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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  January 26, 2012 7:00am-8:00am PST

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along, charles, these numbers don't look remarkable but the jumps are big in polling numbers we were so shocked we actually released the poll numbers early. what do you think is going on here? >> well, first, the movement is in the right direction for the president, right. it'sot necessarily about how much it is. it's changing, it's they're changing in that direction for the first time in a very, very long time. that it's moving in the right direction. the second part though is you cannot underestimate how much the elections are a zero sum game, a choice between candidate. so you have -- >> did your phone just bark? >> my phone just barked. sorry. >> joint know poo open out there oh. >> why did you say that? it's a zero sum game between the candidates. the worse the republican field starts to look, the better barack obama looks. the more they go at each other's tho
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throats the more they look out of touch. you point out mitt romney is a man who does not work but makes $20 million a year and what is $60,000 a day. the more they look out of touch with america and the more barack obama can hammer home this idea that he is the person who is advocating for the middle class, he is the person who is opposed to incoming equality in this country, that leaches out into the rest of the numbers that you see in the poll. >> there have been some good economic numbers. there have been some indicators that the economy is doing a little bit better, joe. but do you think that what's going on on the republican side plays into that because we certainly hear a lot that the white house is sitting back saying, have at it, boys, go at each other. >> i think the state of the union made a big difference. i thought it was a very good speech, especially the part part about the economy. i think the president is making the case theyught to have been making for a while about how he saved auto, for instance. the fact that they rescued the
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auto industry and that gm is now selling more cars than anybody else in the world again, has to reach middle america in that way. >> >> the president, they have a message, the good stuff. >> a lot of the news is what the republicans are saying about him every day. now he has something to say. that combined with good economic news is going to bring him back. >> let me talk about what the republicans are saying on the campaign trail. for example, this is mitt romney. >> if you really think that things are going well in this country, that we're on the right track and that his policies are working, you ought to vote for him. >> how many of you agree that america is largely on the wrong track? >> you've got to wonder as the polls begin to inch up that they're going to have to tweak that message a little bit, charles. >> here's the problem. you have the unemployment
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numbers going in the right direction for barack obama. you keep seeing it inch down just a little bit. you are getting close to the numbers that barack obama said that he was going to get. if you get close to, you know, 8 percentage unemployment rate -- >> we talk a lot about that but i wonder if the average american out there is really waiting to see are we going to be at 8.3%, 8. -- >> no, i don't think people are watching the numbers so much but you recognize there's a person in your family that's been out of work for two years or six months or something or you, your unemployment is about to run out and you see there's a possibility, a job opening up down the street at the coffee shop or wherever and you may be able to get that job. that real change is reflected in that number. >> but conversely if it starts to inch up by a tenth of a point and the perception is out there, joe, in the -- >> things that are happening in europe and elsewhere around the world could throw all of this into the bin before the election
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and the president could still be in a lot of trouble. the problem is that unemployment is still going to be relatively high by election day. at that point there is going to have to be the comparison made with what is the alternative and what has been accomplished and what would have happened had one of these people been in charge. and you know, i think that's where voters are going to have to make their charles. >> stick around, i want to bring in senator bill nelson, democrat from florida. senator, good morning. it's good to see you. >> good morning, chris. >> i know you rushed over and you just got hooked up. we've been talking about new numbers that have been inching upwards for the president. people are happier about the way he's handling the economy. more optimistic about the economy overall. i wonder what you're sensing down in florida since we're laser focused there now with the primary. what's the sense down there? >> that's exactly right. you know, florida is one of the worst hit in the housing market and realtors have been telling me since last summer that they are making sales and that they
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are increasing. so i think overall people do have a much more optimistic outlook for the future and when you think of florida, you have to think of america because america has moved to florida. and that is exactly -- we are a microcosm of the country now. >> if that's true, then this new poll out of the florida is very instructive because it shows a dead heat in the match-up between mitt romney and president obama. so what would need to happen for the president to win florida? >> and i think that is fairly reflective of the moment. and i think the president's the economythink you will see that. and then, remember, an election is about a choice. and more and more as the electorate, when they're starting to pay attention to the presidential race in our state,
