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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  January 17, 2012 7:00am-8:00am PST

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a minute or two. >> governor romney, as governor raised taxes, massachusetts was 47th in job creation. >> mitt, we need for you to release your income tax so the people of this country can see how you made your money. >> it should be abandoned if you're not telling the truth, but if you're exposing a voting record, i think it's quite proper. there was one ad we used against senator santorum, and i only had one problem, i couldn't get all the things in i wanted to say in one minute. >> i thin the people wants someone that understands how the economy work, i'm the guy that can best post up against barack obama. >> you can kind of tell the pressure is on the other candidates. his challengers took shots at the front-runner leaving him frankly a little off-balance. joining my is mother jones
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washington bureau chief david corn and politico senior congressional reporter jonathan allen. gentlemen, good morning. david, one report said the obama campaign took notes where mitt romney got rattled. do you think that after all this practice, romney still has little laws to expos? >> he as been pretty good in the debates up to now. he's been getting better. last night he wasn't that great, but i don't see any of the others gaining grounds. maybe they can tie him down or get a hook in him here and there, but he still strides along. if you have -- like rick santorum had in great exchange last night, so i thought -- >> let me stop you and play it. you've got to tell you, i thought going into this, debate 16? what's this going to be? and there are a lot of great moments. let's take a look at the one you were referring to. >> i would ask governor romney,
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do you believe people who are felons, who have served their time, who have exhausted their parole and probation, should they be given the right to vote? >> i don't think people who have committed violent crimes look allowed to vote again. that's my view. >> it's very interesting you should say that's correct because in the state of massachusetts, when you were governor, the law was not only could violent felons vote after they exhausted their sentences, but they could vote while they were on probation and parole. >> it seemed, jon than, a little like mitt romney fell into a classic debate trap there. >> i think he did, certainly santorum suckered him into talking about the felons issue and then hit him with his own record. i think last night was about as civil as a gang initiation, everybody jumping on trying to prove they can take on not only him, but president obama. i think we've seen that from newt gingrich more often. we saw it last night on both romney and obama.
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i think that's why you've been seeing him rising, even as he taking some flack from the right. >> and the pressure on mitt romfully building to release his tax returns, he kind of sort of said he was going to do it last night. let me play that. >> if that's been the. >> i most likely will be asked to do that around the april and i will keep that open? >> you will plan to release them around april? >> i think i've heard enough, and there's nothing in in them that's a problem and i'm happy to do so. >> did it work? >> it wasn't "yes." i intend to, i plan to, why couldn't he say yes. he should do it now, but if he wants to do it in april when
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supposely out of shoals of the piranha feast, but i think while everybody landed some blows on him, almost all they got out of this individually was nod much. newt romney attacks him and he's guilty of the same thing. santorum attacks him on the vote, and he's not good to win votes in south carolina based on that. so nobody scored a blow that's going to help that person himself gain on romney. >> yeah, or if, to the converse, as you might argue, jonathan, that a lot of the candidates landed little blows like say we saw with santorum, that that works to mitt romney aadvantage, because you really needed one person to come out so strong and so clearly as the challenger.
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>> if the social conservatives remain divided as they were through the entire campaign, then mitt romney will end up winning the south carolina primary. if some of the them coalesce behind one candidate, then that candidate has a shot at taking out romney. still it will probably be a close race, but right now we don't see that happening. gingrich has gotten some steam, santorum remains beindependence hind in the polls, but if santorum that and perfectly take another few percent, that's a recipe for mitt romney winning. >> we were watching paul, romney, gingrich all out on the campaign trail, some live pictures there, leave me play one more clip. >> you also said poor kids lack a strong work ethic and proposed having them working as janitors in their schools. can't you see this is viewed as a minimum at insulting to all
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americans, but particularly to black americans? >> no. i don't see that. el implgts well, he doesn't back down. >> he doesn't back down. ron williams did not ask the right question. the right question why do you keep associating food stamps with african-americans when mostly white people collect food stamps, and food stamps, too, are not exclusive to people out of work. a lot of the people in our military collect food stamps, so there was a strong question to be put to newt. but it's hard to back him in the corner, because his fangs go out and goes right for the questioner. and juan gave him that opening. we're going to talk a bit more on that with jesse jackson, and you guys are going to stay with us.
