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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  April 16, 2012 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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and pip pa and pistol. kate middleton's younger sister in hot water over paris pointing what may or may not be a gun at the paparazzi. we'll have that story for you, a whole lot this morning. great to have you with me. i'm thomas roberts. a lot to get to. beginning with the major news about presumptive republican nominee mitt romney giving stark specifics about how he would slig o slig o shrink government. he said in part, i'm going to take a lot of departments in washington and agencies and combine them. some him mate. but i'm not going to late out just exactly which ones will go. but i'm not going to late out just exactly which ones will go. garrett haag broke the story. he joins me on the phone. this is out of character for mitt romney. but what did you hear last night? you were one of two reporters there. >> yeah, governor romney was
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much more sort of free willing and spitballing if you will on policy last night than he does on the stump. two things really jumped out, the first was one cabinet agency he said he might get rid of it he said things like housing and urban development, which my dad was head of that might not be away later. so there's one agency that could be on the chopping block. specifically interesting when you consider his reverence for his father. he also talked about the department of education in response to a question from one of guests. he said he wouldn't get rid of the department, but that it's probably going to shrink significantly. another quote, he said the department of education i will either consolidate with another agency or perhaps make it a heck of a lot smaller. i'm not going to get rid of it entirely he said. and that's because he learned a lesson in 1994 against ted kennedy when he suggested getting rid of the department of education and got railed againsts as being uncaring for doing so. so his vision of the role of the department of education he suggests would be a much smaller
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agency whose job in large part would be to stand up to the federal teachers' union. >> you also heard romney talking about revenues being a big issue for republicans, how to collect them, also specifics on getting the hispanic vote. >> that's right. romney has been hammered for his tax plan by the left who say his across the board tax cuts of about 20% would benefit primarily the wealthy and he was pushing back against it talking about how he would try to keep progress differencity in the tax code by eliminating some of the deductions that the 1% enjoy. he talked about eliminating the deductions for second home mortgages no high income people. he said he would probably limit or eliminate deductions for thing its like state income tax and state property tax. the idea here being that they could keep tax revenue the same, but lower rates across the board particularly good for small business. immigration, the republicans know they have a bit of a problem. romney alluded to some of the
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recent polling that showed hispanic voters breaking very heavily democrats. he said we have to get hispanic voters to vote for our party and republicans might have to offer their own versions for popular programs to give voters a positive choice. he also said while president obama had both houses of congress in democratic control, he wasn't able to deliver on immigration reform either. sort of the hopes that that issue might become sort of a stalemate at the very least. >> and give us the update about the presidential search. >> yeah, it's been a busy 12 hours. romney advisers confirmed too nbc this morning that beth myers, who was mitt romney's chief of staff back when he was governor ofs massachusetts and ran his 2008 campaign will be heading up his search for a vice presidential nominee. myers is considered by folks
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around the campaign to be one of romney's closest person am friends and closest advisers. she will be tight lipped to be sure. >> garrett, great work. we want to bring in our political power panel. a.b. stoddard, ted strickland, and susan delpurso. great to have all three of us with me. ben labolt responded to the information that we're getting now about mitt romney and what he had to say, but here is his response no chris jansing. >> the fact is that governor romney has a very specific plan, that he has not unveiled to the american people, but he's unveiled to high dollar donors. and there really is a secre sec trend here. >> so what i say in private is
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not what i say in public. what's to be taken away from this? >> just like president obama may be having some secret negotiations with the russians over what they're going to do over missile defense. but the real thing that we can take away from this is i don't know if mitt romney, who is so disciplined, was upset no those things came out in that meeting. i think he's very disciplined and in a he stathat he started broach issues that will come up. >> when we talk about the cuts, the proposals morphing the department of education, getting rid of hud, what's your reaction? >> well, my reaction is you really can't believe what mitt romney says because he may say something else tomorrow, next week or next month. this is this man's problem. he simply is inconsistent, he's a flip-flopper. and what he says is not to be believed by the american people. i think most americans understand that about him and so
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i'm not terribly concerned that he would go to a high dollar fund-raiser event and make certain statements that might please those individuals because next week he may be talking to a different group and he'll probably say something quite different. >> and i want to get to remarks made by ann romney. she said it was my early birthday present for someone to be critical of me as a mother. it was a defining moment and i loved it. today is his birthday and this morning her comments were compared to throwing a grenade right in the middle of the table. how much staying power does this story have in the long run? >> in the long run, the fight it for female voters is really paramount here for both campaigns. it was a fight that democrats had an upper hand on until last
