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tv   Way Too Early With Willie Geist  MSNBC  February 10, 2012 2:30am-3:00am PST

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9-9-9 and endorsi joe the plumber. can we please get the her manator back in the race? it's way too early for this. good morning i'm willie geist, jim demint throws the best rave in d.c. i'm glad you're watching or listening on sirius on radio, shoot me an email, tweet me, we want to know what you're doing up or do what rocking rick perry and text awake to 622639. we'll read the best responses later in the show. next 30 minutes your cram session. a lot to tell you about including the latest on the mortgage settlement between the government and banks, who does it help and who doesn't it help?
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stephen colbert is at the center of nancy pelosi's argument against super panks. -- super pacs. a spot attacks couhim with a wi here at 30 rock, in the republican race for president, mitt romney says he's not threatened by rick santorum's rise this week but judging by the new level of attacks, santorum has the attention of the front runner. >> well, i think you've seen rick santorum get his opportunity now to be one of the leading contenders, he hasn't been as visible in the sweepstakes but is now, and that means that he will be under the microscope like all the rest of us have been, obviously some of the things on his record are troubling the fact he voted five times to raise the debt ceiling without getting compensating reductions in federal spending is a problem. the fact while he was in washington government spending grew by 80%.
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i think spending in washington is out of control, i wouldn't raise the debt ceiling without getting compensating reductions in spending. >> santorum defiending his work in congress, defending, some of the ear marks helped expand medical programs and boost national defense. he suggested a closer look at romney's record tells the different story than the one the massachusetts governor has been telling on the trail. >> this is the gotcha politics of mitt romney. ease not interested in talking about the issues, he's interested to pander and make political sauce when there is real substantive issues how to change the government and he's on the wrong side of them. the record of governor is not one he talks about there is a reason for that, for example, look at his request to ted kennedy and john kerry and all the con gresal offices he was forthright about supporting ear
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marks when they were coming to massachusetts. i'm sure he didn't have any problem in spending his ear marks that were ear marked for programs in massachusetts and spending that money as freely. i know he supported projects like the big dig, the single transportation ear mark in the country. >> as fares a the money race goes, politico reports the santorum campaign raised over $2 million in the 48 hours since his three-state sweep tuesday night. it's a long way to go to catch up to mitt romney's cash. the annual conservative political action conference is underway drawing thousands of republicans and conservatives to washington. presidential hopefuls, mitt romney, rick santorum and newt gingrich hit the stage in a few hours, they are up today vying for the support of the conservative base. yesterday the focus woas on maro rubio, mentioned as a possible vice chairman and paul ryan,
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both of whom focused attacks on president obama. >> unlike any leader in modern american history we are led today by a president that decided to pit americans against each other. the basic argument that he's making to our nation is that the reason why some of us are worse off than we used to be is because other people are doing too well. that the only way for some of us to do better is for other people to do worse. >> this election cannot just be a referendum on president obama's failed leadership. amer i cans deserve a choice, between two visions for our country's future. as conservatives, we owe americans that choice. >> texas governor rick perry who dropped out of the presidential race not long ago around to the national spotlight, energizing the crowd with his criticism of president obama. he cited a line from that chrysler super bowl ad featuring
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clint eastwood. >> it's halftime in america, i'm fear full what the final score will be if we let this president start the second half as the quarterback. no mention of newt gingrich after he endorsed him when he dropped out. he urged republicans to embrace the core principles of their party. >> we do the american people no great service if we replace the current em bodiment of big government with the luke warm version of the same. we need to stop pre tenning the main goal of the republican governance is do the same thing as democrats but don't spend as much money. quit believing that. quit doing that. >> good to see governor perry again. michele bachmann, herman cain
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spoke yesterday. we'll have highlight later in the show. the obama administration is working to limit the political blow-back over a mandate that requires religiously affiliated universities and hospitals to offer contraception through their insurance coverage. vice president joe biden, according to a bloomberg report, warnld the president about the risk involved in the law, insists there is still room to resolve this stand-off. >> there is a lot of misunderstanding, there is not enough focus on the fact that we decided that there is a year to work this out so we can accommodate that. i'm determined to see this gets worked out, and i believe we can work it out and as a practicing catholic, i am of the view that this can be worked out and should be worked out. i think the president -- i know the president feels the same way. >> joe biden reported to have gone to the president raising the red flag along with bill
