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tv   Al Jazeera English News Bulletin  LINKTV  August 22, 2019 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> prosecutors o opened an investigation into wildfires across the amazon rain forest. >> this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up, iran's foreign minister says his government has considered french proposals to salvage the 2015 nuclear deal. the french president britain's prime minister the irish backstop is indispensable. tense exchanges. washington is accused of
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threatening international security with its latest missile test. brazilian federal prosecutors have begun an investigation into the recent spike in fires burning across vast areas of the amazon rain forest. jair bolsonaro ask for international help saying his government lacked the resources to tackle the flames alone. hisonaro repeated accusations that environmental charities started the fire to make him look bad. >> amazon is bigger r than euro. how can you fight criminal fires in such an area? it is clearly criminal. how can you do it? you need to catch them in the act. otherwise there is nothing you can do. nongovernmental organizations are losing money. money they came from germany and norway. they are unemployed, so they are
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trying to overthrow me. >> the number of fires currently burning is the largest since records began, up 84% on the same time last year. theamazon produces 20% of world's oxygen. emmanuel macron has described the fires as an international emergency. fires engulfing large swaths of the amazon rain forest. the smoke is traveling far and wide. it darkened the skies over sao paulo, more than 2000 kilometers south of the burn area. this boko -- the scope of the fires is massive. satellite images show have the smoke has covered most of the northern half of brazil, which is larger than europe. the amazon produces 20% of the world's oxygen and is home to more than 3 million species of plants and animals. fires in the amazon are a natural occurrence, often
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started by lightning strikes, but that does not explain the sudden increase in fires this year, which environmentalists say has been exacerbated i cattle ranchers and soy farmers clearing forest at an increased pace. enforcement of amazon burning has been scaled back under , a longtimelsonaro skeptic of environmental concerns. bolsonaro slashed government funding to environmental agencies and on tuesday suggested the fires were being staged by ngos to embarrass his government. >> i'm under the impression it could have been set by the ngos because they asked for money. what was their intention? to bring about problems for brazil. >> when fires burn in the amazon, the area is so large there is nothing firefighters can do to put them out. when these fires finally go away, the damage will have been done. >> the environment is
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permanently wasted. regrow. ages to it can never be regrown the original way. >> the amazon rain forest, often called the lungs of planet earth, now filled with smoke and fire and choking one of the world's most diverse ecosystems. >> an environment minister under the former president says what is happening in the amazon is a crime against humanity. time i speakfirst publicly about this since the world began watching the deforestation and fires. they are out of control in the amazon rain forest. it is a situation consider a crime against the state and against humanity. history, we have seen difficult situations. for the first time, we have this kind of situation created almost with official encouragement from the government. ♪
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>> a government willing to work on french proposals to salvage the nuclear deal which iran signed with world powers in 2015. donald trump withdrew from the agreement last year and has been imposing sanctions. emmanuel macron says he will try to soften the effect of the sanctions or try to come up with a way to compensate iran. in return, iran would keep complying with the deal, which restricts its nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief. it comes as the iranian president has unveiled a new air defense system. president rouhani says the domestically built long-range system is more advanced than its russian equivalent. correspondent: heyday of
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national pride for iran. the unveiling of its surface to air defense system, the bavar 3 73. after years of sanctions that stopped iran from importing weapons, it has had to develop its own domestic industry. president rouhani is defiant. that our enemies do not accept logic, we cannot respond with logic. when the enemy launches a missile, we cannot give a speech and say, mr. rockett, do not hit our country. we cannot say, mr. rocket launcher, please self-destruct the missile in the air. bavr 373 can identify up to 100 targets at the same time. the recent seizing of oil tankers and iranian vessels
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detained in gibraltar has raised tensions further. now, the u.s. has put together a naval coalition it says is to protect the freedom of navigation through the gulf's strategic strait of hormuz. with 20% of the world's oil passes through. a narrow stretch of water iran and oman share rights to. >> without iran, there would be no security in the region. providingsuperpower security for the persian gulf. stop encouraging your friends to be hostile toward us. we are ready to fight back any invasion. grace 1ranian tanker was released under orders of the gibraltar supreme court, now headed to greece. iran is still holding the british tanker in the strait of hormuz. seized by the revolutionary guard for what
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they say were violations of international maritime regulations. they say the vessel changed directions in a shipping lane. it collided with a fishing boat. but also turned off tracking systems to avoid iranian forces. iran says the seizure and --ease of this vessel although a foreign ministry spokesman said a few days ago he hopes the issue would be in front of the court and the ship would be released soon. britain, and bahrain have joined the coalition. it is iran that still feels it holds the strategic advantage in any potential conflict. >> the united nations security council has been meeting to discuss current u.s. missile policy and its impact on international peace and security. it comes after the u.s. military tested a ground launch missile on sunday with a range of more than 500 kilometers. the test would have been banned
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under the intermediate-range nuclear forces treaty, but the u.s. pulled out of the agreement three weeks ago. correspondent: it is what we expected iran to say. infing withdrawal from the on the russians and chinese. they say the russians have long flouted the agreement by developing missiles, and the chinese were never a signatory. they are quietly building an arsenal of these same sorts of missiles. as far as the u.s. is concerned, why should washington be part of this treaty? quick these development by the russian federation and china coupled with their aggressive behaviors are drivers behind deteriorating security. the united states will not and cannot ignore this. we will not stand idle. we will take the necessary steps to ensure our security and that of our allies and partners. that includes testing and
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developing systems to respond to the challenges we face as well as being prepared to engage in what our president has described as a new era of arms control. denied theys long are flouting the treaty and say this test proves what they have always said, that the u.s. has been flouting the treaty by deploying what it calls a missile defense system in eastern europe which is in fact an intermediate system aimed at russia because they may point out the missile launcher use in the u.s.' test launch on sunday is the same that has been deployed in romania and poland, except modified slightly so it can launch offensive intermediate nuclear missiles. russia is saying, look. -- and proof the u.s. europe is not doing enough. europe has the potential to become another battlefield, a potential battlefield during the cold war.
