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tv   Al Jazeera English News Bulletin  LINKTV  November 11, 2019 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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♪ mexico says it is granted asylum to morales after he resigned as bolivia's president, following mass protests. this is al jazeera, live. also coming up -- hong kong witnesses one of the most violent days in five months of antigovernment demonstration.
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declared the people's enemy. rewrite ang to constitution t that datates baco its mililitary dictatorsrship. and when the smallest planet puts on a show. ♪ >> mexico has promised a safe haven but will not say if morales is actually headed there. stepping down he was granted asylum. he has called his removal approved. his departure followed weeks of protests, pointing to irregularities in last month's election. you that a few
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moments ago i received a call from morales whereby he received our invitation and requested political asylum in our country. the mexican foreign minister, with the prior opinion has decided to grant political asylum to mr. morales for humanitarian reasons and by virtue of the emergency situation he faces in bolivia. >> the prime minister of mexico said that he took that call from morales, that he granted him .sylum here it is now a case of getting off apparentlya and there are negotiations between mexico and bolivia's department
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of ministry to make that happen. the president said this yesterday when all of this started kicking off, that he respected morales's decision to resign to avoid more bloodshed and to keep the peace in that country. latin america has been very divided over this. countries like venezuela and cuba have been named that this is a military coup, duck-hee has been pushed out by the army. the ones to the right, brazil and columbia have wanted to focus on the election, which and been widely disputed had serious irregularities going on, saying it has really caused this. is keen on peace in
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u.s.,a, including in the which has not called this a coup. moment. doubt at the a bit of a power vacuum at the moment in the country. looking andll be hoping that these get resolved. >> the resignation has left bolivia in some uncertainty. sanchez has more for what is next for the country. >> it is a city that is nearing a shutdown with its schools closed, restaurant and shops. a lot of people are afraid of the violent protests that continue through the day and night. change,er vacuum could if the new interim president is
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sworn in as planned on tuesday. lawyer politician who has been in the senate for more than 10 years, and she is .he third vice president she has accepted the task of becoming the next interim president, but that will only happen if the majority of legislators attend the ceremony and participate in the swearing in. two thirds of the members of congress -- it remains to be seen if that will indeed happen. in the meantime, she has talked recently and said they already musta timetable, that they call elections immediately and
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hopefully there will be a new president in bolivia by 2022. >> that will be an urgent meeting on tuesday to discuss bolivia and donald trump saying that paralysis's departure sends a message. that democracy will always prevail. the first message from u.s. officials a day after morales left. the political violence between all classes of the bolivian population needs to stop right now. reportersalso told that they do not consider what happened politically inside bolivia to be a coup against morales's government. byy believe a report put out the states confirms what they have been suspecting, that members of the government conspired to throw the october
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20 election his way. they do not believe that anyone who was a member of morales' political party, involved in what they are calling electoral fraud should be allowed to replace him as the new president when elections are held in the next 90 days. these u.s. officials also said that they are very concerned about the rule of law being respected, but it is noteworthy -- basicallytary preventing them from getting involved in the security situation because of long-standing historical fears of another military power taking hold. hashe chief executive described protesters as the enemy of the people and vows that she will not bow to their demands. one of the most violent days since the protest began.
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an activist was shot by police. >> protesters started blocking roads and rail lines during the rush hour. a district on the east of hong kong island, an officer was filmed as he grappled with a demonstrator and pointed his gun at a second protester, shooting him in the torso. andman underwent surgery was put in intensive care. anyhey shot the boy without warning. >> they are in the middle. thatlice are concerned bullets were fired during the incident. fired and witnesses
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were caught by surprise. fired, thergas being protesters have returned and are trying to block the intersection . >> police say another protester -- theo hurt by antigovernment movement called a general strike. major highways were blocked and more than 20 train stations slowed. in a press conference, hong kong's chief executive condemned the violence. >> by escalating violence, the hong kong government will yield to pressure?
