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tv   Martin Bashir  MSNBC  February 7, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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i think we're in the process of stopping the front-runner. >> they love me. >> we get america on track to create jobs and it continue to be the shooining city. >> they love me not. >> a massachusetts moderate fient finds it hard to draw a contrast. >> any time someone challenges governor romney, he goes out and attacks. i don't think it's going to work this time. >> voters weigh in across three states. we begin with republicans facing the biggest single day of the contest yet in the fight for the nomination with more delegates at stake today than all of iowa, new hampshire and south carolina put together. a combined 76 delegates up for grabs in minnesota and colorado with missouri strictly a fight for bragging rights. even that may be crucial for the latest alternative to rom. if rick santorum has escaped
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being the target of mitt's machine, the under dog in the sweater vest sountsdss as if he's ready for a vote. >> any time someone challenges governor romney, romney goes out and attacks instead of talking about what he's for. i don't think it's going to work this time. >> after romney and his super pac sent more than $15 million to win florida and nearly $4 million to come in second in iowa. the governor is nervous he hasn't spent quite enough to corral minnesota and missouri into his corner, spending just over 100 grand in minnesota. wait, that's what you make in about two days without going to work. compared to the $15 million in florida, you must have something against the good people. romney has to dispatch newly minted attack dog, tim pawlenty
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to go after him. >> he's been part of the big spending establishment in congress and in the influence peddling industry that surrounds congress. >> if you look at his record, not a perfect conservative record by a long shot. >> clearly mr. romney's having trouble closing the deal with two polls showing santorum winning minnesota and missouri. you can hear a new found swagger in the senator's gain. >> governor romney on the vitally issue of obama care is the weakst candidate we can put up. it motivated people to come out to vote and give us a victory, mitt romney is uniquely positioned to give that issue away. >> santorum makes his case that romney could give away the
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entire race. he's got help from a new polling group, not favorite of ours but interesting to note that santorum is the only candidate leading in a hypothetical match-up against president obama by one point. at rally in loveland, colorado today there were indications the pressure might be getting to willard. >> is that sarah palin? look at that right there. there are a lot of sarah palin look alikes out here. >> i'm no psychiatrist but i can say if you're seeing face of sarah palin in the crowd, you may be suffering some form of delusion. we have a dynamic panel to kick thinks off. goldie tailylor and david corn.
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why hasn't mitt romney learned the singular lesson that if he wants to really secure a win, he has to buy it? if he doesn't spend the money, it's a roll of the dice. >> that does seem to be the case. maybe that's why he's seeing visions of sarah palin. he's done well where he's able to use his resources. when he hasn't, it's been more competitive newt gingrich is right about that one thing. mitt romney has had the best luck of all of those so far down the pike. you have campaign organization. you have to pay for the ads. newt gingrich and rick santorum can complain about that. when they have been nasty in their previous campaigns, they haven't been shy about using it. it's a lot of crocodile tears being shed by these other candidates. all in all, i think tonight will not be much of a decisive win or
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loss for any of the candidates. santorum and newt don't seem to be within striking distance of romney because they have as much baggage as he does. >> goldie notwithstanding what david says, aren't these states crucial of a presidential win. how on earth does he win in november? >> i don't know if the states are crucial as much as they are symbolic. santorum really needs to have a win tonight in at least one state, if not two to show that he has some viability left. that will get him a little bit more gas in the can and get limb to the next set of state state. mitt romney isn't strong here, but he's not strong in any state until we get into super tuesday. he's got a long february ahead.
