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tv   Al Jazeera English Newshour  LINKTV  November 15, 2019 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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>> this is al jazeera. ♪ >> hello. this is the news hour from al jazeera. speak andthe right to freedom of speech, just as others do. >> donald trump is accused of attending to ended -- intimate eight the former u.s. ambassador to the ukraine as she testified at the impeachment inquiry. >> how is it that foreign corrupt interests can manipulate our government? >> and that testimony, , marie yovanovitch talked about the smear campaign of her reputation
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before her removal of the post -- from the post. no let up in the public theory even though chile's government has agreed to a referendum for a new constitution. prayers, bringing hope as a court in the u.s. offers a retrial for a black man on death row for killing a white woman 20 years ago. ♪ u.s. president donald trump is facing accusations of intimidation after attacking the latest impeachment witness on twitter. she testified before congress on friday. she was the u.s. ambassador to the ukraine before she was recalled earlier this year. whethers are looking at president trump promised political age ukraine in
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exchange for investigation of his opponents back home. >> president trump has said he was too busy to west impeachment inquiry hearings leading to end his presidency. he found time to catch some of the hearing unfolding on live tv. he tweeted about the witness on the stand. the former ambassador to ukraine, a woman he ousted from the post. >> as we testify, the president is attacking you on twitter. i would like to give you the chance to respond. i will read one of his tweets. " everywhere marie yovanovitch wet turned bad -- went turned bad." how would you like to respond to the president attacked? >> i can't speech with what the president is doing. the effect is to be intimidating. >> she is a career diplomat who served more than 30 years under both parties. the basis for the current impeachment inquiry, trump told
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the president of ukraine told her she was bad news and would go through something. >> it was a terrible moment. a person who saw me reading the transcript said the color drained from my face. i had a physical reaction. it did not sound good. it sounded like a threat. trump's attacks on jovanovich amount to witness intimidation, possibly in additional impeachment charge. trump defended his tweets, saying he had no intention to intimidate. >> i have freedom of speech just as others do. they have taken away the republicans rights. was called from ukraine without cause. she had been accused of undermining trump and was a target of a spear campaign conspired between rudy giuliani, his private attorney, and corrupt ukrainian officials. >> what continues to amaze me is
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that they found americans, willing to partner with them, and working together, they succeeded in orchestrating the removal of a u.s. ambassador. she said she still does not know why she was ordered home on the next plane. she was gone by the time the white house frozen security 80 to ukraine and trump pressed the ukrainian president to investigate his political rivals. the publicans say democrats have been able to tie trump to an impeachable offense. >> the problem of trying to overthrow president based on this type of evidence is obvious. that is what their whole case relies on. beginning with secondhand and thirdhand information. thisgetting his defense is new evidence of possible witness intimidation. in the form of trump's tweet that materialized before the public's very eyes. democrats have tried to build
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marie yovanovitch up as a sympathetic witness. now trump may have helped them make that case while putting his own presidency in greater jeopardy. with us now from washington is henry olson, senior fellow at the ethics and public policy center, a think tank in the capital. nice to have you with us. i don't know if you agree with the idea of witness intimidation, but at the very least, it is not normal to have the person who is ostensibly being investigated shouting from the sidelines during a hearing like this. >> this is in a judicial hearing. it's a political event in the president is right that he has free speech. i don't think he was well advised to tweet what he tweeted or do it while she was testifying. it's not an attempt to intimidate a witness. to make surept
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that he has his point of view in the public. if he had done it three or five hours later, i don't think we would be having this discussion. this is one of those things that will be forgotten about 48 hours later. >> you are saying it is more the issue that resented schiff actually chose to read the tweet out in the hearing. >> that's correct. this is a partisan, political maneuver. schiff was shrewd to pick up on a key piece of information he could use to drive news coverage and a new piece of story to people who have already decided they want him removed. it won't change any minds and it is another example of the sort of things we talked about today and by monday morning, we will be talking about something else. ? could it not affect -- >> could it not affect future witnesses? >> i don't think so. anyone who is coming as a
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witness, what they will be is testifying under penalty of perjury. anyone who will be called will have already testified in private. if they see something different in public than private, and the democrats on the committee will be surprised they will try to hold that person to account. i don't think this is anything that is going to be surprising to anyone who has followed president trump. they know he is aggressive and that he will take his views to the public. i don't think anyone who is under oath and can go to jail for lying is going to do so because they are afraid of a tweet. >> let's talk more about the testimony. it's all second and thirdhand stuff, that's what some are saying. today was a career diplomat, someone well respected under multiple presidents, who was removed from her job and never been told why by anyone.
