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the best thing you can take to any tape. yeah but it's too slow to life in paparis w world news and a analysiss from france twenty four i marco in these are the headlines. too close to call israel second election this year looks set to deliver another state of deadlock low voter turn out these on last april's electionn we've got more precisisn to comee with guests ththroughout t the evening. wita full analysis of the possible outcomes. trump backtrack survey is locked and loaded threat to around but maintains his stance that tehran is to blame. for the drone strikes on saudi oil installations. confirmation of the two candidates who face off in the second indecisive founded
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genesius presidential vote fastened ultra conservative case. sage and the jails media mogul not deal . thank you very much for being with us benyamin netanyahu benny gantz neck connect this choose the evening after a day of voting in israel both candidates urged israelis to go to the polls in what is a historic second election in the same year an election cooled often inconclusive result. back in april election the could have a real impact on the end time at t ast not yet ananuncing a course dururing the campaign that he would annex part. of the policy left bank of the west bank rather if he wins this election so you are watching our continuing coverage of the israeli elections will bring you the
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news as it happens. of course we've gotta. grahaham packedith insight and analysis analysis let's kick o o with a summary of the day's events so far charlie james at that. barely pausing for breath benjamin netanyahu's election day was spent relentlessly pitching for votes. the competition has been fierce between the israeli prime minister and his main rival former military chief benny ganz. netanyahu strategy warren supporters he is on the verge of defeat. hello to both the election is close i can confirm to you this morning it is very close i call on all citizens of israel to come and vote just like me and my w wife came to vote. i won't tell you for who. the good one of. tanyahu'ss last gasp fight to keep his job also included breaking campaign laws. he gave to radio interviews on election day then facebook suspended netanyahu's chat bot alive messaging tool for publicizing
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polls while voting was under way. netanyahu also pulled the race card again not a central bus station in jerusalem he urged people to vote for his likud party due to a surprisingly high turnout among arab voters. meanwhile in tel aviviv challenger benny gantz tried to draw a beach goers to the polls for his blue and white party. great all the rest joan van. gogh vote blue in line you want to wake up to o a country with hope to a unified country go vote. these last ditch efforts reflect the stakes in this election particularly for the prime minister just as it was in the last vote in april netanyahu's political future is on the line. let's get onto now system highghly joins us israeleli journalilist basased here in pas and founder of up close magazine gil thanks for joining us it's always a pleasure to have you same here students we appreciate your point of view on all aspects. that to do with
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the israeli politics and beyond but let's let's focus in on what's happening now right now. and give us your reaction to what we've been seeing throughout the day a and what we hearingg from the exit polls something b betweenen. thirty oe to thirty four. seats for each count. well it seems that. the ten you know doesn't have. an easy. right wing government. which means that the big plan for the live among. ease the materializing. what of it during the month. sol six months ago. was that. b. b. which was really the king of israel. at and head of a massive support. had to fold his character he made mistakes mistakes any got in trouble wiwith the law with a certain number of corruption affairs and lieberman and others in the right so there put unity to
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kill caesar. so around the question of the military service the quality in front of the military service or full throated looks jews he found the pretexto preventt netanyahu from creating the easy government was sixty four members of knesset already the tense of the eleven.. i in april and now lieberman is even stronger and what's even we've tried to do is to force. guns and that he could. to create a government with i'll continue now and then leave among will try. to take over what's ever left of that he put in thehe right and be thehe next pririme minister of israel so this is the big plan and this is the only issue and the only problem the only reason why he's or doesn't have a government. is not on you know and he's he's criminal cases so he's facing a
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course corruption allegations as active cases again quite a few abadi cancer spoke out to think it's september the tenth in attorneys have used to work for saying that he'd be happy to go for a coalition of the code provided netanyahu wasn't that is i don't see talk of possible which would. which would forbid any politician involved in the corruption investigation i in at yahoo from taking pots acted out so this is something they've been kind of i suppose bring up before this election yes but is as long as the cat is alive. the mice are. quite prudent. once they have the labels feel these with the will send the blood. the nice will get out of the dog the torch the togas. and he will fall. on the step the stairs of the senate. and it happened before. everyone and especially his own come. he's waiting for first blood. and then there will be all over him. they will deliver mon but
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those walking the likud will not let someone who left that he could. you know get the get the crown which will be rolling on the ground. so people watching this internationally say for instance in the united states well much is made of trtrump a netanyahu and then close relationship might be. also a surprise to hear what you're saying about the internal machinationons o of israeli politics is this going to change the way isrsrael relates to the u u. s. in futute is it is g going to change the way israelisis. todayy there isa there will be probably a major change if netanyahu will. not be in the picture anymore. nathaniel made a huge bet he put all his money on all these was funny. on the republican party. that is was strategy vis a vis united straight face was always. bi partisan. which means nonpartisan. because without the united states
