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tv   Al Jazeera English News Bulletin  LINKTV  March 24, 2020 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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citizens as a lockdown goes into effect to stop the -- india citizens are on a lockdown as the policy goes into effect to stop the coronavirus. ahead, the infection rate continues to c climb in spain. keeping the flame burning. olympic aimsed the to next year. france's new coronavirus
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coast guard. ordering everyone off the beach. the relentlessly growing death toll has marked more grim milestones. friends reporting more than 1000 deaths and the number of fatalities in italy has doubled that of china. it seemed like the outbreak was slowing but it spiked again, dashing hopes that an outbreak had plateaued. there are concerns that frontline health workers do not have the protective equipment. the tokyo olympics have been postponed for a year. japan's prime minister is determined to hold the games in a symbol of as
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triumph over coronavirus and india has brought in unprecedented measures. its citizens have been told to stay home for three weeks. elizabeth has more. >> after two days of heavy , they spell out the situation facing all indians. >> listen carefully. will be in antry complete lockdown and ordered -- in order to save india, in order to save the citizens of india and save yourself. tonight, there will be a total home. going out of your every state, every territory, every district, every village and locality is being put on lockdown. >> he said it was the only way
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to stop the spread of the virus, but even before the announcement, police were out across the country. police dismantled all of the protest signs against the government citizenship law. people had been gathering there for 100 days to show their opposition to the legislation, which vast tracts to minorities from three neighboring countries but excludes muslims. >> five women were sitting there. they damaged the protest site. the people are very angry because of this. we are supporting the measures. police -- >> police detained a group of people. because this is a dangerous environment because of coronavirus.
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we detained them and took action. >> some people out buying groceries say that they were attacked by police. to buy vegetables at about 5:00, but police chased us off. >> there is a disease and the lockdown is necessary, but there is a time when people do not have food to eat. if they do not by -- if they do not let us by the vegetables, how will we eat? buses, metro and taxis have been ordered to stop their services. prime minister modi saying people will be allowed to buy essential supplies, but people have rushed to grocery stores across the country, uncertain what the next few weeks will
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bring. the government will spend over $2 million to fight the virus. many of the poor have lost livelihoods and are still waiting to hear how the government will help them. >> the coronavirus pandemic is crippling health care systems across europe. the italian and u.k. governments are opening makeshift facilities. an i spent has been turned into a temporary morgue as the country tries to deal with the outbreak. spanish residents is 65 years or older. is how the care system collapsed so quickly under the onslaught. emergency units are disinfecting as soon as possible out here in madrid. staff has been overwhelmed with
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desperate consequences. >> i know the majority are fulfilling their duties. listen. this has to be said. the army has seen elderly people completely abandoned, even dead in their beds. this -- >> this ice rink has been commissioned. so infectious even in death at the staff are wearing full protective suits. the latest clinic repurposed has opened in rome. every patient requires truly intensive care, in terms of staffing and equipment. there is simply not enough to go around. >> a growing number of italian towns have recorded video messages ordering the public to stop flouting the lockdown
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rules. one threatens to throw in a flamethrower to break up a planned graduation party. the shortage in critical care capacity is being partly addressed with a brand-new temporary hospital created in one week at a huge exhibition center in london. awards,ll comprise two 2000 people. with the help of the military and clinicians, we will make sure that we had the capacity that we need, so that everyone can get the support that they need. >> a stay-at-home order has previous- replaced the order. this grocery store is about the
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only shop that we found open in this town but the lockdown is far from being strictly observed. attaining it to be three to four months. it will be av will challenge. construction workers showed little signs of social distancing. this site was far from unusual class u.k. but r religious services are banned. weddings and baptisms ceremonies are on hold and only funerals will go ahead. >> the u.s. president says his coronavirus task force is working hard to reopen the economy by easter. he was briefing the media shortly after saying the disease was spreading through the state like a bullet train. trump: they are building four hospital
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facilities. it will be operational very soon . they are building four different medical facilities in different parts of the state. we are dealing with governor cuomo on that. they will be at the highest level. temporary but incredible. we are deploying the u.s. navy hospital ship. that will be arriving in the new york harbor in the not-too-distant future. they are doing a very big maintenance. >> let's bring in mike hanna. we opening by easter despite warnings from health experts. >> president trump making a huge issue of this in the past, saying he is wanting to reopen things by easter.
