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tv   The Last Word  MSNBC  January 3, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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it's not that i wish to be wealthy but to be a good provider for my family.
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having a large family worries me financially. it's expensive to feed 9 people. mary, the family pulley needs your help. mary, that's me. award-winning financial expert and one determined woman who believes every family can overcome their bad money habits, if they family can overcome their bad money habits, if they follow my money rules. ♪ ♪ today, i'm off to villanova, pennsylvania to a family with nine hungry mouths to feed. but, it's leaving their finances, asking for more. they need my help. we are the pulley family. ♪
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my name is beth pulley and i am 43. my name is darren and i am 43. beth and i met in high school when we wee 14 and we've been married for 21 years. beth is a wonderful wife and mother. she's very dedicated to being a very good homemaker even though she works outside the home. darin is a phenomenal husband, a very good provider for us. very involved, as a father and as a husband. i am a librarian at villanova university. it's my full-time job; i'm also an adjunct faculty member, i teach theology. it's nice because it's also a little extra money. i'm a registered nse, when i'm working, i work in an obgyno office i work at my job outside of the home 20 hours a week. i work inside the home, a lot more than that. my husband and i have seven children.
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our oldest is emma and she's 15. beatrice, 12 margaret is 10, alan, eight, wendy is six, pilar is five, and adam is two. we are the pulley kids! the greatest thing about having seven children is that my life is very lively and my house is always filled with lots of laughter. of course, having a large family worries me financially. times are harder and it's expensive to feed people. what we feed on a monthly basis on groceries i would say is at a minimum of $500-700. we find ways to work around as prices go up, we make sacrifices and make different choices and try to do our best to keep things going. i realize that there are limitations on what i'm able to provide even though i have a professional career, and i feel good about
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that career. it's not that i wish to be wealthy but to be a good provider to my family. over the last couple of years beth's job has changed. she took greater than 50 percent pay cut, when they actually changed her position at the hospital. then when she left the hospital to go to the doctor's office it was significantly cut again. the enjoyment is al ot more and that's really worked out well in the stress department, except for the finances. it was a dramatic drop in her income with the changer in her job. and the other thing is that because i don't teach in the summer my income actually goes down in the summer as well, so that's sort of an annual thing we have to deal with. with liberty and justice for all. it was a conscious decision on our part to always work together to make sure that either one of us could be at home as much as possible with our children.
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we have a family to impress, it's going on, where either darren's working or i'm working. i can keep my skills active and feel satisfied in my paid work but also be at home and know my children. it's certainly a balancing act. since we've always shared child care responsibilities, we do that trading off. beth spends a lot of time with the children, not only caring for them but doing the homeschooling, which takes up a lot of time. we've chosen to homeschool our children, because family is so important to us, we weren't ready to have our children be away for eight hours a day. although we review on an annual basis, what it is, they like what it is, what they think is the best thing for them. i do enjoy being a teacher. i was a teacher before i went to nursing school. i have a liberal arts degree with a major in psychology, my concentration in elementary education. beth and i have had many degrees, and we like many people took out loans.
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we have an educational debt that i'm not sure exactly, unfortunately, the interest to cruise so overtime you're chipping away at it, but you're not paying it down as quickly as you could. i do hope that our children go to college. if they do decide to go to college i hope that they'd like to go to villanova university. there's a tuition program for employees. that has afforded our children the opportunity to go to college, tuition free. if they get into villanova and if they want to go to villanova, then they can. if they don't want to then they're going to have to do student loans or work, or something else. we are unfortunately unable to save anything for college education. they have to find their own ways to pay for it. yeah i do hope to go to college. yeah i do hope to go to college. i'd like to go to villanova. i want to go to villanova university. villanova university. i want to be a chef. i found when i worried more about money it didn't make the money situation any better.
