom's borders. when any human endeavor is undertaken to such perfection you oftenen end up with this incredible design and that is
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why a r. j. mitchell achchieved when he designed the spent five whicich k. went on to be the greatest liberator of human freedom. and all of our history as the reason we're here today and to share that. with the world is going to be quite amazing. first built in nineteen forty three spitfire planes are best known for their role in the battle of britain. during which the uk fought the threat of a *-*- invasion. some twenty thousand were built the less than two hundred and fifty remain today. and those that do remain rarely fly. the spitfire flying in this journey has been stripped of its guns and paint. leaving only the aircrafaft instantly recognizable outline and its original aluminum panels. the plane will first had to scotland before crossing the atlantic ocean via the faroe islands iceland greenland in canada. it is expected to return to good with england on december eighth. jenny begins. that's we're gonna leave it for
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this edition do take. this summer how about we leave all uniforms behind whether it's floaty sundresses cotton shirts denim cutoffs we'll tend to return time and time again to the same summer looks the moment has come to shake things up. and while the price tags maybe a loving and there's nothing wrong with finding some inspiration in the rarefied world could chew experimentation is at the core of the latest collection from dutch decided it was about to happen. she only works with the best i also collaborated with an artist can keep. and he makes a really beautiful. the water paintings shows with
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photography sorry combines the two disciplines and. his work is really an exercise on mood. so i really tried doing that is the collection as well. model coco rocha doesn't think twice about wearing the souls of dresses in her day to day life. this is easy i mean. i think you know what it's all works of art is beautiful pieces and then you'll make it work if you like it. and it's not just women you can start to adoptable audacious approach to fashion. the possibilities are endless the man two. israelis really beautiful almost magical. at the same time it's like i'm looking through a microscope to see your lives. i'm going to get a c. kitty small dressed in a sweat husband very soon i hope i don't know if she has a men's wear rains but i'd also be very happy to wear one of her dresss. really meanwhile
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creative director. you'll want to avoid is clients at t the brbrunch as it'ss dave the creature on models. and it's fitting. the u uncle of the labelsls fonda was a s strong about. seventy this is the ideal was to combine the cosmos. itself very very. rarely with the stars the sun. with a much larger find asian. wore summery. life sir with love is a flower. gardens is a holler is. there you go. the light on. this is the- i also wanted there to be a certain childlike allen's childhood memories something between a style jenna happy future. featured as what you wanted to be optimistic. many cases that we can all do with some optimism right now. experimentation is going to be key this summer. what twelve
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some addresses with something other than sandals or trained as- the study to shake things up with the cowboys. it's a great relaxed look. seven i wanted something quite young too because there are those really short skirt. it's a fraction of class i really really love it i'm loving cowboy boots right now they're perfect i'm going to keep them. yes miss you will level that's the only. to a change of scenery design is your full name recently took some time out of his proceeds studio and headed to labs of rocky in the canaries he spent time observing the light and the volcanic landscape. all of which now finds itself. in his latest collection. a simple that start with three colors the color of the contest color black hours and then the color of the sky yeah the blue one oz island is incredible and it mixes with the range of very simple colors the sap. he went and like for example the sandwichches blows over from the arab peninsula to land the rossi thanks to wins in the sahara. hm compatible so what
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you gasser these rather harsh. landscapes black. slaves in our. packages of sound you could just stab. designers know that in order to keep that customers a gauge they need to you from time to time all four of the unexpected alexandra which is because they usually a which was sexy but this collection contains a lot more fabric than usual. what will the lawn of the way he dresses us makes us feel strong independent. let's get his choices are very self assured and i love that he's also a friend of mine texas almost. the many could chose a discipline is too tight to tradition. and insufficiently direct but it seems the ta has managed to escape that trap not. with him i don't feel that at all i think what he does is magnificent his woman could be from anywhere there isn't just one woman you know what i mean.