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daley as politico reports. as the white house looks for compromise, supporters say republicans are using it to score political points. >> it is time for the extreme right wing to stop playing political football with women's health. >> this latest ruling on women's access to reproductive health care, family planning, has been absolutely politicized in this what i call on-going war against women. >> it's astonishing to me that we are standing here defending the right of women to access contraception. it's just amazing. that there would be any question this is a settled e,clos. >> but there is a growing list of high profile democrats breaking ranks with the white house on this issue. several senators including john kerry, claire mccaskill and joe mansion want the administration
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to adjust the rule. john boehner addressed the controversy during his address at cpac yesterday, suggested it strikes at the heart of the constitution. >> what is ultimately at stake here is a first amendment right and fundamental american value that has stood for two centuries. one thing is for certain, this attack on religious freedom cannot and will not stand. >> mitt romney is also weighing in on this over the past several days, the former governor of massachusetts has repeat edly slammed the mandate, from the campaign trail. >> of course this effort with regard to contraception and the day after pill, and staerileatin is an assault, they suffered at the hands of not just the people in the catholic church but people of all faiths and they will have to retreat suffer enormous consequence. >> the rule being challenged in congress. marco rubio and joe mansion
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pushing legislation to allow religious organizations to opt out of coverage. stay tuned there. a massive federal mortgage settlement to help struggling homeowners is coming as much needed relief to hundreds of thousands perhaps millions of household. other families complain the money offered up by the nation's biggest banks falls short of the damage inflicted during the housing crash. >> reporter: the president says the $25 billion settlement will require america's five biggest banks to right the wrongs of the foreclosure crisis. >> they will reduce loans for family whose owe more on their homes than they are worth. and they will deliver some measure of justice for families that have been victims of abusive practices. >> reporter: under the deal, of four million families foreclosed on, 750,000 could qualify for payments of as much as $2,000. tim and his wife and son lost
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this home a year-and-a-half ago. after he lost his job. and his wife lost her business. >> i didn't think i would feel this much sadness. >> he may qualify for a check. >> i think it's a token amount, the whole settlement is a sham, and insult to homeowners like myself. >> most of the settlement money would reduce loan balances for about one million families delinquent on payment and owe more than the homes are worth. some families who are under water but current on payments could also be helped, allowed to refinance at lower rates. the deal would help only a fraction of the 11 million homeowners now under water and no one whose loan is held by fannie mae or freddie mac. many consumer groups are supportive. >> i think this settlement has the potential to do some real good for american homeowners. it's not close to being enough but it's a step in the right
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direction. >> as the california attorney general praised the settlement, outside there were protests. other consumer groups and many experts say the banks got off easy. >> the banks come out the big winners because the costs they are paying are very small in terms of the damages that were done. >> the five banks together earned more than $46 billion in profits last year. yet under the settlement, they have to pony up $5 billion in hard cash. >> kristen welker reporting. more than half the settlement will go to the states of florida and california, with the housing crisis hit especially hard. under the deal, lenders may still face criminal charges over the way mortgages were packaged and sold. still ahead on "way too early" tiger woods won a tournament last year, almost won last month, looking good at pebble beach. does he have his game back two years and change after running
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his car in a fire hydrant? michele bachmann and cpac goes after herself. talking john wayne, elvis and the presidential campaign that just didn't pan out. back with a check on weather when "way too early" comes back. almost every day mike tyson would shake a hand, today is the trial approached the climax, he barely acknowledged his well wishers.
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5:45 in the morning, beautiful picture of rockefeller plaza. a check on the weather from todd santos in this week for bill karins, good morning.
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>> willie, good morning. you think an ice rink it doesn't fit in new york city at the moment we will see better chance for snow in new york city itself in early saturday morning, a brief window. belt e i've widened out the radar, snow toward chicago, they could get one to three inches starting later this afternoon, that could be travel issues. beyond that, a few showers crossing in the mississippi valley, that will be the antagonist for the snow on the east coast working into saturday. current temperatures in boston, 31, 35 in new york. cool air back toward northwest great lakes, it will be filtering down slowly toward the east, not so much here for today, it is here for tomorrow especially through western new york and boston could get two to four inches. a little bit of winter. >> looking like winter, thank you, todd. sports now, tiger woods still looking to get the magic back. he won the first tournament since the thanksgiving night car wreck heard around the world. that happened at the end of last year, played well at abu dahbi.