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week when this happened. the romney campaign moved to make this big statement about how more women have lost jobs under president obama than under president bush since the recession began, et cetera, 92% of the jobs lost during the last three years were to women. that data is not entirely correct because it's lacking its real context. it was sort of massaged. and that was -- will the fight that ensued in which this comment came out from hilary rosen, it allowed someone like ann romney who is a likeable figure to become a sympathetic figure. she is right that it was a gift and it allowed republicans to really fire back at the democrats in this sort of war on women debate that was going on. in the months to come, mitt romney really has to win women back. he's losing them by double digits and he'll do that with the help of his wife, but also on his own because they know that will make the difference in november. >> do you think it was a good idea for beth myers to be appointed to head up looking for
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a vice president? >> it probably was a great idea because mitt romney trusts her and she also knows the way his quirks are and everything about him. so i think when she'll make her recommendation, she'll be someone who will be in sync with mitt romney. >> so the discussion about the mommy wars probably not going anywhere any tile soon and mitt romney had a different message about working mothers back in january. take a listen to this. >> i also like the idea that people who are receiving well pair assistance have a responsibility of working. and i wanted to increase the work requirement. i said foints that evr instance have a child two years of age, you need to go to work. and people said i'm heartless. and i said, no, i'm willing to spend more giving daycare to allow those parents to go back to work. it will cost the state more providing that daycare, but i want the individuals to have the dignity of work. >> so here's where gets really sticky in trying to have this conversation because for many moms across this country, many american motherses, it's not a
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choice. this is a necessity for their daily lives. so is the message from romney that it's okay for women of means who have the freedom of options, but not okay for everyone else? >> this is just the latest example of how mitt romney is out of touch with the lives of working people. according to him, if you are a poor woman who has a child and you're staying at home and caring for your child, that's not work. and he wants you to have to leave your home and get a job to experience the tig kndignity of about that but about if you are a wealthy mother and you can stay home and still have your family provided for, then you're working at home. this is a contradictioner to position that the governor has taken. and i think it's just simply that mitt romney probably because of his background, his incredible wealth, is just out of touch with the struggles that
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many, many working people have. and in terms of the war on women, i mean, mitt romney has said he's for the personhood amendment that would basically strip a woman of her right to choose to have an abortion if she chooses to do that. he wants to kill planned parenthood. so there are many, many issues here. and the fact that they've grasped on to will this one statement by a political operative who is not associated with the obama campaign and try to make it such an issue, i think is an example of their fear of what they're going to face in november when women go to the polls to vote. >> governor ted vehicle hnd, a.b. stod dard, susan, thanks to all three of you. i appreciate it. pricing for more extreme weather. record breaking heat. more than 130 twisters reported, six killed as monster storms rake the country's midsection. plus a former worker at the library of congress claims that he was fired for liking a facebook page. he happens to be gay and says
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sex, scandal and the secret service. an american institution rocked by allegations of misconduct with prostitutes ahead of the president's weekend trip to south america will. now, this alleged incident happened at this five star colombian hotel. 11 agents and five military under investigation. one of the women telling local police she was not paid for her services. legal in parts of wi this count. this was a pr nightmare for this president. he made his frustrations very
8:15 am
clear. >> what happened here in colombia is being investigated by the director of the secret service. i expect that investigation to be thorough and i expect to be rigorous. if it turns out take some of the allegations that have been made in the press are confirmed, then of course i'll be angry. >> ripple effects from the alleged incident have made hair way to washington, d.c. where republicans are wearing the possibility of house hearings. >> the question is the whole organization in need of some soul searching, some changes, before the president, the vice president, members of the cabinet are in danger. >> ronald kessler is author of in the president's secret service and he joins me now. great on have you here. and you've mentioned before the corner cutting that's happened by the agency in the past, but
8:16 am
let's focus specifically on this scandal. how high does this it rang in terms of a black eye? >> no question this is the biggest scandal in the history of the secret service and these agents could have been blackmailed by these prostitutes to let a terrorist in, to let the russian foreign intelligence service in. just incredible. but it is a symptom of what i wrote about in the secret service and the salahi intrusion is another example. i broke the story in the "washington post" and to hear president obama refer to allegations in the press, we have to find out if they're true, his own government said these agents engaged in misconduct and they're why they're being accepts homsent h. for him to say i'll be angry is a line of lack of sleerleadersh.
