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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  January 10, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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than one from tiffanys. heading south from new hampshire to south carolina, who will survive to make the trip and why are members of the tea party and those who like the tea party message struggling to unite around one voice. south carolina congressman joins us live. the u.s. supreme court hears arguments over whether the fcc should monitor what you see and here on tv. plus, the family of a college student killed after an alleged hazing incident involving one of the most famous college bands in the country has filed a lawsuit. . i'm tamron hall. here is a live look at a polling center in the town of bedford.ç
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mitt romney went up 4 percentage points overnight. newt gingrich is flat even after some of the most vicious attacks we've seen from him targeted directly at mitt romney. be romney wins it puts him on a nice track to win the primary. jon huntsman with 170 events in new hampshire alone, can he win or come in a strong second and keep his campaign alive. those are the questions. john, give us an idea of the pulse of that great state at this hour? >> jon huntsman had a close strong to the race. i went to his rally last night. he could come in second. his problem is he's not a home
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boy here in new hampshire and not likely to become a home boy in south carolina either. jon huntsman is drawing from independents and moderate republicans. that will be difficult to rep my indicate when he goes down south. mitt romney was widening his lead at the end. his campaign says they will get around 35% or maybe more and have a double digit margin. that's pretty strong. >> with iowa and the caucuses there there was an incredible number of people going in say they have not made their sdigts. what are we seeing as far as the people claiming to be undecided. does that group exist? >> new hampshire isç known for breaking late. it's difficult the know what will happen. some veterans have been expecting that mitt romney's number would keep coming down. two days ago he was at 33%. some saw him finishing at 30 or below that. we have all got to be open to
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the prospect that people, especially if a bunch of independents come in large numbers and those are people more difficult to poll at that stage, we could get some sort of surprise. the question is, is it a strong enough surprise to change the fundamental dynamic of the race. the rest of the field divided in ways to make it difficult for any one person to beat it. >> thank you, john. let me bring in radio talk show host michael. it's good to see you. >> you too. >> before i came in we got a new poll. this was a reuters. it shows mitt romney with 29% it appears that mitt romney is on his way to a victory, but the question is will it be double digits? will it be convincing? that's what he needs at this point or does he? >> romney garnered 32% of the
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vote in the last cycle. if he doesn't reach 32%, even if he wins, i think it might feel like a loss in certain quarters. the issue for him tonight is to not only win the thing, but win it in such a way that it takes people's attention as opposed to that's what we anticipated. there needs to be some hype that surrounds this in addition to winning it. >> pst been beat up pretty back in the last 48 hours. i saw an interview and during the debate she did not like the experience of mitt romney saying he would put party before country. that's when he got the snackdown by jon huntsman.
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he is on fragile ground. >> i think it was taken out of context because it was about firing people that provide bad service. i think this is previews of coming attractions. it's taken us to the date of the new hampshire primary that i expect the obama campaign will weave together in casting him as a gordon geko capitalist. not one looking out for the benefits of the company and the employees as a whole. get used to it because if he wins this thing, this is the romney you'll be introduced again and again and again. >> i want to talk about this line where he says i like firing people. i'm going to talk with a writer after you. he makes a pointç that romney' camp did the same thing to the
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president. i hate to put it this way but one bad turn deserves another here. >> when he did, i called him out for it. >> you did. >> the comment is there's so much audio out there about president obama, find something legitimate instead of using it for a different person. in this case, turn about is fair play. it was down to him by the gingrich super pac and not the obama folks. >> i have a quote from jon huntsman. he was on "morning joe". is he is a true conservative, why is he hiding behind his record? >> are you a conservative? >> absolutely i am. i don't go around calling myself something based on labels. i put forward ideas. i put forward a sense of trust for the voters. >> that may be getting him traction in new hampshire. if he makes it there, can he
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take the easy going road when it comes to touting his values on the economy and socially? >> yesterday, the gallop organization released a survey that said that 41% of americans regard themselves as independents. it's the highest number in 60 years. that support is out there ready to be tapped by someone who, i think, promotes a civil court. conservative or liberal, people are looking for civility. that's what heç embodies. i've said all along, in a general election, he's the strongest opponent for barack obama. >> what are you expecting from him tonight? 170 events in new hampshire alone. i know he says, listen, mitt romney is the home boy there. with that said he was expecting something big with 170 events.
