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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  January 10, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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anyone. what did you learn today? >> from jon huntsman his campaign's looking at the numbers and feel they mightome in a strong second. >> what did you learn? >> harold ford jr. needs a big loan to pay off gambling debts from last night. >> try again. >> guess what? baby's going to be able to get a new pair of shoes. i thank you for that, harold. if it's way too early, willie what time is it? >> it's "morning joe," live today from manchester. see you tomorrow. there is-it-is. the music. always great. an election day. it's primary day in new hampshire for mitt romney. it couldn't have come fast enough. he's still the outright favorite. the last 48 hours, he said, romney may leave the granite state a lot worse than he came in. will new hampshire deliver one of the trademark surprises? polls opened at 6:00 a.m. communities, meaningless results, already in. tell you who grabbed those
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handful of votes, and in washington, changes at the white house. president obama announces the resignation of chief of staff bill daly, what's really behind the move, why did it come now? talk about your "daily rundown" news. it is tuesday, january 10, 2012. home of nbc universal, if will you. manchester, new hampshire. right to my first read of the morning, voters casting ballots in the first of the nation primary and if romney performs according to polls, a double-digit win tonight and leave new hampshire worse than when he came. after the campaign's worst 48 hours yet, damaging the central rationale of his candidacy, that his business experience makes him the best qualified to be president. monday morning started with romney's rivals jumping on his off the cuff claim in a sunday town hall that he once worried about getting a pink slip.
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>> i have no doubt that mitt romney was worried about pink slips, whether he was going to have enough of them to hand out. >> well, then talking about health insurance providers at a breakfast, romney had this, perhaps, unfortunate line. >> i like being able to fire people that provide services to me. if -- you know if someone doesn't give me the good service i need, i want to ge get somebody else to provide that service to me. >> ironically, a little bit, probably, trying to deal with the whole mandate issue he has to deal with when it comes to health care. rivals enthusiastically took the remark about firing people way out of context and piled on. >> is capitalism really about the ability of a handful of rich people to manipulate the lives of thousands of other people and walk off with the money? >> governor romney enjoys firing people. i enjoy making jobs. >> you go to gaffney and that
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company that bain capital shut down that they handed out pink slips in gaffney, they're out of work because of what mitt romney and bain capital did. >> and staying out of the fight, rick santorum passed up the opportunity to go on the attack against romney. >> do you think that's a legitimate line of attack? >> i'm not taking shots at him for that. if capitalism is constructive as well as destructive, and -- i don't see that as necessary. he's got a lot more about his record as governor to talk about than his record at bain. >> so at an afternoon press conference, romney tried to explain. >> as you know, i was speaking about insurance companies and the need to be able to make a choice. i understand that in politics people are going to try and grasp at anything, take it out of context and make it something it's not. by the way, that's the nature of the process. i've got to be an adult about it. >> and he tried to turn the focus in newt gingrich, whose supporter have already pledged, spent $3.5 million in south
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carolina to make romney's record at bain "the" issue. >> gee, i thought he apologized for going after my record at bain. wasn't that just a couple of weeks ago? free enterprise will be on trial jl i thought it was going to come from the president and the democrats from the left. but instead it's coming from speaker gingrich and apparently others, and that's just part of the process. i'm not worried about that. i got broad shoulders. >> speaking truth there. the romney campaign, very much taken aback then. this is what here to detailing we in the primaries. bain capital, a part owner of the weather channel. amp today the campaign moves to the state south carolina, florida, nevada, where unemployment is the number one issue. romney senior strategist stewart stephens was quick to say the campaign is ready to talk about romney's record at bain. sort of underscored what the governor said. surprising that it's coming in the republican primary, but that's fine. he said, we're happy to discuss it any time we want to disit.
