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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  April 27, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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an ingredient that works more naturally with your colon than stimulant laxatives, for effective relief of constipation without cramps. thanks. good morning, students. today we're gonna continue... when cool turns into red hot rhetoric. the obama campaign responds to that new attack ad from the super pac ad that attempts to portray the president. but why donald trump is slamming that ad.
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>> i think it was a terrible ad by the republicans. if anything, when i first saw it, i thought the democrats put it out. >> tag, you're it. the answer was -- >> there's no coordination with your recent attacks refuting the president. it's almost like you're doing romney's bidding. >> i'm doing my own. >> plus donating $200,000 to his defense fund. why the judge is considering to raise or revoke zimmerman's bond. >> i spy a drone. using drones as a crime fighting tool. >> we began with decision 2012 in the latest anti-obama ad that
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even one of mitt romney's local supporters called a fail. they released the ad mocking the president's popularity. it's title, cool. it goes after the president for his so-called celebrity status. donald trump called it one of the worst ads he had ever seen. >> i think it was a terrible ad
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by the republicans. i think actually, if anything, when i first saw it, i thought the democrats put it out. >> it took a matter of hours to respond. take a look. >> he is the commander-in-chief. nobody can make that decision for you. he took the harder and more honorable path. the one in my opinion that produced the best results. >> meantime, the president signed an executive order just today aimed at protecting vets from deseptembceptive recruitin. >> the executive order i'm about to sign will make life a lot more secure for you and your families and our veterans. and a whole lot tougher for those who try to prey on you.
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>> let's bring in our news nation political panel, i am a stoddard. let's get to the ad wars that we're watching here. donald trump, the man who loves the tang, probably loves for people to call him cool. he probably hates this ad. >> it was hysterical to hear his criticism and it really reminds you of the risk he took in embracing donald trump as a great supporter. they've done a bunch of fund-raisers together. he thanks him frequently and this is the peril. >> what if he's right? >> he might be right but it creates an awkward situation for mitt romney. the thing with the cool ad, when mccain did this four years ago, it packed a punch. it reminded people that they didn't really know president obama. though he was famous around the world for being cool, he was just a celebrity and programs he hadn't had enough experience to be president of the united states. now they're trying to target young voters by saying, you
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know, he might be cool. but four years later, have his policies help you. i think young voters are a group that the president will struggle to revive enthusiasm with this time around. at the same time, it is not, it is a struggle for cross roads, the super pac trying to go after him. as they focus grooms, they find out people really like president obama and they're struggling to find a tack that's not too mean. >> and where people have found him likable, then it is so easy for the obama campaign to come back with their retort, if you will, which are images of him the day osama bin laden was killed. so you see, and we saw it a year ago. in fact this week, the president slamming donald trump. younging it up at the white house correspondents dinner. all the while giving the order to bring down osama bin laden in 24 hours. there he was out to the nation. why go this route with this cool ad? when did cool become so bad any
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way? >> politics is like the eighth grade political playground. nobody wants to play with the losers. it is not so bad that barack obama is quote, cool. here's the problem. mitt romney has a likability problem. barack obama doesn't. the country looks at barack obama and says 46%, he's doing fine. but he's 60 something% in the likability. what is mitt romney? in the 30s. he isn't one of the cool kids right now. how do you get cool? you tear down the cool kid. >> to me, i have to be honest with you. this sounds bananas to be having this conversation about is he cool, is he not? i realize that the conventional wisdom is that most people are not engaged right now. however, many people are still out of work. you have this issue of student loans that are set to double. the housing market in major swing states still hurting and this is what you bring to the table? he's too cool? >> it's interesting.
