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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  January 10, 2012 8:00am-9:00am PST

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next politician to join this group and secure a new hampshire primary victory. long-time supporters of the candidates and americans still waiting for the last minute to make up their minds are hitting poll stations throughout the day. their selections will give one or two conservatives a momentum boost heading to south carolina. in new hampshire, ballots were cast in some small towns. they get extra attention in the nation's first primary. speaking of which it all back in dixville notch where a 2-2 tie started a point to the day. the rally is good news after a big gap on the campaign trail. >> i like being able to fire people who provide services to me. >> romney tried to put out the political fire that started that comment, but his opponents not ready to let him off the hook. >> when you combine a number of
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uncertainty, running as a liberal, governor as a moderate, and conservative as the presidency, people wonder where your core is. >> he's forcing this kind of campaign. >> mitt romney has no record of running as a conservative and winning anything. i do. >> what's at stake in tonight's vote? mitt romney's margin of victory. how well that could set the tone for the gop republican fight, and right now romney is getting ready to speak to a crowd in new hampshire. that's coming up in a few minutes. garrett haake has been following mitt romney and he joins me by phone. how important is the big gaffe that romney made and how could it effect his lead tonight? >> that's not their biggest concern, their big concern is
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making sure people come out and vote. they don't want people sitting at home and watching "the view" today, they want them to come to the polls. when you take the full quote in context, it was pretty clear he wasn't actually talking about firing, he was talking about he would be able to change insurance companies. the best sound bite is an rnc ad looking for something to happen. >> at 11:00 a.m., people are watching me, not "the view." >> i'm sorry, i know i am. >> when we talk about south carolina, mitt romney is now saying that he's ready to go, he's ready to go down to south carolina, already there in advance of being in new hampshire. what is he saying about as he takes this fight further? >> well, they did something interesting. they were really the only candidate, the romney operation in new hampshire and south carolina aggressively, they like their chances there more than they did a couple months ago.
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back when newt gingrich was surging, mitt romney was always a big hurdle for them. kind of voter based down there, but haley endorsements. there is an opening there, but they have a history of being nasty to gop candidates, so that is going to be kind of where all of this gets a little elevated in the next couple weeks. >> hey, garrett, thanks so much. we appreciate that report. congressman michael grim is in new hampshire to support mitt romney's campaign. congressman, it's nice to have you back on the hour, and i want to start with a piece from this new new vee. it's a movie being shown from the superpack of newt gingrich. >> mitt romney, them guys, they don't care who i am. >> romney took seed money from latin america and picked up a pattern exploiting dozens of businesses. >> i feel like that is a man
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that destroyed us. >> no matter what you think of mitt romney's private protecter background, these are really strong words from struggling americans that are now on the screen. is the campaign that this bain controversy is going to stick? >> well, i don't think so, because when you really analyze bain capital, you're going to find out there is a lot of people right in my district in staten island and brooklyn that worked for companies like staples, sports authority. we can go on and on. domino's pizza. the success record that he's had is part of the reason i'm supporting him. we want somebody in the white house that has private sector experience and understands the first answer to every problem is not big government but it's usually a private sector solution. that's what mitt romney is, and of course you can paint the picture however you want, it's an open canvas. that's what it's going to be, but he's been consistent, he's been steady and he'll be able to get through this. we expect obama to run hard and he's certainly taken his lumps and he's taken it gracefully.
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>> you said they will probably run against him hard, but is gingrich trying to cold-cock romney before south carolina? >> sure, gingrich is desperate at this point. we're seeing the gingrich we all knew all the time. he's an angry man and he's doing what he always does and that's of no surprise. the reality is people see that he is the only one, governor mitt romney, that can actually be elected. he's the only one that can actually win and beat president obama because he's the only one that can bring the people to the table that actually decide the election. it's not republicans and it's not democrats. it's the swing vote in the middle, the independents that decide the presidency and that's when mitt romney is the only candidate that can bring them together. >> so the video of mitt romney arriving at the polling station from this morning. let's go over some of the numbers from bain, and for the record, i want to put it out there that universal and bain capital are both owners of the weather channel.