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it just made me more miserable. when emma was a baby and with beatrice was a baby, i heard all this commotion, a tow truck it sounded like and it was, it turned out that they were taking our car for lack of payment. and at that time, darin was taking care of the bills or sort of ignoring the bills. so then i said i'll think i'll pay the bills now. i don't know if i should admit that i really don't have a good handle on what, where the money goes because beth does all the paying of the bills, but on a monthly basis, the largest cut really is, always paying for the house. that's the biggest monthly expense. quite a bit of my monthly income goes towards that, i would say about 50 percent, towards that. the second biggest expense would be educational debt, then the third would be the grocery bill. then we also have car payment.
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and that's a significant amount of money every month. i think it's more painful for darin when we're not able to make all the payments sometimes because he wants to be responsible and he wants to be providing. and he does a wonderful job, we just have a family of nine. so it was just easier for me to do it than it was for darren. it was better to address them rather than not to do them. in 2001 we were struggling with credit cards and not maybe making the minimum amount of payments. we were getting phone calls about them, and i heard about a consolidation. and so we put all of our credit cards and whatever bills we had, medical payments and that sort of thing onto a consolidation which we paid in five years. so after consolidating our credit card debt and paying that off, we were for a time, debt free, except for student loans. and then we got credit cards again. and now, we're sort of back there.
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i'd say all together we have six credit cards. the credit card debt that we have is about $75.000 but because i use them at the end of the month for food or gas, i don't want to get rid of them entirely because i don't want to not be able to get to work, or to not be able to feed my children. i don't think a lot about retirement. i haven't been really good at that. beth doesn't have any retirement. my retirement funds our, the sole source of income that we have, but if i can work until i'm 70 or 75, that would be great. mary, the pulley family needs your help. coming up, a tough fix for mary. can her rules help this growing family? i'm a little anxious about that!
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the pulley's are a big and loving family. but their finances are getting lost in the crowd. i'm going to change that. the pulley's need my help. hi! hi, how are you? good, great to meet you! hey! how are you guys? we thank you so much for having me today. thank you for being here. i've had a chance to take a look at you guys in action, and do a little number crunching. and i think you know, there are a couple of problems. not a big surprise to the two biggest ones, there's a short fall every month. and the other thing is the mounting debt of credit cards and student loans, and i don't think that comes as a shock for the two of you. right now you're surviving on borrowing money, that's
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unsustainable. i've crunched through your expenses and you need to know you're insolvent. at some point, the credit cards will all hit their limits and there will be no place else to borrow from. you'll still have the bills and there will be one option left, and that's going to be bankruptcy. i don't think either of you want that. no. so lets come up with a plan. i'm going to show you what you can do that will allow you to control for your financial destiny. it's going to take hard work, tough decisions and a little creativity. sounds good. are you ready for the rules? okay. review the reasons. one of the most important reasons it happens in business is you review the decisions you've made in the past to see if they're still relevant for the future. essentially it's like auditing your life. why have you made certain decisions and do they
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make sense going forward? so i want to take a look at why certain decisions have been made. only you two know that, and only you two will know that moving forward. since the change of my job we haven't really looked at the change in our income. sometimes it's a major change, a fundamental change in your life, sometimes it's a tweak but there can be real financial benefits by doing this review. okay, alright, okay, thank you. track your spending. now i heard a story, about a repossessed car. i know that you have put a lot of trust in your wife to run the bills, right. that's great, and she's worthy of it, however it's a partnership. in order to make the best decisions you both have to be in on what's going on.
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and you're so busy sometimes it's hard to keep track of where the money's going. you guys know how much is coming in every month. you always don't know where it's going in the course of the month. you're right. so i'm going to give each of you a diary, i'm going to show you how to use it, and how to track your spending. you don't look so happy about it. ah it's painful. the micro-review's sometime's harder than the big picture isn't it? it's sort of like don't look at the man behind the curtain because some how we are surviving, in the fog and now it needs to be revealed. exactly and onward to better things. creative shopping. you like that one, i can tell right away. you're already using a boat load of creativity to raise seven kids in this economy. i want to introduce you to a wonderful local community organization called share.
