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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  January 27, 2012 10:00am-11:00am PST

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>> and don't forget, rick santorum, turning in a strong debate performance that could divide the gingrich support and help romney. >> the issue here is that these two men are distracting from the issues. >> for shear entertainment no one was better than ron paul. >> i'm willing to challenge any of these gentlemen up here to a 25 mile bike ride. >> and newt didn't want to take that challenge. i'm live in washington n oin ou daily fix, romney attacked gingrich on freddie mac and fannie mae and accused him of panderring to the space crowd. >> if i had a business executive come to me and said they wanted to spend a billion dollars to put a colony on the moon, i
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would say you are fired. >> what a debate. i mean, watching them go at each other, gingrich with this debate coach, this was gingrich taking a -- rather, romney with a new debate coach. romney taking on gingrich on the whole freddie mac deal. >> governor romney, in the spirit of openness should tell us how much money he made off of how many households that were foreclosed. >> my investments have been in a blind trust, managed by a trustee. have you checked your own investments? you have investments that have mutual funds that also invest in fannie mae and freddie mac. >> now, i think there was fact checking there that mitt romney's mutual fund which was not stock but which invests in freddie and fanny, was not part of the blind trust, you know, there's a lot going back and
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forth here. but the bottom line is, any time mitt romney is talking about his trustee and his blind trust that is not a good moment. >> it n's not a good moment. but it was the ability to neutralize that moment and for him to turn and csay, have yoch your own investments, you are doing the same thing? he showed fight and he looked like he was in good shape to do it. he shut gingrich down, gingrich is asking for a truce and romney is saying no, maybe you should have the guts to say in front of me what you say on the campaign trail. all of those moments said, i'm mitt romney, i have fight and i can take it to barack obama and i can defend myself and neutralize the guy whose whole campaign is predicated by a strong performance. >> and you our wall street
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journal poll shows shall h s th to fight. look at the point spread with gingrich so far ahead nationally against romney, santorum further behind, and then ron paul. so, in the national polls, at any rate. even though romney pulled ahead in the latest florida polling, he has a real problem. to stop newt begin rich right there. >> we were not talking about slamming the door shut to nomination battle. but if gingrich wins not only does the romney team go into panic mode, but then you go dorm ant for a while where gingrich has time to make money for the campaign, raise money, and then really regroup as he faces the contest ahead. that is why florida is so important. >> when you look deeper into our ""wall street journal" poll gingrich is winning with all the
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base groups that he needs between party. that is what he built, based on that very strong performance in south carolina. >> yet, here is florida, which is such an interesting state historically as we think of the 2000 election, it a diverse state. even in the republican primary, the abilil t the ability, he can make the case that he is a stronger candidate because you are right, if there's a tea party candidate and conservative alternative, it's newt gingrich that is emerging to be that person, santorum will join me on the program on sunday. is he splitting the conservative vote? is he something of a spoiler if he doesn't find a why to better his position? >> of course, the establishment now ganging up on newt gingrich trying to help mitt romney stop gingrich right there in florida. when you look at the national
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numbers, barack obama versus newt gingrich, some are saying it's a goldwater moment. this could be horrible when you look at the advantage that president obama has over newt gingrich head to head. much more so than the competitive race he would have against romney. >> you look at iowa and new hampshire, and south carolina, electability was an important point. we are down to looking at who are these two men, how do they make decisions how do they lead? it's comparable to obama and clinton in that way, they are not that far apart on policy but it's taking their measure as leaders and their ability to take the fight to obama. >> and those character issues that are so sporimportant, romn has people testifying for him. john mccain, he did the well in
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florida in the last race. this is john mccain, on your program on sunday, and mccain going after newt gingrich for mitt romney. >> i have grown to know and appreciate marco rubio in the united states senate. he is smart and tough and he is a thinker. he is very articulate and he has incredibly bright future. >> here, he is talking about marco rubio who has not endorsed either side. very popular in florida, freshman senator who when asked who would you put your cabinet, both candidates said that rubio would be higher than a cabinet level. >> no panderring there. >> gingrich will face off against fred thompson on the program sunday, here is senator mccain making the case for romney who was in a bitter race with him four years ago. >> what a race, what a year. >> it will be fun.