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he's got to manage expectations and steady course. i think that's the job at hantd for him. >> david, rick santorum has accused mitt romney of being a big government, former lobbyist who endull js in influence peddling. >> he didn't make as much as newt gingrich. he did earmark pork spending like everybody else. you see the mitt romney people with a whiff of desperation. they can't say he's too conservative because that didn't play well in these states. i think it's not a real passionate effort on their part to put him down. they are just coming up with something. i can't believe they are too
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worried about the sweater vests. >> goldie we have pictures of newt gingrich speaking in iowa right at this moment with his wife next to him high pressure he's taken up the fight over religious institutions and birth control. he's not hitting who you might think. take a listen to this. >> north dakota is unique because the oil is our private land and they can do it without the government stopping them. the second thing to remember, because the u.s. survey studies are 30 years old, there's been a lot of talk about the obama administrations attack on the cathol catholic church. the fact is governor romney insisted catholic hospitals give out abortion pills against their belief when he was governor. i think a massachusetts governor finds it hard to draw a contrast with somebody who is an illinois
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radical. >> if this is an issue for the president, it's also one for mitt romney? >> it probably is one for mitt romney although he won't admit it today. we're having a conversation about a woman's right for access to birth control in 2012. i think it's one of the most unfortunate discussions. >> to be fair to you, catholic clergy are saying it's not about a woman's right to choose, it's about the principle of a religious group and devout followers of that faith being allowed to decide for themselves what is they choose. >> people of faith who hire employ other people who don't share their faith. i think they have, they retain that right of choice when they're employed by someone else. i think at the end of the day, we're stepping into a mine field here. i think it's not going to play come this fall, and they ought to let the issue go and let women continue to choose their
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standard of care -- their standard of health care. >> it is interesting at the moment that mitt romney, once again is arguing with mitt romney. as he's being challenged by santorum and gingrich in these states of colorado, minnesota whether the caucus states and e advantage gal christian voters are important and very active. mitt romney is trying to phrase an issue that will resonate with the people. he did the same thing when he was governor. more or less, there was some slight differences. the catholic church of massachusetts was upset with those decisions as the catholic church is with obama. mitt romney just cannot escape mitt romney. >> thanks for joining us. >> thank you. much more on a busy day ahead in politics. >> the only group of people that
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i'm sorry so share this with you but the payroll tax fight is back. the tax cut and unemployment extension is set to expire at the end of this month. the rhetoric is about par for the course.
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>> we're being hostage to a conference that can't even agree itself on whether it's for it or not. >> senate democrats are never come to the table with plan to offset this new spending that they're all for. >> joining us is democratic congressman charles rangel of new york. thank you. >> good to be back. >> leader eric cantor sounded like a changed and transformed man. he tweeted, we had some positive news in the jobs number and continuing to grow the economy mean we have to all come together and set aside differences. what has happened to mr. cantor? is he trying to audition for a role as mediation service at the united nations because this doesn't sound like the eric cantor that we come to know and
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love. >> it's not just eric. the american people have spoken. when the republicans have said that the first priority they had was not economic growth, was not making certain that we got jobs, but to get rid of obama, it seemed like everything that the president of the united states would do would be wrong because their job was not to make america look good on this presidency. the whole idea they were so wrong when they came up with denying unemployment compensation, not paying the doctors, not being able to give a little relief for the working poor. well, the american people have spoken. now they have to find out -- now that they have agreed, what poison pill can they put into this, how can they embarrass the whole country by punishing the people that we all should want to help. >> congressman, the kind
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attitude didn't last long. about an hour later from the tweet i just quoted, mr. cantor said this, in payroll tax cut talks dems won't offer plan, completely unserious. the conversion of eric cantor lasted about 56 minutes. >> i think they painted themselves in a box. if you want to talk about peace, not war, if you want to talk about killing the terrorists that were responsible for 9-1-1. all of these things should make you proud to be an american. this is especially so when they're so self-conscious that they're going after clint eastwood. he said let's go america. we can do it. this is not possibly be interpreted as except a shot in the arm for our country.