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and it's all about sharing the resources of the community. you do good deeds and you get reduced cost grocery. i can certainly picture that on deal. the kids will be right on board with us. this way they're helping earn some money, they're helping to put food on the table. kids feel great about that! and will save you hundreds of dollars a year on your grocery bill. the rule, track your spending, i'm a little anxious about that. i obviously don't do that very thoroughly at this point. i've sort of make a joke of juggling knives that are sort of up in the air. and here i am trying to manage it. i know actually that it's unsustainable, undoable yet we are doing it, but i don't want that impending crisis to come across us. i think the creative shopping is a really great idea because we as a family are dedicated to volunteering our time to great causes, and the fact that it can be a community building effort that will allow us to put food on
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the table is a good idea. up next, mary does a little digging. but does it hit too close to home? why are our kids home schooled? why do we live in this home? sñ
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it's review time. and mary wants to know the family's reasons. time to get these rules implemented. are you ready? this one's review the reasons and we have a good idea of what we want to do with it. it's about making certain decisions and do they make sense going forward? here's a chart. we're going to do one with income and the red one, this is going to be expenses. income's the easy one right? relatively easy but painful to look at. this includes all the debt that we have. yes, all of your expenses in a year. how about double is what i'd say. beth when you look at that chart, what do you say? i think that's about true, i don't know how we're doing that. there's a big short fall, in, what goes out, and what's coming in. there's that short fall.
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it's huge, and the two of you need to figure out how you are going to deal with that. can you cut expenses, or can you bring in more? or can you meet the middle? and do a little bit of both? but something has to happen, this is unsustainable. this is your opportunity as a couple to say how could we make it work with our values and our philosophy. that's why we're reviewing the reasons is important. why are kids homeschooled? how does that work with our environment of what our expenses are? why do we live in this room? does that work with all of our other decisions? is there another way to fulfill this that won't restrict us as much? so if we still want to live here, what else can we do? what should we do? and to do the review is what we can do because we work as a team. the whole point of this
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exercise is that every family, every year should take a look at all the money that's coming in, and all the money that's going out and analyze it line by line. unemotionally the whole goal of this is to see the whole chart switch, so the income is bigger than the expenses. this rule is tracking the spending. one of the things we talked about is how do we review things every year. part of it is knowing where things are going. and yu know what's coming in, and now we are going to know to the tee, what is going on. i'm going to help you because i'm going to give you some diaries of spending. this is to track spending, keep track of everything. what i want you to do in the diary is, the category of the expense, what type of expense it was, the day you did it, how much did you spend and what did you use, cash, credit. one of the great things about the diary is that you're going to be notating what method of payment you used.
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you're going to see when you use credit cards. you're also going to be keeping track of the credit card interest every month, that's going to have its own line. so you're going to see that credit thing purchase, did you even need it in the first place? could you have paid cash for it? could there have been another method to be used? then there's not an interest for the credit card. yeah, you might be saving eight cents at the grocery store but when you're charging it on the credit card, you're not saving anything, you just gave them an extra 20 bucks probably. there's no right or wrong with what you're spending your money on. it's your choice but it's just so yu know what you're spending your money on. still ahead, the whole family gets their hands dirty. two cans of beans mean two cans of corn. [ male announcer ] mamany new year's resolutions have unraveled at the corner of "good intentions" and "powdered donuts."
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mary's rules have provoked some big changes for darren and beth.
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now it's time for the rest of the family to lend a helping hand. good morning, i'm darren nice to meet you. hi beth, welcome to share. hello, how are you? welcome! we are all so glad you're here! so are you all ready to get to work and help other people? yes, cool, let's go! i want to spend a little bit of time telling you why we think share is important. share was actually started in 1993. and it was started by a deacon in the catholic church that worked with mother theresa that felt like everyone in the world should have basic and consistent food, and that everyone was a gift and had something to contribute to have a better place. so in order to participate in share, you have to give two hours of your time, and you get a box of food that if you bought at the grocery store it would cost you 30 to 50 percent more.
