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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  March 6, 2013 2:30am-3:00am PST

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fredericksburg through the mountains of west virginia, virginia, d.c. and baltimore will be this afternoon. as we go through the overnight hours tonight, 2:00 a.m., that's when we should see the rain changing over to snow. areas like philadelphia and new york city. again, we are looking at a big, major snowstorm. the highest totals around the baltimore/ baltimore/d.c. area. all right. thank you very much. now to entertainment. "daily show" host jon stewart is taking a break this summer to direct a film about one journalists imprisonment following the 2009 iran ran electiele iranian election. i'm mara schiavocampo, "way too early" starts right now.
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the dow jones industrials at never before seen heights. >> all-time record high. >> making history today. >> if they tell you everything's awful, tell them no it's not! >> amen! the non-inflation adjusted values of the stocks of 30 large companies that sort of track the american economy 50 years ago are higher than ever! we're back, baby! and the best part is we never had to fix our systemic issues. >> the market hits a milestone. let the good times roll. good morning, i'm bill karins this is "way too early," the show that moved all of our retirement from 401(k)s to
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cabbage patch kids. we have a lot to talk about including the death of venezuelan president, hugo chavez. thousands line the streets to mourn the passing of the outspoken leader, but will anyone be able to fill his shoes? and north korea makes more nuclear threats as the united nations teams up with china to push on sanctions. let's get to the news at 5:30 a.m. here in new york city. today several mid-atlantic states waking up to this massive snowstorm that has already covered most of the midwest. the storm dropped more than 9 inches of snow in chicago, the no most to hit the city since february of 2011. schools are closed in indiana, west virginia, virginia and now even maryland. thousands of flights have been canceled, mostly out of chicago and baltimore and washington, d.c. speaking of washington, d.c., they're calling this snowstorm the snowquester.
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that's what happens when you let a geek in a cubicle name a snowstorm. let me show you the storm this morning. interstate 81 through virginia, wrest virginia, northern maryland is difficult to travel on. none on the ground yet in washington, d.c. and baltimore, but the worst of it will be as we go throughout the late morning and early this afternoon. along the coastal areas just dealing with rain for maryland, new jersey and new york city. i'll pinpoint snow totals for you and travel impacts later in the show. even though many americans are still feeling the impact of the 2008 financial crisis, wall street is feeling no such pain. yesterday the dow finished at an all-time high, breaking the record set back in october of 2007. this year alone the dow is up 8.8%. for more on the bull market and whether it's here to stay or
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maybe go, jeff cutmore is live in london. >> that's the question, should you step in now and ride the bull market higher or whether it's time to check out because it's been a strong three months for the equity markets. division among the experts. we still continue to see good flow of money into stocks, quite frankly the most important issue is the federal reserve still in the game? clearly ben bernanke has told us he will do whatever it takes to move the needle on this unemployment number. for the time being it looks like the markets are well supported. it takes us back through, of course, those old 2007 highs. so, we continue to push forward on the dow here with quite a number of experts lining up to say we can still go higher despite this being, well, the four fourth -- end of a four-year rise in this equity market so far, bill. >> it doesn't make sense if i
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just watched the news and didn't pay attention to the markets, i wouldn't think it would be up this crazy amount. unemployment has not gone down much. where is all this money coming from? >> the reality is it's coming from the federal reserve. but let's -- let's not discount a lot of the reconstruction work that has taken place in the u.s. financial system since the global financial crisis. thousands of banks have gone to the wall and we've seen the bigger banks getting stronger. that is helping to underpin confidence and, to be quite honest, a lot of the problems for the market have been outside of the united states. they've been in europe, right now the european central bank also seems to be willing to provide confidence and support. so, there you go. we break through the old '07 highs. back to you. >> jeff cutmore v a great day. hundreds of venezuelans poured into the streets of caracas yesterday mourning the death of president hugo chavez who lost his battle with cancer.
