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tv   DW News  LINKTV  November 29, 2019 3:00pm-3:31pm PST

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>> this is "dw news live from berlin -- "dw news" live from berlin. central paris is shuhut down following a terrorist attack that left two people dead and several others injured. officers responded to london bridge. video shows police tackling mn on the bridge before police shoot dead the attacker. >> we responded as though this was terrorist related. i'm now in a position to confirm
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that it has been declared a terrorist incident. >> political turmoil in malta as the crisis sparked by a murdered journalist reaches the very top of the government. the prime minister is reportedly planning to resign imminently. we will talk to our correspondent in valletta. plus, fridays for future goes global once again. thousands taking part inin ralls around the world once again. the call to action comes ahead of next week's you in the -- united nations climate summit. ♪ carl: i'm carl nasman. reviewers in the united date on pbs and around the world, welcome. in london, police say they have shot and killed a man wearing a hoax explosive device on the bridge.
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footage from social media shows a man i in civilian clothes wrestling with the men believed to be the attacker surrounded by armed police. other civilians bacack away. one of them appears to be holding a large knife. dig also shows police checking a white t tck which is parked across london bridge. emergency services including ambulances were quickly on the scene. this is what prime minister boris johnson said this evening. prime minister johnson: i can assure you -- assure everyone -- that anybody involved in this crime, in these attacks will be hunted down and brought to justice. this country wilill never be cod or divided or intimidated by this sort of attack, and our values -- our british values s - will prevavail. carl: we are joined nowow by oliviawhwho was new the scene of
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today's incident. it must have been, of course, a trauaumatic day. what can you tell us ababt what happened? what d did y seeee? >> i was on my way toward the bridge. at the time, i heardrd explosio, and i did not really assume it was gunshots, but then policice came and stopped cars, but i thought it was because of construction. i was not really thinking, and i continued going straight onto the p pavement, a and suddenly,, floods of f panicked peoplple hurling towowards me literally sprinting for their lives. i was so confused and did not know what was happening, so i started running with them and asking what was going on, and one of the people screamed it was gunshots, it was gunshots, so then more peoplple started running,g, and, yeah, it was massive. carl: sounds like a chaotic scene. we also understand the suspect was wearing some sort of fake
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explosive device. did you see or hear anything related to that as people were running away? was s there a fear there could e a potential explosion on the brbridge? > i t think no onene really w whatat was going on. pepeople were just saying there was an explosion, there were attacks, there was something, and everyone wasas just running and did not know what they were running from apart from a a few who saw what happened. carl: the mayor of london is praising the efforts of bystanders today, calling them heroic. what did you see? how were citizens responding too the incident? obviously, there was panic, but there were also people goingng toward the alleged attacker. >> yeah, that i only understood afterward. i justt sort of continued going along with him and trying to figure out what was happening,
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but obviously afterwards, realizing and looking on the news and looking at twitter and seeing the people who had actually been involved in getting the knife frorom thehe , itit's incredible and i think it is incredibly important to show that it makes you realize when you are in that scene of extreme panic how people react and i think it does show people's true chcharacter and d that some peoe went towowards it to save peopls lives. i think that is incredible. carl: we of course do not know the motive yet. police saying this is being treated as a terrorist attack. as a londoner, given all the political divisions in your city and in the u.k. right now, how do attacks like thiss make you feelel about your city? >> i think fearful, but tn livingng in a city like london, you always kind of know there is a risk of something happening, sort of, especially in today's world, but it still is incredibly scary to think that it could have been you, and i
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was on that bridge half an hour before it happened, so incredibly afraid, but i also think there is a sense with general election, everything that has been going on in this country, i feel like the country is so divided and when you have something like this, it is sort of a feeling afterwards of bringing everyone t together r a sort of sesense of sort of solidarityty amongst eveveryone, ironically, amidst all the didivisionss that have been takg placace in thihis country y fora lolong time. carl: thank you very much for joining us. she was there london bridge when that incident took lays. certainly tends scenes in the heart of london tonight -- certainly tense scenes in the heart of london tonight. >> it was a busy day, a busy friday afternoon on the streeees of londodon, especially there on
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london bridge, which leads to the heart of the financial center here in london, and the alleged attacker that has been killed by police was wrestled down by a heroic bystander because that alleged attacker was wearing a suicide vest, and at that point, the bystander did not know that that was a fake suicide vest, so the suicide vest is also the reason why investigators are treating this as an act of -- because it reminds them also of the incident two years ago where three people close to the islamic state committed an attack on this bridge, on london bridge, also wearing fake suicide vests, so the antiterrorism unit is also investigating at this hour, and boris johnson is also meeting with the special antiterrorism unit to investigate the incident further.
