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tv   France 24  LINKTV  November 11, 2019 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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the day at two am et. yeah but its use welcome to live from paris world news and analysis from france twenty four i i'm margrgot in these are the headlines south america's first and only indigenouous presidedet has been forced out. of power by the military if moraleles was facing growing pressuree please push for another mandate against constitution p please lashshing out online claiming he's the victim of. a civic coupe. eleven you had this to be on the way back to france this becauause turkey is sending back prisoners from the syrian conflict these include citizens of a number of countries. okay radicalized went live fights in
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searing terror triple five by the islamic state group. we have exclusive access that with the west the militia in libya our reporters follow them as they continue that fight to displace. general have taught in the standoff for the control of the capital. tripoli first in a series of special reports on the . thank you very much for being with us. morales is been speaking out on social media about his exit from the presidency of bolivia and i am are indian paralysis is south america's only at the indigenous president. h he clais he's a victimm off a civic coupe itit was the head of the army he was repeported as telling her al is that he had to resign internationally r reactions followed along extracted political lines are all this is
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a stalwartrt. of the latin amererican left. in washington s present on the trunk colder the preserervation of f democracy sending a signall to he said legitimate regimes venezuela and nicaragua. the stage crew that's how several governments and close allies of outgoing president able more alice have described the events that led to his resignation. for nicholas mother will venezuela's president the alleged removal of a fellow socialist leader sets a dangerous precedent. i say yes to raising the flag in defense of democracy in bolivia to rejecting this could be taught and to protecting the life of our brother evil moralis who is in danger. in a show of solidarity cuba peru and mexico have also condemned what the view is an attack on believe in democracy. a sentimement echoed by argentina's incoming president and let the dentist and brazil's lula dasilva who
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insisted that his friend had been forcibly removed from office by economic elite. russia a close ally of several left wing governments in the region issued a statement on monday accusing believe his opposition of orchestrating a crew. we view with concern the dramatic development of events in bolivia with the wave of violence unleashed by the opposition did not allow able marathas to complete his presidentialal mandate. meanwhie the european union has also expressedd concern over the events urging all parties to refrain from violence. we call on all parties especially on the authorities to assume their democratic responsibilities and take the appropriate decisions that will allow quick reconciliation and avoid further violence. does the e. u. and the organization of american states have called for fresh elections overseen by an independent electoral bodyy they
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can guarantee transparency in the voting process. stay with the story and that just coming intoto us here mexico's foreiein mininister. sayss t that- he's t lady is up for a minister to guarantee safe passage out of the country full able moralis will keep you across at that store not exactly confirming the morale is asking for- century in mexico but sesame mexico showing concern for the safety of their morale as if we're to believe the words as they are. written let's get some analysis- michael- calipari is the rule of law directctor at the inter american dialogue joining us now live michael given to you- in your opinion is this a coup or is this not a kid what you think. i think it's too early to call it a coup. ever more on this- clearly created this predicament for himself by. violating the constitution and then orchestrating- what appears to be a fraudulent election- the people bolivia a reacted to that they took to
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the streets- four weeks to try to defend their democracy- but at the end of the day was the military that gave- what on this it appears- the final push so we're still waiting for all the facts to come out on that. waiting to see how the mililitay conducts itself going forward- this is not- not great obviously in terms of the militaryry's role in this- but i think it's too early to call it a coup constitutionally does no doubt the morale listed all the stats- into trying to hold on to power- is there. some way to understand behind that he is seeking the best for the country or seeking the best from self what you think. in stepping down in in trying to hold on toto power clearly doing the best for himself- i think- you know whahat i lace- did a lt for bolivia- he was- as was mentioned the first indigenous president- many bolivians took a lot of pride in and moralis- assuming. the presidency- he'd manage the economy of the country- fairly effectively help to bring a lot of people.