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shot a 68 at pebble beach in california first time he has played the celebrity event in a decade. he sank six birdies to finish five shots back of the lead. teamed up with tony romo. >> the pair is tied for 25th place. the shot of the day goes to a guy named ken duke. >> now to 16. >> ken duke's second shot. >> flag in the back right here. there is a very good shot. >> oh! >> no, no, no dancing. no, please stop it. >> no dancing. no dancing. duke busts out the cabbage patch after going eagle. he's currently tied for second
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place. we'll have to deduct a few strokes by pga rules for doing the cabbage patch. update to an important story will farrell announcing the starting line h-ups, bulls-hornets. >> at forward, number 5, still lives with his mother, carlos boozer. >> his favorite movie is "the notebook" derrick rose. at center, where he majored in econ i but minored in love. omeka okefor. >> that was farrell on the mike, now there is an official facebook page trying to rally support for will farrell to announce the starting line-ups at the nba all star game on february 26th, this is something that has to happen.
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get yourself on facebook, make will farrell the guest public address announcer at the nba all star game. at the top of the hour, they gather up in washington for cpac, the theme? president obama is bad. but how do they feel about mitt romney? we'll knock it around with the crew. we will watch nancy pelosi viciously go after stephen colbert and his super pac. "way too early" is coming right back. so, this is delicious okay... is this where we're at now, we just eat whatever tastes good? like these sweet honey clusters... actually there's a half a day's worth of fiber in every ... why stop at cereal? bring on the pork chops and the hot fudge. fantastic. are you done sweetie? yea [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. hey, i love your cereal there-- it's got that sweet honey taste. but no way it's 80 calories, right? no way. lady, i just drive the truck. right, there's no way right, right?
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. the federal settlement to help under water homeowners is being hailed as a landmark deal but not the first multi billion dollar federal pay out aimed at protecting consumers. if you want to sound smart, the federal mortgage agreement with five banks is the biggest set ment since the $206 billion tobacco deal in 1998. they agreed to change marketing practices and compensate states for medical costs connected to smoking-related illnesses. let's huddle up around the water cooler to watch nancy pelosi attempt to get a piece of the colbert magic. the host of the colbert report has a super pac called "americans for a better tomorrow, tomorrow" ms. pelosi
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has her video to push her disclose act, a bill that goes after super pacs. >> stephen colbert used to be my friend. i signed poor baby's cast when he hurt his hand of the since the day he started his super pac, taking secret money from special interests, he has been out of control. even using his super pac to attack my friend, newt gingrich. if that weren't enough, i hear he doesn't even like kittens. colbert must be stopped. i'm nancy pelosi and i support this ad, because americans deserve a better tomorrow today. join me in stopping colbert and creating a new politics, free of special interests money, the first step is passing the disclose act. learn more at stop cole bert. >> you can't have cpac without
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herman cain he will be the headliner any day of the week. he made a grand entrance at cpac yesterday to the song made famous in his political ad. >> we must outsmart the liberals, we must outsmart the stupid people trying to ruin america. we outnumber the stupid people, trust me. i counted them. i knew that we together could change washington d.c. even if your david didn't make it to the white house. what i decided to do, is create an army of davids. one of the people that is running for united states congress in the state of ohio, in a very challenging district has adopted 9-9-9 and i am
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endorsing his candidacy is my friend, joe the plumber, stand up joe! >> doesn't get any better than that. herman cain endorsing joe the plumber. what a country. michele bachmann reentered the spotlight at cpac yesterday after bowing out of the presidential race. reminiscing about her six-month campaign. >> i thought you would be interested in knowing that running for president of the united states is really one series of humiliations after another. but it's also a very educational experience and i learned three things when i was running for president first of all, i learned where john wayne was born. that is very important. and then second, i learned the day that elvis presley was born. these are vital issues to our republic. third, i learned never forget
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the three things that you learn, very important when you're running for president. >> there you go, michele bachmann yesterday at cpac. why you're awake you're checked out for the weekend, tweets, texts and e-mails next. morning joe from washington just moments away. [ male announcer ] the inspiring story of how a shipping giant can befriend a forest may seem like the stuff of fairy tales. but if you take away the faces on the trees... take away the pixie dust. take away the singing animals, and the storybook narrator... [ man ] you're left with more electric trucks. more recycled shipping materials... and a growing number of lower emissions planes... which still makes for a pretty enchanted tale. ♪ la la la [ man ] whoops, forgot one... [ male announcer ] sustainable solutions. fedex. solutions that matter. ♪ ♪ it's nice to see you... [ male announcer ] this is your moment.
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hear why you're away. tower? >> alan writes want to c congratulate that homeless man. >> he shows up hung over, some suspected drunk out late partying. >> how is the muffin? >> we give him free starbucks. >> i have a jen in beacon hill, florida awakened by the sound of rick perry at cpac 2012, hey rick perry clint eastwood is a celebrity crush of mine, let me tell you you are no kline eastwood. >> tough talk, more to


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