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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  March 1, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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can i get the smith contract, please? thank you. that's three new paper shredders. [ boris ] put 'em on my spark card. [ garth ] boris' small business earns 2% cash back on every purchase every day. great businesses deserve unlimited rewards. read back the chicken's testimony, please. "buk, buk, bukka!" [ male announcer ] get the spark business card from capital one and earn unlimited rewards. choose 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase every day. told you i'd get half. what's in your wallet? time now for what we learned today. that is really funny. huh. it's actually quite telling. what i learned, for "a place at the table" i think it's on demand, at select theaters now, on itunes, christy jacobson did this along with lori silverbush
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and tom colicchio. since i have no joe here and just have you listening to me, this right here -- this is an example of what i would like to do to our food environment. this is is full of fat and full of sugar, and has no value. we want to eradicate, we don't need it. >> even though i ate one, i think you're right. that is eradicated. >> what i learned today is -- >> that you agree with me? >> i do agree with you, but i worked in congress for ten years. i'm used to them coming in at the last minute and getting it done. today i learned it's not always going to happen. >> i'm blocking it out. it's really depressing. everyone have a great weekend. it is friday, right? if it's way too early, it's time for "morning joe." but time for "the dylan ratigan show," right on time with chuck todd. actually, mika, you banked
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five seconds. the beat goes on. today is the day. they head to the white house this morning for one more chat that has no chance of avoiding the automatic budget cuts that will kick in by midnight tonight. weirdly enough, both sides seem okay with t we'll explain. plus as emeritus pope benedict, a deep dive into the politics of picking the next pope breaking down what happens behind those conclave closed doors. and time for check on the 2016 talk, who's making moves and who is making waves when the posturing season kicks into high gear. frankly it isn't that far away. good morning from florida. it's friday, march 1st, this is "the dylan ratigan show" with chuck todd.
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"the daily rundown the". thank you, everybody. today is supposedly the day of reckoning, but a week of that he ricks is ending today. just about an hour from now, congressionally leaders will meet at the white house. >> my message will be the same as what i'm telling you today. it's time to do their job and pass a bill. it takes a lot of pill zach for the house williams to say they're waiting for the democrats to do something. they have done nothing. >> the meeting comes too late for a fix in case you're wondering. yesterday lawmakers streamed out of the capitol for an official break. in case there was any confusion about what not to expect, top republican senator mitch mcconnell said today, quote,
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there would be no last minute back room deal and absolutely no agreement to increase taxes. the president will formally notify government agencies that sequestration is in effect, triggering $85 billion in budget cuts this fiscal year. today's low expectations meeting caps a week where pretty much no one has tried to get anything actually done. >> we should not have to move a third bill before the senate gets -- >> i think he should understand who is sitting on their posterior. >> i hope they're not expecting a round of applause. >> there are republicans dancing in the streets. >> we're going to go through a charade here. >> rise up, oh god, and save us from ourselves. >> could anybody say it any bert? even prayers couldn't save the senate. two show votes were all but designed to fail, and boy, fail
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they did. in fact the republican bill to keep the cuts in place, but give the president the authority to allocate them failed miserably, picking up just 38 votes, 9 republicans voted against it. a fascinating coalition of new guys in the tea party caucus, and defense hawks like kellie ayotte, lindsey graham, and marco rubio, dean heller and susan collins also against this thing. it picked up two democratic votes from max baucus and mark warner, both up for reelection. three endangered red state democrats voted against it, and it got zero republican votes,
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which immediately blasted the democratic senators in releases like this one, hagen allowing devastating sequester to hit north carolina, voting against both republican and democratic alternatives to replace the sequester. so it's the start of a frenzy to prevent layoff or furloughs, or does sequester end up being much ado about nothing? the white house still thinks republicans will be forced to come around. last night the president said, quote -- instead of closing a single tax loopholes that benefits the well off and well connected, they chose to cut vital services. will the country have the reaction that the white house is looking for? senate democrats are signaling they won't risk a government shutdown fighting for replacement sequester cuts. remember, boehner, mcconnell,
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cornyn, all believe they cannot politically making a deal that includes tax increases and keep their jobs. so here we are. not a serious attempt all week along to get rid of the sequester. it makes you wonder if they all really think may they just want to let it happen, but somehow not get blamed for it. now to the supreme court, which will hear arguments later this month on proposition 8, the amendment to california's constitution that approved a ban on same-sex marriages in 2008. after first suggesting it would not get involved, the obama administration has decided to now weigh in. the justice department filed a brief on two gale couples who launched the fight, argumenting that proposition 8 failed heightened scrutiny. the state argumented that it offers equivalents to marriage. but the argument in the brief is the designation of marriage
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confers a special validation of the relationship between two individuals and conveys a message that it's a partnership that civil unions cannot match. there is a strong suggestion that all but marriage laws violate the 14th amendment's right to equality protection. during his 2008 campaign, then senator obama opposed same-sex marriage, but even after his evolution, he was hesitant to get the federal government involved in this fight. >> i believe that marriage is between a man and a woman, and i'm not in favor of gay marriage, but when you start playing around with constitutions, just to prohibit somebody who cares about another person, it just seems to me that that's not what america is about.