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>> we will be watching on sunday, thanks david. with new coaching, he has not decided how to defend his massachusetts health care plan. >> what governor romney just said is that government run top down medicine is going well -- >> that is not what i said. >> think about what that means when going against barack obama. he will say, wait a minute, governor, you just said that top down government run medicine in massachusetts works well. >> we are insisting on personal responsibility, get the insurance or help pay for your care. that was the conclusion that we reached. >> does everyone in massachusetts have a requirement to buy health care? >> they have to buy health care or they must pay the state for the cost of providing them free care. for them to get something for free when they can pay for it,
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was something we decided in our state was not a good idea. >> you were with romney in the last go around. you are here with us today, first of all, the new debate coach, brett o'donnell, this is mitt romney taking it to newt gingrich, it's a new mitt romney. >> he was aggressive in drawing the contrast, i do not give credit to staff, i think that every -- >> that was brett o'donnell in the background there with the previous candidate that he coached was michele bachmann. >> the reason this campaign is doing well in florida is because of the governor and i think the reason he did well in the debate was because he crystalized the arguments between he and newt gingrich about who do we want as a nominee. because of that, because he made such very forceful arguments and drew strong contrasts, i think that right now you have seeing
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that reflected t eed in the num coming out of florida. that does not mean we to not have more work to do. it's only friday, the votes are coming on saturday. >> one of the problems and challenges that you face are from the hispanic leaders, each side has their own hispanic endorsers, but you have a letter today from hispanic leaders that are challenging mitt romney because of his position on immigration. we are advising you that we have come to a decision that your support of the hispanic community is not what we need. mr. romney you are unable to understand issues in the latino community. >> i respectfully disagree, of course, with the people that signed that letter. i had think that governor romney has been very focused on, when he talks to the hispanic community, talking about the
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economic especialmpowerment and would help folks -- >> gingrich has a far more moderate approach to immigration than romney and on the dream act and empowering those in the military to get in line and get citizenship. >> i think when moderators are not focus oed on trying to get republicans to fight each other on these issues. romney has been a strong voice with i mmigration, he has talke about inviting legal immigration and how it's important for the economy and how many folks that want to be americans are coming here with great skills and seeking work. when he talks about that, for example, when he said, we have somebody comes here and they get a degree, we should staple a
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green card to that degree. i disagree with the signers of the letter and i had think that governor romney will get a great deal of support from hispanics that will be living in florida and voting on tuesday >> doesn't he have to come up with something better than the words like trust and trustee? >> the average voter cares about their economic situation and romney has talked to those anxieties, how do we create more jobs, how do we make sure that many americans up and down the income scale are enjoying prosperity and the economy is growing again, what is happening, there's technical terms near in explaining some of the disclosures that are required of a presidential candidate and that is always unfortunate but he dealt directly with that when asked about it and then moved on and
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talked about what he would do to help grow the economy and what he will do to help voters. >> are you frustrated in the wall street journal pole that gingrich is favored over mitt romney over who can better handle the committee? >> we have to remember polls are a process not a public event. i think a lot of the -- some of the numbers you are seeing coming out of the poll are a reflection of the information flow. but, this is not a national primary. this is not a national contest. this is a contest that is going state by state and in florida right now, governor romney's message to florida voters, florida republicans, it's resonating, because they are aware of the contrast between romney and gingrich and what they want more the country and the party. >> thanks for being with us.
