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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  January 16, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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there comes a time when the cup of endurance runs over and men are no willing to be plunged in an abyss. i hope you understand our legitimate, unavoidable impatience. wow, that is "hardball" now, thanks for being with us. the ed show starts right now. good evening, americans welcome to the ed show, tonight from new york, first jon hunts man called mitt romney unelectable, now he supports the guy. the republicans can't get their act together. there was a radical assault taking place in the state of pennsylvania on public education. they actually might shut down a district. i'm on the story, this is the ed show let's get to work. every candidate up there they should put their taxes out, including mitt. >> perry and gingrich sweep swatting the ultra wealthy front-runner and the guy who said this is now backing romney. >> there is an issue on the
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flip-flops as it relates to trust. i don't know that he can go on to beat president obama. >> martin o'malley on the latest chaos in carolina. another victim of romney's vulture capitalism says america can't afford four years of mitt. tomorrow in wisconsin, history will be made. >> this is one of those defining moments not only in wisconsin's history but part of the national political landscape. >> the numbers from the walker recall will be made official. we'll have an exclusive sneak preview tonight. good to have you with us, folks thanks for watching. mr. dynamo jon huntsman dropped out of the race days before the south carolina primary. we normally don't pay too much attention of a candidate who has been irrelevant relevant in the polls. today, huntsman made his last gasp at relevance by throwing support behind the guy he has been ripping for months. >> i believe it's now time for
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our party to unite around the candidate best equipped to defeat barack obama. despite our differences, and the space between us, on some of the issues. i believe that candidate is governor mitt romney. >> oh, yeah, sure now that huntsman is finished it's convenient for him to criticize republicans attacking each other. huntsman called for party unity. >> but the current toxic form of our political discourse does not help our cause. today, i call on each campaign to cease attacking each other. >> but when it was convenient for huntsman to tell the truth about mitt romney i tell you what, he let it rip. he was in line. forget his low poll numbers for a moment. we know he was never a major player in the race, but listen to what he had to say about mitt romney right up until today. >> i think there is an issue on the flip-flops as it relates to
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trust. i don't know that he can go on to beat president obama, given his record. i mean when there is a question about whether you're running for the white house or running for the waffle house you have a problem with the american people. i think when you're on too many sides of the issue of the day, when you don't have that core, when there is that element of trust out, there i think that becomes a problem and i think it makes you unelectable against barack obama. >> i enjoy firing people. >> you got to get elected to office for heaven sake, making statements like that you're render yourself completely unelectable. hard time getting a bead where his core is. you run for the senate as a liberal. you run for governor as a moderate. you run for president as a conservative. where are you at the end of the day? you can't be a perfectly lubricated weather vane. governor romney has been missing in action in terms of showing leadership. >> that is a preview of the back
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pedaling still to come as another republicans drop out of the race to endorse romney. for now the attacks continue. perry and gingrich are going after romney's refusal to release his tax returns. here's gingrich. >> this is part of the process of the american people, having trust in the candidates, i think governor romney if he plans to stay in the race, ought to plan to release his records because he'll never get through the fall without releasing his records and it's better to do it in the primary season so the country understands what is going on, and not wait and be surprised in september. >> today, rick perry pushed the same idea. if romney doesn't release his tax returns now, the party could be in for a surprise in the general election. >> my taxes, i've laid out, we put our taxes out every year, since back in the 80s. and every candidate up there, they should put their taxes out, including mitt. november or excuse me, september and october is not the time for
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us to be finding out that oops, there is something out there that is a problem. we need to know it now. >> oops, he got the months right. but republican voters they don't seem to care too much about any of this right now because romney's numbers are on the move. he's got a 21 point lead in south carolina, according to the latest reuters poll. newt gingrich attacks on romney's bain capital record do not appear to be working. nationally romney has finally i guess broken out. he has jumped 17 points to 40%, gallop tracking poll similar results. santorum got a key endorsement from the religious right, but with no money to back it, it doesn't mean squat, does it? you have to have cash. today, santorum took a shot at huntsman's endorsement of romney. >> moderates are backing moderates. that is sort of the bottom line. it's no surprise there, governor huntsman ran has a moderate trying to compete for governor