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22% of the companies that bain invested in closed down or we want into bankruptcy. at least 4,000 workers laid off in a decade. how do those stats help romney connect to voters that have helped the sting of the firing line since 2008? >> well, i think it helps because this is the real world. this is what the private sector is all about. we're supposed to be a capitalist society. every candidate talks about capitalists and the enterprise. president obama believes that the federal government is supposed to pick winners and losers, but i know from being in the private sector and starting my own business myself that if you can't make it, someone else is going to come out there and do a better job. yesterday the governor said something about firing people. i think that's a very good thing because it's honest and it's real. we should -- firing means accountability. he's running for president of the united states. he's not running for ceo of a
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private company. when he says firing people, he's talking about the bureaucracy that we are stifling to grow, and we should hold everybody accountable, and if they're not doing a good job serving the united, he should be fired. i think the first firing will be president barack obama. >> do you think the people at the steel mill or the paper mill that lost their jobs are the people that will listen to that and ultimately think firing is a good thing? because if mitt romney wants to secure their vote, he needs to reassure them that he's going to help in job creation. the fact he tried to frame the bain narrative as something that wasn't about wealth gaining, it was more about job creation, isn't that wrong? >> well, no, because if you look at the overall stats -- you show the stats of the companies that failed. how about all the companies that made it? like i said, the staples and the domino's and the sports authorities. many, many thousands of people were hired because of those successes. now, when we look at those in the steel mills and so on, i think the problem that this country has had is that too much government intervention, too
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much government regulation. that's what's preventing jobs, that's what's firing them. >> according to the l.a. times, congressman, the companies that bain invested filed for bankruptcy, however, bain still made a profit on three out of four companies that went bankrupt. so how are you able to justify that to an american public that's out of work, that's been out of work continually, knowing that this was bain's objective was wealth management for their investors. it was not job creation. >> again, to be effective at wealth management, first of all, we're almost -- it sounds like we're trying to say that capitalism and wealth management is a bad thing, that success is a bad thing. >> i'm just trying to define whether or not he's a job creator and you're just saying he's about wealth management. so you agree that he's about wealth management. >> what i'm saying is his job at bain capital was certainly part of creating wealth for the investors. that was the job and he was
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successful at it, which is a good thing. however, to be successful at wealth management, you have to understand how the economy works, how the private sector works. he obviously doesn't. i think that that knowledge of the private sector and how capitalism works is going to help him create jobs as the president of the united states, because again, he knows that the answer is not the government. it's the government sometimes getting out of the way and letting the private sector do what it does. it also means she's not going to choose winners or losers, in stark contrast to president obama who thinks it is okay to pick winners and losers. >> thank you very much for being here. mitt romney is going to be joe amica's guest tomorrow, so lock in for that one. newt gingrich says he's confident he'll stay in the race after new hampshire. he's in the race at third or fourth place at this point. he's getting a $500 million
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boost from someone who is planning to spend that money to stop romney in california. steve dupree from rnc. gentlemen, it's great to have you with me this morning. brad, the movie we've been talking about coming out to the words we just heard, that's from the governor's superpack. is he handed the obama team, the reelection narrative, on a silver platter? because it's one thing for president obama to come out sluging like this, but it is another thing for people in the republican primary to go after each other like this? >> what i think it shows is there are bipartisan kind of anger, this type of -- as that very superpack said. predatory paper shuffling. as congressman grim just said, look, i couldn't do any better than he did. he said exactly what we've been saying. mitt romney was into wealth management, wealth creation. he wasn't into job creation, and, you know, there is a
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bipartisan sense right now coming from his rivals, from us, you know, that it's just wrong. it's fine to do that, it's legal to do that, but he can't go around saying he was a job creator in the private sector. it's just not true. >> nothing like kicking a dog when he's down, because gingrich and the rest are capitalizing on romney's gaffes over the past 24 hours, his firing comment, his comment on pink slips. is romney playing right in the hand of gingrich and other rivals by making these comments? >> no, look, the governor's experience has a team around him. no one was naive enough to think that his record in the private sector was going to make him immune from criticism or that record immune from examination. the bottom line is this. governor romney, whether you call it the wealth manager in business or investing in business, they had more successes, a lot more successes, than failures. he created a lot more jobs than
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were lost. and that's the nature of capitalism. frankly, mitt romney's company investing in businesses is a lot better than having the government trying to pick winners and loseres like they did with sylandra. that's what the country cares about. >> thomas -- >> go ahead real quickly because i have to go. >> thomas, there is no comparison there. the president has been trying to create jobs. bain capital wasn't about creating jobs. in kansas city they took a steel company, they rated its pension, they cut health care, closed it down and made over $12 million. that's not something the american people are looking for, certainly not a record of job creation. >> governor romney has created more jobs, he's done a better job than the president, and that's going to be the
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referendum this fall, how has the president done? >> that's not true. >> that's what they're discussing -- you haven't read the papers, sir. the unemployment rate has been declining, and we've -- >> gentlemen, let's just agree, bain capital is not in the mission statement of growth creation for jobs. it was in gross creation of money for its investors. i have to go, gentlemen. thank you. independent voters may see the expectations in the granite state. and wait until you hear what he called mitt romney on "morning joe" today. plus, white house shakeups. it has obama on offense this morning. we're going to talk to a former white house insider straight ahead. it all begins right here on 6:00 eastern. [ male announcer ] is zero worth nothing?
