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tv   Al Jazeera English News Bulletin  LINKTV  January 22, 2020 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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quick demanding an investigation intoevidence out of hack the washington post. this is al jazeera live from doha. >> he personally asked a foreign government to investigate his opponent. >> honestly, we have all the material. they don't have the material. and bragging about
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withholding evidence. centernt -- city at the of a virus outbrbreak that is killed 17 people so far. down warlord vows to shoot anyone using airspace araround e capital tripoli. ♪ so you and human rights experts are calling for an investigation hacking allegations of the phone of amazon and washington post boss jeff bezos. relations soured after the murder of jamal khashoggi. he was a regular contributor to the washington post. 15 months after the murder of saudi journalists jamal khashoggi, the fallout continues.
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jeff bezos, the boss of the world's largest online shop, amazon, also owns the washington post. the newspaper khashoggi wrote for. he's now at the center of a hacking pro -- probe. some say they've looked at forensic analysis that points to data being stolen from jeff in 2018 that happened after he received whatsapp messages from the personal account of the saudi crown prince, mohammed bin else -- mohammed elsa mann. conducting the forensic investigation, concluded with medium to high certainty that the source of the hacking was a video file sent to mr. bezos's from an account owned by the crown prince. reporter: on the sidelines of
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the world economic forum, the saudi energy minister responded to the allegations. >> this is a mockery and a joke. >> why is it a mockery? people are concerned. reporter: at the same time, the wall street journal reported that saudi officials close to the crown prince said they were aware of the plan to hack jeff bezos phone as part of a broader intimidation campaign against khashoggi, but not aware of any attempt to blackmail him. >> the idea that the crown prince would hack jeff bezos'phone is silly. reporter: relations with ben solomon soured. the security team alleged last month that the kingdom gained private information from his phone involving text messages between him and a former tv news presenter.
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the latest analysis implicates the crown prince for the first time. >> i think it is hard to believe that if they had this successful capability and were brazenly willing to use it against one of the most powerful people in the world, that they would stop there. reporter: the saudi's have been accused of other hacking attacks, but jeff bezos is by far the most high profile person involved. the latest allegations are expected to only worsen relations between the worlds richest men and the kingdom. a strategic ally of the u.s. she spoke to al jazeera and here is more from that interview. the expert who conducted the forensic expert concluded with medium to high certainty that the source of the hacking was a toeo file sent to mr. bezos
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a website from an account or by the crown prince. we subsequently have asked independent experts to review the findings and they have reached a similar level of conclusions as the initial forensic study. that it isoint out so difficult for forensic experts with incredible means at 100% disposal to reach a certainty over the source of the hacking. that should be a wake-up call to all of us here that we are technology and an industry that is extreremely difficult to trace, even with
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the best and highest resources at our disposal. those allegations place the of a prince at the center andaign of hacking intimidation. that's the first thing. in my view, based on my work related to the killing of jamal khashoggi, those allegations call i haverce the made for a full investigation into the mastermind behind the killing of jamal khashoggi and particularly, an investigation into the nature and extent of the responsibilities at the highest level of the state, including by hamed ben salman. earlier jeff bezos tweeted a picture of himself arking the when you're --
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photo of jamal khashoggi marking the one-year anniversary of his murder. the second day of donald trump's impeachment trial is underway. adam schiff said that trump's actions show that he believes he is above the law. the democrats have three days to make their case before trump's team has three days to deliver their rebuttal. the trial could potentially end week. trump is all but certain to be acquitted. 20 senators from the republican party to vote in favor of his removal, and so far none have said they will do that. >> an unprecedented fashion, the president ordered the entire second a branch of the united states of america to categorically refuse and completely obstruct the house's impeachment investigation. ofh a wholesale obstruction congressional impeachment has never before occurred in our democracy. and it represents one of the
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most blatant efforts at cover-up in history. if not remedied by his conviction in the senate and removal from office, president trump's abuse of his office and obstruction of congress will permanently alter the balance of power among branches of government, inviting future presidents to operate as if they are also beyond the reach of accountability, congressional oversight, and the law. minority leader chuck schumer said the idea is off the table. >> first of all, the republicans have the brought dies have the right to bring in any witness they want. they haven't wanted to come and that trade is not on the table. if house managers continue to do what they have done over the last two hours, i think that it will continue to make a powerful case. first step, witnesses and
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documents, second step, we get a real fair trial, and who knows what happens when there is a real fair trial. if there's not a fair trial and they just shut it down, any acquittal a president trump have little value. this business of witness trade, the democrats saying it's off the table. how hard will the republicans push this? >> it seems republicans don't really want witnesses, either. they want to get this done as soon as possible, before the state of the union address on february 4. although the idea has been floated in the last few days, quite seriously, actually, in much of they don't have a chance of it happening. can you imagine how damaging it would be for joe biden, already in the competition for the democratic nomination. the current debate right now is, how corrupt is joe biden?