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they see two choices and i think clearly they're going to go for the one that they consider to handle the job as president and particularly to handle the job as commander in chief. >> you're testifying at a hearing tomorrow about florida's election laws and possibly changes. i know that this is something that you think is really important. tell us what it is and why you think it's so important, maybe to the obama campaign in particular. >> there has been a pattern in 14 states of changing the election laws. and florida is the worst. it is a voter suppression law. it makes it harder to vote. it makes it harder to register to vote. and it makes it harder to have your vote counted as you intended. and what they specifically done is the league of women voters who have been registering voters for decades has stopped last summer when this became the new law because their members are
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subject to $1,000 fine if they don't turn the names in in 48 hours and historically it's always been you had ten days to do it. it cuts down on college kids from voting because, now, if -- when they register at their school, they have identification that is their driver's license, that's their parents' address in a different county. they get a provisional ballot, not a regular ballot. and then with minorities, they have constricted to eight days, from 14, the early voting period and has cut out the voting on sunday before the tuesday election. well, who do you think goes in record numbers after church on sunday to vote and who has, in record numbers, it's minorities. >> we're going to keep our eye on that hearing tomorrow because that's interesting, especially given what happened in 2000.
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speaking of voting, i'm sure you've heard, senator, that newt gingrich has been talking about you on the campaign trail. let me play you a little clip. >> i need your help here in making sure that bill nelson is replaced by a conservative who will work with us. >> are you worried? >> i hadn't heard that, but i don't expect anything different in this partisan charged atmosphere. and that's what's wrong with our politics in america today. it is so partisan, it is so ideologically driven it's hard to show consensus in the middle which is what my political interests has always been about. >> thank you so much. >> thank you, chris. guys, i don't think we're going to hear much of a consensus tonight, a big debate. it's interesting if you look at the polls it does seem that newt gingrich is surging as he did in south carolina. however, silver did an
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interesting analysis where he said more recently it looks like romney may be getting his mojo back. look, this race has been up and down, up and down all over the place. what's going to happen tonight, charles? what does mitt romney have to do? >> mitt romney has to stop stumbling around in these debates. he has to have an articulate message where he can attack newt gingrich and do so in a forceful way, in a way that summarizes what he wants, his attack on newt, which is that newt is not the person that you think newt is. >> he's got this new debate coach supposedly. >> i hope he does. i can't -- i can't turn this thing off. i swear to god i tried. but the other thing about what's happening in florida, though, is that mitt's money is making a difference. what you're seeing is that florida is not a place where you can go and shake everyone's hand. you have to get on television and myth has the money, his super pac has the money and they are making the difference and holding newt off. >> i'm looking at the latest numbers because first read has
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been doing this every day. i think we're at about $20 million, maybe $13 million of it, not just -- not just romney, but also obviously his super pac. >> right. and it is making an enormous difference and they're hitting -- you know, newt has a history. >> 15.4 million for romney. >> it's a very long, very complicated history of him back -- going back and forth on all sorts of issues. i saw on msnbc this morning people talking about the national review piece where they went through and looked at all of the ways -- the times that mitt had -- that newt gingrich had criticized president -- >> reagan? >> reagan. >> right, the comparison, yeah. >> now you have him running as the reagan republican. >> that's right. >> he has that history. he's insane person who flip-flops all the time who calls facts not facts and now completely than it was. >> another thing about newt gingrich is part of the reason that i think obviously he
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searched so much about these debates is he's had moments. he did not have a moment in the debate earlier this week. you think that they've got one planned, joe, for tonight? they've got their little one ready to go? i think he's been practicing this week on romney's income and his unearned income. and i think romney will be ready with something new for him. today an organization in washington called crew, we have a story about this in "national memo," asked the justice department to release the referral released on gingrich on the ethics committee back when he was speaker and reprimanded. first speaker to be reprimanded. that information was sent over to the irs and to the department of justice. and crew has asked that that be released, we'll see whether romney brings that up tonight because he's been going after him on ethics. i think you will see this kind of war to continue until the final moments. >> thank you, guys. >> and the dog bark. >> is that a particular ring for someone? >> it's actually an alarm.