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is dixville notch a harbinger of things to come? i kind of think it is. >> it was a match of 2-2 there. it's all about the margin of victory in new hampshire tonight. if the margin in the tiny town of dixville notch is any indication, it could be a big day for john huntsman. a 2-2 tie for mitt romney. the earliest results put the gop primary in a dead heat, but he won the next one by a landslide. this morning john huntsman said something we never heard before. take a listen to this. >> why is mitt romney so far ahead of you, then? >> he's a homeboy. he's been here for a whole lot
8:18 am
of years -- >> can i just say for the record, you're the first person who has ever called mitt romney a homeboy. >> in today's voting it showed huntsman climbing, but is it too little too late? jo, let's start with this because i know crowds have been good for huntsman, at least on campaign events. they've been growing the last two days. has his message been able to resonate the last 24 hours and do so enough with moderate republican independents to get out there and vote for him? >> good morning, from manches r manchester, new hampshire. huntsman got his surge, but you're right, it may have been too little too late. it started on sunday and he started getting bigger crowds later. it's very hard to identify these independent or undeclared voters to see exactly what they're going to do. we're going to have to wait and see, although it is significant
8:19 am
that he is probably going to get something more like second or third rather than the fourth or fifth that we thought before. >> what are his plans for south carolina? has he said he's going to be there for sure no matter what the results are tonight? >> yes. i was told to buy a ticket to south carolina. he will be heading there tomorrow morning. he's got two events, one in charleston and one in columbia. he plans to go full bore there. people on his behalf have already bought television ads starting on monday, so we'll see what happens. we do know from new hampshire that the superpack ads are not enough to put him over the top, so he'll have to raise money for the primary. >> it's been a rocky 24 hours for the west wing. a new book about obama that hit the shelves today, talking about chief of staff william bailey. joining us is jen sache.
8:20 am
daley just being the latest of the series insiders in chicago. what's behind the revolving door we're seeing in the administration right now? >> being in the white house and being on the white house chief of staff is an incredibly gruling job. if you look at the first week when daley was there, gabby giffords was shot. he led the team through the tax cut which gave him the back end of helping the president. he's done a great job and will go on to become a campaign co-chairman. many people have said there is about an 18-month life to this job, so people were not surprised he's going to go back home to his family in chicago.
8:21 am
jack lew is incredibly well respected. he's well liked and there will be a seamless transition, i would expect, to his new role as chief of staff. >> this new book on the obamas is getting a lot of attention. robert gibbs says, in any high-pressure work situation he regrets speaking in anger. is this book shedding any light on the trouble inside the obama administration and should people expect that because these are some high-pressure cooker jobs? >> absolutely not is it shedding light on anything. being in the white house, especially the last three years, this president and this team came in facing an economic crisis, two wars, they wanted to get health care reform through. valerie gib-- robert gibbs and valerie jarret wanted to play roles in that.
