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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  March 30, 2012 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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17-year-old trayvon martin. speaks out for the first time when george zimmerman's brother gives his first tv interview. and the national organization for marriages strategy unveiled in secret documents to drive a wedge between blacks and gays. and target latinos in an effort to stop marriage equality. maggie gallagher joins me live with fred carg. whose actions led to documents being revealed. i'm thomas roberts. a lot on the agenda. 12 hours from now, millions of americans are going to be checking their lottery tickets. they're hoping to be the big winners of a jackpot the size which has never been seen before. the jackpot $540 million. the multistate lottery has rolled over 18 times since the last winner. that happened back in january. what would you do with all of that cash? >> i would quit this job. >> health insurance. >> we had a customer that bought 200 tickets, just one customer.
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>> we joke about winning and walking out of our office. >> nbc's stephanie gosk at a gift shop in bay own, new jersey, across the hudson river. have you seen a steady stream of poem coming in to buy tickets before the big drawing? >> reporter: they have, thomas. it could get bigger today. it's the biggest in world history. this is an enormous jackpot, $540 million. and the bigger it gets the more people it draws out to enjoy the mania. and it's because, look, one ticket costs $1 and although your chances are infinitesimal of winning that jackpot, you still get a chance. that's what compels people to come out. new jersey is one of 42 states taking part in this. the drawing tonight. it could go higher depending how many people buy tickets. your odds? with one ticket one chance in
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175,711 -- no. 175,711,536. not very good. thomas. >> i think we can all be eaten by a shark faster than winning this lottery. it doesn't mean we won't be playing anyway. stephanie, thanks. coming up in a few minutes we'll talk about what happens when the office pool lottery goes wrong. a lot of people are pulling their cash. what do you need to do to protect yourself if you do end up becoming the big winners? we'll talk about that. back to politics now, though. tuesday's wisconsin primary can spell the end for every republican candidate, not named mitt romney. and ahead of the crucial race the former massachusetts governor seems to be on a roll. a new nbc/marist poll shows romney leading all gop contenders with 40% of the voters' support. rick santorum trails with 33%. meanwhile, wisconsin congressman paul ryan announced his endorsement of romney saying mitt romney is the best person
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to beat president obama. >> so i believe that he's the right person for the job, and i think this primary has been productive, i think it's constructive up until now. i think it's made the candidates better but we're entering a phase where it could be counterproductive if it drags on long. >> that follows thursday's endorsement by george h.w. bush to endorse the gop front-runner. >> i'm honors to have your endorsement and your support and the president indicated that we've been friends for some time. my parents were also friends of the president and the first lady and having your support means a great deal to me on a personal basis, a family basis, and also on a national basis. >> so that follows the endorsement of jeb bush. nbc's kelly o'donnell joins me from appleton, wisconsin. how are voters responding to endosment they've got friend their local hero, paul ryan? >> reporter: paul ryan is a popular figure among republicans here in the state, specially
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when the governor here scott walker has been under siege with the recall effort. the question is, what do endorsements mean in the big picture? certainly romney has lined up key endorsements from both the party's past and future with the president and current stars like marco rubio and paul ryan. hard to know how that factors in. it gives romg money more of a ce to focus less on gop rivals santorum and gingrich and paul and look into the general election and we'll see that today here at lawrence university where he will give a speech today that will talk about his view of the economy. he will talk about the president's personal past, as a community organizer, talking about how noble those goals were but saying it was an ironic tragedy that the way the president started as a community organizer took him to a place where he believed government was the answer. those are the view of mitt romney who will talk about trying to have more of a business generated opportunity
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society. that's what he'll describe. so we've got a lot happening in wisconsin today, rick santorum is here as well and he is stumping. you've got rally and fish fries. karen santorum, his wife, will be doing solo campaigning. santorum people are trying very hard to grind this out, as they have throughout this campaign season where they have overperformed in some places but the polling certainly shows that romney appears to have an edge in wisconsin. and in part it's the kind of state it is, this is a place that always has a real active political life and they certainly will with this primary as well. >> nbc's kelly owe done until wisconsin. one person who has been noticeably absent from the romney endorsement circuit, former president bush. a question about g.w. made for an awkward exchange with romney and the parents of the 43rd president. >> endorsement? >> no, no.