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still, this is like john kerry and the swift boats. fair or unfair, no matter how you look at it, it gets rid of 9 central rationale for why you and not them in the nomination. the reason why kerry got that nomination was his war record, was the fact that he had served in a time of big national security. why is romney saying private sector experience all the time? that's the central rationale of his candidacy. the economy is not doing well, you need a businessman to turn it around. if his business record is something he cannot turn to, he has problems with his entire campaign's rationale. polls close at 8:00 tonight and barring the giant upset, the most interesting thing to watch will be the race for second, by the way, and third and fourth. for huntsman, key to survive. ron paul, overperform? can he? and santorum do better than expected? rally conservatives find momentum in south carolina or does newt win that? the name of the game is now
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lowering expectations. >> may be first but a very, very weak, make like stsongas who go 24%. >> would you be satisfied with second place? >> ecstatic. goodness, ron paul's run here about 17 times. >> we started here in new hampshire at zero and we're moving up with each passing hour. >> right now i'm worried about winning in new hampshire and hopefully having a margin larger than iowa. i don't think i can handle another night like that. >> there you go. all right. a little west wing note. bill daly, officially on his way out of and jack is in. timing, much sooner than many expected. daly initially committed to staying through november, but told the president last week, i want to go home to chicago.
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lou, the president's budget chief, third budget cleef in the last three administrations to become chief of staff as some point, will transition into his new post by the end of the month. needs a new budget person now. the president praised him during yesterday's announcement saying, no one in my administration has had to make more important decisions more quickly than bill daly, brought in to fix the relationship in the business community, deal with congressional republicans. unfortunately, his track record on that, not strong. fair or unfair, he took the most arrows after the debt ceiling debacle and those failed negotiations, and from there, some of his duties were a bit undermined and at that point serving as a semifigurehead chief of staff with some of his duties being parched out was something he didn't seem to be enthusiastic about. all right. mitt romney's unforced errors and scrutiny time at bain
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capital may give opponents what they're been looking for. two guys that control that, jeff, national correspondent for the "new york times" and john thin, senior political reporter for politico. mr. martin, how bad has romney been damaged in the last 48 hours? >> reminds meow newt closed in iowa. couldn't believe he was closing that poorly. i think for newt it hurt him there. romney, hurt him some. talking about degrees here, in the short term. could cause romney to tick down, mid- mid-30s, perhaps. worst case scenario, 30, that's a bd night. >> then the story will be, oh, my gosh, he only won by, x, and look what happened that it had an impact. >> no too diminished, sitting here in manchester, this is setting up us for a real battle royale elsewhere. it's all true. is true. last time, in '08, none of that. i think it's going to revert to
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tradition this time around. you're going to see these candidates desperate, back to the corner, needing to bloody up romney. if he wins south carolina he's 3-0. probably done. they have ten days down here to take him out. >> newt gingrich, jeff, clarify the argument he's going to make this morning on "morning joe." listen to this and the way he described his bain attack. >> i think governor romney's going to have to have a press conference at some point and explain what happened with these particular companies. because they weren't just failures. they weren't just, we went in, we invested, we lost money, too. these were cases where they were making a lot of money, while the company was going bankrupt, and i think you have to ask the real question whether that's responsible management and the kind of management you want to seep as president of the united states. >> jeff, very early in my political campaign journalism career i remember the ted kennedy attack ads on mitt romney that had to do with these
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stories. it's stunning to hear newt gingrich making the art. >> almost sounds like someone from the obama campaign is taking a leave of absence and going to work for newt gingrich. i asked after one of his events, why is this not just a capitalism? why is this looting companies? this is the answer he gave. a practiced answer. this is his message going into south carolina. this is not newt gingrich speaking off the cuff here. he wants to do this, but i think a lot of people on the right of the party, big voices, will try to rein him in. rush limbaugh yesterday, no friend, no big fan of mitt romney, said that newt gingrich was out of control. the club for growth called it disgusting. so i think that. >> right. >> speaker gingrich had better hope he does fairly well here, because if he does not come out of new hampshire with some juice, he does not have a lot of support of his party behind him, but the damage is done. these are credible arguments coming from republicans, not from the democrats. >> we know -- >> and the ads. >> use ads with republicans
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criticizing. >> exactly. >> like al gore -- >> need a conservative, newt gingrich, dot, dot, dot. >> but rick santorum, notable, not doing -- perry's jumping onboard. a feel of desperation with perry. huntsman jumping onboard, trying to run to the left of mitt romney. we know where newt's coming in. >> santorum saying, i'm not going to be that guy. >> sounds like santorum has taken more of a cultural approach to mitt romney, going after christian conservatives. hit hard on abortion and talking about, i think, abortion involving romneycare and you'll have a double barrel attack down there with the culture shocks coming from santorum and fiscal/class attacks coming from newt and perry. >> anybody get 25% here today? jeff? >> i mean, mitt romney -- >> outside of, my apologies, outside of first -- does one of these four guys get 25%? >> agents surprised. seems they're splitting it all up. ron paul we don't know what his ceiling is.
