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tv   France 24  LINKTV  August 6, 2019 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> cashmere in a state of -- cashmere in a state of lockdown -- kashmir in a state of lockdown. our reporter for pakistan's reaction. those who play with fire will perish by it, beijing's reaction
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to the protests in hong kong. korea fired missiles into the sea. considers the joint prpractices between the u.s. and the south to be hostile. it is day two of a --mmmunications blackout floor provision revoked a giving autonomous power to the region, which has claimed in its entirety by pakistan. you are seeing protesters in pakistan. troops to the parts of kashmir it administers. the army chief is saying his forces will go to any extent to fulfill our obligations. our reporter is in islamabad.
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tell us about the reaction to this controverersial move by inindia. the leadership in the country idid they will try out every possible option to stop india its plans. in which theeeting future plans of the military were discussed. after the meeting, there was a statement given by the public relations, saying the military actions andindian they will go to every extent to
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help. >> what could happen next? >> the situation has become more .ntense these people have told us they are seeing these military movements. the government is seen as a right wing move.
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they can take a page of this sentiment and lalaunch a new - - and the administrative --. there are chances of m more chances of [indiscernible] >> much more on that update from islamabad. let's move to north korea firing to short range ballistic missiles. fourth such launch in less than two weeks.
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>> it fired two short-range range missiles similar to this one. they have -- infuriatedas pyeongchang. it is generally avoided firing missiles while the wargames take place. >> we see this going a ainst the agreement.
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japan is a real threat. >> the fact north korea is trying to upgradee i its capabilities as a problem. butonly for our country, for the entire region. >> this tuesday, china urged the people of hong kong to stand up to the people challenging the government.
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what -- scores of flights were canceled and mob violence broke out. >> as for their punishments, it is only a matter of time. >> 140 eight people had been arrested in monday's protest. daniel was in the thick of things monday night. is becoming an everyday thing. protesters putting up barricades to slow down the police response to their actions. they are using hit and run tactics and then they move on before the police can respond.
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can you explain what happened? >> [indiscernible] >> [indiscernible] the are about to head to police station.
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>> in columbia, the president has announced his country will ship t to venezuelan birth in ththeve country. sam reports. >> they announce the naturalization of 24 thousand children b born stateleless to venezuelan parents that fled across the border.
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>> it is no secret we cannot live in venezuela in the current situation. children born on colombian soioil from 2015 throh the next two years wilill be gin citizenship.p. > columbia has shown to the thed t that xenophobia is wrwrong path in the path of segregation is also wrong. colombia is the leading country of migrants.
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>> the mass shootings in el paso dayton,-- el paso and ohio have claimed 31 lives. americans hold the president responsible for inflaming racial division. >> the president has criticized white supremacists. he is a leader who has spread hatred against mexicans. the mayor is set to meet with o on wednesday.
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phonem alalready getting calls. to the people, hateful act of a white supremacist that has no bearing or belonging in el paso. ofthe shooting is an act terrorism. mexico's foreign minister visiting el paso says it is terrorism targeting mexicans on u.s. soil. mexico wiwill take part in this process. are eight mexicans who lost their lives. >> investigators know more about the shooter. 11 hours to0 to
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travel. he was lost in a neighborhood. have released few details, but believe he purchased the weapons legally near his home. >> greenland's ice sheets are melting fast. on thursday, they saw its biggest volume loss ever. that means raising sea levels. bigiggest island is covered in ice, but for how much longer? melting fasters than ever before. it paints a worrying picture of
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what could be to come. in one day alone, 11 billion tons of ice melted in one day. 4.4 millionll olympic sized swimming pools. billions of tons of ice melted into the seaea, three times more the usual figure this time of year. blamemets p pin part of t the on the record heat waves, which reached as farar as the arctic. in greenland, tetemperatures h e hit highs of 21 degrees celsius, a record for the islands. is a consequence of man-made global warming. it absorbs more heat than white snow, accelerating thehe meltitg process. the north pole is heating up twice as fast a as the rest of e planet, which is already
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exexperiencing one of its hottet years since records began. addition. it for this my apologies for the technical problems we were having. i will be back soon. ♪ >> i it was here in these mountains in the north of greece that - -- remain. plans, prepared in
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.ecrecy surprise, the first dominoes fall within 45 days. signed anr 11, they armistice. >> the battles from the east and weremany's allies
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quicklkly forced t to retreat. central powers also needed bulgaria as an ally. thef the country entered war side-by-side with central powers, they would gain .ontinuity >> tiny serbia resisted, stopping the empire. a alliesurkey held the at bay. the central powers seemed invincible. forces. forced to join french and british troops were being evacuated. in paris, politicians and military chiefs dithered over where to redeploy these troops. military commanders needed men in france, but the g government had d other ideas.
