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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  March 7, 2013 7:00am-8:00am PST

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headache, diarrhea, vomiting, and increase in psa. see your doctor, and for a 30-day free trial, go to i can't believe your mom let you take her car! this is awesome! whoooo! you're crazy. go faster! go faster! go faster! go faster! no! stop...stop... (mom) i raised my son to be careful... hi, sweetie. hi, mom. (mom) but just to be safe... i got a subaru. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. good morning. there's new hope for a grand bargain after the president's dinner with republican senators. last night compromise was on the menu at the jefferson hotel, where president obama dined for more than two hours with a dozen
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republican senators, talking about ways both sides could finally move forward. >> i think it was very good for the president to have that dinner, and i think he needs to do a whole lot more of that, because relationships matter, and building trust and confidence, knowing you're not going to get gamed is the way you get something done for the american people. >> these are very difficult issues, but i think there's a real fatigue in just going from crisis to crisis. i think tonight was a good first step. a senior white house officials temperatures nbc news that the president greatly enjoyed the dinner and had a good exchange of ideas. he also picked up the tab. and the outreach will continue today. he's invited paul ryan and chris van hollen to lunch at the white house.
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let's bring in david serota, and politico chief investigative reporter ken vogel. gentlemen, good morning. >> hey, chris. >> good morning. >> this is a bit of a departure for the president. he has urged to get more personal. next work he is making a rare visit to capitol hill, going to meet separately with the caucuses. will we look back potential six months from now and say it was a turning point in easing gridlock in washington? >> i don't know if the president's outreach will be the turning point. in other words, i don't know if that's what's going to change the equation here. i do think your point about fatigue is a real one. i think that probably these senators, lawmakers are going home hearing from the constituents, bakley asking, what are you doing? what's happening there? i think it can only help that the president is doing this, but i'm not sure that that's what moves senators ease votes on questions as big as they're
7:04 am
facing now. >> let me go over what nbc news is reporting went on. apparently the president talked for a couple minutes, each senator had a chance to speak and the president responded. that was followed, we are told, by a pretty open discussion with the tone described as very positive, very productive. how do you think this plays into all of it, ken? you know, is this key? what about pressure from constituents? what about crisis fatigue? >> yeah, i think that all those things, all the external factors, all the charm offensive, all the tactical maneuvers amount to very little in the grand scheme of things. they are big philosophical issues that have long divided the parties, this idea that republicans won't support additional revenue, which isn't just a philosophical issue in the abstract, we've seen them come out and say as a part of any grand bargain they will not support any -- and the idea that
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they'll be protective, and will be less than willing to come to the table with serious proposals for entitlement reform. no amount of dinner, of bread breaking of pressure from constituents is going to change that. particularly when you look at the timing of this, where the next sort of -- the window of opportunity po templeally closes they end of the summer when congress is likely going to have to raise the debt ceiling again. that comes right at a time when there are going to be primary challengers getting ready to go against particularly republicans who are in any way supportive of increased revenue. so i think just the outside pressure in that way, and the political pressure as well as the philosophical divide is just too vast. let me bring in north dakota senator john hovan. good to see you this morning. >> hi, chris. how are you? >> i'm well. i think the question is what do you think went on during that
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dinner? >> i thought it was a positive, constructive, candid conversation about our dead and deficit. and how we have to come together to address it. it's what the american people expect and deserve. that's what we focused on. >> i think both sides have been saying that, they deserve a government that's more productive. do you think the meeting made the grand bargain more likely? >> i do. you talked about other meetings he's having today and next week. he's got to continue this dialogue until we get the job done. i think we actually talked about a framework and a timeline that can lead to a big deal. >> now that the democratic senate version will be looked at, likely to including -- and at the same time reforming the tax code, which by some
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estimates would bring in about $600 billion in new revenue. what's your position on that? >> are you talking about the c.r.? >> yes. >> the c.r. that the house passed makes the reductions called for in sequester, including two appropriation bills, defense and mill-con, but it does not raise revenue. that bill is coming over to the senate and we'll act on it. i'm on appropriations. we'll add additional bills, again to make the reductions in a thoughtful way, but this is the reductions called for in sequester, not a tax increase. >> but would you consider, if it goes that way, this proposal on the democratic side that the tax code be reformed? they say it could bring in about $600 billion in new revenue. >> myself and other republicans are willing to engage in tax reform, but not raise taxes. that's one of the things we talked about. we need revenue, but from pro-growth tax reform that comes from economic growth, not higher