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>> when i interviewed him last week he said i need to out perform market expectations. what are the market expectations because they continue to rise. i don't think he's got a first place finish. he needs to finish in second position. if he doesn't finish in second position, i don't know how he can pack his bags and go to south carolina. i really don't. he needs romney coming in less than 32% so he can say the momentum has shifted in his direction. >> we'll see you tonight. a lot of intrigue. next up, i'll talk with south carolina republican congressman. he's not endorsed any of the republican candidates for president. he's a big tea party supporter. can he answer this question, where's the tea party when it comes to presidential politics? >> i think it was pretty clear who the up front candidate is. >> gauging the granite state.
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we're going to do just great. that will allow us to head out of new hampshire with a head of steam toward south carolina.
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sgr we hope to finish top three, top two. >> that was jon huntsman and rick santorum on "morning joe". joining me now south carolina republican congressman, trey gowdy. thank you for your time. >> yes, ma'am. thank you for having me. >> newt gingrich is predicting that he will do well enough in new hampshire to bring the fight to mitt romney in south carolina. i know you're not a member of the tea party, but you've supported a lot of the message coming from the tea party. why are we seeing conservatives have hard time getting behind one of these men? >> i had lunch with four different tea party members, each of whom is supporting someone different for the presidency. they are unified in their desire of a new occupant of 1600
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pennsylvania. we need you to marry up your heart and your head. i've got friends that are supporting rick perry. gingrich, santorum. there are tea party members that are supportingç romney because they believe he's the most elected. i wouldn't couch it as a negative that they're having a difficult time rallying around a candidate. i think it's a positive. >> here is the deal. you're talking about all of the tea party members that you spoke with and they wanted to support a different person, that splits your vote. we know and i've spoken wp a number of members of the tea party who is not convinced that mitt romney is a true conservative. there you have a split vote. you have newt gingrich, who is say that mitt romney is not a real conservative. comparing the him to somebody that's worked for a big business
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that's taken jobs from americans. would it not benefit the tea party or conservatives to join forces so you don't split the vote to end up with a candidate that clearly, a great number of you are not confident? >> if you could identify who that one perfect candidate is, and i was with him this morning. unfortunately, he's not running in south carolina. speaker gingrich has arguments that he can make in his favor, so does rick santorum. pick perry has arguments he can make. mitt romney does. i think i went there all of this except governor huntsman. i haven't heard him try to make the argument. i know it's couched as aç
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negative that we're divided. i think this is what primaries are for. i'm very engaged in trying to theoryize who is true this or true that is. we'll know a week from saturday who south carolina picks. you can't win the nomination without winning south carolina. >> my colleague was on last night and talking about the power of the tea party. he makes the point the tea party had great flurinfluence and get in members of the tea party that they want to see participate in capital hill but according to to chris and many others, the pea party has zero influence so far and has shown zero influence when it comes to presidential politics. what's your reply? >> well, i wouldn't reply to chris matthews. i departmenidn't hear what he h
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say. you can count campaign contributions and endorsements. jim demitt won his seat without a single official in this congressional district. i think it's what congressmmmen tors, with all due respect, talk about. it's reluctant to talk the advice of people who don't want to see a republican win in november with respect to who we should nominate. mccain came fromç behind and w four years ago. ronald reagan won in south carolina. that's why you get to go behind a closed curtain and vote. we're going marry up and come up with the right candidate. >> thank you so much for your time. we greatly appreciate it. >> thank you. mitt romney's rivals have
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called him a job killing predator capitalist. he said he expected the attack to come from the democrats, but it's coming in his own party. are republicans laying the ground work for president obama's campaign if romney does secure the nomination. it's our "news nation" gut check. here is a look at a polling place in bedford. big ed will join me on "news nation." [ male announcer ] take the fixodent
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>> reporter: good afternoon. we're in new hampshire. there's been a steady stream of voters. there's a democratic primary. today. we're expecting 325,000 voters in both primaries combined. the votiing booths will find ou if there's a surprise. or if somebody like jon huntsman has a major upset and maybe place to second. let's talk toç some voters rig now. the polls no longer mean anything. this is mindy. she is from bedford. how did you vote today and why? >> after being a long time supporter of mitt romney, who i deerly love, i took his message of party over country very badly. i'm now a supporter of jon huntsman flat tax and none trade
11:23 am
war with china. i like his positions. i voted for him. >> reporter: he's put all his eggs in this basket. do you think the hard work will pay off for him? >> i really do. i felt in last minute kpooer appearances, the crowds were huge. people were asking thoughtful questions. there's a lot of response to his statements the last debate which were very instructive. >> reporter: thank you so much. your neighbor, disagreed with him. you're also from bedford. who did you vote for and why? >> i voted for mitt romney. i believe we need much less polar opposites. we'll be able to get the country together and move forward. >> reporter: what was it for you? was it elect blt against president barack obama or do you believe he can turn the economy around? >> it's a combination of both. i think he understands what capital markets and it's got a