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i continue to believe this is an issue that's going to be worked out at the local level, because historically this has not been a federal issue. >> but ever since the president came out for gay marriage, supporters have pressed the administration to weigh in on prop 8. in an interviews just ten days ago with a san francisco television station, the president hinted that the announcement was coming. >> the solicitor general is looking at this. i have to make sure i'm not injecting too much of myselves into this. i can tell you obviously my personal view is that i think that same-sex couples should be treated equally. >> by the way, propyl probably wouldn't pass in california today. just think about that. every friday in this off year, we're going to look at the 2016 landscape, what moves
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potential candidates made during a various week. it's very early in the 2016 process, but it's beginning. the one with the most attention was governor chris christie. some conservatives were alarmed. >> i think this is a vast overreaction, a mistake. >> i didn't know that i hadn't been invited to cpac. they don't want to invite me, that's their call. >> david axelrod pointed out the snub doesn't exactly hurt christie in the blue state of new jersey. today he raises money with ousted moderate scott brown in boston. last night he was fund-raising with another 2016 hopeful, bock bob mcdonnell.
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-- if you are a conservative, remember mcdonnell thinks you're an idiot. he defended himself earlier in the show. >> are republicans wrong here in calling this a tax increase. >> there are net revenues increased for localities. just out this morning, five of the top 2016 hopefuls. they will huddle with donors at the rnc quarterly finance meeting next month. according to an invitation obtained by politico, rubio himself has been trying to expand his foreign policy foot. his office decided to share quite a few photos of his trip, and he had a speech calling for more help to the syrian rebels. >> there are plenty of weapons in syria, coming from other countries. what the opposition really needs is access to ammunition. >> he even posted this picture
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of himself with guatemala's foreign minister. rand paul has been taking some foreign policy heat after voting for chuck hagel's nomination. the iowa republican slammed paul saying, quote, like it was with his father's campaign, foreign policy is the major inhibitor of senator paul becoming a legitimate candidate. he tried to explain his vote on fox earlier this week. >> i filibustered him twice because i wanted more information. i think when we stick together, we can get information. on final passage, i take the position that the president does have leeway i voted for john kerry also, though i agree with almost nothing that he represents. >> governor andrew cuomo announced a change to his new assaults weapons ban, changing it to exempt guns used in movies or tv shows filmed in new york. >> apparently they have blanks, so phony magazines or something.