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because they can't get out of their minds that anything that good that happens in the united states of america and the president obama would look like he could take credit for it, they have to knock the whole thing. it's a sad day when a political party puts america in that position. >> are you suggesting, sir, that in a few years people like eric cantor and join boehner will suggest that the president was not responsible for the ending of the life of bin laden. will you think people will say the president had nothing to do with the salvation as the motor industry? is it really as ridiculous as that? are we talking about every single thing that this president does being taken and transformed into failure and revised as history passes? >> thank god for the american people intelligence. it's not how good you love the
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country, what you got to do for the jobless, how you going to make us secure in terms of national offense. it's how can you embarrass the president no matter what he does. the american people can feel that. they were against the tax holiday until the american people spoke out. i'm confident that what they're doing may be that teaching politicians a lesson that you can't buy and lie your way away from the truth and americans are patriotic people. if you try to help the sick and poor and those that lack education, they make you a socialist. if you try to help those people that want to get back to school and need some money for unemployment benefits, then they say these people don't want to work any way. you're right. they're going to have a difficult time with the spirit that we have as americans to make all of us socialists
12:19 pm
because the government believes it has a responsibility. the more they debate, the more they go off in the deep end, which is terrible for the country, but politically i'm just watching to see just how far, how much do they hate president obama to do this to our great country's reputation. it's sad. >> thank for your contribution this afternoon. thank you. >> thank you, martin. coming up, for newt, the dream is very much alive. stay with us. >> the first round is how do you stop the front-runner? if you don't stop the front-runner, it's not over. i think we're in the process of stopping the front-runner. ♪ my heart attack happened completely out of the blue...
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the president is very interested in finding the appropriate balance between religious believes and convictio convictions. he takes those very seriously. >> that was white house press secretary jay carney addressing criticism over the president's health care reform, which enforces employers which are some religious institutions to support contraception. we're joined by kristen welker. this matter has angered many and become a hot button issue for republicans who are looking to dethrone the president. jay carney said in that same briefing that the president would work with institutions to strike a balance. it doesn't look as they will completely step away from this, does it? >> reporter: it doesn't look that way. white house press secretary, jay carney, was pretty adamant
12:24 pm
that's not what the administration was saying. they do seem to be signaling a willingness to compromise. carney both yesterday and today pointed to the fact there's this one year transition period that's been built into this decision which will allow the administration to work with catholic universities and hospitals to try to, and i'm going to quote from the atd mrgs, allay some of their concerns. when pressed about what that meant, we didn't get a direct answer. it's not clear what that means to allay some of their concerns. there does seem to be a willingness to compromise that's coming out both yesterday and today. as you pointed out, martin, pressure is mounting on this white house from members of the catholic community with clergy all over the country urging
12:25 pm
their condition agrgregates to . >> this seems like it was bound to occur. >> reporter: i think they knew it was going to be an issue no matter how they decided and ruled in this instance. a lot of political analysts say they were choosing between catholics and women. that point can be debated. a couple of statistics that are interesting to think about that may have informed the administration's decision. one is that statistics show the majority of women who are sexually active do use contraception including about 98% of catholic women are saided to have used contraception. that's one interesting point. another one, martin, we sort of looked back at 2008, back in 2008, catholics made up 27% of voters and president obama got 54% of their vote and women made up 53% of all voters and president obama got 56% of their
12:26 pm
votes. not clear all of the factors that went into this decision. >> kristen welker. thanks so much. stay with us. the day's to lines are coming up. >> we want the gap between the two people. >> who the [ bleep ] is solalinski? ♪ ♪ orthopedic doctors recommend most for arthritis pain, think again. and take aleve. it's the one doctors recommend most for arthritis pain. two pills can last all day. ♪
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12:30 pm
>> were you pleased with the ad? >> detroit showing it can be done. >> you're going to see these companies go out of business. >> your economy get very weak. ours get very good. >> there's nothing in here that has a racial tent at all. >> we take your jobs. thank you debbie spend it now. >> that's just a bunch of poppycock. >> the moon is our future, and i shall lead them. i'm newt gingrich and i approved this crazy fantasy. >> any politician that gets to the point where saturday night live danes you worthy of notice can hardly complain. >> romney would not be in the best interest of winning the election. >> governor romney on that important issue of obama care is the weakst candidate. >> between us i think we're in the process of stopping the front-runner. >> governor romney is uniquely unqualified.