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most health absent roots have argued -- experts have argued that the measures must be in place for much longer than that. not only has the rest not reached an apex of infection but there is the ongoing possibility of a resurgence of the virus, should it not be continued. president trump insists that this is the case. nobody directly contradicting the president at this point. you saw the daily briefing. usually -- he was reading from careful notes, giving specific details and numbers. aidentioned the amount of going to new york.
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of infections are taking place in new york. it was 2000 to 3000. an absolute minimum of 20,000 is necessary to cope with the demand. critical of the federal government for its tardiness in providing these essential supplies to his state. >> congress is still working on that too trillion dollars rescue package. there has been division between democrats and republicans. are they closer to pushing it through? >> this continued speculation that they are getting closer to it. thestumbling block remains, thaton of many democrats
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500 billion dire slush fund would go to certain corporations . this has been the stumbling block. they are arguing this is not the time for a bailout. not the big corporations being bailed out, using that money to buy back stock. this is ongoing. the discussions are continuing. the stock exchange thinks that there will be agreement. one of the highest rises in the dow indicator in decades. that is a reflection of the stock exchange, hoping that the
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congress are nearing an agreement. we will find out about that in a few hours, possibly even tomorrow. we heard that trump news conference as well. discussions going on and they will be going on this evening. nobody being specific about whether that will be a question of hours or days. >> thinking. thank you. moscow's mayor saying that the outbreak is worse than the numbers show. wearmir putin had to protective gear to defend against the virus. despite confirming 400 95 infections, he says the bill numbers were still unclear. the olympic games has been
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postponed for up to a year. the commission chief says the decision is about saving lives. the japanese prime minister asked for the tokyo games to be put off, saying when it happens, it will be proof of victory over the virus. speculation over whether the tokyo games would go ahead. -- coronavirus has caused chaos the world over. japan's prime ministers says tokyo 2020 will be held in 2021. the host of the tokyo olympics, taking into consideration the current situation for the athlete and athletes of the world, for them to be able to compete in the best environment and for the run in a safe environment. postponingconsider the games for exactly one year.
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>> several of the book qualifiers had to be postponed due to the outbreak, putting many athletes at a disadvantage and increase and restrictions on travel made it nearly impossible. >> it was becoming increasingly difficult to see any way that it could be held this year. olympics operates on some many levels. worldhletes around the are training for something that they are not sure whether it will be held or not. many are in lockdown scenarios. that it wouldd put their budget at risk. they have not worked out how much the delay will cost or cool ok. -- who will pay.
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sigh of relief. they gave us a sense of direction, so that is a relief, but it does not solve everything. this could be a good pretext and we can prepare for a better olympic games than what we had prepared for this year. >> this is the first time in the games 124 modern history that a competition is being delayed during peace time. japan's prime ministers says been the events go on, it will be proof that the world has overcome the virus, while the international olympic committee said it will lead the flame burning until then as a symbol of commitment and hope. coming up in a moment, fleeing violence at risk of infection. fear of the coronavirus could be -- ripped through refugee towns.