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people want certainty, and i don't see -- there's no reason not to make a change like that to give people, an industry, comfort, especially when it's an industry we want to be doing business in the state. should you be able to move these types of guns in movies? the answer is yes. >> helping hollywood there. elizabeth warren demonstrated why she's so popular among liberal democrats, taking on ben bernanke this week at a senate hearings. >> these big financial institutions are getting cheaper borrowing to the tune of $83 billion in a single year, simply because people believe that the government would step in and bail them out. >> that earned her this headline from the huffington post -- elizabeth warren continuing to be the senator we all hoped she would be. and we're going to hear from mitt romney on a sunday news
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show. here as a clip. >> we were on a roller coaster, exciting, thrilling, ups and downs, but the ride ends and you get off. it's like can't we be on it the rest of our life? no, the ride is over. up next, the first ever meet the member duo, two guys confronting the same sequester showdown. that's next. we're looking at live pictures of the capitol. now that's the vatican, where we just learned that the cardinals are expected to meet on monday. they will set the official date for the start of the conclave. a deep dive into the very political process of electing a new pope. first a look ahead at today's politics planner. photo op at a little after 10. we expect to hear from the president today on camera. i would be surprised if we didn't. and of course the chris christie fund-raiser with scott brown today. ♪ you know my heart burns for you... ♪
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developing now, these are live pictures of the west wing entrant at the white house, where in just about 45 minutes, the president will have a photo op meeting with the bipartisan group of four congressionally leaders to discuss the sequester plan that neither one of them came up with. the sequester will kick in before midnight tonight. in today's edition of meet the new members series, we're getting new perspectives from opposite sides of the aisle. they're both representing districts that got redrawn, both fathers of three who began their
6:19 am
political careers in their own statehouses. mecir is in indiana. mecir lost his first bid, finishes second in a gop primary when he challenged dan burton, but he came back in 2012 winning the seat vacated by mike pence. in his first run, he defeated the son of legendary basketball coach jerry tarkanian. they join me now. are you disappointed you never got a chance to vote on a replacement bill? i want i would like to see it action but the house has passed two, the first almost a year ago. >> but you never got to vote for one, not in this congress. >> you're right. i would have liked to have had that opportunity. i believe that the structure of
6:20 am
the sequester cuts doesn't make sense. we all to have those reductions, but this is a debate that's been going on. clearly republicans have put forward a proposal. congressman horseford, were you surprised at the lack of urgency this week, where nobody seemed to be -- there were no back room negotiation. were you surprised at the lack of urgency? >> i did vote against adjourning last week, because i felt we did need to stay here, and do the job the american people elected us to do, to come up with a balanced approach to avoid the worst of what these cuts mean. what i did instead was to go to my district to talk to teachers, parents, to individuals in the civil service at our air force base, to talk about what these impacts would mean in nevada. these are over 10,000 job
6:21 am
losses. it's cuts to programs like head start, reduced funding in our schools. like my elementary school which would loose 50% of its title i funding from the sequester. >> i appreciate congress mast horsford's comments, but it seems to ig know we had a increase at the beginning of this year. we're talking about $85 billion. it's a lot of money, but it's 2% of our broader budget. i'm holding in my hand two pennies. does anyone believe our federal government is so effective and so efficient that we can't trim two pennies out of every dollar. the congress mast makes an important point. we need to do it in a -- i share the congressman's belief we need to get to work. i've been out in my district and
6:22 am
traveled to all 19 counties, and we do need to remember these policies move forward, this isn't about a washington showdown, this is about real people and the impact in their very real lives. >> congressman 1/2 orsford, you', you were a state senate leader in nevada, tell me some of the differences that you've noticed already in how congress has run the first two months, compared to how you ran the state senate in nevada. >> mr. mecir and i have the same experience, and i think he would say the same thing. we worked across party lines to get things done that need to get done in state government. i worked under three republican governors to pass balanced budgets. governor brian sandoval worked with us to pass a balanced
6:23 am
approach increases slightly the revenues that we needed, while also reducing spending in strategic areas while preserving the most essentially services like education and health care. we needed some of that common sentence here in washington. most of us need to work together. congressman mecir and i, i think, share a lot. he introduced a similar big that i did in nevada. >> congressman mecir, i know there's more of an effort with the 2012 freshman class to be more bipartisan than there was with the 2010 freshman class that was more of a really a one-sided class, if you will. you're the president, i guess, of the freshman class. i don't know what that means. what does that come with? what kind of perks does that come with? >> you don't get a gavel with that assignment, but you do get a platform to reach out and try
6:24 am
to work and be a part of leading. i have worked out to kajman cartwright and horsford, and trying to -- this is a sweeping class of 80-plus people, but most of the time in history when that happens, the makeup is very partisan. last year's class would be an example. this is a divided class, 40-plus democrats, 35 republicans, so we're working to even do some social things. one of the things that surprised me the most when i came here, even at the beginning of orientation, we're divided into different dinners and lunches. there is not much that brings us together. we're hoping to create some efforts and organize some efforts to make that happen this year. i believe that should make a difference. >> congressmen, i want you to know that i think -- i've heard this a lot, and i've heard this freshman classes trying to be different.