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taxes. but i will say this, chris. we talked about a process over the next four to five months that i think could get us to a big deal, to truly address the dead and deficit and entitlement reform in a way that preserves and protects social security and medicare. >> what was that conversation? >> that we start with the sequesters we're talking xw, with the continuing resolution. we now have bipartisan activity, which i think you'll see in the senate to make those reductions in a more thoughtful way, then we go to the budget process, different budgets in the house and senate, about you you also have the debt ceiling. that creates a dynamic over the next four months to really come together on these big bipartisan reforms, because that's what will be necessary to address all those issues. >> if you're optimistic, obviously you knew what the other senators were bringing to the table. what did you hear from the president that made you more optimistic? >> we pressed him hard on he
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needs to be involved like this on an ongoing base. he needs to work with members puff congress directly until we get this done action and we pressed that very forcefully. >> you feel confident he is going to do that. again, what did you bring away from it that makes you feel more optimistic? >> let me say i'm hopeful he will continue this dialogue. i think we talked about a framework which i just described which i think can get us to the solution. as one of your commentators said earlier, this is what the american people want, that's why myself and others are pushing for it. i think we have to push for it and get it done in the next four to five points. >> are there points that the president made in that discussion that you feel is a nonstarter? >> sure, there are things we disagree on. >> what would be at the top of that list? >> he wants higher taxes that's a problem. republicans agree there has to be revenue, but you do it with economic growth. let's reform this tax code, figure out how to do it action
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but more revenue from economic growth. at the same time we have to control spending, find the reductions that we talked about with sequester and through other means, but we've got to get into entitlement reform that preserves and protects these programs for the long run. that's vital for getting the big solution. >> senator john hoeven, how was the food last night? good dinner? >> it was very good, yeah. >> thank you, senator. david and ken are back with me now. david, speaker boehner was asked about the president's strategy, this sort of reaching out strategy. let me play for you what he had to say. >> so no more big top-down deals, no more -- >> those haven't worked very well if you've watched over the last two years. >> i understand, but hope springs eternal. a lot of people would like a deal, but i don't think it's the way to get to one. you don't have enough member buy-in. two people hiding behind closed
7:11 am
doors doesn't replicate a 535 members of congress or the wisdom of 535 members of congress. >> so, david, what do you think the white house thinks the winning strategy is now in terms of how to approach this? >> well action i think it's interesting that john boehner is admitting he can't control his own republican caucus. that's an open secret right now in washington, so i think it's important he's saying that. i think he's essentially urging the president, if there'sing good to be a deal how to make the case to the republican caucus. one thing to remember, the president also has to deal with democrats in congress. if the democrat is going to the republicans saying i'm willing to cut social security or medicare, we may be here two, three, four weeks with the president going to democratic senators and louse members say that's not what the country
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voted for. i think that's where the politics may be going in just a few weeks. let me ask you question by bum another topic on capitol hill. we heard that chuck schumer looks like he'll have to go it alone on this bill on background checks for guns we also saw a new poll that 88% of americans support background checks. let me play this from yesterday. >> she reminds me each and every day to deny the acceptance of failure. well, gabby has a message for not only senator flake and senator mccain, but all members of congress -- >> be bold, be courageous, please support background checks. thank you very much. ken, what's the feeling? is this dead. i know chuck schumer was
7:13 am
reaching out to john mccain, could that help out? >> it's a real bad sign, no doubt about that. this was regarded, background checks for sales as being one of the more significant but place cybill reforms that could get passed when a key member of the negotiating team, senator tom coburn essentially leaves the table, that doesn't speak very well of the prospects. there are other alternatives like the bills named after the chicago victim of a shooting that deals with gun trafficking, and straw purchases. that's still po templeally has some momentum, but the background check thing, kind of a bad sign. >> and the fact that i think that was pretty widely considered to have the best chance of passage. we will talk more about that in the day toss come. david, ken, thanks, guys, appreciate it. >> thank you, chris. thomas roberts will be speaking with chris van hollen in the next hour. as we mentioned van hollen is having lunch with the president
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the nomination of john brennan for cia director can move forward today after that wild and rare nearly 13-hour filibuster by senator rand paul with the help of a few colleagues. the kentucky republicans spent the time blasting president
7:18 am
obama's unmanned drone policy, finishes shortly after midnight. the discussion ranged from serious to off-color at some points. >> i would like to thank the members of congress who came over to support this cause, the clerks, the capitol police, the staff of the senate, the door keepers who apparently i may have gotten in trouble. >> i didn't bring my shakespeare book, so let me begin by quoting a modern-day poet, wiz khalifa, he has a poem called work hard play hard. >> that's pretty darn cool. >> that takes me back to another modern-day poet by the name of jay jay-z. >> we few, we happy few, we band of brothers. joining me now congresswoman barbara lee of california. always good to see you. >> glad to be with us, chris.