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>> i love that picture of the two presidents, father, son. quite a legacy. >> we want to bring in our political power panel this morning, political commentate, alista menendez and jackie kucinich. great to have you here. former president g.w. bush after after thought yesterday, also m.i.a. at half a dozen fund-raisers romney's had throughout texas this week. what do you make of the fact that he's virtually invisible now? is the silence deafening? >> i think that the bushes are very aware of the fact that their brand at this point is still a bit complicated, that for george w. bush to come forward isn't necessarily the boon to mitt romney that he wishes it were. the bigger endorsement is the jeb bush endorsement, big regional strength in florida even if doesn't weigh huge in the primary it's great in the
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general. >> one endorsement the democrats are jumping all over is paul ryan. take a look. a new ad attacking romney and ryan's support for one another. ♪ when old mitt claps his hands for the paul ryan plan ♪ ♪ that's amaury >> when the plan came out i applauded it ♪ ♪ when paul ryan gives props ♪ ♪ to old mitt romney's chops that's amore♪ >> entitlement speech was very good. >> do you think that radio ad is going to be lightning for what's taking place this love fest between the two, other than that a song in our head for the rest of the day. >> no. these endorsements don't mean anything and they especially don't mean much when they're delivered both rubio and ryan have given them. those are both great candidates and conservative favorites. but their endorsements were more
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process driven than about mitt romney. their endorsements were we need to come together, we don't want to fight on the floor of the convention, not ringing endorsements for mitt romney. i think both of those guys kind of wanted to just get them out of the way. >> all right. jackie, despite romney's lead in wisconsin there's a new nbc/marist poll showing him trailing president obama by double digits. the president has 52% support versus romney's 35 and trailing the president in several other battleground polls. do you expect numbers to tighten up as romney begins to wrap up the nomination? >> i think as we see the campaign go on, they might tighten up a bit. but romney is suffering from is not being able to really gin up a lot of enthusiasm with some of the under pent voters and that's -- he hasn't been able to pay a lot of attention to them because of the conservative nature of the this race. it will tighten up a about they have find a way to generate
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enthusiasm to voters on the fence. >> as we talk about rick santorum, if he does poorly in wisconsin and numbers are fading in pennsylvania what does it mean for his campaign? >> interesting aspect of that poll that we saw of the nbc/marist poll santorum fares better against obama than romney does. there's still support out there. he doesn't have much reason to get out of the race before pennsylvania. so i would imagine he'll probably stick around. >> doesn't rick santorum support president obama more than he supports romney? >> santorum? >> yeah. isn't he the one that said if i'm not the one, don't vote for romney, vote for president obama. >> he was trying to say mitt romney and obama have more in common than people think. >> let's talk about newt gingrich. sheldon adelson, the billionaire benny factor single-handedly penning checks to the campaign met with romney's backers according to "the washington post." ed ale donson and his family spent $16 million, that's a drop
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in the bucket, a heavy night on the town for that family. jackie, what more does newt gingrich need to do to get the message that this isn't going his way and he needs to hang it up? >> i don't think anyone can make newt get out other than newt. he's going to stick around. at this point he's not making a big impact in polls anymore. the frank lynn marginal poll had him at single digits. he can stick around as long as he wants to. he wants to be part of the conversation and whether or not anyone's paying attention. >> as we speak of wealthy donors the word that the company at the center of the pink slime controversy involving ammonia-tainted beef by-products headed by a major romney donor, es this easy pickings for democrats to make a pink slime ad? >> sure. democrats are focused on the ryan contrast piece. i think that will play much bigger and better with voters than this temporary question of pink slime connecting it to
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medicare, medicaid, big tax cuts for billionaires and millionaires. that's what's going to resonate with voters, not this meat thing. >> i think alicia's right. i don't think the pick slink distraction will have too many legs. >> ladies, thanks so much. appreciate it. well, another eyewitness comes forward in the shooting death of trayvon martin. what that witness claims to have seen and once again, a different version from what george zimmerman claims happened. plus -- ho holy weird traffic stop, batman. why the man was dressed like batman in the first place. >> bat man. four walls and a roof is a structure. what's inside is a home. home protector plus from liberty mutual insurance, where the cost to both repair your house
