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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  March 4, 2013 2:30am-3:00am PST

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bret michaels was the first to feel the heat from donald trump in last night's "celebrity apprentice." and e online reporting that heidi klum will become the fourth judge on "america's got talent." finally f you're going to be stuck in an elevator, who better than to be stuck with than the cast of "modern family." they were stuck for nearly an hour over the weekend. they did have some fun with it. >> get us out! >> get us out! >> get us out! >> that's not so bad. being stuck with my colleagues. i wouldn't mind. >> no offense, right now, right where you're at, nope. >> oh, come on. >> i'm veronica dela cruz.
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thanks for watching. ♪ it was an exciting, thrilling experience. and it didn't end the way we wanted to, the magnificent itself was magnificent. were there tough days? absolutely. were there exhilarating? yes, even more of them. so i count it as one of great life experiences. anyone would say, any more fantastic than to run for president of the united states. good morning, everyone. this is way too early the show that was really wondering when we would hear from mr. romney and now, we have. thank you for waking up with us on this monday, march 4. mitt romney criticizes the president for the sequester
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mess. we'll have that straight ahead. also a new report that the jobs situation could actually get worse despite record corporate profits and the dow jones industrial average nearing an all-time high. plus, bill karins revising as we speak the winter storm forecast this week. just because it's march doesn't mean we can't have yet another blizzard. we begin with the latest budget issue in washington there's a new one and another one where the government has just over three weeks before it runs out of funding for federal agencies. unlike the sequestration hit on friday, this time members of both party are optimistic they'll agree on a plan. they're still in a deadlock on the automatic spending cuts. speaker john boehner. >> this is going to hurt
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economic recovery? >> i don't know where whether it's going to hurt the economy or not. no one understands how the sequester is really going to work. no one in town that tried harder to come to an agreement with the president to deal with our lo long-term spending problem. the house did its work to avoid this sequester. there's no plan from senate democrats or the white house to replace the sequester. and over the last ten months, house republicans have acted twice to replace the sequester. there are smarter ways to cut spending than these automatic spending cuts. >> they have made it clear as the president just did, he has a plan that he put forward, that involves entitlement cuts. to leave tax loopholes in place. you would have rather have those -- >> david, that's just nonsense.
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>> let's go to the other side of the while, where gene sper ling said that the white house is actively pushing both parties for a solution. >> our hope is that as more republicans start to see this pain in their own districts, that they will choose bipartisan compromise over this absolutist position. that's why, just yesterday, the president is on the phone, calling on both democrats and republican senators who he believes what to be a part of a compromise. >> mitt romney has been absent from the national stage since his defeat last november. but on sunday, he made his first public comments in nearly four months. he criticizing the leadership of his one-time opponent president obama. >> to a certain degree when you hear about the rebranding,
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aren't people saying they want the distance the party from you? >> i'm not in a position to tell everybody else how to win. they're not going to listen and i don't have the credibility to do that but i still care and i still believe that there are principles that we need to stand for. i look at what is happening now, i wish i were there. the president leads. and i don't see that kind of leadership happening. >> what is this president doing? >> he's campaign zblg romney also addressed which might be the enduring legacy of his campaign, his remarks about the so-called 47%. >> that was a very unfortunate statement that i made. it's not what i meant. i didn't express myself as i wished i would have. you know, when you speak in
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private, you don't spend as much time thinking about how something can be twisted and distorted and come out wrong. i did. it was very harmful. what i said isn't what i believe. my whole life has been devoted to helping people. >> romney will be back in the public eye a little less than two weeks from now when he speaks at the conservative political action conference in washington. that speech will be part of what former aides will be romney's thank you. vice president joe biden vowing to continue fighting against efforts to suppress voters at the voting box. he joined thousands of marches yesterday in selma, alabama. an event that lead to the passing of the voting rights action. congressman john lewis was there
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during the original march nearly 48 years ago. most senior church official in britain admits that he's guilty of misconduct and is asking for forgooivforgiveness. cardinal o'brien stepped down last week after claims of abusz surfaced from four other priests. the accusers were still in the seminary. quote, i wished to take this opportunity to admit that my my sexual conduct has fallen below the standards expected of me as a priest, archbishop and cardinal. analysts said that tit will
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likely cast a pal. more overseas news, queen elizabeth is in good spirit after being hospitalized for the stomach bug. the 86-year-old monarch was take on the the hospital yesterday simply as a precautionary measure. her last hospitalization was in 2003 for an operation to repair damaged cartilage in her knee. the queen's calendar has been cleared for the rest of the week to allow her a full recovery. 2 1/2 years after an aggressive treatment plan, doctors say that a baby born with hiv has been cured of the disease that causes aids. now if this case is confirmed it will be just the second documented case of a patient being cured. reer is eveners are hoping that it will lead to better treatment
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methods for newborns. more than 3 million kids are currently living with the disease worldwide. let's go to news in the busine business, dow is hovering around record highs. major corporations engines of job growth have been soaring profitwise but haven't been adding to their work force. jeff, i mean, this is just about companies being more efficient, or is there something more to it? >> yeah, it's a fascinating story, isn't it, brian, quiet frankly it's got a lot of people on main street scratching their heads on main street. we breezed through the 14,000 level on the dow. companies seem to be doing okay. 20% annualized profit from the corporations since 2008.