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romney for the establishment moderate vote. >> may i make the case they are all radical? why? because they all are endorsing the ryan plan that wants to voucherize medicare, that is about as radical it gets for seniors in this country. just remember the republicans want to go after the new deal. social security, medicare, medicaid they want to change everything. a story coming up later on in the broadcast about a school district in pennsylvania is exactly the model for public education that the republicans want. they are all radical. this idea that jon huntsman is a moderate? he's no more moderate than -- he may talk moderate he's as radical as all of them. he talks about trust, how can we trust any of these republicans? one day they are ripping on somebody, the next day they support them. that is who they are. you can't get the truth out of them you never could, you never will. you can go all the way back do no child left behind and look at the numbers. difficult they ever get the monte to the school districts? no, what is happening now? well, we have got school
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districts in pennsylvania in america, this isn't the old soviet union, this is the united states of america, we're talking about school districts actually closing down? what are the kids going to do? good question. we'll have it later. get your cell phones out i want to know what you think. tonight's question, is jon hunts man right? is mitt romney unelectable? i'm voting he is. text a for yes, text b for no. we'll bring you results later in the show. joining me now is governor martin o'malley, a guy from maryland who loves to tell it like it is. governor, good to have you with us tonight, i want to -- here is part of a new dnc ad i want to show before we go to you. here it is, let's play it. >> i don't believe in pandering and twisting myself in a pretzel. >> what about this ad, is this going to hurt the republicans, governor? >> well, i think mitt romney has
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big, big problems at a time when all of us as americans want to know what we can do as a country to create jobs. here's a guy who in the private sector had no success creating jobs, in fact he made money for wealthy investors by actually stripping companies of jobs, and then if you look at his performance as governor, ed, of the state of massachusetts, the commonwealth of massachusetts he had that state ranked 47th in 50 states in job creation as governor. this is not a man who can claim any success in creating jobs. in fact, quite to the contrary. and his flip-flops, the waffling back and forth i think the line that will stick with everyone is not that endorsement by jon huntsman but his rightful observation that mitt romney is not running for the white houses ee running for the waffle house. he has been on both sides of every important issue. >> here is newt gingrich trying to hammer romney on the bain
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story. here it is. >> we'll go to georgetown tomorrow. it has a steel mill that was closed. capital wasn't put at risk. capital was drained out of the company. governor romney ran saying he created 100,000 jobs in the private sector, let me just say --. >> we won't allow any comment --. >> to answer the question. >> governor, what about this story, why isn't it getting traction in the polls? it seems like romney has jumped 40% on the national polls, jumped 17 points, is this the wrong move, what do you think? >> well, it's not the wrong move but takes time for this to sink in. what we have now is a situation where this primary process in the republican party is getting to a point where he is picking up steam. i think we hm need to invent a new verb, not really an endor endorsement, not acquiescence, it's whatever they say when they run out of steam. the bottom line is this, over the long term there is no way
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mitt romney can run away from hits record. in the private sector, he was not a person that invest the capital in order to create products. he was a person that actually manipulated money, manipulated the books of troubled companies, stripped them of things like salaries, for wages, and workers and pensions, in order to dress them up and resell them to make more money for wealthy investors. that is not how we make our middle class stronger. that is not how we expand opportunity. then as governor of massachusetts, was a total failure, 47th out of 50 states as governor. that is not a record to run on. might take a while but this is something that mitt romney can't run away from. >> is this something the democrats have to stay on, to keep pounding this story, you think this will connect with middle class voters in america? >> i think it will. and you know what there is bipartisan agreement, i think at this part of the republican primary, you have people like newt gingrich pointing out that mitt romney's claims about job
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creation are false. you have the democratic party that is able to point it out and contrast that now with the governor of massachusetts has been doing, protecting investments in education. advancing life science and bio. >> how big a deal of this is the tax returns, how much longer do you think he can hold out, can he hold out? >> i don't think he can hold out. i mean he's going to have to release his tax returns, any of house run for public office have to do that. i had to do that, everybody has to do that. people expect openness. >> why do you think he won't do it? why has he refused to do it? >> because it will show just how far removed he is from the concerns of the working people of our country. look, all of us need to be asking our leaders what can we
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do to create more jobs. mitt romney is a member of the 1%, who falsely believe that by concentrating wealth in the hands of the very few that some how you create opportunity. that is not the way our country has been built. we built our country by investing in the skills of our people, investing in infrastructure and by expanding opportunity and making it easier for people to go to college and not harder. >> governor o'malley, great to have you with us, appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> good have you on the program. answer tonight's question at bottom of the screen, share thoughts on twitter #edshow. republicans are upset with voter fraud, i'll talk about the right wing in-fighting coming up. later, the head of the south carolina steelworkers union saw a steel plant destroyed in the state. he'll tell us if romney knows how to create jobs, stay with us.
