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tv   NOW With Alex Wagner  MSNBC  January 24, 2012 9:00am-10:00am PST

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can mitt romney self deport himself into the oval office, it's tuesday, january 24th and this is "now y"joining me now, the president of the center for american progress, the always firry wendy shillor and representing brooklyn as also, buzz buzzy ben smith. mitt romney is looking for mittfrontation but is anybody going to bite? did he land punches last night? >> he did. and i think that newt let him. there was a moment where i never thought we would see in american politics newt was speechless.
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there was a moment when it seemed like newt was not sure what to say back and he seemed conflicted on whether to fight back and if he is going to fight back, when to fight back and no crowd was egging him on and all i could think back to was december, you remember gingrich later admitted that he made a mistake in december, romney came after him and the super pac came after him and he insisted on running a positive campaign and he saw what a mistake it was. he showed up last night with the same reaction. >> let listen to that exchange. >> they do not pay people for historians and this contract proves you were not that, you were a consultant. it does not say you provided historical experience, you were hired by the chief lobbiest, pr freddie mac. >> i thought that bit about the
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chief lobbiest, was romney's chief line of attack. >> $1.6 is million is change for him. i thought romney was aggressive, but i think the challenge for him is he really has to change the dynamics of the race and he did not have one particular moment that will repeat day after day, and a lot of good hits but he did not have that john king moment where you could see the entire audience with him. so, i think the question is whether he reversed momentum and i did not see it tonight. >> not having a blood thirsty crowd did not help. >> it was the nature of romney and his campaign which is run by an old opposition research guy. he is ticking through things that are wrong with newt, but it's a list.
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he is not able to focus on a i critique. >> the way that newt can drop things, romney doesn't have that, it was a back and forth, one step two step thing. >> gingrich can drop a bit of historical stuff but some of it is true and some not. he anticipated getting hit harder. it was like a slow drip and romney did hold the floor on that issue for a while. it was effective. he held his temper and energy, he thought i'm doing well here, my job is to not make a may and not look defensive about my work for freddie mac. that is what gingrich succeeded in doing, not looking stressed about it. working for a living and making $1.6 million over years versuses
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what romney has done is okay. >> romney has released his tax returns, he paid near 14% tax rate and $20.9 million and gave $7 million in charitable donations. the tax returns confirm accounts that there were accounts in the cayman islands and a swiss bank account that was closed in 2010. >> don't you have a swiss bank account? is >> that is like real america right there. >> i wonder, the tax issue was continuing to dog him, and last night he did not give a convi e convinciconvinc convincing answer on this. i think that you will see gingrich hammer him on this that he will not release previous years. if he is a nominee, obama will
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go after it. there's something not awesome about having a potential candidate for president that has swiss bank accounts and accounts in bermuda and in the cayman islands. >> the alarming thing if you are romney, he has had problems in the primaries before the tax thing was an issue and the bain stuff was an issue with blue collar voters. i looked at the exit polls and there's a direct relationship between the enthusiasm that republican voters have for romney and their income level. he gets 50% of the vote with people making over $200,000. this is happening with every state so far, he had an image problem before it came out. and it makes it worse. >> you see why he has been hiding his tax returns. swiss bank accounts, alienates
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you from what is pushing a lot of votes right now. which is people are angry at the 1%. he is not the 1%, he is t the .0001%. >> we talk about companies with money overseas, there's something i'm not going to say unamerican, but seems unpatriotic shoring money overseas. he was paying taxes but, again, it's not good optically and not good from a messaging standpoint. >> and the timing is p terrible. it's going to be all about him one way or the other as obama talks about taxes and income and inequality. he has a couple of days before peek start making up this their minds in florida and we are out of time for him to say anything other than i'm really rich. >> the president will talk a lot
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about the buffett rule and every time he does that people in american will be thinking about mitt romney and how he does not pay enough taxes and working people pay a lot more. >> you can bet the people will be keeping that talking point aloft. it's good to look at the trend lines in terms of national tracking and gallop, showing, not a cratering seems too severe but slightly accurate when you talk about mitt romney's support, the red line dipping down is where romney is at and the gray line where newt gingrich is. this had stuff is hurting him, is it not? >> it is but people that are supporting the president should not get excited about the prospect of running against newt gingrich. it's a long way to the nomination. it's a long process and gingrich has more stuff. the slow drip will get louder and bigger from the romney camp. we have had wealthy presidents
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before, maybe not this wealthy, that is not true. it's how he presents himself he cannot connect. if he can fix that, especially in the midwestern states and eastern states which will be more friendly i think he can recover. if you are stirring up things and getting a good buzz feed if you are gingrich, that works. >> we know that the "wall street journal" is reporting that adelson's wife is going to give another infusion of money to gingrich's campaign, is it not hypocritical to speak of being the voice of the people. >> not to mention gingrich tried to take a shot at romney and say, he paid 15% i want everyone in america to pay 15% and romney came back and made a good point, under you newt, the capitol tax
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rate would go to zero and people like me would pay zero. >> we will talk about gingrich and his time as speaker of the house. what can google tell us about the state of the race? we will look at that next on "now." [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition?