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and i cannot turn it off. i can't turn it off. i'm supposed to be at "jansing and company," that's what it is. >> thanks, guys. speaking of money, estimated worth is around $21 billion and he and his wife has almost singlehandedly kept newt gingrich's campaign alive. what do they want in return? we have detail on that. meanwhile, son of the transportation secretary ray lahood has trouble returning to the u.s. from see jipt. sam lahood was with a group of americans trying to board a fright out of the country when they were stopped. he heads the international republican institute in egypt which was raided along with nine other organizations last month. the state department says this raises concerns about egypt's raises concerns about egypt's transition to democracy. ake baby food the way moms would. happybaby strives to make the best organic baby food. in a business like ours, personal connections are so important. we use our american express open gold card to further those connections. last year we took dozens of trips using membership rewards points
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new supervisorer pack attack
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ad in florida is going after mitt romney's record on health care. >> when mitt romney invented government-run health care romney advisers helped barack obama write the disastrous obamacare. >> we put them together in exchange and the president is copying that idea. i'm glad to hear that. >> i agree with mitt romney. recently said he's proud of what he accomplished on health care. >> now, that ad and to a larger extent gingrich's candidacy is possible thanks to billionaire casino goingle. in the past month alone he and his wife has pumped $10 million into the pro-gingrich super pac. richard louie is here with a closer look at the benefactor. you've got to have a lot of money just to give $5 million, another $5 million, richard. >> and he does. good morning to you, chris. he's the son of an immigrant cab driver and the country's eighth wealthiest, according to forbes, worth over $21 million. just behind the coke brothers his big break, selling computer trade showcom ducts and high end
7:17 am
casinos worldwide, and lots of them. sheldon knows why he's. >> if you're so smart, why aren't you rich? now, if you're rich, then you must be smart. >> gingrich and adelson first met in 1995. adelson was pushing a pro-israel bill at the sometime. gingrich ended up support that. fast forward ten years. gingrich starts political group american solutions. adelson likes gingrich and $7. . then two months ago. >> there was to palestine as a state. part of the empire. and i think that we've had an invented palestinian people. >> adelson praised that remark, say reports, a two-state solution, not wanted by him. and it's an issue hovering around his meetings. high-powered ones with perez.
7:18 am
tycoon gives tens of millions to pro-israel groups and candidates. $5 million to pro-gingrich super pac early in january and $5 million from his wife this week. he says he knows he's getting a profit-israel candidate. in 2008 adelson spent $30 million. >> wow. richard, fascinating stuff. "wall street journal" political reporter has been digging into the relationship between gingrich and the adelson family. good morning. >> good morning. >> it isn't a stretch to say without sheldon adelson gingrich might be sit to think sideline watching from his living room. >> he's been kept on life support by sheldon adelson. normally in the course of a presidential election you would see a candidate with weaknesses fall by the wayside, candidate that had no money. newt in 2011 was making -- was pulling together between him and his super pac 10% to 20% of romney's haul. but the two gifts by mr.
7:19 am
adelson, $10 million in one month that we are aware of, we've been told there is much more to come from him and some of mr. adelson's friends and that has kept newt long enough alive to basically wait for the front runner to start to have problems. >> do we know if it's not just him who is getting money but -- i don't want to call him a bundler but getting his wealthy friends to give as well? >> we've heard that actually in the last couple of weeks because this normally would have been a confidential gift because it went to a super pac that doesn't have to disclose its donors yet. normally this would have been confidential. mr. adelson prefers not to have his money giving known. but we've been told that some of mr. adelson's friends, now that he's let his name go out there, are starting to come on board to help mr. gingrich. >> $10 million just for starters in a month. and that's by any stretch, even when you're a billionaire, a significant amount of money.