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>> to the european allies of washington, are you happy? do not understand you are returning to a situation where missiles were targeting european cities from different sides? the chinese say leave us out of this. it is terrible the u.s. has withdrawn from this treaty and is threatening to deploy intermediate missiles around the region. we are not going to sidle up to any deal because our arsenal is defensive and is dwarfed anyway by the u.s. and russia. that's how things were left with the three sides saying what we expected. the argument continues. plenty more still had on al jazeera, including the hidden cost of venezuelan oil as a once thriving industry crumbles. plus.
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>> an ngo vessel carrying 356 people on board is waiting to dock safely. ♪ >> we have had wet and windy weather into southeast australia. it is on its way toward the tasman sea. clearing conditions along the east coast. winds have been strong along the east coast. very high winds. very big surf. it can be very dangerous. .t should be coming down 19 celsius in sydney friday. showers pushing into tasmania. a high of 70 celsius.
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-- 17 celsius. we could just see a stray shower. the bulk of the rain is going to stay across the north. friday and saturday, what cocoue days in auckland. temperatures arounund 13 or 14 celsius.s. fairly widespread rains to round out the week. heavy at times. clearing conditions nicely across the korean peninsula. you can see e into the far eastf russia, we have that rain in the forecast.. showers lingering o on saturdrdy andd becoming less wet across japan. ♪ >> resilient federal prosecutors have begun an investigation into the recent spike in fires burning across vast areas of the
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amazon rain forest. iran's foreign minister says to ron is willing to work on french -- tehran is willing to work on french proposals for the nuclear deal. the united nations security council has been meeting at the request of russia and china after u.s. missile tests. the french president emmanuel macron has ruled out any major changes to the brexit deal agreed between britain and the eu. hosting boris johnson in paris, where he urged him to set out his alternative as soon as possible. natasha butler has more from the french capital. correspondent: if boris johnson hoped to convince emmanuel macron to change the negotiating position on brexit and scrap the irish backstop, the french president's response made it clear that was not going to happen. after greeting the british prime minister, macron said the eu
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would not renegotiate the withdrawal agreement and the backstop. the insurance policy to prevent the hard border between ireland and northern ireland. >> no country in the european union can renegotiate this agreement. the key elements of this agreement, including the irish backstop, are not just technical constraints or legal issues, but genuine guarantees to preserve stability in ireland and the single market, the foundation of the european economy. this is all part of what was negotiated. correspondent: macron did back the german chancellor's proposal for a berlin meeting on wednesday, giving him 30 days to come up with alternatives for the backstop. >> i was powerfully encouraged by our conversations in berlin with our mutual friends. with energy and creativity and application, we can find a way forward for all our businesses and our citizens.
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mightpondent: eu leaders have and i'll tear your motive for offering 30 days more time. terrier -- ulterior motive for offering 30 days more time. >> they know johnson has a very narrow majority. >> meeting with johnson gives macron an opportunity to reaffirm his commitment to the european union. coming just two days before the g7 summit, it also allows a message to world leaders, including donald trump, that when it comes to brexit, the eu is united. -- macron says's britain's destiny is in its own hand. if they leave without a deal, he says it will be the u.k. government that is responsible. a german court has sentenced
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a syrian asylum seeker to 9.5 years in prison for grievous bodily harm over the fatal stabbing of a man which triggered far-right protests. the 24-year-old stabbed the victim during an altercation in last year. an international arrest warrant was also issued for an iraqi suspect who has been on the run since the incident. thousands of far-right supporters clashed with police in what became germany's worst riot for decades. two days after a charity rescue vessel was finally allowed to disembark in italy, another rescue vessel is sailing near italian waters looking for safe port. migrants,ying 356 mostly from sudan, including 90 unaccompanied children. the vessel run by doctors without borders has refused to go because of the potential
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danger. correspondent: they were pulled from the cs they attempted to reach land in europe. they were told to stay on board. some were so desperate they jumped into the water to be rescued. they could not have imagined the journey from libya would have taken this horrifying turn. what they fear most is being sent back. >> they are petrified they will be taken back to libya where they have been exposed to abuses. attempted to flee libya more times, but have been intercepted by the european support of the libyan coast guard and forced back. correspondent: for nearly two weeks, the ocean viking operated by doctors without borders has been circling the same spot near an italian island. it was refused entry to malta.