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everywhere you go in new hampshire you see a ron paul sign. curious if one person is putting these up or -- >> exactly. >> so maybe paul -- >> 25%. >> paul maybe the closest? >> huntsman, seems he's moving a little bit. i'm not sure -- >> never shoe what it is. us or -- >> willing that to happen? haven't seen him since iowa. it feels like something. >> and conservatives have a great night to get to 20 let alone 25% if you're huntsman. huntsman with 20% you are feeling really good. 25% you're ecstatic. >> seems conservative, the manchester conservative, in would make the practical decision, i've got to get behind one of these guys, santorum, gingrich, or more the cultural folks get behind san tore u.tor the old line conservatives behind newt? >> exactly. catholic, for santorum. a mccoy conservative you're for newt. >> jeff, go, the know the team
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obama well. bill daly. seems to me if there is a pattern here it is that bill detailsy yet the latest example of somebody they tried to get into the inner circle who could never crack the inner circle. >> right. the outside has not worked. from chicago, a chicago insider deal. the fact is the president barely knew bill daly. bill daly barely knew the president. this is a reflection of disrespect in the minds of some admirers and friends of bill deta daly. shoved aside. probably wasn't the best chief of staff. he didn't need this. been a cabinet secretary, a big ceo. >> his family wanted him back at home. >> we know why they were trying to talk him out of it. they didn't want this story. you don't get the sense that -- normally stick around. don't do this to us. >> i don't think in the end it's probably that bad of a situation for the white house, because they needed a change. the lines of authority had gotten very murky. he was still in the corner office, wasn't really running things necessarily. going forward, working, there's
6:14 am
not that much to do on hill between the white house and congress, but jack is a professional, no nauns sense and bill daehlie help in re-election campaign in respect aren't that many ill-feelings. >> it's not personal. >> good for him to be out. >> thanks. live free or die. that's what the voters here feel. ho buck expectations, how does that play out at the polls? we're bringing it up because we're flying more blind than we'll admit. weird things in polling, it feels like, over the last 72 hours. busting out the maps to lutet y know what to follow tonight. first, a look ahead at the president's schedule. [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be cool if you took the top down on a crossover?
