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tv   Al Jazeera English News Bulletin  LINKTV  January 15, 2020 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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>> this president will be held accountable, that no one is above the law. >> signed, sealed and delivered. articles of impeachment against donald trump had been submitted to the senate. it will be the third trial against a u.s. president. ♪ this is "al jazeera" live from doha. the u.s. and china take a key step to end the trade war that affect the global market. [sirens] security forces try to break a protesters for the second night
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in lebanon's capital. we meet the team working to stop fishermen in the philippines going on in the waters around an erupting volcano. house of representatives has delivered the articles of impeachment against donald trump to the senate. trump is the third president to face such proceedings in american history. house speaker nancy pelosi signed the document representing the start of a trial against president donald trump. it follows a vote in the democratic-controlled house. where seven numbers of been assigned as managers of the trial. houseam, led by intelligence committee chairman adam schiff, brought the papers to the senate chamber. the president accused of pressuring ukraine's leader to investigate his political rival joe biden. charges he's dismissed as a hoax. this very clear that
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president will be held accountable, that no one is above the law. and that no future president should ever entertain the idea excuse me,cle i, article ii says that he can do whatever he wants. >> mitch mcconnell confirmed the impeachment trial will start in earnest on tuesday. he says he's confident justice will be done. >> this is a difficult time for our country. but this is precisely the kind of time for which the framers created the the senate. i'm confident this body can rise above short-termism and factional fever and serve the long-term best interests of our nation. >> earlier i spoke with our washington dc reporter. she's explained what is next in this impeachment trial. >> members of the leaders of both partners training this in its historical context.
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calling the on the framers of the constitution, the majority leader, the top republican in the senate, calling for putting aside this factionalism. that is not even a word used nowadays in the u.s. to describe the partisanship experience in d.c. but it is a word used by the framers of the constitution historically. so, both mitch mcconnell and nancy pelosi and top democrats in the house saying this is the most somber and important duty of congress to perform, just under that of declaring that of war. so, what do we see from now going forward? well, we saw the pomp and circumstance, the march across the capital building which is more than just symbolic. taking those articles of impeachment, which are the actual documents upon which are
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printed these allegations against president trump, and carrying them by hand across the threshold of the u.s. capitol rotunda going from the side where the u.s. house of representatives needs to the other side of the capitol building where the senate has his chambers. that means it is a new threshold also in the status of this impeachment. now we see the other half. we are going to see the other half of this process play out, which is the upcoming trial of president trump. that is a guaranteed process that will happen first thing we'll see will be tomorrow when these articles are read aloud before the senate chambers by those, the managers of the impeachment, those prosecuting the case. followed by the swearing in of chief justice john roberts of the u.s. supreme court who will preside over this impeachment trial of president trump. >> the chief investigative
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correspondent for yahoo! news joins us from washington, d.c. we've heard mitch mcconnell saying that this investigation, this trial will be free of partisanship. is it ever possible to have an impeachment trial that is for you partisanship? current political climate in the united states. i can't imagine that people are going to see this trial as devoid of partisanship. let's remember, the house voted on purely partisan grounds to impeach the president. all but three democrats voted for the articles of impeachment. no republicans supported them. all republicans voted against them. so, this is, by its nature, a partisan proceeding that doesn't
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mean it's not an illegitimate. -- in any way. but it does weaken the democrat's hand not to of had any republicans on board when they voted the articles in the first place. >> if there are no witnesses called, is it possible to have a legitimate trial, a balance trial, just by examining the evidence? willll, it's really how the public perceive it, how will this be spun? on its face, if you are conducting a trial anyone to get at the truth, you want to hear all relevant witnesses. and, certainly, the witnesses proposed by the democrats, starting with former national security advisor john bolton, theshed a lot more light on events at issue than are goodly