6:25 am
so open invitation here on "the daily rundown" for you to come on together or any pair to come on together. >> super. >> thank you. next, the state of the sequester, virginia democrat tim kaine, he hasn't even been in the senate for two months, and he's already facing a crisis to try to save his state from those sequester cuts. independence day, get ready people, the clear kine that the lieutenant governor of virginia is looking for a reason to get in, no the to not run. but first today's trivia question -- who was the first pope to set foot on u.s. sovereign territory. first person to tweet the correct around to me, or, and we'll get the on-air shoutout. more is coming up on tdr. we've all had those moments. when you lost the thing you can't believe you lost. when what you just bought,
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a normal first speech for a senator is usually a proactive forward-looking speech. we're not in normal times. the effects that this sequester will have on the country and the effects it will have on my commonwealth are so significant and severe that i do feel compelled to speak a little earlier than i otherwise might have. well, that was the new senator from virginia, tim cain, giving his first floor speech. he did it this week and focused on how the sequester will hurt virginia, a sign of the times, breaking from the traditional upbeat speech for the first time on the floor. good morning, senator kaine. >> good morning, chuck. >> why shouldn't we look at the actions of everybody in washington this week more son than the words. while the words of the lawmakers and the president set sequester, bad, this is horrible no good
6:30 am
thing that should happen. the actions when you observe, there was no serious negotiations, no serious attempt at stopping this, no serious back-door subtle diplomacy. actions seemed to indicate that the parties of quiet le okay with this going in. i don't good et it. >> i think people should look at the actions and they should condemn the actions or frankly the inaction. i don't think the parties are okay going into it. there are some members, maybe members of both parties in both houses are okay, but largely that's not the case. it's the gridlock that we have here, the unwillingness to compromise, people staying in their corners that's become a real hallmark of congress the last few years, so now real people are starting to feel the effects. i did a tour around virginia last week, and went face-to-face with all kinds of people feeling effects in their own communities, so we've got to stay at the table and try to find a solution in the days ahead. >> when it's sequester so bad in
6:31 am
your mind that you would be willing to replace it with cuts only, basically break from the president and say, you know what? this sequester has done so poorly, if we could get them because of their own political reasons to support any deal, fine. here's a replacement cuts-only plan. >> i think that hurts the economy and defense and other key priorities. take a look at what other countries are experiencing going with a cuts-only approach. there is a strong likelihood that would make our economy worse. so i really believe, you know, use the virginia example that was embraced successfully by governor bob mcdonnell less than a week ago. if you want to do something positive for the economy, in this case it was on transportation, embrace a balanced approach that deals -- that helps the economy, in this case by using new revenue and finding savings. i do think that is the right step forward, to protect core
6:32 am
priorities like defense and the economy, while also credibly reducing the deficit. what's going to happen going forward? are we going to have an attempt to do cuts only, to turn off the sequester for this year, and then negotiate tax reform, see if there's new revenues out that? >> chuck, as you know, being new, i'm still trying to discern what's kabuki and what's tug up here, but let me tell you what i think will happen. i started to see this week, with the pending votes yesterday, an awful lot of bipartisan discussion beginning in the senate. in a funny way, i really agree with speaker boehner. he used color full lang wear, but the only want to replace it with a more partisan approach is it's got to start in the senate. this week, whether it was in committee hearings or behind closed-door sessions, there started to be a lot of ferm and
6:33 am
discussion between bipartisan groups of senators about what we can do to basically replace the gimmickry of sequester and continuing resolutions and get back on the ramp of annual budgeting. you know, we're writing our fy25 budget, and have the paychecks on the line, so we have to bridge between where we are today and this normal budgeting process. that discussion is hot and heavy right now. >> i want to ask you about some virginia politics. bill bolling sent out a, thinking if there was support for an independent bid. do you think he would be a serious challenge. >> i'm a terry mcauliffe friend and supporter, but bill would be formidable. he was elected to the hanover board of supervisors, which is near richmond. he got elected in '93. i got elected in '94.