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they're looking for there are also signs that part of strategy is to run against what they paint as a republican do-nothing congress. and by the way, after a long break, congress is back to work today. nbc news capitol hill correspondent kelly o'donnell joins me now. what of that agenda is likely to make it through? >> reporter: well, chris, sort of back to work. the senate doesn't come back until next week. there are many senators who are on overseas trip as an example, visiting afghanistan is one particular location. when they do come back and starting to gear up here, there are a lot of things that are partially unfinished business from last year that need to be dealt with, and they will be reminders of some of the most difficult times we have seen on capitol hill. of course, you remember the payroll tax extension. that was only a 60-day fix, so they need to take a look at that. also included in that, what to do about long-term unemployment benefits. there are differences about how
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long thor unemployment benefits should last after you've exhausted a state program. then there are things leek the debt ceilings. we know the president has indicated to congress he will ask for the increase in the country's ability to borrow. that was the summer's big brouhaha. it's expected the house would vote, for example, to disapprove that. they worked out a system that would allow members of congress to not explicitly have to agree to an increase, while allowing the president to have the authority to give the country that additional borrowing power so there would not be a default. then things like the faa legislation, that has been a piecemeal approach for a long time in wanting to get the funding to cover all the nation's airports, and so there's a loot to do. in addition to that, there's plenty of politics that would be coming back when you talk about things like the keystone pipeline. that was part of the payroll tax cut and gave the president 60 days. half of that time has elapsed to
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decide if he wants to go forward with that project that many republicans would say would create jobs, some democrats, too, but that would be one of the political stories whether we'll see pressure from the congress on the president. >> kelly o'donnell, good to see you. thanks. jonathan, how much of that will get done? >> not very much. nonwants to raise taxes on americans right before an election. you'll see some extension of the faa, federal aviation administration's core parameters, but it may be done in a short-term fix. that's what they've been doing for a long time. the bottom line is the president doesn't really need congress for anything this year. they have already solved the budget beyond the election he didn't need they folks much in terms of trying to keep the government running. there's a lot of stuff they
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would like to do. whether they. count me as skeptic. >> and i think we'll hear a lot about it, nevertheless in terms of the 2012 reelection campaign. a really interesting move by the president lea last week when he talked about combining all these agencies into one. valerie jarrett was on "morning joe" this morning. here's what she said about that. >> it's very important we shrink government, streamline it, it's important that we make it friendly to both business and consumers who want to use government. there's authority from every of the from hoover to reagan had, is the first step. >> let's talk about this, david, in the context of the 2012 campaign. how does a republican whose mantra has been smaller government go against that? >> isle bell they'll find a way. the story has been the last couple years that the republicans don't want to agree
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with obama on anything or give him any wins. even when he wanted to put a deficit commission, they turned fail on that. so i'm sure they'll find a way to quibble with the president over there, but the tax fight in december was instructive. the president got the high ground politically very quickly, forceded senate republicans and the "wall street journal" conservative editorial page on its side to attack the republicans. if they're going to be obstructionists i think the president is going to be in a very good position to go after them, particularly because what john just said. this year, unlike last year, the republicans aren't holding hostages. they can't hold the debt ceiling hostage and threaten dwight, things that sort of tie the president's hands last year, he didn't want a government shutdown or default.
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that could actually have a imbalanced impossible on the global let alone the domestic economy, so he's freer to go after the republicans on these political issues, and in december he showed he was able to outsmart them, at least in that round. >> david corn, jonathan allen, great conversation. thank you. >> ink that thank you. scott brown and his opponent say they want to keep super pac money out of the senate race. what are the chances? we'll talk about that. as congress heads back into session, the white house is calling for a new national plan to fight alzheimer's. right now more than 5.4 million americans have alzheimer's or similar dementias. so the obama administration wants new treatments and preventative measures in place by 2025. a committee of alzheimer's experts is meeting this week to advise the government on its action plan. ♪
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look like president obama will accept the nomination outside. "the charlotte open observer" reports it would be in the stadium in charlotte. an alice in wonder lpd reference. >> you want to solve the problems in washington in quit electing tweedledum and tweedledee. elect someone who believes what they say. jon huntsman tried to make a grateful exit from the race, but you have to hear the reaction of the editor of south carolina's newspaper "the state."
7:17 am
"the state" endorsed huntsman right before he bowed out. it is rather like having gone through a courtship for some period of time and finally making love with a man, for him to suddenly turn around and say, you know what? i think i'm gay. rick perry says if he doesn't win, it's okay, because he's got his wife anita by his side. >> she's my best friend. she's a person -- i mean, if i just had to walk away from all this, if she was walking with me, it would all be okay. >> but in one of those only on the campaign trail moments, perry was asked about his alamo boots, so he showed them off featuring the 1824 flag. maybe they're designed for his south carolina last stand? i don't know.