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any of the witnesses who testified -- than arguably any of the witnesses who testified in the house. fourhey've got to contents republicans -- convince four republicans to go along with calling witnesses. all's why, whikl-- while we assume we know the ultimate outcome, it seems highly unlikely to get 20 republican senators to vote for the removal of the president from office, there are a lot of wildcards in this proceeding over the next few weeks. and this is one of those rare occasions where we don't know how it's going to play out. will four republicans vote for witnesses? will, if they do, will the republicans, will the president's lawyers seek to call hunter biden or even joe biden? that's certainly something that is out there. i want to make one other point
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that i think people are missing. from there taught earliest parts of their career that you never ask a question in a legal proceeding where you don't know what the witnesses going to say as an answer. in this case, we have no idea what john bolton will say if he is called to testified. the democrats have put a lot of chips on that, on calling bolton. but it's a gamble on their part, because bolton may support their version of events, or he may completely contradict their version of events as it comes to the president's state of mind and why he with health that military aid for ukraine. >> the chief investigative correspondent for yahoo! thanks very much, indeed, michael. stage of thest
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trump impeachment has been unfolding the u.s. and china signed the first phase of a new trade deal that will see china buy more american goods, committed to buying an additional $200 billion of goods and services by 2021. beijing is also expected to remove some of the tariffs it's placed on u.s. products but the agreement keeps in place american tariffs on $360 billion of chinese goods -- until for the negotiations. trump says the agreement delivered economic justice for the u.s. president trump: together we are righting the wrongs of the past and delivering a future of economic justice for american workers, farmers, and families. i want to thank president xi who is watch as we speak. i will be going over to china in the not-too-distant future. our the coaches were tough, honest, open and respectful,
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leading us to this really incredible breakthrough. most people thought this could never happen. years have happened 25 ago, by the way, but that's ok. >> live in washington. the president sounding very happy but not everybody is pleased. >> certainly there has been a lot of criticism of this particular deal, remembering that it is phase one of what is intended to be a series of agreements. the point of criticism lies in the fact that it does not address the the single most important factor, and that is the ongoing chinese state backing of chinese firms with massive subsidies which puts them at an advantage over the u.s. competitors. it does address the issue of tariffs, keeping a place 55% of tariffs that president trump introduced. at the same time, it does reduce tariffs on a number of goods, president trump
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selection charges, a number of these goods relate directly to een consumer, flat scr televisions, athletic footwear, bluetooth headphones. these are items clearly designed to show the consumer that some kind of benefit has been directly achieved by the president in terms of his trade negotiations. the other issue that critics contend has not been addressed is what many believe is the state backed hackingo of u.s. firms operating within china. this is one of the issues that has been rampant in terms of the relationship and one of the issues many content has not been addressed. but, at the same time, despite the criticism from many, most are relieved there has been a pause in the ongoing trade war. it is not the end by any means but certainly it would appear to be a truce. and, regardless of criticism, most are happy that this is the case. >> thanks. still ahead on "al jazeera",
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iran's president blames what he calls u.s. arrogance fueling mayhem in the middle east. find out venezuela's opposition leader had to hold a parliamentary session in a theater. ♪ >> still quiet across northern sections of asia. western sections of japan, this is got some rain and that it within it. that is beginning to push across the east china sea through thursday. taking a very heavy rain away from taiwan. you can see it spinning on its way into western areas. shanghai a few showers on thursday. the high of 23 in hong kong. cooler in hong kong, 21 degrees,
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a dry day in shanghai. look at all of this rain working its way most of the east -- it could take in a future. 11 celsius for tokyo. across indonesia some heavy monsoonal rain into sumatra. coast,e along that west very widely scattered thunderstorms on thursday across mumuch of borneo. dry generally across the mantra and also the malay peninsula. it has been quiet in india. to the north this is what we are dealing with, very heavy amounts of rain pushing to the north. that is where we'll turn over to snow. it's moving swiftly. feeling cooler in new delhi with a high of just 18. ♪ ♪ >> you are watching "al jazeera"
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a reminder of our top stories this hour. the u.s. house of representatives has delivered the articles of impeachment against donald trump to the senate following a vote in the democrat-controlled house where seven members have been assigned as managers of the trial. the senate will then become an impeachment court as early as thursday. though significant proceedings do not begin until next week. trump will be only the third president to face such proceedings in american history. the u.s. and china have signed the first phase of a new trade. keephe u.s. says it'll most of its tariffs in place until phase two. ok, let's. go back to one of our top stories. one of the menu could be pivotable is the man who will preside over it, prerecord chief justice john roberts. even though his task is mandated by the constitution, the nasty