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we know now that two people e ve died as s a result of this atta. many more victims are still being treated at the hospital. carl: the country, of course, already divided over brexit. there is a general election under way in less than two weeks. is there a political fallout from an incident like this? >> of course, this c comes at a sensitivive time. the country alreadydy divided or brexit. campaigns are at their height, two asked to go. also four weeks to christmas, so very emotional time. all political leaders were quick to respond, quick to express their sympathies for the victims. for example, the tory party, the party of boris johnson, have said they will stop campaigning at least tomorrow before they continue campaigns with two weeks ago go before the elections.
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carl: thank you very much. we want to bring you some breaking news now. reports of another stabbing attacker coming in, this time in the netherlands. police in the hague say several people have been wounded in a stabbing incident on the city's main shopping street. emergency services are currently on the scene. officials say it is unclear at this point if the attack is terrorism related. we will bring you more on the incident as soon as s we have nw information for you. in the meantime, let's get you caught up on some of the other stories making news around the world. china has reacted angrily to president trump's approval of measures backing pro-democracy activists in hong kong. beijing says it will take firm countermeasures against the u.s. if it continues to meddle in its affairs, but pro-democracy
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activists call this a major boost. take popstar has been sentenced to prison for the rape of a woman with another k popstar. rescue crews inn albania are winding down their operation to find survivors of tuesday's deadly earthquake. the operation is cusesed on a collapsed beachfront hotel. 49 people have been confirmed dead across the region, r rocked by the 6.4 magnitude quake. multis media sources are reporting the prime minister will resign "imminently." his government has become embroiled in the political and legal crisis sparked by the
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murder of a journalist who was investigating the government when she was killed in a car bomb attack two years ago. >> at 3:00 in the morning, the prime minister gave a press conference. he was upset by the investigation into a murder and the alleged involvement of his colleagues. >> for us, this is not just a murder but a major case that shook our democracy. >> many people greatly doubt he actually did everythining possie to s solve the mururder. lastst week, the investigation into who contracted the murder led to the multis energy entrepreneur who allegedly had transferred money via dubai to companies in panama. these companies apparently belonged to the tourism minister and his chief of staff, both of whom resigned earlier this week.