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steve, quick question for you. good deeds, now i know that beth has a crazy schedule, darren has a crazy schedule, when you do these good deeds, give us again the parameters, will they have to come here? can they do something in their community? most people already do a good deed somewhere that they're not paid to do. so part of share is acknowledging people for the good deed that they're already sharing, as well as providing opportunities for people to do more. so if you're already homeschooling your children, and i do believe that's something that beth's doing, that's already certainly improving the quality of life in not only her family but her community and that can count as her community service. so all the kids can come down and pack boxes, that's really helpful for you. absolutely! so what do you think? is this going to work for the family? yes, sure! i just want to do this everyday!
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the share seems to be a really great program. it certainly has the core values that we have as a family, which is great for us but we identify with the mission of the group and also with the fact that we obviously eat a lot of food with nine people in our household so with creative shopping, i think this is going to be a good solution for us. i can't talk to you anymore, i want to do this. thank you guys so much for having me in your home. i really enjoyed getting to know you and i think you're off to a great start. bye, bye, good luck, keep up the good work. i've laid down some ground rules for darren and beth. i cut their grocery bill, got them tracking their spending and they're reviewing their current work life situation. now it's time for them to take charge. i can't wait to come back and see how they've improved.
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where ever ali vincent goes, she draws a crowd of devoted fans. so tell me, yay!
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some just want to meet the first woman to take the title of the biggest loser, others want to know how she did it. all across the country, from los angeles. did you ever in your wildest dream believe you were going to be here like this. to kansas city, and i'm not sure what i'm doing wrong. to ali's home city of spokane. what is your favorite food? people want to ask ali and today, ali answers your questions. see this means you're big time. see this means you're big time. woo hoo. ♪ one of my favorite places in los angeles to hike is runyan canyon. so when i was there last time i thought why not invite some friends. i posted on facebook on twitter, and not only did a whole bunch of friends live big friends show up but so did a whole bunch of new ones. are you guys with our group!
7:32 pm
yeah! you need a big towel. we need to give you a towel. how are you? everybody was full of questions and ready for challenge. oh my god matt! look at you! you look fantastic! you look amazing! how you feeling? good, good. ali met matt mccloskey just about one year ago. i've been overweight all my life. there's time where i cry. there's times where i wish i didn't wake up. i'm 26, i want to start a family. i'm motivated to get it done. i just need help. matt's wish came true when she stepped into his life. hello! hey! how are you? hello! hey! good nice to meet you. when we first met you, you were almost 100 pounds heavier, yes, 91.5 pounds. the people at the angel stadium where you worked for years, now they haven't seen you. have anybody noticed the difference? yes, the other day, i had a regular season ticket holder, she sad, you lost a lot of weight recently, have you? i wanted to ask you because you're looking great, and i wanted to make sure you were. it was great.
7:33 pm
rubina, get your booty over here mama! look at you! you got your camo shirt on. i love it. it all started with a posting facebook. rubina responded and now i'm taking her on a journey of a life time. are you ready? so ready. i'm excited. okay, i want you here at least five days a week, if not six. just the day before, rubina hiked a very difficult trail in this same park. how are you feeling? are you a little sore today? i'm a little sore, yeah, but i want to see if i can do it. i want to say come on, i'm going to challenge myself but i have to do this. and my trainer said you know what, lets try. lets try it out. and we went, i went to the top and they're both like, you did it, yu did it man! it's been so much for me, in so many ways. i can't even describe it in any words. i can't, it's just amazing. sheryl olsen is one of the new friends. she lost a lot of weight.
7:34 pm
lost about 85 pounds. that's amazing. congratulations. kathy fall has maintained her weight for about a decade until a series of accident sidelined her. i lost 110 pounds but then i gained 40 of it back. it took me 11 months to lose about 10 pounds a month. and bob diaz has lost nearly 40 pounds. so what brought you out to do this hike today? well i saw it on facebook and i said, oh my gosh, i will never meet you otherwise. even though this hike was meant for ali's fans to ask the questions, ali always has plenty of her own to ask. do the walking sticks help you hike? they do. they help me keep my balance so if i'm feeling a little bit of pressure i just my walking sticks more which gives a little burn on my arms. total body workout. what kind of junk did you bring along? an old sweater, all important, water. i think that you're ready for anything this hike throws at us. he will be with just one more important accessory.
