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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  January 5, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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forward. >> we will have much more on the battle for you in a minute. according to, bloggers on the left are hailing the move as the new obama. we will find out why. let's go to decision 2012. where is mitt romney's bump from iowa. his numbers are dropping in new hampshire. according to the latest suffolk university poll, romney's robberies dropped by two points since iowa. he is in first place with a commanding 41% saying they will support him, but it is the first time he has been below 43% in four daily tracking polls. romney left new hampshire this morning and is now in south carolina scheduled to hold a rally with haily and senator john mccain earlier today. george w. bush adviser karl rove had this critique of romney strategy. >> if i were romney, i would use whatever precious moment he had on thursday, friday, saturday,
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sunday, and monday in order to drive home a message. >> mitt romney is on the cover of the january 16th issue of time magazine with the headline, so you like me now? this is a different question than the december 12th issue when he asked why don't they like me. joining me now is deputy washington bureau chief michael crowley. thank you for your time. you like me now. do they like him with the dip of about two points and in iowa staying in that 25% range. those who criticize romney like to say 1 in four picked him and the rest did not. >> that's true. two ways you can look at this. at one point he was writing off iowa and not going to compete and nobody would have cared if he had lost and there is this 25% question. therefore we will be interested to see what happens in new hampshire and south carolina.
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he may be down a couple of points, and 41% is a commanding lead. rick santorum not very high in that poll, but i think the real showdown will be south carolina where romney does not have the home field advantage in new hampshire. >> we saw senator john mccain endorsing romney. john huntsman saying it didn't matter. you have the dnc out with a web ad and cataloging the instances where senator mccain criticized romney. let me play a bit of that web ad. you see it here. does this help at all with mitt romney getting this endorsement from mccain? >> it's tough to gauge. in new hampshire and nationally mccain is not beloved by republicans. there were a lot of republicans never really were crazy about him and disappointed about the way the 2008 campaign turned out. new hampshire has been a place that warmed him and rewarded him
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in his presidential campaigns. in new hampshire, it helps him and nationally i'm not so sure. the point i think that romney is trying to convey is that the establish cemetery coalescing around him and the powers that be. the machine is saying i'm the guy who should take on president obama. i think he is saying don't waste your time on these guys like santorum. let's take the fight to obama. >> electability mattered when they looked at mitt romney and you still have a great number of republicans, those who consider themselves conservative or very conservative are looking for someone who sticks with the values. this is the argument that has been going on and persists with mitt romney. romney seems so clearly to have the institutional support and the money. he seems like the guy who would be destined.
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>> on paper he's the guy with it all. >> on paper he has it all. the definition of the guy who is clearly the best nominee. on the other hand he has this 25% problem. so many republicans don't want him. but who will take his place. it's hard to see it being rick santorum or rick perry. that's why it's fascinating. both are hard to game out. >> back to the cover and i find is so intriguing, what has changed from the they don't like me so you like me now. sn what changed when you make the point that everyone continues to make about the 25%? >> i think he did have a surprise performance in iowa. i don't think people expected him to have strength at the time of that first cover. and the rivals collapse in a way that it's difficult to see them revive themselves. gingrich it's hard to see him pull it out. rick perry, same thing. if the best rival is rick
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santorum, that's a good scenario. in politics, you can never say things with certitude. he can take out rick santorum. >> thank you for your time. joining me now is the senior adviser to john huntsman's campaign and a spokesperson for the presidential campaign. thank you for your time. we are waiting for a new poll and john huntsman is standing at 7%, do-or-die with him. is he doing or dying? >> i think we are seeing excitement on the ground. if you look over the last 60 days, we have dozens of polls that come out each week. if you look at a trend over the last 60 days, you see an up tick in support day in and day out for huntsman. and when you look at the events, they increased to some of the events we had earlier this week with 400 plus.