8:22 am
it's not surprising in an environment where the stakes are high there are moments of disagreement. everybody was going around trying to sing kum-ba-ya. if i said that, you wouldn't believe me. people i worked with on the campaign and in the white house are some of my closest friends, most important men torz, people i talk to almost all the time and that's true of anybody who has been a part of this team. >> cameraderie is not a best seller. jen, great to see you. thank you. >> thank you. live pictures now from bedford, new hampshire where mitt romney made a final appeal in a rally last night attended by roughly 1500 people. the first in the nation primary happening right now. we're keeping our eyes on nine towns today, how they vote according to new hampshire's secretary of state. they have picked the gop winner since 1952. i'm going to talk to manchester's mayor about what
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>> this is one of the great, nice and wonderful places. south carolina picks a president. >> that was perry moments ago at a campaign event in fort mill, south carolina. that event still going on right now. perry is in the palmetto state on the same day his rivals continue to criss-cross through new hampshire right now. "look for your guy" is a slogan in new hampshire. it resonates on candidates who make stops in their city. that's because manchester is not like the rest of the state. crime and evictions are up. the population of 100,000 have been forced to cut cops and
8:27 am
highway workers. one in four children live in poverty. i'm joined now by manchester mayor fred gasdon. you have endorsed mitt romney. why do you feel he is the right man for the job and do your constituents feel the same way? >> thanks for having me. what we're trying to do is review spending like they should be doing across this country, and we've been successful at doing it. i'm here to support romney because he is a great leader. i think he can lead us into the next election, making sure people are cognizant that they can keep their jobs and they can find jobs once things turn around. >> let's go over the facts about the city itself and what you are pre siding for as mayor. you're a lifelong resident of that city. it is a city of plentiful voters that can be hard to win over.
8:28 am
how is this different than what you've seen in years past? >> i don't think it's different. what you're seeing is because there's only one primary, you may feel a little less activity, but people are just as excited. they're going through the streets which makes it easier. there aren't any snowbanks around and it's 55 degrees. >> weather always makes a difference on a day like today. i want to talk about poverty and crime, the big issues taking place in your city. nearly half the kids, the children in manchester, can get free lunch. how does that affect the way candidates are received there? is success in manchester a good indicator of how a candidate is going to do around the rest of the state itself? >> the candidates get out there and talk to everybody in manchester, and i think that's important. there is no question we have our trials and tribulations here as
8:29 am
most big cities do, but i can tell you that the children of manchester and people of manchester are excited about this opportunity. so when they look at what happens in this community, i'm blinded by anyone who might want to talk negatively about it. >> thanks for having us, or being with us this morning. we appreciate your time. we're going to let you get back to the p.m. of meople of manche. >> thank you. some very targeted attack ads against mitt romney are up and running. i'm going to talk with gingrich's daughter up next. ron paul hoping to make a splash in new hampshire today, because of all the i understand voters in the granite state. what he's doing to shore up those votes. also why the shelf life of twinkies might be getting a whole lot shorter. you don't want to miss that, after this. [ male announcer ] how about we make a big change
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welcome back, everybody. the two faces of newt gingrich. last week he had a positive campaign, now he's having relentless attacks, especially against mitt romney. >> i spent three weeks in iowa saying, gee, i wish they wouldn't be doing this. romney basically made fun of me for suggesting that a positive campaign was a better idea. >> joining us this morning is newt gingrich's daughter, nancy. thanks for coming. >> thanks for having me back, i really appreciate it. >> fighting fire with fire. is your father still in this race to win it now that he is talking about the fact there's been no option but to go negative, or is he in it with the sole purpose of ending mitt romney's seemingly inevitable road to the gop nomination!%
8:34 am
superpack paid $40,000 for investments at bain capital. your father very critical of the superpack in iowa. is this simply payback for what your dad saw in iowa? >> a couple things. as you mention it's the superpack doing this, so there is no coordination.ç secondarily, this film was p produced by a former romney adviser. they're going to distribute it. what dad said very clearly when he was here in debate on sunday is that any ad that superpack
8:35 am
runs would be vetted and would be factual and truthful, but it is part of the primary process to let the american people look at all the facts and then make up their minds. >> with romney likely to get the nomination, do you think this is really laying the ground work for president obama, just doing the dirty work for him, basically, since all this public infighting is taking place right now in the primary? >> first of all, there is no romney inevitability. they have been killing that story for a long time. that is definitely not true. this is going to be a long nomination process, and i think clearly my dad is the best candidate against president obama. the part of the primary process is we have to understand when we finally have a nominee, they need to have gone through the hardening process. but if anything we do is just a small portion of what will happen when they join the general against president obama. >> jackie, always great to have you on with us. we appreciate your insight. we'll let you get back to work. thanks again.