6:34 am
we have come up through local and state politics working together. he was my lieutenant governor when i was governor. he would be a formidable candidate. you have to fit through a kind of narrow keyhole to run an independent race that's successful. he'll have to make that decision. i'm a strong supporter of terry mcauliffe, but bill has an interesting path ahead as he trying to make that decision. >> tim kaine, the former governor, of course, of the state of virginia, thanks for coming on, sir. >> you bet. up next, if you thought the rules of the iowa caucuses were complicated, just wait until you hear about what it takes to elect a pope. a deep dive into the politics of the process. you're watching "the daily rundown." [ dad ] find it?
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enters a period translated meaning "the chair of peter is empty." it will remain that way until they pick the 267th pope in history. on monday they discuss when it will begin, the conclave meaning a place locked with a key. before it begins the electors will gather for a votive mass in which they will invoke the assistance of the holy spirit. anyone they enter the sistine chapel, where the priest presents them with a meditation. the archbishop of new york talked about the need for patience. >> you heard the cardinals say there is a sense of -- there's a strong desire to of a new pope as soon as possible, but for that to happen in the most prudent and enlightened way we need time for reflection and getting to know each other.
6:39 am
>> the cardinals can speak to each other, but no television, no radio and now newspapers are allowed. they take an oath of secrecy during and after the, if broken the defender is automatically excommunicated. the cardinals vote through secret ballot. they leave their ballot on the altair, directly below michelangelo's fresco of "the last judgment." once collected they're mixed with chemicals and burned in a special stove. if there's no two thirds majority, chemicals are used to create the infame outs black smoke, the sign to the outside world that the conclave will continue. first ballot may be head on the first day of the conclave. after that four ballots can be held each today, two in the morning, two in the afternoon. if there's no election after three days, the voting stops for a day of prayer and reflection. after that another seven votes are allowed. if there's still no consensus, another day of prayer is head.
6:40 am
the process continues that way until two thirds super-majority is reached. benedict himself confirmed the super majority threshold which john paul had previously lowered to a simple majority. assuming he's asked if he accepts the position. the sign to the crowds outside that a pope has been elected. the last time that happened, april 19th, 2005. the pope elect is taken to a room of tears a small room, where he dresses in the pontiff's robes, and red shoes, and outside the bells of st. peter's are struck. the cardinals gather in the balconies, then every ways until the senior cardinal deacon addresses the crowd to introduce the pope to the public for the
6:41 am
first time. with me now, george weigel, author of evangelical catholicism, also an nbc vatican analyst. good morning, george -- or i should say good afternoon/good evening, considering where you are in rome. on monday, if you are somebody that you believe should be a candidate for pope, how do you make that known for your fellow cardinals? explain how that process works? >> well, chuck if you believe you should be pope, you probably shouldn't be, not for lack of humility, but for lack of prudence. >> right. >> probably even lack of sanity. no one should want this job. i hope that the cardinals go into the first of these general congregations monday with an open mind, open spirit, and frankly a commitment to really candid conversation. there are a lot of problems that need to be addressed.