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he started the day and ended with a rally at 7:15. a good 12-hour campaign day. we are seeing support on the ground and we like a position. >> you point out he is putting in the time and the money f. he does not win in new hampshire or comes in a close second, is he done? >> here's what i would say. if you look at the way this election has gone in iowa and even before, it's impossible to start to make guarantees. we like where we sit and we work the state harder than any other candidate. if you look at where rick santorum was leading up to iowa, he was nowhere near where he finished. we feel good about where we and we will make a last minute surge here. there was about 72 hours left before the vote. >> we are happy to make the point, but it will be the first
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stand. we heard michele bachmann in her birth state of iowa saying listen, i will be in whether i win or lose. she lost in a big way and she was out fewer than 24 hours after the people there caucused. i will go back to the question. is it do-or-die time for him? if he didn't stand strong in the state where he spent so much time to your point and to his credit, working hard and politics trying to get people out there. >> well, again, we spent a lot of time here and we work this state extremely hard and we said we have to beat market expectations. when you start to put record and vision on the table and you look at john huntsman versus mitt romney or rick santorum, you see a candidate that is no nonsense and not politics as usual. he has a record where he took utah from a business friendly standpoint and his vision has been heralded by the "wall street journal" and other
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conservative publication when is it comes to rejuvenating the economy. we are not predicting where we go next, but starting to put the final arguments on the table to the voters of new hampshire. there two deficits. trust and economic and huntsman is the person to fix this. >> we will see if the people agree. thank you very much. great pleasure having you on. by the way this sunday david gregory will moderate before the new hampshire primary. the facebook debate will air on a special edition of "meet the press." at 9:00 a.m. eastern sunday after the debate, chris matthews will host a special from 10:30 until noon live from new hampshire. back to the showdown over president obama's recess appointment. joining me now is the white house reporter for politico. thanks for joining us. >> we started off the hour showing jay carney and sticking behind the president's actions here. not backing down. iowa is intrigued where a have
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quotes from left bloggers hailing this as the president's boldest move. what are you hearing from those who support the president on this action? >> a lot of people have been moving to see him exercise executive power. it is interesting coming from the left that had been so critical of president bush for being too unilateral in marries like iraq and other issues. now they want to see president obama act without regard to congress's preferences. there is no question that there is a ground swell of support from the left, particularly for where the president made these appointments. it wasn't just random jobs. it was a consumer finance protection bureau he filled. the directorship of that and three positions at the national labor relations board. both areas where liberals had been seeing this deliver. >> this seemed into the race for 2012. mitt romney criticizing the president's actions saying
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compareing it to chicago-style politics and they are saying by opposing this, this puts mitt romney beside lenders and republicans in congress who are not on the sides of the middle class. our team just said this was a fight that the president in the white house really wants at this time. >> sure. i think it's no accident that they did this right after the results of the first republican presidential primary and you see even some republicans being put in a bit of a tough spot here. scott brown, the senator from massachusetts will be facing a reelection bid has already come out and said he thinks that the president made the right move here and the senate shouldn't have been sitting on these appointments without acting on them. >> one of the quotes is from daily coast and said most republicans will declare their use of a recess appointment to be unconstitutional while talk of impeaching obama will likely spread throughout the right wing
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media. somebody else writes president obama is getting fed up with the obstructionism of the republican party. on the legal standing, what should we look for and what direction should this go in? >> i don't think you will see a lot happening on the impeachment front. that is something that people dangle and never moves forward. there will be legal challenges as soon as any of these officials take an act of a vote or perhaps some kind of investigation or determination is made by him. there will be a lawsuit challenging and it is ambiguousuous. the constitution said they can do this while congress is in recess and they maintain it's not in recess and it's just taking three-daybreaks between the short pro forma sessions. the white house said because no work is being done, those aren't real segs and this is a constructively recess. there is very little press depth on which to judge this. it's something the courts will have to work out. >> thank you for making time for
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us. thanks again. >> still ahead on "news nation" -- >> some will no doubt say the spending reduxz are too big. others will say that they are too small. >> president obama makes a rare appearance in the pentagon briefing room to defend new budget cuts. i will be joined by colonel jack jacob who is said the move is the change in defense strategy since the vietnam war. then unbelievable story about an american child who was mistakenly deported to columbia. how could this happen? plus -- >> 9-9-9. >> do you remember 9-9-9? how could you forget? herman cain is back on the campaign trail. we will tell you his plan. join the conversation online and find our twitter page@"news nation." we will be back after three. [ dad ] i'm usually checking up on my kids, but last year my daughter was checking up on me.