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is it a yarn that keeps unraveling? new developments in the shooting of florida teen trayvon martin continue to cast doubt on the version of events as laid out by neighborhood watch volunteer george zimmerman. an eyewitness to the fateful february night described to cnn a scuffle from which zimmerman emerged apparently uninjured. >> then he was walking towards where i was watching and i could see him a little bit clearer. i could see that it was a h hispanic man, he didn't appear hurt or anything else. >> we're also hearing from another member of george zimmerman's family, his brother who insists what unfolded at a gated community in sanford was a fight for survival. >> george was out of breath, he was barely conscious. his last thing he remembers doing was moving his head from the concrete to the grass so that if he was banged one more time he wouldn't be, you know, wearing diapers for the rest of his life and being spoon fed by his brother, and there would
8:16 am
have been george dead. >> joining me is joy-ann reid, managing editor for and freshly back from san forward, florida. you've been covering all of the aspects of the case. as we hear about the anonymous witness who saw george zimmerman, he or she, saw george zimmerman basically rise from this scuffle unharmed. then we have the police video showing him roughly 40 minutes later emerging from the police cruiser and going into the sanford police department looking unharmed, with no blood, no grass stains all over him. how are all of these things starting to jive with the police report, the stories, and the fact that this man remains unarrested? >> well, you know, thomas, that is actually the crux of the problem, right? you have a police report that describes one narrative in which zimmerman admits to having shot the person, treated for minor injuries, said there's blood on in his nose and the back of his head and that's it and the only
8:17 am
statement from zimmerman i was yelling for help and no one was helping me. now you have surrogates for him, started with joe oliver, hes and a newsman, since he's given a specific narrative with quotes, right? here to getting for and more specific and shaping the story and filling in details, but none of them were there. contrast that with someone who witnessed it, when stories don't converge, the problem is more for zimmerman because they're filling in details not supported by the facts. >> we have zimmerman's brother detailing the most horrific details, the most graphic details going as far to say that trayvon nearly disarmed his brother. however, zimmerman's brother told nbc news the two brothers haven't spoken in years. >> right. >> but they're not in contact with one another. what are you haeearing about th family relationship of the brothers and the account he's trying to put out there? >> that's what we're hearing as well, the brother is somebody who in the words of one person,
8:18 am
publici publicity seeinging, they haven't spoken. you are seeing a public relations campaign and i sort of see him in that light. they're trying to put forward people who can speak on george's behalf and give this increasingly specific narrative. >> right. >> even saying quotes that trayvon martin supposedly said. if that audio is not on that one-minute gap in the 911 tapes, if there's no evidence that any of the things that zimmerman brother or the father are saying actually happened they're creating perhaps more problems there. >> zimmerman's dad did that local television interview in silhouette basically giving scriptive words of what trayvon was yelling if that scuffle back and forth. according to a reuters report, sanford's mayor is blaming the police department, blaming them for opposing and delaying the release of the 911 tapes. was this in an effort to sweep the case under the rug and hope it might go away? now there's never been more
8:19 am
attention, more scrutiny, everyone needs to cross the ts, dots the is and fine justice in the situation. >> you've got to feel for jeff triplet, he's been mayor for six months, welcome to the mayorship of sanford, a part-time gig. he has been very good about go into all of the community forums. he's been the only public official that's showing up in the black community and talking to people. he went to those naacp hearings. he's trying to calm things down in san forward. but he was the person that was more responsible for making sure that the information got out. the police department's been closed with the press but leaking. so i think that that's not a good way to conduct clearly an investigation. >> it's really not. you want due process. as americans we want to see justice happening in the country. but to have leaks come out that add fuel to the fire of public opinion. >> and it's odd. they seem to be leaks helpful to george zimmerman and police are supposed to be dispassionate in this. >> great reporting from florida and the grio.