8:17 am
what is needed is replacement of mark sullivan who has tolerated this culture of cutting corners. >> doesn't a full investigation need it to be conducted an concluded before coming out so hard and fast with condemnation like you're saying? >> no. certainly an investigation is needed to get every detail before these agents are fired, which they will be, but the secret service knew enough to say that misconduct was involved. and to withdraw them which is unprecedenteded. and that combined with the intrusion by the salahis where the uniformed officers of the secret service consciously ignoreded the fact that they were not on the guest list, what could be worse? they could have been terrorists. as well as in my book i document how agents will let people into events without putting them through metal kdetectors.
8:18 am
that sloalone should result in firing of the director. >> they're holding an internal investigation. is that enough or do there need to be multiple congressional oversight investigations? >> the congress am investigations are just a lot of hot hair. there was a hearing held after the a lsaleh heyla salahis. you need to remove the director, bring in someone who will shake it up, someone not aligned with any interests within the agency such as occurred with bob muller. that's the way you improve the agency. you don't do it with congressional hearings, most of the time these congressmen don't even know what they're talking about. >> do you believe it should be more in-depth than just this incident and what took place in
8:19 am
colombia, and does it mean there could be a lot of dirty little secrets revealed about the culture that has existed prior to this being discovered. >> >> you know, it's not that the agents are out of control. most are very dedicated and very brave. they're not partying all the time and drinking all the time. in fact they're so overworked and that's one of the problems and that results in high turnover that they don't have time to have a real life at all. the divorce rate is high. and because of the high turnover, training costs are high. inexperienced agents are being brought in. but the real problem is the management which needs to be replaced. >> ronald, thank you, sir. news out of the southern plains. shaken residents will in clean up mode after a mondmonday vust over 130 tornadoes reeking the
8:20 am
midwest. >> they were grandma and grandpa's girls. and it's going to be hard without them. >> officials say a new early warning system helped a lot of people get out of harm's way. still for survivors this the strike zone, losses are staggering. >> everything's gone. everything we had worked for all our lives. have you ever heard the statement about you only get out with the clothes on on your back, that's exactly what happened to us. we don't have anything. >> it's devastated. i've seen on tv, but never seen it up close like this. >> the weather channel's eric fisher is? woodward, oklahoma where the worst of the human toll is being felt. how are people doing today and over the last 24 hours, the death hole has gone up. >> reporter: yes, it has. six fatalities confirmed.
8:21 am
a 63-year-old military veteran in a mobile home park. a lot of people didn't have warning, didn't have a choice. it if you didn't have a weather radio or weren't watching the media, the sirens were not going off, so you did not know what was coming. but this talking to folks yesterday, so many smiles on their faces. a lot of people were just so grateful. fema is doing damage assessments, so they'll put a money value on this over the next 24 to 48 hours. nearly a quarter billion dollars in damage over by wichita. might be looking at the same time of thing here. when you put all the storms together, could be talking about perhaps our second billion dollar disaster of 2012. so severe season off to a strong start. i'm saer my voice is going away. a lot of debris still in the air. a lot of dust still flying.
8:22 am
weather should couldn't the next few days for clean up. hopefully people with start to pick up the pieces. >> eric, thanks so much. ♪ remember that video? a government employee singing about wasting loads of money. a house committee holds a hearing in just a couple hours. but what happened in vegas might stay in vegas about if the witness pleads the fifth. plus, i did proceed massey dancing and drinking. we have highlights from secretary clinton's trip to colomb colombia. ♪ i'm michael bazinet, president of creative digital imaging of bangor, maine. we have customers all over the united states. we rely on the postal service for everything that we do. the eastern maine processing facility is vital to our operation and our success. if we lose this processing facility
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a joint u.s. and afghan force finally ended this wave of attacks that hit the capital of kabul and capitals of three eastern provinces. u.s. embassy was among the targets. afghan officials now say a militant arrested has confessed that the operation was carried out by the pakistan if i based takahni network. what are you hearing? >> despite the taliban taking responsibility, the afghan military have been saying this yesterday, that the assault, even ryan crocker agreed, that the operations is very indicative of that. he told cnn that he didn't think the taliban were capable of doing this sort of attack. however the taliban gave a rare insight to reuters and told them
8:27 am
about the strategy they used hint t behind the attack. they staked out areas that her going to attack, did mock up exercises. it was a rare insight in to their thinking. >> over at least for now. thank you live in kabul for us. here's a look at other stories topping the news. an advanced team of u.n. observers have begun hair work in syria, but the cease fire already starting to unravel. this this amateur video appears to show troops shelling a nablg hood neighborhood in the city of homs. george zimmerman emotion is expected to it file a motion to have the judge removed.