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in this first primary contest of the election year, a second place win is still a coveted prize. just ask bill clinton. mitt romney leading in the poll by double digits. rivals looking for a respectable finish to carry through to south carolina and beyond. in a state known for buckingham confession's wisdom, the candidates going for second are holding out for something more. >> a wide open race as of this morning. exactly what i thought new hampshire would be. >> ecstatic at second place. oh, my goodness. >> reporter: and new hampshire is predictably unpredictable's in 1964 -- >> that is the case with --
6:19 am
>> >> reporter: the unexpected winner of that primary wasn't on the ballot and on primary day was in saigon, vietnam as ambassador. pat buchanan shocked bob dole in '96. >> do not wait for orders from headquarter, mount up and ride to the sound of the gun. >> reporter: and who could fert hillary clinton and barack obama just four years ago. >> let's give america the kind of comeback that new hampshire has just given me. >> reporter: and sometimes coming in second can be turned into a victory, like bill clinton in 1992. >> new hampshire tonight has made bill clinton the comeback kid. >> reporter: newt gingrich had fun with that reference. >> i'm the comeback grandfather. >> reporter: for the four republicans not named mitt romney campaigning here, they each has a specific path to get them to the second place promised land. >> the underdog. needs to scrap away and work
6:20 am
right to the finish, twisting every arm they can find. >> reporter: battling for the hearts and minds of the state's famous independent voters. paul drawing big non-republican crowds in the final days. >> that's why lobbyist es get paid a lot more than your politicians, because the lobbyists run the show. >> reporter: the other battle over conservatives between gingrich and rick santorum. >> i really do believe that a reagan conservative is much more likely to beat obama than is a massachusetts moderate. >> think about the vote that you cast and the message you send out of new hampshire. give us an opportunity to be that conservative alternative. >> well, do new hampshire have another surprise up their sleeve? a political science professor at the university of new hampshire. he's the guy we want to go to with somebody numbers. put this up. two subprimaries here, right? a battle over conservative and independents. two fairly recent republican primaries where the conservative
6:21 am
was able to win and the independent guy was able to win. 96 republican. 2000. primary results, buchanan edging out dole, 27-26. took a look, tonight these are the places to follow. tell us where we're wrong. the places to follow to see where newt and santorum are making in-roads. we highlighted the areas, he overperformed, a county up in the north part. hillsborough in manchester, sullivan and newport what are you looking for? >> one thing to watch for santorum and for gingrich is, santorum in the working class areas. >> here in manchester. >> here in manchester, working class wards out on the sea coast. rochester, and of tea party activity. >> looking further up north, i was told, what it was in '96,
6:22 am
working class conservative, that voter doesn't exist as much anymore? >> what we've seen in the north country a changeover, losing population, but a lot of retirees have moved into the north country and have moved those kind of typical -- >> moderated it. >> exactly. moved into the democrat category in some cases, like grafton, county. >> 2000, what shocked everybody, not mccain the victory, the size of it. one of the surprises. dead even race, we look up on the night and say, wow, did mccain just win by double digits? we looked where he overperformed. basically exact opposite places, of course, where buchanan overperformed, where there is strong independents. those countiecounties, it's car chesire, grafton, merrimack.
6:23 am
>> keep an eye on these. not friendly to romney. >> where democrats traditionally in a general election do very well. is that fair? >> exactly. lots of progressive democrats who might come and vote if they're independents for jon huntsman. >> when we look at ron paul, you were just telling me, yes, a battle, doing well on independents. one of huntsman's problem, but he also peels off, you were telling me, a little bit of that working class conservative vote that santorum and gingrich are trying to get? >> in out of the way places. the places people don't visit in new hampshire as much as, say, manchester. up in the rural parts of the state. that's where ron paul did especially well four years ago. >> give me the swing county you're watching tonight when the returns first come in, when the returns come that, in a there tell you how good romney's night is? >> hillsborough county. 30% of the vote here. he's going to have to do very well along the massachusetts border towns. those are the towns that know mitt romney best. if he's not running up big
6:24 am