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israel is in big big trouble. netanyahu abandoned this cautious strategy and he was betting and like shows on our is on one of his supporters. he had quite a success in casinos. so in the political because he knows he was winning because don't drop one. but you know it won't last forever and you cannot just dismiss huff of the american. public and half of the american a political arena. and youou cannot play with the future of the nation. so. lightheartedly so what probably will happen is well will remain a close ally. of the united states probably the relations with donald trump will remain warm but i think that the next prime minister will try. to return to a bi partisan and american alliance rather than a
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republican alliance. too loudlyy enough thank you very much indeed suffer that analysis given a highly of the clothes and i guess the area is really just a space to impoverished very much in paris thank you sir if your analysis. that's a go to our correspondent catherine no restraint who is that joining us now live from jerusalem for more from the ground more reaction catherine tell us what you've been seen tells what people are saying. well then i met a lot of f peope are being very half full market has to be said about these various exit poll results because obviously. just a health warning for all of you as as we've been saying these all not cononfirm results and- they can be very volatile on at this stage experience h has strong enough. at the moment that the media trend oversee that we all seeing is thatt no. clear election whehen a- but noo ruling majorority seemsms to ben sight for benjamin netanyahu so he seems to have a- a tricky paul the head if he wants to go on to a fifth. at times he made
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a promise on indeed stay out of jail. one of his ministers outgoing ministers in that from the likud party how's that. been speaking out there saying that he believes all. the exit polls around that senseki hunting be. the outgoing minister for regional corporation he's been saying look. back in april bending down from actually declared victory in from the blue white party headquarters and- did not then go on to become prime minister and form a goverernmen. so we should be v very castle he's s saying at this stage. of the been a very despondent mood in the amongst liquid support as well as an assignment this has been about nine you know off camera missing that this is disappointing from them. on the crowd really thinning out whatever likud party headquarters already with told. ministers members of that message rather than hanging around to speak to the media have been heading on crimes that doesn't look like. a victoria's behavior. most of the yeah israeli president reuven rivlin saying that as
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soon as he gets official results through he's going to be holding. consultations to try and put together a government as soon as possible. israeli people have been waiting a long time three months of political paralysis to form a government. and he says he wants to do everything he can to try. and avoid a- third set of elections. kathleen restaurants. in jerusalem for now thank you very much indeed. with the on the tension between the us and iran continues while backtracking on is locked and loaded comments us president donald trump has reiterated his belief. that the ratings were behind the attack on saudi arabia's oil installations on saturday. iran's supreme leader ayatollah khamenei says any idea of talks with trump c can e now truly ruled out. they have all. been locked and loaded two let's wait and see. donald trump is pedal back his rhetoric about how to respond to one of the most destructive attacks on the us ally saudi arabia's oil fields. having to
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prove them wrong. well let's look in that way we'll have some pretty good to. to having some very strong studies done but it's certainly looking that way at t this moment he won thee war with iran. for i don't want a war with anybody i'm- somebody that would like not to have warm. saudi arabia has stopped short of directly blaming around for saturday strikes which cut the kingdom's crude oil production and how. the saudis did say iranian weapons were used and that the scale of t the strikes surpassed the yemenis capabilities who the rebels in yemen who are supported b by iran. have claimd responsibilility amazon roni defended the who these moves pointing the finger at saudi arabia for interveveng in ththe conflict in yemen. cutting him out of the way yeaeah manan i bought y yemenis sitting is just some of the defending themselves and this is a counter attack. essentially the solution to this. is ending the aggression on though down. while softening his tone about a possible war with iran the u.
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s. president now denies he's willing. to meet without conditions iranian president. trumpet long welcome the possibility of sitting down with rouhani possibly next week at the un general assembly. but tehran has said they'd only be willing to restart talks of the u. s. rolls back its sanctions warns the us double down on after trump pulled out of the iran nuclear deal. confirmation at the upset in the chin is he in presidential election two names going forward to the decisive second round. and that those things seven who predicted by very few people chin as his actual board confirming little professor case studies. and media mogul nebula cow we who's currently in jail his face off around two the results just for the record will decide gotta. eighteen point 4% cobby fifteen point six. official results have confirmed a shock to tennessee as political establishments. with two oututsiders leading the polls. no no no dodon't don't'ta
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second round of the presididential election will be held. with the twtwo candidates with thehe higighest number off votes will take p part. they are mr c case idd mr nabil karoli maybe the machine. independent candidate kinds sign he does and leads with eighteen point 4% of the votes. behind him businessmen and cable news tycoon nap you'll carry with fifteen point 6% of the votes. hi there has ever held political office yet they have beaten two prime ministers and the candidate from moderate islamist party and not t to. the biggestt fororce into his his parliament. howowever carries campaign is clouded in uncertainty. he's beenen in jail since august twenty third. his lawyers are seeking release the head o of the second round vote. accused of tax evasion and money laundering he says he's the victim of a smear campaign. if found guilty he would be disqualified from the race. in that case the presidential runoff would include and not as confident abdel fattah maruf.