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they're targeting young voters thinking not many will be with the president as they were in 2008. but it is not technically a voting bloc that romney can capture. so they really need to make up their minds. where are they going to spend the money to camden you are those swing voters? >> and i realize he is targeted to so-called young voters. i consider myself one and i'm 41. whatever the line is of young, you have people of all ages who then see this ad and those independent vote here's might say, this is the direction we're going in. these serious matters. and you're talking about who is cool and who is not. >> i think mitt romney is better off to that message about the economy. and whether or not -- >> hthat's a message he should stick to. >> let's switch our topics. ba boehner, romney. our team points out that mitt romney's biggest ral eye on
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capitol hill is house speaker john boehner. when asked about a coordinated attack on the president this week, on various topics, let's me play what speaker boehner had to say. >> i think this is beneath the dignity of the white house. this is biggest job in the world. and i've never seen a president make it smaller. the emperor has no clothes. i think the president's economic policies have failed. i would argue they have made things worse. and as a result, the president has turned to the politics of envy and division. >> when is the last time you spoke to anyone in the romney campaign? >> it's been a while. >> i've talk to the candidates or their campaigns during this process. >> there is no coordination with the recent attacks. almost like you're doing romney's bidding. >> i'm doing my own. >> he is doing his own.
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the eyebrow. >> well, it is true with john boehner that since the debt deal fell apart last summer, he's been pretty critical of the president on the record saying he moves the goalposts and negotiating with him is like negotiating with jello. it's not that he's never criticized him before. and it is no secret that they are trying to have a unified campaign and against the president to try the save some seats in the house. and at least lock down the congress if not the white house next year. >> why that response? >> that's actually, that's actually not, it is not really a reasonable response. because it's been reported in the press that they are coordinating. >> and it is interesting for me, any way, because we know, and not that john boehner is a severe conservative, we know that there is been an effort to get the party around mitt romney. he's been battered by his own, if you will. and now is the time to start
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showing, hey, we've got this guy back. and he didn't necessarily have to say i talked to him every day and we're doing this. to say i'm on my own in a shrug come off very flip when they know he needs a solid support from his entire party. >> i think it so the two republican leaders of both houses of congress are coordinating with the gop nominee. it is an absolute fact. a.b. is right. it is in the press. if you're going to do it, just own it. >> i don't get the idea of --
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absolutely. it is not as if any voter would expect them not to. that's what i don't get. >> that's true. i agree with jimmy. john boehner has done well in a very difficult job, dealing with a restive conference whom he couldn't always bring to a majority with votes. towed vote with democrats. there is a become out now by rob draper about the difficulties hç endured. a tough time. congress republicans pulled ratings in the toilet. they faced a tough campaign. he doesn't want to get caught up in conversation about whether or not he is defending mitt romney against the president or criticizing the president on behalf of mitt romney. he just wants to talk about what his job is and that's why he's trying to end the conversation. >> considering the heat that he has taken from those within his ranks, you would think that there would be a stronger response there. >> another slight point to this. the john boehner speakership is not actually cemented in stone. he has eric cantor nipping at his heels. and a caucus that is not always
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with him. >> all right. so great to have you both across from me for a change. moving on, a florida judge is looking into whether to raise or revoke the bond of george zimmerman after it is revealed that he actually received more than $200,000 in donations from supporters that weapon to his webb. during a hearing today, zimmerman's attorney said he wasn't made aware of that money until after zimmerman was released on bond. trayvon martin's family wants the bond revoked them say zimmerman and his family misled the court and said they didn't have any money for bond. kerry sanders joins me live. how did this come about that the judge would even ask about the funds? >> reporter: it is really after the fact and that's what has so many people on the trayvon martin side of this concerned. when george zimmerman was released from the court jail complex on monday, it was on $150,000 bond. and it appeared, even to his attorney, we understand, that they were scraping together the money to make this happen.
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that the family of george zimmerman had to, hisç parents had to take what is effectively a second mortgage on their home to reach that $150,000 bond. now this revelation. that he has raised more than $200,000. $204,000 on his website. that website is no longer up. there is another website. but a tremendous amount of money from people. nothing illegal about that but he did not disclose that, apparently to his attorney and certainly not to the court. the court which was handling him as an indigent case. so the family of trayvon martin is quite upset. they're calling this effectiv y perjury. the attorney ben crump spoke in a statement and said george zimmerman told a lie of omission as he sat next to his attorney while questions were being asked about his finances and said nothing. how could the court trust anything zimmerman or his representatives have to say after they deceive the court?