8:36 am
>> thank you. >> so as the ballots drop, nothing is being taken for granted in the granite state today. for now romney leads this pack in the national poll at 19% with the margin at plus or minus 3, yet there's very little gop love at large. 43% of registered republican voters see the current field as fair or poor, and it's all making for a less than racial super tuesday. jackie çconisinch and richard wolf. it's great to have you both on deck with me today. jackie, i want to start with you. what is the lion's share in florida? >> in new hampshire right now, i was an exeter today at a poll g ing site, and there were a lot of people there. i don't know if there is a lack
8:37 am
of enthusiasm in new hampshire today. it seems like people are excited to get out there and vote, at least the ones i spoke to. and in florida, candidates need to meet or exceed expectations here. that includes mitt romney. he needs to do better than -- i think he was at 37% or something like that at the poll i looked at. so, i mean, he needs to meet that or exceed it to have a good head going into south carolina. >> romney has been running, richard, a pretty much glitch-free show but he fumbled monday with the comments on firing people in context to how he prefers to get his services personally in his own life. the damage has been done, though. so how do you think this is going to hurt him moving forward, and especially with someone like john huntsman who wants to try to capitalize on these gaffes? >> whether it's huntsmanor anyone else, what you're seeing in this phase is the hardening
8:38 am
of these candidates. we saw that about gingrich going through iowa, again, negatively, as gingrich was pointing out and his daughter was pointing out thatç he is a coming together the story. it's how romney ties in with his record at bain, if he really understands the worries of families in america, people looking for jobs, whether he's really in touch with them given his personal wealth. as we go through this, i know there is a rush in the media to say, well, it's all over, or someone does this in this state and that's the end of it. we're in a new phase once we get through these first dates, because it's not mathematically possible to win the nomination until april. i think we're just seeing the start of this when it comes to bain and firing people at romney. >> let's talk more about that, jackie. michael steele on the daily rundown said he expects to see in south carolina basically a bloodbath with the fact these
8:39 am
superpack ads are going to come out and really be relentlessly negative. what do you say about that as we storm through -- we're in january, but getting to april, as richard points out? >> voters down there, it's a contact sport and they like getting blood on the floor. they enjoy the visceral aspect of politics, so nobody is going to throw any punches. there is going to be a lot more spiciness, a little like we saw on the meet the press debate this past weekend. there hasn't been as much here in new hampshire when you turn on the tv. you don't see as many negative ads as you did in iowa. i think that will increase t tenfold in south çcarolina. >> thank you both, we appreciate it. moving on, we're talking about something else in the news today.
8:40 am
relatives of murder victims were outraged today over outgoing mississippi governor hailey barber's decision to pardon in convicted killers. governor barbour had said in 2008 that releasing them goes back to a few years ago. christie will not give his state of the state address today. instead he's mourning the loss of alex croce. he says in a statement, i lost a dear friend, colleague and mentor. he was an accomplished legislator and a tremendous servant to the people of new jersey. this is an enormous loss for our state and for me personally. new details in that tragic
8:41 am
hazing death of the marching band member at florida university. his parents said they're suing the company where the hazing took place. champion suffered blunt force trauma and died from shock caused by severe bleeding. >> our goal is to stop the hazing. >> that was champion's mother. witnesses champion's mom offered advice to parents who are out there about sending their kids off to school. >> blink twice and your kids are going off to college. now we know. since it's out there, my son had
8:42 am
to shut that door as to who he is. look right here because you can see 25-year-old sammy ozmokic attaching a street preacher. ozmokic was taken into custody after he allegedly bought firearms from an undercover agent. federal officials say he wanted to avenge wrongs done to muslims. twinkies preparing for bankruptcy. the wall street journal says the company is facing more than $860 million in debt as well as high labor expenses and rising ingredients cost. the company employs about 19,000 workers and operates in 49 states. annual sales are about $2 billion. and this weekend, if you haven't heard, jayzee and beyonce welcomed their first child into the world, bleu ivy
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i voted for ron paul. >> why? >> basically, he seems to be one of those that has clear direction as far as where he wants to takeç the country. >> he does have problems with foreign policy, but everybody has got problems, but i think that he would make a good president and i can't stand mitt romney. >> all right. thanks very much. >> flip-flopping. >> the battle for seconds. that's another race to watch in