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his body will lie in state for three days. his funeral will be this friday. mark potter with more. >> reporter: hugo chavez was first elected venezuela's president in 1998 and became a polarizing figure on the world stage. he was loved and hated at home, respected and ridiculed abroad. born to a family of teachers in 1954, chavez joined the venezuelan army where he despised the ruling elite. in 1998 chavez was appalled by orders from the then president to shoot civilians. in 1992, chavez led 12,000 troops in a failed coup against peres, chavez was jailed but pardons two years later. by then a hero to the left and poor. he was re-elected in 2006 but was hardly a democratic ruler,
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using his power so silence journalists yet championing the poor by building schools and health clinics. >> an enormous amount of money spent uselessly. conflicts with the united states. limitations to freedom of the press, throwing opposition leaders in jail or out of the country. >> reporter: he bonded with f fidel castro and mahmoud ahmadinejad and supported left-leaning countries in latin american and taunted the u.s. even calling then president george w. bush the devil at the united nations. towards the end of his life, chavez battled cancer and sought medical treatment in cuba. hugo chavez, a man of extremes leaving a dramatic mark on latin
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america. >> that was mark potter. >> elections will be held within the next 30 days. the vice president will serve as an interim head of state until then. the united nations security council is on the verge of increasing sanctions against north korea as a response to the underground nuclear testing last month. the united states partnered with china, north korea's biggest advocate on the security council to oppose measures in diplomatic activities. the vote on the resolution is expected tomorrow, but the prospect of further sanctions has already raised the level of anger from north korean leadership. yesterday the north vowed to attack the united states with lighter and smaller nukes and end the truce that stopped the korean war. this declaration comes a week after former nba star dennis rodman visited north korea and called kim jong-un his friend. secretary of state john kerry weighed in on rodman's
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diplomatic skills yesterday with nbc's andrea mitchell. >> is it helpful when someone as high profile as dennis rodman goes to pyongyang and called kim jong-un a friend a nice guy. >> dennis rodman was a great basketball player, as a diplomat he was a great basketball player. that's where we'll leave it. >> sources tell the new york times that president obama will visit capitol hill to jump start negotiations on a series of issues including a plan to deal with the deficit. those meetings follow a series of phone conversations among the rank and file with those more likely to cut a deal. among those, lindsey graham of south carolina. >> i'm very encouraged by what i see from the president in terms of substance and tone.
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he's calling people. this is how you solve hard problems. what i see from the president is probably the most encouraging engagement on a big issue i've seen since the early years of his presidencpresidency. >> graham has said he would consider increased revenue if it was coupled with changes to entitlement programs. republican leaders say they're not at all interested in discussing more taxes with the president. the tax issue derailed talks over how to derail the sequester, now administration officials say those budget cuts forced them to cancel all public tours of the white house. now more proof that d.c. can argue about anything, the "wall street journal" editorial reads in part this fits president obama's political strategy to punish eighth graders visiting from illinois instead of, say, employees of the agriculture department who will be sampling wine and sampling tasty dishes
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prepared by special guest chefs. critics also criticized the cancellation of tours. with more republicans embracing immigration reform, former governor jeb bush is looking to stake out his issue on the issue. in the past he favored a path to citizenship for millions of undocumented workers, but his new book says they should be given permanent legal status instead, but his stance seemed to change during a series of interviews. >> let's wait a few minutes and see how jeb bush changes his mind again. his opinion on immigration is not evolving, it's devolving.
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i don't think jeb bush is a florida leader. marco rubio is. >> senator lindsey graham who is working with rubio on an immigration bill said the proposal outlined in the book "undercuts what we're trying to do." a new poll shows immigration is the most important issue for latino voters. john brennan has moved one step closer to confirmation. after the senate intelligence committee voted to push the process forward. this after the white house offered up more information on the senator's legal justification for targeting american terror suspects overseas. the administration recently clarified drone policy is raising new questions here at home also. attorney general eric holder is not completely ruling out the possibility of carrying out deadly drone strikes in the u.s. he suggested they might be necessary in response to a
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"catastrophic attack like pearl harbor or 9/11." >> let us know why you're awake, shoot us an e-mail or tweet me. we'll read the best responses later in the show. still ahead on "way too early," a winter storm bears down on the nation's capital as travel is going to grind to a halt later this afternoon. we are still digging out in chicago. a full report on what you can expect coming up next. later, think twice before you decide to rob the folks at dunkin' donuts. one worker gives a thief a face full of joe to go. that story and more when "way too early" comes right back. as commander in chief, i can report to you our armed forces fought with honor and valor and
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as president, i can report to the nation aggression is defeated. the war is over.
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[ male announcer ] bengay zero degrees. freeze and move on. it was 50 degrees in washington, d.c. yesterday. even the mountains of west virginia it was sunny and 45. now we're just getting pasted. it's like paste. this is heavy, wet snow through much of virginia. this is port royale, anywhere near interstate 81, don't travel on it today. if you can, avoid it. the snow will get much worse as we go throughout the day today. don't be fooled by what you see out the window today. the temperature in d.c. continues to be around 34 or 36. once it gets below 34 around 32, that's when it will start to accumulate. i think 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
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we could get an inch an hour in washington, d.c. that's the worst of the snow. the green on the map just rain right now. coastal areas, maryland, delaware, up through philadelphia and new jersey, new york city will see mostly a rainy day. a wider show shows the snow ending in ohio and kentucky. here is your wednesday travel forecast. you don't have to worry much about anything, problems on the roads from philadelphia northwards to boston today. no problems during the daylight hours or early this evening. it's mostly confined 81 through virginia, west virginia and also around d.c. on thursday, this storm just bombs off the coast. a huge nor'easter, concerned about the coastal flooding, the high tide circles on thursday and friday. more beach erosion. some of the same spots hit by sandy will be effected by this how much snow are we talking about? higher totals come today for washington, d.c. to baltimore, possibility of 6 to 10. 4 to 8 with that we will get power outages because it's such a heavy, wet snow.