7:18 am
newt gingrich just wouldn't back down from his comments that kids should work as janitors. >> my daughter jackie, who is sitting back there, jackie curbman, reminded me that her first job was at first baptist church in carrollton georgia doing janitorial work at 13. new york city pays their janitors an absurd amount of money because of the union. you could hire 30-some kids to work in the school for the price of one janitor and those 30 kids would be less likely to drop out, they would have money in their pocket, they would learn to show up for work, they could do light janitorial duty, work in the cafeteria, in the front office, in the library, they would be getting money, which is a good thing if you're poor. only the elites despise earning money. >> but, governor -- reverend jesse jackson is the founder and president of the rainbow push coalition. always good to see you,
7:19 am
reverend. you have to sort of note the irony of those statements on martin luther king jr. day yesterday. when you hear that clip, what was your reaction? >> well, students do work for their jobs. you go to the ball games, students are selling the hot dogs and pops. you go to the fast food restaurants, students are working without insurance, but they are working. when lsu plays alabama in the big ball game, students are at work. others go to college, have a student loan debt, they're working. others join the military and they're working. where there are jobs, students already work. >> and he argued last night there's nothing wrong with working for a living and learning to earn money on its face. why are so many people up in arms over what he had to say about putting kids to work as janitors. >> maybe it's the implication. number one janitors do a very difficult changing, and
7:20 am
sometimes risky jobs. they should be appreciated for the work they do. janitors who are working with technical equipment, who keep the building warm, handle water, a lot of technical work, so they all get paid for the work they're doing. the second piece of it, he makes a very broad statement. you're talking about youth in appalachia who are not working because the coal mines are closing down? are you talking about people wo work in the fast-food industry? who are he talking about? the implication is he's talking about kids wlor -- if they have a job to go to, they'll work. when you open up 500 jobs at walmart, 5,000 people show up. there's no shortage of a will to work. no shortage. >> there's also a battle going on over voter i.d. laws. here's what rick perry had to say about that last night. >> the state of texas is under assault by federal government. i am saying also that south
7:21 am
carolina is at war with this federal government and with this administration. when you look at what this department has done action not only have they taken them to task on voter i.d., but also on the immigration law. >> should states, reverend, be able to decide these kinds of issues? >> no, that's the tenth amendment argument. we won that battle, a battle 150 years ago states' rights, a more perfect union. the voting rights argued that states want the right to determine who is eligible to vote, so people of color couldn't vote, women couldn't serve on juries, 18-year-olds couldn't vote, so the federal government enter convened to protect us from the tyranny of the majority. here in texas, you cannot use a student i.d. to register, you can use your gun i.d. to register for example.
7:22 am
or some some instances they want seniors to show their birth certificate, they don't have it, they've on fixed income, and they have to buy one, or they want to make it more difficult for students to vote. what they found in south carolina and across the south, they want to remove section 5, which is like removing the troofs from the south after the civil war, which makes it more difficult for students and seniors to vote. why tamper with what's working? >> the new south is the martin luther king south. these gills are making strong arguments. you would not having boeing and michelin having december the new south is not railing the new south growth all this is because of our civil rights movement won and it should keep winning for americans. >> reverent jesse jackson, always good to see you. thank you so much. >> thank you. we talk about the strange campaign season.
7:23 am
how about this? comedian stephen colbert's name will not appear on the ballot in south carolina, but his super pac is still trying to shake up the race. the latest ad endorses another candidate, kind of. >> announcer: there is one name on the ballot that stands for true american -- herman cain. he's such a washington outsider, he's not even running for president. >> for herman cain ad there seems to be a lot of pictures of stephen colbert there. herman cain's name will appear because he applied before suspending his campaign in december. sfloo progresso. it fits! fantastic! [ man ] pro-gresso they fit! okay-y... okay??? i've been eating progresso and now my favorite old okay is there a woman i can talk to? [ male announcer ] progresso. 40 soups 100 calories or less.