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he came in third with twelve point 9% of the vote. authorities have not yet announced an election date for the second round. busts it can be no later than october twenty third. when a ninety day tranansition periods overseen. y genesius interim president comes to an end. spain's royal palace says that no candidate has enough support to be voted in as prime minister a snap election. as a consequence has been cold from november tenth spain which is the fourth largest economy in the e. u.'s euro currency zone is been in. political limbo since petr sanchez's socialist emerge as the biggest party in april selection. fell to secure a parliamentary majority the man took sat in madrid this tuesday in a last ditch bid to form an administration. it didn't work now snap election cool for november. tenth wouould be falling all develops developments. very closely. son of a business can be joins us on the latest on this weekend's
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drone attacks on saudi oil facilities things are apparently getting back to something like normal apparently faster than a lot of. expected it has to be said mark a lot of analysts have suggested that it could take months. for productions at those two targets sites to resume in full but less than three days later saudi arabia's energy ministeraid exports were already back to normal thanks to the country's reserves. he said that 50% of the lost production had already been restored. and that he expected the oil market to be fully back online by the end of september take a listen. you'll meet him out over the last two days the damage has been contained. more than half a production capability fell hihitting the attacks. have been recovered iv. what do that efficiently. will meet its commitments to its customers for this month by withdrawing from its reserves through the oral sex. yeah when is the-
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this is at the state oil giant arm co would go ahead with its plans to list of stocks on a global stock markets well those two drone e attacks on n the sai productition facililities crippd half the kingdom's daily output.. thahat's over 5% of global production trump administration has also ordered some of its stockpiles to be releaseded in an efforor t to kp global suppliess flowiwing and prevent prices from rising too high monday's trading session saw the biggest oil price surge in almost thirty years. we've seen a slight reversal today used to be shy trading at about fifty ninene dollars and three cents per barrel at the close international brent at sixty three ninety nine and see those drops keeping in mind that it's relative to a 15% increase on monday so we're still above. the levels that we saw before those children attacks took place well major stock markets were more muted in their reaction on tuesday wall streeet closining just above the flat line american investors shifted their attention to the federal reserve mark is central bank kicking off its two day meeting. amid speculation that
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it will announce a second interest rate cut on wednesday. the next close in europe just the cat counts with gains of about a quarter percentage point at the close a closely watched survey of investor optimism in germany showing a surprising improvement. despite the economy teetering on the edge of recession. was preliminary results from israel's election cumin whoever forms the next government will have to tackle growing inequality. even as the economy continues to expand the window sticker reports. oftenn hailedd as the economic miracle of the middle east much of israel's population is still waiting to reap the benefits of fifteen years of steady growth. amazazon the same works as a part time cleaner and receives a state pension but she still struggles to make ends meet and regularly relies on n this soup kitchen to get a meal. everything is expensive i can't buy anyththing a kiloo of minced meat costs nine year is how can i afford
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that. over the past fifteen years israel's economy has largely been fuelled by innovation in the tech sector which contributes around eight point 4% of jobs and 15% of gdp. in july the country boasted an unemployment rate of three point 7% the lowest in the middle east and an average monthly salary of over twenty eight hundred euros. yet an estimated one point eight million israelis around a fifth of the country's population stilill live below the poverty liline. as inequalities g grow y are calling on the g governments to do momore to bridge the economic gap. yeah that wass netanyahu's s administrations home thehe pole. taxing us bothr reaching an image of the court. despite growing inequalities and the budget deficit that should exceeds three point 5% of gdp this year the state of the economy is an issue that's largely been eclipsed by security and other questions in
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thank you very much indeed though the cut off and indeed i. that's because the studio and james and me to watch good evening hi. now then you'd be looking at reactions to the- election in israel on the exit polls. yes we see very earlyly days of the moment oppose any closed the short time ago but we do of course have exit polls already. they don't pay the clearest of pictures but it does look as though possibly things haven't gone as well the benjamin netanyahu. as he might have hoped. and indeed some people had expected him to do better. i'm haaretz is not she put together an average of all of the exit polls that have been done. and it shows him falling short of the sixtyty one seats that he needs. at just fifty six he has secured according. to those polls after their the figures that. i think bt was winking out of that sacrifice. she makes is that earlier on today. and see as rather tongue in cheek look at the exit poll results that from matt from haaretz. i am looking at what will happen next well.