margins in those town along hillsborough and rockingham. >> bill garner la it right. a quarter million. slight update from 2008. >> and the breakdown to independents? >> probably 40-60. independents, undeclared voters. >> what that is between 38, 42, a big number. >> could be. especially for jon huntsman tonight. >> my numbers guy here. good to have you on. going to miss you. you guys will somehow keep the primary, we'll be here october, halloween night, probably of 2015. >> we'll keep the lie on for you. a preview of the day on wall street and the market rundown next, and still to come, the reluctant republicans, can a republican establishment convince the rest of their party mitt romney can win in november? first, today's trivia question -- who's the last sitting president to be defeated in the new hampshire primary? tweet me the answer @chuckt
6:25 am
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most of the candidates, of course, are lehere in new hampshire. not rick perry. rick perry meting with voters in rock hill, south carolina, where the campaign moves en masse tomorrow. minutes away from the opening bell. time for the market rundown. becky quick what do you got? >> yeah, chuck, looks like we're actually going to have a strong morning for the bulls. open up by about 120 points a minute and a half from now. a big deal, so far over the last week or so, not seen many major moves. relatively quiet sessions barely
6:29 am
budging in one direction or the other. today off on strong footing at least at the open. part of this is because of we're into earnings season at this point. alcoa came out with earnings. the earnings were disappointing but gave a good outlook. not the same story for tiffany. the jewelry retailer. talked about how sales were disy poi disappointing. also, a couple of american icons out with news this morning as well. first as hostess, coming out, declaring bankruptcy. of course, the maker of twinkies, hohos, wonder bread and only two years since the last bankrupt. my favorite story, bud is no longer the number two beer in america. edged out by coors light, the number one beer, bud light. so it's bud light, coors light and now bud. hard thing to imagine. i guess we are all watching our waistlines. >> miller lite is down to fourth? does that mean?
6:30 am
>> what are you drinking? >> i'm a miller lite guy. quickly, i want to ask you, how is the assault on bain playing on your channel this morning? >> not so well. you might imagine. defensive capitalism is one that gets picked up here on cnbc rapidly. a lot of people we spoke with this morning were outraged by the idea that republicans would be attacking fellow republicans for something like private equity and bain capital. they knew would be an issue brought up once we get to the general election, but as you might imagine, it's not playing out so well this morning here. >> yeah. well, your viewers and the romney campaign, i think, surprised when they wake up today. becky, thank you so much. watching a special new hampshire primary edition of "the daily rundown" on msnbc live from manchester. we'll be back in 30 seconds.
6:31 am
back with "the daily rundown" live from manchester, new hampshire, voters go to the poll in the first primary vote of the season. voting here and in most places at 7:00, polls close everywhere at 8:00. no call made until 8:00 p.m. eastern, 8:01 p.m. eastern at the earliest. other stories making headlines, venezuelan president hugo chavez defending iranian leader ahmadinejad for warmongering, escalating tensions with the west. the past 48 hours, iran confirmed a new stage in nuclear
6:32 am
activity and sentenced an american to death for allegedly s spying. and not stepping down, syrian president assad saying he still has the people's support. and syrian civilians after a group of observers were attacked. back in the united states, new jersey governor chris christie says he is shocked and saddened at the death of the state's assembly leader alex who collapsed and died in the statehouse late monday night. the governor credits him for giving him his start in new jersey politics. a great time for the republican field here in new hampshire today. will new hampshire go with the establishment, dick? a real boost to a surging candidate? going to try to take the republicans beyond its comfort zone. joining me noi, romney supporter. now an international adviser to goldman sachs and republican congressman guinta of new hampshire staying neutral in
6:33 am
today's primary. congressman, start with you. what would have to take place in the primary to make you get out of the sidelines and endorse? >> i announced i would continue to remain an ambassador for what i think is critical and important to new hampshire, first in the nation's primary. i will not endorse through the course of the day but will firmly and squarery behind our party's nominee, because i disagree with the policies of the president united states. i don't think he's taking the country down the right direction. is on the right path, and i absolutely think that the country is looking for a center right leader and looking for chang change. >> you say center right. a moderate less conservative leader? >> the most conservative leader that can win, who can beat president barack obama. >> has to be center right? not somebody too far to the right? >> needs to be somebody in touch with the american people. right now they're worried about the economy and jobs and debt and deficit. we have not heard enough from the president of the united states to implement positive
