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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  March 12, 2013 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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in fact, here's a live look at the sistine chapel where we are watching the chimney that will reveal the results of the first round of voting. earlier the 115 cardinals swore an oath of secrecy. officials then declared everyone out before the chapel was sealed and the cardinals entered seclusion. there are already two factions forming that many describe as the reformers versus the romans. either way, the next pope will face daunting scandals. a new poll shows 78% of people disapprove of how the church handled the child sex abuse crisis. kris jansing is live for us in rome. obviously that is not the only scandal the church is facing but they're seeing declining number in young people interested in the church. right now all eyes realistically are on that chimney. can you set the stage, at least the atmosphere there on the day of the first vote? >> reporter: i would say it is electric on. a very cold night where it is very rainy if you look down on
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st. peter's square, the crowds have been growing over the last hour in spite of the fact that international media seems to be convince that had the smoke would be black. that it would be very hard to imagine them going in on a first ballot. tradition tells us it wouldn't happen and certainly to the cardinals and knowing that as much as they've been getting to know each other the last couple of weeks, they'll need some time to discern which way to go. i don't think we're expecting the white smoke today but there is so much anticipation. not just here. i think among the cardinals themselves. particularly for the 67 of them who have never been in a conclave before. many of them have talked in the last couple of days about, we've been here a few weeks. we've had time for conversations of now we want to have a chance to vote. so chances are, this is the sistine chapel, we can never say for sure that door is indeed locked and sealed and there are jamming devices so nobody is tweeting out of there or taking out their cell phones. we believe they probably are
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voting even as we speak. >> thank you very much. joining me with more analysis, claudia at the vatican as well. and james salt, executive director of catholics united. do we have both of them there? good to see you. thank you so much for joining us. let's talk about these two factions that have been heavily reported on. "the new york times" says this. the main divide pits the cardinals who work in the vatican, the romans, against the reformers, the cardinals who want the next pope to tackle what they see as the vatican's corruption in efficiency and reluctance to share power and information with bishops from around the world. part of this reformer's group, timothy dolan, the cardinal out of new york, and sean o'malley, the cardinal out of boston. tell me about their role or at least what we believe their role to be while they are locked away. >> frankly -- >> reporter: it looks like both cardinal dolan and sean o'malley. sorry, was that that for me?
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>> yes, claudio, go ahead. >> reporter: sorry, sorry. yes. cardinal timothy dolan and sean o'malley are emerging as the front-runners among the reformers really. those are the cardinals that are not too linked with the vatican because they haven't spent so much time here or they haven't covered any major role inside. they are seen as the outsiders with an outreach view that could internationalize, bring a breath of fresh air inside the roman courier so it can take away that power in the hands of the italians for so long, that has been so much criticized by detractors from around the world. specially cardinals from around the world including south america, asia, and africa. so they are the front-runners on that faction while the opposite front-runner, from the old guard, if we may call it that way, is the italian cardinal angelo scola. there is what we believe is
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going on and this is what we believe is being voted as we speak right now inside the sistine chapel. we don't believe that it, a winner will come out tonight. of course, it is too early for that. >> and claudio, let me ask you, is it the western media playing up the role of the american cardinals or is that something that is being reported worldwide including there in rome? >> well, the italian media has been widely reporting that the cardinals, the american cardinals have gained a lot of approval. since they have arrived here. they have staged briefings with the one from the press office which were much more informative. they showed an outreach approach that they wanted to open up the catholic church that many people see even the public, even the faithful see as still too