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sanders had an editorial saying joe biden has a problem, citing his closeness to the fossil fuel industry, and others. for a long time he's been doing their bidding. it heat -- it is huge fool in in thee -- huge fuel race for the nomination. there are questions, why did have a job at a military company in ukraine when he had absolutely no energy experience while his father was the vice president? what impacted that have? on the vice president these are fair questions. the democrats say it is completely irrelevant has nothing to do of -- nothing to do with the idea of a quid pro quo. republicans could make the argument, as they will try and show that what donald trump was trying to do wasn't in his own interest, but in the national interest, then it is fair for
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the president to ask questions at the very least about whether there was improper behavior by a vice president and his son in ukraine. so this is how that all fits in. given that through pumpkins in the end don't really want witnesses, maybe this will all go away. anchor: that is down the line. , have we learned anything new with more than five hours of evidence? >> they are having dinner right now. it's getting mixed reviews, i have to say. clearly the democrats feel that this is the opportunity now to make this seminal narrative of everything they've discovered, both in the house inquiry and since the house inquiry ended, that they can put together this narrative that proves that donald trump was using the office of the presidency to engage in a shadow foreign policy, using both administration officials and his personal lawyer to try to blackmail the ukrainian government in order to try to cheat in the 2020 election.
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they are using video and props and things like that. that may not get witnesses, but they are using a lot of video soundbites from people who that might want to cross-examine in this impeachment trial. senators -- were getting reports eyesnators resting their against the rules that have been laid down in the chamber. some are saying they are unifying as a result of the testimony from tuesday night from jerry nadler who accuse republican senators of treachery and a cover up. that has a lot of republicans really annoyed. saying they are not even bother with it. are they going to follow the narrative? saying whents were
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the initial truncated timetable was announced, they do tend to go on and on when they have a lot of time and they lose their audience lately. maybe it will be better if they are forced to make a concise argument into hours of prime time. it's unclear how much of an effect this will all have. anchor: that's the view from capitol hill. meanwhile president trump is in the air flying back from switzerland where he attended the world economic forum in davos. our white house correspondent has more on that. >> he was in switzerland to talk trade with world leaders. but in his first press conference since the senate impeachment trial began, donald trump couldn't help lashing out at his democratic adversaries, calling them -- >> major sleaze bags. >> he told reporters he wanted to let members of his ministration testify, like
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former national security advisor john bolton, secretary of state mike pompeo, and other top officials. even floated the possibility of showing up himself. >> would that be great? right in the front row and stare at their corrupt faces. i would love to do it. don't keep talking because you may convince me to do it. >> trump seems fixated on the trial back home, even as the world hope he would use the world economic forum to highlight accomplishments on trade. when --oy when asked ask about imports of cars to the united states. president trump: i have a date in my mind, and it's a fairly quick date. >> it could hurt efforts to negotiate another trump trade priority, reform of the wto and the new trade deal with united states and european union. still, trump says he hopes to
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have a deal before the 2020 presidential election. ishas also confirmed he expanding his controversial travel ban, barring citizens of certain countries from entering the u.s.. president trump: we are adding a couple of countries to it. our country has to be safe. >> his band sparked protests when he introduced it less than a week after taking office. ban forled it a muslim targeting muslim majority countries like iran and somalia. they fought it in court. in 2018, the supreme court upheld the policy at the white house promises countries can be removed on the travel ban list if they step up security. with those headlines from the impromptu press conference were once again overshadowed by the impeachment trial on capitol hill. when trump believes it could shape his legacy. president trump: when i finished, i think this is going
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to go down as one of the greatest things i have done for our country. thank you very much. >> despite allegations to the contrary, trump insists he has committed no wrongdoing and efforts to remove him from office are an attempt to root -- remove him -- to undo the 2016 election. anchor: president trump used his press conference in davos to lash out against impeachment proceedings and boasted about withholding some evidence from the democrats. president trump: had a phony concocted story made up, so here is the story. did nothing wrong, it was a perfect conversation, it was totally appropriate. the best lawyers in the world have looked at it, the department of justice has looked at it and given it a signoff. there was nothing wrong. so we are doing very well. i got to watch enough, i thought our team did a very good job, but honestly we have all the material. they don't have the material.