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coming up on the ed show, it will be romney, right? evangelical leaders give rick santorum their vote. will it make a difference at this point? i'll ask joy-ann reid. psycho talk, rick perry make excuses for marines filmed urinating on a dead taliban story. the reaction is unbelievable. in public education, you want a real good lefty story in america? under attack in pennsylvania, there is a school district that is running out of money because of massive education cuts from the state. you will hear from a teacher from the school district later on in the show and i'll give you my commentary. share your thoughts on twiter #edshow. we're right back. stay with us. ttd# 1-800-345-2550 when companies try to sell you something off their menu ttd# 1-800-345-2550 instead of trying to understand what you really need. ttd# 1-800-345-2550 ttd# 1-800-345-2550 at charles schwab, we provide ttd# 1-800-345-2550 a full range of financial products, ttd# 1-800-345-2550 even if they're not ours.
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there were thoughtful discussions and support going in that meeting for rick perry. rick santorum and newt gingrich. there was a balloting process and in the end, a majority did move to rick santorum. >> they do not want mitt romney. that was family research council president tony perkins, thinking about evangelicals last minute endorsement of rick santorum. over the weekend, 150 social conservatives met in texas to try to stop mitt romney from becoming the republican nominee. a vote was held to choose one candidate they could all rally around, the same mistake they made in 2008, they moved too late. some meeting attendees are disputing the results. here is where the story gets good. according to the washington times, gingrich supporters are
5:18 pm
accusing santorum supporters of rigging the vote. gingrich supporters say they were conned in leaving after the second ballot was cast. that is when santorum backers held a third ballot, giving santorum the votes he needed. my view is that the vote was manipulated one sheocial conservative told the paper, some are demanding a recount. that means they have to meet again. one gingrich supporter said the story isn't true. >> those of t us that came for newt gingrich left for newt gingrich. there was nothing rigged or unfair about it. it was all done very fairly, it was done appropriately. >> they just can't get along. let's turn to joy ann reid, and man joan walsh, let's start with you, first, it would seem to me this is the only chance that the
5:19 pm
social evangelical conservatives have at knocking off mitt romney and here they are fighting. is it going to be romney or do they have a chance to salvage a different candidate, what do you think? >> i think it will be romney, ed. what is so funny about this is, it's so late, it's too late to make a difference. the thing we have to remember is rick perry was really supposed to be their guy. he had that prayerapalooza back in august, included only evangelical ministers. even catholics weren't invited. it's ironic to see the two catholics are the ones fighting over this evangelical endorsement. but then even in the end, they can't get the story straight and clearly, there is a split. so the failure to coalesce is great news for romney, he has to
5:20 pm
be enjoying these. >> crystal, krromney is getting out there, now there is fighting going on doesn't look like it will happen. where does this leave santorum and gingrich? >> it's funny, when they are having a meeting, trying to coalesce, they fail to coalesce, that is the story of the entire campaign, no one candidate has come forward as an at-all acceptable alternative to mitt romney. i think santorum had momentum, there is a dispute and maybe a recount in the texas meeting. headline was he got their backing. he has some ads up in the state of south carolina and he is benefitting from the attacks that newt gingrich is putting out, hitting mitt romney, meanwhile santorum has kept his hands off we will see what he does in the debates, that will be what makes the difference this week. >> will his face be a difference in the south? will the south get behind a mormon, will they do this? >> i think the gop base dislike for president obama trumps
5:21 pm
everything i believe anti-mormon bias is the bias that dare not speak. people don't want to talk about it. when you have all these evangelical candidates, there are two catholics to choose from and two protestants, they don't like perry, there is this other guy sitting on the margin, a southerner, ron paul, they can't get next to him. they're stuck. >> you got to have money. none of these guys have any real money that is going to be able to take them past south carolina, even if they do a good job on saturday. here is what david axelrod had to say about the campaign cash. >> the super pacs we see governor romney and others benefitting from right now. they are talking upwards of half a billion dollars in ads aimed at the president from interests groups who don't disclose, can raise unlimited amounts of money