7:35 pm
i brought a towel. yay! and with that, it's time to go. find a little space. we're just going to stretch out a little back. i want you to pull your arm over and at that same time lunge to the side. grab your knee, jog in place, try to kick your butt. alright lets go walking, move, move, move. get moving your, moving. that's right. just a few stuff steps into the hike, and alma benidas wastes no time. she fires away with the first to ask ali quesiton. so i have a problem with portion control, and about, i guess i have to learn how to eat what, or how much calories are into a fruit and vegetable. absolultely. you want to make sure that you have the resources. you can go online. there's free online programs that have calorie counters. there's also different books. i carry in my purse a book
7:36 pm
called the calorie king so it just allows me at any given point to look it up before i put it in my mouth. and that to me is true liberty, is to know what you are eating before you eat it. for anyone who thought a hike with me was going to be a piece of cake, it's time to think again. not only is this trail hard, i'm about to make it a littler harder. coming up, who wants a challenge. and later, woo!
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ever since ali vincent tipped the scale on the biggest loser, people everywhere has showered her with questions. they want to know everything from workout advice to diet tips. so on a recent trip to los angeles, ali put out the word she would be hiking her favorite trail. anybody who tags along is invited to ask ali.
7:39 pm
i have a problem with portion control. i carry in my purse a calorie king so it just allows me at any given point to just look it up before i put it in my mouth. but this is a hike and ali isn't going to miss the opportunity to get a good workout, so along with questions, ali has a little surprise! who wants a challenge? i want you to do 25 jumping squats. who's over 50? who's over 55. how old are you? 80. that means we do 80 jumping jacks. you counting for me? this is how i started when i started with jumping jacks. i couldn't do one. we're almost half way. 80! yay! good, okay! so those of you who want a challenge, nicole, she's
7:40 pm
going to lead that pack. those of you who want a challenge, put yourself to the next challenge, follow nicole up to the next level. follow nicole up this way. i'll meet you down at the bottom. okay! one of ali's newest recruits, is up for the challenge. rubina nabandian, started her weight loss journey less than three months ago. when they met, climbing stairs was a challenge but already, rubina is making incredible progress. just yesterday she hiked another trail in this park. go girl, how you feeling? i feel great. so when you went up to the top yesterday, is this where you guys came? no we went that side? you went that way. that's where i went. so do you want to go up this way? rubina is king, but this trail is just too steep. so rubina, this is one year from today, we need to do this hike. i am so impressed with rubina right now, when i first met her, she could barely stand and now she's hiking.
7:41 pm
we made a deal that a year from now she was going to hike that steep side. i have no doubt she'll be there before then. you guys have a question, an ask ali question? how do you stay so energetic? is it from working out, do you just love it? i definitely think working out gives me more energy. when i was heavier, carrying myself around was exhausting, yet alone, being active in any way. i think i spent 10 years of my life not living to my potential so every morning i wake up, i'm like hey, lets go! you're a little firecracker, i tell you. well you know there's definitely my snooze-snooze-snooze days but i'm definitely a firecracker in the opposite direction. when you were told you were going to be on the biggest loser, did you ever in your wildest dreams believe you were going to be here like this? you know what, honestly, there was no way i could have possibly imagined, that this would be my life right now. that i would be standing right here, looking above all of la, with 30 people hiking with me, because i twittered and said hey, lets go hiking with me. so what do you do when you hit a plateau, and just discourage yourself?
7:42 pm
i think when you hit a plateau, whether it's an emotional plateau, a weight loss plateau, you got to mix it up. and just look for all the good things you are. because when we hit the plateau, we immediately go to i didn't get the results here, and it's all the negative. so try to look for what's good about what you are doing and celebrate that. i took out an outfit, from when i started, challenging myself about a year and a half ago, and i couldn't believe it wouldn't even stay on me. isn't that awesome? the pants are falling down i was just like amazed at how much i changed, yet i don't always see that. yeah, that's fantastic. that right there. you just answered your own question, how do you stay motivated? things like that. like the new thing is greek yogurt. i love greek yogurt, because it has so many great things for us in time but you can use it in replacement of things as well.