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that was accompanied by. a slolw and steady concentration of power that created real concernsns for the future of our democracy- in bolivia but if he had stepped down this year as you promised to do- i think he would have been remembered by history- quite positively- instead he-e- v violated. his pledge she v violated- whatt the peopople of ththe bolivia decidd in a c constututional refereren- and-d- and really orchestrated- his owown reelection to the poit now it appears odds- even holding this-s- this fraudulent. election so i think it's hard to understand that as anything other than a self interested act indeed morales a cooling for new elections saying discontinue elections. that sounds very hollow is a cry right now doesn't it. there are reports of clashes on the streets- his supporters setting up barricades a set me on fire a creating act have become may him that- is the danger amongst old vase. that say for instance
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the could be pushed. towards the far right to rise of those kind of powers. that certainly- one danger- you know you do have i think in in the main opposition candidate carlos nice- somebody who's a little more centrist but- yeah mr camacho- in santa cruz- is a more of a firebrand kind of right wing. opposition leader and he's to gather a lot of momentum over the last. few weeks so there is a- there is an element of this- which is- driven by- sense of- it's kind of vengeance and- you know potential witch hunt which is the last thing- the country needs- bolivian is to focus on finding its way to weigh. and institutional constitutional- peaceful and swift- democratic transitition- towards you know fresh fresh free and fair. elecections that's the pathway that everybody should be focused on- and- now one
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extreme or the other is not the way to get there. okay culinary of the inter american dialogue a rule of law director thank you farmers sophia time and your analysis of the situation but the idea thank you. next to it he says it's begun sending back foreign jihadists to their countries of origin. initial deportations include an american national more than twenty europeans in the process of being sent home it's raising security fears and tension between turkey a nato member. of the alliance countries just the modem has more on this. today turkey deported. a day and d a gentlemaman later this k it's's going to record another nine germans seveven on thursda- two o mo on f fday eleven french. to irish two more e dan. he is s said to help more than seven hundred. foreigign islamic states members in its presence. and it's only political analyst
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here in stark you could p point out but i'm actually contributed to the problem by alallowing would b be recruits o islamic statess to o enter turky i'm crossss the turkish syrian border you're going to join islamic state most of the countries of origin. refused to accept them this is a great. today the tururkish liberalal ns website be a net- said that turkey d deported full islamic states ma'am but to greece. also cruelly- crossing that's a land crossssing between turkey and greece greece refused to accept the medicines are and he was let waiting in the no man's land between the technician will greet older. emmanuel might crawl. strong saiaid franz does not want to take. these islamic state people basically
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put on trial in syria how about can happen when syria is in the civil war he didn't explain box franz is accepting. all right as members this week. the uk and netherlands however being strictly- there are yes nationals all says citizenshshi. do youou kay hasas provokedd. a hundred i it's not. citizens jets what will happen we'll check he sort of tried document heathrow airport- well the british put them on the next plane back to turkey will they shuttle between the two countries i'm so somebody agrees to let them in. we don't know it's a great area. yes the modem ara corresponded that in ankara as tookie starts sending back. to their countries of origin. jihadist fighters this includes the eleven french citizens. on americans already said he won't take them back. from twenty four has a special series of reports on libya offices with the militia trying
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to stop general hi lisa hopped up and taking triply coalition of western fighters is come together to stop the general who seeking to oust the you and backed governmnment. half those received the international backing of us president donald trump he was at a meeting in paris with a manual mackerel back in may this year when he refused the french president's request for a ceasefire. france would oppose reporters cap norris trent. judy dongle huff and abdullah moscow we. war has been dragging on for seven months now on the outskirts of tripoli. as they belong to generate all this was under the control of. we're embedded with fighters from misrata manning the front line in the now deserted neighborhood some ten kilometers from the center of tripoli. it's not a regular army defending the capital but the multitude of militias from wewestern libya. we have to and say hey. we continue on foot to
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avoid being spotted troops fighting for general haftar a just a few hundred meters away. but i don't know. groups of melissa filling his mom sniper positions around the clock. in this semi urban battlefield abandoned homes. the civil explosion it was a strike by cornet missile. we thought you can hear the voices there was shouting. that's another sound worries these fighters far more adadrenaline heads. to throw in which comes from the emirates saudi arabia. . since june the battle for tripoli hasas increasingly played out in the size. yeah. their warning us about the enemy drones there is movement in front the enemy is
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moving we have to deal with that slow down on that so. the u. n. special envoy called libya possibly the largest drone warfare to and the world. the on monday across provide cover for an enemy advance on the ground. the enemies then. dance for the tree. incoming fire intensifies in yet another game of cat and mouse on the fragmented from lines around tripoli. yeah about the prospect of drawings one thing that really concerned about in these long drawn out conflict
