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they beganan the day at two nd take. hello and welcome back too the frogs twenty phone u user id is nine pm here in paris headlines tonight's. the what is the street violence in spain in decades com for million on the streets of barcelona today and clashes with police forces. this is katelyn separatists denounced the jailing of nine lead as thousands also walking away from their desks in a general strike. meanwhile unprecedented protests eleven and fires burning in downtown beirut as tens of thousands describe that government as corrupt. and incompetent prime minister appeals for seventy two hours to fix the crisis.
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and the countdodo to the brexit deadline boris johnson tries to woo both pro brexit mps and skeptical opposition politicians ahead of a crucial vote tomorrow . good evening cries of indndependence have wrwrung out through barcelona's today for the fifth day of proconsul on protests today's march was the largest yet tens of thousands pouring into the streets angered by the decision of the government in madrid to jail nine separatist leaders. demonstrations also spread today beyond barcelona activist blocking off the main cross border highway with franz that move punch of a plan by activists to grind in normal life in the region to hold
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constructing economic output in watts is spain's wealthiest region. with more on. how the events unfolded today his afraid to jacksonn. protests and strikes by separatists have crippled catalonia. as people blocks the arterial l mostly betwtween gironaa and frontss on friday thousands descended on barcelona. well i did not put a stop the general strike is to defend us from spain we are angry because they have imprisoned our politicians who didn't commit any crime. they raise our taxes yes we aren't able to decide on a own future here in catalonia the list was another the lumia. i'm interested to see if the political situation in catalonia has been getting worse for many years mainly because politicians can't get together to agree on what's best. for the people of catalonia public adela. earlier this week former separatist leaders was sentenced to up to thirteen years in jail for
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holding what the government schools and a legal independence referendum. hundreds interested images in the process of close up decision. companies president has called foror calm wouldld ao reiteratated his calls to hold another independence vote before the end of his term in twenty twenty two we got on in a lot of little they will be a resolution to try to fix a and e wiwill achieve the right to catalonian self determination inin the shortrtest time possib. not that i mean it ms but if this proposition will be debated by police conte's civil and stuff and they will also be internatioional contact agent this you can i get the corninish oror not. one is prime minister peter sanchez has decried the violence with less than a month before the next general election his government has been criticized for its handling of the situation. no coming election will be the fourth in as many years just hearing it in that report. those protests sparked by the jailing of nine council and political figures. that lead to is carlos put jim on on fronts
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twenty fourth of mortars judea as me taking. a closer lookok at the man whoho is now at the center of spain's political unrest. carlos pushed amount was the president of catalonia until twenty seventeen. in october of f that year he organized a referendum in which 90% of voters. backed independence. madrid said it was illegal. there were clashes the spanish police tried to prevevent people from voting. still the separatists led by puts demont declared independence on october twenty seventh. angered by the movement drayton poststs directt rule sacks the catalalan leaders dissolved parliament and called a snap regional election. carlos pooch dimanche fled to belgium here in order. to act with freedom and safety and security. spain and drop to previously issued arrest warrant against him in twenty
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eighteen but issued a new one earlier this week. the former president of cataloniaia appeard before belgium's justice authorities on friday claiming he would cooperate but refusing extradition. the court is expected to decide within the next forty eight hours whether or not to arrest him. the jailing of nine other independence leaders on monday for the alleged offenses of sedition and misuse of public funds this prompted large protests and clashes with the police. we are not just hearing a response f from the government in madrid this is a at thehe acg interior minister of spain us saying that violent protesters in kaslo dnia today do risk a prison term of up to sixty is not according to the reuters news agency will keep watching. other developments for you in surprise spain to bring you the latest as soon as we have it. for now though let's move on and head at two eleven in another country that scene. unprecedented demonstrations in the past twenty four hours.