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example of ther poor personnel administration of the trumpet ministration. they don't treat people well. they didn't treat the secretary of state well. they did not treat john bolton well. they didn't treat anyone well when he was expected to be able to offer a letter of resignation, then president trump tweeted out that he was going not of his own volition. it's an unfortunate byproduct of how this president operates. it's not a good thing, but it's not surprising. the president is not a normal politician. this is a case of him being rougher than he needed to be. >> do you have any thoughts as to why they do this? every representative who spoke today would always say to them best rio evanovich, thank you for your service. there is clearly a lot of service -- respect for what she has done over her career.
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why does that get blown out of the water in -- for many different people? trumphink president thanks, as we can discern, he think highly of himself. i don't think he thinks well of experts. he expects people in his employ and and ambassador does serve at the pleasure of the president. he does not need any cause to remove ambassador at any time he wants to under our constitution. he expects that person to be along with his agenda. he decided she was not. he should have done it in a more polite way. he should not have quoted her courtesies. present does, the not do that. that's something the american people have to decide, when he comes up for election, whether that is important enough to remove him from office. >> thank you.
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process is also focusing attention on corruption in ukraine. cut between the u.s. and russia's rival, ukrainians are looking to the president to steer the nation and clean up its political system. we have a report from pf. -- kiev. >> ukraine's flagship initiative to fight widespread graft. but at the highly installed high court of corruption, the cases are piling up. a former deputy governor of the national bank is in the dark. he is suspected in an embezzlement case of nearly $50 million. with a bailout package approved, the imap is asking them to recover an estimated $50 million that disappeared from the country's banks. they include one previously owned by a supporter of president for the mayor's lenski zelenskiy.
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up,his process to clean it it was very painful for the society and government and budget. today, i can tell you i do not see any alternatives. >> the impeachment process in the u.s. has focused people's attention on ukraine's long history of corruption. combating corruption is one of his most important election promises. >> while many in ukraine considered the u.s. it supporter in its fight against corruption, this seems to have changed.
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politics, itld of is an attempt to use ukraine as a leverage for personal portico interest by american politicians. >> he found himself dragged into the case against trump when he was accused by the president personal lawyer in meddling in elections in 2016. rudy giuliani claimed he meddled by exposing secret payments to trump's campaign chairman, paul manafort. he denies that claim. >> i'm a target of some american politicians and employers who made themselves useful for mr. and then they made up a bunch of "facts." gozelensky's efforts to after those who have enriched themselves over the years at the country's impressed many. many also say it is only the beginning and the results have yet to be seen.
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one other note about washington. a former advisor to the u.s. president has been found guilty of seven offenses, including lying to congress and witness tampering. roger stone was charged earlier this year during the investigation into russian interference in the election. he has now been found guilty of lying to congress about his contact with wikileaks through the election. and his efforts to push his associates to back up his mind. inwill be sentenced february. >> it did not take the jury long. seven hours is all they needed to find roger stone guilty of all seven counts of obstructing an investigation, lying to congress and intimidating a witness. during the election, stone put ,ut messages on social media that wikileaks released emails that were hacked from the democratic party. the intelligence community believes it would -- it was done by russian hackers.
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theirss, as part of investigation into election interference cold stone and he said it wasn't me, it was another guy, there was no evidence i was coordinating between wikileaks and the trump campaign. the prosecution came out with tons of evidence saying that he was trained to get information from wikileaks and conveying it to the campaign, including two donald trump. the most serious charge is the potential of intimidating a witness. there, this witness had messages from stone, where he quoted the mafia and threatened to get rid of the man's dog. now what happens? bewill be sentenced and will sentenced up to 50 years in prison. he will face much less time than that most likely. he will be looking for his longtime friend and associate to give him a pardon. that is probably his best bet to stay at a prison -- stay out of prison. >> what's have a look at what is coming up.