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and developing now, we are waiting for president obama to address the house democrats in maryland, we have michael feldman with us, thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> i'm sure the it was a democratic enjoyment to watch the republican debate last
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night, this is what karl rove said earlier this week about watching the republicans beating each other up. >> stop, stop, realizing you are only doing damage to your own chances for the general election -- >> precisely. >> if we come out with a wounded nominee. >> that escalated last night. from the president's perspective, what about this match-up between gingrich and romney? and who is easier to take on. there's been suggestion that going after romney makes it clear that the white house wants to hurt romney and make gingrich the more likely nominee. >> i find myself in agreement with karl rove, you have the president talking about protecting the middle class, manufacturing, you know, education, tax fairness and on the other hand you have the republican candidates beating
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themselves to a pulp in florida, talking about whose trustee has done a better job with their stocks. it's a good position for the president and democrats. and i think that while democrats hope it goes on for a good long while, a lot of the damage has been done. your poll showed the toll this is taking on the republican party in general. but also for the potential nominees, you know the net negative numbers for mitt romney and for newt gingrich, they are way above where they should be and i think that is probably got a lot of republican operatives and strategists scratching their head. i want to ask you about what the president faced when he arrived in phoenix the other night and had a finger pointing exchange with jan brewer, they handed him a letter and we have the letter now and the letter said, we both
10:19 am
love this great country but we fundamentally disagree about how to best make america grow and prosper again, i would love an opportunity to share with you how much we have been able to turn arizona around. this is a whole new level of challenge to the president. clearly she was trying to put him on the spot and curry favor with her conservative voters in arizona. >> and she may curry favor with a narrow slice, but nationally it's not helping the republican. she is a controversial governor, especially in arizona, hispanic voters are the key to the election in 2012. my friend mark mckinnen, wrote a column the other day in "the daily beast." republican strategists see that
10:20 am
there's a part of the hispanic electorate that is getable in 2012, the president and democrats see it, but if republicans fail to address that constituentsy, it will be to their detriment in 2012. this may have a effect on a narrow slice but it's not nationally helpful. the president comes outlooking well. >> the president goes in with the democrat caucus, he had fewer viewer -- has it become harder for the president to make his case for the public? >> first of all, it was a large number, we can talk about the percentage of the american viewers that were watching that night. it was not just that night. it was 10s of millions viewers. >> it was 37 million,
10:21 am
>> huge number, and look at what the president has been doing in the last few days, going into key markets and spreading the message. they are doing a good job of making sure it's not just the speech in the room but people across the country are hearing the message and the most important thing the president did was to walk in and address the american people and tell them we are headed in the right direction, we are beginning to turn it around and there's things we can do right now to make a difference in real working people's lives. again, that juxtaposed to the republican negativity is important, it's not just the speech, he is walking in to address what i would say is a united democrat caucus, they are more united than they have been in a very long time and it's because they have a common foe. the republican leadership in is
10:22 am
house of representatives is their common foe, if you are running for re-election, as a member of congress who is up in 2012, or you tare the president of the united states, up for re-election, that is your enemy. >> we are enjoying watching the republicans going after each other with long knives and watching the president campaign. >> [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day
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in today's political are cobriefing, the republican establishment is mobilizing, martin this is extraordinary what you see is the gang is all there and john mccain out campaigning today, the letter from bob dole, let me share a bit of it with you. >> sure. >> bob dole has not said much politically. he has been ailing off on and
10:26 am
off, here he comes out swinging. there was a long history, he was the senate majority leader while newt gingrich came up and became speaker of the house. and he was senator majority leader when gingrich was preventing a lot of bush 41s initiatives. >> newt will have an adverse effect on those running for state and local offices. it was his way or the highway, and he talks about mounting ethics problems, he said that even he went to bob dole and dole helped him get a line of credit to pay off his fine and it ended up newt raised the money from other sources. this is crushing. >> yeah, this is remarkable, it not surprising that newt gingrich had made a lot of enemies especially within his own party. we have all been waiting for
10:27 am
folks from the '90s to go public with whoa, we tonight want newt as our nominee, you saw bob dole come out and we have had reports that the freshman, who never served with newt gingrich are becoming equally worried. some of them will not talk on the record, they are concerned about it going on the record. someone like jason, chafitts a republican from utah said he is worried about having newt as a nominee. he has a reputation for being undisciplined and coming unhinged. there are people that are worried about this prospect. >> and dole in his letter said it would be a crushing land slide defeat for republican candidates at every level of the ballot. thanks so much, martin. good to see you. have a great weekend. >> and the republican primary race helping our hurting the republican party, we have the numbers and the man behind the
10:28 am
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if your bank doesn't give you knowledgeable customer service 24/7, you need an ally. ally bank. no nonsense. just people sense. as we heard from karl rove earlier in the show, a big question for the republican party is how is this primary fight going to affect their chances to recapture the white house. thank you, it's great to see you. let's take a look behind the numbers of what you are seeing in the polling and focus groups of how the campaign is affecting the view of the republican and democrat party. it's fascinating we have been doing this poll for 23 years and we are now seeing all kinds of times that both items atimes th democrats and republicans are
10:32 am
negatively held by the american public. it is an unhappy time. you take it further. how is it affecting the republicans? it's hurting them. more team feel negatively because of the primary. there's a lot of back and forth and there's a sense that these people are small and all the candidates are held negativelily on the republican side. we have never seen that before. >> also, when you look at the way they view the field, republican voters are not that happy with their choices. >> certainly not. in fact, when you find out that you really end up with only about 22% saying that they have a strong field, and you end up with about one in four saying it a weak field, it's not a sense of confidence, it's not like other years when the republicans felt they were coming in with strong candidates, 1988, again in 2008, they were behind mccain. but not today.
