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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  January 26, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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is the right ready who say gingrich is wrong. some are ready to launch an all out attack against newt gingrich's campaign. ann coulter's headline, re-elect obama, vote newt. polls show romney may be back on top in florida for now. some think it's a good sign gingrich may be in real trouble. it's a massive state. it's more like a nation than a state. i think florida may just be the firewall that romney needs. >> jan brewer's book sales are up less than 24 hours after this moment with obama. she claims it was a heated exchange over what she wrote about the president. >> i was trying to explain to him why i believe that i wrote the book the way that i did because it was factual and trustful, and we were going to have to disagree. >> that's her version.
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what is the white house saying about the finger point in the president's face. apple alleges chinese workers are subjected to near torturous conditions so americans and others can tote the newest, fastest and coolest phones. will consumer re-think what they buy. one of the murdered pardoned by haley barbour is missing. the convict is danger to the community. he will join me live. we'll get to politics in a second. the "news nation" is following big breaking news in a moment. defense secretary will lay out his plan to cut half a billion dollars from the u.s. budget. it involves an increase in the number of drones.
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the number of combat brigades to as low as 32 from 45. joining me is retired colonel jack jacobs. what do you think here? >> a couple of weeks ago the size of the army would be brought down to 500,000. he said i would like to get it down to 490. that's where he is proposing it will go. i'm not convinced that he still doesn't want it to go further smaller. >> when we cut 100,000 troops out of the army, how do you get the experience back overnight. john mccane said this is the
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greate greate greatest peril since the carter administration. >> it's before the overreliance on the guard and reserve. we have to go there to get the people because we don't have enough on active duty. now we are making it absolutely guaranteed that if we go to war, we'll have to call on the guard. >> the number of drones will increase. we know people believe that's a more controversial way of going to war using droe ining drones to boots on the ground. >> you're absolutely right. we had this conversation earlier. if you have lots of aircraft carriers and special operation forces, that means you can fight an enormous war and fight individual soldiers and terrorists which can't do a whole lot. >> we know the drones have been effective, especially when looking at the territory in
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afghanistan that's no-man's land. it's key to where the taliban and other al qaeda have been hiding. >> this administration has done a masterful job of eliminating large swaths of terrorists from pakistan and afghanistan and now in africa as well. if we're going to fight a smaller war, if we're going to be threatened in some other way by terrorists, we're not going to have the resources. >> is this the natural way, when looking at budgets and wars that have not been paid for, the list goes on and on, isn't this the natural way, the progression as we look at the country in where we are? >> yes. it's also the way to save money. i think that's the thing that's really driving in in the end, if you cancel programs, you're going to save money in the out years. you want to save money today, cancel the number of people. >> it's jeopardizing the nation's security? >> i believe it does. i'm like to see the marine corps
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larger than it is. it's much too low. >> thank you very much. we're following developing news out of nevada. president obama just wrapped up a speech in las vegas making a major energy announcement speaking to u.p.s. workers. >> my administration will soon up up around 38 million acres in the gulf of mexico for additional exploration and development, which could result in a lot more production of doe messiahic energy. >> kristen welker joins us. >> president obama will announce some more energy initiatives. he's announcing a leap sale, 38
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million acres in the gulf of mexico that's going to open up a lot of new oil and gas resources for this country. he also announced that there's a natural gas station that's been completed at that u.p.s. station where he was speaking. that's a big deal that's going to allow u.p.s. trucks to run on just natural gas all the way from los angeles to salt lake ci city. he announced he's going to give or try to give tax incentives for companies to essentially transport or convert their trucks to clean fuel. so big announcements today in terms of clean energy. as you've been reporting, there's a bit of a split screen to this trip. arizona governor jan brewer who greeted president obama at the airport on wednesday, got into a heated exchange with him and she's on the defense. she even pointed her finger at