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>> welcome back to "news nation." military analysts are calling it the biggest change to the defense strategy since the end of the vietnam war. president obama outlined the strategy and it looks beyond the wars in afghanistan and iraq and guides them through a $450 billion in budget cuts while refocusing the national security priorities. >> we will ensure them with smaller conventional ground forces. we will continue to get rid of outdated systems so that we can invest in the capabilities that we need for the future. including intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. counter terrorism and weapons of mass destruction and the ability to operate in environments where
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adversaries try to deny access. >> joining me now to discuss this, the chairman of votes and retired army colonel jack jacobs. you are among those who say this is the most significant change since the war. why? >> we are refocusing on the attention from europe where it was for a long, long time. with a side job in vietnam and so on. it's the first time since the end of the second world war. the first time that the commander guidance has been so publicly announced, disseminated and debated before the exercise to secure the budgetary support. this is the first time i can remember that's happening. very, very explicit. we are going to focus attention on the mideast. we are going to focus our attention on more or less some southwest asia and the far east. to the extent that we are going
11:18 am
to support nato. we intend to support them the same way that we supported them in libya. this is the first time this has been articulate and it means that we are going to drop the size of our conventional units and spend more on forces like special forces and special operations. >> let me bring you in and let me welcome you home from iraq. i am happy to see your face on the soil of this country. let me talk to you about this. we know that the u.s. will not be able to fight two ground wars at once. the detail that i got is more reaction from vets that can be possible military benefits cut as a result of this. what are you hearing from vets? >> first i think it's bolt what the president did. i agree. i love seeing him stand up and be the commander in chief. i think it's a threat to the way we have been operating which is great. she done with this stuff and trimg down the forces.
11:19 am
i am in agreeance with that. how is that going to affect military retirees and so forth. there was a huge thing that came out that was unpopular in the military and whether or not we want to private as i. it's dead-on arrival and the support that it's a huge hot button issue thaw bring up from the military. let's look at what they look like. when it comes down to looking forward, this is visionary for the president. a bold change in policy. we are done sending ground troops in. that's a huge benefit. >> the weapons program could be delayed including the purchase of this f 35 joint strike fighter jets. is that significant? >> it is very significant. what's interesting is say subline that was missed. we will stop or delay additional
11:20 am
purchases of f 35s and weapons systems. those production lines will stay open. there is a cost to that too. what the government doesn't want to do is stop production of the weapons system it needs. that's going to cost money. one interesting thing is we are cutting the size of the force that as human beings down to very, very low levels. levels we haven't seen in about a decade. if you want to save money, the fastest way to save is to cut the size of the force. if you cut weapons ises, you save money, but not until next year and the year after. you cut the number of people you are paying. >> i'm going to get you the last word in this and tell us how it feels to be back home and how do you feel now? >> it feels great to be home, but it's hard. it's a war that very few people served in. when we look at the numbers and talk about cutting back the troop numbers, it's interesting because this has been overextended and deployed so many times.