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politics could complicate his role, both during the trial and in his day job. reporter: john roberts has been the u.s.. supreme court justice has been u.s. supreme court chief justice for 15 years. >> i don't think he will put up with many shenanigans. reporter: will something roberts can play it at several. >>.he can issue subpoenas . he can make rulings. his rulings would have to be overturned by 51 senators. reporter: the fact is roberts' role is more ceremonial than pivotal. he will reset it is questions out loud, and he may analyze whether various bits of evidence should be presented. however, it is the senators who will decide what evidence to
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introduce or which witnesses can testify. not roberts. and more important, it is the senators will decide whether to convict. analysts say roberts will move carefully. >> he doesn't want to be seen as favoring one side of the other in a political brawl. reporter: what might influence his performance is his day job. critics have attacked roberts for supporting president barack obama's health care program and for defending the right of corporations to spend unlimited amounts of money on political campaigns. this year, roberts will have to weigh in on trump's financial records, -- abortion rights, and the possible deportation of the 700,000 people known as streamers. then there is the dust up between the president and the chief justice. after trump accused a federal judge of bias in 2018. president trump: this was an obama judge. reporter: roberts fired back.
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>> we do not speak for the people. but we speak for the constitution. our role is very clear. we are to interpret the constitution and laws of the united states and ensure the political branches act within them. reporter: trump then attacked roberts on twitter. " it is not too much trump to assume that if the senate convicts trump, he will lash out at everyone, including at this chief justice who presided over his impeachment trial. >> resumed bombing of idlib province. the last remaining rebel held area. these are the first attacks. the beginning of a cease-fire brokered with turkey. several towns were targeted including two main markets. 15 people are reported killed. the syrian government launched
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an offensive last year to retake idlib. and hundreds of thousands have fled the fighting. a senior u.n. official in lebanon has blamed the elite to failing to tackling economic collapse that has reignited protests. demonstrators have regrouped and beirut's first second night. targeting the financial institutions as part of a symbolic attack on the ruling elite's economic plans. anger remains as corruption and falling living standards. we are in beirut and we explain whiter has been so much anger directed towards the country's banks. reporter: in the streets for the second to second of net and -- the seoncond night. using tear gas for these first protest who as you can see are out in force. frustration is growing and lebanon. that is now the fourth month since the antiestablishment
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protest movement began. people took to the streets to demand a change in leadership. ine country's economy is collapse. banks, people vandalizing banks, destroying cash machines. venting anger at the banking sector. they held and formal capital controls -- prevented them from accessing their deposit, savings. there is a cap on the withdraw of lebanese pounds. tear gas is being used by the antiriot police. early today protests were outside the main police barracks demand it -- ok. we have to move. can see, things are very tense. there's a political vacuum since the end of october. people are demanding a government that will --
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instead of -- the politicians have been doing is bickering amongst themselves -- over seats in the cabinet. the united nations is warning that the situation is dangerous. chaos in lebanon and blaming the politicians for a failing financial system. >> iran's president has warned the european soldiers in the middle east may be in danger. hassan rouhani made the comments france and britain, germany launched the dispute mechanism over the 2015 nuclear deal accusing iran of repeated violations. our diplomatic editor reports from the united nations. reporter: at a time when large crowds of iranians have been protesting in the streets, the country's president instead addressed his comments to the internatational community. hanion leone -- rhou
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dismissed reasons suggestions from boris johnson there should be a new deal with iran and said they focus on the one agreed in 2015. >> if you take the wrong step, it will be to your detriment. pick the right path to return to the nuclear deal. reporter: there was this warning note to european nations. >> the american soldier is not secure today. tomorrow maybe the european soldier will n not be secure. let us address this insecurity. reporter: for now the iran nuclear deal signed with five world powers including the u.s. in 2015 when the obama administration was in office is still in existence. but it's in trouble. gradually in five stages the iranian side will step back from some of the restrictions imposed under the deal. no longerecent is to
