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meet the people behind the uprising you still feel the revolution fell short of expectations. the hearts of thte romaninian revolution all this week on fox twenty four. the talks on striking ten pm here in the french capital you're watching fronts twenty four these are the latest world headlines. the british prime minister scrambles together his ministers for an emergency security meeting just hours after a knife attack on london bridge police in the capital city two people are confirmed dead and three others have been injured. we'll have more from our correspondent benedict. on the ground. it's still not clear when but iraq's prime minister has announcnced his intentionn t to resign much to e delight of prototesters abdel
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monty is coming out but as the unrest continues to turn deadly. the french government's denounces the excessive use of force against demonstrators. the turkish president's angrily suggested his french counterpart should check his own gray matter after a menu in mac clone claim that nato was brain dead. turkey's ambassador to paris has now been summoned. london's police commissioner has confirmed that two people have died and three others have been injured in this fridaday's knife attacack in the brititish capitatal and that office is all woworking at full tilt to find out exactlyy what h happened. nt stopping began at a around two m local time in fishmongers hold close to the city's banking districts where the assailant was shot dead by police ten downwning street has reacted
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quickly praising the bravevery f ththe general public. you tackld the attackerr we cacan listen nw to the message that the british prime minister boris johnson has conveyed. i think the message that we send to them and anyone associated. with this type of attack is one that will be familiar and that is that this country. will never be carried. with divided or intimidated by this sort off attackck andnd- our v values are british values will provide. for momore on the invesestigatin intoto this incidents on the political response on the reaction to it we can head now life to london in bringing all correspondent benedict pavia who's standing by very close to the scene of a today's attack. benedict's festival took us through what the government has been doing in the aftermath of this bloodshed. well the
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british prime minister were in the middle of a general election when less than two weeks away frorom what is a crucial snap election for the united kingdom- days away from a nato summit. and hey we all- on friday evening with an emergency meeting of the cabinet we will have the prime minister- that will be the home- interior minister. also of course are all the police chiefs and there will be an assessment of an update for the prime minister and others. of where we all tonight where the investigation is and of course- this assailants who was first detained by very brave pauses by- then was killed shot shot by armed police of course tradition the british police are not. always what they were deployed extremely quickly- for what appears to be a low tech attack- and it would seem that many lives were saved so the prime minister also the mayor of london- tonight praising- these people praising the
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emergency services- i'm certain this process by being. praise for that courage and rununning towards dangers to concretely we'll wait to see. the results of this emergrgency meetiting tonight but importantly inn the middle of this g general electin campaign- t the conservative party in governments but also ththe main oppositionn partyty e labor- policy and also at the level democrats have suspended the campaigning. also if a mark of respect for following this. now deadly attack earlier this afternoon. i think the police chief for where you are has now- confirmed the death toll what more do we know who as this investigation continues into friday's a tragic events on london bridge. yeah. well what we know is that the police were called first to what it described as premises we believe that that was the fishmongers hole in bora markets of course up in june two thousand seventeen london
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bridge- just behind this a police cordon where i'm standing the scene of a deadly attack a much more deadly one than than today with four tracks attackers who would neutralize in and killed today was one it was a male suspect we don't have any indication about his identity but of course police and intelligence services will be ascertaining his identity. looking at any a mobile phone digital footprint that he may have left any associations he has so far no claim to my serve responsibility is it alone person- in a sense the nightmare of the intelligence services since we understand this was not intelligence leads but very much please reacting very quickly- but of course very much depending it first on that reaction that brave reaction all of fox's by who clearly saves lives. benedict poppier our correspondent- in central london thank you very much. well for more analysis on
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fridays london bridge attack we can bring in a young son yeah a counterterrorism consultants at the modern. security consulting group thank you very much for being with us at this hour here on- fronts t twenty four now british police say that they're working around the clock to find out what happens at this friday. but they are clearly treating this as terrororism. ys good evening well everything points to it- the type e of attack d. d. course to take the key factor being they do use- of a fake suicide belt usually this is a tactic that is going to two very well known- terrororist groups. i think-n in t the wake of the attack and you're not going on this occacasion i think more evidenc- came up that says certainly- there. s. frame this as being a terrorist attack. no group or individual has yet to come forward to claim responsibility but what are your own thoughts about who could be behind this.