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the italian authorities have ignored two appeals by the vessel to dock safely. , another before drawnout standoff between italy and a ship run by a spanish charity, open arms. it came to an endnd when a local prosecutor visited the vessel and after witnessing the conditions on board ordered it to dock. overjoyed at finally reaching land, they suffered days of distress at seeing with no way of knowing if they were going to be able to stay alive. >> it is frustrating to see how it is possible the different -- we doubt -- without until now any consequences. correspondent: this is a symbol of how land produce a has been welcoming people seeking refuge over the years. italy's anti-migrant interior minister matteo cell meaning -- claimed theni has
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forare nothing but taxis traffickers. many say they have not solve the problem. >> everyone thought the immigration problem would be solved by salvini. everyone just pretend they don't exist. correspondent: as the ocean viking continues to wait for a port of safety, anti-immigration voices continue to use their plate as a call to control the charities that rescue them. a brutal journey continuing to wait for refuge in europe if and when the authorities finally allow it. >> at least four people have been killed and 22 injured during a thunderstorm. lightning hit a group of
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tourists on an almost 2000 high meter -- 2000 meter high mountain. rescue teams worked to airlift victims. another person has been killed in slovakia. kosovo lawmakers have voted to dissolve parliament paving the way for snap elections. the 120 seat assembly held a session on thursday deciding i 89 votes in favor of ending the parliament. the countries were comes -- war -- againstecutor has serbia. another term in office. a majority of the votes cast in the regional parliament. his rival has also claimed victory in the federal
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government has rejected the result. he is -- it is an autonomous region at the forefront of a fight. >> the forces celebrated the election. he won the backing of 56 of the 74 members of parliament. his opponent got just 17 votes. influenceds say he the election. the central government has vowed not to recognize his leadership and says the election process was marred by irregularities. jubaland is one of the states of somalia. when it comes to political disagreements, it only makes sense to resolve such disagreements internally. >> there is also concern over the state of security.
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gunman killed 26 people. jubaland is important in the war the group al-shabab. kismayu is close to the indian ocean which has vast oil and gas reserves, claimed by both somalia and kenya. somalis say the central government wants to control regional state by imposing leaders. jostling for influence, not making things any easier. wouldorder in jubaland place in jeopardy not only gains made in that member state, but also many critical national priorities, including preparations for the 2020, 2021 elections, the fight against al-shabab, and the development
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agenda. madobe has not had an easy stay at the front of politics. his time has been dominated by interference from the central government and regional states. many people who live here are afraid his reelection could potentially lead to violence. >> indonesia has restricted internet access and arrested dozens of people in an effort to rein in days of violent protests. 1200 extra security personnel have been deployed to the province to contain the riots. government buildings, police cars, and parts of the airport have been destroyed since monday. violence broke out when students were arrested and abused for disrespecting the indonesian flag on independence day.
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one protester says students have faced racism for a long time. the world monkey is always used to insult us. this has been going on for too long. we don't have freedom to live here. it is as though we are not indonesian citizen. we never create problems. people have always treated us as if we are animals. all drinking micro plastics in our water, but the world health organization says no one knows how damaging it is for our health. more research is needed. particles plastic could be absorbed into our organs. a study last year found we ingest a credit card sized amount of plastic every week. the answer is to eliminate plastic pollution entirely, but for now, aching water suppliers are being called on to do more to treat their water. -- drinking water suppliers are being called on to do more to treat their water.
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biggerest figures show a decline than in iraq after the 20 -- after the u.s. invasion. booming oil town. >> she has always lived in the northwestern state. he is a fisherman, but he says pollution from the oil industry is destroying his way of life. abandoned.completely in the past, the oil and gas installations were taken care of. not anymore. now our lake is filled with oil and contamination. our boats are dirty. i family depends on this and it is killing us. correspondent: we are close to the town where oil was first discovered in venezuela in 1922. it turned this country from a coffee producing nation into an oil giant, but things have not been going well.
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the lake was of filled with thousands of kilometers of oil and gas pipeline. some of them are broken. you can see right here. that is a gas leak. this is just an example of the enormous infrastructure problems of venezuela's energy sector today. >> production has dropped by more than 70% the last 20 years. the u.s. oil embargo is further complicating the export market. at one time, the state oil company were producing 80,000 barrels a day. not a single one now. >> i have fought with management. reads painting a pipeline maintenance? inside it is deteriorating. we paint a pump and it catches fire. things blow up.
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that is the maintenance they want us to do with what we have. we have lots of accident. francisco says he is paid eight dollars a month. >> i am a revolutionary, but this is not the life i dreamt of. past, there were food halls. not anymore. until we are fed, we cannot work. we cannot even buy food with our salaries. we are commanding a meal. correspondent: hugo chavez promise to improves people's -- promised to improve people's lives. lack ofrts say a investment, corruption, and inexperience among loyalists devastated the company. now the government of nicolas maduro
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