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camp now albert right in lebanon for fronts twenty four. donald trump says there is not enough political will to families told guns and that there is only so much he can do the us president currently on read to texas having spent time in ohio in both states the number of protesters are blaming. trump's rhetoric of playing a role in the violence. pakistan says it's expanding india's ambassador and suspending bilateral trade. a response to new delhi's decision to revoke the special status for cashmere and take full control of the disputed region. as it is put under lockdown hundreds s of poor migrant laborers are now t tryig to leave. and a laser show
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lines of hong kong harbor the festive looking seen part of ongoing protests laser lights have become a weapon in the demonstrations which beijing says our overall getting more violent. welcome to the friends twenty four newsroom online in irvine it's good to have you with us. there's no political appetite for stricter gun control and t there's only so much i can do so says us president donald trump adding that he was in favor of greater background checks when it comes to selling lethall weapons. trump is now on retail paso after visiting hospitals and meetining with the l loved onesf victims in dayton ohio i visited greeted to buy a numbers of protesters who blame the president's. rhetoric for fueling anger assignment harding reports. it's the first stop for donald trump in dayton ohio when nine people were shot dead at the weekend. the president visited the site of the shooting. and then went to a hospital with some of the injured were treated. faces protesters lined the streets to
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voice that anger towards the president. with an appearance of the famouss baby trump blimp. donald trump has faced criticism for stoking hatred. but before leaving he condemned all kinds of hate crime. i amam concerned about the rise of any group of hate i don't like it any group of hate. i am whether it's- white supremacy whether itit's any other kind of reminiscing whether it's at. whether it's any group. of. eight i am very concerned about it and i'll do something. off to his visits in dayton the president heads to the border town of el paso in texas what twenty two people were gunned down in the walmart store. there is much anger aimed at trump with many believing that is inflammatory comments about hispanics led to the shooting some going as far as holding the president's partially responsible. membership but we
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are getting a to feel comfortable with the fact that trump is coming. up with newew listings he said about hispanic but not us i think everything that is going on right now is because of what he. said using medicaid even if. somebody. although d donald trump has criticize white supremacist since the shooting. here in el paso there's a feeling that it's no longer safe to be let's see nine. under a complete shut down and with it's a time to be revoked by new delhi money poor migrant workers in kashmir hot begun to flee the region. the move by india's prime minister narendra modi's to o change the status of kashmir has caused much expected average on the other side mike is done now expanding india's ambassador there and cutting off bilateral trade. the two countries have already full two wars. overer control of kashmir hannity brings us the latest. furious that india's decision to downwngrade cashmanan statutus.i could dance prime ministeter and run khan and his governments have decided to retaliate. alelx
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bell india's high commissioner and suspend bilateral trade. prime minister imran khan directed that all diplomatic channels be activated to expose the brutal engine racist regime and human rights violations. pakistanis on today opposition forces in india as well a as inindian kashmiri'i's have been voicing their anger at prime minister narendra ladies news. he's not. this is a new torturing us in the name of ordinary indian you're betraying them as much as us. meanwhile in indian administered kashmir please the trollnd tease street at the end a crippling curfew since midndnight sundaday despite this bull radic protests have been taking place. unrest in kashmirr dates back to partition when the hindu ruler of the muslim majority region decided to join
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india it's on the ballot and new delhi have gone to war twice over the disputed land. china to has at times claimed part of the region on the indian side as a session s. rebellion and the ensuing crackdown has killed more than seventy thousand people in the past thirty years. however it's partial autonomy have been granted in article three hundred and seventy on the country's constitution. an article that the hindu nationalist government in power has with eight now indian controlled kashmir will lose its special status. it's black and it's criminal code. well we cacan speak n not historirian novelist miss it after a aijay singh to get his view on at all mr saying thanksks f for your re of course you can i ask you simply. how worried does this old make you. well in the sense that so you know in nineteen seventy five that was in india at that time. when this is
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gonna. be in the indian. falling in line is that. down the emergency on us and i can see what happens at that point all the communications ran. baloney don't his goals on freedom constitutional rights were taken away and today that's all you know what happened in this part of the line but in case you need it is happening. so i think itt is not so m much because thehe article three seventy it's relegation needs amendments. i think it has also crossed the minds of all the governments that had been that particularly in the last thirtrty years i in the country a adding to the opposition o of the moment. just hold on hold on. the windows because when you don't have. in that part of the state in this case j. engage in when gasoline. with you and hold you
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will about not because this government has a lot. and they'd already put it out in the-e- in the electoral monicaas still. going to be. actually getting the name today for example in north india. the normrmal into sentiment is. broe up a more normalal the drorone . andd the reaeason for that being that therere is in n the modern joining in.. order to see the joy of seeing that you use the muscle to teacach people. . a lesson butut- one must als understand the other side. on the full. after all nineteen forty seven and eight in. he'll be leaving and we will return holidaday people havining a very nice time but it all started changing on n a member of the-