8:28 am
he does believe the judge would give his client a fair trial but says he doesn't want to take any chances. and on a different note, this year's run away movie hit rules another weekend. breaks the rule has is. for the fourth straight week, t"the hunger games" is the numbr one movie. thissed a venture earned $21.5 million. meanwhile, the new 3d release of the blockbuster titanic has helped sail that movie past the $2 billion mark for ticket sales. the only other film on do that was "avatar." on the eve of tax day, the senate will hold a vote on the butch at the time rule tod buffett rule today. i'll talk with one of the patriot stiic millionaires who please tax me are how. [ clang ] my house is where plants came to die. ♪ but, it turns out all i was missing was miracle-gro potting mix. it's got what a plant needs.
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republicans with the new tax reduction proposal to his business owners. and today in the senate members will hold a prer aocedural vote the buffett rule. meet daniel berger, a member of patriotic millionaires for fiscal strength and supporter of the buffett rule and he joins me now. you were willing to have your taxes raised if compliance with the buffett rule. so if someone's finances make him subject to the rule, explain why you are such a strong supporter, why you say tax me more. >> there are two a basic considerations. one is consideration from the standpoint of fundamental fairness. second is a policy consideration why we in our group, the so-called patriotic millionaires, are in favor of
8:33 am
slightly higher taxes on the rich in order to meet the supposed fiscal emergency that we're in. from the fairness standpoint, it is illustrated by warren buffett's op-ed last fall in the "new york times" in which he indicated that his second wsecr paying less in actual taxes as a percentage of total income than he was. and despite the vast differences in income. and that's an obvious reason, i think everyone can understand that. but also there is the issue of the relative burden of taxes and the relative incidence of taxes on various income groups. it's true that the rich pay slightly more. and the million dollars a year or more really corresponds to roughly to the top 1% of
8:34 am
income -- >> when we talk about this, though, it's basically a very partisan bill, only backed by democrats. do you think that it needs to be modified and modified tremendously to get the bipartisan support that it truly need it is to become a law? >> not at all, but the republicans are totally opposed to any form of tax increases to meet the fiscal emergency. that's very clear from the proposed ryan budget. so there is nothing to modify since they're in favor of amazingly further ax cutax cuts the rich in pursuit of a misguided economic policy of cutting taxes for the rich, concentrating wealth in the hands of the few and basically hoping that the benefits trickle down to the rest of the 99%. which has been proven over the
8:35 am
last 30 years to be totally ineffective. so there's nothing to compromise with them on. >> again, the senate members will hold the procedural vote today. looks like it will get tweedefe. daniel, thanks for your time today. in about two hours, the congressional hearing will get under way into a spending scandal rocking the general services administration. that's a government agency dedicated to preventing the couldn't of wasteful government spending that it is directly accused of. and it all stems from a lavish conference that took place in las vegas. lisa myers joins me now from washington with more on this. the official at the center of all of this, of the scandal, plans to invoke his right to remain silent. so where will things go from here? >> that's right, and the government officialing a the fifth is not the imagery any white house would hope for.