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well that. that's the problem is that- t this type of attatack where as of a few years ago- with. a fair amamount of certainty you could point to one group or another hasas been- cocoopted by by. pretty muchh every type of extremism right now and so it could have been the far right it could have been- of course the- your religious based extremism. so this is no longer. an attack or in the modus operandi did date is only link to one type of group or one type of extremism it's coopted by everyone- but the- of course the use of a fake suicide belt. could point- towards the and religious space- type of group however i did still sorelely in say informatation so console scars that we can't really point ten point with accuracy it's that type of group. now for those viewers who are watching who want to tenchi familiar with this kind of probe just what will investigators be doing in the coming hours. and days to
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find out what this man's motives were. well as your correspondent mention of course it will be about- verifying all the electronic devices- every type of electronic communication could have been found. all the clues that can be found where that person- was living. and working depending on on that- clothes that were found. also any any person of. interest contacts and partners a former co workers to try to define just know that that's where it just how far to web reaches who's involved. and more importantly just. to try to find out. if the level of. a van threat is the threat level still higher in relation to this case was he part of a broader network that could be preparing something else was he- involved are. preparing something on his own with minimal support and those are the biggest closed as well half or the biggest elements that will have to be cleared. over the next hours and days. this is also of course a very big test for the british prime
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minister and for his government especially as we head there ahead of the major- nato summit taking place- next week in london on a course ahead of those crucial- general elections. what will a boris johnson need to do to shore up security on. to shore the general public that all is well. it's extremely difficult to do more right now i think of course promimising a- a stronger police presence in the in the streets s of london or manchestr or do you cast a whole- is always w well. received however- how that c can truruly be implementedd is a big i issue. police presence in the u. k. is already jyj dvd- the security services already benefit from from a vast amount of resources. so it. it's really difficult about wororking o on e resiliency and- from his position. being in political campaign right on electoral campaign. you'll have to show that he is a better position to take on these challenges compared to his opponents. and usually this will is likely to
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fall under more in the lap of. saudi counter mayor of london because it's under his watch that- not only do these attacks are cur but more importantly d. academic of lifestyle knife attacks in. london in n generall which creates a even more security. finally will- the uk's in neighbors be worried by this attack will of the government's be changing that tactic so potentially raising their own terra terra levels in. in response or in reaction to this london bridge attack. the i don't think there's a change in tactics coming but they're certainly- and they'll be an interest in their reassessing the threat level- no going everywhere for them either did germany u. k. and the netherlands at that as we entered into christmas markett season- does being alreadydy- high value targets for terrorists. following a an incident likee ninety days in london there certaininly heightened concern and they'll be in. a stronger f focus on
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improving communication making sure that did the information exchange between various security partners is heightenedd and itit working properly and thatat the information of this they a are a shared is actually accurate and usable. okay young son thank you very much for being with us once. again here on fronts twenty four thank you very much. thank you meanwhile in the netheherlands emergency services have rushed to the scene off a nother stopping police say the incident took place on the main shopping street in the hague. and that at least three people have been injured offices say they're looking for a man aged between forty five to fifty years oldld. in eight track suits. a police spokesperson says it's too early to say if this is a terror attack. or notes will bring you more on that story when we have fresh information. in other world news there being scenenes of joy in baghdad's terrace square a as those taking part in a huge sits in. celebrated a key victory this
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friday. iraqi lawmakers have been called to attend an emergency p pliamentaryry sessin this weekend after the prime minister announced his intention. to stand down thirirteen months after taking office fraser jackson a small. process in central baghdad turn into celebration as demonstrators came one step closer to achieving the goal of the governments over whole. on friday iraq's prime minister adel abdel mahdi announced that he was stepping down amid unrest is nearing its second month. imagine this the resignation of about two months is the start of the reform and our revolution will continue until we achieve all of demands almost go. the anti government should leave because they are responsible for the bloodshed. the resignation came after iraq's top shiite cleric grand ayatollah ali al sistani showed a lack of faith in the government. in a sermon deliverered by his spokesperson he urged the countries parliaments to pull their support of the embattled prime minister. set in not magically
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sun the parliament's from which this current government is joan. is asked to reconsider its choice in this regard anacs accordrding to iraq's interests to prevent the country from slipping into violence chaos and destruction. iraq has been gripped by deadly protests since october many of those taking part believe that the shiite dominated political clubs all points of neighboring iran. iranian coincidence have been targeted numerous times by protesters wednesday's toolchain at the consulate in the jump from to the violent crackdown by security forces killed dozens of people nationwide. so far over four hundred protesters have been killed during the demonstrations parliament is convening an emergency meeting on sunday t to discuss the crisis. prime minister. matti housining yes and no when he wil officialally resign. now the comments of the french president made in the british press three weeks ago about nato being brain dead t to continue to spark controversy.