11:21 am
that's the biggest benefit that came out of the president's speech. it looks like he is cutting forces because he is less willing to utilize them than in the past. massive deployments. >> we are happy you're back. we have to share thaw are a giants fan and you were too thrilled that your giants beat my cowboys. >> i couldn't say i'm a giants fan. i root against the cowboys. i have to give you a hard time. >> you do, my friend. colonel jack, thank you as well. you are an honest man. thank you guys. straight ahead on "news nation" -- >> just surreal how much things have changed since july and how many things -- >> do you recognize this woman? take a close look. that's casey anthony. new face, new look and her first time speaking out on tape that has been made public. the latest on what she has to say about her daughter, caylee.
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>> mitt romney's oops moment in new hampshire. >> we will see you on the tenth of july. june, january. [ male announcer ] how do you trade? with scottrader streaming quotes, any way you want. fully customize it for your trading process -- from thought to trade, on every screen. and all in real time. which makes it just like having your own trading floor,
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new signs the job market is improving. the four-week average is at the lowest level in 3 1/2 years. a widely watched private report shows companies added much higher than expected. 325,000 jobs in december. it comes ahead of tomorrow's monthly unemployment report from the labor department that comes out around 8:00 tomorrow. the news is mixed about retail sales. on average sales rose a strong 3.4% from a year ago. some exceeded expectations including nordstrom, the
11:26 am
limited, macy's and sacks. others reported disappointing sales. retailers are concerned shoppers will continue to demand deep discounts and refusing to shop otherwise. rick santorum may have finished neck and neck in iowa, but how does the campaign move forward without the money he needs to play with the big boys. plus -- >> you have to make a choice. you or him. i chose my son over him. >> a mother makes the desperate decision to shoot and kill a man breaking into her family's home. the question some are asking, even though she was trying to protect her family, should she face charges? it is our gut check. [ male announcer ] cranberry juice? wake up! ♪ that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm [ male announcer ] for half the calories -- plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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i have a cold. and i took nyquil but i'm still stubbed up. [ male announcer ] sorry, buddy. truth is, nyquil doesn't un-stuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] it doesn't have a decongestant. really? [ male announcer ] you need a more complete cold formula, like alka-seltzer plus liquid gels. it's specially formulated to fight your worst cold symptoms, plus relieve your stuffy nose. [ deep breath ] thank you! [ male announcer ] you're welcome. that's the cold truth! [ male announcer ] and to fight your allergy symptoms fast, try new alka-seltzer plus allergy. rick santorum's campaign said they raised over a million
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dollars since iowa in a few days. will we see a long battle or will it be quick? we will take a look at what's in play. >> it's been a long time since i call something mine. >> casey's video diary. it is our first time hearing from casey anthony since she was acquitted in her child's death. what she is saying now and her new look. controversy over why this cosmo cover featuring 17-year-old actress dakota fanning raised eyebrows. and the cain train rolls on. herman cain is hitting the campaign trail once again. i thought he was out of this. we will have an update on that. developing news. we are awaiting newt gingrich's fourth event of the day in the town of lancaster. he has been hitting the granite state and mitt romney hard with five events going on today. a shoefrt tirt time ago he said
11:31 am
would be the weakest front-runner in history. those are newt's words. it is expected to stay in the game. his rivals don't have the cash to compete. according to the center for responsive politics, he raised $32 million as of september. newt gingrich 2.8 million. deputy political news director mark murray. let's talk about the latest shot at mitt romney saying he was the weakest ever. >> these are the latest shots he had at mitt romney. he reviewed in his concession speech on tuesday and he continued the assault. there is a new tv ad he is running in new hampshire and south carolina hitting at mitt romney. the gloves are off and how mitt romney ends up responding back. >> obviously let's talk about the realities here. rick santorum may have had the success in iowa as did mike