12:31 pm
>> he's not a bad person. ♪ for purple mountain ma jesties, above the fruited plain ♪ ♪ america, america >> let's get right to it this tuesday afternoon. joining me is dr. james peterson. dr. peterson, mr. hoekstra said there's nothing racial in that ad. are we watching the same ad? >> maybe he's not liking the same ad. it's more than just -- >> he approved that one. he said this is me. >> racism turns people's ears off.
12:32 pm
let's think about the anti-china sentiment. we want to demonize kmie th izi best way going forward is diplomacy. this ad flies in the face of that. it's dangerous in the sense we don't need to be putting out political messages that continue to demonize china. china is one of our most economic partners. >> he could say that, wouldn't he? he's african-american? what did you think? >> i thought it was offensive. it's going to be an indication of things to coming. romney is starting to take a hard line on china. he said that on day one he would declare china a currency manipulator. we do need more cooperation and there's a difference between that and this demonization. i don't think it's going to work for hoekstra in michigan.
12:33 pm
they are trending democratic. it's going to be sufficient for someone that's a republican and against the bailouts to run against debbie in michigan. it's going to be tough for mitt romney even though he was born there to run against president obama. >> how does he say there's no racial tent with a straight face? >> he's being disingenious. >> is he lying? >> sometimes people think it's around black and white. as long as you're not in black and white issues, you're not endangerie engaging in racial discourse. we turn people off. people have racial discourse fatigue. if we want to get at the issue, we should be thinking about what does the relationship between the united states and china need to be going forward. this ad flies in the face of that. >> there's a long history in this country of racism against asians and the whole yellow
12:34 pm
pearl going forward from the mid 19th century. this hurts the republican brand nationally. they need asian american voters if they plan to win these elections. the democrats had a bad week with issues related to the catholic church. this could be problematic. >> this was from fred davis. he made the christine o' donnell, i'm not a witch. he also did jon huntsman on a motorcycle. >> i like those who take a risk. i don't like this particular ad. i like his work because it's good for conversations. it's fun. it's interesting. i don't like plain vanilla political ads. if you're going to take risks, some of them will go over the
12:35 pm
lines. others were good ads. the huntsman on the motorcycle ad was a strong piece of advertising. >> what do you think of suggestion on the part of people that would be supporting mr. hoekstra are inflaming this and it's got nothing to do with how the people of america think? >> i would disagree on that. if we look back at the contexts of racial discourse, there's been a lot there. that will should be really a conservative principle. a lot of our business is in china. we need to push back against these things. to ignore it and say it doesn't inflame the community, it does. she's spoking in broken english. there seems we need to have a much more complex way of thinking about these things the and this is racialized ad.
12:36 pm
we can't have this kind of stuff in our public discourse. >> thanks so much for joining us. next, clint puts the fear of god into republicans. >> this is a sign of what happens when you have the government getting in bed with big business like the bail out of the auto companies. the leadership feel they need to do something to repay their political patrons. i'm a huge fan of clint eastwood. i thought it was a well-done ad. it's a sign of what happens when you have chicago style politics and the president of the united states using our tax dollars to buy corporate advertising and the best wishes of the management which is benefitted by getting a bunch of our money that they will never pay back. ♪ i had enough of feeling embarrassed about my skin.
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of this month to decide whether to extend the payroll tax cut and unemployment insurance. both the president and congressional republicans say they want to reach an agreement, but we know from recent history having the best intentions doesn't have resolution. all of this against the backdrop of the economy with unploim at its lowest rate in three years. joining me is jack kingston of georgia. are you keen to reach an agreement on extending the payroll tax cut or will republicans press for something additional such as fewer restrictions on industrial boilers or drug testing for recipients of unemployment benefits? >> i think the foremost thing we want is the extension of the unemployment tax cut. i think on the other hand when train is leaving the station in this town you do tend to put as much freight on it as possible. it's possible that the keystone
12:41 pm
pipeline or some of these other energy issues that relate to jobs may be included in it. we're ready to negotiate. i think that's what december was all about. we still have till march 1st. i think the bigger issue isn't us putting on extra things as much as discussing where the money comes from whether it's tax increase or offset it through spending cuts elsewhere. >> it was a nice admission that you will throw as much on the train as possible. the payroll tax cut is deemed by both sides to be crucial to the ongoing economic recovery. as was the bailout of the motor industry. do you stantds by your decision to oppose the auto bailout or would you accept this in saving 1.4 million jobs this was the right thing to do and you were badly police taken?