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youth vote. 2008 near 140,000 young people registered in florida and went on to represent one in four of the ballots cast in the critical election. today, the number of new voters registered in florida has dropped by more than 81,000. critics blame restrictions imposed by florida's new election law which eliminates early voting and threatens to penalize voter registration groups. consequence of that has been that groups like rock the vote and the league of women vote ofs have largely suspended their work in florida. heather smith, president of rock the vote, and join me now. explain to everybody about these voter i.d. laws, specifically in florida that forces a group like yours to scale back what it does best. >> yeah, the law in florida's actually unique in that it places incredible restrictions on what they call third party organizations, we call them community groups, we call them teachers, volunteers, students, from conducting voter registration activity in the state. so volunteers now have to go
8:25 am
through incredible procedures that are incredibly burdensome and onerous, sometimes impossible to comply with in order to register their friends, set up a table on campus, maybe register students in a classroom, and even the slightest error is penalizes with fines and criminal penalties up to a year in jail. >> sole of the most publicizes aspects of the voting laws, require vote to show e.d. at the polls, such laws 16 states including swing states like florida, pennsylvania, republicans who pass them say they're needed to stop voter fraud. what's your experience with that issue? is this finding solutions for problems that don't exist? >> yeah. i mean, thomas, that's a great question. right now what it feels like these laws are being put in place not to address fraud, not to address voter registration fraud, but to make it harder to register and to vote. in fact, one of the lead legislators who proposed this bill in the state of florida said exactly that. he said, you know, just to
8:26 am
paraphrase, something to the effect of this should not be easy. we want our voters in florida to want to vote as badly as that person in africa travel 200 miles on foot to do it for the first time. if that's the intent of these laws, that is fundamentally un-american and exactly why rock the vote and others need to be stepping up and fighting back. >> quickly, your group is challenging this law in court. last week the justice department suggested in a legal filing this law may have been passed with discriminatory intent. where does that stand? >> we had a hearing march 1st in the state of florida, where rock the vote, the florida pergs called phone the state and the judge and the federal court to halt the law to go back to work rej ste registering young people. we are awaiting a decision now and it could come any day. >> heather smith. for more to get educated on this
8:27 am
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the charcoal went out already? [ sighs ] forget it. [ male announcer ] there's more barbeque time in every bag of kingsford charcoal. kingsford. slow down and grill. >> special prosecutor investigating the death of trayvon martin is clamping down on information. an anonymous eyewitness told cnn zimmerman walked away from the scuffle apparently unharped. joining me melissa harris-perry, host of the melissa harris-perry show on msnbc, and msnbc political analyst and author of "debating race" michael eric dyson. great to have you both here.
8:31 am
melissa, the big developments this week have been about the videotape basically of zimmerman arriving at the sanford police department and walking in of his own volition roughly 40 minutes after this all took place. if there is concern over the state of the police report and the state of his medical well-being, is the best thing to do to release the medical proof they say they have? >> yes, i mean obviously what the american public is asking for right now is as much transparency about this as possible. that said, i mean i think we have conflicting goals here. we have to remember that the kind of movement for a justice for trayvon is about getting an arrest for zimmerman. the idea that this needs to all be tried in public, that we need to see the evidence and as journalists and as observers make a decision on the preponderance of evidence and then decide is ridiculous. no, i don't think they need to release it. they need to arrest george zimmerman and this needs to be evidence brought forward in an
8:32 am
actual course case. >> as we look to the grand jury scheduled for next month with new details, new void yo, accounts, witness accounts from anonymous witnesses, accounts coming from zimmerman's father what he's saying, according to his own son, the brother that's come forward, what kind of environment is this grand jury face once it does convene? >> well, it's a highly charged one. the competing and conflicting narratives that are out there, conflicting details emerging, mr. zimmerman claiming that he was in fear of his life and that he had been bloodied and brutalized and had his nose broken done look that way on the tape. the atmosphere being charged by mr. zimmerman's father claiming that he's got hate coming from mr. -- president obama and the congressional black caucus, obviously it's a highly charged racial atmosphere but we not be mistaken here. it's not as if this is only be ratcheted up now. the atmosphere's poisons by vicious beliefs of black men, suspicions of what they're
8:33 am