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the internet was going nuts during last night's debate and we have again teamed up with google for a look at who, what, and -- who and what? no when, were being searched, pop quiz, hot shots, you are
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divided up to teams and the wins team gets a washer and dryer set and possibly a ride home. which issues saw the biggest increase in searches among florida voters? issue s or search terms? all right? >> immigration or self deportation. >> number one. you should work together. self deportation was the break out term of the evening meaning know an increase of more than 5,000%. number two was beet sugar. >> let's talk about self deportation. >> it's a real thing. >> we were going to guess castro. we would have lost but -- >> you will learn to love it. >> self deportation is a real
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thing, in 2008, they tried to convince illegal i mmigrants to leave in a scheduled way and they will not deport them but because no one was deported them no one left. >> it speaks to how outside the issue romney is. let listen. >> if you don't deport them, how do you send them home? >> the answer is self deportation, which is people decide that they go home because they do not have legal documentation to allow them to work here. >> here is the thing, like, ben is right, it's a thing. it sounds ridiculous and no one understands it and the problem for romney in the debate of course he is almost mockable on this issue, he has flip flopped on it, and people don't know where he stands. it a classic he debate error. >> and isn't it just a bid to try to make nice with the
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hispanic population in florida after spending the previous debates after saying he would veto the dream act in ? >> and looking ahead to the general election. he feels he can get far to the right but wants to leave room to come back to the middle. >> that was romney as his actual self, with this kind of cool name, and solution. it is sort of working as we sort of destroy our economy, people are leaving. >> it's not an answer to the immigration. people get up and leave. it was not three months ago, he was last week attacking the dream act and now he is making a crass bid for florida voters. >> crass bid? i mean gingrich said he would blow up cuban.
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he is pand eer ing to the cuban base. >> you google romney and what is the other term that you search with him? >> ubar wealthy? [ buzz ] >> i was going with rich. wealthy. >> no. but that was close'ish. so team two is this. >> ubar wealthy? out of touch? remote? i have no idea. >> let me take another guess. >> okay. >> hair. >> nice guess, but number one is mitt bio and number two is george, and three is mitt net worth. four is -- and mormon is several places behind dog on roof. the tax thing is not going away, let's ask the same question of
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newt gingrich what are florida residents looking for when they search newt? >> is he available? >> wow, all right. close. i'm going to go with this. number one is callista, and in two is marianne and number three is newt wives and number four is wife. >> totally. that is important actually, we have been down playing the effect of all of the baggage of his personal life, if everyone is searching and they want to know more, it could be a slow drip ripple effect that could under mine gingrich. >> mitt romney's wealth, what he is to his wealth is what newt gingrich is to his wives. the other thing i want to talk about is debate search trends. so the top candidate search trends during the gop debate, if you had to figure out who was most searched for from that debate? >> the answer to that one is always ron paul. right? >> no. >> he is slipping.
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>> san p totorusantorum? >> go ahead. >> santorum. >> no, mitt romney, two ron paul, three santorum and four, gingrich. up 25%. >> gingrich is the most well known guy on the stage, you would not have to search him because everyone knows who he is. >> but to thdo they really. and we will discuss that santorum said it's not his job to argue that -- what have we forgotten about the career of speaker gingrich. that is next on "now." [ female announcer ] the best things in life are the real things. nature valley trail mix bars are made with real ingredients you can see. like whole roasted nuts, chewy granola, and real fruit.