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itsnesia looks to make successful perl industry or sustainable -- pearl industry with more sustainable. >> welcome back. we begin our forecast in australia and we have an area of high pressure. it is extending across the border into queensland. it will be persistent. we need this rain after a prolonged drought, but it could cause some flooding issues. strong winds for tasmania. this frontal system will work its way, pushing through the south during the course of the day on thursday. andh island is largely dry looking hot for western
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australia. into northeastern parts of asia. temperatures in japan 16 in tokyo on wednesday. there is an area of rain across southern parts of china. that is moving its way southwards into vietnam. further pulses of rain expected on thursday. moving across the east china sea into southern parts of japan and korea. still dry in tokyo. ♪ >> hello again. the top stories on al jazeera. and he has citizens have been told to stay home for three weeks. prime minister modi says the
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nationwide lockdown will be enforced from midnight. around 400eported cases. says heprime minister is determined to hold the games in pool by summer 2021 as a symbol of their triumph over the coronavirus. rates,eclining death that toll has risen again in italy. spain now has almost 40,000 confirmed cases, 14% of which are health-care workers. can --t 5000 have been infected. many do not have the protective equipment to shield themselves from the virus. >> the problem that we are having following the last two or is the health care
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professionals. in the last two days, eight nurses have fallen ill and they have hired people with less experience. >> i have gone days without giving a kiss to my daughter. we try to keep calm and rationalized things a lot. >> world leaders will hold a summit on thursday to discuss the pandemic. the purpose of the meeting is to get a response to the threat. beenrench president has advised that restrictions of movement need to be strictly implemented to prevent the spread of the virus. the country is entering a second week of lockdown. [sirens] >> french police officers
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control the island -- patrolled thin the spread of the coronavirus. >> we have been through a lot in the police force, whether it is bombings, the yellow vests or something else. i never thought i would have to ban people from swimming or walking around because of a virus. >> police have increased patrols to crackdown on people who venture out unnecessarily. weapon the latest french president has called a war on the coronavirus. urging people to stay indoors. a message to send people that they should not stay .n the street >> these officers have been
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deployed. -- travel isly allowed for essential work and a permit is necessary. tois a letter that you have print out every time you leave the house. it gives a name, address and the reason for you to leave the house. it could be food shopping or to go and buy mittens. if you do not have this letter on you, they can find you -- fine you. the president says unless people obey the rules, they will have regulations.icter easy. up freedom is not
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the government says people must accept that their actions can help to save lives. >> sudan has ordered the closure of all of their borders. the government has struggled to control its borders. many fear that the virus can spread faster where they are. herhis 16-year-old and sister have been inseparable. the two fled the country. what happened next not go as planned. the smugglers demanded more money. when we told them we did not have money, they treated us to smugglers on the sudanese side of the border.
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the unitedg to nations, more than 120 refugees are in sudan. refugees and asylum-seekers are not allowed to leave the camps. >> we are afraid. we do not know much about the virus. sharee like one family and we interact with one another. issued manyries directives to try to contain it. sudan's government has ordered the closure of all of its borders. from government -- the border look like this, open land with little movement during the day.
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smuggling during the night. the military carries out patrols. tribes in the border area. the best we can do is raise awareness. >> back at the camp, she does not regret leaving, despite the security and health rights she faces on the others have the border. -- threats she faces on the others -- other side of the border. >> oyster farmers are warning that there way of life is at risk. writ -- report from bali. >> the ideal conditions for something special to grow beneath the surface.
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bali's farms. a community initiative to help industry survive environmental challenges. >> at this time, the oysters have been exploited through overfishing, so we need to come in to protect the environment. >> this is a more controlled approach. seeds as if the -- at a low price to communities to minimize reliance on wild oysters. the team is checking on the health of the oysters and checking their gender as well. this is one step in a long process, but ultimately it is about stopping overfishing and p --g indonesia as indonesia's pearl industry more successful. the aim is to increase the export value with the same
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production rate by using sustainable methods to improve the quality of the gemstone. oysters are sensitive animals. changes in temperatures can create imperfect, less valuable pearls. they have been in the pearl industry for three decades. climate change makes pearl farming more challenging. >> if the temperature changes by a single degree, it can create difficulties. >> it means what happens out at sea is only half the picture. what happens in the lab is equally important. in this hatchery, the team carefully checks the development of oyster live i -- larva. this male oyster is ready to meet and displaying its
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fertility. commercial brands have their own naps and processes. labs and processes. when an oyster is stressed, it forms a pearl in its shell. they use in a granik nucleus -- organic nucleus to create cultured pearls. with theduce a number right quality. the cost to produce april of $1000 or one dollar is exactly the same, exactly the same. youreally have to adapt production to only put out -- produce good quality. good pearl can take years to produce. end result is undeniably beautiful.
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classic north american downtown: shining towering forest of steel and glass. standing here, toronto could resemble so many other cities. i've only ever spent three days of my entire life here, in canada's largest city. but now, i'm here. i'm on the ground. i'm coming in fresh, i'm coming in curious. i'm ready to seek out toronto's unique urban fingerprint. and in order to do that, i have to escape this anonymous faceless place.


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