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this friday the turkish president's has lashed out at a menu and my c call saying that e should check if he is brain dead first. outing that mac homes remarks in the economist magazine show a sick and shallow understanding of the alliance the french foreign miministry has reacted very quickly summoning the tururkish ambassador to france. with one adviser on the lease a palace saying that everyone's's words n not statements but robert insults let's listen now to with snippets. of what the turkish leader has been saying. and you will. not be he said the tomato is brain dead. i'm talking to friends is president emmanuel mike home and i will also say this about nato. first of all have your own brain checked culturally diverse. thank you we are more suited too people like you who are in a state of brain death see if
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this was all on that area. your watching live from parasailing fronts twenty four with these all the latest world headlines for you at this hour. the british prime minister scrambles together his ministers for an emergency security meeting just hours after a night attack on the london bridge. please say to people arere now cononrmed dead and three others have been injured. it's still not clear when put iraq's prime minister has annouounced h his intentiono resign much to the delight of protest is abdel mahdi is coming out but as t the unrest continues to turn deadly. the french goverernment denounces te excessive use of force against demonstrators. the turkisish presidenent angrily suggested hs french counterpart should check his own gray matter to a manual michael playing that nato is brain n dead. turkey's ambassadr to paris is now being summoned. time now for a look at friday's a business news with a coal
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strangler from our business dedesk in cocoal- black friday s one of the busiest shopping days of the year but here in france. well everyone's been- that much of a fan as our time is all about three fifths of french consumers were expected take advantage of sales on friday clothing electronics leading the pack. some shoppers though encountering a scene that was perhaps a bit different than expected. protesters in a handful of french cities at what they called quote block friday physically disrupting shopping in strasbourg iran leo and paris. they criticize major brands records on labor any environment. but also the message of black friday more generally take a listen. the problem is that it's a result of this consumer society that is extremely destructive. and it's a paradigm we need to get ourselves out of. we need to start selling all songs not it's christmas i need to go shopping. it's really something that we need to change. as much as protesters who are peeved about black friday. there's a proposal in france's national assembly to limit sales are on the final week of november. the
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same time though poll found three quarters of french people saidid the shopping day is quote a good thing. james the cena has more on the debate. it's supposed to draw crowds the details. from the old french buying into black friday. too many bargains too much junk it doesn't make me want to buy phones also me see through set up because they're pushing consumerism on people because they are bargains all the time now anyway knowing sales inference of restricted to specific times of the year. meaning black friday discounts on says a tractive as in other countries. some smaller businesses even oppose the american tradition they say they have been left with no choice as prprofits have e en jumping ahehead of the day. the last man that's terrible sales plummeted last. week there was even a day where we didn't make any sales. the shopkeeper ended up giving in. but it's only undeder pressure. see y you soof we donon't do it's we don't sell anything so were forced to give discounts. for some larger
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companies black fridays become the most profitable day of the year. online retailer amazon employees an extra ten thousand temporary workers in france over the end of your sales. but to me the backlash some french lawmakers have denounced the impacts on smaller businesses. saying it's o only helps the larger firms that you to debate restricting black friday sales in pararaments. as part of ththe fight t against waste on the ninth of december. tatake a look now at friday's trading action wall street finishing the week with somome slight losses. shars on the dow jones were down about a fourth of a percent the s. and p. also down around for the present. both average though still posting their best month since june. losses on the tech heavy nasdaq as well that says doubt festers over the prospects of a trade accord between washington and beijing. u. s. congress passing a bill in support of protesters in hong kong done little to calm investors. now overr to the majorr european indices the foot seat down nearly a full percent. accounts citing just over a tenth of a percent and
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attacks finishing the day just under the flat line. meanwhile top mexican trade officials were in canada on friday. they were trying to iron out details of a free trade deal that also includes the united states. democrats in us congress have said the only support the u. s. mexico canada agreement the country's can boost protections for workers rights and the environment. mexico's trade representative he's s a saudi said thahat's not such a bad thing. and i can. help honesty the what why this is very good at. he's getting to be in march. many of the issues raised b by the democrats i'm very. what is going on he he said he said he said it would be very good i don't want to speculate t that was to have to close if you sign. but the good things. next up german automaker daimler is preparing for major job cuts the company that owns mercedes benz as it aims to slash ten thousand posts worldwide by the end of t tnty twenty two. namess to get there by not fillili
