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tv   Martin Bashir  MSNBC  February 6, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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created jobs over the past seven months. >> he's by trying to take a bow for 8.3% unemployment. not so fast mr. president. >> the other takes the front-runner. >> how personally nasty is it between you and governor romney? >> i think that's an ir relevant question. >> you can bet on a lively second half. >> whoever the republican nominee is, i disagree with a formula that would go back to the same policies that got us into this mess. we begin as it is, halftime in america. the president makes the case that he deserves a chance to carry this economic recovery to the finish line. even as the gop does everybody in its power to stop his surging drive. as we watched clint eastwood's
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halftime spot for chrysler last night, we couldn't help but picture the obama and romney teams huddled in the locker room. >> both teams are discuss whag they can do to win this game in the second half. it's halftime in america too. people are out of work, and they're hurting. they're all wondering what they're going to do to make a comeback. this country can't be knocked out with one punch. we get right back up again and when we do the world will hear the roar of our engines. it's halftime america, and our second half is about to begin. >> indeed. did a car company just create a moment not seen since this? >> it's morning again in america, and under the leadership of president reagan, our country is prouder and stronger and better. >> it feels like a bright new start for our current president, and a brand new poll tells the story. the president for the first time
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holds a clear edge against rom in a match-up, 51 to 45%. mitt romney has erased his lead among independents. the president with a slight edge lead where romney held a 12-point lead weeks ago. the country remains deeply divided over whether the give the president a second term. this president knows he must get ahead of his game. that's why he keeps making the case, as he did, to nbc's matt lauer on sunday. >> i deserve a second term, but we're not done. when you and i sat down, we were losing 750,000 jobs a month. we found out just a few days before we sat down that we lost that month, 750,000 jobs. now we're creating 250,000. we created 3.7 million jobs over the last 23 months. we created the most jobs since 2005, the most manufacturing jobs since 1990, but we're not
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finished. >> out in nevada, caucus victor and mitt romney declare the president does not deserve any credit for the country's job growth. >> this week he's been trying to take a bow for 8.3% unemployment. not so fast, mr. president. we welcome any good news on the jobs front, but it's thanks to the innovation of the american people in the private sector and not to you mr. president. >> see what i mean about sore winner. newt gingrich is not just sore, he's steaming mad. >> my husband cannot throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time. >> no, no, no not that mad. >> come after me. i'm man. i'm 40. >> all right. not that mad but he is pretty peeved. maybe even better towards mitt romney.
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>> what happens is every primary day or caucus day the romney headquarters sends out the rumor that they believe i will withdraw, which is their greatest fantastgreat est fantasy. i'm not going to with draw. >> let's bring in our analysts. in washington, karen finney. ken vogel and joe ann reed. karen, if i can start with you. nonother than carl rove said he was offended. how is an ad promoting the comeback being seen as vile and negative as some in republican circles. wasn't it clint eastwood who was considered for a vice president's position by a republican? >> that's exactly right. in 1988, george bush, was
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considering him. here is the thing. this is really quite disgusting on the part of carl rove. you heard the republican talking points saying i wonder how much the obama campaign paided clint eastwood. when i watched that ad it gave me goose bumps. that's my country. that is america. that's the america that i know the values that my parents raised me with which is we fight. we fight on, and we get back up, and that's part of what makes america such a great country. carl rove is offended by that and the same time it's the republicans who are saying that president obama is anti-american and these guys are attacking the american auto workers, the communities, the people that brought that industry back. they're anti-american. >> the president's spokesman said there was no involvement wh whatsoevery by the administration. do you think there is a
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comparison against this ad and the ronald reagan, it's morning in america? >> i do. if you're running a campaign given the choice between a negative message and the positive, you would prefer the positive. what ronald reagan was able to do, he was able to say we're at 7.2% unemployment, but we're better off than we're before. after recessions, people get exhausted being down. they get tired of feeling negatively about the country. they want to feel like question do. how bad is it for republicans to maneuver themselves in a position when the very growth is bad news and you have to find way to be upset about it. americans love the american in the america theme. they love to feel like we're on the way back. that's what that ad did. >> ken, of the new poll number, i guess the troubling for mitt romney may be the like ability