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the journalist had investigated corruption at the highest government level. many demanded resignation of the prime minister. >> we investigated, found no evidence, and released him. >> according to multis media, who plans to announce his resignation soon. carl: multis media report the prime minister plans to resign imminently, but imminently me -- imminently maybe is a relative term. it has been hours now. >> it seems still imminent because everybody here is still waiting for it, and it has been like that since the afternoon. a televised address was announced for 7:30 in the evening, but it did not happen so far, and we do not yet know
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if he is waiting to be pushed, if he can find their way to the door of his presidential palace here in the background. there has been massive problems and infighting and distrust and fury in the cabinet meeting last night. many ministers sort of stood up against him and said we cannot carry on like this, you have to step down, we've lost all credibility. he really is being forced, and it seems he is just sort of dragging his feet and trying to find some sort of dignified looking way to leave office, but in the end, it seems totally -- there's no way around. he just has to do it because his own people seem to have turned against him. carl: on the one hand, we have the political turmoil, but what would his resignation mean for this murder investigation? would this hope to bring any justice for what was essentially
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the murder of an investigative journalist? >> it seems rather clear that the murder investigation -- once this whole web of conspiracy and one hand washing the other and everybody being protected by those high up in office here, once this web is torn that things will really be blown up into the open. we saw earlier this afternonoon the mnn suspect, thiss businessman who was s supposed o order the hit against deafening alecia - -- against daphne galia exit the courtroom, and he has promised that he would tell all, that he would really sort of point thee finger a at the peope in government who are implied in this murder and who in the end were the ones who sent the hitmen that put the bomb in her
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car. it might really be the case that things come tumbling down as soon as the government is going come the protection is gone and not for nothing do citizens here yell "mafia, mafia" when they protest the government. this is what it looks like, it is a mafia film in real life. carl: briefly, if you can, what has this entire scandal done for the people in the country, in malta, in their belief in the rule of law, in democracy? >> as in so many countries right now if you look around the globe, there is a palpable anger here in malta. people here say we want democracy restored. we don't want to be a banana republic without the bananas. we really want to be a democratatic state that has some dignity, that has a reputation on the world stage, and they are
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really ready to fight for that and come out for that and protest as long as it takes to get their country back in order. carl: thank you very much. to a rack now where the prime minister says he will present his resignation to parliament. his offer to step down comes a day after 40 people were killed in the latest clashes between security forces and antigovernment protesters. the dental since unrest broke out in october has now surpasssd 400 -- thehe death toll since unrest broke out. >> the prime minister says he will resign amid relentless protests. they have been demanding change since october and some of the country's most sustained and deadly clashes. over 400 people are now dead, many of them unarmed young men, and a staggering 17,000 have an
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injured. -- have been injured. most of the dead were killed by rack's security forces. on thursday alone, over 60 people were killed after protesters set fire to an iranian government building. the protesters say the political class is corrupt and a puppet of outside forces, especially iran. after thursday's bloodshed, a rack's grand ayatollah used friday prayers to urge the prime minister to go. >> we call on the members of parliament from which this current government has emerged to reconsider their options in this regard. >> but for the protesters, it is just the beginning.
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>> they can send a message that the resignation of the prime minister is not solving the entire problem. the problem is about the system that brought him in. they would be delusional if they think they can use him as a scapegoat and that the people will withdraw after his resignation. >> violent clashes continued on friday just as a noose circulated that the prime minister was resigning. the funerals continued, too, testament to the government's brutal response. carl: you're watching "dw news." still to come, they are women in the male-dominated world of kung fu. these women are using their strength to send a message. but first, young climate activists around the world took to the streets in the fourth global fridays for future strike demanding that governments step up their efforts to cut carbon emissions, and they are sending a message to the united nations
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climate change conference. thousands of activists protested in the city center and around two dozen people jumped into the chilly waters of the river spray. that does look cold. they were protesting the government's climate protection policies. our correspondent jumped into that rally and spoke to a representative from the fridays for future movement. >> we are here at the fridays for future demonstration outside the brandenburg gate. there's several thousand demonstrators here at the moment and with me is a spokesperson for fridays for future in germany. thank you very much for talking to us. what is the message from here to the madrid conference starting next week? >> our message is to the world leaders to act on climate change , to a act on what science is demanding, and to look on the
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effects. we signed the paris agreement in 2015, so we have to act now. >> in germany, the government has also passed a package of new climate was that are not stuck in the diamond parliamentary process. what is your message for the german government? >> the german government failed us with their so-called climate package. science is saying is not enough. it will not change anything here in germany or in global justice. >> today happens to be also black friday, that shopping day. what do you feel about that? >> well, black friday is a huge day for a lot of people in the world, but we are demanding the politicians act, not individuals. individuals have n not a lot of influence on the climate, so we have to stop shaming people for their behavior because some people don't have a lot of money, so black friday is kind
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of a huge social injustice day, so it is a black friday for the climate, not for us. >> thank you for talking to us. carl: many of those striking for the climate have dubbed today green friday in their attempt to take a stand against black friday, the traditional day of bargain shopping after the american thanksgiving holiday has spread around the world, but in france, it has resulted in protests. these images are from outside the amazon warehouse in the french city of lyon. climate activists want to send a message that the overconsumption synonymous with black friday is harmful to the environment. >> it's black friday in france, and everything is on sale. well, almost everything. there's a growing resistance too this foreign invader marching through french shopping precincts. >> o overconsumptionon just cres more garbabage. >>es, i thinink we consume much
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more than we need to. >> it's not just shoppepers questiononing consumption patterns. consuming has a a real impact on our jojobs, on our ecology, on r health. this must be taken into account. black friday does not fit that picture anymore. three yeaears ago, the g green fridayovovement for r responsibe consumption was launched to make people aware of environmental problems related to mass consumerism. >> when i see black friday, it's unbearable. when i see these low prices and think about these people who are making these products and very badly paid. i think about the environment that is being attacked. >> hundreds of french companies and associations have joined the movevement. they encourage people to reduce, reuse, recycle, and repair. >> someone would be better to keep this and get it t fixed too last as long as possible, especially that when a dishwasher does not work, it is often not a big problem.