11:32 am
huckabee. you and all of the other experts point out over and over again it is about the money here. we can talk about personality and enthusiasm. we can talk about stories and it is about the cash. santorum raised a million in a couple of days. that's not enough. >> money certainly does help and covers over a lot of shortcomings, but four years ago, mitt romney was the best finance person on the republican side and he lost the nomination to john mccain who ran out of money. money is not everything. the most important thing is to keep on winning. you have that narrow victory in iowa if he is able to win a comfortable victory and even follow it up with a victory in south carolina where he finished fourth four years ago. that's how you wrap up the nomination. >> with rick santorum where it's pointed out that he may be a well-known figure in his home state and in iowa where he
11:33 am
stayed on the ground and as one analyst said ran for governor of the state. he is an unfamiliar character to the people in new hampshire and that's a part of the battle there. >> it is. he is trying to play catch up and he has been in new hampshire quite a bit and hoping that the retail politics helps off in the granite state for him. his goal is to keep on building the momentum he got from iowa. do better than expect and hope that he gets a million dollars after his finish in iowa. if he continues to raise money, the reason he wants money is to combat the ads. that's when money really is a benefit to you to be able to respond and fight back. >> right and obviously the strategy in your fight is important. newt gingrich chose not to fight back in the same tone. he got these new ads saying i'm not going negative, but i will show a contrast. the ad even referred to mitt
11:34 am
romney as wimpy. another interesting choifs words from the gingrich camp. what do you think is the key strategy for conservatives. they are trying to getting to and coalesce around one person. they know their vote will be split up and this would likely ensure a victory. >> right and south carolina would probably be conservative's last stand. it looks like in the polling and all the advantages that mitt romney has in new hampshire, he is going to win that state. if conservatives will beat them, they have to start in south carolina. the one advantage mitt romney might have and pull off a victory is this f that vote gets split up and rick perry continues to be in the race means that there is that possibility for that conservative split. if that vote consolidates around one person whether it's rick santorum or newt gingrich, that can make mitt romney vulnerable. >> thank you very much. we will see what happens with
11:35 am
the big debate in new hampshire. can't wait to see what happens. thank you. >> prosecutors are demanding the death penally for mubarak. the chief prosecutor in the trial said the former dictator is responsible for the deaths of protesters and accused him of doing nothing to stop the killings. they want the death penalty for the security chief and commanders. they texas eighth grader who was fatally shot by police in his texas school wednesday was not armed with a hand gun as first thought. officials say he was actually a pellet gun and the family is demanding to know why they used lethal force. police defend their actions claiming they repeatedly told the 15-year-old to lower the weapon. >> police are remembering an officer who was killed in a shootout late last night. the officer and five others were
11:36 am
fired upon while trying to serve a drug-related search warrant. the suspect is also hospitalized under police guard. a texas family is desperately hoping for the safe return of a girl who -- listen to this closely. this child was mistakenly deported to south america. distraught over her grandfather's death and parents's divorce, turner ran away from her home in dallas. in houston, she was arrested for theft and reportedly gave a fake name that ended up belonging to an undocumented immigrant. before her identity could be confirmed, officials turned her over and put her on a plane from texas to columbia. we have a reporter for thank you for joining me. this sounds like a made for tv movo lifetime that has a happy ending and this has not. let's start off, she lied about her identity after being arrested.