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to set aside its so-called political demand? i am making this statement loud and clear. that will not happen. violence is not going to bring us any solution to the problem that hong kong is facing. >> members of the public accused police of using unnecessary force against them. >> we are hong kong citizens. we are hong kong. asothers were arrested police cut down on the demonstrations. violence like this has become a new norm with the shooting of one protester and the setting on fire of another, escalating an already serious situation. kong police say they suspended an officer who rode a bike into a crowd of protesters during the violence.
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theo shared online showed officer weaving through a group of demonstrators at high speed. the footage displays an out-of-control officer with a mindset of retaliation. atomic watchdog has confirmed that iran is increasing the management of uranium, breaking its commitments to the nuclear agreement. the agency confirmed enrichment mostking place under the significant breaches. they are extremely concerned about the violation. commitments to nuclear deal have deteriorated since donald trump pulled out of the deal in 2018 and started we imposing sanctions against iran. tongue the organization to start rolling back its commitments under the deal. tehran said they planned to
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break enrichment limits and confirmed it was stockpiling enriched uranium that was allowed under the agreement. they declared they were enriching uranium to 5%. it is in excess of the limit outlined in the deal. a former u.s. state department official says this is a calculated move by tehran. >> i think it is intended to raise the stakes. intended to force the u.s. and european union, even china and russia to take iran's situation much more seriously. no other country, not even imac , not evenam hussein imac was under such crippling sanctions that iran is under. even they were able to sell oil for food. i van cannot even do that.
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it is an attempt to force the international community, the u.s. and even china and russia to take iran's situation more seriously. in some ways, they have. have seen the japanese and even the u.s. and united arab emirate toward a negotiated settlement. it is far off and a high risk that but it is something they must do to break the sanctions. rulesll ahead, a court that they must repatriate the dutch women in syria. cambodian opposition leader needs supporters after being freed. ♪
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>> here is a reminder of our top stories. silent to bolivia's former president, asking the country to ensure his safe departure. the former leader resigned. hong kong's chief executive has described protesters as the enemy of the people. an activist was shot by police. the u.n. atomic watchdog has confirmed that iran is increasing its uranium enrichment. the eu says it is extremely concerned about the violation. a dutch court has ordered the netherlands to repatriate more than 50 children of the women who joined isil in syria. they have asked their families to return home from the camp in
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northern syria. the judge ruled the mothers need not be sent back. withguring out what to do women and children associated with the many is -- enemy is not a new problem. this issue in the netherlands, what to do about 23 dutch women and their 56 children under the age of 12, many of them born in the vast, desperate cap in northern syria. their families have demanded that they be brought home but the government has said, no thanks. >> and his ruling, the judge demanded that they had a duty to show it was trying to repatriate the children and their mothers if the kurdish commanders said so, all within 13 days. >> we are only willing to give back the children if the dutch authorities also take back the women?
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that is the way it has to be ended has been the position up until now. is a little women girl. she suffered mental health issues growing up and was persuadedy isil and to go to syria to be a bride to a fighter. explosion,foot and but she does not have children, so she is stuck. her family is devastated. >> we had her passport. when we saw that she was planning for a second traveled to syria, every family did that. they said yes, they are there. it is very hard to hear that. >> what might the dutch government do now? dutch are actually prepared to do it themselves is something else again because
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they have already said it is too dangerous, but americans are prepared to go to perform the task for them. very likely, the will be trying to outsource their own problem. a big problem in a number of countries is public opinion, which insists that anyone who entered syria in the last five years new exactly what they were doing and they should lose their rights. the next question, what to do with them? turkey's interior ministry has begun a program to repatriate captured fighters. from ireland and france are said to be deported in the later days. at most, seven people have died and 17 more injured after blast
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in a kurdish town. turkey. borders it exploded near a hotel. it has been the scene of multiple explosions since it's offensive. rescue -- rescue, ar of mayday group that trained volunteers in the syrian civil defense. an investigation is being launched after his body was found here his home. they have been credited with saving thousands of people during years of bombing. by theeing remembered u.k. ambassador to bun -- the u.n. look very closely to see