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one point. she gave him an envelope asking him to meet with her over border issues. president obama said he would be happy to meet with her. however, he took issue with the way in which she characterized an oval office meeting the two had a little while back over immigration issues. she had written in her book that the president was lecturing her over immigration issues. that's sort at the root of this heated exchange. be white house has disagreed with the way in which arizona has enacted some of the toughest immigration laws in the country. that really is the root of why the two are at odds with each other. today she on the defense for pointing her finger. she went on fox news and said the president was thin-skinned in his reaction to her book. this is a getting a lot of play
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today. what's interesting is it highlights how pitched the battle over immigration is in this country and these really key battleground states for the president and the hispanic vote will be an important one in the general election. also in the primary. >> thank you. while president obama is in nevada, mitt romney is now focusing on that state to try to nix newt gingrich momentum. he's got a new campaign ad out. >> while nevada families lost everything in the housing crisis, newt gingrich cashed in. gingrich was paid over $1.6 million by the agency that helped create the crisis. >> that similar ad is playing in florida. at an event earlier today, gingrich blasted romney for his campaign strategy. >> we're not going to beat barack obama with some guy who has swiss bank accounts, cayman
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island accounts, owns shares of go goldman sachs while he tries the rest of us are too stupid to put the dots together. >> romney is re-taking his lead over gingrich. 36% say they support romney. 34% sticking with gingrich. when the numbers are broken down to though surveyed. romney gets the 38%. newt gingrich with 29%. joining me is michael summ. thank you for your time. >> congressman there in that state. he says knowing what he knows about florida, he doesn't think that gingrich will pull out a victory here. >> well, joe would know best. it seemed like newt gingrich had a head of steam coming out of south carolina because of that debate performance, which i'm convinced propelled him into a
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victory. if you look at the polling numbers the, if you go to the internals, nay take an immediately after south carolina. showed him with a bump. as you just pointed out, the passage of times seems to be in the benefit of mitt romney. they had the debate where it was a totally gift newt gingrich, a much more staid, subdued gingrich. i think it will be interesting to see which version shows up tonight, the quiet version or the angry version. i vote the angry version. >> i think so too. he was pretty mellow. i want to talk to you about this politico article. it points out that conservatives are ready to drop a bomb on newt gingrich. it says it's as if the conservative media decided gingrich is for real and they need to come clean about the man they really know before it's too late. ann coulter on her website saying a vote for gingrich is a
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vote for obama. the list goes on and on. they are not just feeling that newt gingrich is the right guy for them. >> for once i agree with ann coulter. that's rarity. i think they have finally taken a look at the data and recognize something that you and i have discussed so many times, which is there's the primary battle and the general election contest. those things that are suiting him so well in primary season, the red meat for the troop, the debate one liners that bring people to their feet, those are the things he will be held accountable for in a general election and make him unelectable against barack obama. i think they are saying, we better stop this juggernaut now. >> how do they stop him if that's the goal? at this point you have so much
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dir dirty laundry about this man out there. we know mitt romney hasn't brought it up. how do they stop him? >> they don't come around and embrace romney. it looks like it's being supportive of the romney candidacy. do they close the loop and say mitt's got tot be our guy. could they go for santorum. i think it's probably too late. if newt gingrich wins in florida, i think it's a whole new ball game. i do not rule out the proposition they would explore putting somebody in the race at later stage. >> there's a poll, people are very unhappy with the congress. they were asked if you could vote to defeat and replace all of congress, would you? 56% say yes. 40% say no. what do you say, michael? >> this is fascinating to me because the disapproval of congress is 80%.