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tension on the streets of bolivia. that is our journalist caught up in the unrest. a former finance minister could be lebanon's next prime minister. the on-field attacks that resulted in a player getting an indefinite pain from the game. let's looking chile we politicians have agreed to pay a referendum on a new constitution. it was announced on friday saying that some opacified some protesters have been out on the streets for now. it has not worked. were once again teargas by police. as our latin
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american editor. the idea of the constitutional referendum. i think you said 24 hours ago, it wasn't the kind of thing that will make people happy. at least not in the short term. >> not happy enough. see there are thousands of people who have come out yet again onto the streets, continuing to call for short, medium and long-term reforms for the -- in the country. a large number, less than 24 hours after the opposition and pro-government deputies ended up with a historic agreement to draft a constitution that would put to bed the one that is still in place. that was written in 1980 under the pinochet dictatorship. you think that would make everybody happy, because that was one of their key demands. they said they want to see the
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small print. they do not trust the politicians that have put this agreement together. it will go to a referendum. that oneple are saying of the requirements of writing this constitution will be that each article has to be approved by two thirds. they argue this will mean the month -- the minority, the wealthy will still be able to , ink substantial reforms health, pensions, and salaries, same thing people have been asking for for more than a month. trustling is they don't their politicians enough to even agree on something they have been asking for all this time. we are seeing them out here, carrying signs and flags behind me. some people are starting to leave. there is a lot of teargas and pepper spray. just about 150 meters away from me. it is being spread to where we can feel it and we are breathing it. it will probably end in more clashes with riot police.
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just as we have had for more than 29 days. >> you mentioned the flag before. can you explain what it symbolizes? this is the indigenous flag of the indigenous people of latin america. it also represents them approach a -- the original settlers of chile and argentina. been pushed aside and had their land taken away. they were not so present in these demonstrations. it was more education and health and better pensions. now they have come to the forefront as well. everyone is carrying the flag. yesterday was the anniversary of the killing of one of the main community leaders. that was commemorated and people were black and they have not forgotten. one of the things people say is needed in a new constitution is
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to give them a right to their land that they have lost. >> bolivia is expelling all venezuelan diplomats accusing them of meddling in the country's internal affairs. venezuela is a key out -- ally of the former president, evo sought, who resigned and asylum in mexico after weeks of protest. protesters are back in the honest, demanding and transition of power. the present -- the president who is under fire. another one of our correspondence got caught up in the unrest. have a look at this. [speaking foreign language] police just threw teargas at me on purpose. this is what is happening in the middle of a plaza where
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political have been -- people have been protesting peacefully. a police officer just through teargas on my eyes. it is hard to speak. sorry. there were dozens of police officers here just through teargas in my eyes. there are people protesting here, trying to make it to the presidential palace. there have been ongoing classes with those who are defending evo morales. the police are angry at the police. they see them as supporting the coup against the government. many have told us they would rather have a military government then have what is happening in bolivia with the police on the streets, the military on the streets. there have been some tweets ane's out that jeanine spoke about, patchy mama -- pachimama, and the -- the
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indigenous flag, people are angry with what is happening in this country. they say it's a coup and there demanding elections right now. this is something the government has not been able to deal with. when are elections going to take place? >> amazing reporting. personto iraq, one killed and more than 1000 wounded in a bomb blast in baghdad. detonated.e in a car earlier, two people were killed and a dozen injnjured after eu forces fired teargas and live rounds during antigovernment demonstrations. leader calleda for calm in his weekly sermon. demonstrators have been killed
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and thousands wounded since the demonstrations began on october 1. the protesters are angry about the widespread corruption, unemployment and core basic services. here is more from baghdad. >> the smoke you are seen as square 300 meters to the north of where we are. we are in the epicenter of demonstrations. square is a square in which there have been repeated clashes and a cycle of violence that keeps happening the past couple of days. this is where they approach the bridges that lead to parts of the city. this is the epicenter. this is the only place where it is lawful for people to protest. there is a lot of contradiction. you have the violence going on in other squares.