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anchor: still ahead here on al jazeera -- protest rejecting lebanon's new government with street battle in the capital of beirut. ♪ >> we've had some rain and snow across central areas of japan, but in actual fact it's to the north that seen the heaviest of the snow. lots of moisture coming in and picking up from the oceans and this is the result, over two meters of snow in some areas. look at this, the snow is still coming down, yet people are out there trtrying to keep it clear because it will certainly continue to accumulate. there is more snow in the
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forecast and to be are staying on the low side. nine degrees in tokyo and some heavy amounts of rain. but quickly pushing off the east coast, a lot of very heavy rain showers through central areas of japan. shanghai here's the way as we head into friday but all it does is head off toward western air areas of japan. kong, 25 mormon hong degrees celsius. scattered showers and thunderstorms are the order of the day across much of indonesia. by friday, one or two showers as well, becoming heavier later in the day. you will notice widespread showers through some mitral and through much of central and western java. ♪
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anchor: you're watching al jazeera, a reminder of our top stories. you and hermann -- human rights experts are calling for investigations at the saudi crown prince was involved in the hacking of jeff bezos. after thesoured murder of jamal khashoggi back in 2018. congressional democrats have called on republican senators to join him in voting to remove donald trump from office, representing arguments in the impeachment trial of the u.s. president. trump is back in washington after attending the world economic forum in switzerland. he used his press conference to lash out against impeachment proceedings. he bragged about withholding some evidence from the democrats. let's take the impeachment proceedings on with a chief investigative correspondent at
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yahoo! news who joins us from new york. they are still in recess at the moment as they take their dinner break. what is your assessment of where they are at so far? have we heard anything new? michael: not to those of us who have been following this closely for the last several months. what the democrats are doing is basically taking the testimony that was compiled during those weeks of hearings back in november and replaying it, frankly, over and over again. i guess the theory is that no matter how much attention this got back in the fall, they didn't get enough, and that's the democrats explanation for why it didn't move the needle in terms of public support for impeachment. that said, it remains a strong case. there is damming evidence there, and the republicans are in a bit of a bind on this issue of
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witnesses. point, although it will be interesting to see how the president's lawyers do, if they have anything to add to their rebuttal that already took place in the previews yesterday, but at this point, i think most people could say we could skip everything for the next week and go straight to that crucial vote next week on witnesses. leadis the door that could to new evidence, new documents that could shed a whole lot of light on the gaps in the democrats case. but we just don't know whether that will happen at all, whether democrats would get those for republican senators to cross over and vote with them for witnesses. anchor: to add some spice to that whole witness arena is the
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issue of joe biden and the potential that the republicans might push for him to come forward as well. the democrats say that any witness trade is off the table, but how hard with the republicans push for it if it comes to it? >> it's hard to say. if the that certainly door is open to witnesses, the republicans are going to want to call there's, and somebody will have to rule that there witnesses, if it is indeed hunter biden, joe biden, and the whistleblower, are out of bounds. i don't know whether chief justice roberts will step in and make such a ruling or not. the republicans have the votes and i think it is likely that it would go down the road of they will get a subpoena for at least hunter
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biden and possibly the moreleblower, and even problematic, joe biden himself. anchor: it's not going to look good for the democrats, is it? well, yes and no. 'srtainly hunter biden arrangement on the board of burisma is not anything that makes any democrat proud. it was an appearance of a conflict of interest on its face while his father was the point man for u.s. government policy for the son of the vice president to be sitting on the board of a corrupt company that was being investigated by ukrainian authorities. relevant to the charges against the president?
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i suppose you could make the argument that if you want to understand why the president made this extraordinary request to president zelenskiy to investigate the bidens, you have ,o understand why he felt that and therefore calling hunter biden could possibly shed some light on that. but doesn't really tell us very much about what the president is charged with? and that is requesting the assistance of a foreign government to dig up political , andon a political rival regardless of whether hunter wasn's deal with burisma unethical, tawdry, whatever you i think the it, democrats would argue it doesn't , ther because the fact is president was asking a foreign
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government to do the investigation, not the u.s. government, not the justice department, but a foreign government to do it. anchor: this whole thing is a test of endurance, isn't it? we've had hours of evidence so far and another two days on the democrat side. want is just rebound against the democrats? >> it could, it is hard to say. it will be interesting to see how many people are still tuned in tomorrow if the democrats keep at it and keep basically repeating themselves over and over again. the facts are not that complicated. it doesn't take three days to lay it out. if this were a criminal trial, a jury trial, you wouldn't need hours and hours for opening
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arguments. you could probably do it in a couple of hours, and make a tight, powerful, compelling case. there is a risk i believe drawing this out too long and turning off the public. anchor: they are back at it on the senate floor. we will see what happens. thanks very much indeed. planes, trains, and public transport been shut down as authorities battled the spread of a deadly new virus. at least 17 people have been killed across china by the coronavirus and hundreds more have fallen neil. japan, south korea, the united states and taiwan all have one case each. the world health organization will decide on thursday whether to declare a world health emergency. and a no-fly zone at the main airport in the capital of tripoli.
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flights had only just resumed after being suspended following a rocket attack on wednesday. the you and recognize government said its forces don't have the capacity to enforce a no-fly zone. flights in and out have been suspended following the warlords statement. activation of a no-fly zone that we previously described. as you can seal this map, natuzzi airport, the areas are now forbidden for civilian or military aviation. whoever the aircraft belongs s o
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