11:37 am
>> she did. >> it was a random name or someone she knew? >> right now it seems random. her attorney confirms that it's a name she pulled out of thin air and the ice officials didn't do anything to confirm either way. >> don't they check the fingerprints? >> they took the fingerprints and couldn't match it to the actual person whose name it was who is wanted by international police. when that failed to matchup, they didn't do anything else to match the identity before they put her on a plane. >> did she attempt to say i lied? >> she never actually made an attempt to say she lied. even her attorney didn't know her real name. at no point did she say to officials this is not me. don't put me on the plane. that is true. >> you would have people who say she never clarified and tried to so how would ice officials or anyone know? >> the fact is that she is a minor. she was only 14 years old when
11:38 am
this happened. why would the immigration judge and the police and ice take the word of a teenager for saying who she is? >> what were they supposed to do? >> they could have checked her picture against a picture the family submitted to the missing persons bureau. >> her family filed a report that she was in a database of missing persons. >> she was, yes. i don't remember the name specifically, but it's the missing persons data bait for children. her grandmother reported her missing to police. she was in houston because when she went missing, her grandmother who found her on facebook knew she was there and they contacted officials in houston. at some point they would do a cross check against other forms of identity based on the fact that she is a black girl who didn't speak spanish and people were looking for her and she was
11:39 am
being sought out by authorities in dallas and houston. >> where is she now? >> still in columbia now. actually after her grandmother found or had facebook she alerted the authorities and authorities contacted the embassy in columbia that alerted the officials and they have her in a detention center in columbia and refuse to release her. >> and she is pregnant. >> yes. >> what are the odds that she will be home? >> 100%. it has been report and they are taking this to president obama and we know what her identity is. it's a matter of releasing the girl. they have no right to hold her. she had an american citizen. >> this is unbelievable. i can't wrap my mind around how this happened, but it has. i know we will update the audience. thank you. >> casey anthony emerged in a newly discovered video diary. the first time we are hearing
11:40 am
for anthony since she was acquitted in her child's murder. sources in the team confirmed to nbc news the blond short haired woman in the video is in fact anthony. the 25-year-old claims she recorded the video in october. she does not address the trial that had many people glued to their television set this is summer. >> just a little surreal how much things have changed since july and how many things haven't changed. things are starting to look up and change in a good way. >> carrie sanders joining us live from poke county, florida. this was leaked out. how did we get access to this? >> it's unclear, but what is clear is that casey anthony's legal team is not happy. cheney mason said this was intended to be private. it was not posted by anybody at
11:41 am
their law firm and not posted he said by casey anthony. it was supposedly placed in a secure location and somehow somebody burroed through a fire wall and was able it get it and post it. we have been unable to track it through the internet to find out where that initial source is. i am in central florida now because i think i have an idea of somebody who may have participated in it. among the things she talks about in this less than five-minute long video are two things that jump out. one, she has been filing reports as she has been going and meeting with her probation officer that she has no source of income. in this videotape she talks about how she has performed a new computer. the question to the state authorities is has she in any way violated the terms of her probation? she has income from somewhere to
11:42 am
purchase the computer, but at the same time she is telling the state she has no source of income. that's question number one. the department of corrections said at this point there is no necessary investigation and they are turning it back to the courts. that's a little strange because the court doesn't have an investigative arm. that's what they rely on the department of creeks. some of this may be sorted out. the other thing that's interesting is she talks about the possibility of ending her probation early. she is on a one-year probation for passing bad checks prior to the acquittal of the murder charges for the murder of 2-year-old caylee anthony. casey is on probation for year, but said here she believes that she will be able to shorten that probation. back to the department of creek creeks and they say a determination can be shortened if the required criteria are
11:43 am
met. the definition of what that required criteria is, is not defined. it looks like there might be a gray area for a probation officer. >> up next, we will get the scoop on cosmo magazine's controversy. they featured 17-year-old dakota fanning. usually people complain about the photograph being inappropriate. it's not the photograph, but the headlines surrounding her photograph. we will find out what you think. here are things we thought you should know. they want to help 180,000 teens to find a summer job as part of the we can't wait initiative. they are partnering with banks. it companies and charities and even the agencies. the frantic pace of the campaign trail led to an oops moment while appearing at an event with