likely to do. trayvon martin was as much a victim of constructed fehrs from the culture of what black boys are likely to do as the vicious and lethal attack that night by george zimmerman. >> this case is bringing up lots of conversations around the country, "the l.a. times" reporting about a college student in pasadena shot by police, they believe that he was armed. but to you think that shining a spotlight specifically on trayvon martin will open up dialogue for the untold amount of trayvon martins that may exist around the country? >> i would hope so. in city of new orleans where i live, we're dealing with at least two very recent murders or killings of unarmed, young black men by new orleans police department officials. and so you know we're beginning to say, not just is that one trayvon martin but all of our trayvon martins. i think part of what makes it so horrendous in the case of martin, though, is that this -- zimmerman is not a police officer. as pauling as it is as those
8:34 am
police officers in a position of not protecting and serving but taking the life of young men, the idea that just any person could, that just some person walking around your neighborhood could do it, i think that's part of what generates such fear and anxiety for so many of us looking at the martin/zimmerman case. >> is it human nature for americans following the case to feel injustice that may be associated with it but to remember that we have to watch the due process? like george zimmerman says he was a self-appointed neighborhood watchman. there are certain people now, se certain celebrities tweeting addresses or phone numbers trying to be justice crusaders on their own, isn't that just muddying the waters. >> but they're not morally equivalent top to draw a false comparison between due process of law, for which, by the way, black people have always aggressively argued, all we've ever said is treat us fatherly, don't give us a rigs outcome but at least give us the fair access to the procedures of justice that everybody has access to.
8:35 am
on the other hand what melissa's referring to here, outcry for justice for trayvon is the only bullhorn we have to amplify the desire of black people to be treated how other people, white people especially, would be normally treated. calling for the arrest of george zimmerman is not an extraordinary act. the knack we have to go to these extents just to make sure that an unlicensed, in terms of not being a police officer, person has killed another human being, who happens to be black and has not yet been arrested, raises serious questions about procedure as well. there's not a moral equivalence. yes, ultimately we must allow this to work itself through the justice system. but let the justice system work. let it be neutral, fair, dispassionate so all competing claims can be judged fairly and justice can truly be done. >> thanks to both of you. just a reminder, catch melissa harris-perry her show on saturday, and sunday mornings here at 10:00 a.m. on msnbc.
8:36 am
again, thank you. secret tactics exposed aimed at defeating marriage equality are fueling new outrage today. details revealed from unsealed court documents from an ethics commission investigation in maine, confidential national organization for marriage board update 2008 to 2009 declares its goal to quote drive a wedge between gays and blacks. that agenda fueling angry responses from the national thought leaders on civil rights, the national black justice coalition saying these documents expose for what it really is a hate group determined to use african-american faith leaders as pawns to push their agenda. julian bond says it's went of the most cynical things i've ever seen spelled out in this way, it's scary. >> the one who called for the main investigation, and former president and co-founder of national organization for marriage, maggie gallagher. we had a mix-up with the booking
8:37 am
on this topic wednesday. maggie graciously agreed to return on the subject today. start off with leadership about casting vision and your name is cited in documents they have subsections and titles, one called raising negatives and we need to interrupt the attempt to equate gay with black and sexual orientation with race. we immediate need to make sexua intellectually respectable again in elite culture. >> i haven't stopped beating my wife yet because i never began beating my wife. listen, the problem -- this was an in-house document. i don't like the language because i think it makes us sound way too big for our britches. the truth is what we've done since 2009, when that was described, is reach out and work with people across lines of different races, different creeds and different colors who
8:38 am
believe we need to protect marriages, the union of husband and wife. i would never want to think that any of the minority leaders whether it's my hero, senator ruben diaz from the bronx, or the bishops from the church of god in christ, the largest black pentecostal denomination or any other leaders. you know, i'm -- it makes me seem more -- nom seem more powerful than it is. it's insulting to suggest the african-american or latino leaders are standing up because nom is manipulating them. the only reason anyone stands up for marriage at this point in this culture is out of principle because we believe it's a good thing and we're fighting for what we think is right. >> the latino community, in these documents it also mentioned latinos specifically by saying we must interrupt this process of assimilation by making support for marriage a key badge of latino i didn't a cymbal of resistance of inappropriate assimilation. what do you mean by inappropriate assimilation? why is it too far off to think
8:39 am
that nom carries this much power trying to inject yourself in the marriage equality discussion all over this country? >> well, listen, the problem with the premise of your question suggests that we're making this up or we caused this divide. the divide is actually real. this was on the front page of "the washington post" on february 23rd and it says black pastors take heat for viewing same-sex marriage ace civil rights matter. all of a sudden they are big gots and haters, black men, leaders of the xluchcommunity. we didn't cause or create this. if we can get together with the gay community and take the idea that it's bigoted or discriminatory to stand up for marriage off the table for black people or for white people, we'll be happy to do it. >> fred, why did you lead the charger in maine to have this started? >> i've been following the organization since they formed