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question. 52% say the more they know about romney, the less they like him. you can say in a way, this has been a bruising primary contest. romney said it's been good for him because it will prepare him for the presidential election. it doesn't look that way according to that number? >> it's not been good. it's increasingly more difficult to be able to make that argument with a straight face. the longer this thing drags out, the result is certain, it's all but assured that mitt romney will win. the longer that newt gingrich and rick santorum stay in the race and really continue to beat the snot out of mitt romney, the harder it's going to be for romney to emerge from this unblemished and pivot to a general election against president obama. under girding this whole debate is whether this is an ad helpful to president obama is the fact that mitt romney and republicans were posed to or at least were
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not enthusiastic about the bailouts that saved chrysler. president obama really stuck his neck out for. carl rove's point that chrysler is repaying its political patriots may be a bridge too far but there's a contrast that works in president obama's favor. >> i can't let any of you go without playing the other super bowl ad. take a look at this ad from republican senate pete runni in in michigan. >> debbie spent so much american money, you buy more and more from us. your economy get very weak. ours get very good. we take your jobs. thank you, debbie. >> karen, what's your response to that? >> this is more of the same kind of racist, i would call it dog whistle, but these days it's more of a bull horn that the
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republicans are resorting to. they are losing their key argument against president obama and the democrats. we have 3.7 million jobs been created in the last 23 months thanks to the policies that the president and the democrats have put in place. i would remind your viewers that in march of 2008, we had our second month of job losses at 63,000 jobs, and the bush folks, carl rove, saying it's all going to be okay by the summer. they're going to go play that race card to try to distract from the fact that america is on its way back. >> if this was an actress, what on earth was she thinking? >> i would embarrassed for the ad. >> she was contracted to perform a role mock. >> it was probably a day player role. i understand actresses need work. i thought it was debasing to her. i can't believe she permitted herself to be used this this way. i was embarrassed for her. for republicans when your brand
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only attracts 1% african-american, when hispanics are running from you, you don't have a deep ethnic base. you probably want to diversity, and this doesn't do that. >> ken, what do you think of the ad? >> there is an argument to be made. it's one that how the other side's policies have put the united states at a disadvantage to china in particular. that argument can be made effectively without imemployemp that kind of technique. >> it was racist, that technique. >> it was pretty disgraceful. >> one wonders what was in the mind of the guy running that. >> the actress isn't going to be acting much after that. >> thanks so much for joining us. coming up, the woman who wants to replace the mouth that
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roared. stay with us. >> do you see why some people might be attempted to believe your abuse and criticism of the president has nothing to do with his strategy and approach but everything to do with ousting him from the white house. that's why you're speaking as you are. >> i speak as i feel. ♪ i'm freaking out man. why? i thought jill was your soul mate. no, no it's her dad. the general's your soul mate? dude what? no, no, no. he's, he's on my back about providing
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a regular guest to this broadcast has been the republican congressman joe walsh of illinois, and here's why. >> don't blame the marketplace for the mess we're in right now. i am tired of hearing that crap. there are already mechanisms in place. you know what, this just pisses me off. too many people don't listen.
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>> president obama, quit lying. >> he was liberal. he was different. he was new. he was black. it was the potpourri of everything. >> we don't have enough time. >> i have to finish. >> we're three years into his presidency and now we know -- >> one of the things you've said is you will not place another dollar on the back of your children. right? haven't you already done that by inadequately paying child support that you owe to your wife and children? >> martin, that's an awkward segue on tv. >> here is one now. good afternoon. >> hi, martin. how are you? >> in the interest of editorial fairness, i have to ask how much do you owe your ex-spouse in
12:16 pm
child support? >> well, none. i don't have an ex. i'm happily married to my long time love of 20 years. >> thank you for that. we have clarity on that issue. how do you think joe walsh got elected from your area? it was a narrow victory. was it entirely due to the rise of the tea party. >> i think he road a wave. i can tell you there's a lot of buyers remorse mt. district. they thought they were voting for someone who would go and represent them, not be a mega phone for the tea party. they're tired of that. >> mr. walsh does not mince his words. he calls the president a liar, a failure and a fool. some might be tempted to suggest that such terms apply better to mr. walsh. >> well, you know, here is the thing. joe walsh has gone to washington
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to be a mega phone for the tea party. i'm not running with a megaphone. when you ever two megaphone's blaring at each other, nothing ever gets established. i'm going to work with whoever loves this country as much as i do and get her moving again. yelling is not a way to serve the people of the district. >> are you saying that the impact of the tea party has declined and decreased compared to what it was in november 2010? i think in my district there's a lot of buyer's remorse they are seeing that nothing has gotten done. roll up our sleeves and work with one another and absolute continuing e ining obstruction continue. >> your father was a veteran who lost his job.