6:34 am
legislative policies that would work, and i think the last four years has demonstrated that. >> senator greg, it's fair to say the romney campaign expected these last 48 hours, if you asked six months ago, relitigating his record as massachusetts governor. i think it's fair to say you might be taken aback relitigating his private sector experience? >> a little unusual for republicans to be attacking other republicans for being market oriented republicans. people who create jobs are not usually attacks by other republicans for creating jobs in the public sector. that is unusual, but actually it's healthy in the sense that primaries are always tough, hard fought, and i think it's good that this issue is out there. clearly, this is going to be the president's attack and mitt romney has a very strong response. i created jobs. i suspect for every person they can bring on saying they were affected by a change in the way the company was functions, they can bring on ten saying, i've got a job and appreciate it because mitt romney created the job. >> politics, is head versus
6:35 am
heart sometimes. you can win a factual argument but lose the gut art argument here. how concerned are you about that with mitt romney? >> mitt's got to make his case. i think he's got a very good case to make, and obviously, he's going to -- this is the first inning of a very long game here. if he is the nominee and i suspect he is going to be the nominee, he's going to do well here in new hampshire and in south carolina. nobody's ever wouldn't south carolina, new hampshire ever. if they do, i suspect they'll be the nominee. he's going to face this from the obama administration at a much higher intensity with much more money than he's facing it now. he's going to get his response down and make it convincing and i think he can do that. >> congressman what do you make of the hits on mitt romney for his -- >> i was surprised. he is a market oriented individual as i think most americans in the republican party. so, look, i think it's okay to try to show your differences in a primary. we believe in the primary process here in new hampshire.
6:36 am
>> always had a huge primary. >> we do. i was surprised at those attacks and quite honestly don't think they belong in the republican primary. as senator gregg said, batting practice for what the president will throw at him. >> president's politics, people forget, al gore brought up willie horton first time against michael dukakis. a lot of times the playbook used in a primary inflicting some damage can inflict more. how concerned are you about that? >> i'm not really that concerned, because i do think this election is going to be about choosing a path for america, and the path is going to be so important that the american people are going to vote on whether or not we follow this expansion of government, european model the president has us on or get back to what i call american exceptionalism giving the entrepreneur time to create prosperity for us. it's going to be huge, important for the country and most americans will vote on that choice. >> a nuance argument gingrich is trying to fight on bain and what
6:37 am
the white house will say on bain, which is, there's sort of a line here and the argument that gingrich has made, could you have taken 60% gains rather than 100% gains, that sometimes bain went too far. do you see examples where they went too far? >> i don't know that much about bain, but if you look at numbers presented by mitt romney, he added a net jobs of tens of thousands of jobs, as a result of what they did. remember, we are a market economy. and so we go back and forth in the way we create jot be in tbs country. we're not europe. you don't get a job for life. in you're in a competitive company, your job is prosperous. if not, you restur. that usually happens in a positive way if done by the markets, done rather than being done by the government. >> congressman, sure you saw this in your republican primary. there are conservatives out there who are not just upset as what they believe is government telling them what to do too much but also leery of corporate
6:38 am
america right now. that's where this could have resonance. >> somewhat leery of corporate america, particularly on some of the bailouts that have been offered. >> a fairness issue. >> i think it is. i'm on the house budget committee we're talking about fairness in the tax code. i think we need to prove to an area where you eliminate a lot of the deductions and loopholes, make it fair for everybody. one company, has to pate same amount and treated the same as another escort. if we can prosper in that way, the country's going to feel better about the process and feel better about corporate america. >> have to leave it there. senator gregg, good to see you. >> pleasure. >> usually talking legislative stuff. congressman ginuinta, whoever ws your congressional district, do you endorse them? >> no. ip think i know hoop goiwho's g win but i'll keep waiting. >> leave it there.