7:20 am
what is he getting out of it? that's the question everybody wants to know. is it all about israel? >> it's not all about israel, although one of the things that mr. adelson wants which mr. gingrich has said he will do if elected president, is symbolic gesture that's very controversial, which is moving the united states embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. and that's something mr. adelson wants very much. but he also opposes a two-state solution which is current policy. so he would like to see more hard line efforts for israel, a toughening stance on iran. but there's a second issue. way back in the '90s mr. gingrich and mr. adelson had another thing in common. they both really dislike unions. mr. adelson has done his best over the years, legally and legitimately, to keep unions from organizing around his casinos, to stop the culinary unions from doing well in his casinos, to stop card check, he supported legislation that would keep union donations under
7:21 am
control and from being used for political purposes. and he has gotten advice on that over the years from mr. gingrich. so that's something else that mr. adelson would like to see if mr. gingrich becomes president. >> if gingrich is his only guy or does he have plan or has he donated significant amounts of money to other candidates? >> we don't know if he's donated any significant amounts of money so far this year. he's supported some small erases in nevada in the past couple of years. the 2007-2008 cycle, he basically set up a very far right wing group called freedoms watch that ended up with a $30 million in that cycle. we've been told that the vast majority of that came from mr. adelson and supported a number of conservative candidates and conservative causes. some of it backfired, though, because for instance, in some of the southern states religious conservatives don't like the
7:22 am
gambling 12 gambling industry. and they attacked mr. adelson's candidates on the grounds they were tainted and they were connected to the, you know, the evil gambling industry. >> fascinating. and you've written a really interesting stuff about this. thanks so much for coming on. >> thanks for having me. coming up, live to the calm main trail in florida. but first, we've got an update on the emotional scene that's been playing out in state college pennsylvania. today 12,000 people are expected to fill a penn state campus arena for a public memorial service honoring joe paterno. this is the final scheduled event for the legendary penn state football coach who died sunday morning of lung cancer. he was 85. mo powerful trading a? total access - to everything. from idea to research to trade. including financials, indicators and real-time streaming quotes. whether you check your investments every day or every minute, our app can take them from thought to trade. at scottrade, seven-dollar trades are just the start.
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7:26 am
firsthand what arizona has done in regards to our economic recovery. he wanted to talk about the book. and i thought that he was pretty thin skinned. >> the white house says the exchange was over and earlier meeting between them, quote, the governor inaccurately described the meeting in her book. but the president said he would be glad to meet with governor brewer again. newt gingrich got heckled in coral springs, florida, yesterday over his consulting work for freddie mac. >> now, no, this is a free country and people are allowed to come and be noisy. it's part of the american tradition. >> gingrich won applause from the crowd after telling the woman that noise without knowledge does not make a free society. and treasury secretary tim geithner expected to leave even if president obama is elected to a second term. he said yesterday he will do, quote, something else, and does not expect to stay on for a second term. elizabeth warren will be
7:27 am
lawrence o'donnell's guest tonight on "the last word." she's challenging scott brown in massachusetts in what is one of the most hotly contested senate races in the country. the candidates will be fighting for florida's hispanic voters in tonight's debate. the ads running across the state right now are nasty and biting. the question is, are they effective. well, we'll show them to you. instead i got heartburn. hold up partner. prilosec can take days to work. try alka-seltzer. it kills heartburn fast. yeehaw! spark card from capital one. spark cash gives me the most rewards of any small business credit card. it's hard for my crew to keep up with 2% cash back on every purchase, every day. 2% cash back. that's setting the bar pretty high. thanks to spark, owning my own business has never been more rewarding. [ male announcer ] introducing spark the small business credit cards from capital one. get more by choosing unlimited double miles or 2% cash back on every purchase, every day.
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for you today ? we gave people right off the street a script and had them read it. no, sorry, i can't help you with that. i'm not authorized to access that transaction.