8:40 am
themselves in qualify to pass prop 8 and saw they spent 500,000 in maine and they hadn't reported where their donors came from, which is illegal in the state of maine. i was asked by the ethics commission to file the report which i did and used my attorneys to ask for an investigation and they accommodated with 3-2 vote. despite the army of lawyers they brought with them. >> how does this change the work that nom does? done the publicity that all of us provide send a dog whistle for people who support its work? >> it opens a can of worms-tow, thomas. they've got a lot of power, they've claim $20 million in the second year of their formation but reported $6 million on their irs statements manipulating the presidential race. they're citing this $3 million they were going to spend in 2011 and '12 to make marriage a requirement, fighting gay marriage a requirement for the
8:41 am
presidential republican number anies and three signed the nonmarriage pledge. they're manipulating not just race baiting and things doing to divide and conquer but also inserting themselves into a federal election which they also have not reported any money. and i'm looking at filing charges against them on that as well. >> maggie, i want to ask you about the latest inendeavor from nom to recruit celebrities, we also recognize the opportunity to gather and connect a community of artists, at leets, writers and, beauty queens and other noncognitive elites across national boundarieboundaries. what is nom's goal in putting something like that out? noncognitive elites? >> noncognitive elites, many sources of pow, influence and authority, truth, goodness and beauty. we would reach out across all of those lines. it's the conspiratorial -- the conspiracy that you're describing is a conspiracy quote/unquote to find people who believe marriage is the union of
8:42 am
husband and wife, whether they're christians, jews, black, white, hispanic, whether you're smart people like professor robbie george or impressive athletes to get our message out. and it's what's cynical is describe that as a conspiracy or illegitimate activity. it's really common sense. >> twice now in the boardroom right here, the board notes and also in the new advertisement you're going after elites. why is marriage just for elites? >> marriage is not for elites. we reach out -- of course we've got the majority of the american people on our side. it's like 15 or 20 different projects that we think we could or that we fougthought at the t could help in winning fight for marriage as the union of husband and wife. i don't apologize for any of them though i don't like the suggestion that somehow we have the power to make gay marriage advocates call other people bigots and haters, we don't. we wish they would stop or they
8:43 am
have power to make african-american or latino democrats to do anything. we are grateful and respect the leadership they've shown for the values that they hold dear and we share. >> fred karger, maggie gallagher, thanks to both of you for coming on today. appreciate it. a look at some other stories topping the news now. president obama expected land in vermont any minute. the first visit to the green mountain state by a sitting president since 19195 expected to draw 4500 supporter at the university of vermont to raise $1.2 million for the campaign. later this afternoon president obama heads to maine for another campaign event at a community college in portland. we don't know the outcome for months but the justices of the supreme court will cast their first votes on the president's health care law today. justices will meet behind closed doors after which chief justice roberts will assign who will write the court's opinions. justices can change vote is in
8:44 am
time between now and the day the court releases the division. the texas mom who drowned her kids in a bathtub wants to leave the psychiatric hop. reportedly asking the court for two hours a week to go to church. the 47-year-old was found not guilty by reason of insanity in a retrial. yates had been released from a psychiatric hospital weeks before killing her five children. blondon fathers four kids ad moved between five different safe houses in pakistan after the attacks according to bin laden's youngest wife who spoke to pakistani intelligence. "new york times" details the report tote and notes inconsistencies in the accounts from pakistani officials. so it's not every day that you see a superhero, a real superhero driving down the road but that's what some maryland police saw last week. they pulled over a black lamborghini, behind the wheel a man dressed as batman. >> he's got no tags. batman on it, dresses like bat
8:45 am
man, black lamborghini, driver dressed as batman. can i see the registration? like the outfit. >> thank you. >> nice car, dude. >> so in case you're wondering the driver does all of that for charity on his way to georgetown university's hospital to visit sick kids when pulled oven. when it comes to dash cam videos this is epic. this guy celebrated his dui arrest by singing -- you got to hear it to believe it ♪ i'm not back again this time tomorrow carry on, carry on nothing really matters♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, 29-year-old rob wilkinson, put your hands together. yes, he did all of queen's bohemian rhapsody. when office pools go wrong, lot office you are teaming up with people at work to buy megamillion lottery tickets. we've got our on this team here.