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you would expect if you say, well, how about if you throw all the bones out. you would think you would get an 80% number, but you don't. the 80 comes down to 40. everybody hates congress, but they like their member of congress. it's like the woman who represents me or the guy who represents me is different than all the others. >> that's a good point. thank you very much. >> see you. wanted. one of the convicted murders pardoned by haley barbour and authorities are offering a reward. i'll talk to jim hood who says the person is a threat to the community. plus. >> when mitt romney invented government run health care, romney advisors helped barack obama write the disasterous obama care. >> who is gingrich's money man? . who is this controversial casino mogul and why is he motivated by
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israel. a shocking new report from the new york times details brutal treatment of workers at apple and other high-tech factories in china. will america will guilted into boycotting some of these products. [ male announcer ] the inspiring story of how a shipping giant can befriend a forest may seem like the stuff of fairy tales. but if you take away the faces on the trees... take away the pixie dust. take away the singing animals, and the storybook narrator... [ man ] you're left with more electric trucks. more recycled shipping materials... and a growing number of lower emissions planes... which still makes for a pretty enchanted tale. ♪ la la la [ man ] whoops, forgot one... [ male announcer ] sustainable solutions. fedex. solutions that matter.
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welcome back to "news nation." take a look. these are live pictures out of state college, pennsylvania. more than 12,000 people are attending a memorial for joe paterno. missing in mississippi. police are offering a reward to help track down a convicted murderer who was pardoned by
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haley barbour. he was one of four convicted killers who worked at the governor's mansion and later pardoned during barbour's last days in office. authorities say they do not where osment is. state officials say files on those four men are either missing or don't exist. it's unclear why the documents are missing. i'm joined by mississippi attorney general jim hood. thank you for your time. >> thank you. good afternoon. >> let's talk about this guy, the convicted murderer. once he's pardoned, was he beheld to report back to court? why is he considered missing? >> he has a document that says he's a free man. i'm trying to convict a man hunt with one arm tied behind my back. a court has ordered him to serve back. we have to serve him with the documents. we can't put out a criminal apb
11:19 am
for it to try to do a criminal arrest on him. we have to serve him with documents. that's part of the problem. when they turn one a loose after they have been pardoned, they don't have to leave a forwarding address. >> you refer to him as a danger to the community but he wasn't obligated to give a forwarding address. is this way to keep the story in the immediate yea and keep medi. there was nothing that required him to stay in contact with you or your office. >> that's correct. what makes him a danger is knowing once we serve him, he's likely to come to court. he pardon won't be held invalid and he will likely go back to prison. they don't have much to loose.
11:20 am
we are closing in. media have assisted us. hopefully we'll be able to serve him. he will be subject to have to come to court. i can't issue -- he's not an escapee so i can't issue an warrant. >> if you are able to serve him, get him back in court, he still leaves the courtroom and still a convicted murderer, a free man. >> the court will put restrictions on his travel and so forth. we have a hearing set for february 3rd. very quickly, the court will decide whether or not his pardon as well as the other four who were released. we have five that were pardoned and they are presently being held by the didn't of corrections. they are not being released. what we found out of 203 pardon, it appears that 170 are invalid
11:21 am
because he does not follow what is required requiring 30 days publication. >> will the former governor be required -- i know he's briefly commented, he's released a statement. a lot of people were wondering what was he thinking? will he will required to show up at court? >> not at this point. he owes an explanation to people as to why we would turn this many medipeople out. they record will be clensed if the court does not go back. >> all right jim hood, thank you so much for your time. up next, newt gingrich pulls a controversial ad in florida after republican senator marco rubio calls it inaccurate and inflammatory. we'll find out more on what's happening in the vote for hispanic voters in florida. that's next. i had enough of feeling embarrassed about my skin.
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i like immigration. immigration has been an extraordinary source of strength in this country. immigrants form more businesses than domestic born americans. >> i think the idea we're going to deport grandmothers and grandfathers is a sufficient level of inhumanity. first of all, it's never going to happen. >> the latino vote makes up over 22% in florida. gingrich's campaign pulled down a spanish radio ad after senator marco rubio said this kind of language is more than just unfortunate, it's inaccurate, inflammatory and does not belong in this campaign.