11:24 am
lot to do with çelectability. >> reporter: thank you so much for joining us. polls kploez around 7:00 p.m. tonight. hopefully we'll have results to find out who wins this primary or heads into south carolina with new momentum. reporting from bedford, tom llamas. it's being called one of the most watched senate races in the country. scott brown versus elizabeth warren in massachusetts. we are learning his war chest numbers. wait until you hear what his camp says he's been able to raise and the counter from warren. this is a hot race. . plus, the debate over cursing and nudity on television has reached the issue supreme court. will the government continue to police wa you see on the screen? detail just ahead. it's a medication i could take and still smoke,
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here is what the "news nation" is following now. a record war chest. it's being called one of the most exciting senate races in the country. the big fight brewing in massachusetts. scott brown has raked in a record amount of money for his re-election, burr what does elizabeth warren have for him. gingrich is trailing behind four other candidates. the editor says don't count newt out. a woman in colorado was badly burned after picking up a package next to her vehicle. the package exploded and now police are looking for her ex-husband. more now as voters flock to the poll in new hampshires. candidates have trying to make one last pitch by sniping at each other. ed, obviously, we know these
11:29 am
negative campaigns work in iowa. they're really going after mitt romney in the last 48 hours. what's your take? >> i think there's no question that the guy that has take tennessen the big here is mitt romney. now you have newt gingrich spending $3 million in south carolina for negative ads coming up over the next ten days. mitt romney better be ready for what's going to hit him in south carolina. i just visited with chairman of conservative hq. he's a big wig. they want one candidate. they don't want anybody with mitt romney. they want to see a coalescing between gingrich, perry and santorum. one of those three would be just fine, but it isn't going to happen before south carolina. this is be real interesting. second place doesn't matter that
11:30 am
much to the conservatives. >> i was speaking with trey gow gowdy. he's not a member of the tea party but he supports the tea party in a big way. gingrich and perry will stop in his district on their way to south carolina. that will be first stop. he claim he's spoken with all these tea party members that aya we don't have to coalesce around one or two people. they're still feeling the audience out and if it's mitt romney then they will get behind mitt romney in an effort to defeat president obama. you buy that? >> i'm not hearing a lot of that. the governor of south carolina, everybody is making a big deal about how sheç is supporting mt romn romney. her approval rating is 50%. that's not a huge endorsement. plus, her administration has been plagued by a number of different scandals in her first year.
11:31 am
something's going to have to come together for the conservatives in south carolina. what that is remains to be seen. here is the one thing about romney. if you're 2-0, you're 2-0. if you're undefeated going to south carolina. they will have to make the case nationally that we won the first two, we're going to win this thing. fall in line. this is another reason why romney's crowd just spent $1.7 million. this big buy by newt gingrich is big. a second place by possibly newt gingrich. the latest poll you mentioned in the first half hour is something to look at. new hampshire may play into this big time. we'll see. >> what's happened to rick santorsan t toe santorum? i know you spent time with him.
11:32 am
>> the social issues don't play as well in new hampshire as they do in the middle of the country if he is get in the high teens and get a respectable third place finish, it will only help him in south carolina amends he and help him with the social conservatives. santorum, it surprises me he hasn'tç played better in new hampshire. maybe it's because of the resources or the horrible campaign week that he had. be way he's been con fronted on the campaign trail. he did not have a very good debate on saturday night in sunday he was a lot better on nbc. he's been somewhat of a disappointment in new hampshire, but he still has time to recover. >> he's been m.i.a. in new hampshire. i don't think he has an event planned. his campaign says they got a million dollars in donation right after iowa in just three
11:33 am
days. i want to transition you to this line of attack regarding bain capital. perry's team had an app that you can go on and you would hear mitt romney say i like firing peop people. his folks say it was taken out of context. he was talking about firing someone when a company not provietding good health care. it's coming from republicans. many people are saying the republicans have given a gift to president obama and he will deliver it straight to mitt romney if he secures the gop nomination. >> we're the perfect people to explain what mitt romney is going through right now. sometimes in the media, we say something and you have to come back and explain it. for a politician, that's not a good place to be especially when you've got heated competition. you know they will jump on a certain line. the bad thing about that line, tamron, is there's a track record of him firing people that
11:34 am
goes along with thatç comment. it's easily picked up and regurgita regurgitated. now can he be on the campaign trail so long and not have the political moxy to understand what he's saying in the moment. he wasn't smart enough to clarify. don't make a polimistake of wham saying here. he just said it so off the cuff that it didn't matter if people got fired. the way it's being interpreted leaves a gray area. it will the be a question mark for a lot of voters moving forward. >> all right. i know you have a lot going on. thanks for joining us. greatly appreciate it. >> thank you. good to be with you. >> our prime time line up does include ed schults.