10:33 am
>> what about the republicans, the overall impact of this race on the republican party going forward. >> well, it has two impacts, the first and most important impact is for the fourth time we have seen republicans trailing the democrats in the congressional race. and that becomes important and that spread is getting larger t second thing that we are seeing is that republicans are he seen as out on the edge rather than in the middle and both those things effect them as they come into the general election. always hard to run a primary and a tough one like this, worse. >> they are all deployed all over florida and the argument they are making is similar to what you are seeing in the polling is that newt gingrich against barack obama could be a
10:34 am
goldwater moment. >> he has too many problems with too many groups, independents overwhelmingly, women, particularly rural women. he is losing women two to one. he is a disaster for the republicans. the democrats i have to tell you, they love it, it's demolition demolition derby time. >> the qualities that the president needs to worry about, what are his weaknesses? >> the voters are trying to understand him. is this a person of conviction? and he a -- is he a person of conviction and how will the economy do, does he have the recipe? people feel better about the economy. >> there were new gdp numbers,
10:35 am
the best growth since 2010. it's a sharp increase from the third quarter, but still moderate slow growth. they will keep the interest rate low until 2014. the president has to express the change in direction rather than real numbers. >> i think there are two things. he does not want a referendum on his policies alone. he needs a compare on against the republican candidate and the second thing is as you said, there needs to be an up tick and sense of confidence. what we did was found a sense of confidence. >> in terms of confidence, you are seeing, as we were discussing with chuck todd yesterday, the attitude towards the he economy, the wrong track right track has taken a big jump. >> big jump, for the first time we have 40% of the american
10:36 am
public that the economy in the months ahead will be on the positive side and that is unusual. and people feel more positive about their own lives. a sense of confidence and self assurance. all of that becomes important for the president. one other thing that works for him and i think it's important that people still like him. they like him as a human being and like him as a father. all of those things are a very, very positive element. >> and on that score, what about what we are seeing from the republican debate, when these guys go after each other, we are all praising mitt romney because with the debate coach, he fired up the crowd and showed he could be competitive and that is what republican voters want to see. how does that hurt him in any way, the backlash of negative campaigning? >> everyone is seeing the negative campaigning and the down side is even with republicans, they look and do y i
10:37 am
not feel confident about the republican party coming out of this. only 30 percent said they feel better about the republican party based on the primary. >> and here is the president speaking to the democrats in maryland. the house caucus welcoming him there. >> thank you, thank you everybody. thank you, all right, everyone have a seat. now, let me begin by saying i was told that on a cd that i just receive d that all of you participated in a rendition of al green. what i did not realize was that you also had a reverend who can preach as good as al green in john larson.