6:42 am
there are a lot of possibilities that need to be explored, as the church crosses this threshold from reformation catholicism of the past to the new eadvantagelization of the future. so i think some frank talk is required and i expect it will happen. >> you think so before the sort of candidates are identified by the cardinals, you're saying that you hope that firz cardinal meeting, and i'm guessing you suspect, by the way the conversations you've had, is going to be sort of setting the tone of what the quarreled analysis should be looking for in their next pope? maybe the geography of the person, where they're from, or their personal background? >> i think geography is less important, nationality is a virtual of no importance. what's important is have we got someone here whose faith is so transpar transparent that his very
6:43 am
special communicates it to others. that's the kind of pastoral leader, the kind of missionary pope that i think the church is looking for right now, and the majority of cardinals are is looking for. actually on monday one of the first orders of business is to decide when does the conclave start? as you know they've been permitted to shorten the time spread, and there will probably be a serious discussion about that. >> i know that you expect that this could be one of the longest conclafs of modern era. why do you expect that. >> i think it well could be unless someone emerges in these conversations over the next week as a man of real charismatic leadership and real papal possibility. i expect a longer conclave, because there really are no front-runners. there are perhaps as many as ten possibilities that one could plausibly imagine. these cardinals really do not
6:44 am
know each other very well. a lot of them are new to the college of cardinals, and there's a sense, chuck, that we are in uncharted waters here. we have all said over the past two weeks no pope has resigned in 600 years or 700 years. the truth of the matter is when you look at this, it has never happened before in these circumstances. so i think the premium will be on prudence and a lengthy conversation about the future. >> they certainly don't want to be doing this again any time soon, i'm guessing. george weigel, the man we're counting on through the conclave and beyond to help us understand what's going on. thank you very much, sir. >> thanks, chuck. see you. deadline day, just a few minutes away from that p perfunctory meeting. and this sunday, an exclusive interview with the speaker of the house, john
6:45 am
boehner. he will sit down with david gregory after that meeting. but first without soup of the day, friday, always a good day for gumbo. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] when these come together,
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i earn more cash back on the things i buy the most. [ woman ] it's as easy as... one! -two. -[ all ] three! [ male announcer ] the bankamericard cash rewards credit card. apply online or at a bank of america near you. just a few minutes, leaders from capitol hill will meet with president obama to discuss the automatic cuts, but all sides seem to agree it's too little too late. let's bring in jonathan martin, danielia, gibb-lachey, and tony fratto, a man with threatening e-mails -- i'm teasing -- fun e-mails. >> i speak softly and carry a big apple. >> there's a saying in washington if everyone is unhappy with a deal, then maybe
6:49 am
it's a good deal. sequester is turning into one of those things. methinks everybody doth protest too much. everybody says that, but their actions were not that of a set of leaders set on -- >> the entire congress comes back during the holidays, and biden and mcconnell wire an 11th hour deal to basically make the tax increases not as large as they would have been. there was a real sense of a i alarm, a sense of urgency that you don't see now. this is why, chuck, a lot of folks, frankly can't stand washington, because think about the amount of workers that are having their jobs in jeopardy, real-world impact, and compare this now to the aren't sill during the fiscal cliff. it's a stark contrast.
6:50 am
>> and during the government shutdown, it was like there was a sense that everybody would do everything they can to prevent it. then in july it was debt ceiling, they came up with the bizarre sequestration, on fiscal cliff, they came up with a way. there here it doesn't seem to be that sense of urgency. >> i'm going to disagree a bit. you say they are laying out what's going on happen. >> they're laying out a political argument, but not a solution. >> there are real people in the country who will really be affected. >> i understand that, but it's setting up a political argument. >> you have to look at what's going on in the house and republican caucus. john boehner is unable to control. -- if he put forward a balanced plan, i guarantee you that they probably would be able to pass something like the other bills being passed. it's the extreme parts of his caucus. >> she brings up john boehner. i'm going to bring up mitch
6:51 am
mcconnell and john cornyn, tony, because the republican alternative got 38 votes? that was another thing that i can't figure out. at least democrats are united on the message. they may not have much else on the sequester, but reps are split. you have boehner claiming, but you have a bunch of them saying -- >> they were united for different reasons. the people who voted against it felt that giving flexibility to the president was a bad thing. they didn't want to cede that power to the president. it wasn't that they were opposed to spending cuts. certainly that's not the case. >> but -- >> i was going to say i think one of the other reasons why you haven't seen the urgency is the markets this week. keep in mind, in the paul of 2008 -- >> they didn't care. >> after a house majority -- after the house in the fall of 2008 december pass t.a.r.p., the market collapsed. that was the best whip operation that the house has ever seen.
6:52 am
>> polls are not moving republicans on this thing. >> right. the market knows they can count that it's only about $44 billion in an economy that's approaching $16 trillion. it's not a very big macro deal. there's no question, there will be great stories of acute pain here and there. there's no question. as a macroeconomic issue. >> you can't predict what
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