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times when we guarantee came into understanding the notions game in and i. remember talking to my shift is at least and i told him thahat day thank you te c. one day it all needs t to. rereach gasoline so that's the know twenty six. eleven whenu the bomb bay and then on to the people. terrorist attacks and there is no end to it and i think there's been a hindu radicalization favored by all kinds of fundamentals alternatively mantra dot. this is what it is. really interested in the army and had me send. another troops saying it's a did fall in the wilderness of between two nuclear. states let's say china india and lock is on two of
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them this one enemies as of the last seventy years. so it's a new area and i think. that is rerejoicing g snorkelingng. . is going to be short lived because there will be a reaction to a- new way to. in some ways internet we'll have to wait and see i guess what developed. reaction f from him but before i let you go missing could i just ask you you know give me an idea of what the reality of the region walls like for people living there you know did the economy work we're currently seeing. the pictures of migrants to that region now trying to get out of it again. well obviously you know if i was there are rules of the place. that i'm going to look not even as a for example because- become. has become a union jetted three which means it is well or knowledge to investments from india. indian skin will induce and old westerns getting going tomorrow the demographics of the police
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can be changed. like the settlements befall. these are things to be seen. tonight. people talking between themselves and rich people don't do that and he was saying and i want you to invest like after that. i will go and buy a house there because you know i mean. first thing in the eyes is peaeace. and soul in as good as seeing from. one job to a scareded and what's going on i think. . now you know why but on the other r side. then it's a situation of conflict. and. even though it just on the world not just well. speaking to you as well. mine in the home which is. yeah he e was on
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the muslims. in the middle of them. i guess they're going there. i'm sorry mr saying wewee going to have to leave it there but thanks for giviving us some insigight intnto that sisituation t there and of coure as youou were sangng we' j just have to wait a and see as how that situation develops there in kashmir thanks very much for your time mister. vijay singh coming to us there from neww delhi. on the wall behind bars for plananning a a potentitial terrorist attackk and f for plotting t to travel to syria to french womenen have been handed sentences of seven. and six yeyears respepectively. it i isa first of itits kind in france or reporter not in as he was out the cortes force. it is a first for frogs a woman convicted of been inspired by the islamic state group to carry out a terror attack even thohough. there was no evidence thus attack was imminent this was a crime committed into highly online. the woman in question known only hit as janice see is being giviven a seven yeaears
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behind bars for her actions on the internet. she used the website's telelegramm to post tt she wanted to go to heaven and thatathe wantedd to bring the infidels with her. she talks about using a suicide vest and she google explosives but- there was nono evidence that she boards any explosives nor was there any evidence that should. decide to the location for this attack all who had targets would be. similarly in the case of the other woman convicted here today july c caressed she's been given. six years. in prison for plotting to go to bought a a ticket to syria and there is n no evidence thatt had trouble was imminent. but the prosecutors in this case what clea they reminded the judges of the contetext of these womens arrest this was a month after the niece terror attacks in july twenty sixteen when over eighty people hate in front to beining killed. the french government to just extended thee state of emergency and there
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was a fear thahat more attacks could be imminent. and the prosecutors have said that in that context you didn't need planning to carry out a terror attack onn that in the time. by these women could have been imminent that was something the judges had clearly took very seriously and that's why john astin july his c. have been given seven. and six years respectively in this case. not a must be reporting for us there. when i protests in hong kong have been lighting up the sky is more more demonstrators are arming themselves with lasers. even holding a light show on the harbor in support of one from. the story. the day after beijing warns them notes to play with fire demonstrators in hong kong played with lasers instead flecks of lights danced brightly on the facade of the city's space museum as crowd showed that support for one university student in particular he was found in
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possession of ten laser guns which had been repeatedly used by protestors to damage please cameras and sabotage surveillance efforts he was ararrested during scuffles on tuesday. a l large groupup of prototesters surrounded some say polilice station askingg for the release of a person arrested for possession of offeivive weapons. the gathering soon descent to a violent incident. since the pro democracy ronnie's began police have detained over five hundred demonstrates is in charge many of them with rioting. after days of noisy protests one corner of the city was more hushed on wednesday his lawyers staged a silent march against politically motivated prosecutions. the rule of law. he called on the search for justice. for the discriminatory treatment. whwhat appeared to be
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offended under the l law they must be given the same treatmtment they y must be given the protection of the law. officials in beijing meanwhile is said to be highly concerned by recent developments into studying the situation to decide what steps if any they will take. glass broken after leave it for this edition to take out . . this is katie saidit the sidede of on s site verage. could you nd it to m me. he