5:22 pm
that is a concerning thing to me. >> joan, a lot of super pac moves out there is president obama and the obama team going to be able to keep up with all these people, keep in mind all of these people are competing right now in the republican end of it. when they get behind one candidate, it will be a heavy lift, don't you think? >> yeah, i do. i think we can't count that out, i mean president obama is raising a lot of money, he has a terrific organization, so he's strong in not losing sleep over this but we will see ug things, that is the only thing we agree with they want to destroy the president. the other part of this, ed, that is so interesting, as we talked about mitt as mr. 1%, that is apparently not catching on. not really bothering that much of the republican base. but all of these attacks on mr. bain and mr. 1% are really good important the president because in the general election, they will weaken him with independents. people won't like being ruled by
5:23 pm
mr. 1%. >> romney has said some things that are just amazing to me. he's never thought about getting a pink slip before. of course he gave a fistful of cash to unemployed woman attending a rally. joy-ann, your response to that? >> a guy born on third base and thinks he hit a triple. he has never experienced insecurity and trying to relate to people is not his strength. even today when he tries to give this woman, african american woman in south carolina, $50 it came across at least to me like some old guy from the 20s throwing a nickel and tusseling their hair. it didn't come across as genuine compassion. i don't know it was an empty gesture made her look bad, like she was needy. >> if he wanted to do something to help this woman he could have a tax plan and economic plan that wouldn't in all likelihood raise her taxes to fund another tax cut for him and his peers. that is why this comes across as
5:24 pm
continue in gener disingenuous. you have a plan that goes to the pocketbook of lower and middle income folks, that will be a major issue for him. >> joan walsh, what is his number one vulnerability, do you think, mitt romney? >> i do think it's his being the poster boy for the 1%. i definitely think bain capital history and as you said, history of very unfortunate gaps, i like being able to fire people, that really formed the i am -- formed the image early. >> thank you for joining us tonight. >> next in psycho talk, rick perry goes from terminate tore to the urinator. the deadline for collecting recall signature is approaching in wisconsin. governor scott walkers days are
5:25 pm
numbered? mike tate will give us an update along with senator lena taylor, how many signatures do they have, that is coming up. [ male announcer ] is zero worth nothing?
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psycho talk tone, governor rick perry defens urinate tors. the governor responded to a youtube video showing four u.s. marines urinating on the bodies of taliban fighters. the obama administration and us military condemned the action,
5:29 pm
but rick perry brushed it off essentially saying boys will be boys. >> 18, 19-year-old kids make stupid mistakes, all too often, that occurred here. what was disturbing is kind of the over the top rhetoric, from this administration and disdain for the military. >> disdain for the military? not only does rick perry want to reinvade iraq he defends being on coarpses. constitutes a great beach of the laws of armed conflict. >> perry also defended the kids by pointing out to the public urination of historical military figures. >> when you're in war and history kind of backs up there
5:30 pm
is a picture of general patton doing basically the same thing in the rhine river, there is not a picture chur hill did the same thing on the siegfried line. >> i had no idea rick perry was an expert on military urination. patton and churchill didn't aim their streams at dead bodies. if the kids are old enough to fight in the marine corps, they're old enough to follow the laws of war and for rick perry to give them a pass is irresponsible psycho talk. i think we in this audience rking on nice this election is a choice of two very different paths. >> another victim of mitt romney's path is coming forward. we'll go back to south carolina, next. public school teachers are working for free in pennsylvania? thanks to failed republican policy, that story ahead. a million.