6:39 am
up next, political panel joins me here in new hampshire. next up, the political universe for another 18 hours. the results are in from the very first votes cast today. we know you want to know who won. first, the white house soup of the day. loaded potato, starch up. it's a big prime marry nigh pri. casting ballots in that one location today. want to see longer lines there. come on. "daily rundown," be right back. wake up!
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this will require increasing american force levels. so i've committed more than 20,000 additional american troops to iraq. >> the "detaaily flashback," defining pressure. a 20-minute address to the nation declaring he was sending 20,000 more troops into combat, the so-called surge. a lot people believe it has been successful since. we'll see how it goes now that troops have pulled out. new hampshire election law allows unincorporated towns fewer than 200 residents to open polling at midnight. dixville notch, the polls closed at 12:05 a.m. result, a romney huntsman tie, 2-2. newt gingrich and ron paul each got one vote.
6:44 am
hart's location also voted. for the associated press, and host on sunday morning and michael steele, former chairman of the republican party, welcome to all of you. quickly, you're a.p., supposed to count the votes. where the hell's location? come on. >> send an e-mail. >> we don't have anything. >> class warfare in the republican party, michael steele, how did this happen? >> it's silly, man. i mean, the 11th commandment doesn't matter. so gone beyond the pale on this. >> you think what newt's going is beyond the pale to romney? >> is targeted with what romney did to newt and opened up a can of worms nobody's going to benefit from ultimately. when we get to south carolina this will be a bloodletting unlike anything you've ever seen before. i think at the end of the day, the base is going to sit there and they're still going to take their time and decide who ultimately they want, and it's a
6:45 am
process, and it's a good process, but the noise right now is not good. whether you're talking about, you know, how you feel about the unemployed or how you feel about african-americ african-americans, it's a silly conversation. >> this connection issue. good old producers at nbc found old archive footage of george romney, mitt romney's father, having basically a similar conversation and having to defend himself in his presidential candidacy in, the '68 race in 1967. listen to his response about his idea of his wealth in connecting to those who are poor. >> i've been poor. i've worked from the time i was 12. my parents were driven out of old mexico when i was only 5. my people were revolutionary refug refugees. they had to be fed by the united states government, and housed by the united states government. i know what poverty is. i've been up through. >> first of all, never mind the fact that, wow, he eerily sounds
6:46 am
clearly, mitt romney's his father's son. they look alike and in fact mitt romney told me that's one 69 reasons he doesn't change his lifestyle. he looks in the mirror and sees his dad, but they do sound alike. still, it's issue for mitt romney who seems to be struggling to connect. >> that clip you just showed, that's the story romney himself, mitt romney, tells over and over again on the trail. like his way of connecting. obviously, he doesn't, didn't have the same backing that his father did, being brought up as the son of the michigan governor. you've seen him over the last few days with both the pink slip comment and yesterday his comments were misinterpreted but he's struggling with that very issue. >> jose, the issue of the economy and people struggling will come more into focus in south carolina and florida. new hampshire, pretty good unemployment rate. two states overperforming -- >> a unique way of determining who the candidate will be. >> whittling the field. understanding the plight of what happened in this great recession. when you're watching mitt
6:47 am
romney, is this mitt romney, if he's still talking about these things when we get to florida on january 22nd? >> it's pretty bad. first of all, i don't think there's been a poor president for candidate in a long time. be clear on either party. >> a bad 48 hours but -- >> poor -- >> poor. >> dennis kucinich slept in his car before he was mayor. talk about that. >> right, but i think this focus on that takes away the focus on what people are going through on a daily basis. yeah, you want to identify with the candidate, but what people are going through every day, if you have a job, you're doing everything, again, to keep it. because you fear the future, and by the way, michael, i disagree, good news for obama. may be bad news for the republican party, but really good news for the democratic party. this bloodletting going on, this level and type of discussion can only help the democrats. >> what mitt romney seems to be struggling with. he's trying to relate to what's going on. income, another example.