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that's not in our policy. i will transfer you now. my supervisor is currently not available. would you like to hold ? that department is currently closed. have i helped you with everything you needed ? if your bank doesn't give you knowledgeable customer service 24/7, you need an ally. ally bank. no nonsense. just people sense. you know the vote is getting close. the candidates have really hit the ground running today in florida. that state's primary just five days away. gingrich, romney, santorum all have events going on today before they head to the tdebate tonight. ron, gingrich spoke just a short time ago. what did he have to say and what's the strategy for tonight's debate? >> reporter: hey there, chris. good morning. the strategy seems to be for the former speaker to keep punching and punching hard. we're hearing some of the sharpest rhetoric coming from the speaker this morning over
7:31 am
near orlando. he is trying to continue to paint mitt romney has a guy who is not conservative enough saying on the stump it's going to take a real conservative as he describes him, reagan conservative, to content with barack obama. and starting to paint oit mitt romney as a guy out of touch, maybe has too much money, et cetera, et cetera. for his part, he is also punching back hard in that debate monday night. he is calling on the electability issue saying that it's going to take someone with his experience and not necessarily the speaker's experience to go up against president obama. here's a little bit of what newt gingrich had to say this morning near orlando. >> we have to focus on beating barack obama but we're not going to beat barack obama with some guy who has swiss bank accounts, cayman island accounts, owns shares of goldman sachs that foreclosures in florida and is himself a stock holder in fan my may and freddie mac while he thinks we're too stupid to put
7:32 am
the dots together to see what this is all about. >> we may see a fooisier newt gingrich tonight because the audience is going to be allowed to clap whenever they feel led is an appropriate time to do so. it should be quite fireworks like tonight. >> yes. he threatened not to show up if they weren't allowed to, press themselves, ron. i want to go to nbc campaign embed traveling with the romney campaign and is on the phone in jacksonville. good morning. so, what exactly is going on the this morning where is he about to speak? i think at some sort of small business event? and let's talk about the debate a little as well. >> reporter: hey, chris, good morning. we are in a factory fwloor right now. romney is actually in the room next to me and they're taking a quick tour of the small business here outside jacksonville. he's going to speak this morning kind of shorter version of what his campaign called a definitional speech, which was his rebuttal to the state of the union they gave two days ago. the campaign advises this is what we can look for in the debate tonight.
7:33 am
romney is walking a thin line between attacking president obama and trying to stay to focused on the economy and his original message and holing off newt gingrich. you're hearing buzz words hammered home time and time again by romney surrogates this week. you will hear them again in the debate tonight. >> i've got to wonder what's, you know, sort of the buzz around there. when i look at these polls and, you know, you you see this surge for newt and then you have nate silver looking at the polls and saying, well, not so fast. i mean, what sense are they getting on the ground? of course, if all you ever hear officially from the campaign is i really feel the momentum. >> now, it feels tight. they know they're locked in a very close battle, a very close fight. the debate tonight will be extremely telling and once again having the audience involved which plays to newt gingrich's strength. despite what they are saying they are throwing almost everything they have available in terms of ads, surrogates, you name it. they know this is going to be a
7:34 am
pretty tight battle here. >> numbers show romney and gingrich and supporters will spend more than $20 million there. that's a lot of ads, even in a big state. gingrich campaign says it's pulling off the air a controversial spanish language radio ad that calls romney the most anti-immigrant candidate. florida senator mark rube you who is staying knew chal in the race saying the ad is, quote, more than just unfortunate, it's inaccurate, inflammatory and doesn't belong in this campaign joining me now is ken goldstein. ken, good to see you. good morning. >> good morning to you. >> the romney camp and pro-romney super pac4$.5 million in fm and now $6 million as i said, by the time all is said and done, they're thinking $20 million plus.