8:47 am
new hampshire and with the independent vote for ron paul pushing to grab it. he's been favored since his iowa showing so much so that it's created security concerns for him and his family on the final day of voting. anthony sorrell has more on that. they just released the schedule today. why the delay? >> a local new hampshire official for ron paul told me there's some security concerns surrounding dr. paul, especially given the media atmosphere yesterday at his first event. it was a mob-like atmosphere. i was there, there was over 120 members of the media crushing around dr. paul. they were concerned about his safety as well as his security heading to the polling places. he's going to be visiting five polling places today, and the reason they sent it out a little bit late was because of his safety concerns. we headed to a primary party this evening in manchester and dr. paul told me this weekend
8:48 am
that he will be heading to south carolina within 12 hours of knowing the election results here in new hampshire where he will be holding a rally in columbia, south carolina at noon tomorrow. thomas? >> he's going to south carolina no matter what, then? >> he is going, he is going. he has an event scheduled for noon tomorrow in columbia, south carolina. it will be an early morning for a lot of us. >> thank you so much.k3 c1 i appreciate it. >> thanks, thomas. >> so gaffes about firing people, pink slips as well. they've kept mitt romney under siege. when it comes to america's economy, the field is anything but level. joining me now is msnbc contribut contributor, political scientist and relational columnist. what does the so-called bain bomb tell you about who is the
8:49 am
best person to nominate? >> it's fascinating, because what we saw in the immediate post-fom nation of president obama was a sort of populist impulse in the tea party protest. this sense of pushing back against the corporate bailouts for the ordinary people, get jobs for regular folks. now we're another three years out and it fieleels much like t emeritus corpus gop. the question is how should we be thinking about the role of gop relative to economic development? >> so a lot of critics feel that when we talk about bain and the economy right now, there is a lot of people talking about the fact that the gop field has ignored a lot of social issues. although rick santorum has gone out talking about them when it comes to quality and other issues as such. how do you think that will come into play as we move closer to
8:50 am
april? >> it comes down to iowa where we saw many of these issues come into play versus new hampshire. typically south carolina has j" issues were key, but with the current unemployment rate in th economy is lieskly to be morn important and the question of whether or not we are on a level playing field, whether or not we are still in a country where there's class mobility where you can be born poor and become wealthy and be born rich and be poor. rich kids stay wealthy and poor kids become poor adults. >> it's been interesting to see how it's playing out. we expect this from president obama, but it's happening now. we have a name for beyonce's baby -- >> i should be able to name my show blue melissa.
8:51 am
>> people tweeted me and -- anyway, we will let you go, new host of msnbc show, still untitled, are we hash tagging, name melissa's show? >> we should be hash tagging. >>
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
. welcome back everyone, time for the primary edition of the sidebar, romney is taking a different -- he usually lets them carry on for a minute or so and praises the nation's prespeech rights and then has police escort them out. but not yesterday. >> this president has thrown aside the public funding program and spent more than any president in history. and this position is too important to hand over to president obama for a second term. >> protesters, an issue for newt
8:55 am
gingrich as well, he was forced to cancel an event at his campaign headquarters because of a large crowd, they said that it was not safe for he and his wife. the hundred or so volunteers were disappointed but they were able to watchç the college football championship game with him at a sports bar that even g evening. >> i'm excited about the 2 teams playing tonight. i have to confess, i'm going to have to say roll tied. >> gingrich's pick for the game, alabama, good pick, they won the game. alaska's first former dude made his pick for president, newt gingrich, the reason, because he admired the way that he pushed on after losing staff last summer. since mitt romney is the front-runner in new hampshire
8:56 am
but grand pa the spider monkey at the zoo said that newt gingrich will be the winner tonight there you have it. make sure to tune in to prime time coverage tonight to new hampshire primary results. don't go anywhere, "now" with alex wagner is next. we will see how things shake out today. we will be back with more with alex wagner. ♪ what are you looking at? don't look up there. why are you looking up? ♪ get outta the car. get outta the car. ♪ are you ok? the... get in the car. get in the car! [ male announcer ] the epa estimated 42 mpg highway chevy cruze eco. from spending time together, to spending your lives together, chevy runs deep.
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