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here, it's a most festive. you also have medics bringing injured people for treatment. here are several ambulances. there were volunteer medics and professional medics. and these drivers that act as ambulances. they bring the injured here for treatment. here you have a festive atmosphere at times. if you look around me, there are families here. mothersre families and and fathers bringing their children. wall wherestretch of there are many miracles and protest art that has been painted and repainted. there are a lot of different things going on.
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everybody i have spoken with today told me they do not believe the government is listening and taking their demands into account. they say they are going to .ontinue blocked the the has execution of a man under throw. he was post to be executed next week. hendren in austin, texas. we were talking about how you are at a visual where you are helping verbs -- for some sort of a breakthrough. tell us how it went down. >> when most of us woke up this morning, we had no idea how much longer we had to live. rodney reed did.
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five days to go in his life. his family has been calling for a reprieve. lawyers they've have gotten affidavits and him and asking the court and governor and the u.s. supreme court for a reprieve. that is exactly what just happened. the texas court of criminal appeals has decided it must be considered, what the new evidence is that suggests that raudy read is not a guilty man. there will be a definite celebration. we spoke with his mother tonight. she said all they have left is hope. he will have to await the court proceedings that look at the new evidence. the new evidence does corroborate his story. there is a colleague of the victim in this case.
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a woman who was raped and murdered and left on the roadside. she had raudy read's dna on her. knewfriend now says she having avictim was relationship with rodney reed. he claims they had a sexual encounter within hours of when she was found. what is a more explosive piece of evidence, there is a member of the area and brotherhood, a man named arthur snow, who says he spoke to the for not -- fiancé of the victim, who was also in prison due to an unrelated kidnapping and sexual assault case. member conversation, a of the area and brotherhood says that for now says that he killed his girlfriend because he knew she was having an affair with a black man. , no case is moving forward
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determination on time now. this happened just hours after the parole and pardons board recommended to the governor of texas that there be a a 120 day. await --y peers app to 120 day period to wait. >> sri lanka's former defense chiefs come baxter's ethnic tensions ahead of saturday's election. with france preparing to mark a year of the yellow vests protest, just how has it evolved? mostll hear from china's successful swimmer, who is fighting to save his career at a legal hearing in switzerland. ♪
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>> rain sitting here. cold air coming down from canada. should be mostly dry day. a degree above freezing in new york. working into the northern rockies. bits and pieces of snow. not particularly heavy snow. 14 celsius in seattle on sunday. six degrees in new york. this is the trend. saturday is the cold day. the time we get to monday, it will be still cooler, but the mild weathther does come with oe or two showers. plenty of showers across the caribbean. widespread and scattered. central america and still
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unsettled into southern areas of mexico. showers in mexico city. it does clear away from the yucatán peninsula. dry anand have a. ♪ >> we are in the news here at al jazeera. donald trump is facing accusations of intimidation after attacking the latest impeachment witness on twitter and she testified before congress. marie yovanovitch was the ambassador to ukraine. to a u.s.dvisor president has been found guilty of seven and -- offenses, including lying to congress and witness tampering. roger stone was charged with the investigation into russian
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interference in the desolation interference in the 2016 election. politicians in chile have paved the way for a referendum on the new constitution. pacifying antigovernment protesters has been on the streets for weeks. brazil's military says it will investigate -- israel's military said they will look into deaths in gaza. a senior commander was killed by israelis on tuesday. rockets were fired in retaliation, which lead to retaliation from israel, killing 34 people in gaza. a cease-fire remains fragile. ofin the early hours thursday morning, three simple better when holmes stood next to fields here in central guards to -- gaza. in an instant, they were blown apart in an israeli airstrike. eight members of a hanley were killed as they slept.