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now is being h hit the man. the nose transcend and the team that in libya the first of that special and exclusive report sir the rest of course coming up throughout this week. the second election in spainn this year has resulted in deadlock yet again the socialists the pedal sanchez got most seats but no overall majority the far right vox party. came in third but is ruling out any deal with such as he is not trying to cut a deal with that suit that ununless. the parties whose leader has quit after a disappointing school. the sun rose in spain on monday not to a new political don but even stormy our future. and on the streets of the capital the post election sentiment was just as dreary. as him but that's a bit about the others i think it has been a great blow for assault because we are in the same place as before. the same or worse in my opinion worse. a lesssson the f family with the-i feel we will find ourselves
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with a greater political blockade. it did not go well for the socialists and i think. the center right citizens party has sunk. show me. over in barcelona residents expressed some hope that the socialist party will find a solution. i believe that the socialists will form an alliance with from left to ninety two canan katelyn pro independence movement now holds the key. before the election in as many years resulted in no clear winner but it did produce a search for the far right that has scared some spaniards. eleven for the lesson i find the adadvance of the fall right terrifying. i'mm very angry because of pat could not be reached. they put us at risk by repeating elections frustration was reflected in turn out participation dropped 5% from april's elections to just under 70% while the nation's greatly divided politically the desire to avoid more elections is something
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most everyone can agree on. we get a more reaction for you on that situation situation in spain second action this year second deadlock because sheer shins on the way no sign. of any results yet. top business can we join the study with a big announcement from the aircrcraft maker boeing about it seventy seven max. fleets kate with those plans course have been ground around the world market since a second deadly crash back in march. now boeing says it's continuing to make progress towards re certification but it has slightly pushed back its time frame for resuming passenger flights.s. it helps to begin delivering planes to customers next month and see them back in the air in january. statement saying boeing is working with pilots towards the final validation of the updated training requirements which must occur before the max returns to commercial service. we have to remember of course the ultimate green light will come from safety authorities lilike america's federal aviatan admininistration on the european aviation safety agency and of
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course from airlines themselves. american airlines and southwestern among the carriers have already said thatt they w won't return the max plananes to servicice until at leleast march. pilots have expressed concerns about being adequately traineded on n e planes and on the sofoftware fixes which are intended to prevent any further accidents. investors have welcome this announcement boeing shares were up four point 6% to the closing bell. but those gains d did help the dodojones to o reverse its earlier losses otherwise a mixed close for wall street investors with some renewed concerns about the us china trade war. after donald trump said on friday that he had not agreed to roll back any tariffs at the s. and p. five hundred down about. 2% at the close they're- made european indices were mostly lower thirty one hundred d was weighed down by a slightly stronger pound in the united kingdom. just got count up slightly above the flat line in paris. the u. k. economy managed to avavoid recession in the third quarter of ththe year. after contracting point 2% from april to june. gdp expanded by
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point 3% for that period. according to the office for national statistics. higher government and consumer spending managed to keep the economy growing. it's still a weak peso. on an annual basis it's the lowest in nearly a decade. with businesses expressing ongoing concern about the future. global trade tensions and breaks it uncertainty. meanwhilee the u. k. government did welcome what seems t to be a lifeline for british steel. a chinese conglomerate has agreed to buy the bankrupt producer unconfirmed reports valuing the deal at seventy million pounds. of maxwell reports. it's a deal thatat could save thousands of jobs. chinese group chenier has agreed to buy british steel saying it will invest one point four billion euros in britain second largest steel producer. it's welcome news for scunthorpe a struggling northern english town with the manufacturer is based as well as for the british government. just been keeping the company
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afatat since i it went into liquidation in m may. . i'm delighted that the senate was sigigned tododay. is readyhe positive step forwards to secure. the council area. the deal also includes stakes in dutch still make offensnse t tou a british storefronts which will together employee f five thousand people in the u. k. france and the netherlands. another twenty thousand jobs dependent on the supply chain. she hasn't confirmed how many jobs will be saved but it saysys it plans to upgrade the plalants and machchery to ensure the group's long term sustainable future. the chinese firm makes fine and steel but also has investments in hotels in real estate. this total assets worth over five billion euros. british steel specializes in long steel products used in construction and rail and that the brings shinya a new p produt lines and technologogy. it also gigives the chinesese by accesso europepe's large infrastructurue
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markets but it could face challenges. your canan stiti industry is struggling faced with c cheaper steel from asia and us import tariffs since twenty eighteen. shoppers in china looks set to break records once again in their annual singles day sales extravaganza with initial reports showing purchases up 25% from last year. but with millions of dollars worth of merchandise come thousands of tons of packaging waste. environmental activists are trying to o draw attention to te waste generated by the shopping festival by encouraging people to boycott the sales were take part in swapping events instead. they say only 1% of the plastic packaging used on singles deliveries winds up being recycled. i'll be a hundred and thirty thousand. tonnes of waste were generated during last year's. s singles dy shopping festival you can i guess you can say that about twenty thousand truckloads of waste regenerates. that's an
