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tv   France 24  LINKTV  December 2, 2019 5:30am-6:00am PST

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genie: this is france 24. tribute to soldiers killed last week in a helicopter clash in mali. led by french president emmanuel macron. james andre will be standing by with the latest. workers killed in another helicopter crash in southern france. they were on a rescue message near marseille, where severe flooding has left at least eight people dead. and the c climate conference
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opening in madrid today. political leaders and climate diplomats working to drum up new solutions. the u.n. secretary-general urging the world to act now. up this hour, with the retail extravaganza known as black friday now behind us, it is time for cyber monday, but this year, traditional brick-and-mortar stores are getting in on the action -- originally intended to promote e-commerce. the details in business in 15 minutes. first, top stories live from paris. today, france is honoring 13 french soldidiers who were killd in mali last week.k. they died when the helicopter slammed into each other on a night mission to fight islamic
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militants in west africa. this was the worst loss-of-life in the french military and c cle to 40 yeyears. a ceremony ibebeing held at the military complex. it is being led by french president emmanuel macron. the president of mali w will ben attendance as s well. you cacan see frorom the picturn your screen the bodies of those 13 soldiers have been moving through paris and people have been lining the streets to pay tribute to them. james andre is with o one of the crowds. he joins us live. what more can you tell us? people are flocking now to attend the ceremony itself that will be taking place in this building behind me. been a private ceremony inside the chapel for the families, and for the brothers in arms of the 13 soldiers who were killed. the main ceremony will take place in the other part of the building, where there is a large courtyard.
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tony 5 500 people are expected attend. emmanuel macron will be speaking at 3:00 p.m. this afternoon, expected to give a speech for about 30 minutes in which he should speak mostly about the who gavef these men their lives to protect france. he said he would not be talking politics. is goingdent of mali to be in attendance as well, and francois hollande and nicolas sarkozy will be here. the general public was also invited to attend the ceremony. 2500 people are expected. of soldiers, lot some of whom are part of the regiment of these 13 soldiers. in and around this building, everything is getting ready for the ceremony which starts at 2:30. genie: thank you for that. we will check back in with james throughout the day as the
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ceremony gets underway. all haveh soldiers in been killed since france started its overseas operations in 1963. we took a look. paris.lemn arrival in salute the up to soldiers killed in a collision between helicopters and -- in m ali. this follows a ceremony at a military base in gao. of aare serving as part granand offensive against jihadt groups in five countries across africa, where over 4500 french officers are deployed. this most recent incident has pushed the total number of french troops killed in overseas operations to 562 and almost six decades. this was one of the worst single
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incident since 1983, when an attack on military headquarters in lebanon took 58 lives. three years later, a plane crash in djibouti killed another 19 soldiers. more recent fighting in ththe former yugoslavia and in afghanistan also saw french troops indoor heavy cap -- heavy casualties. genie: earlier today, the bodies of those 13 french soldiers were wandering through the streets of paris. they went over the alexander bridge, where people were lining the streets to pay tribute. they are gearing up for the ceremony in about two hours that will be led by the french president alongside the president of mali. we will cover that live for you here on "france 24," so be sure to stay tuned. also in france, three emergency workers were killed in another helicoptpter crash. they were on a rescue operation hit by civilians
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flooding. two more people were killed in the french riviera on sunday. those deaths come a week after extreme weather left another six dead. selena sykes reports. waiting through knee-deep water, firefighters work through the night to evacuate residents from rising water in southeastern france. they were caught by surprise. roads formed rivers. earlier on sunday, emergency workers evacuated residents as a river broke its banks, after the flood gave way. people in houses further down the banks s were left trapped. bottom, justat the two kilometers away. at around 1:00 a.m., the water had already risen a considerable amount. the house's floodgate gave way, and the cars got carried away in the river. we -- they t took to the second-floor and we have not heard anything from them since then. selena: southeast france has
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been hit by torrential rain and flooding for the second time in a week. 600 emergency workers have been mobilized since friday. three were killed in a helicopter crash in marseille on radio andht, losing radar contact during a rescue mission. two regions were put on red alert,t, as torrential raiain of exceptional intensity began in the early hours of sunday. the road leading to the italian border was closed, requiring residents to stay at home. the department has been hit by large amounts of rain and torrential storms, particularly inin the west of the department. other communes have also been said -- bebeen considerably affected. selena: cultural and sporting events in the region were called off. schools remain closed on monday. genie: in malta, the prime