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thursday night into friday morning, an additional batch of snow for providence. extreme caution traveling d.c., baltimore, virginia and west virginia this morning. now over to sports and college basketball who will be the number one seed? seems like one potential number one seed loses each week. so this time around, second-ranked indiana. going for their first outright league title in 21 years against ohio state. indiana at home, assembly hall. ohio state on the drive. victor says no way. he's only 6'5". way up top. a little over four minutes left in the half, ohio pulls away. deshaun thomas nails the three from outside. great guard. ohio state hangs on to that lead. they upset indiana 67-58 on senior night in assembly hall.
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they were the fighting irish last night literally in the game with st. john's. two players, doesn't look too bad. then words must have been said. not sure what sparked it pushing, unfortunately t looks like there were -- a punch. that's a punch right there. two, three. that's a lengthy suspension for that st. john's player. technicals were issued. took the shirt off. nice move. probably should have left it on. both will sit out the next game. notre dame won the game easily. a gruesome scene in the nhl last night. rangers defenseman mark stahl takes a puck to the face it was tipped in his right eye. dink. oh! sure you love that. 4-2 victory for the flyers over the rangers. stahl spent several minutes
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facedown on the ice. he did not return to the game. college baseball, oregon facing cal state north ridge. pitcher jeff gold fields the comeback comebacker. where's the ball? there it is, stuck in my glove. he throws it to first base. the ball popped out of glove as it was thrown, and the first baseman catches the ball. he's out at first. the ducks went on to win that game 4-1. coming up at the top of the hour on "morning joe," the dow reaches uncharted territory, its highest close ever. with unemployment hovering around 8% what can washington do to bring the economy back into balance? when we come back, we'll huddle around the walter cooler. who will ferrell is backing for los angeles mayor. that when "way too early" comes right back. aw this is tragic man, investors just like you
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it's weather geek time. we told you at the top of the show that washington, d.c. is bracing for a storm that could bring up to ten inches of snow to the city. if you want to sound smart, tell your friends the biggest d.c. snowstorm on record came in january of 1922. the nation's capital got 28 inches of snow.
2:55 am
that's only the second time since 1885 that 28 inches of snow fell on washington, d.c. what do we have for the cooler today? >> there's nothing like a beautiful, warm cup of coffee in the morning. got to be careful, though, this could be used a as weapon. this has a lid on it. that's what happened this week. a resourceful dunkin' donuts employee did this. a guy went up the drive-thru, asked the clerk to break a $100 bill, the clerk refused. he breaks through the window and says this is a robbery. her only defense? the hot coffee. bang there goes the whole pot. is that joe scarborough? >> that's more mika style. >> trying to get munchkins. he quickly drives away. >> some on the car, too. >> apparently she yelled the company slogan as the guy ran away.
2:56 am
and it's go run on dunkin. good story. i love to see clerks defending themselves. >> not her first time. >> he's after these beautiful nuggets of deliciousness. some royal news now, duchess kate middleton has kept the details of her pregnancy under wraps. she's due in july. yesterday she was out and about. fans greeted her. >> is pippa anywhere? >> one even gave the duchess a white teddy bear and kate might have given away the baby's sex by accident. she accepted the bear the duchess apparently said thank you, i'll take that for my "d." >> what do you think? daughter? >> the woman next to her said you were going to say daughter, weren't you? to which kate replied, no. we don't know the sex right now. >> you haven't been told? >> i haven't been told.
2:57 am
my sources are telling me this is reliable information, but we'll have to wait and see. >> see if "us weekly" is in your mailbox again. >> did you write this story? >> possibly. >> let's move on. let's go back, you know, our crack producers here on "way too early" have dug up some stuff. los angeles resident will ferrell endorsing city councilman eric garcetti for l.a.'s next mayor. fofrnlg >> for years it was known if you me messed with eric, you messed with myself. years later, when i joined the air force to fly c1 cargo planes, it was eric who said why are you doing that? you're afraid of planes and 31 years old. good advice. eric was always there for me. now it's time for eric garcetti to be there for los angeles.
2:58 am
>> it was good news last night for garcetti. the results of the primaries cast garcetti and wendy greuel as candidates for mayor. i will be covering this story closely. they will be duking it out. >> you're relocate together west coast? >> anything that happens on the west coast, i'm just there. >> nice. >> the weather is a lot better. >> thank you very much. still ahead on "way too early," bill is my hero. >> did someone change the prompter on you? >> your tweets, texts and e-mails next. who did that? [ other merv ] welcome back to the cleaning games. let's get a recap, merv. [ merv ] thanks, other merv. mr. clean magic eraser extra power was three times faster on permanent marker. elsewhere against dirt, it was a sweep, with scuffed sports equipment... had it coming. grungy phones... oh! super dirty! and grimy car rims... wow! that really works! ...all taking losses.
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