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tv   France 24  LINKTV  September 18, 2019 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> y you are watching franance . these are the headlines. benjamin netanyahu and benny andz kokkinakis in the -- neck.gantz net ick in spain said to hold its fourth
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election in four years. as the brexit countdown continues, the european parliament looks to adopt a resolution today out its concern. jean-claude juncker and michelle barnier sounding the warning bells for a no deal brexit. facebook unveils details of a new supervising board being dubbed the social network's supreme court. climateent -- teenage activist greta turn berg sits down with b barack obama. first, our top story live frorom paris.
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benjamin netanyahu is the longest-serving prime minister and his run could be at stake with nearly all of the votes counted. he and his challenger, benny gantz are necka nd neck. the right wing problem and the centrist blue and white party have 32 seats east that needs over 62 make a majority. netanyahu is looking at building a coalalition. we need toto create -- that is what we need to do.
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we must meet a government that and wepeople together must maintain the idea of the jewish nation state. is complex and we need to wait for the final results. netanyahu has not been successful. trent istherine noris covering the election. she has more on whether the vote might mark the end of the netanyahu era. >> it is difficult to see how the numbers stack for benjamin netanyahu. it does not seem the prime minister has a rululing majorit. he h has no clear path to winnig a fifth term as these results come in. some allies he hoped to see return to him have not managed
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electoralhe threshold. it looks incredibly close between his party and benny alliance,ue-and-white when it comes to the numbercrunching, benjamin netanyahu is in a tight spot. there is talk of him joining a national unity government. the only problem is his main rival, benny gantz, has said he will not serve if netanyahu remains prime minister. he will be under pressure to stand down. we know he does not want to do that. if benjamin netanyahu cannot pass some immunity law with his allies in parliament, he is facing charges on three cocorruption trials and could ed up behind bars. liebermanlooks like could be the kingmaker here. israeli politics is about the
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coalition building. man, the to be a key kingmaker. he said going into the elections he did not want to serve with benjamin netanyahu's religious right ultra-orthodox jewish allies because he disagrees with them about an exemption for religious students serving in the military and that has turned into a key dividing point. lieberman has said he would not netanyahu government with these religious allies. that brings questions about whether lieberman will work with adversaries, the blue-and-white alliance, but left-wing parties, as well, propping them up in the minority government, propped up by votes from our parties, which did well. it is going to be about complicated horse trading. some people say the man known as
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maybe his spell has been broken. the coalition of arab parties looks set to become alert -- the third largest andiament with between 12 14 seats. it could put them in the position to block netanyahu if they endorse gantz for the job. strong showing with exit polls giving the coalition the third-highest share of votes, a score they hope puts an end to his role as prime minister. >> they are trying to kill the hope of the palestinian people to establish their own state and to finish the war situation that israel was leading.
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this time, it ran as a unified block and while voter participation covered below 50% in april, it turns out the turnout was higher than usual tuesday. there is an unprecedented attack on the military. >> i came to vote, hoping for change. i hope our conditions will improve. >> 1.9 million people. they make up 20% of the population. tuesday marks the second time arab parties have run a joint -- in elections. gunman and one suicide bomber have attacked a
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government building, wounding nine people, including a child and woman. and attack left at least 48 dead. to spain, a country set to hold new elections for the fourth time in four years. plans come after months of political gridlock. sarah told us more about this latest turn of events. king phipippe a cononcluded after r a round of t talks thato single candidate could muster a majority. alle were recriminations on sides. the current acting prime minister blamed his rivals for the e deadlock.
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he blames pablo big lacey is, the leader of the far left party. anyays he has blocked packed over policy and says all he wanted was jobs in the cabinet. he withdrew the offer afterer te partyy rejected cabinet jobs, saying they were insufficient. thest-minute deal by liberal citizens s party to abstain to facilitate a socialist government collapsed and said that was never a deal. the liberal leader said those conditions will be met. he wanted promises on taxation and promises the independent beders on trial, due to
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sentenced this autumn, if convicted. he did not want to see them pardoned by a socialist government. pedro sanchez made no comment on that. the blame game has begun. of f -- we caalundnd was allll saying it the politicians. spaniards are weary about having to go back to the polls for a fourth time in four years. isthe european parliament set to adopt a resolution lang out concerns about what could be britain's parker from the eu october 31. jean-claude juncker says the withoutthe u.k. leaving a divorce deal is very real and michelle bonnier warning not to
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.nderestimate the consequences >> the risk of a no deal brexit remains real. until the proposals had been presented, i will not be able to tell you that any real progress has been achieved. what i can tell you is the talks we had were friendly. constructive and positive. >> i advise everyone not to underestimate the consequences of the absences of a deal.
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almost three years after the refeferendum, we should not be pretending to negotiate. emmanuel macron is heading to rome. this will be his first meeting with prime minister giuseppe conte. his coalition unites the populist five-star movement and the central left democratic party. france and italy hope to prepare -- hope to repair their relations. befrance and italy may historic allies, butut there relationship -- but their relationship hit historic lows. the deputy prime minister travel to france to meet with yellow vests protesters and offer his support. paris recalled its ambassador for several days.