11:35 am
all eyes turn to south carolina where southern hospitality is out the window if it was in the room. newt gingrich is said to be swift voting mitt romney in blistering ads that focus on his tenure leading bain capital. it's to turn his chief selling point into a lieblts. not that he will fix the committee but he will help the already rich. joining us is new york magazine columnist, jonathan. i want to start off with his comment of i like firing people. he's being beaten over the head with it by republicans. romney was begging to get
11:36 am
smeared because his thing did the same thing to obama. >> right. they used an out of context line in '08 where he was quoting john mccain. when pushed on this they said it's his choice saying those words. it's ironic that the same thing is happening to romney where he is being taken not quite as much out of context but completely out of context. they have already made this principle defense of taking lines out of context. i think the combination of these two thing, he's in the position of asking him opponents to smear him. >> you were talking in your article that gingrich swift votes mitt romney. he is using, as you point out, the thing that mitt romney really thought would connect with the people. i'm a job creator. i'm not a career politician. the one thing that mitt romney
11:37 am
has as a badge of honor may be tarnished now. >> i think that's right. republicans has used in job creator as a a term for rich people. mitt romney was a rich guy,ç ia rich guy. was a successful businessman. he was creating wealth. creating wealth and jobs is not the same thing. creating wealth is good. it has cost and what romney's opponents is bringing out is the cost of his career. >> how devastating is it when you see the super pac ad and you see faces of men and women. it's powerful imagery, but is it permanently damaging for mitt romney if he gets the nomination. is this better than a gift box from tiffany's for the obama
11:38 am
campaign? >> i think it is a gift. obama was going to use this or allies were going to use it and it's going to be a blow back. you need to do a harr ch simplistic attack to drive this message how many in a powerful way. the fact that the republicans have already plowed this ground for the democrats, i think is immensely helpful to them. >> thank you very much. we greatly appreciate you joining us. people should check out the articles. >> thank you. the big political story in new england is the republican primary. republican scott brown's campaign says it's raised more than $3 million in the last three months of 2011 boosting its campaign war chest to $13 ç
11:39 am
million. his chief rival, elizabeth warren, is poised to give brown a run for his money. join ing us is frank brown. thank you for joining us. compare this to what we've seen in the past. >> it isn't what he had in the brief weeks when he came and got over $14 million in a couple of weeks. it shows he's accumulated a war chest that's never been seen in massachusetts at this point in campaign. he obviously has the resources to defend his senate seat. warren is also bringing in a lot of money. it's going to be a lot of cash flowing through this campaign. we'll have to watch it. >> we talked a lot about the tone of this presidential race or the gop race in new hampshire and iowa as well.
11:40 am
give us some perspective on the tone here. we know that elizabeth warren out spoken. you have the new book called the "obamas". it claims one of the things upsetting is to see scott brown go do victory. >> it was devastating to the democrats that a kennedy seat had gone to a republican. also nationally, as we all know and çinternationally, it was e reverberated around the world. there's a real passion among democrats, activists in massachusetts and across the country to grab this seat back. if warren is having no trouble raising money. she raised $3.1 million which is
11:41 am
unheard of. >> you've got the former massachusetts democratic party chair quoted saying i've never had an easier time raising political money. it's easier than raising money for edward kennedy. that's what he said about bringing in the cash for elizabeth warren. that's incredible. >> it is. i've covered politics in this state for 40 years. i've never seen a candidate light the woods on fire so quickly and so passionate ly as elizabeth warren. scott brown has a tiger by the tail here. he's going to have real problem holding her off. >> thank you for your time. greatly appreciate it. we're following some other stories out of politics. family of a college student killed after an alleged hazing incident involving one of the
11:42 am
most famous college bands in the nation. the family has filed a lawsuit. plus, newt gingrich got the endorsement of new hampshire's largest newspaper. now he's next to last. did they get it wrong? there's a lot going on today. here areç some things we thoug you should know. rick santorum is getting a lot of attention for his fashion shows, particularlily, his love of sweater vests. now, you, yes, you, can own a sweater vest by donating 100 bucks and you will be sent the official sweater vest. wow. newt gingrich has one supporter. it's the so called spider monkey at the staten island new york
11:43 am
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♪ [ male announcer ] the citi thank you card. earn points you can use for travel on any airline, with no blackout dates. thanks, martin. an investigation into a car bomb tops our news. police are looking at dna and finger print evidence after a package left on a couple's porch turned tout be a bomb. they put the package in their car and drove off and it exploded.