7:19 am
>> you've written a her to president obama seeking clarification on the drone attacks. what specifically do you want the white house to answer? >> first we do say we have a system of which cans and balances. that's fundamental to our democracy. in 2001 after the horrific attacks, the congress voted to give them president bush and any subsequent president a -- in a perpetual war. i did not vote for that resolution, but it has been used over and over and over again. i think it's time to go back to the drawing board. i want to know what legal basis the administration is using to conduct drone attacks, but also to conduct other operations, which in fact i worried about then. that was why i ended up actually being the only one who voted against that. here we are now, and fortunately today "the washington post" has an article talking about the fact that the administration is really beginning to look at that
7:20 am
relation lose a resolution makes sense and doesn't make sense. i'm concerned about congress giving over our authority to really provide oversight and declare war in many instances, which has taken place through the executive branch. >> as you know, you're in the minority on your side of the aisle, only one democratic senator participated, senator ron wyden of oregon. let me play just a little clip. >> senator paul has certainly been digging into these issues in great deal detail. frankly he's raising important issues, and i would be interested in his thoughts this afternoon. >> obviously you probably would have liked to have seen more democrats on that side, but what specifically do you think is it missing here? what's not in the equation for you? >> what's not in the equation is a full debate, going back to 2001, this resolution, which was a blank check, as i said, then to president bush, now to
7:21 am
president obama. we didn't even understand what, i don't think, was taking place in terms of the really drastic broad nature of this debate, of that resolution the i think we need to go back to the drawing board. i have a resolution to repeal that authorization which needs to happen, but minimally we need a full debate, which we did not have in 2001. >> the counter-terrorism adviser to the white house last month i think it was provided what they said was a very detail account of their use of drones, and you weren't satisfied? >> i was not satisfied, because once again, when you look at that resolution, that resolution doesn't authorize the use of drones, it says take all necessary force against those responsible for 9/11. when you look at the details of that resolution action it must have been like four, five lines. and in fact, again, going back to today's article by "the
7:22 am
washington post," they talk about there is now, thank goodness, some discussion within the administration regarding the legal basis for not only the use of drones, but for the use of force in other parts of the world. it's a very dangerous resolution that i think we need to get back to the drawing board and put congress back in the mix. of course the president is the commander in chief and has the responsibility to keep our country safe. that's not the issue. the issue is congressional authority and responsibility in this whole effort. let me ask you quickly, since the vote could come as early today, are you comfortable with john brennan as cia director? >> let me say, first of all, the president has a right to nominate whomever he or she decides they want in their cabinet and in their administration. and so while i would disagree with many of the actions and the policies that john brennan actually promoted, the president certainly has a right to
7:23 am
nominate whomever he or she deems necessary for that administration to carry out its policies? congresswoman barbara lee, thank you so much. >> thank you. developing now, the united nations security council has just approved new sanctions to punish north korea for its latest nuclear test. the vote comes as the communist country is threatening to launch a preemptive nuclear attack against the u.s. experts expect to vote to touch off another round of outrage and threats from the north, which sees the u.n. as part of a conspiracy led by the u.s. against them. investments. investments. i also try to keep my costs down. what's your plan? ishares. low cost and tax efficient. find out why nine out of ten large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal.