10:38 am
so, i was -- i kept on looking for the collection plate getting passed. john, thank you for that introduction to the leader of this body and soon to be once again speaker of the house nancy pelosi. [ applause [ applause ] to the rest of the leadership team, hoyer, jim clyburn, javier, and the best possible chair we could have for the dnc, debbie wasserman schultz, we
10:39 am
have an all-star team put together and ready to get to work. i know you have been here quite a bit, you had to suffer through a relatively long speech from me this week. so i'm not going to speak too long. what i wanted to do first of all was just say thank you. so many of you have served this country, your districts for years, through good times and through bad times, you know, let's face it, public service doesn't always get the credit that it deserves. but knowing each and everyone of you personally, understanding the sacrifices that you and your family members, some of whom are here today make each and every day, understanding how much your
10:40 am
heart bleeds when you see constituents are going through a tough time and how much you want to make sure that government serves as a force for good in their lives, i just want to say thank you for everything that you do. you guys are putting it all on the line because you believe in an america in which everybody gets a fair shot and everybody does their fair share and everybody plays by the same set of rules. that is what you have been about, that is what this caucus is about and that's the vision that we are fighting for this year and in years to come. now, as i said at the state of the union, the critical debate in the country right now, the defining question that faces all of us is whether we are going to
10:41 am
restore that sense of an american promise where if you work hard, if you are carrying out your responsibilities, if you are looking out for your family, if you are participating in your community, if you are doing what you are supposed to be doing, you have the chance to get a job that allows you to support your family. you won't be bankrupt when you get sick. you can send your children to college. you can retire with respect. you can expect that your children and grandchildren will do better than you do. that american promise, that central driving force in what has created the greatest country, the largest economy, and the broadest middle class on earth, that promise has been
10:42 am
eroding for too many people and all of you know it and this is not a new trend, this is something going on for years now. wages and income stagnant at the same time that costs keep going up and up and up. out sourcing and jobs moving elsewhere, young people wondering even if they invest in a college degree, had wiwill th able to get a job that will support ever increasing debt. and that was before the crisis that hit in 2008/2009 that put millions people out of work. here is the good news, the good news is that we are moving in the right direction. thanks to your efforts, thanks to some tough votes that all out of took, thanks to the leadership that nancy pelosi and the rest of the leadership team
10:43 am
showed, we righted the ship, we did not tip into a great depression. the auto industry was saved. credit started flowing to small businesses again. and over the last 22 months, we have seen three million jobs created, the most jobs last year since 2005. more job in manufacturing than we have seen since the '90s, a lot of that has to do with tough decisions that you made. i came from michigan, and there are very few states that have been harder hit by these long-term trends than michigan, but you can feel the sense of renewed purpose and renewed hope in that state. they understand that had we with not acted, a million jobs might
10:44 am
have been lost. they understand that had we not acted, the big three automakers, but then all the suppliers and the entire eco system of the economy in that state would have been destroyed. and now they are thinking gm is number one again, and chrysler is on the move again and ford is investing in plants and equipment again. and you get a sense of movement, a restoration of hope and possibility. but people understand that the job is not done, not even close to being done yet, if we are going to finish the job, we have to first of all make sure that american manufacturing is strong. and that means that we are out there creating a tax code that doesn't provide tax breaks for companies that have shipping
10:45 am
jobs overseas, we are focusing on companies that are investing right here in the united states because we believe that when you make it in america everybody benefits. everybody does well. they understand that we need american energy. and part of my goal on tuesday was to dispell this notion that somehow we have not been on top of developing american energy. oil and gas production up higher than they have been in eight years. percentage of imports lower than in the last 16. we have been developing and opening up millions acres to development. but what we have also said is oil is not enough.
10:46 am
we have got to think about the future, not just look backwards to the past, we have got to invest in solar and wind and bio fuels. we have doubled our fuel efficiency standards on cars and trucks and we have got to make sure that we build on these successes which are good for our economy and create jobs and by the way are also good for our environment and that is important to the american people as well. [ applause ] i know the other side doesn't always believe in this agenda, the only subsidy that they believe in is subsidizing oil companies. we have been doing that for a century now, let's take the money and make sure that we are investing in a clean energy future that is just as promising. skills for american workers.