7:35 am
is there a point in which that's too much or are all these ads cumulative effective? >> well, i think we don't know exactly what the effect of an advertisement is but we probably know it's not negative. and these campaigns are, as your reporter said, are throwing everything they have at it. and advertising can matter at the margin. and florida is certainly a place where we know about marginal reports. 537 votes for al gore in 2,000. these candidates are trying to throw every single thing they have and leaving nothing on the table. you don't want to save any money because they got to win in florida. >> all right. let's show you a couple ads and get your take on them. this is a new attack ad by a pro-romney super pac slamming gingrich for connecting himself to ronald reagan. >> i worked with president ronald reagan. >> ronald reagan. president reagan. reagan. >> gingrich exaggerating dropping reagans name 50 times. but in his diaries reagan mentioned gingrich only once. ry again criticized gingrich
7:36 am
saying newt's ideas would, quote, cripple our defense program. >> before iowa gingrich surged but then fizzled in the caucuses there ooas you know after that barrage of non-stop negative ads. do you think that could happen in florida? >> we're seeing very different advertising environments in the different states. as you said, gingrich it was focus of almost 50% of all the ads in iowa and the negative focus of almost 50% of the ads in iowa and seems to have had an effect in iowa. in south carolina he is also the focus of negative ads but his people got in the game and able to throw some hand grenades as well as catch some hand grenades in south carolina. when all is said and aired certainly more anti-gingrich messages in florida but his people are up and they are also attacking mitt romney. again, the balance is going to be off in the paid media most of the focus is going to be on gingrich but the gift that they got from sheldon adelson to the pac has allowed them to be
7:37 am
competitive in terms of tv advertising in the last couple of days. >> gingrich is also getting some other help. he's not the only one and the super pac is not the only one. liberal and democratic groups have been going after romney, too. here's part of an ad from a democratic labor union attacking romney's business record. >> while romney was a director of the damon corporation, the company was defrauding medicare of millions. prosecutors called it corporate greed run amok. the company was fined $100 million. but romney himself made a fortune. >> you're talking double whammy, triple whammy. not just running against the other candidates anymore. it doesn't matter thanks to the other viewer. they don't know where these ads come from. it's just the message? >> you know, that's exactly true. i don't think you could ask a normal viewer whether they knew who was sponsoring something. when we look at the ads we don't so much look at who is airing the ads or who they are airing the ads on behalf but who the
7:38 am
target of ads is. >> do you think that kind of ad is effective? >> listen, there is so much noise in florida now, the free media is covering it. there's going to be debates. there's all this advertising. so the chance of a particular buy shining through is not particularly great. that said, listen, tv advertising doesn't move races 10, 15, 20 percentage points but we're in a place in american political history where the margin matters. it looks like the margin is going to matter in florida. so maybe you're not worried about efficiency. strike maybe, you're not worried about efficiency. you're doing whatever you can to try and move that small number of votes that still may be movable. >> everything including the kitchen sink. ken goldstein, thank you so much. >> thanks for having me. we just got some new numbers that show mortgage rates have backed off their record lows but are still below 4%, 3.98%. these historically low numbers comes on the heels of a new
7:39 am
report that finds foreclosures made up, get this, one out of every five home sales last summer. one out of every five was the foreclosure home. jackie delan gel less is here on what is going to move your money. the president is going to be today where foreclosures make up 57% of the home sales. he also offered help in the state of the union address. what is the buzz on that? >> that's right, chris, in tuesday's night's state of the union he addressed housing and proposed to help more underwater homeowners with refinancing options and announced to investigate mortgage and financial fraud. exact details of the plan are not known but obama recognized that interest rates are at a record low and vow to send congress a plan that would allow homeowners who are under water to refinance. peopling people stay in their homes and stem those foreclosures. obama said the plan would allow every responsible homeowner to save $3,000 a year on their mortgage and that is a crucial statement because previous plans only apply to homeowners with
7:40 am
government-backed loans and it's thought that this plan will include private home loans to provide more pervasive help. obama is going to need congressional approval and it will be funded by a fee on large banks. the president also called for new mortgage investigation unit spearheaded by the justice department to look into mortgage abuse. that's what we know on this but sounds like a positive sign. >> thanks, jackie. and the internets that really been lugging up this morning with buzz about the possible release date for, yes, the iphone 5. several tech blogs quote a source from apple's manufacturer saying it's ready to begin production and could be out this summer. now, among the hot speculation that it will be a phone with a longer and wider screen. as usual, though, apple is not commenting. whee wheeeeeeeeeeeee! wheeeeeeeeeeee! whee whee wheeeeeeeeeeee-he-he-heeeeee! whee whee wheeeeeeeeeeee!