12:18 pm
i believe the family was forced to go on food stamps. what goes through your mind when you hear someone like newt gingrich talking about the president as the food stamp president? well, i think newt gingrich is an exact good example of what's wrong with washington. he's very out of touch with the people in america right now. look, nobody wants to be on food stamps. when my family, when my dad lost everything, we were grateful for it. i was grateful that program was there so i could concentrate in high school on my school work and not on my everyonety belly. i was grateful for pell grants that allowed me to go to college. i'm going to make sure when i get to washington that those same programs that allowed me to work hard towards my american dream are there for other people as well. i think newt is out of touch. >> indeed. i couldn't finish this interview without mentioning an ad that's being run on behalf of a
12:19 pm
republican running in michigan. take a look at this. >> thank you, michigan senator debbie. she's done so much american money, you buy more and more from us. your economy get very weak. ours get very good. we take your jobs. thank you debbie spend it now. >> what's your reaction to deploying an actress speaking pigeon english to fight for a seat? >> it's the lowest common denominator. >> is it racist? >> i do think it's racist. i think it's playing on people's fears and appealing to the common denominator. we need to be talking about how we can work together. this ad doesn't speak to that. >> thank you so much.
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good luck. >> thank you so much. next, the president takes on his critics and his wife. stay with us. >> as a husband one of things the, and a father, one of things toughest for me is my family gets brought into this political re re realm which isn't pleasant, and that weighs on me. ♪ cowboy. instead i got heartburn. hold up partner. prilosec can take days to work. try alka-seltzer. it kills heartburn fast. yeehaw! but we couldn't simply repeat history. we had to create it. introducing the 2013 lexus gs, with leading-edge safety technology, like available blind spot monitor... [ tires screech ] ...night view...
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12:24 pm
we're joined by kristen welker. this administration had not been shy when discussing iran. today, new economic sanctions. >> reporter: that's right. what's interesting about these new economic sanctions, they're being imposed against the bank but other financial institutions, other banks. the white house saying they believe these banks have been concealing their transactions. in other words, laundering money to iran central bank. the white house continuing to put pressure on iran amid the mounting tensions there. as you mentioned, martin, the white house has been quite open about discussing iran. just this weekend president obama sat down and spoke with matt lauer about israel. there's been a lot of discussion about would israel launch a military strike in the coming months. the president saying he doesn't believe israel has come to a
12:25 pm
conclusion about how to handle the situation with iran. again, president obama stressing that no options have been taken off of table. they are monitoring the situation quite closely. >> you mentioned the president's interview with matt lauer. he defended his wife in the wake of the details that surfaced. was there some surprise that he would address those matters? >> reporter: it's always interesting and sfascinating to hear the president speak so candidly. he said hearing these things is one of the toughest things about being president. talked about the fact he was very proud of his wife. the fact she's ready for 2012. he made the point it has weighed on him. it's always interesting to hear president speak in candid terms. one thing that stood out is
12:26 pm
president obama talking about the fact that he believes presidents improve with time. another candid moment. it's something that makes sense, but to hear the president say it was pretty fascinating. >> stay with us. the weekend's to lines are coming pup. >> this is not the first time you gave me your vote of confidence. this time i'm going to take it to the white house. >> i also believe that the vast majority of republicans across the country are going to want an alternative to a massachusetts moderate who has in his career been pro-abortion, pro-gun control, pro-tax increase. ♪ [ female announcer ] if whole grain isn't the first ingredient
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what is this shorty? uh, tissues sir, i'm sick. you don't cough, you don't show defeat. give me your war face! raaah! [ male announcer ] halls. a pep talk in every drop. so you think mitt romney has
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this race locked up? think again. here are the weekend's to lines, fly me to the moon. >> this time i'm going to take it to the white house. >> all he takes about is being the ceo. being the businessman. >> a pro-abortion, pro-gun control, pro-tax increase. >> an open marriage. what man would ask for such a thing? >> why not. it's a reasonable request for a man to ask of his wife. >> he should be apologizing to america. >> one of the things about being president is you get better as time goes on. >> this president's misguided policies have made these tough times last longer. >> we created 3.7 million jobs. >> he changed his mind in the past. >> this is campaign about saving the soul of america. >> are you my robot father. >> i'm not a robot. i'm a human man.