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tens of thousands of people around on the streets tonight. both in the capital beirut and in citities across the countntr. now the unrestst was triggered y a so called what sap tax a twenty cent charge on cools made on the app. the anger has already moved into wide to protest at lebanon's political class. protesters say that leaders are corrupt i have driven the economy into the ground. what about iran on the program i spoke to robert hass since he's our internanational says at it so. i austin whether or notot the prime minister saad hariri will. be able to appease any of that anger in the streets. who are you may looks to me as though this is a little bit too late i mean the whole the horses ready bolted on this one i think for harry. the pick the crowds. are out on the streets that the mining but the political cost should go on the political clause includes him because he's been the prime minister. for some considerable time nine. he is trying to put the blame on other members of
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his government saying that. he has negotiated a deal with the international financial organizations for billions of dollars of aid for lebanon as long as the economy is restructured. and new taxes are brought in so and so forth. brothers every turton politicians from one part two of the other have blocked him. he never specified which bodies bubut he said he has done all he can do now he's giving them another seventy two hours another was he's trying to use the street. against his opponents with it within the government i don't think it's going to work for him i don't think is going to convince people. witithin the government to opposed to him. who've got vested interests to look off to and i certainly don't think is going to convince the people on the street to see that the political games of being played by the government. by hurry i'm by those opposed to him but it's precisely. that but the so disgusted with at the moment. just another white on eleven
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and add that would just saying comingng in onon the wise todayy hurricanane. asking a it's citizens to leave lebanonon immediately in t the wake ofof those preststs. let's move on for you now and had a two northeast syryria becauause the ceasefiree that has gotot off ta shshaky start this friday. a fie day polls was announced by the us government yesterday mike pence said at the time that. both tacky and the kurdish ypg forces while on board with the deal. but today clashes have persisted around the border town of russell lane and questions remain about whether kurdish forces have agreed. to pull out of that buffer zone that talk he wants to establish on the border. simon harding reports on events earlier on today. more fighting in northern syria clashes in the region of wrestling continue despite an agreement. to hold hostilities for a five day these. explosions and smoke billowing from the town with courts my international news cameras. turkish president friendship type and a one however. insisted that walls no fighting. president well as it never ends i don't know way
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getting the news from. the news i got from my minister of defense there is no question of clashes. lou this is all speculation. this information. please let's not pay any attention to this this information. and that strengthen the steps. we are taking now the most of the movie standard. the ceasefire follows tools in ankara with the u. s. but many of the parameters all of that deal a still unclear. kurdish troops have been slowly withdrawing from the area at and said that turkish forces however would stay. the united nations waitin by saying there was no cease fire and that they were concerned by the situation. the u. n. currently estimates some hundred and sixty six thousand people have been forced to flee their homes over the past seven days. many of them have been displaced multiple times from one area. to another it hasa kit delta american rock. amnesty international accused turkish troops of war crimes in the region. those claims have been denied by ankara who sayay
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they are creating a safe zone in northern syria. by pushing counts kurdish terrorists. i'm ann harding first that. now sixty two people including a number of children have been killed in a mosque attttack in eastern afghanistan today over one hundred others have been injured now so far no group has claimed responsibility but the government is pointing the finger at the taliban. has come on board. now reports. ambulances rushing to the hospital after a deadly attack at the mosque in ankara province. witnesses say they heard a loud explosion before the roof of the building collapsed. do n not use union everyone w w getting ready f for friday prayers and they werere inside the mososque when suddeny a bomb exploded many people were hurt. i want to say that the most states and the district of house camino some two hundred kilometers east of the afghan capital kabul. authorities say three hundred
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and fifty worshippers were insiside at the time of the atattack. the senate just doesnt if people have been brought to the hospital of ththe just. so s likely to rise as dozens are still thought to be trapped under the rubble. it's not yet clear who carried out the attack the taliban have denied any responsibility. other extremist groups includiding the islamic state group are known to b be active in the area. the blast came a day after the u.. n. said and unprecededented number of civilians have been killed or wounded in afghanistan so far this year. in today's report the united nations sets out record high levels of civilian casualties sisince it began a systematic documentation in two thousand and nine. and of these civililin casualty figures 41% of them are women and children. this phone again violence coincides with the abrupt collapse of peace talks between the us and the taliban last month course in hopes of a deal that could
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have ended afghanistan's eighteen year war. to mexico for you now on the program with the president has come under a firestorm o of criticism. of his security forces confirm they arrested the drug king pin el chapo and then released him in the midst of a gun battle catherine had a a cliff it. explplains what hahappens. missg the opeperation was quite badly planned. the mexican defense mininister c confirm that authorities released the trucking pan out chapel christmann son after his arrest triggered an all out gun battle on the streets of locally account. the task force acted too hastily the operation wasn't impmprovised that was planning. but it takes time to obtain an arrest warrant. when the operation was already underway they decided to improvise and attempts to get a warrant and arrest goodman. he said if the operations had been planned differently. more security personnel and our support would have been sent a