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babies may be using more than just their ears to learn to speak. according to a new study, after babies start babbling, they focus on the speaker's mouth to lip-read. this stage of development which starts from about 6 months of age and continues to about 10 months helps babies master the basic features of language. hi, everybody. good morning. i'm thomas roberts. in the next hour, finger points in arizona. take a look. what does this picture say to you about president obama's greeting in arizona from the governor jan brewer? what both sides are saying today. shooting for the stars on the campaign trail or at least the moon. now gingrich's comments are playing in nasa country and fresh attacks from mitt romney today. plus, bottling the rubio factor. gingrich and romney dike it out for romney's hispanic vote. we'll explore that at the top of the hour. >> thank you. this afternoon the president
7:45 am
talks to workers in another swing state, nevada. also happens to be the state with the worst unemployment rate in the nation. 12.6%. he's expected to highlight some of those same themes he touched on in two stops yesterday and in the state of the union. >> if a company wants to do business overseas, of course it's their right. but we shouldn't subsidize it. what we should do are subsidize and help and give tax breaks to companies that are investing here, that bring jobs back from overseas. >> i want to bring in nbc news political analyst, former senator harold. is this the message? >> i think it's the beginning of a pretty compelling narrative. i think the president laid out clearly the other night the investment that the country, many taxpayers, made in the auto industry is paying off. gm, ford, who didn't take money
7:46 am
but benefited from it, and chrysler are viable and strong brands. the investment in the banks. people forget the banks have paid back t.a.r.p. money that were invested in and the country made a profit on it. three, we created private sector job growth every month this president has been in office or overwhelming majority of the time he's been in office. it's not growing at the rate we want but we're moving in the right direction. if he can get congress and republicans to work with him on a smart deficit reduction plan, if the president himself would offer legislation to actually provide those benefits to businesses that create jobs here in america and force an up or down vote in the senate and if the president reduces regulatory burden on telecom companies and i would even argue even in the health care space, i think we could see even more growth and provide an even more compelling there. i don't like the 1% versus 99% argument as it manifests itself somewhat. >> in and of itself and what you're saying and a lot of people said finally the
7:47 am
president really laid out, for example, in h state of the union what happened with the auto industry. those are the kinds of statements he needs to be making. >> over and over again. >> if you look at the swing states he's going to, for example, today, check out their unemployment rates. we mentioned nevada. it's the highest in the country. but, you know, you can see there arizona and colorado. iowa low unemployment. michigan, still struggling. >> michigan's come down though over the last year and a half. >> it has come down but still over the national average. so goldie, is it too simple to say that he's got a better chance in places where the unemployment rate is low? >> i think it is too simple. i think, you know, my friend harold is right. the president's message the other night is on a couple of themes. it was about sacrifice, fairness, about investment, and it was about work and putting this country back to work. i think that, you know, he spells out some very strong data points about just how many jobs have been created, you know, over this last 24 months. you know, during this -- what has been a fairly slow recovery. but a recovery none the less
7:48 am
that americans are getting back to work and that he's calling on all of us to make a sacrifice in the -- in the taxes that we pay, in the work that we do. >> goldie, you brought that up, let me talk about taxes. because again, i think that speaks to what harold was saying which is the 99% versus the 1%. here's something he had to say about taxes. >> i think asking a billionaire to pay at least as much as his secretary in taxes is just common sense, especially when we're trying to figure out how to reduce our deficit. >> goldie, what do you think about thats a a message? >> i think the president is absolutely right. when we talk about shared sacrifice, everybody has a role to play in this. everybody has to put some skin in the game. you know, i've done well for myself in my life. i don't make an apology for that. but it also means that i have, you know, to pay as much in taxes as, say, my administrat e administrativedadministrative assistant and anybody else on my staff. i think the president is right about a that. >> i'll tell you what people said to me, just folks, you know, not in this business, but,