12:31 pm
>> they send out the rumor that they believe i will withdraw which is their greatest fantasy. >> how nasty is it for you and governor romney? are you lost like and respect for him? >> where did he get that first win? >> well, you know. >> this race is a long way from being over. >> i'm not going to withdraw. i'm happy with where we are. >> so it shall be, the moon is our future and it has everything we need. humanity is saved, and i shall lead them. i'm newt gingrich and i approve this crazy fantasy. >> let's get right to it with our panel this afternoon. jonathan capehart and here in new york is krystal ball. we've had a bit of fun at the expense of newt. >> she a lot of fun.
12:32 pm
>> saturday was not very funny for him. he got thumped. >> he got thump and looking forward to tomorrow's caucuses and what's been call add beauty contest in missouri. i think it's going to be another difficult day for newt gingrich. not only does mitt romney look poised to do well in colorado in particular, but rick santorum looks poised to do well in minnesota. that puts him forward as the most viable romney alternative. more tough sledding for newt. >> jonathan, newt vowed to stay in the race in his bitter press conference on saturday night but he talked about to an america of 1950s. talking in romantic terms. this was before the civil rights act. does he want people to go back to a period where institution institutionalized discrimination was the norm? >> i don't think he's thinking
12:33 pm
object tho about those folks who were repressed by that. certain people were kept in their place, if you will. it was a simpler time then. if he wants to go back to the 1950s, i wish him good luck. last time i heard he was trying to get to the moon and not get in a time machine. >> these are great ideas. if we could send newt to the 1950s or if he want a lunar colony, he's the best person to lead it. >> you just mentioned rick santorum doing well in minnesota. isn't that a bit of embarrassment for tim pawlenty. >> it was a little awkward. i love minnesota politics. it's quite a shift. anything can happen in minnesota.
12:34 pm
the candidates are relatively close. i think any order finish is possible. i would say rick santorum has the momentum there. >> do you think that's why romney is beginning to target santorum? >> also he doesn't have something that mitt romney wants -- >> a personality. >> an ability to appeal to midwestern blue collar voters, which is major problem for mitt romney. >> john, what are we to make, if anything, the lack of voter turn out in the early states. nevada seeing a total turn out of 33,000, 10,000 fewer than in 2008. what does that tell you? >> this is a set up question. it tells you that the republican primary electorate. >> it's not a set up. johnson says it's a sign that people have decided already about romney. that's why they're not bothering to turn out.
12:35 pm
that's what he said earlier today. >> i'm sorry. is this the martin bashir show or saturday night live. if 10,000 fewer people showed up at the nevada caucuses this year than last year, it tells you that the base is unenthusiastic and maybe even demoralized. if they don't see anyone out there, not anyone who gets enough enthusiasm for them to leave their home, that doesn't say -- it says people have made up their minds, but it means they have made up their minds to stay at home. >> finally, i want to ask both of you, a super bowl ad by a senator is causing quite a stir for using every asian stereo type you can think of. more of the same from the republican play book.