11:47 am
she is in serious condition. her husband has been treated for injuries and released. police have named alison's ex-husband a person of interest in the case. new details in the death of a florida a&m marching band member.ç the parents of the victim, robert champion say they are suing the company that owns the bus where the alleged hazing took place. he suffered blunt force trauma and died from shock. the u.s. supreme court is working to decide whether the government my continue to police tv for indecency. tv networks say the fines violate spree speech. pete williams joins us from washington. an interesting case. it involves some activity that we have seen on tv from celebrities. >> reporter: especially celebrities inadvertently
11:48 am
blurting out four letter words in award shows. for decades the fcc tolerated that and it's changed its mind and sort of fining television stations or say they would fine them when that happened. fining abc for a momentary image of a nude woman. they need to regulate networks because there's something different of broadcast television. it's so easy for children to see. the networks say that was then. this is now. with the explosion of the internet, cable channels, most people as they punch through the remote don't make any distinction between broadcast and cable. the old arguments in favor of government regulation have gone away. secondly, they say theç government rules are vague. it says you can't show images of nude woman in nypd blue but
11:49 am
allo allows abc to broadcast "saving private ryan" who has more nudity and curse words. if the regulations are taken away, the quality of network programming will go to the level of the cable. listening to the argument today, it did seem likely that the fcc can continue to regulate over broadcasters but it may say they have to be more clear about what is out of bounds. >> thank you, pete. >> reporter: you bet. new hampshire's newspaper "the union leader" is slamming mitt romney the an ad. they are urging people in the granite state tot go against what the political pundits are saying. he writes voters here may decide
11:50 am
that newt gingrich was right on sunday to call romney's claims of being a nonbusinessman. thank you drew for your time. >> my pleasure. >> i'm going to ask you people i'm sure people wonder, did the board get a stink in getting behind newt gingrich. >> who wonders that? >> i do. my mind counts so i çwonder. do you regret it? >> no. you make an endorsement in a primary. you don't pick the candidate that will win or on the day in the primary is leading in the polls and people say do you regret it. that's not really the question. you pick a candidate because of a lot of factors and we picked gingrich because of his
11:51 am
leadership, his ability to be aggressive against president obama. his ability to articulate a message very well. you saw the monkey picking gingrich. we're another monkey. >> you said it. i didn't. >> i'm saying he's the gorilla. he's got to do the heavy lifting. newspaper can endorse a candidate, but it can't go out there and round up the voters and get them to the poll. >> if the candidate has to do the heavy lifting can i conclude from your comment that you conclude he's not doing the heavy lifting? why is he next to last in. >> well, you know, the polls are what they are. last cycle, everybody at this point in the day is saying what did hillary clinton going wrong.
11:52 am
barack obama is running away with the new hampshire primary. maybe tomorrow we'll see what the polls say. i'm not saying that gingrich is going to win the primary in the next few hours, but you can't look at theç polls today and s that will predict precisely what's happening. >> okay. we'll see what happens tonight and we'll see if the banana monkey thing continues. people are just picking and not standing behind what they do. thank you. appreciate it. so you're calling to tell me you're giving me the silent treatment? ummm, yeah. jen, this is like the eighth time you've called... no, it's fine, my family has free unlimited mobile-to-any-mobile minutes from at&t. so i can call all i want. i don't think you understand how the silent treatment works. hello? [ male announcer ] buy unlimited messaging and get free unlimited calling to any u.s. mobile on any network. at&t. i want to fix up old houses.
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time now for the "news nation" gut check. mitt romney was the main target during the facebook debate. the attack vs only escalated since then. here is his response. >> i thought it was going to come from the president or the democrats from the left, but it's coming from speaker gingrich and others. that's part of the process.
11:56 am
i'm not worry ed about that. i've got broad shoulders. >> what does your gut tell you today? have republicans laid the ground work for democrats to attack romney if he gets the nomination. go to nation to cast your vote. that does it for this super tuesday edition of "news nation." i will host my very first live web chat with our viewers tomorrow. you can join by logging onto i hope to be able to answer your questions. martin bashir is up next. lost your appetite for romance? and your mood is on its way down. you might not just be getting older. you might have a treatable condition called low testosterone or low t. millions of men, forty-five or older, may have low t. so talk to your doctor about low t. hey, michael!
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