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he is and -- he is a muslim and my question is why isn't something being done to get him out of our government, he has no legal right to be calling himself president. >> well, yeah, i'm doing my best to try to get him out of the government right now. >> if a voter calls president bomb a muslim says he has no legal right to be president, should santorum correct that voter? he said yesterday it not his job. what does it say about santorum that he did not correct this woman? >> then he should not be a president of the united states. to say he has no legal right to be president under mines the election of president. this guy won the election. this is what happened with bush/gore, you want to be president of the united states, you up hold the system, rick
9:23 am
santorum osan tore um -- an -- >> he is playing racist politics with things. >> this is a huge gift to you guys. the idea that politics are being played by the republicans, it's bubbling around, it was a huge gift to obama, he mishandled it terribly. mccain handled it well last cycle. but the idea that this is the center piece of santorum's campaign, this is going to push him back to the basement. >> let's listen to what santorum said earlier at the on "morning joe." >> this was an elderly lady. she was there leaning on a cane and i'm not going to slam an older lady because she is a way out, bizarre belief.
9:24 am
but when the media and others say lies about with me, it's promoted and encouraged and made fun of when we do it. stop it. >> it is our fault. i did not realize it. >> all he had to say was i respectfully disagree. that is all he needed to say. i'm not saying it's not the center piece of had his candidacy. there's such anger in the republican party, there's almost a penalty for saying, no, no, you should not say that awful thing about the president. >> isn't this like the ron paul news letters? it's kind of under the banner of ron paul when things like this happen. whether it's lies being spoken about the president of the united states, there's an idea or a sense among the candidates that, look, i'm not going to, they may support me, ti tdo not
9:25 am
have to cosign on their belief. >> i think we have seen it for the last couple of years, and boehner said it not his job to go out and correct the misinformation about barack obama. i'm thinking about the town hall meeting in 2010, when the meeting hijacked by a woman who held a birth certificate and led the crowd in a pledge of allegiance. santorum probably felt that pressure in the room. seems like you can handle it in two ways. like we would like to see it handled or mccain handled it in 2008 or the other thing, which is what newt does, which is cater to it without stepping over the line. >> let's listen to what mccain said back in 2008, a date that seem very long ago. >> he is an arab.
9:26 am
he is not -- >> no ma'am, no ma'am. >> no? >> no ma'am. no ma'am. he is a good family man, citizen that i just happen to ha disagreements with on issues. >> these things are complicated. he was criticized for that. you saw it with santorum, he was trying get out of it. gingrich, says that obama is coming from kenya thought, which is not to say anything about his birth certificate, but it's to waive in that direction. that is sort of an object lesson of how to play the fringe. >> people are talking about how he was not born here and he did not correct those comments either. >> a guy got up at an event in the new hampshire that said, we have a guy in the white house that is not a christian and what
9:27 am
are you going to do to bring christianity back to the white house. he seemed challenged by it. >> gingrich in june, was asked a similar question, and he said the man went to church, he says he is a christian. listen, i take him at his word. i think, that it is on anyone that wants to lead the entire nation to address the religious issue and the legitimatesy of the electoral system. >> stand up for the truth. >> right. >> coming up, we will take a little trip down memory lane, and look back at newt gingrich's time as speaker of the house, how tdoes his record stack up? c] nature valley granola bars, rich dark chocolate, toasted oats. perfect combinations of nature's delicious ingredients,
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history professor newt gingrich planned to make history for the first speaker to bring dishonor on the house. >> it's a tough penalty, unprecedented and appropriate. >> let me first of all say, thank you to everyone in south carolina who decided to be with us in changing washington. [ applause ] >> january 21st, 15 years apart, both defining chapters in the book of newt gingrich. i've been surprised that there's not been a deeper dig into gingrich's history as speaker of the house and some of the contentions he made as far as what he did. he claims that he paid down debt and ran deficits during his first two years as speaker and balanced the budget for two years when he was speaker and then two years after he stepped
9:32 am
down and that in fact the debt rose by $800 billion during his four years as speaker. >> in 1993, still democrat controlled congress, president clinton had a budget and none of the republicans voted for it and that is the single most effective tool that led us to the balancing and surpluses. >> gingrich's rise as a force in the republican party can be traced when he split with the bush white house in 1990, if you combine the effect of the 1990 tax hike and the '93 tax hike, there's video of him saying we will be in a recession if you pass that budget and it led to prosper us times. >> he led many times that it would lead to a great
9:33 am
depression. not a recession, not a downturn, the great depression. now he is taking increase for the -- >> what is striking he is running to clinton record. this is what hillary clinton ran on. to some degree, he should be running on it, welfare reform, he had a hand in shaping. >> he didn't, he did not have a huge hand in that at all, the senate led that drive. gingrich cannot have a role, he likes to pick and choose what he claims credit for. >> and bill clinton, back in the first gingrich surge was trying to correct the record on that. but being grandiose has not been a problem for newt. let us not for get that his ethics problems hit, on stepping
9:34 am
down in 1998 after democrats picked up seats he said i'm willing to lead, but i'm not willing to preside over people that are canibales >> that shows how much republicans hated him. once they turned on him, they were willing to reprimand him. it was more about how unpopular in his own caucus. >> he would never admit that he was unpopular in his caucus, he said i resigned for the good of the part to which ron paul said this. >> frankly, he did not run for speaker two years later, he did not have the votes, that was what the problem was this idea that he was going to punish himself because he did not do well in the election that was not what it was. >> a telling moment.