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at this. journalist is saying confused john also lane his the problem with today's election at night the netanyahu nobody counts either. from the blow my party okay to sixty one seat majority says president reuven rivlin who is likely to determine which of the two gets the mandate. to try and form a coalition. and thus appears to been confirmed at least an expense by at the president's official twitter account. i'm saying that he will be meeting with representatives of the policies once they have a clear idea of those partiticular results. and the jerusalem post stay on this is an interesting one. and they are asking whether or not ribbon mifflin. reuven rivlin excuse me with a lot she take revenge on benjamin netanyahu. at they often this article imagine you are eighty years old and devoted your life to a cool with the father and grandfather believed in. and then a rival tentacles upside down in a way you find a warrant. now they say that he missed his chance before when he could have taken that away from benjamin
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netanyahu that wondering what he will do the same thing. again and this time around perhaps at it could be different. one word of caution there and this is an important one. from this at jerusalem based journalist. hey guys just remind a drinknk be like blue ad white in april doesn't believe the exit polls our actual results because of course. back in april. doesn't seem all that long ago when we lost out israeli election. people making the wrong predictions say we will have to wait and see exactly how thiss one. turns out indeed in our analysis and reaction. continues we move on to of real change tone now. a fury and stick to. the american version of the program dancing with the stars. yes absolutely there was a huge. fuss. not
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expecting too much of himself at to be fat i read it have the need to shake my pc let's take a look. for ourselves that we can judge. because it is the spice girls for fabulous it's supposed to be a cell phone. i believe or the sound but i'm not quite sure. what to go to my. room don't think and but anyway yes. maybe we can see some warm bacon itself in the foot what it was but then when i entities in days i we could have a look at these images again because they all left repeating i think it's fair to say i am look the people want to impress the daily beast says it was the most embarrassing don't think the stones debut. effort i. wanted to touch is was unimpressed using it like you being attacked by a swarm. of wasps so i think my brother enjoyed reporting on that one. eight million people tuned in last night to watch that which is about on a par with the normal last season. openness and some people don't mind that he's taking pops. you got my virtual spices as this person.
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keep having fun it was fun to watch. it is entertainment of drool. but lots of people cannot get past. the lonely so he told. at when he was the- figurehead. this is. at the specs and all of the trump administration. of course. belittling the media over that. that reports about the size of the inauguration crowd he longed. blatantly lied saying it was the biggest inauguration crowd. at that. and he will save. that compared bashar assad syria's that lead at with hitler. as the need to make a more. flattering comparison really. saying even hitler didn't use chemical weapons. at that was rather read. it's a very very strange thing test that a lot of people come forget it lots of reactions and was like this one i'm sorry i just don't see how it's worth it. at this person saying have never missed a season but will not be watching this one refused to normalize or redeem sean spicer. about how much time boycott d. w. t. s. is doing the rounds. lots of people using that one. on one of our cut dennis he- was a
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rerepublican but is now very. anti trump and- barely says anything positive about the republicans. as is apparently embarrassing himself lying on behalf of trump was not undignified enough. for one. lifetime i you could possibly agree with her on that one and this is probably my favorite one of will and you're in the career sean spicer. there is a remarkable likeness i should i should be dancing and it does look rather like him well they- probably have a better sense of rhythm is the telly toby. deep. sea okay. i back to your superior. children at the time. allow they again okay charlie again thank you for sharing that. interestingly sean spicer has managed to earn himself even more critics by tweeting something a little bit bizarre he has brought the issue of religion into his appearance on dancing with the stars and he tweeted this in reply to you governor mike huckabee who was voicing his support. clearly the judges on going to be with me let's send a message to hollywood that those of us who stand for christ went be discounted may god bless you
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i've never seen her stack crises quite like that and i do not what he was thinking i think he's thinking it's the christian right they will vote for the repubublicans. it't's a vevery old thing to have said bt my the best reaction by far to this came from trouble no of the daily show. and jesus. said unto them text one eight nine nine. every day is bound to be ex boxtrolls. it really does back to believe who knows what will happen next. james proving it takes two to tango. that was a very proud to have them witith me too much thank you very much indeed. okay with business as ever thank you very much indeed and the things you've watching because as i say without you it would not be worthwhile so please stay with us. what a come here. france twenty four
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