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7:27 am
nearby. trust me. the florida senator is still laughing about his state of the union slurp caught on camera. well, he wanted the executive office, he's settling for the executive committee, running to work at his son tagg's firm, reportedly working just one day a month. the 68-year-old republican will square off against irish john foley in a two-round exhibition start. the longtime boxing fan says if foley goes all out, it will be a quick fight. ♪ and talk about rebranding your image, the campaign team for notoriously sedate mitch mcconnell taped this video, spoofing the viral dance craze, so which senator might be next? roll call points to marco rubio,
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there's a new quinnipiac poll that shows an overwhelming 71% disapproval rating for republicans in congress or as the pollster put it, the republican brand is not doing very well these days. a lot of the gop leadership knows that. if you wonder what worries them the most, look no farther than
7:32 am
the georgia senate race. paul brawn said elf lice and the big bang theory are, quote, lies from the pit of hell and congressman phil gingrey who said -- it's all painful memories of how akins' story ended. joins me is daniella lachey, vp of the center for american progress and former special assistant to president obama. good morning. >> good morning. the concern in georgia specifically is you have some of the most conservative members in the house interested in that race. david, could that really make a problem here for a seat that should be considered pretty safely republican? >> well, it should be a race that favors a republican, and clearly the challenge, as you laid out in terms of those quotes is how did those
7:33 am
candidates going into this race manage those quotes and try to create a focus in terms of where they want to go. look, i don't think there's any question that those are difficult quotes to manage, but it's up to the candidates and their campaigns to figure out how do they change that emphasis? that's not what the emphasis is on. what happened in missouri, akin and indiana murdoch, that emphasis did not shift, so the challenge is to figure out how to do that. having said that, it's still not clear who the field is. jack kingston being one. >> so daniella, for a democratic strategist, do you throw money at potential candidates like congressman gingrey. what is more likely the tea party will pick up steam? or will conservative candidates win in red states? are you rooting for them? i mean, not you in particular -- not you in particular.
7:34 am
do you -- do you root for them to win in the primaries? i guess is the better way to put it? >> i know what you mean. you know, i don't think that you're going to see a lot selfpeople to the left putting money into the primary hoping that one side or the other wins. it's a problem across the spectrum in different races with republicans, they're being pulled to the right by the extreme parts of their party. while i agree with my co-guest here, that they have a challenge in trying to shift the narrative from what they want, but the fact of the matter is these are things that they believe. it's not just that they have to change the things coming out of their mouths, they have a problem believes some of these things, so i think it's not that it will be focussed in georgia, i think national democrats will seize on whoever the nominee is or during the primary process to say, look, america, these are the republicans again that are running to represent you. >> karl rove, crossroads changed names, rebranded after the
7:35 am
election, the conservative victory group, they're trying to squash far right, what they potential consider to be self-destructive candidates in favor of more electable types. who wins in a showdown? >> i think who wins in terms of when republicans are fighting republicans? democrats. i mean -- and that's the problem. i mean, look, going back to your original point, chris, when you look at that primary, if the republican primary is about those comments and not about jobs and the economy, then we're going -- republicans will be in trouble. if, however, that primary is about jobs and the economy, that's the central focus, then we'll do well. >> do those comments bleed to all republicans? is that your suggests? >> say that again. >> if a comment is made by one or two in a primary, does it bleed to all republican candidates? >> here's the -- if the other candidates can't get the focus in terms of what the issues should be, jobs and the economy
7:36 am
in this case, and instead let these comments dominate their particular races, that can be a problem, but what republican candidates have to do is in fact focus on those issues that really matter to people. i would suggest to you that the problem wasn't just indiana and missouri. look, we had two very good candidates in montana and north dakota, where we lost as well to some degree because we couldn't effectively get to the issues that mattered there as well. it's not just suchly this situation, though going to your point, i think it's reflect i have been of some of the challenges clearly we're facing as a problem. >> it's hardly the only raise, daniella, where there are controversial republicans. steve king may be looking to replace tom harkin. he's compared immigrants to dogs. i guess as a strategist, does it start to look redundant and like piling on? >> i don't think it can ever look redundant. again, these are words they have said, so they have to own them
7:37 am
and be responsible for them. i think you're right, it does bleed out of where these local races are, because you're forcing republicans again, to get off whatever message they're trying to say and defend or condone these comments, but i would just say it's not they're saying these radical things. when you look at the polls, the american people don't agree with the republican party when it comes to handling the pared and raising taxes on the wealthiest americans. even if they do manage to shift off some of thinks controversial statements, they still have an uphill battle to climb. >> always a great conversation with you both. thanks so much. >> thank you. in one of the most watched murder trials in years, jurors will spend a second day questions jodi arias. the case has all the shocking and salacious makings of a made-for-tv movie, the seven