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the judge here today heard the discussion on that. he said he will take it under advisement. he made no rulings. the actually was on another matter about the release of documents and making them public. but certainly, this is front and center because $204,000. not only demonstrates that he has a fair amount of money now but it also is a quiet support that really has not been demonstrated until those dollar figures came forward for george zimmerman. we've seen thousands of people take to the streets, protesting what happened to trayvon martin. now if you do sort of a dollar equation, you can see that there are people out there who are supporting george zimmerman and the defense that's likely to be presentdt here, and that is florida's stand your ground law. effectively that he was protecting himself. tamron? >> kerry, thank you. i don't know if those are a bunch of people giving small donations or a few people giving large donations. >> reporter: i asked.
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i asked mark o'mara. he thinks it is mostly small donations of b 50 a person. >> we'll see if we can get the accurate answer from hill. greatly appreciate your live report. coming up -- >> it's an election year. my god, do we have to fight about everything? >> that's a heck of a question. fiery comments from house speaker john boehner before the house took up a bill on college loan interest rates. the white house is threatening to veto the republican bill. we'll get an update live for you. plus, space shuttle enterprise crews have passed some of the most recognizable landmarks in new york city on its final journey into retirement. we'll show you some more of the cool video and pictures. join the conversation. if you're one of those folks who gets heartburn and then treats day after day... well, shoot, that's like checking on your burgers after they're burnt! [ male announcer ] treat your frequent heartburn by blocking the acid with prilosec otc. and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] one pill a day. 24 hours. zero heartburn.
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a short time ago the house voted to extend lower interest rates for college interest race for another year but it is not without fire work. the student loan interest rates were set to double by july. a point the president was driving all week as he visited three states in college tours. the measure republicans put up would be paid for by money designated by the health care reform law. kelly o'donnell joins me live from capitol hill. as i mentioned, fireworks there. speaker boehner saying do we have to fight about everything? in this one, it was that, yes. and the timing of when a vote would take place. the white house has made this a
11:20 am
clear issue with the college tour the president was on. speaker boehner was very fired up today on the floor. again insisting that this is in his words, a fake fight because he says both parties want to resolve it. what they can't come to terms with is how to pay for it, what they decided to do today from the republican house point of view was to find money that's a part of the health care law. to go toward this. about $6 billion. democrats wanted to see a penalty. a deduction taken away from oil companies. on the senate side, they have a different set of ideas. so you found with both democrats and republicans, some frustration that they can't get together on this. so the measure did pass. the president has already issued a veto threat and the way it stands right now, it doesn't have a future in the senate. the one plus of this, high, high interest. and the no pun intended but political interest. that will give them a chance to continue negotiating. this will be a continued problem for both parties if they cannot
11:21 am
resolve it and figuring out a way to pay for it is really always the essence of the battle here when it come to things in times when we know the budget is tight. >> what there democrats in the house saying prior to the vote? >> they have been very frustrated. they have that that what republicans tried to do was take money that would be for preventive care.ç they have really said this would hurt women and families who would not have access to some of the preventive type care that was a part of the president's health care law. they say that is a choice that is too painful to have a mother choose between getting a mammogram or a better interest rate for her child's college loans. they've put it in those human terms which they feel very strongly about and it has political resonance as well. so both sides need to figure this out quickly themselves do have some time in material of what capitol hill can do. we're talking about a july deadline but this is really on people's minds today. >> all right. live for us on capitol hill. thank you very much.
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>> nothing has changed in washington if heads don't role. >> republican senator chuck grassley calls for an independent investigation after reports of agents hiring prostitutes. not just in colombia. plus, a cuban actor has gone missing after receiving a big honor at the tribeca film festival. did he defect to the u.s.? recently, students from 31 countries took part in a science test. the top academic performers surprised some people. so did the country that came in 17th place. let's raise the bar and elevate our academic standards. let's do what's best for our students-by investing in our teachers. let's solve this.