7:43 pm
like if you're a big sour cream when you eat tacos or something like that, take a tablespoon of greek yogurt, mix it with a tablespoon of salsa, it's like you're having a spicy sour cream. hey all you right up there! who in this group was breathing hard, or was huffing and puffing at one point in this hike! everybody? in any activity we al do it's up to us to challenge ourselves. so we were here having a social event but you want to always push yourself to that level. today marks a milestone for many on the hike. but for others it's a starting point. i want to know your name, what your goal is, why you showed up today and what you're going to do. you're going to make me cry. it's okay. go ahead. because you can do it, because they can do it. because they've done it and i need to make myself my priority. so my starting weight is 190, love it, but it's ten pounds to start, ultimately 50 pounds. you're going to do it!
7:44 pm
coming up, so i can say, becca drop and give me 20. four, you got it, five, more, you got it, you got it, six.
7:45 pm
7:46 pm
ali vincent inspires people all over the country. not only did she drop 100 pounds
7:47 pm
but she became the first woman o win the biggest loser. her mission now, to answer all those questions she's asked everywhere she goes. ali put out the word on facebook and twitter, first a hike in the foothills of los angeles. what are you guys doing right up there? now, half way across the country, her next step. it's time to ask ali from kansas city. but fair warning, meeting up with ali is never just a walk in the parks. in kansas party, missouri, ali let everyone know she'd be ready and waiting in the park in the plaza. my ask ali question is, on days' like today it's super easy to want to eat good, fresh fruits and all that, but when we have a bunch of gray days in a what's a good tip to think of something good to eat when you just want to eat that home cooking? i think there's a lot of ways to kind of incorporate our home cooking,
7:48 pm
sort of comfort foods if you will and make them a little bit healthier. just change a few ingredients. say you want to go for ground beef, go for lean turkey. you know, as wel as often when it feels like really cloudy or snowy, something like that, i've also got one of those mood lights because i did get affected by the weather, and t's a tue thing. you might find yourself depressed and you don't even know why. put some vitamin d on you and you'll be fine. i've exercised a lot actually. i lost 100 pounds, i box, i swim. i do all this stuff. so i'm feeling like i can't finish what i started. i relate to a lot of the stories you have on the show. typically a plateau is, mixing up all of your workout. so now what you need to do is you need to take it up to the next level. make you add some ankle weights into your jazzercise. maybe you did sprints within your run, do it as hard as you can, weight training. too much cardio?
7:49 pm
you never do too much cardio. good, but yes, i don't feel bad about that. but yes, strength training. if you're not doing that you need to incorporate that into your workout because that is going to be what takes you to the next level. how do you get back to where you were after surgery? well i think that any time life throws you a curve ball where you might have surgery and you get off of your regular exercise or nutrition kind of path, you just have to re-evaluate and give yourself a break because as you're recovering, you start setting new goals and you'll be back to where you were in no time and even better. okay so i'm going to be back in september, and i'm going to give you a challenge. that 40 pounds that you said you want to lose, i need you to have that done. it's done. it'll be done. i can't wait. and you're going to keep me posted, through facebook, twitter. i can't wait. 40 pounds, i got it.
7:50 pm
what is your next big goal for yourself? i'm running the 5k, obstacles, army type, huge obstacles course that you have to go through. drop and give me 20. drop and do 20. you can do it, and we're going to count. one, yes you can, two, you got it, five more, six, seven. you got it, eight, nine, ten, makes 20. you're like i'm never coming to ask ali again. coming up, it's time to ask ali, here in my hometown spokane, washington on blooms day! by now most of you probably have heard of quinoa. i love quinoa but what is quinoa? is it a grain? is it a protein? you hear all different things.