7:38 am
women and 11 men on the jury getting a chance to ask questions. katy tur is live in phoenix. what have they been talking about? >> reporter: there's only three states that do this. arizona is one of them. yesterday they ask jodi arias pretty pointed questions, including how devout she was for her mormonism. she said she converted for travis anderson. she asked why she had so much memory loss the night she killed, why she remembers certain details, why she never photographed any of the bruises after she claims he beat her. she was an avid frafr, but never took photos of that. most interesting is the intimate details. why would she continue sleeping with a man and being intimate with a man that she claims had fantasies about little boys? >> does there seem to be any --
7:39 am
>> he was able to sleep with a woman, as opposed to fantasizing about a child, he felt look more normal as a man. so also i had seen prior to this incident many beautiful qualities about him, good qualities about him and things that were attractive about him. i believed this incident was a negative part of himself that he didn't want to foster or that he was fight iing. >> reporter: jodi arias does not deny killing travis anderson. he sways shot, stabbed repeatedly and his throat was slit from ear to ear. she says it was all out ofself defense. the prosecution denies that claim. they say she was jealous and he was dating other women, and if convicted she could face the death penalty. >> katy tur, thank you. arkansas now has the toughest anti-abortion law in the country on the books, banning abortions after the 12th
7:40 am
week. the law was passed by a republican-controlled legislature over the veto of the democratic governor. it contradicts supreme court decisions that gives women the right to abortion until around 24 weeks. a lion attacked and killed a 24-year-old intern at an exotic animal park in california. friends say diana hansen from washington state was fulfilling a lifelong dream of working with big cats. sheriffs responded to a 911 call from cat haven, they say they found her severely injured and had to shoot the lion to get to her, but she died at the scene. the head of venezuela's presidential guard says chavez died of a massive heart attack. he says chavez mouthed the words "i don't want to die" before just passing away. venezuela is also the fourth largest supplier of foreign oil to the united states. syrian rebels are still
7:41 am
holding 21 u.n. peacekeepers they captured near the golan heights yesterday. the peacekeepers are part of a force that monitors the cease-fire in that region. the case of the missing girl scout cookies has been solved. $19,000 of shortbread and thin mints were stolen from a south carolina warehouse. police have arrested 37-year-old christopher morton who they say drives a truck for the company hired to transport the cookies. for the third day in a row, the dow is surging deeper into record territory. cnbc's mandy drury is here with what's moving your money? >> it's kind of like momentum, and also a pickup in the labor market recovery, but this day we're just moving further and further into negative category. i think as i say, it's a moment
7:42 am
mum play. and major announcement from time warner, spending off "time" magazine's unit. >> they're going to spin it off into a separate publicly traded company by the end of this year, supposedly to give the parent company what they call strategic clarity to allow them basically to focus on the tv networks, movies and tv production businesses, and also the usual thing they say, it's designed to create value for shareholders. also there's been surprise spin-offs of time warner cable and also aol. and its publications like "sports illustrated," "people," and "time." more good news for "star wars" fans. >> you might already be very excited about finally getting the episodes 7, 8 and 9, but wait there will be more. disney announced it was buying the lucasfilm franchise, apparently it's going to visit
7:43 am
some stand-alone movies featuring characters. we don't know what characters, but i'm sure you're excited about the fans. >> anything that allows you to say objecti wand kenobi is fantastic for me. big retailers and tech companies top the list. the representation quotient survey looked at product quality, trust, social responsibility, and how they treat their employees. at number five johns johnson & johnson. goog of is 4, disney takes third. appearing drops to second, which means takes over the top spot. companies with the worst reputation quotients, including a lot of financial firms. chances are,
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it's a miracle. a new procedure from switzerland allows once paralyzed lab rats to walk and run again, using robotic harnesses and electrical/chemical stimulation, they learned to move and within week were voluntary moving. human trials are expected to begin in the next two years. hillary clinton supporters are feeling good this morning. a new quinnipiac university poll shows she has an enormous advantage in a hypothetical 2016 presidential race against some big contenters. let me bring in vice chairman of and founder of 15 minutes public relations howard bragman, the perfect person to give advise to potential candidates. five of them will be in miami this week to talk to republican donors, that includes chris christie, he trails hillary clinton by eight points in this poll, got snubbed at cpac, and
7:48 am
republicans have been criticizing his relationship, as they saw it, over hurricane sandy with president obama. well, there's an irony here, the irony is chris christie really polls the strongest of any republican in the general election. the question is, will he ever get there in the republican party where you have to veer severely to the right to go through the primary season. i think if chris christie is going to cancel his integrity, he has to do it and not veer too far to the right. people won't take him as credible. >> jeb bush this week wouldn't rule on the 2016, but this is somebody with a name that can carry package much he's also taking hits lately on the immigration stand and what some people see as a lack of clarity.