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minister is the latest top official to fall over a probe into the death of a journalist. 20,000 people turned out in the capital sunday, demanding joseph muscat resign over the handling of the crisis caused by the investigation into the 2017 car bombing that killed the anticorruption reporter. james wilson has the details. the journalist's family say joseph muscat has protected those involved in the murder of the relative. it is a charge the maltese prime minister denies, but public handling of the scandal has forced him to resign. will resign asas president off the labour party. on that day, i will resign as leader of the party, and in the days after, i will resign as prime minister. caruana galizizia expose
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corruption among the tiny island's political class. in 2017, she was murdered by carbone. on sunday, a businessman with ties to government and -- government ministers is charged over the case. caruana galizia's family called for muscat to resign the same day, and the streets have been filled with dodozens of furious maltese citizens ever since. for many of them, his resignation comes not a moment too soon. >> i don't like the fact he is still going to be involved in the investigation. he has to resign now, or it is not clear. i don't like the fact he is in office right now. >> i think he is a very good lawyer. -- liar. i guess his argument is he is a good politician. you know how he is storing up his followers. james: the european parliaiament
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delegation is due to fly into -- investigate independent of the country's judiciary, as well as allegations of endemic corruption. genie: political leaders and diplomats from nearly 200 nations are in madrid today to kick off two weeks of climate talks. it comes as the u.n. secretary-general is warning the .orld it has to act now speaking earlier today, the chair of the summit said any countries refusing to adjust to rising temperatures will "be on the wrong side of history." for more on the cop25 conference, sarah morris is live in madrid. here we are with another climate conference, world leaders under more pressure than ever. what c concretely can come out f these talks? concretely, the leaders are being asked to commit to reducing their emissions, in line with h what wasas agreed in paris in 2015.
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onone of t the articles of that agreement that was left without being flfleshed out was article six. on top of the agenda is can the world introduce some kind of global carbon market to encourage countries to cut their carbon emissions? they would be rewarded with credits, and if they needed more credits, they could trade those on the global market. that system is a already operatg in the european u union.. itit took about 15 years to gett working properly, and the big question is, will all the companies and leaderers across e world be able to commit to something more ambitious and more global? the spanish prime minister hosting the summit called upon leaders to be ambitious, to do more even than they set out in paris. says only a handful of fanatics nowadays deny that climate change is taking place. genie: you mentioned the paris
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climate conference for years ago. the u.s. notoriously pulled out of that climate agreement. it has just begun unofficial withdrawal a a few weeks ago. is there an american delegation there this week? peoplethere is, but many have criticized donald trump for not sending someone more high-ranking. the reason there is a delegation -- it is had by a principal deputy assistant to the for oceansf state and environmental affairs, and she is heading up the u.s. dedelegation. also representing the united states, nancy pelosi pelosi, the house speaker. she has come with a group of democrats. she said it was very important to send out the message that the american people were still committed to fighthting climate change. lots of talklk about some of the big absentees here. we have not seen a high-ranking head of state and head of
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gogovernmentnt from brazil, from china, from russia. many of the countries -- india -- who are among the world's biggest emitters of globalal greenhouse gases. for that.nk you sarah morris in madrid. toeract, parliament voted approve the resignation of the country's prime minister. rebel parties are now negotiating the contours of a new government after the previous one was brought down by two months of protests. despite that fact, demonstrators do continue to defy authorities taking to the street. at least 420 people have been killed by security forces since the protests first b began. andrew hillier reports. andrew: after several hours of debate, erects parliament finally voted to approve the resignation ofof prime minister. deep --ns abdel modd that means his days as p.m. are
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numbered, but he will stay on for the day-to-day business of government. his resignation has done little to appease demonstrators. a minority sunni town until now had hardly seen any protests, what on sunday, hundreds of students dressed in black took to the streets to pay tribute to protesters killed in the south. >> this is our way of telling all the arab countries that everyone around the world is united. there is no sectarian divide here. our country is united. this is our message to the south. we are with you. in the north and south of iraq, protesters want to do away with the ruling political class. they also want iran to stop meddling. for the second time in less than a week, protesters set fire to the iranian consulate. it iss located 150 club in or
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south of baghdad and has seen an upsurge in violence. so has the hometown of the outgoing prime minister. in the last three days, dozens of protesters have lost their lives there. faso, at leastna 14 people were shot dead in an attack on a church in the eastern part of the country sunday. the identity of the gunman is not immediately clear, and further details of the attack have yet to come out. this year, an islamist insurgency has ignited ethnic and religious tensions in burkina faso that left large potions -- large portions of the country uncovered of a, especially on the border with mali. in hong kong, hundreds of workers gathered in the business district for the first in a week of planned lunchtime protests, backing the pro-democracy movement. protests come after the movement got a resounding victory in district goals held last week in chinese-ruled hong kong.