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told the story about the official. what it shows is the eleventh at full. . of kannapols from the parking. welcome to you in your decision of france and focus i'm ninety i shall be did you know that it's in france in nineteen seventy seven the- suction was affected this week you join us in a parisian clinic. to put the french approach to cosmetic surgery under the night. with five hundred and seventeen thousand procedures each year from trying in tenth place. far behind the wells in leading cosmetic surgery can she was the tone the us brazil and japan. having said that the country has a long she contributed to the field with innovations such as the inflatable breast implant. but also the work of piney it's
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like the. world's first female cosmetic surgeon she's on the way. that was long before social media began to influence body image today or mentioned celebrities and photo filters have led to a rise in the month. not without certain side effects. that both twenty and they both share the same dream to change their bodies and that decide looks just a click away on social media. mom is my idol is kylie jenner she's's the younunger kardashiaian sister sl i want the same rested her big like this about for example if he nowadays the path that god is a god who has a great shape. when you're as thin as i am it's harder to stand proud. in accordance with french law the girls had to wait until i told her to go into the knife. they both pick to the same a highly respected cosmetic surgeon. book so this is what you want then with a significant
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increase. in your breast size. we don't use an implant this fifteen centimeters wide on the body like yours. that would be preceded would hurtt you but i tried it with h. badly. mindset committee. will know why they didn't they often have outlandish demands it has a small job is to try and rein those demands in one quite yet because i'm going. to school that. we have to explain everything sent to put the ceiling with a- deconstructs the patience of preconceived ideas the quickness to. kick in the past five. those ideas are often based on the looks of reality tv styles and influences. in the same way that they should have a holiday snaps some idols even share their experience of surgery with the fans on s snapchat. to seize your privacy the more followers of blogger has the more cash the pockets. this you cheaper for example earns money from the foot full that he attracted after posting a video
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of a reality tv candidates surgery the candidates in question also backed six thousand euros from the clinic it's a posting that he now regrets. only the top home what nationally johns promoted because medic surgery in this way. is one age range of eleven to seventeen year old successful. bob pull what we come from it's in the same way we sell sweets of kannapolis showed up i can. this twenty three year old clicked on an online link and booked an appointment in its units in clinic to gets in on lifting. the surgery though tururned into a nightmaree and one year later the scars remain. the bus it's not pretty. i can no longer feel my arms or my breasts when i tell them it's not normal it's ugly they say it's my body and it's my fault she's now sported the surgeon responsible
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in a video. this is him it down here he's having a consultation with the tv reality shows on it if i don't keep in the video he comes across as being kind h he takes his time to explain this one. but it wasn't't like that for me. it was more like a whirlwindd. on a jury about she's b bombarded the surgeon with colds and messages for months. but his hands no reply. the nightmare is already close. to seven thousand euros she's now considering legal action. from his approach to ththis practice i've come to meet with leading cosmetic surgeon dr sick new honda. yeah you've written a book on the history of cosmetic surgeryry how would you describe france's contribution she would not it is a book i wanted to tatalk about france's contribution but it actually led me to realize that cosmetic surgery has always been around in two thousand years ago hindus were already operating on knows as-
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ancient egyptians reshape the violence. and when i looked into the historyry of the faceless and sought answers on the where the woman surgeon operated on actress southbound on in nineteen twenty i thought france really deserves recognition. because the deer to take the practice one stetep further it was just after the first world war. yeah h i guess that's really was the t turning point for forensic on after reconstructive surgery f for disfigured soldiers you this female surgeon saudi opportunity to apply that you know how to be safe in a deposit and the country's contribution grew from there includuding was liposuction he e now it's very natural facelift technique known as the soft listen to try and- use of teeth. the french is the french touch we've become famous for what he calls including in the use of injectable sionis france is also more subtle in the use of botox and filler because he feels that effect. now we see that the growing influence of social media with filters such as snapchat for instance there's also more extreme surgery coming in from the us or or brazil you mentioned the
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french touch that is thahat stil very much what's fashionable hehere. iss the influluence of e internet snapchat filters and the rest is pushingng young people to ask for morore extreme procedures a and it's our job to put the brakes on it'll whahat big bottoms you see in the u. s. to name no names are simply not acceptable here we will let our patients take that kind of risk. in fact we don't do o many implants and certainly not big ones like that and the same goes for breasts obviously we offer implants but smallerer thn the e average brazilian or american ones and i'd say that's part of france's image. and the people here i'm not suggesting surgery. french orange ready to be open about that yet it's not so easy to own up to getting cosmetic surgery here offline like a an anglo saxon countries where it's more except this under control. there is a cultural difference social things are changing a handful of celebrities have admitted to go.