11:44 am
john mccain. romney lost track of what month it is. >> it's an honor and we will see you on the tenth of july, january, january! >> february, march! >> and the episode of nickelodeon's i karly that features first lady michelle obama will air this month. she praises the main character for supporting her father in the military and deployed overseas. supporting military families is say big priority for the first lady. those are things we thought you should know. greater risk of a stroke. i was worried. i worried about my wife, and my family. bill has the most common type of atrial fibrillation, or afib. it's not caused by a heart valve problem. he was taking warfarin, but i've put him on pradaxa instead. in a clinical trial, pradaxa 150 mgs reduced stroke risk 35%
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11:48 am
everything and that's exactly the problem. back to tamron. >> the cain train is back or perhaps we should say the cain bus. former presidential candidate herman cain plans to kickoff the revolution bus tour. the main goal is to keep this alive. . >> 9-9-9. >> 9-9-9. doing fine. >> he's back as i told you. teen actress dakota fanning's controversial cover and new details into what may have broken up the marriage of katy perry and russell brand. in for courtney. what's wrong with this? this is awe cute picture of her. she's 17. what's the problem? >> the problem is the cover lines. she 17 with a cover line his best sex ever. another cover line that says
11:49 am
have you tried this sex trick? people are up in arms because dakota is 17 and actually turning 18 in february which is the cover date of the magazine. cosmo is standing up and saying she's a fun, fearless female and we love her. two years ago i saw dakota in the runaways. it was an adult movie and she had a same-sex kiss in it. she was launched as a young actress. >> you are in the magazine business and would they confer and say you are the cover girl, but these are the words that are going to be around you? >> it depends on the scenario. i don't think editors are used to sending covers to stars. dakota posed for the picture and cosmo did what they wanted to do with it. >> what's your gut on that? is it bad? >> are we talking about the cover? i don't think it's that big of a deal. she is a young actress who has taken sexual roles in movies and she had a same-sex kiss.
11:50 am
i don't think it's that big of a deal. >> us weekly and married to a crazy man. according to the article. >> you know, these two were a strange pair from the start. despite katy's on stage behavior with the whipped cream, she is the daughter of two minsters and russell is the -- admitted former sex and heroin addict. they only knew each other for a year before they got married and it lasted a year. with two celebrities and katy had the most amazing year. seven number one cds and all that. they were always missing each other and never really connecting very well. >> the headline, russell brand blindsided her with divorce. >> according to sources, they were planning to spend this
11:51 am
vacation period apart and decide if they were going to sprayed, but katy was blindsided when she started hearing that russell had gone ahead and filed for divorce. >> interesting story for people, especially her fans who want to know what's going on in her marriage. good to see you. for the latest entertainment news, be a fan on facebook and pick up us weekly to find out the shocking discoveries. i had enough of feeling embarrassed about my skin.
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police in oklahoma said they don't plan to file charges against an 18-year-old mother who shot and killed a man after he broke into her home. the intruder's alleged accomplice and chris le clair has more. >> 18-year-old sarah said she was home alone with her newborn when two men tried to break in
11:55 am
saturday afternoon. >> as i was coming down the hall way, there was a knock on the door. >> she grabbed her phone and a shotgun asking for permission. >> is it okay to shoot if they come in the door. >> you have to do whatever you can do to protect yourself. i can't you that you can do that, but you have to do what you have to do to protect your baby. >> she was whispering and i knew she was scared. i knew she didn't want him to know she was on the phone. >> she sat in the bathroom hoping the men would not hear her. >> he was from door-to-door trying to bust in. from door-to-door. i waited until he got in the door and i shot him. >> she shot and killed martin who had a knife in his hand. his accomplice eventually turned himself in and since his friend was killed while they were committing a friend, he may face
11:56 am
first-degree murder charges. she said she was doing what any mother would do. >> you have to make a choice, you or him. i chose my son over him. there is nothing more dangerous than a mother with her baby. i wouldn't have done it if it wasn't for him. >> they may have been after her late husband's pain killer. he died on christmas day after a battle with cancer. >> do you agree with the decision not to charge the mother? go to "news nation" to vote. that does it for this edition of "news nation." martin bashir is up next.
11:57 am
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11:59 am
>> it's thursday, january 5th and here's what's happening. >> the moralist in chief. >> happiness is defined at the time of our founders is not exactly the same definition as it is today. >> sweat


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