5:46 am got a boost from president donald trump, who just signed two bills aimed at supporting the movement. w watching g "france 24." let'sook at tododay's top stories.s. france is paying tribute to 13 soldiers killed in last week's helicopter crash in mali. a special ceremonony planned ths afternoon, l led by presidident emmanuelel macron. three emergency workers killed and another helicopter crash in southern france. they were on a rescue mission in marseilles, where severe flooding has left at least eight people dead. conferencelimate opening in madrid. they look to drum up new solutions, with the u.n. secretary-general urging the world to act now. it is time for our business update, with brian quinn. you are starting in france. the country is getting ready for
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these massive strikes, land this thursday to protest government pension reforms. as that is happening, another protest is already blocking petrol supplieies in wesrnrn francece. brian: representatives of the french conststruction industry have been blocking major fuel depots since friday. managers and workers using heavy equipment to cut off access to at least four sites in the western region of brittany. gas stations either closed or lined with customers over the weekend amid shortages. proposal bynce ---- a the gogovernment to end the tax-free status of diesel fuel for non-transportation uses. industry representative have been invited to the finance ministry for talks. they said they will keep up the blockade until the plan is scrapped. it's going to cost us money, and i have employees. i respect them. i want them to get paid. they get bonuses twiwice a year. i want that to continue.
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if i can't pay that, sooner or later, things will get rough. they have to make money too. genie: black friday is over. but now it is s time for c cyber mondnd. brian: not realllly over, isis ? encouraged too create e-commerce in t the lead up to the holidady seasoncybeber monday seen rapid growth, including in france, despite calls from environmemenl cacampaigneranand even the popeo rein in rampant consumerism. camille little e reports. camille: after black friday, now cyber monday. chance for consumers to get a cheaper deal ahead of christmas. in theory, it is black friday's digital equivalent, but brick-and-mortar stores are also trying to attract consumers. it is a record year for france. shoppers are expected d to spend alalmost six alien euros, an increase of over 4% compared to the year before. there has been a 10% jump in
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online sales. most of the money made on cyber monday is still expected to be from in person purchases. in the u.s., traditional physical shops are also fighting to compete with e-commerce. store visits on black friday fell by over 6%, while online sasales rose almost when percen, as shoppers inincreasingngly bym the comforts of their sofas. shoppers almost 20% as increasingly buy from the comforts of their sofas. there are concerns over the environmental impact. there were prprotests i in frann black friday. even the pope weighed in, calling consumerism a virus. francis: you live for things, things are never enough. people become obstacles in a race, and someone ends up feeling threatened, and always dissatisfied and angry. the level of hatred rises.
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camille: many consumers are unlikely to be put off in the hopes of snagging a good deal. genie: in japan, the new ceo of nissan is giving his first press confererence a and taking ththa. brian: it is mr. c cetah -- uc hida's first week on the jojob. he is taking the reins at a critical time for the japanese automaker. last year's arrest of carlos brought on an internal crisis and nissan. profits are at their lowest in 10 years. over 12,000 jobs are set to be cut, and shares are down 3% on the year. da's first orders of business is to repair relations with rhino, which owns 40% of which -- with renault, owns 40% of nissan. >> we have grown thanks to the alliance.