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that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. for half the calories plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8. well, today there's been a lot going on. just moments ago, a group of
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special divers found five more bodies inside the ship's wreckage, raising the official death toll to 11. meantime there's growing outrage against the captain after an italian newspaper published a pretty shorking transcript of a phone call between him, who was apparently on shore and port officials. there's a long exchange with officials ordering him to get back on the ship and help save people. >> the passengers were helping each other, the ones that are doing it, they're the cooks, the waiters, the housecleaning people. where's the officers? they're all gone. they're not there. >> michelle kosinski is on giglio island with the latest. >> reporter: as you said they were able to pull five more victims. we knew their plan, they were
7:28 am
blowing these small holes, using explosives into the hull, as the best way to gain access. what they were looking for in particular they said was the first officer's room, where they expected to find the bodies of some victims. at this point we haven't gotten any more information, if there's more coming out from some other source, we haven't seen it yet in terms of whether the victims were crew members or passengers, where they're from, any more detail. it's been a busy scene. there are dozens and dozens of divers, special teams with the italian navy. some of them have been able to give us details. it seems like now they're trying to clamp down what comes out, but they're relentless, working nonstone. in this little old a tiny village on this small island, you see the villagers walking around and then crowds of people in dive suits, kind of all
7:29 am
mingled together, wlb as if the entire island has broadband a rescue mission. michelle kosinski on giglio island, thank actual so much. back in the world of politics, is it possible to keep that super pac money office races? we'll talk about that next. [ male announcer ] if you think tylenol is the pain reliever orthopedic doctors recommend most for arthritis pain, think again. and take aleve. it's the one doctors recommend most for arthritis pain... two pills can last all day. ♪
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a possible game changer, in what is arguably the hottest senate race in the country, massachusetts senator scott brown and his challenger elizabeth warren say they want to get rid of third-party spending by super pacs. top aides are planning to meet to try to come to an agreement on that. the issue ignited a lively exchange at last night's gop
7:33 am
presidential debate. >> both senator santorum and i have complained about romney's super pac which parent he has no influence over, which makes you wonder how much influence he would have as president. >> if we're talking about ads that are inaccurate, mr. speaker, you have a super pac ad that attacks me, it's probably the biggest hoax since big foot. the people who have looked at it have said this ad is entirely false. we all would like to have super pacs disappear to tell you the truth. wouldn't it be nice if people could give what they'd like to and ads could run their own ads and take responsibility for it. joining mess is martin frost, who was also chair of the democratic national campaign committee and robert traynham. it's interesting. they also want to get rid of the
7:34 am
democratic congressional committee ads -- and the same supposedly in this conversation. are they serious? >> well, they may be serious, but it's not going to happen. the only way you can limit super pacs is to amend the u.s. constitution to give congress the authority to pass legislation limiting the source and the amount of contributions. short of that, you can't do it. they can say all they want to. there's too much at stage. look, the senate is a three-vote margin for the democrats right now, if biden continues to be vice president, that's a four-vote margin, and if elizabeth warren is electioned, that is -- in order to gain control of the senate, so there's too much at stake here. they can talk all they want to, denounce super pacs, about you that money will continue to flow. >> and $3.5 million of super pac
7:35 am
money has already gotten into this race. we're still in january here, robert. >> right. >> it's so interesting. the candidates all thought it was bad when they said it was bad, everybody started cheering, now you've got these folks having their campaign teams coming together to talk about it. so i mean, what do you do about it? >> well, that's the million dollar question. there's really nothing that the candidates can do. as the congressman said a few moments allegation. edically, legally, constitutionally, there's nothing the candidates can do. this is the law of the land, what the supreme court ruled a couple years ago back in 2009, i believe. so it's a bit of lip service that the candidates are doing and saying, saying we don't want the super pacs to come in, but if they come into our state there's nothing i can do about it, but i applaud senator brown and also professor warren for at least making the effort saying,
7:36 am
this is or state, this is our race, super pacs stay away. the real question is if they do not listen to the two candidates in massachusetts and still go into massachusetts, what do the candidates do at that point? do they disavow the super pac, especially if it benefits them or embrace it? that's the real question. >> i'll tell you one thing can can do. they with complain to the television stations if the ads are false and ask the television stations not to accept the money and not to run the ads. that has worked in some stations, but television stations loved political money they get. not all of them will reject the ads, but if the candidates are serious, once an ad goes up, they should immediately complain to the television stations and say take it down, it's not true, and this is why. >> hold on, guys. >> can i bring a hypothetical. >> i want to look also at the bigger picture that we heard last night in the re debate that super pac-fueled antiromney film
7:37 am
conscious qui "king of bain" says it's very unfair, but it was denied on this channel that there's anything in it that isn't true. glen kessler is the fact checker for "the washington post." you gave this film four pin knock i don'ts. pinocchios. here's what gingrich super pac chief rick tyler said about that. >> the fact checker often gets his facts wrong. i find that to be ironic. the truth is we were the first people who really brought any attention to the story, so if the mainstream media or the presses upset because we did their job, i understand they're embarrass embarrassed. >> are you embarrassed glen kessler? >> not at all.