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welcome back to the ed show, mitt romney trying to convince voters he knows about creating jobs. but in reality, all he knows how to do is make the wealthy a little richer. as head of bain capital, mitt romney was focused on making money for his investors even if it meant destroying companies and eliminating jobs. one of his targets was the jo l georgetown steel miss, they bought the parent company gs industries for $24.5 million. investors walked away with $58 million. bain left the company in massive debt. gs industries ended up cutting
5:35 pm
1750 jobs and filing for bankruptcy twice. the georgetown steel mill was bought by another company, and is in operation today, but with fewer employees. romney's campaign explained his involvement with the south carolina plant in the following statement. bain capital invested in many businesses while not every business was successful, the firm had an excellent overall track record, these experiences give mr. romney the unique skills and capabilities to do what president obama has failed to do, focus on job creation and turn around our nation's faltering economy. >> i'm joined by dr. james sanderson, president of the united steelworkers local union 7898 in georgetown, south carolina. mr. sanderson, good to have you with us tonight. we keep hearing the stories about bain and mitt romney's involvement. what can you tell us about this? what happened here, what does
5:36 pm
the public, in your opinion, need to know? >> good evening, ed show. the first thing i would like to say good evening in the labor movement, brothers and sisters that also understand the dilemma we face here in south carolina, south carolina has over 10% unemployme unemployment, we are very much in need of jobs. to hear mitt romney running around this state talking about that he's a job creator is very disturbing and is not true. he does indeed like to fire people like he already said. we go back to 1997, whenever bain capital becomes very much involved with our plant, at georgetown steel, and he basically just took a lot of profits, assets away from the company and forced it in bankruptcy. >> mr. sand esanderson, explain carolina. the story does not seem to be hitting or hurting mitt romney's campaign at all. in fact he's moving forward.
5:37 pm
what about the people of south carolina? are they concerned about jobs, does this story not resonate with them? >> absolutely, yes. the good working people of south carolina are very much concerned about jobs. but they are not very much in tune to the media the way that they are informed here in the state. they have such a whisper campaign when it comes to the media as far as what the working people are told on the news, that it's hard to find out exactly what is going on. just to give you a good example, if you were to go in this state, go to every walmart and stop the customers going in and ask them what they think the right to work law means you would be shocked to find out that 95% wouldn't know what it means. then to hear it spined as if the right to work law had something to do with the llrb charge is frightening, playing upon people's lack of knowledge when it comes to labor law. >> i have to ask you, why is it such republican territory?
5:38 pm
if this is the case? >> because the way they have controlled the people in this state. i think the reason why we are last in education is by design. they did not care for people to be educated in this stays. knowledge is power. once people become educated, then they can make the decision for themselves. but you keep the people under-educated then it's easy to control and put them in the direction that you want to control them to. >> what about the governor's support? this is nikki haley, defending mitt romney's record at bain, here it is. >> i am proud of all of our republican candidates. i am proud of the people that have taken the time to come and campaign in south carolina. but we have a real problem when we have republicans talking like democrats against the free market. we believe in the free market. this was a man that worked in the private sector 25 years.
5:39 pm
not in the government sector, in the private sector 25 years and he fixed broken businesses. we've got a broken washington that needs to be fixed. >> is the thinking down there change? >> i feel that once the people are becoming more engaged and understanding exactly what is going on, i think you will see a different trend. >> is she an asset to romney? >> no, i do not think she will be an asset to romney i think she will hurt romney. because -- >> go ahead. >> she took office, she basically declared war on the labor movement in south carolina, which represents less than 5% of the workforce. we have two ports here in south carolina that need to be dredged. out of the eight federal legislators that we have in washington, we only have two that represent us in that fight, that is senator lindsey graham and congressman jim clyburn.