11:26 am
erin, thanks for your time. in your piece, the first line captures so much you say targeting specific coalitions wasn't much en vogue until the campaigns came to the sunshine state. now a battle is raging for the latino vote in south florida. it seems both campaigns are making stumbles along the way that could cost them that vote. >> they certainly are, tamron. this radio ad that newt gingrich's campaign had to take down that offended marco rubio was a big problem. it took away from some of the language that both campaigns are using to target the voters and the kinds of ideas that they are trying to show they have with the latino community here in florida. they both had interviews with univision, and they both got into some details about their
11:27 am
policies toward latin america and latin america voters here. they didn't really hear much because it's been this personal battle between the two. romney's commented about deportation have come up and they tried to talk about that the but it's become a personal battle. >> we might hear the same kind of attack line from both of these candidates tonight in this latest debate. i'm sure newt gingrich will pick up again on the self-deportation line. none of the real big names are coming out for candidate one way or the other. you have marco rubio willing to criticize newt gingrich, but he's not come out in favor or backed a candidate yet. what's the holdup there? >> marco rubio has said he's going to remain neutral in this race. i will point out that mitt romney does have the support of a number of latino leaders in
11:28 am
florida. he's also been campaigning with them. a senator from florida was campaigning with mitt romney yesterday. they're not ready to declare a candidate of choice. you do see a lot of elected leaders starting to go in the direction of mitt romney. >> i know you're on the road. we thank you for joining us p. new airline rules go into effect today that will change advertised flight prices. sales up arizona governor's jan brewer book skyrocketed on after this testy exchange with the president. what the white house is saying about this. have given way to sl. where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep. and lunesta can help you get there, like it has for so many people before.
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we're following some break news. a guilty pleading for the man
11:32 am
accused of shooting at the pentagon. we're getting look at video of him at the scene. pete williams joins me live from washington, d.c. what's the latest? >> you're looking at video prosecutors say was shot by the man. he's holding a 9 mm handgun high pressure pe recorded this video the night he shot for the second time at the national museum of the marine corps. he fired twice at that museum. once at the pentagon and once another coast guard and marine corps recruiting offices. he admitted he fired the shots. he was arrested in june of last year right near arlington cemetery at 1:30 in the morning
11:33 am
when i kn . when he was approached by law enforcement officers. when they searched his home they found components of bomb making materials. he said there's a military building. that's the building i'm going to be targeting. last time i hit them they turned off the lights for four or five days, the punks. he said i'm going to see if i can turn them off forever. he fired the shots late at night, early in the morning. prosecutors say the various shootings cost, did damage that will cost over $100,000 to repair. you can see the muzzle flashes out of 9 mm handgun as he fiere the shots. >> he's pled guilty in those shootings. thank you. airlines are challenging a federal rule that goes into effect requiring them to
11:34 am
advertise the full ticket price on all flights. that means no more of that fine print that reads additional taxes and fees will apply. the taxes can increase a fare by about 20%. phil, anybody's purchased a ticket, they know, you see the air fare price, it might be 49 or $89. when you go to purchase your bill is a lot more than that initial price. that's about to change or has change. >> it has changed. all airlines have to say what's the all end price. if you were flying from chicago to l.a., you have to give the whole price. what's the fees and the taxes that are a part of that. in other words, how much of that is for the fare. how much of that landing fees, other fees associated with the airports, tax, all of that has to be broken out.
11:35 am
some airlines think it makes the fares look more expensive. at the end of the day, when i talked to people here, they say the same thing. let me know the information. i may not want to fly after i see it, but let me know what i'm paying for. the. >> if the airlines are making it look more expensive, might this pressure them to bring down fares? could we see fare war for the spring or anything like that? >> i think it's going to be tough tough for them to have fare war because they are dealing with high fuel costs, high labor costs. that's not a lot of area where you can see what we're going to cut here in order to bring down our fares. >> thank you very much, phil. so far he's donated $10 million to the pro-gingrich super mac.