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at bank of america, we're lending an in communities across the country. fro omrevi htalielzeping t a neigbrhbooklyn..or.ho financing industries that are creating jobs in boston... providing funding for the expansion of a local business serving a diverse seattle community... and lending to ensure a north texas hospital continues to deliver quality care. because the more we can do in local neighborhoods and communities, the more we can help make opportunity possible. new demands for answers in the sex scandal involving agents hiring prostitutes. chuck grassley says an inspector general needs to launch an independent investigation. >> you know, nothing happens, or nothing is changed in washington
11:26 am
if heads don't roll. the military people involved, the president's advance people, the communication office of the white house, and the secret service from now on into the future, this culture can't persist.ç >> it seems everyone has said there needs to be a thorough investigation. >> what is he adding that's different? >> senator grassley has been calling for an independent investigation. he is also calling for full transparency on the part of the white house. it came back to his own investigation and he is sort of asking for white house staffers to be investigated in all of this. the white house says, the senior administration officials tell me they believe he is partially being motivated by politics here. of course, senator grassley disputes those claims. as you say, there are a number of investigations going on. and all of this happening while
11:27 am
we're getting new reports of possible misconduct. the latest report comes from a local reporter in seattle who claims that he spoke with a government subcontractor. an unnamed source who says he joined several secret service agents, as well as military personnel, ahead of president obama's trip to el salvador in 2011. he said they went out for a night of heavy drinking, partying and also hanging out with some escorts. so of course those are incredibly heated allegations, if you will. the secret service looking into those allegations. representative peter king is also investigating this matter, has been briefed on these latest allegations in the secret service efforts to look into the allegations. here's what representative peter king had to say. take a listen. >> they've gone through the records and there is no trace at all. no indication that anything occurred on that trip, based on theç official records. >> now, tamron, all of this raises is specter of concern
11:28 am
that this misconduct might be a part of the larger pattern within the secret service. but u.s. officials, representative peter king, point out and emphasize there is no proof of a larger pattern right now although the secret service is certainly looking is that that possible. >> all right. live for us at the white house. thanks. a spectacular sight over new york city as the space shuttle enterprise known as the work horse of the shuttle fleet was flown to its new home in new york city. the shuttle is now on the tarmac at jfk international airport. the shuttle flew by new york city's most famous landmarks including the empire state building, the statue of liberty. that's a good screen saver. and june enterprise will be loaded on to a barge and brought to the intrepid sea, air and space museum on the banks of the hudson river. susan joins me live. thanks for your time. >> it's a pleasure. thank you for having me. >> i love visiting d.c. this was the one day i did not want to be here.
11:29 am
so many people have tweeted out and sent out pictures of enterprise coming in to new york. it was beautiful. let me get your impressions. >> it was electric. we were at jfk. the anticipation when we saw her so far in the distance, the little dot. everybody that stood up and could not get back down. it was really amazing. and i have to say once i had my blackberry back in my hand, the amount of e-mail and tests for people all over the place has been amazing. >> it really does, just looking at this video. my tummy just, it is beautiful. i cannot use another word other uite honest with you. it takes my breath away. it was competitive to get enterprise to the museum. it is wonderful what you've done at intrepid. i had an opportunity to be there a couple months ago. how special of an edition will be will have this be for people to come by and see it? >> it is extraordinary for a few different reasons. this will be the largest nasa artifact in the northeast
11:30 am
region. for people who would have to travel far to see something like the, this it is in our own backyard. we love that. for new york city, this will be its first destination. people will be coming here to new york versus another city. we're hoping it will increase touri tourism. this is an unbelievably exciting platform to extend our science technology and engineering so students get excited about these studies and they become tomorrow's researchers. tomorrow's engineers and tomorrow's scientists. >> absolutely. like with any big important guest that you bring to your home, as i understand it, you had to make some adjustments so you can properly accommodate the shuttle there. >> absolutely. last week we moved three aircraft. we took careful steps in doing that. we hate to see them go. this will be a very, very important addition for us. we organized our aircraft on the flight deck. we had to brace the flight deck additionally and we're ready for her arrival, early june. >> absolutely. i can't wait.