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click's should they be left in the east to create pressure, a situation that would force germans to send troops from the russian and french fronts? the political sphere promoted the idea of staying in east, but he had enemies. he took it verery personallyly. he refused this idea of an eastern front, like many others because the victctory had to be won by the french people on ththeir soil. >> he was still in the opposition. the high command released only three divisions and no artillery. the fifth of october 1915, landed.french division
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around 10,000 men. it was joined by a second division.the 57th they wererthere to support the serbian army. >> this front needed a commander-in-chief. c chosen, dubbed as the savior. inin 1914, he helped prerevent a cicity from falling in germann hands. he had many enemies on the right wing that also had enemies on the left wing, especially in the extreme left wing. one of the main leaders at the time was --. >> people gave allies know were spite. on october 5, serbian troops wewere sururrounded and forcedeo retreaeat to the coast. they were evacuated from their n land. from there, french and italian naval boats --.
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>> the retreat caused the deaths of a large number of soldiers in combat and during this march through montenegro and albania. food.were no roads, no 150,000 of them reached the island. the soldiers were so weak and ill that another 5000 died. their bodies were handed over to the sea. >> for a general, it was a headache. wasgreek king constantine openly pro-german and proclaimed grgreek neutrality. central powers were spying on the allies. the french troops were forced to
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camp and swampland. moore died from mosquitoes and disease than from battle. >> it wawas important to stayayn the region and not to give the enemy two victories. a victory in n turkey and in greecece. we dececided to stay. ththree french divisions would fortify the city, build immense defenses with concrete, sheets of metal and other material brought in from france. in decembertart 1915 and the entrenched camp would be completeded by may 191. click's supplying the troops was difficult. ordered to grow there were complaints that there were no troops, only gardeners. his newspaper launched a campaign.
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the front wasas also mocked inin london. for ththe britishsh, it was a sideshshow and they wanted to evacuate. also up against italian ambitions. >> french-h-british rivalry w wt on over the c course of the war, especially overseas. they were less interested in the balkans. they would agree to leave the balkans to the french if they were left to operate free further east. italians said they intended to transform the adriatic sea into an italian lake. hungry andinate austria from the -- into eliminate austria and hungary region.
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the summer, thehe serbian army was back on its feet. they returned to reinforce the numbers on the front. france offered new weapons for the dream of liberatingng their country. serbs autumn, the captioned -- captured a mountain from the balkans. it was strategicically importan. the human cost was terrible. >> bulgaria wanted to keep the position at any cost. the serbs wanted it badly. thehe fighting went on, fervor of each was more and more obvious. the fighting was so desperate that french artillery officers attacked togogether with the ses to storm the position.
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>> the victory reestablished the allies in serbia. after the capture of the strategic city, the allies knew that by attacking the high ground, ththey can f force the y to withdhdraw from the valley. weekend, there would be no victories in 1917. >> the general knew the front was a secondary front for the allies. the main front was the french front. this needed vast resources in terms of menen and weapons. there were not enough men and equipment for the secondary front.
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>> 1917 was a year of political upheaval in france. the government was taking control of. in december, he replaced a man with a general, who had orders to prepare the retreat from the front. disgraced, the g general was dropped from active service. once on the groundnd, he changed his mind and said it was possiblele to mount a successful attack. a thirdans launched offensive.e. paris was under threat. he was recalled urgently. landeded on junene 18, 1918, convinceced a breakthrough was possible. he developed his predecessor's plans. soldiers, with civilians and prisoners, were put to work building roads andnd deploying artillery in thehe mountains. he neeeeded a greenen light froe
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allies to o attack. he was to win massive support. played along. he did the job in france. the question was not only to convince the british, but to convince their political chief as well. >> on september 4, david lloyd george agreed. on september 10, they gave france cost a cent. september 1 12th, the lastt cannnnons work in place. on the 15th, the attack began.
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[gunfire] bulgarians called for reinforcements. the germans, fearing a diversionary
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