9:35 am
>> it was not just the ethics stuff, he was poison in a margin district in those years, you can look in this region, he wiped out the republican party in the northeast. you had nancy johnson reading the ethics decision, she was the chair woman of the ethics committee, she was attacked over and over in other campaign for stone walling the gingrich investigation, and she nearly lost her seat and every other republican in new england did lose their state. they have not elected a republican to the house since then. >> that is why it's so interesting that he is won south carolina. he is a toxic figure in many ways, yet the republican party is reaching to have a candidate like him who is so angry and so willing to go nuclear on issues. >> i think a certain part of that is self confidence and self
9:36 am
confidence that has been on display since 1997 and we will show full screens of newt gingrich doodles and this one says primary mission, definer of civilization, leader possibly of the civilizing forces and another good one is system designer. he finds himself in the middle of that circle. this is a guy that has never questioned himself, or done a gut check. >> the presidency requires healthy self image. >> definer of civilization. >> remember the mantel of bush with i need to take a bathroom break. >> in 2008, you could argue that hillary was the establishment can indicate and barack obama
9:37 am
was the resurgence, the idea that he was so unpopular 15 years ago may not matter. >> i think there's a real distaste for newt gingrich based on past experience. obama never had to tackle that. >> the people the not like corrupt political hacks and that is gingrich's come back, it's working well. he was a tea partier before that existed and republicans are used to this die nynamicdynamics. >> he is tapping into an anti-washington argument. he saying that people hate me but it's washington that hates me. >> anyone with 30 years of experience in washington would be the prime candidate to change washington. that is the most amazing thing.
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9:42 am
t the state of the union in 2011. he made mention of immigration reform. infrastructu infrastructure, tax reform and they have not been dealt with. free trade agreements have. fighting al qaeda, you could make the case that the assassination of osama bin laden was effective and iraq and we pulled u.s. forces from there. i guess i wonder, we know that congress is as divided as it has been that congressional approval is in the gutter. can we expect anything different to come out this time? >> i think whether house republicans think that the 9% approval rating they have, which makes them less popular than the irs -- >> which is saying something >> -- will that move them.
9:43 am
will they resolve what the american people want? which is jobs. after the problem in december in which they fought the payroll tax and took punishment from all sides, they will come back and do something. if not, it will be part of the reason that the president will say that he is the better person to make change in washington. >> early indications that the republicans will not be working hand in glove with the president. they have two opportunities. mitt romney was giving the pre-buttal, this is like the super bowl. we have a visual up, a photo of the area where mitt romney was giving the statement, and there's a huge manner in the
9:44 am
back that says obama isn't working. >> it turns out that mitt romney has not been working for years and still manages to have a huge amount of income. isn't works is not the theme he may want to use. >> i mean, would you ever see -- that banner is so not president obama, but obama is not working. it's such a -- >> it's borrowed from thatcher. this one is flatter. >> and sharp, combined with the rhetoric that the gop put forward. >> i suspect it will get har harsher. >> the congress has been trying to move the funding to get highway funding back and get some infrastructure money out, so there are divisions in the house gop we know it, but there
9:45 am
are gop that want to go home and campaign on something, so you may see quieter deals struck, you are seeing movement a little bit. the fact that cantor and boehner are never on the same page is a problem, but you are seeing more internal pressure to get something done and go home and claim credit. >> independent of which a happens in congress, it seems like a ripe day for the president. romney's taxes are released and he will have warren buffett's secretary in the audience tonight. and as we know, romney is paying a 15% rate which is lower than many americans. i wonder how effectivity to use this campaign as a speech. >> the big difference from last year and tonight, last year he saw his ticket to re-election of following the model that bill clinton used, that was let's cut
9:46 am
deal big deals across the aisle. that is where he was coming from last year. the conclusion they reached in the middle of the year realized that the republican party thinks that the tea party has sold out conservative principals so it's impossible to deal with the republican party so all we can do is defeat them in the 2012 election. so there was a change at that point and the speech we will see is a result of that. it not about what i want to do with congress, it's about what i want to run on for the next ten months. >> i think, that is a little unfair in the sense that i think that people are really concerned about jobs. the president will address jobs and show that he has a vision for the country moving forward and i think there will be an obvious contrast about the buffett rule and who is fighting for the middle class, but the