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and yet when you look at how that breaks down for the average worker, they're not seeing significant increases in their compensation and quite frankly, lot of people are happy to have held on to their jobs. corporate profits as high as they have been since 1950. and yet, it's not showing up in pay packets here. one, you put your finger on it, companies are being more efficient and they're raising productivity per worker. therefore, not needing to take on more workers. the other thing here is, they're looking for growth outside of the u.s. jobs not coming from the u.s. they're going elsewhere. a frustrating story if a lot of people worried about their jobs. >> it's interesting across the board with the markets this high, we have interest rates basically half of what we were
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when we were at that high. the story about wrongful foreclosures on homes belonging to members of the military. give us a little detail on that. >> you know, there's been a settlement that's run through regulators on wrongful foreclosures. having another look at who exactly they foreclosed on through that grim period. what they found out, as they have gone through their own documentation, possibly 700 or more military members who were fore closed on. they're protected under federal law. again, it would be appeared that things were done inappropriately by the banks, around that time. obviously, they'll have to make do and amend on this story. >> just quickly, markets up or
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down in europe right now? >> markets are down, brian. it's been a head scratcher this morning. a bit of a hangover from the sequester kicking in. people are still puzzled on how the italian government story will work out here. a weak market in europe at this stage. i don't know if you'll get a big legacy into the u.s. session, because things seem to be improving gradually as time passes. but we're in the red on the european trade right now. >> jeff, live for us from london. thank you very much. we want to know why you're awake. e-mail way too early at or tweet me. coming up -- we'll tell you what happened plus, sometimes sports plus politics equals the bizarre and that's dennis rodman
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who returned from his fact-finding mission in north korea or whatever he was doing there. we'll play the bizarre clip from yesterday's interview and get a check on that incoming winter storm when "way too early" comes right back. what began as a strategic opening to iran deteriorated in its implementation into trading arms for hostages. this runs counterto my own belief, to administration policy and to the original strategy we had in mind. [ male announcer ] the lexus command performance
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week. might get a little nasty around here. little bit later in the week. bill karins has the forecast. >> washington, d.c., definitely travel trouble wednesday. let me pinpoint what's going to happen. the cold air all of the way down to the deep south, plenty cold from minneapolis to chicago, indianapolis, detroit, pittsburgh and d.c., this morning, those are all kind of the target areas for this next storm. let me take you through the timing of it. this morning it's snowing hard in areas of north dakota and minnesota. tomorrow morning, we should have about three to six inches on the ground in minneapolis. chicago, tomorrow morning at this time, is when the snow will begin. during the rush hour tomorrow morning. starting to snow and accumulating. during the day tomorrow will be the worst in chicago. possibly six to ten in the highest areas. wednesday morning, snow in the area throughout all of the ohio
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valley. wednesday evening, that heavy snow starts to fall west virginia towards the d.c. area. coastal areas will get a little bit of a mix. again the worst of the storm wednesday night. that's where it will be cranking just off the north carolina coast. and thursday morning, we're very concerned about the beaches of southern virginia and maryland. those areas were hit so hard by sandy. again, six to ten minneapolis and chicago. this is my "first call." right now, it looks like enough to shovel, d.c., wednesday night, three to six. >> they struggle with an inch. >> yes, this should be the biggest snowfall of the year for chicago and d.c. in march. >> we see the video of every year of drivers, they can't handle the snow. thanks bill. lebron james and the heat visiting madison square garden. 13-game winning streak, but they had yet to beat the knicks this