11:36 am
he's worth more than $23 billion. two single $5 million super pac donations is among the largest in the united states in our country's history. they explain why the billionaire is such a lucrative supporter. >> sheldon adelson is very deeply concerned about the survival of israel and believes that the iranians represent a threat. he's motivated by having a commander in chief tough enough. >> michael, as i understand it, sheldon adelson heard a controversial comment from newt gingrich and that is part of the reason he decided to give his support to gingrich. >> well, he's been a supporter
11:37 am
of gingrich for quite some time. his political group came from adelson. adelson was the biggest and plus he was providing a private jet to fly gingrich around. for the past five or six years, adelson has been the financial angel behind newt gingrich. they have become very close over the years. what's really extraordinary about this $10 million from adelson and his wife, it was crucial in turning around gingrich's candidacy. it came after the crushing defeat that gingrich got. as soon as the super pac got the money, they were able toll go on the air with attack ads against mitt romney. the senior adviser says the
11:38 am
money from the ads is what turned the race around. >> michael, what about the report that it was gingrich's comments that palestinians are an inventive people. that remark, as it's been reported in some places, is one that adelson loved and that helped fuel his passion to support newt over mitt romney. >> i don't know that it fueled his passion anymore than it already was. he had already been a big supporter of gingrich's. it certainly gives you an idea of where gingrich is coming from. that's very much the adelson point of view. after gingrich said it, adelson spoke to a pro-israeli group and endorsed that saying gingrich was right. it's worth noting, those are pretty provocative comments.
11:39 am
they do not reflect u.s. policy. that's not something that sheldon adelson supports. >> ron mott asked have you promised him something in return. he said i promised to defend the united states. do we know what adelson could want here other than what you have recited? >> he's a casino mogul with a sprawling international businesses. he's also under justice department investigation for alleges of foreign corrupt payments in china. they are denied by the company. that's something that the justice department most likely in the next administration will have to resolve. that's something that sheldon adelson will be interested in. thank you. jan brewer is now defending her treatment of the president as
11:40 am
what is being referred to as a testy exchange. she said she was not trying to be disrespectful or threatening when a pictured appeared of her pointing her finger in the president's face. >> i probably have better photographs of me than that. i hope people will take it into context that i was talking and i talk with my hands. he wanted to talk about the book. i thought he was pretty thin-skinned. >> it seems like the tarmac tiff has been a good thing for her book. it jumped almost 500,000 percent on amazon's list. mike, we were talking about this. someone tweeted why are you saying it was a finger point. it's wag. it's sgrinteresting how this is being played out. a lot of people interpreted this as disrespect. body language from this governor who has a sorted history with this president and this
11:41 am
administration. >> reporter: the irony is she said it's the president who disrespected her by walking off when in the middle of a sentence. the president off of air force one. he was in phoenix yesterday. he got off the airplane. the governor was part of the welcoming committee. she handed him a letter and said there was issues she wanted to talk about. the president took up the issue of the book, "scorpians for breakfast". the president gave the book a thumbs down which resulted in the index finger being pointed. it's hard to believe that president obama was spending any time at all reading jan brewer's memoir giving the history between them. it was about two years ago talking about immigration. she says that the president was quote, patronizing toward her
11:42 am
and lecturing her on immigration. the president evidently sharply disputed that characterization when face-to-face yesterday on that tarmac. >> mike, for the record, i guess jan brewer said she asked the president if he read it, he said no, i saw the excerpt. he didn't have time to read the book. details on a report from the new york times that alleges brutal and deadly treatment of workers in china who make apple products and other high-tech products. . want to look natural, not naked! but all you need is 3. lashblast for volume, outlast -- for kissing... simply ageless to help you look easy breezy beautiful covergirl. that's how it is with alzheimer's disease. she needs help from me. and her medication. the exelon patch -- it releases medication continuously for twenty-four hours. she uses one exelon patch daily