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one of the surviving children had raised the alarm at are trying to pull his siblings from the rubble. >> we looked for bodies under the rubble. body parts, everywhere. we were looking for individual members of the family, searching. >> and the hours after the a man, israel said killed identified as a rocket commander in the military wing of islamic jihad. israeli media accompanied this image. islamic jihad said he was not one of his members. his neighbors tell us the same thing. they passed us photos of a different man, who they say belonged to 80's -- demobilized palestinian police force. >> no one could believe it. he was a simple man. he lived a simple life. a cousin takes us to a nearby house, where the children are being looked after. 11 of them survived the blast.
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one that is two months old, covered in sand, under piece of metal. >> the children are being kept busy with everyone around, supporting them. but tomorrow, when people go home, they will start to realize the calamity. >> five of these children's siblings and cousins were killed. a man and his wife. than a day on, the man -- the thing that strikes you is the discharge between the sheer flimsiness of the materials from which these were built in the power of the weaponry that came here to destroy them. israel is saying it was targeting empty buildings. it was unaware they were occupied. one of the questions left open is why try to destroy improvised bedouin homes such as these at all? >> the israeli explanation has
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shifted from it is that -- assassination of a jihad commander to destroying a structure that it did not realize housed what he called noncombatants. jazeera,ement to al the israeli military said thursday " the idf struck a military structure. according to the information available, no civilians were expected to be ismed as a result. the idf invest getting the harm caused to civilians. a steady flow of mourners still comes. this attack on a sleeping family has caused anger across gaza. the israeli military has he to give a full account of why and how it happened. >> protesters in lebanon a railing against reports that a former finance minister accused of corruption might be appointed prime minister. they blocked roads, some were beaten and had to be taken to hospital.
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human rights watch is condemning the violence. more from beirut. >> friends and family come to man in hospital, relieved he is alive, but outraged at what happened. been participating in antigovernment protests and said he was attacked and beaten by soldiers on friday morning. he shows me his injuries, telling me he is lucky to be alive. >> they used maximum force against me. withldiers were beating me batons, the butter their guns. i was knocked unconscious eventually. i was dragged along the floor and thrown into the side of the street. >> he had gone out to protest after it was reported that a former finance minister was being touted as lebanon's next prime minister. fellow protesters were a angered to the man accused of corruption was being considered, so they blocked the road in protest. the army's response was to beat some of them.
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>>'s friend had -- had his head could open after he was hit over the head with a baton. he was on local tv, raising hate -- his hands, shouting, you might want blood, but are protesters peaceful. there are concerns that freedom of expression are being curtailed. on friday, human rights watch issued a report that documented not just the physical crackdown on free speech, but how politicians are using laws to imprison those who criticize them. >> public officials have started using the criminal laws to silence their critics. we saw three recently. two by the heads of political parties. the rights group says there is a shift and have securities -- next now -- now security forces are being used to suppress riots.
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-- protesters. we set during the first few weeks of protest, the reports of arrests of protesters were protesting in a limited way. what we saw yesterday was incredibly alarming. >> what started off as spontaneous protests on -- in october have led to a month-long uprising that has paralyzed the country economically and politically. throughout this time, the government has failed to deal with the protesters' demands. the apparent increase in the use of violence by sections of the security services will only increase the anger felt across several sections of lebanese society. statements were issued on their tutor accounts, saying it was it's soldiers that came under attack from protesters and they acted in self-defense. no mention was made of the protesters injured in the attack. if the idea behind -- behind attacking protesters to scare them off the streets, people say
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it has done the opposite. >> they have increased my strength tenfold. i am waiting for the doctor to discharge me and i will go directly to protest. >> has a 16-year-old daughter should be in school. her father tells her there is no future in a country that has no freedom or justice. school can wait. the revolution can't. it is her future that he is fighting for. thousands of algerians have been on the streets to protest against the elite for the 39th friday in a row. demonstrators are rejecting the election scheduled for december. they said the vote could not be free or fair while the allies of the former leader is in power. protesters are calling for all of those leaders to step down. widespreadacing for
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antigovernment protests to mark one year since the yellow vests movement. last november, demonstrators put on their fluorescent jackets and hit the streets of a fuel taxes. it quickly became a broader revolt. a look at how the movement has changed. >> it started as a grassroots protest over high fuel prices. it rapidly turned into something much bigger. a social movement about the rising cost of living and against the president accused by demonstrators favoring the rich. has shook theence french government. one year on, it has lost momentum. the number of demonstrators at weekly rallies has dwindled. some yellow vests say it is not over. the yellow vests movement has changed. there used to be up to 1000
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people here. we are less visible now. we are still committed. patrice was blinded at a protest. in a few seconds, his life changed forever. he lost his sight, later his job, but he did not lose his define what heo calls the french system. >> i will continue this fight until the end. it's clear that this yellow vests movement had the power to shape -- shake the republic. >> it is clear that the yellow vests movement succeeded in forcing the french president to change his approach and do more to help working people who struggled. >> this analyst says yellow are not inrters
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agreement over the movements a -- aims. >> it has failed to become a political movement. and itbeen an organized has destroyed every spokesperson that has emerged. it has failed to go into elections. on one side, it has a huge impact on the political landscape. on the other, it did not put his mark on that landscape. >> yellow vests supporters hope protests to mark the first anniversary will revive the cause. it will not be easy. the new french revolution is increasingly elusive. pro-democracy protesters in hong kong the fighter warning by present xi jinping and have been out of the streets again. they made five demands to be met by the hong kong government.