10:47 am
making sure that every young person in this country has the skills to succeed. i told the story at the state of the union, but i want to make sure that everybody hears this. because we are going to have to work hard on this. companies are starting to say it makes economic sense for us to move back here into the united states. wages in places like china are going up faster than productivity and american workers have never been more productive. energy costs increasingly are competitive here in the united states partly because of all the development that is taking place around natural gas and transportation of costs are higher from other places. when you look at the whole package, a lot of companies are saying, we want to be here. close to our market. but one of the biggest problems is we have got to be able to find the skill workers that are
10:48 am
going to be managing million dollars pieces of equipment. they do not need to all go to four-year colleges, though we need more scientists and engineers and we have to have affordable college. but we need skilled workers that are going to community colleges or middle age workers that are allowed to retrain, have a commitment to work, have a work ethic, and want to make sure that technology is not passing them by. so, focusing on our community colleges, and making sure that they are matched up with businesses that are hiring right now and making sure that they help to design the programs that are going to put people in place to get those jobs right away. making college more affordable which is what i just spoke about -- >> as president obama makes his case about one of his big initiatives at the state of the union, the affordability of
10:49 am
colleges and the importance to the economyretraining workers, you are a big believer in this, how have you managed to hold down tuition costs and what is your recommendation to nonprivate schools that are training the next generation? >> the state of maryland is providing a wonderful example of what we can to, all of the universities have held costs down dramatically, the tuition costs because the state and legislature get it. they know it's a balance between the two, so they have been investing amazing ways, and we are able to keep tuition down, we were number six in the united states and now we are number 26. and we do it throughi cutting
10:50 am
costs and helping students s s graduate. >> your fees, out of students g. >> lower than national average. >> sure. that's because for so many years we did not raise tuition at all and even when we raised it, it's been small. the increase has been about $100 per semester. you want to get more people involved. you want to make sure they can graduate. that means a number of programs. he mentioned course re-design which focuses on the idea of the way you do business, using group work and ensuring they change. elected officials get it. you got to work together because the future of the country is depending on how many people we can educate. >> the graduate rate has been
10:51 am
appalling nationally at schools. >> yes. >> how do you keep them invested and involved? >> you have to make sure they have the money. you also have to make sure you're engaging them in their education. get them involved in groups. let them feel importance in the campus. we expect you to succeed, and they do. it's not just for my campus. >> it's great to see you. thank you very much. we'll be right back. managing my diabetes is part of my life, between taking insulin, testing my blood sugar.
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which political story will make headlines in the next 24 hours? jonathan capehart is an editorial writer. it's great to see you. the next 24 hours will be frantic campaigning. >> right. florida, florida, florida. we have nour dfour days until t tuesday florida primary.
10:55 am
romney is taking the leads in some polls and gingrich gather poor performance in the debate, we'll be watching to see. i think we'll be talking about where might this race be come tuesday when the voters go to the polls. >> jonathan capehart. there's going to be a lot of panda bears out there. thank you very much. have a great weekend. that does it for us. thanks for being with us. remember to follow the show online and on twitter at mitchell reports. tamron has a look at what's next. thank you. coming up, i'll talk with the writer o of a shocking new article in the "new york times" about yale's former quarterback.
10:56 am
now the new york full-times is reporting that the quarterback was accused of sexual assault and his name was pulled from conversation. people are commenting on both sides of it. president obama threatens to pull federal funds from colleges and universities that don't control spiraling costs. parents of one student at middle school after the school bans uggs and boots similar to them. the reason, contrabands. it's our "news nation gut check." [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus presents: the cold truth. i have a cold. and i took nyquil, but i'm still stubbed up. [ male announcer ] sorry buddy. truth is, nyquil doesn't un-stuff your nose. what? it doesn't have a decongestant. really? [ male announcer ] you need a more complete cold and flu formula, like alka-seltzer plus liquid gels. it's specially formulated to fight your worst cold and flu symptoms, plus relieve your stuffy nose. [ deep breath ] thank you! [ male announcer ] you're welcome. that's the cold truth! [ male announcer ] and to fight your allergy symptoms fast, try new alka-seltzer plus allergy.
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