7:49 am
harold, everybody was curious to see what warren buffett's secretary looked like. that was a pretty good move. when he makes those kinds of statements, is that what concerns you, is that the 99% versus the 1% that your worried about? >> no, no doubt. first of all, 8200 americans that make $10 million or more in this country. even smaller number of americans who make what warren buffett makes. he's part of the 0.0001%. that group alone is not going to solve our problems. there's no reason in the world that warren buffett should pay a lower marginal tax rate, let alone his assistant. wh what are we doing to get to the upper middle dallas r class and those striving to get to the upper middle class. these are issues and energy sector, these are areas and concerns or sectors that the president is going to have to force congress and listening to that speech the other night, he is a set of ideas that go long
7:50 am
on many, many fronts. he has to construct a package, put it before the congress, enforce up or down votes. if they don't vote up or down on it, take that message around the country. if he wants to run against congress and do the nothing level, make that the case. i think his narrative is more compelling and, frankly, it's a more winning message if he adopts that approach. >> you certainly heard hit. me laid down the gauntlet on any number of issues in the state of the union against congress. and, look, he's speaking to the choir there. he's speeching to the choir there. >> to the democrats. >> well, they're in love with congress in general. >> right. >> and so is harold right about that. >> speaking to the choir, yes, i'm sorry. >> sure. >> i'd wonder, goldie, if we're looking at a situation here where it's not a bad idea to really punch on congress. >> it's not a bad idea to punch on congress, especially when we americans feel so lowly about congress today. i think the more important thing here is that the president is
7:51 am
taking his messages, you know, out into the states and out into the people that this will impact the most because that's where the pressure is. if you want to put heat on congress you've got to take this fight to the people and i think the president is right to do that over these coming days. >> goldie taylor, harold ford jr. >> go giants. >> if you follow harold, on twitter, the president said x, go blue. and then newt gingrich said, go giants. >> go blue means michigan. go giants, absolutely. go giants. >> thank you, harold. >> i'm a georgia dawg. >> thanks, goldie. two unlikely online friends continuing their love fest on twitter after the president's state of the union. this was maybe for me the twitter highlight. patriots wide receiver chad who also spent ten years playing for the bengals in cincinnati was live tweeting the address and wondering who is this guy behind obama? and then after that, when he figured out it was speaker
7:52 am
boehner, why wasn't he clapping? today's tweets today comes from oc ochocinco. if all feels bad in life, just remember, i love you, kind sir. the speaker responded, thanks and good luck in the super bowl. see you in the playoffs next year. go bengals. [ male announcer ] new starbucks blonde roast is another way to look at the bean. another way that reveals the lighter, mellower side of our roast. being blonde is nothing new but blonde roast is something new. something subtle. something soft. something with 40 years of roasting experience on its side. introducing delicious new starbucks blonde roast. the lighter roast perfected. ♪ prego?! but i've been buying ragu for years.
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could bradjolina be headed down the aisle? they say we would like to and seems to mean more and more to the kids. they said they wouldn't get hitched until gay marriage is legalized but now pitt says they don't think they will be able to hold out. check out this shot in a high school basketball game in nebraska. clock ticking down.
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joseph kristen took the pass, threw the ball from the other end of the court and the 80-foot shot went in. wow! unfortunately they ended up losing the game. ever want to make a breakfast run for the border? well, today, taco bell launches a breakfast menu at almost 800 restaurants. mostly in western states. menu items like breakfast burritos and egg wraps are range in price from 99 cents to $2.79. cute animal video of the day. panda is getting playtime at a research center in china. 6 months old playing with zookeepers and climbing tree 'they are cute. that's going to do it for this edition of "jansing and company." thomas roberts is up next. see you back here tomorrow. i had enough of feeling embarrassed about my skin.
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