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antigovernment protests started five months ago. sri lankans had to the polls on saturday, months after the deadly easter bombings. a presidential candidate is in the fray, but his comeback has divided the nation. he has links to radical buddhist monks. it has been restored as a place of worship after last april's suicide bomb attack. 114 people were murdered here on eastern sunday. eight,ber was one of killing tuner to see three people. one of the caretakers saw it all. >> i think a righteous government will be good for the
5:42 pm
church. we can resolve issues of the church and can find out who committed this offense. >> a damming parliamentary report says intelligence agencies and politicians were briefed that attacks were coming, but failed to act. , this man nextng his candidacy for the presidency, promising to restore security. that makes others nervous. one of his textile shops stood here. it was one of 100 set on fire but buddhist nationalists, days after the easter attacks. politiciansy some have been campaigning is anything to go by, we think muslims will have to be cautious. >> right wing buddhist nationalist groups support the campaign, but he has said he will create a secure environment in which all sri lankans will be able to live in peace perspective of race or religion.
5:43 pm
on the peninsula, and other minority worries about the return. people are missing after he oversaw a crushing of fighters to end a 60 year long civil conflict. he would be 28 today. place i have not gone in search of her. there is nowhere to be found. the plate has been the same. >> she fears what progress can be made to account for the missing might be reversed for the government that may not want to look too closely into the past. it is only seven months since the suicide bombings and security here remains tight. it's that fear over safety and stability that he is hoping will convert into votes for him.
5:44 pm
>> south african airways workers have gone on strike to demand higher weaker -- wages and protect against job cuts. they will cancel dozens of flights. they have not turned a profit since 2011. commit more than -- it will cost them more than 3 million u.s. dollars a day. the president of the democratic or public of congo says the outbreak should be over by the end of the year. he is hopeful the vaccine program is now working. 2000 people have been killed in the last year. we have a report. ebola outbreak started last year. these patients are waiting for news of their loved ones at this treatment center. even here, they are not allowed to sit close to or touch each
5:45 pm
other. they are being monitored for symptoms of ebola. smashare separated by the because of the relatives on the other side -- the status of the relatives is not clear. has just been confirmed. he has ebola. >> it must be hard. >> i am happy he is getting help. it is hard to see him and not be able to touch. i can only look at him through a glass. i hope soon, i can take him home. an ebolag into treatment center can feel frightening. contact is an health worker and contamination suits. we were not allowed into treatment areas such as this, where men and women are recovering. afraid when there
5:46 pm
are deaths in the community. a way too put in place educate people. >> up to 1000 people have been killed. she is immune to the disease. she takes care of the sick. the six month old baby's mother died after giving birth. selena is looking after her. parents of other children here are either sick or dead. >> when i was cured, i went home and my family welcomed me. our neighbors were afraid. they would not come close to me. >> it has killed 2000 people, including 600 children. you get there early enough, you have a good chance of staying alive. germany is enshrining the
5:47 pm
fight against climate change into law. the lower house of parliament included measures, including a $60 billion spending package, carbon targets and increased taxes on flights. the bill needs approval from the upper house. we have a report from berlin. >> getting this proposal through parliament has been very difficult for the grand coalition. there are many elements of what is being proposed, which many people in parliament do not agree with. the upshot of this is that it will cost somewhere around $60 billion in the next few years. it involves the government admitting that his previous aspirations, its targets to reduce emissions will not hit the timeframe they said they would several years ago. what in this package? that are companies pollutant -- particularly polluting, but incentives for