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we as much of a collective as we are individuals. with what i also love with with which you and with i think some of the key in particular is that you. can really feel the workmanship behind the clothes. session is about self expression. that's as true for clients as it is for designed as. it's changing all the time so what once was is going to be evolving every day what i wore yesterday when a we're today different stories with that's necessary now we must of all. but could she was also a fight for supremacy the competition between design is. nations the battleground is of course paris fashion week i decreasing the most promising contenders hailed from asia like chinese design that will pay. i remember when he saw the arrival of japanese design as thirteen twenty five years ago. and since then i've become so important on the i international scene. chinese. designers have
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something to say and that's great yeah. chu is wet experimentation happen what you choose to take from it is up to all . the w wildest and perhapsps the most majestitic of seven frances rocky coves known as the cologne. lined with the medical limestone cliffss the interested on vo is considered to be the jewel in the crorown. the most beautiful of all of them. this is cliff face which is stunning and then as the color of the sea which. is just exceptional. i consider them. john ps has been running the youth hostel here for forty five years as no running water no electricity and no internet
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connection. the manager wants everything to remain truly authentic. after his in a hostile at st judicial as it was when it first opened in nineteen forty six control the very much of the montreal and guests will help out with the housekeeping. visits is certainly seem to enjoy this haven of peace. that we did together it's just a beautiful and serene setting and then of course as a real diversity of people from different countries here. shown i don't. know because an old you can hear is the sound of nature. this fragile corner of paradise is looked after by divvied. up is a real passion in we don't count the hours in an office like this. the secret is the floor here is really rich. uncle and we have a group of plants that are very important. in helping the forest ecosystem to d develop. for you see a we have a collection of what's reasonable in search of the tiniest it's products she looked a little patch of and
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the drops of water needed so that they can grow and see some even if this lanandscape looks marron we still have a forest and no streak going in this environment so for you. the columnmn couould self is neststd just below withh i its tiny pebe beach it's crystal turquoise waters but in orderr to o enjoy the stunning. natural beauty you have to walk for over an hour. a little further on lies the figure hold kellogg near last iota. eagles beacon capuchin rocks dominate the skyline rockies rusty in color it's not limestone but rather pebbles fused together by piles of sand and gravel homes worth works is the geomorphology ist on this stretch of coast improvements. on it on these deposits come from bigger rock formations that we can no longer see. it no longer exist. that wow to see nineteen million years ago. the circle of seven months he has now largely dissipated. but bits of it still remain between corsica and sardinia. this case is the
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only way to reach the figure hold cologne which takes its name from an old fig garden called figo hole in the local dialect. down on the eighty seventh that you'll find gregory's restaurant. my family my family both small plots in this code for you and in nineteen fifty six they decided to rename it independent republic of figure holding a comfy. once you stetep over the border into this litittle republic you'll need to wind your watch back. make up only by my grandparents through this place is just so much you cool they said to themselves it's really somewhere else up with you decided to create their own times a the colors less well you can see on the clock that we. won out behind official french time. one of them. we have big john dory well fish called this morning. on the menu today freshly caught fish to be relished while sitting back and enjoying the sea view. pascal angiulo two men who always have that always peeled over the water inform you these
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harbor manages monitor the comings and goings of boats. never guguess show up as of this morning areas to help manage and maintain the cove and welcome the bugs the sale it is also the but it also allows us to maintain a relationship with those you have used the code. call me you is a former industrial base in. the right care is highly sought after for its satin sheen and since ancient times the limestone quarry has chipped away it's- inin the next cove along that. stuff from the k kellogg nationl park on two different sailing among the tourist boats. do you have all the information you need about the national. in order to enjoy these rocky bays you have to play by the rules. we will look into his room of the mosque and go a little further into the code where you can see that the floor on the sea bed has been ripped away.y. these rules are often seen as a strict. it's just we have to do to preserve sites like this.
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also out on the water our i'll bet and winning. the heading out for a little peace and quiet in the hamlets o of must save that. skit is to go on peter tastic is that. the office one pm. two hours later we're out here comes off from the world. his name phone reception there's nothing far away from everything. seventeen lucky people each in a cabin here looking out to sea. this is where i live during my childhood away from until with no one around me. ron inside conditions the spartan. if you were a we have a small room. there's no running water and just like on the bags every last square centimeter is cleverly used. you havee to be a bit careful about the water and everything because it's a bit rustic. despite the basic facilities people flock to must event for the setting and to enjoy some quality time with friends or family. because this is a perfect summer break that
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we can really enjoy with the kids. it's a wild setting hidden away and far from the crowds. you can really get awayy from it all l ahead. roughlyy to million people come to enjoy the charms of the callum conventional park each year. in math a very the copy known as wait impatiently for night full. of the holiday makers of packed away that
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amy: from new york this is democracy now! >> this is disgusting, intolerable. it is not texan. wewe are going to aggressively prosecute both as a capital murder and a hate crime which is exactly what it appears to be. amy: it was a deadly weekend in america. over the span of 13 hours the country was shaken by two mass shootings. an anti-immigrant gunman


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