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letter last year on promises to person man to the decades long drug war mexican president andres manuel lopez obrador defended his security forces. valores mass. right got to order. the capture of a criminal. okay let cannot be worth more than people's lives. this could not support it and you can't fight fire with fire will include. responding to accusations that the release gives criminals a message of impunity. the president said there is no collusion between criminals and authorities. the violent incident began on thursdsday when patrolling national guard members began receiving incoming fire from house inside the home the officers found for men. one of them would turn out to be a video christmann lopez. klay surrounded and outnumbered by arms cartel members. officials sayy police were treated without mystic as menn in their custody. in broad daylight gun battles ensued across the city cartel members blocked the streets and torched vehicles a as at least
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twentyty psoners escscape from jail amid the chaos some have been were captured. now we have said this before but this time it's really true tomorrow will be a crunch day for brexit which is prime minister the bush mps rather of focusing on whether to approve a new deal hashed out by boris johnson and the european union earlier this week. if it passes then person is set to leave the e. u. in less than two weeks time not though is a biggest because as catherine cliff it now reports the numbers in parliament on a very tight. for the prime minister. with the shop for the price. wars johnson's delighted with his new brexit deal. this is a great deal for. our country for the u. k. also believe it's a very good deal for our friends. in the e. u. but it's not a done deal until it's gone through parliaments. he need support from three hundred and twenty mps to get the accord three. and has no majority in parliament. there
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are only two hundred and fifty nine conservative mps likely to vote for the deal. johnson will have to turn to other parties to find some sixty one further votes. and he hasn't got off to a good start. in key votes the government relies on the democratic unionist party the support amounts to ten seats. bus on thursday the party said it cannot support the deal in its current form. johnson will not need the backing of twenty three former conservative mps who are currently independence most will probably support the deal. not all these countries also hope for support from some oppositions backbencher labor mps and x. labor independence only five labor mps voted for the last deal. but another forty more have since suggested they could support the new records. labour leader jeremy corbyn made the party's official position clear. as it stands we cannot support listed and when a president calling. on saturday. as did the pro e. u. liberal democrats. boris johnson star still trying to
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force new deal on the country he's now trying to force. a bad dedeal in the coununtry we cannt let. that's why we need to make sure that this goes back to like. another potential complication in saturday's vote may arise if opposition mps trying to push for a public referendum on the deal. the eu has previously indicated that it would grant an extension for this purpose. no way what his hearing from our own strike that demanding a safety is improved after train truck collision this wednesday injured eleven people. with the details of what happened on the strike his more julia. in the wider paris region traffic was severely disrupted on friday morning. and a few trains that were running for overcrowding. i've been in transport for two hours now. running left and right and i'm fed up. well this is a is a real mess and it's inappropriate the surprise i need to think about those who are working and have no choice.
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en masse say involved to the platforms were almost deserted. overall six out of ten regional trains were at a hold to cross france. the surprise strikee was cacalled foror after regegionaln collided with a truck. in eastern france on wednesday eleven peoplee werere i injuredd the train's driver the only staff member on board. was left alonee in charge of the passssenger s safety. union say cuts in the number of on board inspectors must stop state laws if the real companies management's responsibility to take measures to resolve the situation across the country. the government meanwhile accuses u union leaders of exploiting the accident which i'm good at it when you go on strike you have to prepare and advise the public first and either way you don't use a security accidents to make a politicacal point.. in a bid to ease some of the tension the national rail company was meeting transport unioions on friday. now was all the way back in nineteen sixty nine
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that neil armstrong took a small step for man but a giant leap for mankikind and now at last. fifty years later we have a giant leap for womankind u. s. astronauts christina caution jessica may have become the first female pad to carry out a space walk together this friday. the mission was originally planned right here on this year but had to be canceled because that one properly fitted spacesuits. leading to allegations of embeddeded sexism the nasa administrator jim brian steen said he wanted his eleven year old daughter have the same opportunities he did. apparently thehe next step is sendnding the firsrst woman to k onon the moon. from that now let's go and get some business news for you on google as hit on so it may take us through other business headlinine tie anka. and f fst o of all are you starting off att witith one of e worlrld's fastest growing economies which is now slamming on the brakes. that's china tell us what's happening is there's a china announced 6% gdp growth for the third quarter this year. it may sound like a lot from her daughter western economies but that's