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focus on the speakers mouth to lip read. it starts from six months of age and continues to ten months. it helps master the skills of language. is it possible for newt gingrich to get any nastier? desperate times call for desperate measures in the florida swamplands and mitt is gator bait. the president presses his case in vegas and fly me to the moon. back to tamron. this week technology giant apple reported record profits fueled by sales of the ipad and iphone. sales helped double first quartzer profit to more than $$3 billion. the success of apple and other high-tech companies come at a human cost. the "new york times" writes employers work excessive overtime, seven days a week and
11:47 am
live in crowded dorms. they stand so long their legs swell until they can hardly walk. joining me is joe brown. joe, i have the report here. we printed it out. there's pages and pages of information. we were talking in the commercial break. a lot of people are anonymous sources or employees who say they were subjected or saw this kind of treatment. this is not just about apple but because apple is most successful at this time, this is major issue. >> it is. one of the reasons it's so important to look at apple is because apple has been so successful because it's a price leader right now in smart phones. it's a price leader because tim cook, who is a wizard as the coo and is now ceo, he's able to get the most out of their margins. he's able to squeeze the supplier. when you squeeze them, they cut corners. >> apple has become one of the mightiest and most successful
11:48 am
companies in the world. the workers assembling labor is harsh conditions. what is apple saying? i know they have an audit system in place. there were rash of suicides once before. how they they defending themselves. >> they say if you don't comply with violations, if you don't comply with fixing your violati violation, they will drop you within 90 days. >> four people killed, 16 injured at a plant that made ipads. december 2011, blast eed a factory, is the season not working? >> those two explosions came
11:49 am
from the same thing, aluminum dust. the one that happened back in earlier was fixed. this is a totally different problem. dust has beexploded for a long time. >> what do you think will be the next move here? when you have a headline saying human cost, and it's not just apple, we see nike and other people buckle to pressure as a result of the conditions workers were put under to produce their products, sneakers, athletic wear. might we see apple buckle to this. they have asked why can't we make the products here in this country. >> you have to hope so. the only time apple will buckle is when consumer start making that decision saying i'm not going to buy an iphone because i don't like what i'm hearing. thank you. we're learning more details about what happened right before demi moore was rushed to the hospital. have you seen rhianna, her
11:50 am
new tattoo. joining us is bradley jacobs. he's the senior editor at "us weekly". >> we've now confirmed that demi moore after weeks of partying was rushed to the hospital. >> do you know why? >> it's unclear. >> it's like an inhaler huffing thing. >> we have not been able to confirm that. we have confirmed she is spiraling out of control and finding it harder and harder to function. >> is this the result of the break up with ashton? >> yes. she has a public break up. he cheated on her. the woman he cheated with gave her story to "us weekly".
11:51 am
it was humiliating. >> he's been busy in the past on media. has there been any official comments? >> have not seen that. things have cooled off for her. she used to tweet all day long. she hasn't tweeted once since january 7th. >> on a happier note, singer adele is making a bit of history. >> her album has been number one for 17 straight weeks shp she's closing in on a record set by whitney houston set almost 20 years ago with the bodyguard sound track. it was on top for 20 weeks. this is only adele's second album. >> whitney houston. i think i did have that on cassette. moving on, rhinna's tattoo.
11:52 am
it features her this pop star. she is showing her knuckles. it says. >> thug life. tupac has it on his stomach. he was murdered in 1996. >> why would she put thug life on her? she's a beauty. >> i would think it's a tribute to tupac. he is still a legend in the wrap world. i think she's showing her solidarity to him. >> okay. we'll see if she explains. we'll be right back. try bayer a. it has microparticles so it enters the bloodstream fast and rushes relief to the site of your tough pain. it's proven to relieve pain twice as fast as before. bayer advanced aspirin. at liberty mutual, we know how much you count on your car,
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