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certain vacant jobs and by offering severance packages in germany. earlier this month and our ceo all the colonia said the european union strict new emissions rules. and the transition to electric cars were hurting the firm's bottom line. read more meeting us and china also not helping things. and finally staying in gegermany where couple dinerers are a hundred thousandnd euros richer thanks to o a software for mcdonald's the company was running a new promotional appan which to customers were supposed to take on the jackpot. mcdonald's up program open for too long resulting in four people claiming the prize. restaurant chain says the extra prizes will be paid out adding a quote colleagues had a few sleepless nights as a result. that'd be for time shifting the company's earnings report. not such a huge dent that for mcdonald's. keiko staying there with the latest business news thank you very much. okay i it's time now for a media watch with the emerald maxwell of t this front now e emeraldld black friy is- facing a backlash this year from green activists they're saying. that the- masassive sale
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encourages over consumptionon ad has a negative impact. on the environment yes that's right- as at picking up from coal coal was saying- he we have courts talking about the environmental costs. that's a black friday sparking- worldwide and walking worldwide protests- and- yet that there is that that's one of these protests in milan- that queen it's a block friday the movements- that you can see that on the bond at will green friday. is another name for it- at this is particularly true in france where they have been a lots of street protests- here we have- they they- they blockaded shopping centers but so. i'm is in warehouses and he can see one of the blockades outside in arms and warehouse where they- located it with- with lots of hay and oats kitchen appliances- maybe on who we have a- cartoonist at the plot black friday- kaltheen. which basically showing interpreting it as the pollution coming out of all these delivery bounce- this is
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one of the things that that. criticism are against its these big consumers you- sorry retailers in carthage- at the online fine. and so the police a lot more- in. our foyer the radius of police at the it's a french radio station- they said that in fact i'm isn't generated as much co two as portugal in twenty eighteen. so it's a considerable. considerable amounts- some french retailers have- ghosts in on the act- that might might be a touch of greenwashing but they are.. also boycotting. black friday the not so- having any sales- this french- close nine fact- we tele. says that. seven hundred french of businesses have joined them in boycotting. but friday. the hey
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we have another french retailer which says actually the cuts that counts. all these- on wildlife and that's been a reduction of 73% or in- the interface again and but species about 70% of fifty one percent. across europe. because already because of pollution- and sir is this sort of. the question is whether this movement is anti consumerism trend is growing. it seems like that that's the case this year and a recent c. k. poll by kpmg shouldn't eighty two thirds of consumers. in the u. k. were. being mindful about that thinking carefully about the environment mental impacted that that friday purchases whatever that means. andnd because of her thighs say that that's the one tending. to spend the same or more this back friday compared to loss it. i am staying with the theme of the environments but moving on to- british. politics a row has brokoken out between the conservative policy of course the ruling party boris johnson. and the tv broadcaster channnnel four that's because boris johnhnson refused to take part.
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in a tv debates on on on climimate that't's right and ths is what they replaced h h w with what kind of w when his replacement it's a an icice scsculpturure. which o oversee proceeded to melt out of the studio with ththe- haas sisi do lights- islands apparently this gimmick resounded i'm good the conservatives they tried to sense they said. johnson was too busy. to participate so they sent michael goes he's a former- environment minister. in his place- this is he posted video alice today where he says i went to try to force to about climate change with jeremy corbett to corbin and nicolas surgeon refused to debate conservative. that's how he presents of course trying to fool- does not let the law and the line is that this is at the leaders debates and michael graves not lead us so your make it out of without what you will. we have one- to use saying you're growing he could responded to this video that michael have a place that. glorious leader was too skeptical himself at least the ice sculpture was clear and
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transparent- we like a lot of other people have weighed in on this day ashton presses it's shameful that he didn't the prime incident attends- but what's actually escalate to the row even more. is that boris jojohnson is now threatening to review china's twenty fours broadcasting license off their place and with nice culture. so which means. which a lot of people- john is. basically all according an attack on the media. since i need just replace it. with an above another particular world leader who is anti media- basicalally. experts don't send and you place for the interview channel four slices of the- of the procedure vents basically. saying that that by. trying to. get revenge on on veteran coverage. of themselves. which is very anti democratic of course- that i have been some
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people who have taken the side of the conservatives- this to use a for instance. the line has been generally that top was biased and this gimmick was showing that the left wing bias- on this- to see this as- he- was a joke. and actually. he hopes on a forties as it't's publblic funding on itits licen. okay emerald amomong swell with media watch thanank you veryry . okay i'm back with you after this break with more world news here on fronts twenty y four do you stay with us if you can
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