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medieval in a way. that was shown, of course, by last year by the scandal when those famous papers and documents were leaked from the papal apartments to the italian media. it showed a power struggle inside the church that this new reformers want to address. they want an open church. with the open attitude. especially from cardinal dolan and sean o'malley. they feel like they are gaining grounds and gaining approval. >> let me bring you into the conversation. you mentioned you are the executive director. your organization put together a petition. you wanted to see the seclusion or some of the cardinals recuse themselves, specifically cardinal mahoney was accused of protecting so-called pedophile priests. with that said, they are now locked away. the cardinal that you wanted to recuse himself is there as well. what do you hope happens now. >> we hope the cardinals are really praying and searching their souls for the new
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direction of the catholic church. there is a crisis i facing the church today. one out of every three rth catholics born in the church no longer practice the religion. why? the church is too overly focused on issues of sexuality like contraception and gay marriage rather than the prophetic teaching that's i go unite us like climate change or meeting the needs of the world's poor. >> we've heard a lot of talk about cardinal o'malley from boston. he is 68 years old, credited with cleaning up scandal there's palm beach as well as boston. another organization has been reluctant to post names of offending priests on their website. but there is at least one article that refers to a dozen or so cardinals they believe should not be participating and part of the statement from the daily beast article says as cardinals arrived in rome to choose a flew pontiff, victims of sexual abuse have laid out their case against the top contenders and say even the best
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options are tainted by the global scandal. do you believe even the best options are tainted? or perhaps there is hope that the person who emerges, a person who come from behind that scarlet curtain there will perhaps bring the church to the next necessary point? >> well, the holy spirit works in mysterious ways and i can't say whether or not the church can fully recover from the abuse scandal. there are candidates who can lead this effort to fully address this scandal. and cardinal sean o'malley is one of them. i don't think he is the best. to have an american leading the global church would be bad for a number of reasons. we need the vatican to be a prophetic voice against excessive militarism. and curbing the excesses of wall street. if we have an american cardinal elected pope, they're going to be coming from the same cloth that they probably won't be able to distinguish themselves from these policy that's they need to be speaking out against. >> james, thank you for joining us, claudio, a reminder to our
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audience, we've got our live cameras positioned there. the roof of the sistine chapel. we're waiting for that puff of smoke. in another seven minutes or so, we'll bring you the very latest. in the meantime, i want to bring you one other story. president obama is meeting with senate democrats tomorrow who will meet with republicans. the visit comes hours after house budget committee chairman paul ryan unveiled what he called a new gop budget plan for the next fiscal year. but it is a plan our first read team says is mostly unchanged from the last two, even though he lost a national election. doesn't offer a behind of compromise. >> the election didn't go our way. believe me, i know what that feels lying. that means we surrender our principles? that means we stop believing in what we believe in? look. whether the country intended it or not, we have divided government. we have the second largest house majority we've had since world war ii.
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what we believe in this divide government era, we need to put out our vision. >> he claim the federal budget would be balanced in ten years and save $4.6 trillion. democrats point out the plan gets there by capitalizing on achievements made by president obama. that ryan campaigned against in 2012. $716 billion in medicare savings under the affordable care act known as obama care and tax increases from the fiscal cliff deal. all of this as democrats are set to unveil their plan tomorrow. joining us now, our political panel. the former chief economist for vice president joe biden, and lois romano. from politico. i'll start with you looking at the article posted by your colleague. they say paul ryan budget challenged to white house, dead on arrival in the senate. mostly because there is nothing changed here. and i think the real rankle for a lot of people is the use of
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money made available by the president's health care law that mr. ryan says he will repeal. >> right. the money doesn't exist. so basically, mr. ryan has put out a budget that he has absolutely no chance of getting through the entire congress. >> so let me quickly, i late to interrupt you but is that acting in good faith then? >> you know, some would argue that it is not. he is entitled to stick to his principles and to certainly get out there with what he believes. to basically count a billion dollars that doesn't exist and has no way of existing until maybe after the 2014 elections, if the republicans win, doesn't seem very plausible. >> let's look at the numbers as noted by politico. ryan's budget takes advantage of the additional revenue to get a balanced budget over the next decade.