5:40 pm
f we would have had the ports dredged if it was up to them. >> do you see any political shifting going on, the way people think? how does this affect people that are affected by these facts? >> i think this is very good. i think this is very good and healthy for the state of south carolina. a lot of people are asking questions, and a lot of people are understanding exactly what is wrong. that is why the governor nikki haley called some of them democrats. what she was letting people know, the republicans she called democrats understand what the real problems are that the state of south carolina is facing. >> james sanderson good to have you with us tonight, appreciate your time. >> i will be in wisconsin tomorrow with the petitions to recall governor scott walker are finally handed over. how many signatures do the democrats get and is he the only one being recalled? stay with us we're right back. ,
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wisconsin we go in the next phase tomorrow the deadline for recall signatures in the state to get rid of the governor i'll ask democratic party chair mike tate and lena taylor that to expect. this story makes my blood boil a. pennsylvania school district is in trouble their teachers are working for nothing. just to save the kids education. you can tweet us at #edshow. we're right back. ♪ now i'm a geologist at chevron, and i get to help science teachers. it has four servo motors and a wireless microcontroller. over the last three years we've put nearly 100 million dollars into american education. that's thousands of kids learning to love science. ♪ isn't that cool? and that's pretty cool. ♪
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volunteers collecting signatures to turn accountability board, democrats held petition parties throughout the state to get the last minute signatures. >> on the ed show tonight, the deadline for coullecting signatures is almost here. i will be in madison, wisconsin after petitions are delivered. i got see this. this is a grass roots boots on the ground effort and looks like it has been a huge success.
5:45 pm
volunteers collected so many signatures the petitions will be delivered to the government accountability board by truck. as the milwaukee journal sentinel reports, state election officials are preparing to accept 300,000 pages of petitions, with 1.5 million signatures. governor scott walker acknowledged the recall in an interview with the right wing website the daily caller. >> this is why this -- my election which appears to be a recall election will be such a big deal, i think this is one of those defining moments not only in wisconsin's history but part of the national political hand scape this will be one of defining moments as well. >> two other governors were recalled. let's bring in mike tate and lena taylor, great to have both of you with us tonight. it's an on-going story, you've been at this almost a year now. got to ask you, mike, will can you me journal sent ial is saying 1.5 million signatures,
5:46 pm
is that number correct? >> that number is not ak rt we're not sure where they got it from, may have gotten it from the accountability board, we aren't saying how many signatures we're handing in to more it's 3,000 pounds of petitions we're bringing over to the accountability board, we think an impressive number to recall not only governor walker but le tenant governors and state senators. >> do you have enough to do more than walker? the lieutenant governor and several state senators? >> i believe that we will hand in enough signatures on all of those races from governor on down that will be beyond challenge. >> senator taylor, are wisconsinites prepared for the money flowing in. that sound bite that was on the right wing website with daily caller, it sounds like governor walker knows this is going down
5:47 pm
that he won't be able to stop it and he has been out on the road quite a bit outside the state raising money. what is this going to come to, in your opinion? >> there is no question there will be money coming in from all over. he has had big donors giving to him for a very long time. so there is no question about that. i believe what mike shared with you is that wisconsinites may have money but we have people and the people have the vote. that vote is what is going to matter. ultimately believe that in the end, governor walker will not be our governor. >> there is only two other governors in american history that have been recalled. and then of course this is an election year, big time, in 2012, november, this is a lot of political activity. mike, do you think people will be enthused enough to carry the long haul here in a big year? >> you know, ed, i'll tell you i got this question a lot i get this question where will we be
5:48 pm
able to sustain the momentum and energy we saw last winter when senator taylor went down to illinois to fight off governors collective bargaining changes. my first thought was i don't know. but i'll tell you having watched this unfold, we're gaining momentum. there are people getting involved in the process now that weren't involved at all last winter when we had the pro at thes in the capital and every city. i think this is an unstoppable force and momentum is absolutely on our side. >> senator taylor will the republicans challenge the signatures? you have a lot coming in tomorrow. >> they will, i'm certain. i hope they keep their word, they have not been good at keeping their word, i hope they do it within four days. when they get done we'll have enough. we have more than enough signatures. more than 30%. more than 30% of the people who voted in the gubernatorial election have signed in order to cause the recalls and when you get down, we'll go to the
5:49 pm
ground, it will be boots on the ground, talk to the people and people will come out and vote. so i believe they will challenge them but their challenge won't prevent the inevitable. they have to deal with the people of wisconsin, these angry badgers will cause them to come out and vote. >> the angry badgers will have to go through a primary first, aren't they? do you know who will be running against scott walker? what is the next step, mike? >> well, we're angry packer fans, too, ed. i don't know exactly who is going to run. i think we will have a democratic primary and i think that ed, that is a sign how weak scott walker is that more than one good democrat has done research and has come back with the conclusion they have a path to victory against this guy. >> mike tate, state senator lena taylor, looking forward to seeing you tomorrow will be quite the story unfolding, a lot of emotion. appreciate your time. 15 miles outside of philadelphia the birthplace of the united states constitution,
5:50 pm
a republican governor is prepared to let an entire school district die. that's right, die. teachers are making a tremendous sacrifice to fight the closure. i will be joined by one of those teachers, next. stay with us. what makes the sleep number store different?