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i intend to continue alliance efforts while maintaining nissan' is independence. genie: how are the markets looking? hasas the european unionn open strong, invnvestors enencourageded by new datata ouf chinina, showingng factory actiy growth hting a three year high in november. u.s.-china trade t tenonss contininue t to weigh on indexe. china now says a delay on new u.s. tariffs will not be enough to sign a phase one deal. asian also wants existing tariffs rolled back. euros on manufacturing is shrinking for the 10th straight month in november. that is not helping shares very much. the ftse 100 and the frankfurt dacs are just barely above the flatline. 40 isch 40 -- the cac just aboveve zero midday. there is a mission to finance projects to lift asian populations out of poverty, but as china has risen over recent decades into the world's second-largest economy, calls of
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been mounting for the bank to gradually phase china out from the list of borrowers. the countries once enormous growth slowing amid trade tension and economic demand. the incoming bank president says he expects beijing will continue its economics to meals programs. here he is. chinese economy is huge, and its size is twice that of japan's economy. size, it wiwill have a massive impact not just on china, but on the global economy. we hope china engineers a soft landing. i'm sure the chinese authororits are fully mindful of ththe need for r that. france, thein finance ministry says it will never give up on its plan toto x multinational techch giants. brian: the finance minister taking a hard line on that tech packs as u u.s. officials repaid to release the results of an investigatation intoto thempactf thfrenench plan.
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that invnvestigation could c coe with retaliatory t trade measurs frfrom wasashington. the u.s., he s says, is s lookig for a way to avoid any ininternational tax on s silicon valley g giants. the e dustup c comes as a new rt acaccus ththe top six x american tech firms of "agaggressivevely" avoiding some $100 billion in global taxes over the past decade. silicon valley's top tech firms have been accused of avoiding 100 billion u.s. dollars in tax over the past decades. the tax transparency group says this in an upcoming report. known as the silicon six, telephone is tech giants are worth morore than all of the country -- companies listed on the london stock exchange put together, but the tax they pay is small, thanks to the use of foreign tax havens. >> by ensuring multinational corporations pay their faiair share locally, with the wealth created locally by people's
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work, governments can strengthen their economies to move smoothly and make a good life possible for everyone. reporter: according to the report, amazon paid just 3.4 billion u.s. dollars in income taxes in 2010. that means its tax rate was effectively 12.7%, a figure it disputes. the second worst was facebook, which paid just over 10% of profits in tax. at number three, google supposededly paid a little over one billion -- $1 billion on about $19 billion of foreign profit last year. google claims to pay a tax rate of over 23%, according to those figures, it would be more like 6.5%. last year, apple paid just under 4 billion u.s. dollars out of $44 billion of foreign profits. calls have grown for transparency in tax in europe, forceat law that would publication of profit data was blocked by 12 european
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countries, including ireland, which depends on using low taxes to attract business. genie: to wrap up, the c cop25 climate conferences getting underway in madrid. the question of how to finance the clean energy transition is high on the agendada. brian: thehe human is banking oa special envoy who happens to be u.n. isand -- the banking on an old hand, mark carney, who will take over when his tenure with the cental bank is up. he takes over from michael bloomberg, himself not r running for president of the u u.s. carney said he wants to put climate change at the heart of making decisions. that will be necessary if anything is to be achieved. genie: thank you for that. brian quinn with your business update. up next, dire words from the yuan secretary general -- from the u.n. secretary general. a closer look in the next half-hour. stay with us.
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man: it's a completely different level, off-the-scale violence. man 2: less than 24 hours previously, 8 people had been killed. man 3: they act a behave as you would expect mafia to act and behave. [echoes] i'm stuart ramsay in mexico, and this is "hotspots." tonight, we're going to take you behind the scenes of the world's biggest and hardest-hitting stories. i'm in acapulco, where the narco cartels are out of control. thousands are dying. now, this is where someone has been killed, right? dodging snipers in southeast asia, r team reports from a ci


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