12:36 pm
krstal what's your response? >> it's very desperate. they are trying to play on the worst angels of americans, fear. that's ail they've got. >> john? >> i'm just shaking my head. when i first heard about it and saw it, i thought it was so low that it was something that could have been from "mad tv" where they push every button, every stereo type. someone who wants to be sent to washington as a senator representing everyone in state to think they can run an ad like that and that would appeal to the lesser natures or the darker angels of voters and thinks that would be successful, it's horrifying. >> absolutely. >> in europe, we've seen the rise of extreme right wing groups as a result of the recession in france. there's a big story about how the right wing is doing very
12:37 pm
well in france. in britain there's been a number of these candidates. is that's what's happening here. we've seen the president abused and heard all kinds of questions about his place and birth and now we have what looks like a horrifying example of mockery. >> this is much of what animated the tea party in 2010. i think we have seen the heights of that. i hope it's starting to dimin h diminish. i think that's part of what's going on here. >> thank you so much. jonathan, you are on our show and not on saturday night live. thank you very much. the great divide grows greater by the hour as more money flows into the race for 2012. stay with us. >> not sure that mitt romney is in my head. i think that's an interesting analysis on your part.
12:38 pm
i'm sure that what a degree that will get you a tremendous opportunity to have new clients. i think we'll drive home the clear contrast that will be to his disadvantage. ♪ ♪[music plays] ♪[music plays] purina one beyond. food for your cat or dog. golly, that is deep snow! yeah, can you get me out of it? of course. travelocity? that's how i got here! that's amazing! but i'm still stuck.
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when my employees are happy, my customers are happy. vo: earn points for the things you're already buying. call 1-800-now-open to find out how the gold card can serve your business. the forthcoming presidential election is likely to be the biggest cash fight in political history. if the president can raise a billion dollars for his campaign, how will republicans keep up? charles and david who held a little pow wow in the california desert where they're guests pledge no less than $100 million not to mitt romney nor newt gingrich but to the sole mission of defeating the president. mike, newt gingrich's benefactor was at this gather as was eric
12:42 pm
cantor, should we really be surprised that people like the c koch brothers or anyone else will try to buy this election? >> we're seeing some staggering numbers pouring into these super pacs. we had the filings last week showing multimillion dollar donations across the board to the various super pacs. harold similmons, a texas billi pumped money in. $11 separate million dollar donations romney super pac. this is happening on both sides. what's particularly interesting about the koch brothers is they
12:43 pm
tend not to use super pacs, which at least disclose their donors. they tend to operate through these nonprofit. americans for prosperity which is the koch brothers primary vehicle is a non-profit group and doesn't report to the fec who is giving and how much. there is this sort of aura of mystery and intrigue about the koch brothers that only grows because while they stay politically active, they don't report when they're doing it. >> indeed. let me play what president obama said to mat t. >> it's not going to be enough to say the other guy is a bum.
12:44 pm
you have to explain to the american people who are pretty sophisticated consumers, tell me what your plan is. >> mike, what do you think newt gingrich or john kerry would say. i'm not sure the president is right. it seems to me if you spend millions of dollars in negative advertising, you produce the effects that mitt romney has seen against one newt gingrich. >> this is one of the classics of the examples of the success of attack ads. look at what happened in iowa. starting in early december, newt gingrich was at the to of the polls at 28%. he was number one and the romney super pac launched this relentless barrage of attack ads against him and a month later they cut gingrich's support in half. he came in 13% in the iowa caucuses. santorum and romney were neck
12:45 pm
and neck. that is a very good example of how attack ads, negative advertising is working in this election. >> thanks. breaking news out of syria and iran and a region in turmoil. first, we have the cnbc market wrap. >> stocks are taking a breather. a bit of consolidation after four straight weeks of gains. some ongoing concerns over whether greece will accept the term offense bailout. with thatal iei still up 5% for 2012 being helped by upbeat corporate earnings. that's it from cnbc first in business worldwide. [ male announcer ] if you believe the mayan calendar, on december 21st, polar shifts will reverse the earth's gravitational pull and hurtle us all into space, which would render retirement planning unnecessary.