5:48 pm
those who are not. the devil is in the details. this,who oppose especially the opposition parties, they say on one side, they say this is nowhere near protection enough for the environment. the free democrats, the liberal party say this will punish and penalize business. this is not the end of the story. the green party will be able to challenge these proposals on the other house of parliament, the buddhist heart. -- bundeshat. they can block a great deal of this legislation. the question will be, as a green party, the priority is protecting the environment. are they prepared to vote down towardng which is geared protecting the environment? that is for the future now. angela merkel and her colleagues
5:49 pm
will be breathing a sigh of relief that most of the proposals have been passed. >> sport is coming up. rafael nadal celebrates the season at the top of the tennis world. ♪
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>> now to sport. garrett has been suspended from the league indefinitely. he attacked an opponent with a helmet. garrett was involved in a fight
5:51 pm
with the pittsburgh steelers quarterback. he ripped off his helmet, then smashed him over the head with it. his suspension is for the rest of the season, which will be six regular-season games. it is the biggest man ever handed out. rudolph said he never experienced anything like it. i thought it was pretty cowardly and bush league. there's plenty of tape to watch. i really haven't seen it. >> i am embarrassed. he is embarrassed. it's not good. he understands what he did. he understands it is totally unacceptable. we have to get through. >> the league is under scrutiny for its concussion policy. they said this incident is in a
5:52 pm
class of its own. is a lot ofl, there shock about what he did. it does not look good in the nfl. everyone is talking about it. it brings up all the old issues of violence and head trauma and if the game is too dangerous to have your kids playing it. you have large men who are athletically superior going at each other and falls -- small areas. you get hits in areas that would rather not happen. you have a significant level of agreed-upon violence, then you go outside to this, yeah. i get the desire to compare the two things. i don't know how much one has to do with the other. one has to do in the area of actual head trauma. did, iles garrett
5:53 pm
wouldn't call it football, i would stop -- call it assault. >> at least 15 nfl teams said they will attend: tryout on sunday after three years on the sidelines. official appearance on saturday. he made global headlines after kneeling to protest against racial injustice by kneeling. serious't think it's a shot for him to get back. i think he deserves to be in the league. based on the things that have letters up to this point, nice to get a little motivation behind it. rafa nadal has been knocked out of the atp finals at the end of the season. he was in his final match in london. it wasn't enough to put him in
5:54 pm
the semifinals. vedev,der zverev beat men and that illuminated the doll. nadal.inated he didn't at the top of the rankings. >> i am super happy. gone through a lot of things in terms of injuries. i'm happy to have this trophy on my hands again. champion is-old accused of refusing to cooperate with helping officials in china. the drug testers had failed to prove their identity when it to get a drug sample. his argument cleared by the world entered by his agency but the world anti-doping agency is
5:55 pm
appealing. >> she came with her assistant, so that prove the identification your fan, so i'm today, i'm coming to see you. i would like to take a picture. from my point of view, this is really ridiculous. i cannot trust her. he used a banned stimulant in 2015 and was banned. was accused of smashing blood with his own humor to stop anti-doping officials from taking a sample to his home during a visit in 2018. the most successful swimmer in history could be banned for up to eight years. celebrating reaching a major football tournament. go to the euros after a 3-1 when -- win.
5:56 pm
26 team, they didn't win a single competitive match. there is this -- at the net bank golf challenge, shot site this, dropping into second place to nine under par. of 65.a round more later. >> thanks. we are back in a couple of minutes. latest on the impeachment inquiry. see you in a moment.
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