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also, instead of reversing the tax hikes, he call for comprehensive reform of the tax code that would set top corporate and income tax rates at 25%. but they also note, the major cuts that we will see, and those who were hit the hardest are those perhaps the most in need in this country, hitting the poor including medicaid, food stamps while holding social security as a political scare crow harmless they say. >> right. paul ryan's budgets have often been called robin hood in reverse for the reasons you cite. he generates his savings by cutting programs that help the least advantaged. medicaid takes a big hit. pell grants. that's an important tuition assistance program for middle and lower income kids. food stamps takes a big hit. once you start whacking at those and then you go to the top of the scale, cut tax liabilities for the wealthiest households, that's where you get robin hood
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in reverse label. there is another problem. and the one thing that is different from last year, aside from the spending and cuts that we were just talking about, is that now the top tax rate is higher than it used to be for the richest americans. it used to be 35%. now it is 40. this is a bigger. at a cut. i think the thing people should realize is that representative ryan does not specify one loophole closure. one offset. he has never done so. you could worry that it would raise the budget deficit by taking in less revenue and not telling us how you pay for it. >> and i misworded it. it said while holding social security a political sacred cow. i don't know what i was thinking when i said otherwise. but let me bring you back in this. they stay democrats cannot wait to hang copies of ryan's budget around the necks of republican candidates on the campaign trail. what are the ramifications?
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we saw what happened in the general election and the ramifications of the top that came from the orange ryan budget. so why would not we see the same impact this time around? >> well, because political environments can change. we don't know how it will play out. in the interests of fairness, i think we have to raise that the senate budget is not realistic either. senator murray has proposed a budget that has a billion dollars in revenue increases. that can never get through the house. so one could argue that the two sides have just produced two political documents with no chance of going anywhere. so with no chance of going anywhere, the president saying this to be the case tomorrow, what is the logical next step? our first read team. i keep going back to their analysis because i think they did an amazing job. pointing out, putting the question that needs to be posed about whether paul ryan wants to compromise and the same could be
11:16 am
said for democrats. >> i think when it gets to compromise, you're probably right. that both house, senate, and probably the president's budgets are dead on arrival because we're stug in this dead lock. to me compromise means both sides give something. as the senate budget was just described, i think that's accurate for the president's budget as well. they're going to offer spending cuts and tax increases. now it is absolutely the case that republicans have said no way on tax increases. but in fact thus far, we've cut about $1.5 trillion in spending and raised about $600 million in tax increases. so if we're going to go further, it really does seal like a compromise on balance would lead the way. but we are stuck in grid lock and i don't see that forthcoming. >> lastly i want to play what carney said a short time ago in reaction to the budget. i believe we have it. if we do, can we play it? >> there is no question that that the ryan budget again
11:17 am
represents a years us of policy choices that this president profoundly disagrees with. it ames to reduce deficit but the math doesn't add up. >> i know you said things change and political seasons change more than the actual ones we face from mother nature. what has changed to now that would give paul ryan any confidence in what everyone says is essentially the same budget before that cost him the election? >> nothing has changed except that the president's popularity has gone down a little bit because he has been seen as not wanting to compromise with congress which is why you see him going up to the hill in the so-called charm offensive. it is a very delicate dance, both sides are doing. but yes, fundamentally nothing has changed yet. >> thank you both. we greatly appreciate your time. it is good to have you on. we get to see you so thank you both of the. coming up, a downed black
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hawk helicopter. and that insider attack yesterday. the deadliest day for u.s. troops in afghanistan this year. we'll have a live report from kabul. plus, big names targeting online from politicians to celebrities. personal information exposed. we're talking about the first lady, for example. and vice president biden, hillary clinton as well, and celebrities like jay-z and beyonce. we'll have the latest on this developing story. it is being investigated out of los angeles. could you be a victim as well? join our conversation on twitter. you can find us at tamron hall and at "news nation." you're listening to the new station theme song composed by the music icon, the one and only, prince. acceler-rental. at a hertz expressrent kiosk, you can rent a car without a reservation... and without a line. now that's a fast car. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz. it fills you with energy...