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heavy artillery fire continues to pound the syrian city in the most fierce attacks
12:49 pm
since the uprising began. now the state department has closed the united states embassy withdrawing all remaining staff as the violence escalates. the president said the u.s. will closely continue to monitor events but insist the conflict will be resolved without military intervention. >> the regime is feeling the noose tightening around them. we will put more and more pressure until we see a transition. this will not be a matter of if. it's matter of when. >> good afternoon, sir. >> good afternoon. >> what do the syrian people want from the united states? we have a figure of something like 53,300 of deaths in that
12:50 pm
nation. what are they looking for? >> you would be surprised if i say the people are deeply divided. divided on what's to even the opposition is divided on the question of military intervention. even more and more members are calling for military intervention. syria is at war. political violence is spreading to many parts of syria. more and more syrians have taken arms into their own hands. more and more defections from the military. this is a deeply-splintered country along sectarian lines and basically class line. what the syrian people want, what the opposition wants, it wants the moral support of the international community. it wants the sanctions to basically be increased it on the syrian regime. it wants a buffer zone where the factors from the army and civilians might gather and gain momentum in syria.
12:51 pm
>> do you think that assad will survive the kind of pressure that's been brought in the form of sanctions in this attempt of a u.n. security council condemnation? >> martin, if the history of sanctions serves as a guide, sanctions don't produce their desired effects. as you know, the americans and the europeans are waging a war. economic and financial war against the regime and also a psychological war. i believe based on my knowledge, the tipping point in syria will come from inside syria. when and if the millions of the middle class sooens who have not joined the protest, join the protest. the president will basically mobilize. his forces are spreading thin. and we are seeing the protests spreading not just in homs, but even on the outskirts of da mass
12:52 pm
cass and there are many places. so the reality it seems to me, and president obama insinuated in his interview yesterday, he insinuated that when and if the millions of middle class syrians join the protests, i think this would mean the end of the assad regime. >> if i may, turning to the issue of iran, president obama, who just today slammed iran with new sanctions on their central bank, you said earlier in this interview that the sanctions have an ambivalent effect. but isn't there a case here where the sanctions appear to be forcing iran into a corner? forcing them to behave appropriately or face even further tra cone yan measures? >> iran is suffering a great deal. the iranian currency has almost
12:53 pm
collapsed. inflation is over 40%. 50% unemployment. what obama and the sanctions are designed to do is to strangle the iranian economy. the history of sanctions is not promising. as you well know, sanctions have been placed on iran for the last 30 years, but i believe the sanctions should be given time. i think the president is absolutely correct. a war with iran is not going to be fun. a war with iran will be disastrous for everyone concerned, particularly american interests. >> thank you so much for joining us. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] drinking a smoothie with no vegetable nutrition? ♪ [ gong ]
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air. in the world of the republican primaries, our most bitter presidential candidate is back doing what he loves best. accusing the president of being hateful of religion. this time it's the issue of contraception and the idea that under the president's reform of health care, all hospitals, including religious institution, will be required to provide contraception. but to him, newt gingrich on the subject, this is a declaration of war by the president. >> he's basically declared war on the catholic church. you're saying there cannot be a catholic university or catholic hospital that it will have to be subordinated to the rules of a secular government. >> what's interesting is the way he sounds so theologically robust. one wonders what he was thinking when he was committing adultery. here's the problem. the vast majority of catholics
12:58 pm
and evangelicals actually use contraception. according to a report, among sexually-active women, 68% of catholics are using a highly-effective method of birth control. the figure is 73% for protestants and 74% for evangelicals. according to newt gingrich, the president is waging a war against religion. of course, newt knows exactly what he's doing. he's trying to gloss over his serial adultery and to sound like a man who is standing firm on scripture and tradition. but which version of the bible does newt gingrich actually follow? last year marked the 400th anniversary of the first publication in 16 11 of the king james version of the bible. it remains one of the preeminent
12:59 pm
books in the english language. in 1361 the royal printers were asked to produce a reprint. everything went well apart from a single mistake. they accidentally omitted the word not from the seventh commandment. so thousand shalt not commit adultery became thou shalt commit adultery. newt gingrich prefers the 1631 version above all others. thanks so much for watching. dylan ratigan is here to take us forward. dylan, what you got? >> i feel like i learned something. every time i listen to the end of your program, and i this with sincerity, i'm not here to pander you. i'm here to


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