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the lowest figure china's announced in almost thirty years. sure this upon explains that what's behind the drop and what it means for the global economy. at 6% china's economic growth is back to its level in the early nineteen nineties. a major factor behind the slower growth pace. china's t trade war with the us. three hundred and sixty billion dollars wororth of chinese goods. have been hit with tariffs over the last year and a half. china's's national bureau of statistics says exports in september were down by zero point 7% although in many deal was signed betweween beijing and washington tariffs have not been rolled back. we have to be aware that given the complicated in severe economic conditions at home and abroad slowing global economic growth and increasising external instabilitiess and uncertaintits
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economy is on the mounting downward pressure. pressures at home include a swine flu well to break that has delta huge blow to pick farmers china is the world's largest pork producer. consumer demand has also been lower on the whole market. to stimulate growth the government has taken a series of measures in early twenty nineteen including tax cuts in issuing local government bonds for various projects. how will lower chinese growth and a trade war affect global growth the imf says the economy will grow by 3% this year that's the lowest figure since the international financial crisis. the data coming out of china has definitely rattled investors re kindling feaears of a global economic slowdown which will bring for some time european markets closed read across the board investors here are also dealing with
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uncertainty from that key brags a vote in parliament on saturday. french automaker renault is gloomy sales outlook dragging on europe's auto sector and paris's cac earphones which closed down two thirds of a percent. wall street also struggling the dow jones completely raising its gains from the rest of the week with boeing and johnson and johnson performining the worst there on that index the nasdaq also dowow point 6% with tech stocks taking a hit. led by netflix. let's take a look at some other business news from around the world now. more trouble for johnson and johnson as thehe company recalalled thiy three thousand bottles of baby powder in the united states. respected of containing trace amounts of the carcinogens faster. this after a test report from the food and drug administration in the united states should it's best just races in samples taken from one bottle that was purchased online. the fda said it's not aware of any adverse events related to exposure to the affected products. . french economy ministster vanilla meree as paris is working with rome
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and berlin to block facebook's new libre cryptocurrency from use in eueurope. one of the main concerns is that libra could undermine sovereign nations control over their exchange rates. due to the fact that it's backed by traditional money. the g. twenty also saying leave prison risks need to be addressed before its scheduled launch next year. and us aviation regulators criticizing boeing for not immediatelyy disclcling communications between two employees with concerning information on the investigation of the now grounded seven thirty seven max. documents show the boing pilot told a colleague back in two thousand and sixteen. but a key flight handling system was running rarampant. the simulator tests nowow the sysystem is believ to be at the center of the two max crashes that killeld three hundred and forty six people the faa says going knenew about those documents for mines. the only release them this thursday. we are as president donald trump's terrace on sevenen point five billion dollars worth of u. goods take effect today. 10% on
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civilian aircraft and 25% on french wines whiskey cheese and olives from elsewhere in europe. as well as some textiles. the terrorists have been met with outrage from european officials the e. u. trade commissioner said the block had no choice but to retaliate. france's finance minister bruno lemerre says thee trump administration has opened the door to negotiations however. saying it that the sooner they take place the better take a listen. and we still being. that there is another way of addressing the issue. and thats sentiments. the better option. the state of entering into a trade war between the united. states and europe. on these. very specific at this point t case. donald trump did assure the head of french luxury brands lvmh down on on you know that he did not have to worry about terrorists this as he inaugurated a new issue is its own factory in
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texas today. he said that's because all t the handbags and luggage m made at the factory would be made in the usa european leather was coincidentally. exempted from the list of terrorists thomas waterhouse has the story. bebefore they let the kidss cane stititchedhe r ribbon has to be cut. the us president was on hand in eldorado texas to officially open louis vuitton's new fifty million dollar production sites. surrounded by stuff in spindles the president thanked the french company. having confidence in the united states every person bagan piece of luggage produced here in johnson county. will be made by hand and it will bear the symbol of excellence. and read all around the world that it'll also have made in the usa stamped on it so we appreciate. the bags and suitcases turned out here might well be produced on us soil but all of the raw materials including the letter hail from europe. luckily hoyt stone feature on the list of u. products targeted by
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washington's retaliatory tariffs which came into effect this friday. the chief executive of the french fashion house said he's never the less convinced. that the uninited states rememains a land of opportunity. this is sure. to commitment. one ththe commitment of a v. imagege. for so us mark. and to make t things a commitmet of president trump in a land where a quarter of its several sales a generated we've reached already has two workshops both in california and president trump saves the opening of this new one is s part of his vision for creating an american manufacturing renee souls. throw strange time and they're not here with these u. s. terrace taking place in europe but donald trumpmp is saying tht he wants a close relationship with lvmh. no image saying that they think america is still the land of opportunity yeah perhaps donald trump wanting then i still let humbug himself as well you never know. thank
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you very much i'm good at that with a business update on the program time for show break. to stay with us. well these coming up just after this
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