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5:53 pm
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because healthy smiles are built on healthy gums. life opens up when you do. in a big finish tonight a radical assault on public education is underway in pennsylvania. this story came to me via my radio show. an entire school district could close down leaving thousands of students out in the cold. no plans. the chester upland school district outside philadelphia only has $100,000 left in the bank. republican pennsylvania governor tom corbett slashed more than $8 million from the budget last year. the district relies on state aid for about 80% of budget. it serves one of the most impoverished populations in the state. the district asked the state for emergency assistance.
5:55 pm
of course the request was denied. cutting public education is a top agenda for governor corbett. last fall corbett told reporters his number one priority as governor is school voucher legislation. the chester upland district pays more than $39 million a year to area charter schools. the charter school payments, the cut in state aid and massive debt are overwhelming. the school is unable to make payrolls or pay its bills. but teachers and other faculty are working without pay to keep the school running. >> i feel that the governor does not look at the situation the same way that we look at it. they are looking at it from an economic standpoint we're looking at it from a life standpoint. for them it's about the figures. for us it's about students lives. >> i'm joined tonight by linda cook, a regional president with the pennsylvania state education association. and sarah ferguson, elementary
5:56 pm
school math and literacy taeeacr for the chester upland school district. thank you for being with us i can't believe what i'm hearing reading and listened to today. linda cook, how is the governor's charter school agenda affected this district? >> well first of all, thanks for getting the story out, ed. the governor's agenda has siphoned funds students and money from the chester upland school district. >> just taking it right away for charter schools and what about the public school kids? >> well, it is ironic the school district was not able to pay their charter school bill, so the state is paying the charter schools, but it won't give the school district money. >> why not? >> i believe it's politics. and the governor trying to his agenda across that he got defeated in november. >> sarah ferguson, why have you
5:57 pm
decided to work without pay? and also your fellow teachers? >> well, what happened or does not happens within classrooms across america determines the course of students lives, and ultimately, it will determine the course of our whole society. we decided to be there as professionals to instruct our students because this is about more than dollars and cents. this is about the course and direction that these young people's lives will take. >> how long are you willing to do this and your colleagues? what is the conversation? >> the conversation is that we're in this for the long haul. we're willing to do this as long as we can, we've gotten tremendous support from our surrounding area, from our unions, and we intend to be here just as long as we can we're in it for the long haul. >> linda, what happens if they want to shut down the school district? could it come to that or is it up to the teachers to keep this thing going, working for
5:58 pm
nothing? >> it's basically up to the teachers to keep it going. if the teachers go in and do their jobs, it's going to be very hard for them to shut that district down. and to say that their job is not valuable and the education of the children are not valuable. >> what is the solution here? >> well, the first thing is is that the governor could fund public education. he could stop taking it down, he could stop passing his -- trying to pass his agenda and look at what is valuable in the state of pennsylvania. the public in pennsylvania does not support vouchers. yet he still persists in trying to get legislation across. >> sara ferguson you agree with that, is it voucher issue, that is why you're not being paid to go in and teach kids? >> i believe that's part of it, but our students don't know anything about vouchers, they don't know anything about politics, they don't know anything about mismanaged funds all they know they are coming to
5:59 pm
school to learn every day and we intend to be there for them. >> sara, do you see your school district and your teachers as a standard bearer in the fight over public education? i can't believe the story, i cannot believe there is a school district in america where teachers are not getting paid because the state won't live up to their funding obligation. >> if we don't put a stop to this right now, it won't stop with us. there are other school districts that are right behind us. >> in pennsylvania? >> in pennsylvania, yes. and like i said, if we don't put a stop to it right now it will not stop with us. they could be coming for your school district next. and for your children next. stand up for your children. >> linda cook, is this a union issue, is he trying to break the union here? >> i think he is trying to break public education and i would like to say that the union has set up a fund, a crisis fund for the


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