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excerpt from a report by our beijing correspond shall become you can see the full on our website fronts twenty four dot com we can find it a mark on facebook on the fronts one to four business page. recycling recycling is locking the three most important things for our future kate thank k you very muh too great to see. austria and james miller. how you have great i see it- you've been starting w with a look at how te political upheaeaval i in. bolia isis p playing outside online ad in the media abel morales us to stand down by the military. yes indeed and he has not done so and it's interesting to see just how much fake news is out there it's worth bearing that in mind. what's all schools is what you're looking at if you are looking at this online. and they don't seem to be a coordinated effort. to actually push such agendas out that. at this woman tweeting. on bolivian i'm also a political science student and this is a flat out lie funny how you hate propaganda but use it youoursel. the person she was replying replying to. history to this growing numbers of these lightly fake pro- accounts are
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peering. this one can't even get a slice straight bolivian in the tweets and american in the buyer- this will make me love to you i'm really enjoying the insightful analysis about the situation. bolivia from. and a string of numbers. his account was created. five minutes ago thank you hi there of the likely- very c. o. force that person is tweeting about. an but it does seem that tree third in. available truth it is difficult to come by it the lady at right now. abel morales teaching this himself about the illegal a- warrant. and that's been issued against them. the purpose of the night about stop and others who. found the denied it so it is very. she dozens of people inside as well. and at the has been a loss of celebration and a lot of- rest to use since he stood down on sunday. i'm on twitter
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the whole it does seem it's very much divided into two camps supporters calling it a q. and those who using has tax like. a vote you know welcome morales defeated- but when it did it. go wrong with this is a very interesting piece take a look out in the atlantic- because it is. a cause worth remembering- that abel morales i was sore period of economic growth. huge cuts to the race of poverty as well. i went from 60% of the population 236% of the population living in poverty thoughts millions of people. who are better off by the changes. thanks to the changes that he made in the country however this piece- says that basically it accuseses morales attacking believe is democracy for many years in the headline says. finally he went too far. and he wanted to have a stay this constitutional limits he lost a referendum it was a very narrow but very close fight- then convinced the constitutional court to allow him to o run again and then we have these election irregularities. which pointed towards the fact that his win
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was being at creation. falsified if you will. and now this bryce yasha monk says that although he ruled as a man of the people. that he lost us. because people resent arbitrary rule he's very critical chief. of left wing western politicians who like to romanticize the pink tight as it's known and the wave of left wing politicians he swept to power in. latin america insert lost twenty years old. and it is. borne out by what was seeing at being talked about here in the west here in france. jon duke militia leader of left holes and see me is that the rebellious from school. at various different translations for that policy and very left wing. he has said this is a military perch at and it's been backed by friends of the- s. and p. you. who have restored that democracy as about his take on it jeremy corbyn two in the united kingdom he was the leader of the opposition labor party. at said to see. abel morales who
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along with powerful movement will say much social progress. falls from office by the ministry is a pulling i condemn this cute. and but there's an interesting taken this an opinioniece in that the independent. at coooo beans responsibibility it shows how te lele continues the factor shies socialism. a and basicallyly all starteted in the seventies would take o of art that this will assess. the whole left and see just with conditions and. this certainly shaken people ask that. yes because it's not tremendously common head and frowns and it's certainly not common to have one of t these sitetes. att peoplple suddenlnln by surprprise in the sosoutheasf fronts lots of ththem to o reacg funnyny littltle justt like ths one this woman saying it's the first time she'd ever exrienced. an earthquake and the stf andaying it was certainly surprising- but jeff
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of somebody looking a little sweaty and nervous. some of the accounts show that it really was quite alarming- this piece in the policy are has spoken to a number of. witnesses one saying it like an electric shock in my legs feet and cost the earth and the walls started to move. but while strongg five point four out mike to shoot the highest measurement to actually being found in the r. dash- i'm looking at this graphical sir from the piscium. it's been more than a century since we've had a large earthquake. six point two back in nineteen oh nine. at this time around five point four r sx three e but a sizeable earthquae in dc. people tweeting out. images of the dip damage to their homes not particularly significant. bus of course we do have one pernjured when some scaffolding collapsed. this building showing at this is in the town of the epicenter of the quake showing an enormous crack in that building which is all the more. discerning when you consider the fact that the
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epicenter was less than thirty kilometers away from
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11/11/19 11/11/19 [captioning made possible by democracy now!] amy: from new york, this is dedemocracy now! >> to m my brothers and sisistef olivia, , the whole world, i wat to i inform you t that i'm heheh ththe vice presidedent andnd mir of health, , that i have decided afafter listing to my frienendsn the bolivivian worker center r d also l listening to the catholic church, to resigign my positions president. amy: bolivia's firsrst indigenos presesident eva momorales has resigned following what he
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