8:46 am
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plug into the savings you deserve with snapshot from progressive. welcome back. 540 million bucks of the lean one topic at the office water cooler today. did you buy your tickets yet? thousands of office lottery pools in play now. everyone's trying to even the odds if their favor but there are type when the games do go wrong. lawyers represented five new jersey co-workers formed an office pool to play the lottery and here to tell us about the tale of what happen when everything went wrong. six co-workers playing the lottery together for years and one of the guys checks the numbers, realizes they were a winner and took off. how much cash was he able to get away with? >> the lottery in question had a cash value of $24 million. >> so that money is, you know, after taxes he gets his lump summonny. eric, what were your clients
8:50 am
able to get back? >> well, we -- this case went to trial two weeks ago. there was $24 million at issue. there was six guys. we have a verdict for million a. it just happened. so we're in the process of seeing how much we get back, but the verdict was for $20 million. >> ruben, what's the cautionary tale for people watching this? maybe this is a lark that the greed got the best of this person. but there are office pools where they don't have things in writing and people are going on the honesty, the fact that they've been colleagues for a long time. >> there are two tales. honesty is the best policy. always deal with your co-workers above board and in good faith. this is serious business when you go in with your coworkers. this is a lot of money involved. you probably should have writing and know what's part of the pool. >> eric, is that the best advice to talk about it ahead of the time, not worry about it after the fact but have these conversations laid out so in the case you do win, you don't have these problems?
8:51 am
>> it really is. people don't think they're going to win. you do want to avoid problems if you do win. another problem i'm seeing, people ask me, hey, i went on vacation this week. am i in, am i not in. you want to have the ground rules sarule s established in advance. >> you guys have an office pool, right? >> we do. >> attorneys ruben and eric kahn, appreciate it. for everyone who has ti
8:52 am
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singing sexy? a new viable mashup of president obama tops our poli sidebar this is what i see, everybody stops and stares at me ♪ ♪ i've got passion in my hands and ain't afraid to show it, show it show it ♪ >> i'm sexy. i know it. >> your weekend jam there. the mashup of the president wrapping to the hit song has already garnered more than a
8:55 am
million hits online. you remember president obama's beer summit with a black harvard university is, henry louis gates and a white police officer? politico reports lisa murkowski is inviting the president to a summit with less hops and more dairy, a milkshake summit. no word on whether there will be one straw or two. you got a few extra bucks? "the daily beast" reports ann romney will celebrate her birthday with a fund-raiser for her husband at the home of donald and mel lannian trump. the cost of attending this soiree, $1,000 bucks a head. happy birthday to mrs. romney. thanks for your time. i'm going to see you back here monday at 11:00 a.m. eastern time. follow me on twitter @thomasaroberts. now with alex wagner" is coming your way next. battle speech right? may i?
8:56 am
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mitt romney has locked in another not really full throated endorsement from a republican leader. this time it's paul ryan. but does romney, ryan and that alliance spell trouble in the fall? it is friday, march 30th. and this is now. joining me today, the huffington poet's sam stein, ryan lizza, from the associated press kasie hunt and ben smith of wisconsin congressman paul ryan says it's time for the bruising primary season to come to an end. what better way to bring it to a close than with a half-hearted endorsement of mitt romney. this tuesday, all eyes will be on wisconsin that will hold an election to recall its governor. i want to play for you, my friends on the panel, this paul ryan endorsing mitt romney on fox news. let's hear that. >> i think this primary has been productive. i think it's been constructive till now and made the candidates better. we're entering a phase where it


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