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a seriesent came after of similar provocations from room. said the euthey shouldld impose sanctions on paris, which he accused of pushing migrants into europe. shortly after, matteo salvini poured fuel on the fire by an encouraging voters to boycott emmmmuel macron during the french elections. >> i hope they will free themselves from a bad president. they will choosese someone more consistent, practical. i am thinking of marine le pen. >> last october, tensions spiked when italy accused french authororities of illegally crossising the border to dump undocumented migrants into italy. macron ofvinini accused
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denying asylum to migrants in the mediterranean sea. appears any gone, it compromise is in the work. proposal that france and germany has expressed support for. do not include juan guaido, , a move aimed at sidelining that leader and self declared interim president.
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congress through its support behind quite oh, saying he will president until nicolas maduro relinquishes his grip on power. barack obama sat down with greta thunberg. meeting, hethat teenager she is changing the worldld. meeting with members of congress, telling them they need to do more to fight climate change. she is only 16. wherever she g goes, grereta thunberg is treated like a rock star. aside timea has set to sit down with the teenager who is the face of climate activism. >> thank you for having me. >> of course. you are changing the world. praised her foror pushing
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for actionnd calalled her ononof the plplanet'ss greatest advoca. she is in the u.s. to raise awareness of climate change. she told the audience the stakes could not be higher. livesare fighting foror our . what i am telling you to do now is to act. no one is too small to make a difference. >> she was more blblunt with lawmakers in congress on tuesday, telling them they were not doing enough. for climate change is split down party lines. many republicans are skeptical of the science behind global warming. will bey, the divisions thrust into the spotlight when greta thunberg heads to new york to lead workers and students
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onto the streets in protest of climate change. starting with facacebook, they havave a new oversight boa. >> they will l review a appealso popolicy decisions, includuding reremoving contetent. this, as the company faces criticism over what gets posted anand what g gets taken down. an independent trust wilill pay members of the new board as our reporter reports. -- anis an importing important step towards accountability and transparency. facebook unveiled plans to set b boardreme court style on moderation issues. it will consisist o of 40 part-e members, paid by an independent trust, funded by facebook, who will review decisions related to content. facebook and private users will submit cases to the board and
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its decisions will be binding, potentially overruling even mark zuckerberg. the facebook founder said it would help address content related controversies. an independent organization, we hope it gives confidence views will be heard and that facebook doesn't have the ultimate power over their expression. has come under fire after it announced it would crackdown on fake news in the wake of the presidential elelection. is group said the new b board expected to deliberate on its first cases and will include members with views that could "make people uncomfortable."
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the oil supplyf affected by the attacks, the oil minister saying by the end of the month, production will exceed the letters -- the levels they had produced before the attack. they are keen to reassure has partly worked to reduce prices. reduce prices. they are trading down slightly a short time ago. what is happening on the stock markets? thephen: the decision on federal reserve about interest rarates. signsill be listening for from the said.
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rgely waititing for the bi cisionon. a look at the business headlines. airbus has increased its forecast for global demand for new planes over the next 20 years. just over 39,000 planes will need to be built over the coming two decades. replaceairlines seek to older planes with more fuel-efficient models. has risisen.e they discovered problems with welding's in their steam generators last week. and 16 generators do not require immediate action. they are awaiting the results of an investigation. factors being blamed for anan 1% drop in quarterly profits for fefedex. ththey arere hit by slowing ecoc
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growth and t the loss of busines to amazon. fedex will be raising prices and cutting costs. 10% onpledged by nearly wall street on tuesday. concerns of are several plansns belononging to michelin. stephen: four of the sites are not competitive e enough and unions are worried about their future. >> not competitive enough is the verdict even by michelin to four of its 15 french factories. among them, the p pnt in weststn frfrance, which employees 650 people. >> we live on a a day-to-day basis. we cannot plan ahead. our future is on hold. >> workers unions say they have made concessions to reduce cost.
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many feeeel they have not been rewarded for their efforts. asked years they hahave employees to sacrifice personal lives. they work as hard and promise us many things. plantss in the french are up to four times higher than in most eastern european countries. says it wants to avoid layoffs by making its workforce flexible. >> we are not reactive enough. we need to propose innovative solutions. michelin's market share has dropped as it faces pressure rivals.
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sales went up by 4%. new zealand is going to play host to middle earth. stephen: amazon has chosen to film its new lord of the rings tv series in new zealand. is set to be the most expensive series ever made with a budget of around 740 million euros. it will be shot across three locations. not much is known. says it will be set before the events of the fellowship of the ring. i feel a game of thrones ending coming out of that series. thank you for the look at our business news. music up, american rap may get the glory, but there is a long tradition of rap inn
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france. the market that has made rap this country's most popular music after the news.
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diep tran: i think people are aware of vietnamese cuisine, and most people don't want that cuisine to change or don't want to have their understandnding of the cuisisine to change. because e the cuisine is changng alal the time.e. the idea of a, like, this unifying national cuisine, vietnamese cuisine, it doesn't exist. really, it truly doesn't exist. even a unified vietnamese identity doesn't exist. [dings] like, it's kindnd of like sayayg italians--defined by tomatoes and olive oil. whahat people see as essential, it's because they're looking rom like an ououtsider's point of f view, and it's not granular.


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