8:36 am
what's more, after that top gsa officials appointed by president obama will have to explain why after they learned of the lavish conference they nevertheless gave the official in charge a bonus. ♪ the 23ufun filled conference th cost taxpayer are almost $1 million included rap videos, a mind reader and $1200 for shuttles to take staffers to party on the vegas strip. the gsa official in charge was jeff neely. >> i think i pre pretty much promised to deliver an over the top, up forgettable team building experience. how did we do on that one? >> but neely has told investigators he'll take the fifth today rather than answer questions. >> taxpayers needed to know that what they see in those videos is
8:37 am
in pact the tip of the iceberg. there's a culture of waste that when people misbehave, they're seldom punished for it. >> e-mails show that even after senior gsa officials were alerted to excessive spending in vegas, administrator martha johnson personally approved a $9,000 bonus for neely. and vegas was only part of the story. a think lo longer conference was held in palm springs in 2010. cost taxpayers as much as $100 a head. it was held at this resort. >> it has to stop it's a wasteful abuse of taxpayers dollars. >> feely's lawyers did not return our calls. the white house has called the spending spree a gross misuse of taxpayer's dollars. so far three gsa officials have
8:38 am
been fired or resigned. and five more are on administrative leave. >> truly an epic boondoggle for sure. lisa, great to see you. thank you. criticism of ann romney's choice to be a stay at home mom has came cat take pcat take putted her on to the national stage. how much do the candidates' other halves really factor into voters decisions at the ballot box some joining me is allison samuels, author of a new book about the first lady called what would michelle do. great to see you. let's get straight into this with the visibility that ann romney has gained significantly increased since this controversy began. she called it defining. so will it make a difference for her husband's candidacy as he tries to close the gender gap? >> it absolutely will given that
8:39 am
mitt romney has sort of been somewhat of a mystery, i think ann romney in the forefront telling us more about her husband, telling us more about what kind of person he is, what kind man he is making him seem more human and then also drawing attention to the women's issues that the republican party has been beatingen over the last few months. that can't do anything but help romney in the last election. >> a new poll gives michelle obama a favor ability rating of 65%. she spoke at a fund raiser this morning. will she continue to be more visible and used as the secret tool as we head will toward november? will. >> definitely. the white house has said that maisch she wi accomplish she will will be wi will will be out in front and she's a hip first lady. probably one of the hippest that we had in a long time. and so she's doing things that
8:40 am
10 or 15 years ago you didn't necessarily see first ladies doing. so she's reaching a group of people that weren't easy to reach. so she'll continue to be a looming presence for obama. >> as we do comparisons and contrasts, we have barbara bush's favor ability rating at over 75% when her husband lost the election and hillary clinton's favorables were half that when her husband won re-election. so as you talk about the motd earn day first lady, do we see this more evolved role for the first ladies as well as for the candidates' wives, like mitt romney, out on the trail? >> definitely. you have twitter and all those social media outlets that weren't available to barbara bush or hillary clinton ten years ago. these women now can utilize and sort of get their story out in different ways to younger groups of people, to women, to all types of gups. that's something that we haven't seen before. and again with mitt romney, he needs to be defined. ann romney can help that happen.
8:41 am
and michelle obama can continue to let you know that president obama is hip and in touch and ready to do this for a second time. so i think the world of technology has done a great deal to help both women actually have a human impact. >> social technology, a double-edged sword. great to see you. library of congress employee said he was fired for being gay, but only after liking the 2 dads page on facebook. plus, an awful lot of talk about pippa middleton's love life, but her next date might be with a police officer. and it's all because of what may or may not be a pistol. auto-bliss. with rent2buy from hertz car sales, you skip the lots... and pushy sales people... it's a fast, easy way to buy a used car. three days to try. zero pressure to buy.
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president obama is under fire from lgb activists for
8:45 am
refusing to sign an executive order banning workplace discrimination against federal contractors based on hair sexual orientation and gender identity. my next guess is engaged in a legal action werelevant to this very issue. when his boss found out, a pattern of religious based discrimination ensued. peter joins us along with his attorney. peter, you say you had a good working relationship with your boss, john meck. when he found out you were gay, you you say things chained. just as proof of this, e-mails started to go back and forth, one in which he said that he clearly avoided making political statements, but his blueprints was given to us. he prohibited sexual immorality including homosexuality,
8:46 am
adultery and pre-marital sex. when you got e-mails like this, did red flags go up and did you needily want to speak to someone in your human resources can t t department? >> that's correct. at the time i wanted to make sure i was very cautious about my job and respecting his position as my boss. prior, to i had not received any religious based comments it tak comment taker from him, so this was a red flag. >> this would be startling for anyone to be called on the carpet in such a manner. you also allege your boss said he wanted to educate you on a hell and that it was a sin to be a know know smo homosexual, tha never succeed because it was against god's law. is the library of congress superior, are they allowed to talk to an employee this way? >> they are pot allowed to do what was done in this case. this will case involves
8:47 am