12:42 pm
>> i think i was right. i would take that vote again tomorrow. general motors had to use the existing bankruptcy laws, they could have reorganized. they could have saved a lot of jobs and they could have moved on and been leaner for it. they got a huge tax dollar infusion. one of your previous guests talking about now they're running around on this victory happen. it's an advertising campaign subsidized by taxpayers. ford made it without a bailout. i think general motors should have. >> you would have continued to vote against it. >> i also voted for the wall street bailout. >> i remember. why did you oppose the bailout, but co-sponsor an earmark of some $6.3 million to replenish the beach on the island where you own an property? >> when a hurricane comes as much sand as you have between you and the structures, the less damage the taxpayers are going
12:43 pm
to pay. we saw that in new orleans when you had the big hurricane and people had built structures below sea level. there's been an ongoing beach renourishme renourishment. it's going on for 40 years. the beach renourishment park. my house isn't on the beach. the story in the washington post is ridiculous. i understand anything is fair game. i would invite you to google it on google earth and see how small it is. it's not even on the ocean. >> i have googled it. i've seen it's about 900 feet from the ocean. given the fact that property values have been declining, you must have known that $6.3 million of refurbishment would have raised the value of your $142,000 property. i have to ask you again. you oppose the bail out of the
12:44 pm
motor industry, but you secure 6.3 million for a beach where your own property sits. >> the property value has gone down. secondly, far more importantly, is that the beach renourishment program is national program. it gets a state match, a local match and federal tax dollars invest in it. the reason why is because we have the national flood insurance program. if you do not have a lot of sand between the ocean and the structures then you're going to pay more damage when a hurricane comes. we saw that in katrina and post-katrina what we're doing is raising the cost of flood insurance. the suggestion it was self-motivated would be ridiculous. let me say this, billions and billions of dollars -- >> i want do interrupt you for a moment. one of the things i'm finding difficult to get my head around is you wanted to have this
12:45 pm
refur refurbishment of the beach, and yet you opposed saving the motor industry. we're 1.4 million jobs, and yet you oppose that and that's why people are asking this difficult question of you, was this really about the sand on the shore or you chucking another earmark in, and so you did that and the value of your shous now bound to go up? >> martin, the value of my house hasn't gone up. the security on coastal georgia is protected. that program has been going on for decades. local match, state matched. your premise here is that the only way to save general motors or the auto industry --
12:46 pm
>> that's not my premise. with respect that's not my premise. >> i misunderstood. >> i'll explain my premise. you were prepared to pursue $6.3 million for a piece of land on the coast where your own sits, but you would not support a vote to bail out the motor industry that proved to be highly effective. we have more motor vehicles sold in this country in the last month than in the last -- >> that's kind of -- we always hear this from the left. if not from the stimulus program the unemployment numbers would be so much worse. >> i've got nothing to do with either party. i'm just asking you the question. i'm not interested in the left or right. >> here is the answer to it. the bail out of the auto industry was not the only way to save general motors. >> no one has ever suggested that. no one has ever suggested that.
12:47 pm
>> i'm kind of hearing that. they could have saved job. they could have paid off their debt or had it reorganized. i think general motors would be leaner and stronger today. probably would have bounced back a lot faster and the precedent wouldn't be set. remember, martin, big business and big government love to pretend they hate each other. at the end of the day they're in love with each other. they sleep with each other every night in this town. that's why i voted against the bail out, voted against the wall street bail out. i think that federal flood insurance is extremely important thing. we spend billions of dollars on disasters, natural disasters that weren't caused by management and bonuses and ceo malfeasance and big unions as you had in detroit and wall street. >> just to end this interview, i did speak to a realtor and he said he thought your property would double in value. >> tell him i will list it tomorrow if that's the case.