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>> overconsumption and waste are hot topics all the way to the top. next month, the french government is to debate the future of black friday. carl: the bundesliga resumes this weekend with dortmund traveling to the capital to face early in -- to face berlin. the club's rising star is in focus. his relationship with the coach and the team itself has turned rocky. >> before their champions league match, he arrived for a team meeting, yet, he did make whitman's only goal in that defeat. prior to that misstep, the head coach sub dortmund's top clash after showing poor form early in the match, something which reportedly left the winger
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feeling humiliated and scapegoated. dortmund's sporting director downplayed the perceived row. >> the topic is over. we are looking to the future. he has a normal part of the team. >> despite the convincing appearance, he seems to be a problem case. the club rejected a january sale of the youngster ahead of their match against berlin. >> i do not have the impression we are preparing for a transfer this winter. that's according to the conversations we've had with him and his agents. >> that contradicts recent reports suggesting dortmund are open to selling the winger they valued at 100 million euros this december. as it stands, the coach's job is on the line and being unable to the most out of his star does not help.
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carl: in the himalayan region, the world of kung fu is traditionally male, but these women behind me are nuns from a thousand-year-old buddhist order , and they are using their training to send out message ofof equality. >> ♪ everybody was kung fu fighting ♪ >> the himalaya nuns that pack a punch, using an ancient discipline to combat a centuries-old prejudice. >> one of the aims of kung fu is gender equality. there are not many nuns who have done kung fu and therefore not many girls who have done kung fu and we doing kung fu is like an example for them. >> these nuns are part of a to
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benton school that encourages followers to fight the patriarchy. the aim is to lead by example. in a region where girls are often seen as a burden. >> in other religions, they never said that a girl is less than a boy, but i would say it is a rule or opinion in the community. girls have been left behind for many, many years and we being a bit different is like breaking the standards of the ruling class and coming out, that sort of thing. >> the nuns say the kung fu goes hand-in-hand with their practice of buddhism and expense empowerment. they have given workshops to almost 400 girls across the region. quirks girls and boys are equally treated. the male and female thing is not gone. they would not be peace and harmony because one kind of person is always looking down at the otother.
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>> for the nuns, it is a graceful move for equality they know will take time and patience. carl: a reminderer of the top story we areollowing f for you at this hourur -- in london,n, police shot and killed a man wearing a hoax explososive devie on london bridge. they are treating the incident as a terror attack. you are watching "dw news," life from berlin. all the latest information available around the clock on our website. that's i wilill be back k shortly too k you through "the day." ♪
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. meet the people behind the uprising you still feel the revolution fell short of expectations. the hearts of thte romaninian revolution all this week on fox twenty four. the talks on striking ten pm here in the french capital you're watching fronts twenty four these are the latest world headlines. the british prime minister scrambles together his ministers for an emergency security meeting just hours after a knife attack on london bridge police in the capital city two people are confirmed dead and three others have been injured. we'll have more from our correspondent benedict. on the ground. it's still not clear when but iraq's prime minister has announcnced his intentionn t to resign much to e delight of prototesters abdel


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