religious discrimination. and it was simply a mayor of peter did not agree with the supervisor's religion. they did not agree either way and the supervisor used that to lecture peter. the evidence is not just the e-mails, but there's a pattern here of assignments, reviews, and other discussions where peter's religion was used against him simply because his superior did not approve of his sexuality religiously. and, no, that is something that we'll argue strongly and i think the law will be with us that should not happen. >> the library of congress did issue a statement in regard to our request to what's going on with peter's case and they said essentially it doesn't comment on personnel matters, employees can file a complaint if they need to. you've done that, you have the support of morning senator charles schumer who is joint chairman of the committee overseeing the library of commerce. he said there should be no discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. we will make sure to get
8:48 am
peter, do you feel confident that you will be able to get to the bottom of this? >> i hope so. i appreciate senator schumer's support and that justice will be done. >> thom, a when you look at the facts of the case and what is in place, how they're responding to this, what is the legal avenue to be taken here, to best suit what peter claims happened to him in the work environment? >> the best avenue is what peter has done so far. and i want to make clear peter have a reluctant hit gant herli. he hoped it would go away. he approached his super ivisors. he requested a transfer, did he did everything khe could to kee his job and stay there. 180 days in which to respond. and if they come back with an appropriate response and they accept what happened, that may lead to the result that we want. if not, we will continue litigation or through the eeoc,
8:49 am
we'll determine that based on their response. >> peter, workplace discrimination is it a big issue in this country with people in the lgbt community allowed to be fired in so many different states. what's your message to 240es who s those who are afraid of their own jobs? >> this is more than just about me, this is the hundreds of e-mails that will i've received from people that have said similar stories that have not had the avenue or ability to speak out on this. so i appreciate the ability to come on and tell my story and tell them to remain strong. >> again, the library of congress saying it doesn't comment on personnel matters when we reached out to they will. we'll continue to follow the case. thanks so much for being here today. i do appreciate it. hillary clinton lets loose in colombia. it is now time for the polysc iflt. check her out having a beer with
8:50 am
some of her female aids early sunday morning. the group ordered a dozen beers, two glasses of whiskey, and bottles of water. the president's re-election campaign raised a whopping $53 million last presidential re-election campaign's average contribution was $51. george w. bush raised $45 million at the same time frame back in 2004. and rounding out the sidebar, the group of presidential candidates had a reunion this weekend. "saturday night live" style. take a peek. >> that was certainly a appear season to remember, huh? >> sure was. there was even a time when people were saying i was the front-runner. i've got to thank you for that, mitt. you're the only candidate who could ever make me look exciting. >> and you're the only candidate who could make me look gay friendly. look at that. >> here you go. >> great, thank you. i played your tip in this envelope. make sure you give it to your husband when you get home. he'll know best what to do with it. >> and don't spend it on birth
8:51 am
control. >> cheers. >> there we are. >> i hope you aren't reminiscing without me. >> hey, it's rick perry. >> there was even a time when i was the front-runner. yeah, i might have won the darn thing if i didn't take a deuce every time i opened my mouth. >> michele, show us the news week face. come on. >> and all right, fine, fine. >> yea! >> in the beginning, i was all i can fix this economy with 999 and by the end, i had 999 problems and the [ bleep ] was all of them. americans believe they should be in charge of their own future. how they'll live tomorrow. for more than 116 years, ameriprise financial has worked for their clients' futures. helping millions of americans retire on their terms. when they want. where they want. doing what they want. ameriprise.
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8:54 am
the sisters-in-law of britain's future king could face criminal charge of a stunt involving the paparazzi and what looked like a gun.
8:55 am
michelle kosinski, break this down. pippi was at a party in paris and then what happens? >> it's a strange story. the sun newspaper has the exclusive on the cover, it says kate's sister smiles as pal aims pistol in street. inside, smirking gun. the shock picture exclusive. so this was an april in paris weekend for. i parks full of parties including costumes, aristocrats and some of the most eligible bachelors around. the trouble happened when she was riding in a convertible with three unidentified young men and the driver decides to pull out what looks like a gun. we don't know if it was a real gun or not and aims it behind him at what is alleged to be a photographer. the newspaper says that the photographer is still deciding whether or not he's going to try to press charges because it is illegal to do this even if it's a fake gun. so far police and prosecutors are saying they don't know anything about it. so it looks like she didn't really doll anything wrong but doesn't look like this is anything but a joke at this point. thomas? >> we shall hope.
8:56 am
pippi has a pretty squeaky clean image. we'll see what happens when she responds. michele, thanks so much. and thanks to all of you. that's going to wrap things up for me. now with alex wagner" comes your way next. what's coming up? >> pippi gate. you scooped me. >> pippi packing a pistol in eris. >> president obama went to colombia to talk about issues' hopes to tackle in his second term but all anyone can talk about is prostitutes. we'll look at what actually happened in cartagena, an and tony perkins and the family research council will discuss conservatives, women and taxes and mormonism. this edition of "now." starts in a here 1 0 seconds. no, no it's her dad. the general's your soul mate? dude what? no, no, no. he's, he's on my back about providing for his little girl. hey don't worry. e-trade's got a totally new investing dashboard. everything is on one page, your investments, quotes, research... it's like the buffet last night.
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