9:47 am
president started to talk about the issues several months ago and now it a coincidence that romney's taxes demonstrate whose side romney is on and who's side the president is on. >> that is not about jobs that is about being against romney. that is the tax reform plan, it's worth talking about, but there's a decision to talk about taxes and inequality and not about jobs. >> what is pushing both of those issues is stabilizing a strong middle class and middle class is looking for good jobs and feeling like the game is rigged against them. that puts the president on the side of working americans and puts romney on the side of people with tax shelters. >> we will look at what now? so much more, next. coming up live from capitol
9:48 am
hill, we are reporting on counting down to president obama's state of the union speech tonight, we will be hearing from his top economic adviser on themes for boosting the economy. we will discuss the chances that president obama's plan will survive a divided congress, has romney put the tax issue behind him or is it just the beginning. all here on "andrea mitchell reports" in less than 15 minutes. stay with us. with scottrader streaming quotes, any way you want. fully customize it for your trading process -- from thought to trade, on every screen. and all in real time. which makes it just like having your own trading floor, right at your fingertips. [ rodger ] at scottrade, seven dollar trades are just the start. try our easy-to-use scottrader streaming quotes. it's another reason more investors are saying... [ all ] i'm with scottrade.
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it's time as it always is for what now, boston bruins goalie says thanks but no thanks to a white house invitation, tim thomas said i exercise my right as a free citizen is and did not visit the white house it was not about politics or parties, both
9:52 am
parties in my opinion are responsible for the condition the country was in. >> this is a athlete that is a leader. so i don't know what kind of point he was trying to make. it was inappropriate and it was boston a bad name. >> is it his right to exercise his right as a citizen? >> yes, he can vote. >> there is a disconnect between the most prominent sports figures and the rest of the state. shilling, george w. bush, let's re-elect them. a bunch of athletes were out for scott brown, and now you have tim thomas who wears a tea party flag on his mask. >> i think it's the hyper partisanship that irritates everyone, just go to the white house, you do not have to cut a commercial or anything, just go
9:53 am
to the white house, take part. celebrate, just like everyone else celebrates with the republicans or democratic presidents. it's a little much. >> pshl lspecial -- especially you are getting honored. congressman lanborn is boycotting the state of the union. he is sending a message that he does not support the policies of barack obama, that they have hurt the country. >> this is out of the bush years, this is not my president. democrats believed that in the bush years that he was not elected and there's a chunk of people now. >> maybe that is because there was a contested election. >> you see people saying i am boycotting the entire thing.
9:54 am
>> the trend is deeper and deeper for sure. >> speaking of president obama, every time your phone rings, you can hear him sing, i don't know how many of you caught obama channelling al green, do we have that sound? i think we do. let's play it. >> ♪ i am in so in love with you ♪ [ applause ] >> this whole commander and chief thing does not work out, the dude can carry a tune, it's now a ring tonight for obama fans and supporters. we know that he has a political machine leading up to 2012 who is also looking for ring tones. >> it softened him up. people said, there's another guy
9:55 am
to this side. >> this is where the campaign is right now, obama's campaign is making ring tones and and gingrich and romney are throt e throttling each other. >> he knows the words unlike steven tyler who does not know the words. >> you can tie it to the amber waves of grain. >> and so it goes. that is all for "now" i'll see you here tomorrow at noon eastern live in washington, d.c., we will have full analysis of the state of the union with chris matthews, former white house press secretary, deedee meyers and richard cordray and ryan lizzo, wow, until then, follow us on the twitter machine. "andrea mitchell reports" is next live on capitol hill.
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right now on "andrea mitchell reports," live from capitol hill today, the state of the union coming up. the president's best argument as to why he should get rehired. republicans are firing first. >> it sounds like we are going to see a rerun of what we saw over the last three years. >> what do voters want to hear tonight? >> i hope he addresses things like education, importance of giving more money towards our young people, being able, you know, for college and basically the economy. you know getting more people back to work. >> seeing the housing market go down and seeing people


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