7:51 pm
actually it's a seed but this seed has all the amino acid to make it a good protein. how do you use it? i use it like rice, instead of stir fry, in my spanish dishes. i'll make a side of it with my black beans and salsa. i use it wherever i can. the next time you're thinking of making dinner and rice is on the menu. trade it with quinoa. you'll find it in the rice aisle next to the quinoa. [ male announcer ] many new year's resolutions have unraveled at the corner of "good intentions" and "powdered donuts." but walgreens can help you make a healthy change before you get too far off track. we've got the tools, advice and products you need to trade your old habits for new routines. now at walgreens, finest nutrition vitamins or centrum multivitamins are buy one, get one half off with balance rewards card. at the corner of happy and healthy.
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all across the country, ali vincent is the target of inquiring minds. her fans want to know everything that helped her drop more than 100 pounds and become the first female biggest loser. but just as much, they want her help in creating their own success story? and ali is always ready to answer. so try to look for what's good about what you are doing, and celebrate that. if you want to ask ali, you better be ready to work for it.
7:54 pm
one, two, three. spokane, washington, is now home for ali and her sister amber. every year they join more than 50,000 people signed up to do the blooms day run. this will be the third time for ali but not the last. my favorite thing about blooms day is actually the fact that i didn't know that it existed in all the years that i would come to spokane and visit amber. so i just think it's a wonderful representation of life, because now i can take a different course, and like oh my god, like spokane has the largest race in america? but before anyone takes one step, it's time to ask ali here in my hometown spokane, washington on blooms day! and first in line to ask ali is vanessa boffin. do you have a really good exercise question? that is a good question. i think it's good, obviously or i wouldn't be doing it. i try not to do the same thing over and over again because my body will build up a complacency to it.
7:55 pm
i do pilates i do cross fit, i run, i swim, i trade for an iron man. i love zumba, zumba's great. i love my workout and i think the most important thing is just getting out there and working out. my question is what's your favorite cardio activity? that's an excellent question. i think that my favorite would have to be swimming. but i think that one of the biggest things about swimming is i have to constantly push myself to spread so that i keep that cardio back up and spinning. i'm a spin, spin spin fanatic. and i spin, i'm talking about the bike spin. what is your favorite food? my favorite food, probably my new favorite thing is kinwa, but one of my favorite food groups is mexican food. and a lot of people think that when you eat healthy, you can't have mexican food. but one of the things that i found out, it's not the fat that i thought i loved, it's the spices.
7:56 pm
so i still have you know chicken fajitas, with quinoa and some low fat tortillas. oh that's wonderful because i love mexican too. i know! yes! it's good. you can't have life without mexican. do you still do hair? good question. i do still do hair. for the first couple of years after the biggest loser, i didn't because i was just like ah, my life was so different. basically the reason i wanted to do hair was to help people see something they didn't see in themselves and that's t feel beautiful, and that's what it's about. and you're still doing it. yes i am. good question. questions out of the way! it's time to get ready for the run! alright, blooms day! we're going to come over here and we're going to do a warm up! over here and we're going to do a warm up! trance with the rhyme. ♪
7:57 pm
we just finished our warm-up. now we're going to head to the start line so we can start this race. with more than 50,000 people in this race, it takes some creativity to stand out in the crowd. one of the really cool thoughts about blooms day is we all line up in the morning so we got layers of clothes on and as you pass the trees you'll see the trees get filled with sweatshirts or pants, different things like that. there would be clothes littered all around, and then they'll come around and pick it up and donate to the homeless. sometimes you pass and you're like sometimes you pass and you're like hmm i want that. ♪
7:58 pm
so i just crossed the finish line at blooms day, and they just said, in all the years that it's been done there's been over a million people that do the blooms day race. it's fantastic. as you can see it's all walks of life, so all you have to do is really want to participate. so, yay spokane! i love traveling the country and answering all your questions. make sure to like me on facebook and follow me on twitter to see where i'm going next. and it's a great way to post your ali questions. make sure to like me on facebook and follow me on twitter, and include #livebig. ♪
7:59 pm
ready girls? who wants to wear a big hat? it's kind of wrinkly. from the rain. do i look cute?


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