7:49 am
>> the good news is he's jeb bush. he just changed his immigration stand, went from a path to citizenship to something much lesser. i don't think the latino community will like it, which is ironic since he's married to a woman who was born in mexico. i think he needs to be his own man with some separations from his brother. i wish he would have been more moderate. i think he would have been more credible, because there's a lot of the base who would vote for anybody named bush. marco rubio gets a lot of buzz, he's got this kind of endearing personality, and definitely a rising star. too young? >> i don't think youth is his problem. i think he had a big choke with his response to the state of the union. i think that the republicans
7:50 am
have to look at sarah palin and say just because you put a woman in doesn't mean you get the female voight. just because you put a latino in doesn't mean you'll immediately get the latino vote. he latinos are interested in much more than immigration, and generally align with the democratic party. >> we were talking to our strategist about this, the tea party and being more conservative respect ted cruise is somebody who fits perfectly into ha conundrum. >> ted cruz is the young senator from texas who will appeal to the red meat right-wing base and doesn't have a snowball's chance in the general election, but it will be interesting. the republicans have the battle within themselves they have to overcome before they can really win this election. >> and of course there's rand paul, who just filibustered for 13 hours. it was interesting, there was a whole art in "the washington
7:51 am
post" today, arguing this is why other contenders should be worried about him. he was very focused on the issues, if you listened to what he said. hi 'peals not just to the base, but issues that are of concern to republicans in general, and he does it very conversationally, a good communicator. >> he's a really interesting guy. a lot like his father, he as a strong libertarian streak in him, and he is going to accumulate aggregate, what, somewhere between 10% and 20%, people will think he's the next best thing, but not a reliable conservative. he as going to have trouble because of that. some of his issues, are not going to sit well with the tea party. he could be a spoiler, though, an interesting part of this mathematical formula. >> are you expecting your phone to start ringing off the hook with some of these candidates wanting advice? >> generally republican
7:52 am
strategists don't spend that much time calling me. but we saw that secretary clinton is so far ahead, but it's going to be very competitive, very negative, and of course it's going to be a close race. the republicans have to look at their systemic problems. can they really ever nominate a moderate and have a chance to appeal to the middle of the country. >> the first of many conversations we will have, howard always agreed to see you. >> thank you. today's tweet of the date come from glenn there rush. i have it on good authority that millions of americans, stand on their feet for hours and hours, some for minimum wage. herbal essences smooth and shine collections are back and more irresistible than ever. [ ding ] [ moaning ] [ male announcer ] with rose hips and chamomile... you'll fall in love with your hair... yes! yes! yes! [ male announcer ] ...all over again. herbal essences. say yes again to naturally irresistible hair.
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we're told the last of the 115 cardinals is finally now in rome. minutes from now, cardinals will meet behind closed door, but still are not expected to say when a conclave to elect the next pope will start. richard lui is here with the
7:56 am
drill-down on what americans would like to see. >> you know, in the united states, temperature has a bit of cachet when asking about a pope. 66% want a younger pope. they want new ideas over more experience. now, part of that is that they believe the catholic church is out of touch, more than half say today's vatican does not understand them. the youngest cardinals at 53 could be in the running. he is from india. there's also cardinal taglia from the philippines. he sings, preaches on tv and is on fable fable. but most want a pappa from latin-american. a distant third is an african pope, but again also -- so one who is pope-able could be card nat deaziz, or cardinal erdo,
7:57 am
who is a polygog. now, a young pope in modern times would not be a press doesn't. when john paul ii came out to greet catholics, he was just 58, the second longest-serving pope was also one of the youngest. for the youngest ever, pope john xii some accounts say he was appointed at the age of 18. and while u.s. catholics may not expect a pope that young, the push for a youngish one, only 7% of the world's catholics are here in the united states. >> you don't have tore to be a cardinals to be pope. >> that doesn't happen in modern centuries. >> but you do have to be a man. that wraps up this hour.
7:58 am
"jansing & company." thomas roberts is here. good morning, everybody. our agenda, meals and deals. coming up just a little after noontime, the president hosting paul ryan for a meeting. and joining him also is chris van hollen, and will the wining and dining diplomacy lead to a grand bargain. plus our power panel breaking down the epic fili-blizzard. is he the new republican hero? and julian reed will join us on the toughest anti-abortion law just passed in arkansas. [ kate ] many women may not be absorbing the calcium they take as well as they could because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d.
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