11:31 am
i have a 16-year-old science geek who can't wait to see it either. we'll see what happens. thank you so much. greatly appreciate it. >> thank you very much. >> next up on "news nation" -- >> one fantasy i have, and the secret service, they keepç at because they think i might actually do it -- >> what was the rest of that sentence? we'll tell you what the first lady is referring to. it is just something we thought you should know. and be sure to check out our "news nation" tumbler page. we update the pictures pretty much daily so check it out every day and see what we're up to. newsmake you. you're probably muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin® because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. zyrtec®. love the air. on the first day you take it. some constipation medications can take control of you. break free. with miralax. it's clinically proven to relieve constipation and soften stool with no harsh side effects.
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11:35 am speaker boehner is saying the democrats are trying to use this for political gain. when you look at the latest nbc news poll, president obama, 53%. romney, 41% among female voters. do you believe that the republicans are handling this wisely when you refer to it as imaginary? >> i don't know. to me it feels like women don't like it when you tell them it is all in their head. right? it is not all in their head that 31 republican senators yesterday voted again the violence against women act when in 2005 it was passed with unanimous consent. and women can see for themselves what republican rhetoric around their bodies and their right to reproductive health has been. so it is amazing because they're trying to say at the same time, there is no war on women. it is totally imaginary. then you have this line where they're saying, no, no, there is a war on women but obama is waging it.
11:36 am
>> wait a minute. on the side for the republicans, for example, and you had women republicans who have come out and said similar remarks as senator mccain has said at least those in the house. for example, with this violence against women act. the republicans took opposition to language regarding people in this country illegally. also, when it came to gays and lesbians receiving domestic abuse protections. those are the changes that they for whatever reason took issue with. is there no validity to the counter from, for example, john mccain who believes, and bain here believe that people are using this to get that vote that is so important here? is there a counterpart to what you've mentioned that is valid in any way to you and maybe to some progressives? >> i think it is absolutely the case that the obama campaign is using this opportunity to show exactly what republicans' agenda is. that is certainly politics. however, the policies speak for themselves. look, john mccain did eventually vote for that version of the
11:37 am
violence against women act. so you can't exactly say even though he may object to the partisan rhetoric, he is certainly part of this bipartisan effort. those two things can be true at once. this can be a political tool that the obama campaign is using and it could be true that the republicans have pursued a really radical agenda. even if you compare to 2005, 31 senators voting against this. >> right. and also to bring up this point regarding the female voters, i've heard a lot of republicans and conservatives say it is the women paying the bills even if their husbands are the person bringing in the, or the bread win ferry even even use that phrase anymore. they're paying for the gas at the pump. these issues of çcontraception are not issues they're gravitating toward. i believe it was ann romney saying women are more interested in these pocket book issues.
11:38 am
conbe concerned with both? you had nicky haley making a similar complaint. number one i would take issue with the fact that people think that issues of contraception and controlling your reproductive health are not economic issues. the health care reform act absolutely seeks to make it more affordable for women to plan their families which allows them to participate in the work force. this is what mitt romney is planning and hoping. frankly, every time they've tried to reach out to women specifically it has been a huge disaster. so they're really hoping if they can make a pitch the economy in general is going to be the dispositive element, that will be what women will vote on. that is really the only way he can win. and he may be right. >> thank you for joining us. we'll see you soon. thank you. >> technology used in the war on terror could be flying over skies near you. the faa has been granting dozens of agencies permission to use unmanned drones and thanks to freedom of information act
11:39 am
requests, we're learning which agencies can actually fly them. they include law enforcement, local governments and even universities here in the u.s. last week seattle residents learned their police department was actually given approval to use drones and now there are concerns about privacy. police are saying they don't plan to use them for general surveillance. >> when there is a situation that is static. that is to say, it's not moving. it is contained. likeç a crime scene or a car, collision investigation scene or a barricaded person. >> joining me now from seattle is jennifer shaw. the deputy director of washington. thank you for your time. that was sergeant shawn whitcomb with the seattle police department talking and discussing the use of drones by that police department. why many people are asking, why on earth would a local police department need a drone?