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season. carmelo anthony had a huge first quarter. lebron james to wade who lobs it back to james. for the hoop. lebron james considering magic johnson's $1 million dunk contest next year. the heat would rally. chris bosh hits the jumper to put the heat up by six. with just over a minute left and under 30 seconds to play, lebron james steps in front of the pass and goes the length of the floor for the windmill. they win 14 in a row, 99-93. this one is awesome. watch this one. from the new york state regional semifinals. new rochelle high down by two. trying to get a shot off 2.9 seconds left against mount vernon. the inbounds pass is stolen. he just throws the ball over
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thinking the game is over. but he shot it. that's brutal. i mean, that's just amazing. anyway, they go on to face bing hamton in the next round. who gets the assist? who gets the assist? >> that's brutal. a bizarre play from division iii college baseball. the pitcher from barry throws one away. wait. and he just tackles the guy. that's a pretty good hit over the middle if he's a linebacker. but he's a baseball player. benches clear. what's going on in baseball? guys got to chill out a little bit. barry went on the to win 9-7.
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coming up on morning joe, mitt romney resurfaces ahead of his speech at cpac. what he had to say about his failed elections and how republicans can change their fortunes moving forward. and lewis has his makeup on and he's ready to go. dennis rodman describing his trip to north korea and his friendship with kim jong-un. >> one thing he asked me to give obama something to say and to do one thing. he wants obama to do one thing. call me. >> he wants a call from president obama? >> that's right. he told me that. if you can, dennis. >> pick up the phone. more from the worm's words when "way too early" comes right back. hey.
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with all of the news surrounding friday's sequester deadline you might be curious exactly which programs will be impacted by the cuts. though no programs will end, a couple of areas that will be hit hardest by the sequester. sound smart today, tell your friends that immigration enforcement will be cut by an estimated $581 million. that doesn't count the $323 million that will be taken from
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border security. let's get to the water cooler. well, you know, you were talking about those automatic spending cuts kicking in, people like myself don't understand how it's going to affect them. good thing that saturday night live's president obama was there to explain the sequester in human terms. >> some employees will be outright let go. like this teacher. >> this is the greatest day of my entire life. good luck reading beowulf, you monsters. >> the cuts will a also affect the zoo here in washington. d.c. >> we'll have to fire three monkeys. on the plus side, ikea and taco bell have made a generous offer to buy some of our horses. >> plus, there will be cutbacks on meat inspections.
2:56 am
>> these cuts will affect our milita military. our civil servants. federal construction projects. even grants to native americans. and, i'm the one who has to tell these folks, young men, there's no need to feel down. young men, get yourself off the ground. young men, just because your funding is down, there's no need to be unhappy. >> that's pretty good. wasn't bad. >> that was solid. this is very bizarre story coming up. great story but bizarre. former nba star dennis rodman made history last week becoming the first american to meet north korean leader kim jong-un. they spent the next few days hanging out.
2:57 am
dennis rodman wined and dined with kim jong-un. rodman has a moredictator's per than anyone in the cia. he shared the details on abc's "this week." >> when you say that you think he's awesome were you aware of his threats to the u.s.? >> i don't condone it. >> aren't they forced to? >> well, i say no, because i think he's -- he's a great guy. >> a guy who puts 200,000 people in prison camps. >> we do the same thing here. >> we have prison camps here. >> this is all politics. he loves basketball. obama loves basketball. he want obama to do one thing. call him. >> he wants a call from president obama? >> that's right. he said that he doesn't want to
2:58 am
do war. >> he said in the past that he'll destroy the understand. >> i think that's coming from his father >> it seems like you're apologizing for him in. >> i'm not apologize for him. he's my friend. >> hypothetically a friend who's murderer is still a murderer. >> guess what, what i did, what i did was history. don't hate me. don't hate me. >> listen, rodman is just making history there. just hate me. he plans to make more trips to north korea and he's going to quote, find out what's really going on there. look at that jacket he was wearing. >> he knows more kim jong-un than the cia. i'm going to read this. still ahead -- why are you
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