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eight defective breast implants scandal here in france actually. became international did not have an impact on cosmetic surgery in front of putting the reputation of cosmetic surgeons. hello also this is marty was cleared of surgeons were installing a p. i. p. was the supplier and the implants were controlled by the relevant authorities so theree and then given the green light by the health ministry says we can expect surgeons to investigate how i implants are made mention. that's why we have an independent chain of responsibility but it did have a negative i impact on this because it sparked concern for many of our patients who decided to have their p. i. p. implants removed from from luckily we came across very few cases of ruptured implants he'll shaspa inferences social security system covered most procededures. so to drop in demand that was fueled by that scandal was only temporary andnd eat and the number of operations has statabilized agan since he was stabbed today breast implants are the most common operations. for me is
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about some i perform it almost daily ritual. and so would you say that france is ahead of the game regarding cosmetic surgery. yes i think france is still at the top of its game but because there are farar fewr cosmetic surgeons s here s says around a thousand in the whole of the country. i have to o say brazil and the u. s. are able to contribute far more going to prison. thank you very much doctor on. thank you. the moans grows so does the number of practitioners but not always within the legal framework. and turning to the internet the country's cosmetic treatment can also come to cost. we'll call her sarah she has more than three thousand three hundred followers on her inststagram account. she offers lip buttock and breast injections even rhinoplasty is for reconstructing k knows it. but there's one major problem serra is not a doctor. on her
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profile she lister areas of expertise high quality cosmetics and hair products. she takes appointments viaia what's that been imimmediately offers pre injection instructions. for the day of the appointments are provides an address in the suburb outside of paris she received her patients in her own apartment. this was. serra carries out corrective procedures in her living room using hyaluronic acid serum used as of dermal filler in cosmetic surgery with it she performs several types of targeted injecections. transaction these rules for. the last laugh. and didn't want an accident and is also called the what is it and then just also control. just half of what most doctors charge for the same injections. but french law is clear only medical practitioners can carry out such procedures. the
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unauthorized practice of medicine is punishable by up to two years in prisonon andnd thiy thousand euros in fines so how does their obtain the syrup. on her instagram accountnt she advertises this b brand of howw you're on the gass it. a quick internet search confirmss how easy it is to procure. even without a prescription anyone can order the product and in as little as three days receive a kit complete with two serum filled syringes. the instructions however do specified that it should only be used by accredited medical professionals. like dermatologists are plastic surgeons. paul this doctor regularly uses hydronic acid on patients. a procedure which requires specialized knowledge of the human body. find a problem is people unfamiliar with anatomy can inject vessels which can lead to serious complications such as necrosis blood vesselel blockages. under cover journalists identifified nearlyly a dozen individualsls n instagram across france
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performing legal injections none of whwhom are medical professionals instead they are hairstylists beauticians even telephone operators and despite the risk of pepenalties some evn share videos of the intervention. was because of. we contacted several women who paid for the amateur injections only one of them agree to share her experience. but the lacrimal among jake one question you would you. a lot of action so my name is s one to three times a. belmont clergy i'm m blue in the home. health ministry officials say they only recently learned o of the phenomenon. and insist they will respond with stricter regulations. i would not so we need in this edition thank you for watching stay two different
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