7:38 am
i don't know what rick tyler is talking about. maybe one instance he's called me up to complain. he's not said anything about this particular fact check. and newt gingrich is claiming that i gave four pinocchios to one of romney's ad, and that's why it should be taken down. >> let's look at a clip. >> one of the very first orders of business for romney's bain team slashed paychecks while keeping the workers in the dark. >> we were worried we weren't going to have a job. >> i was stressed out all the time. i never knew if i was going to have a job when i came in the next day. >> your ruling on that? >> that whole segment was really misleading. i spoke to those workers. i spoke to those workers, and
7:39 am
they were shocked when they viewed the ad at my request. they thought they were being interviewed for a documentary on the factory closing. they had no idea it was about romney or bain. in fact romney had virtually nothing to do with that entire investment, because he had left to run the olympics. >> the film also station romney to task over the bankruptcy of kb toys. >> they bought the company in 2000, loaded k brismt toys with millions of debt, then used the money to repurchase bain stock. the debt was too staggering. romney's and bain's profits at the expense of 15,000 jobs was described by "the boston herald" as disgusting. >> you found a bunch of problems with that as well. >> right. they quote "the boston herald" saying it was disgusting, given that's an impression it was an editorial. in fact it was a quote from a worker who was, you know, had lost his job.
7:40 am
again, romney was involved in this transaction, and kb toys when they filed for bankruptcy, they didn't cite the debt. they cited the terrible retail environment for toys. >> congressman frost, obviously you've run for office, and these super pacs often run these attack ads that the candidates may not run themselves, even though conversely they deny it. so what -- if a candidate is serious about this, and we saw the republicans acting very serious last night, what can they do? >> well, there's not a lot, chris that they can do, but let me tell you about the complaints to television stations. the super pacs pay at a higher rate. the political campaigns of the candidate get the lowers unit rate.
7:41 am
see what the television stations is a. unfortunately many will not take the ads down, because the super pacs have to pay a premium. there's not a lot anybody else can do about this. >> i don't think we're going to hold our breath for a run on the tv station managers. >> i will tell you i was involved in some campaigns where ads were taken down. it does work. you have to lawyer up, get your facts straight, but you can get some removed from the air, though there's not much of the incentive for the stations to take them down. >> robert, you were dying to get in there. >> i think congressman frost makes an excellent point. i think it's naive in some points. but let's say i'm elizabeth
7:42 am
warren and scott brown, i'm three points down, two days before the election and a super pac is helping me. do you honestly think i'll go to the television station and say take this down? probably not. the question is when it's going to be a tight race, will the actual candidate who is benefiting from the super pac ads, will they then go to the television stations and say pull this down? i think not. >> when i was in congress, i was one of five members of the house of representatives who voted to amend the constitution on this subject. most politicians like the system the way it is. maybe there will be so much commotion raised this time you'll have some courage on the part of incumbent politicians who will vote to amend the constitution. that's the only way you're going to change this. as always, gentlemen, thank you so much. in the meantime, those organizers of the recall effort says they have more than enough
7:43 am
signatures to force an election there. that drive started two months ago in response to last year's law that ended nearly all collective bargaining rights for public workers. organizers also say they will turn in petitions targeting the senate majority leader and three other republican senators. may seem like the stuff of fairy tales. but if you take away the faces on the trees... take away the pixie dust. take away the singing animals, and the storybook narrator... [ man ] you're left with more electric trucks. more recycled shipping materials... and a growing number of lower emissions planes... which still makes for a pretty enchanted tale. ♪ la la la [ man ] whoops, forgot one... [ male announcer ] sustainable solutions. fedex. solutions that matter. that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. for half the calories plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8.