11:40 am
>> there is a desire to use technology to improve law enforcement. and i think that this is another tool and certainly, law enforcement agencies and border patrol and others have been looking for these kinds of tools. just to help them with good policing. >> so where does the aclu stand on this issue? >> our concern is not so much with the technology itself but more about the policies and the way that the technology is used. certainly, there are very good uses if somebody is, for example, lost out on puget sound or up in the woods, we want to have whatever tools are available to find that person. our concern though is that it can go further. it can be used for purposes of surveillance even if that's not the intended reason initially. >> legally though, aren't the police departments prevented from using it in the ways that
11:41 am
would concern the aclu, areas that would infringe on someone's privacy? we've even seen, for example, the issue of whether or not çg devices can be attached for people's cars for police work. just because it is police work does not make it as you know better thain, with the aclu, legal. >> that's absolutely correct. there could be lawsuits that come up if it is used for search purposes or if it violates people's privacy interests. absolutely. >> so right now, what is the aclu planning to do, the concerns that you've addressed and for many with legitimate concerns. what are you doing? the aclu doing to make sure it is addressed properly? >> in seattle, we're hoping they will take lead in the nation to put together some good policies that will restrict the use to very limited purposes. that there will be a restrict on how long images can be retained
11:42 am
and also, there will be an audit to make sure that there isn't misuse. and we hope to work with the city on those issues. >> thank you so much. >> coming up, life imitating art. a cuban actor gone missing on the way to the tribeca film festival. he's won big a honor. his movie is about deif he canning to the u.s. did he take a cue from the film? michelle obama is talking about life in the white house with children. a group gathered for yesterday's take your child to workday. she shared her secret wish with the kids. >> we can't like sneakç out ofn on our own without security and motorcades. you know, one fantasy i have, and the secret service, this he
11:43 am
keep looking at me because they think i might actually do it, is to walk right out the front door and just keep walking. just go right over there and go into some shops and stop and have some ice cream. >> a live recording of louis armstrong performing for one of the last times will be released to the public. for the first time, it was unveiled at the national press club where it was recorded january 1971. the performance was a comeback of sorts. he had been in poor health and had not been strong enough to play his trumpet for over a year. louis armstrong died later that year. a little of that fine music behind me. those are the things we thought you should know. ♪
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they're not the only mad men and women as the fight over student loans turns into a fight over women's health in congress. plus, we bought a zoo? perhaps that's on tap for speaker gingrich now that the campaign is over. just don't tell calista. some intriguing allegations coming out of the john edwards trial. the star witness andrew young testified, he was afraid for his life during an argument with edwards that happened in 2008. young said edwards met him on a remote country road to talk about the donor money allegedly being used to hide edwards' pregnant mistress, rielle hunter. you thought he was going onç physically harm you? not mr. edwards personally. >> you thought mr. edwards was going to have somebody there to shoot you? young said, that did cross my mind, yes, sir.
11:48 am
young admitted today that some of the money was spent on a family vacation and construction of a million-dollar home. a cuban actor who disappeared on the way to the u.s. has been honored by the tribeca film festival in new york city. it seem to be a case of life ill tating art. javier nunez vanished on his way to the festival. he and his co-star were last seen in the airport in miami. joining me now, the report he for reuters. thank you for joining me. >> thank you. >> this is obviously intriguing. we were so accustomed to about baseball players who woman and play and defect to the u.s. what are the circumstances that lead people to believe that's the case with javier? >> i think that is the case with what they believe. the director, i spoke to the director and his co-star yesterday.