6:48 am
this is not the pink slip comment. something else he said yesterday. take a listen. >> i think people imagined that i came in at the top of bain and company, the consulting firm or the boston consulting group. i started at the bottom. i came out of school and got an entry level position like the other people that were freshly minted mbas and it brabs yobrea heart to see people lose their job. everybody in the private sector knows there is some prospect you might lose your job. >> michael, clearly, feels as if governor romney has been consulted and told, you need to feel the pain of these folks, and, look, this is not his strength. president obama struggles with this, in the feel your pain. bill clinton, john edwards, frankly john buchanan in his day, new thousand naturally, and i've seen rick santorum at times more gut level connect on this stuff. >> that's what people are looking for. when you're going through hard times you're looking for someone that has an understanding what
6:49 am
it means to have a hole in the bottom of your shoe. a telling moment for me a couple debates ago, the question, when was the last time had you to meet your ends? and everyone talking about as kid. not recently. that's a real issue. >> the past few derricks prays, different. >> breaking news. we have the results in hart's location. romney got 5 votes. somebody got 4, but already blew through it on the prompter on me. i'll give you the full results after the break. trivia time is coming back. what it's when you have a teleprompter. romney 5, paul 4, huntsman 1, perry 1, obama carried hart's location with 10 votes. it is a democratic primary and barack obama will win his very first new hampshire primary. who was the last sitting president to be defeated in a new hampshire primary? the answer, harry truman who
6:50 am
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6:53 am
bring back our panel. casey hunt, michael steele. i want to show this because it's a reminder of how one result really affects the polls. mitt romney 19, newt gingrich 15. the point is, the national polls are lacking indicators. national publications respond to what's going on after the pick. i think the biggest one will be
6:54 am
south carolina. i just want to remind people that this stuff, careful of it, it's interesting, but give it a couple more primaries. michael steele, what are you watching for tonight? >> i'm watching for that number two spot. i think it's going to be a lot closer to number one than people think. i think mitt is going to be in the mid to low 30s, and huntsman and santorum are really battling for that number two. >> campaigns are really advertising up here, and i keep reminding myself of that. if we just went by the money, one, two, three would be romney, paul, huntsman. >> right. it's not like what you saw in iowa, they're already seeing it in south carolina. it was starting to look like that's where the primary is going to be. i think something unpredictable could very well happen here in the near future. >> what's your audience watching
6:55 am
tonight? this is a struggle for this party when it comes to hispanics. they were very blunt to me in an interview. >> huge problem. >> and romney really stepped in it the other day on his side of the community when they asked him what would he do if the dream act were passed in the house and senate, and he said veto it. there was no discussion about what it would be, if it would be a different version or not. everybody knows about it. there was a less than 2% hispanic vote today. i talked to many leaders in the community here, and they're saying that hurt us because it's just the attitude that we just feel is the wrong kind of discussion to have. >> it will be fascinating to see what happens when we get the floor. who is going to be left? romney and who? >> i've got a new gig tomorrow working with e.t. digital. i'll be doing some writing about
6:56 am
what's going on out there, so i'm excited about it. >> multi-platform michael steele. he's everywhere. >> i have to plug the whole ap political team is doing great work in the iowa caucuses and new hampshire primary. >> i'm going to plug that phooey. don't forget that. >> two quickis. one, if you want to see this whole thing in espanol [ spoke spanish ] >> my seven-year-old daughter starts flamenco tonight. she sent me this tape as she gets ready to practice flamenco. >> she's going to get there. i wi well done. folks, there's something happening out here tonight. what it is ain't exactly clear.
6:57 am
that's it for "the daily run down." tomorrow, fof course, it's the big sports analysis show and the march to north carolina. need to shake up the white house? that book and the obama campaign's messaging. and at 1:00, don't miss andrea mitchell's report right here in this bye bye. ask me... even if you think you can live with your old mattress... ask me how i've never slept better...
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