12:48 pm
thank you. a presidential twist in the super pac vote. we have the cnbc market wrap. good afternoon. >> about 13 minutes left in the trading day. stocks are holding onto gains in the home stretch. today's move comes on relatively low volume. wall street erased losses that greek officials are inching closer. that's it from cnbc. [ male announcer ] let's level the playing field. take the privileged investing tools of wall street and make them simple, intuitive, and available to all. distill all that data. make information instinctual, visual. introducing trade architect, td ameritrade's empowering web-based trading platform. take control of your portfolio today. trade commission-free for 60 days, and we'll throw in up $600 when you open an account.
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president obama has done an about face on super pacs after calling super pacs shadowy. our donnahue peebls is the chairman of the peoples' corporation and is a member of the president's national finance committee.
12:52 pm
good afternoon. a watchdog group is calling for a justice department investigation into both the president's super pac and mitt romney's claiming that both operations are illegal because of their ties to the candidates. they have a point. >> they have a point that the optics are not good. because the line of independents versus a coordinated effort seems to be blurred. but the phrase here is coordinated effort. it's clear the president is not going to be coordinating the effort of the super pac that will be supporting him. it's a blurry line. in a perfect world, they should be eliminated. but citizens united, the court decision, indicates they are legal and a part of free speech. >> is that why the president has changed his mind? >> he can't run a campaign with hands tied behind his back. >> even though in 2010 he was co condemning the super pacs. >> things change. circumstances change.
12:53 pm
>> you're wealthy. would you consider donating to a super pac? >> no. >> why? >> because i think money is playing too much of a role in how campaigns are run. it's more about the money and the message as opposed to the message and what the candidates stand for. if we're going to be opposed to the influence of money, we also have to act with our principles. i don't see supporting a super pac as something that continues the democratic process in the way i would like to see it go. >> do you understand the feelings of many in this country that the democratic process is now being bought? when people look at the presidential campaign among republicans, they see mitt romney spending tens of millions of dollars in negative advertising and demolishing newt gingrich. >> i can understand it, but i can tell them one thing. in the obama world, campaign contributors get little for their money. it's difficult for a contributor or donor to get tickets for their grand kids for the easter
12:54 pm
egg hunt. under george bush, if you raised a couple hundred thousand dollars, you got treated like a vip. in the obama era, the contributors are not being treated like royalty. they are like any other citizen. so anyone who contributes to the obama campaign, they ought to do it because they are committed to his reelection and his vision. i don't think they will get anything else. i don't know what one gets for supporting mitt romney. >> we'll have to wait and see. thank you for joining us. we'll be right back. ashlee christian is the entrepreneur of the week. she decided to buy a pigly wiggly, but instead of opening just one restaurant, she opened three. they share the same kitchen, so she saves money on resources. for more, watch your business sunday mornings at 7:30 on msnbc. this is an rc robotic claw.
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12:58 pm
work house and the pitiful slums. all of that is gone. the cathedral, which he describes as bulging, is pristine and clean. in a city that's a financial capital of the world. and yet, on the steps of the cathedral is an encampment that's been there five months. a court order has been served on them and they could be removed by the end of this week. they are part of the occupy movement. they have been drawing attention to something that hasn't changed much in 200 years. the same wealth between the rich and the rest that dickens so brilliantly describe d in his novels. he would be surprised to discover while so many cities around the world look so beautiful, the people are still disfigured. cities that contain vast numbers
12:59 pm
who rely on charities for their daily food and live in permanent fear of losing their jobs and who have lost their homes often through no fault of their own. dickens would not be surprised by the political leaders that we now have. from eastboubenezer skrooj, he nothing more than protecting their own status while humiliating the poor. and that nicely brings us to newt gingrich and mitt romney. one who would send poor children to clean toilets so they could be civilized and the other who says he's not overly concerned about the very poor in our society. both republicans. sadly, maybe not much as changed in 200 years. thanks so much for watching. dylan is here to take us forward. it's all yours. >> thank you so much. it's nice to be seeing you


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