11:49 am
neither of them has heard from the two actors. neither has seen them and he wasn't there to get his award. that's what is expected, that he has defected. also the director said she was quite concerned for them. she hoped they were safe. >> what was the honor that he was supposed to accept in. >> he shared the best actor for a narrative film at the tribeca film festival awards. heç co-started there. and she was the only actor there. so he had to accept the award on his own. when i spoke to him after the awards ceremony, he was visibly upset about missing his co-star with him. >> as i understand it, representatives from the film said they've had no contact with either of they will. one of the producers that they opened the suitcases they had left behind and the suitcases were empty. what else do we again know about the days leading up to even
11:50 am
their visit? i guess they were taking this connection flight from miami. >> yes. apparently the flight landed in miami and they never left the airport. and that's the last anybody has seen of them. they were three young actors from cuba. the young actor, this was his first film role. the movie is about three young people wanting to defect to miami so i'm not sure what led up to the flights. but certainly, they haven't been seen since then. >> has there been any reaction from cuba an official? >> not to my knowledge. just the reaction that i got last evening from the director and the actor in the film. >> an incredible story that it is tied to this very prestigious film festival. it is intriguing to say the least. thank you for your report. up next, an update to yesterday's gut check that has gone viral.
11:51 am
>> look at the greedy people next to them.ç >> so the couple caught the ball. where the kid started crying. you know the whole story. any way, they're now talking. also an apology from the yankees' announcer who made fun of them. we have an entire update on this gut check. connect the dots here. my cut hurt! mine hurt more! mine stopped hurting faster... [ female announcer ] neosporin® plus pain relief starts relieving pain faster and kills more types of infectious bacteria. neosporin® plus pain relief. for a two dollar coupon, visit four walls and a roof is a structure. what's inside is a home. home protector plus, from liberty mutual insurance,
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it seems everyone has an opinion about the couple who caught that foul ball during wednesday's rangers-yankees game. shawn and shannon said they had no idea the 3-year-old next to them was crying because he did not get the baseball. there was a heated debate online. in our gut check, we asked should the rangers fan given the ball to the boy. 63% of you said yes. 37% said no.
11:55 am
the couple should have kept the ball. now the boy's parents, crystal and kyle, say they're not upset with that couple at all. in fact, cameron, that's his name. cameron's mom said the couple offered to give him the ball once they realized what was happening. she said she declined, deciding to make it a teachable moment for little cameron. >> he is 3. so we're kind of at that stage where he thinks he gets everything and anything. so we're trying to teach him, sometimes you don't get what you want and you just move on and learn from it and keep going. >> it was their first ranger game together. they're going to get married tomorrow. if they're watching right now, what do you say to them? >> i hope it is the start of a great marriage and sorry that his reaction, he is very animated. and that i think the camera seemed to catch that and missed some of the other stuff. >> awesome. >> they say they're getting tons of phone calls after being on tv and the whole situation has made
11:56 am
their lives miserable.ç in fact, leonard says the baseball game is overshadowing their wedding, which is tomorrow. that's absolutely wrong. the couple, in fact, they want an apology from michael kay, the yankees play by play announcer who said they were insensitive. >> he has a good heart and he is a faithful person, he would own up and apologize. he did start it. unfortunately in today's society with social net working, you know, you put one thing out there and people attack. and they were. they were vicious. and they didn't stop. >> we reached out to the yes network. we're told kay will talk about it on his radio show that begins in a few minutes and hopefully he gets a nice wedding gift for the troubles that they've gone through. that does it for us. what does your gut tell you? should the yankees play by play announcer apologize to the couple? we'll see if he does so in a few
11:57 am
minutes. i bet he is. the question is, should he buy them a good gift from tiffany's? that does it for "news nation." my colleague martin bashir is up next. the charcoal went out already? [ sighs ] forget it. [ male announcer ] there's more barbeque time in every bag of kingsford charcoal. kingsford. slow down and grill. ♪ ♪ and i never thought i'd feel this way ♪ ♪ the way i feel about you [ male announcer ] it's time to clean out your garage for a car that's worthy of being the 2012 motor trend car of the year. the volkswagen passat. that's the power of german engineering. ♪ it must be love ♪ love, love
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