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comply with the restrictions on the levels of enrichment of uranium it's carrying out, a process that could be used to make a bomb, weapons grade uranium is enriched to 90%. the response to this from the european side is to formally trigger the dispute mechanism set out in the deal. one european diplomat told me their country estimate is that two years away from building a bond or it i'm told the europeans have no plans to bring the issue back to the u.n. security council. that has the power to trigger what is known as snap back, three imposing all the international sanctions against iran. the dispute mechanism allows for further negotiations and would take many months. iran watches -- the leadership in tehran i focus instead on thes u.s. political calendar. they are looking to november's election with the hope they can
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wait trump out. areanadian investigators expected to examine the wreckage of the ukrainian jet shot down in the iranian capital last week. they are visiting the site, but they have not been granted access to the flight and cock pit recorders. all 176 passengers and crew died when iran's military mistakenly shot down the plane. most of th victims were from canada. eon tuesday iran's to dish year a confirmed a number of people have been arrested in connection with the downing of the airliner. russia's prime minister dmitry medvedev and his retirement have resigned to he says his resignation will allow vladimir putin to introduce changes to the constitution. during his state of the nation, putin proposed an increase in parliament's powers as well as an enhanced role for the state council. the president who is currently serving his fourth term says he would hold a referendum on any
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such reforms. sudan has reopened its airspace after an armed revolt led to the death of two soldiers in the closure of the capital there. members of the former security eervice with links to th deposed rulers stage the uprising on tuesday. members of the disbanded unit were angy at the terms that they were beinry offered. a convoy carrying four venezuelan opposition politicians has been attacked by a group armed with crowbars. no one has been injured. opposition leader juan guaidó moved parliament to a theater in a suburb of caracas the following the attack. president nicolas maduro has previously tried to stop the opposition leader presiding over the national assembly. our latin american editor has more from caracas. reporter: it was a very dramatic month, the third one this
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around the national assembly. it was not the opposition leader juan guaidó who was attacked. but rather, other members of the opposition who had gone ahead of him. there were armed gangs as well as soldiers around the national hesembly building, called t legislative palace. at the same time the pro-government constituent assembly was meeting inside there, knowing that juan guaidó had called for a meeting. they were attacked, they were had at, and one of the cars their windows broken with a crowbar or stone. in any case, no one was injured miraculously. and they have army convene in another part of the city. and it looks like it will have to keep doing that from now on because the government is clearly making, is making it obvious that they will not allow juan guaidó and his deputies to meet anymore in what has been the national assembly, the only independent institution,
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democratic institution of venezuela up until now. >> emergency crews in pakistan have recover 21 more bodies as they search for victims of recent avalanches. 160 people from both pakistan and afghanistan have been killed because of the severe weather in recent days. are believe to be trapppped inside their homes, buried by heavavy snowfall. authorities have been forced to use helicopters can rescue the injured as many roads remain blocked by snow. hasphilippines -- guard been busy trying to keep fishermen out of the waters that surround the taal volcano. tens of thousands have been evacuated since its first skewed ash and lava. despite warnings, not everyone is staying away. coast guards say
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a hazardous corruption can happen anytime and trigger all volcanic tsunami. they need to ensure that the thousands of boats in the area remain anchored. >> there are those who refuse to leave here. not minding the danger around the lake. so, we are here because we need to make sure that no one gets hurt. reporter: we are now about 10 no, buters from the vola what you're seeing is a fraction of the total area. that the philippine coast guard is covering on the daily prices. the-- on a daily basis. on the average they are able to apprehend 10 fishermen every day heading to the lake to fish. thousands of fishermen who live and fish here have been forced to go. but some see their work comes first. know it was not allowed. so now i can evacuate now.
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i fish. i am worried about safety. and the volcanic corruption on our livelihood. reporter: the volcano spewed ashed and lava
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narrator: on thihis episode of "earth focus," two cities-- freetown, sierra leone, and san francisco, california-- continents apart, vastly different culturally and economically, yet facing the same struggle to adapt to rapid urbanization, all set against the backdrop of a dramatitically changing climimate. [film advance clilicking]


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