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how the investigation goes. beope that the voters will able to investigate very thoroughly. we will give them any assistance that they require. all the record, the russian charges against him that came out of the foreign ministry that he was a spy are categorically untrue. >> the u.s. is calling for the iraqi government to end the violence against protesters. more people have been killed since demonstrations erupted last month. killing at least nine people. the prime minister regrets the debts but blames them on individual violations by those in law enforcement. protests have broken out in chile. the president's
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plans to rewrite the constitution, a central demand of the protesters. protectionsexcludes for social rights. latin america editor reports. >> the unmistakable sight and sound of the national dents. in the same plaza where the largest protests are taking place, these people came to remind them that there are things that unite them all. a decisive time that is making us reflect on who we are. we need to feel empowered and take responsibility for the solutions to our demands. >> one of them is the new constitution, weeks of unrelenting protest being seen as independent -- indispensable to pave the way for the free market system. the current constitution was
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imposed under the dictatorship. model of the constitution has health, social security and labor relations to the private sector. the state plays a minimal role. instead of benefiting collective needs, it concentrates resources and a few hands without providing necessary resources. >> but other experts argue that the current constitution is not to blame, rather the laws and public policies that failed to meet people's needs. >> i am not saying that it cannot improve, but i fear there will be a huge clash between the reality of what a constitution can and cannot do. >> after weeks of unrelenting protest, it is being seen as a necessary step to pave the way
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for structural changes to the free market system. for many, that is no longer enough. call for early general elections before they can tackle a new charter. >> we need to legitimize our social changes by turning to our citizens. actively,be consulted and that starts by letting them choose who will represent them. carta origin of the magna is undisputed. it will not rectify all the country's wrongs, but it could .e a good way to start over >> a cambodian opposition leader has made his first public appearance since being released
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from house arrest. ands banned from politics leaving the country. >> the president of the opposition rescue party spent his first full day of relative freedom still in his home in the capital. he met diplomats, the first ambassador of friends, one of the countries applying the most pressure on cambodian government. he did not talk to the media but his spokesman said the meetings where an opportunity to say thank you. greetings andress to interact on a personal level. banned fromll political activities and the charge of treason against him stands. the decision to end his arrest glazierer flying into saying he will return to
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cambodia. security has been deployed on the streets as a warning to anyone thinking about helping him achieve his goal of overthrowing the government. the european union will deliver a report to the government, outlining its concerns over a decline in democracy and human rights. it is threatening to withdraw the significant improvement made the ruling party says the decision was not made in response to threats. this is the opinion of outlawed rebels who have already taken up issue with the government. his case is under the control of the court, so it is not relevant. >> developments come in the middle of an important holiday, the annual water festival. politics is absent as they converge on the capital to mark the end of the wet season when
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the river changes direction. even if the government is able to appease the european union, there are questions over if there will be significant ace in the short-term term for the rescue party. he has tried very hard to destroy the threat posed by the opposition, but undoing the damage completely now seems unlikely. they see the international pressure and an opportunity to resume their careers and their campaign to change the country's direction. >> strong winds are pushing bushfires closer to the biggest city in australia. temperatures with set to rise. already seeing more fires breaking out. the cindy area has been designated as an area of catastrophic injury.
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stargazers around the world have witnessed a rare show as mercury past directly between the earth and the sun. it could be seen as a tiny black disc as it traveled. >> around the globe and fair fowle, -- fair weather they r returned d to the sun.. it shown a littltle less brighty as mercury transited across, leaving a freckle of darkness. for a small planet, that is a big deal. >> it does not happen all that often. a transit occurs when a planet like mercury or venus crosses and every century, it only occurs from mercury 13 times. time mercury was visible was in 2016 and the next
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in 2032. if you missed it in 2012 and you want to e.a., it will not happen until 2117. for centuries, no one noticed because it is so small by comparison. if this is the size of mercury, that is the size of the sun. scientists are able to identify new planet or exit planets and others, more than 4000 x of planets have been covered 1992. >> the universe is billions of years old and life is so short. for me, it is like being able to see as much in our universe as possible. >> it helps those of us on earth understand a
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