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then lead a double life! with new blast flipstick from covergirl. creamy color on one end, shimmery color on the other. so you can flip your look from demure, to daring. new blast flipstick from covergirl. hi, everybody. good morning. in the next hour of msnbc, the morning after. mitt romney is definitely in hangover mode, trying to recover from a rough fight night in south carolina. plus the role of race. news gingrich cheered when he defended his foot stamp president remarks. it was a rowdy crowd of mostly white south carolina voters. we get reaction from the reverend al sharpton. more bodies found in that cruiseship wreck, as the ship's captain makes his first appearance in court. we've all seen michelle
7:47 am
obama advocating for veterans and now she's opening up about another program that's close to her heart. a mentoring program between without girls, the subject of "more" magazine's cover story. it's good to see you. >> nice. the first lady talk being opening doors for some of these girls who interestingly, they're not academy superstars, nor are they people who have never had any opportunities, when i found fascinating. >> kids in the middle, we know this when you go to high school in general. it's the kids in the middle that have nothing for them. everybody assumes they're fine and doing great. the kids at the top have a million looking at them. the bottom has a big net. it's the kids in the middle. she's started them, because she
7:48 am
felt like she was a kid in the middle. >> there's literally an audible gasp, but part of it is -- these are kids who have not had that experience who wouldn't know how to go into this kind of situation and learn how to navigate it. >> she wants these kids to feel comfortable in this very high level kind of high success performing environment. she says when she was applying from princeton she was from a very middle-class family and people around her were saying you couldn't make it there, and her brother were there on a sports scholarship. >> if he got in with a basketball scholarship, i'm going to get it. >> i'm smarter than he is. >> that's right. >> let's talk about some of the examples in there. she talk being a young person she mentored. >> yes, at princeton. >> and now a congresswoman from alabama. and she talks about there was
7:49 am
tornadoes in april, the president and michelle went down to tour the site. like good friends, they spent time chattering together, and she said, no, get away from me, get on camera, you talk to me later, and she said she's still mentoring me. that's what these great businesses are about is continuous mentors. those are really important. >> and the mentees -- >> yes, for every dollar spent you get $2.7 in product activity. >> who doesn't want that -- >> and it has to be long term, which is what the first lady is doing. whats really wonderful. she has everybody in the white house doing it, including the secret service. you have a secret service agent showing up at your basketball games and rooting for you. who can deal with that? it's incredible. another one i love is alison lachemann. she said as a teenager her
7:50 am
greatest dream was to become a bank teller and now the cfo of an $800 million budget. she said we're 18 again. we get to see life through young eyes. whoever has mentored learns you get back at least as much and usually more. >> and you said you did some. >> yeah, i've done it before. >> and it absolutely is like that. i think it's a wonderful program. she kept is secret for us, which is great. our readers are women just like hers, they look to get involved, like to change the world. you can do it one young woman at a time. >> and it's michelle obama's birthday. >> yes. happy birthday. >> great to see you. lovely jane seymour from "more" magazine. and twitter reminds us other business birthdays are today. today's tweets come from you. >> happy birthday muhammad ali. thanks for making so many of us feel that we too could be the greatest.
7:51 am
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responsibility. what's your policy?
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molly barker, she created the girls on the run program to
7:54 am
build the self-esteem of young girls through training and conditioning, focused on teaching empowerment, optimism and gratitude. they build up to a 5k running event. she looks to pass on lessons the team building and community one step forward at a time. this profile in progress is brought to you by -- we're getting a rare behind the glimpse of the obama campaign team. oprah is on that list. >> he is the one. >> now, opa says she's supporting him this time around as last time. richard lui is here, who else is on the list. >> it's a long, long list here. we know the list for president obama, 194 stars, including tina
7:55 am
faye, bradley cooper and vince cart the wish list obtained by "the tennesseean" both saying no endorsements will be made, though. so why make a list? just look at 2008. >> i pledge. >> i pledge. >> i pledge. >> i pledge to be of service to barack obama. >> imagine what could happen next. >> together we can. together we are, and together we will be the change that we seek. >> it was whispered by slaves and abolitionists as they blazed a trail for freedom. yes, we can. >> tinseltown's friendship brings money, too. the industry donated over $17 million last year, three quarters went to democrats. george kleinie gave the clooney gave the max.
7:56 am
steven spielberg as well. now, not all of hollywood wants an encore. matt damon said he'll never be fooled by a politics again and used the words "one-term president." cindy crawford was in a romney campaign training video this time. other celebs in the gop camp, "american idol" winner kelly clarkson teethed i love ron paul. charlie sheen, mel gibson and lindsay lohan, they have a lot of what candidates don't want here, chris, baggage. that wraps up this hour of chris jansing & company. thomas roberts is up next. i'll see you tomorrow. it's when our brand-new to-do lists become "you did that yourself?" so when we can save more on the projects
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that's good morning, veggie style. hmmm. for half the calories plus veggie nutrition. could've had a v8. 16 wasn't all that sweet. hi, everybody. good morning, welcome to anhe


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