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more tragic news out of afghanistan. an american helicopter crashed near kandahar monday killing all five american service members on board. it made monday the deadliest day so far for u.s. troops in afghanistan. hours earlier, officials say two u.s. special ops forces were gunned down in an insider attack by an afghan policeman in afghanistan. all of this follows chuck hagel's rocky visit over the weekend. it was marked by president hamid karzai accusing the u.s. of clueding with the taliban. it caused some members to questions where we go from here. >> how much are taxpayers in this country going to still be on the line for the highways and power grid for karzai who clearly is off the reservation now? we have been their gdp in afghanistan for the last several years. if we're no longer there, you know, i want to make sure that american taxpayers have the full picture of what we may be asked to continue to do to support
11:23 am
this guy that clearly doesn't appreciate what we've done. >> nbc's mike taibbi innings ever joins us now from kabul. what can you tell us regarding the circumstances of this helicopter crash? >> there's not a whole lot that's out right now because the investigation is just underway. as you point out, it has been a violent several days in afghanistan. two suicide attacks on saturday. the insider attack that you referred to now, this awful helicopter crash last night. it happened in kandahar province about 280 miles southwest of kabul, raining heavily we were told by people in kandahar when that black hawk went down with a crew of five aboard. all five the pentagon confirm were u.s. service members. we were told by a coalition spokesman that there was no hint of enemy activity at the time of the incident. in fact that part of kandahar province has been one of the relatively safe parts of the country for some time now. and as you said, to the two deaths of those special forces troops and the insider attack. the total of seven deaths on monday made at this time worst
11:24 am
single day of the year so far in terms of american losses. that attack as you said was a single gunman, a lone gunman, dressed in an official uniform who opened fire on afghan troops who had just come out of a meeting in wardak province. while all signs point to an accident last night as the cause of those deaths, the investigation is just underway. there won't be a final decision. that brings the final number to 12 so far this year as far as deaths. >> we continue to monitor developments awaiting results of the first round of voting. you see these are live pictures. any minute now we should see the first puff of smoke expected to be black in its first round of balloting with the cardinals who are locked away in the sistine chapel. we'll bring you the very latest. also another story making the rounds online. last night, it was really a buzz
11:25 am
online. protesters angry over the shooting of a 16-year-old boy by an undercover police officer. police detective. planning another demonstration tonight. about 70 people turn out to demonstrate. many learning about the story online. police say they were forced to shoot the teenager when he pointed a gun at them. we'll get latest on the investigation. plus -- >> we believe that the judge's decision was clearly in error and that we will prevail on appeal. >> new york city mayor michael bloomberg vowed to block the judge's decision for the so-called ban on sugary drinks. poll say the majority of new yorkers think the ban is a bad idea. we'll talk with a writer who said it would be foolish to think the judge did not at all consider politics when rendering the judgment. ♪ alright, let's go. ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate. ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate. ♪ we, we chocolate cross over.
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congressman ryan's plan which call for the repeal of obama care as well as cuts to medicaid and medicare has been called dead on arrival by senate democrats who plan to release their own budget plan tomorrow. joining me now, kentucky congressman who sits on the house committee. thank you for your time. >> sure, tamron. >> by all accounts, mr. ryan's budgets is very similar. is this the same thing, just a different day? >> actually almost worse than the budget that mitt romney had to disavow last year. you ever talk about doubling down on a bad idea. that's what paul ryan has done this year. one example, under his budget, medicaid would be slashed by 50% over the next ten years. that's at a time when many, many seniors are coming into the system and will be relying on medicaid for their skilled nursing facility payments. this is dramatic cuts that are
11:30 am
going to hurt once again low and middle income americans. >> if we are to see tough decisions made and the president has said that, what do you believe would be the appropriate change if any to so-called entitlement programs? >> well, you know, i think people forget that under the affordable care act, we've made some significant change in entitlement programs. we've changed medicare to the point we're now experiencing the lowest growth rate and costs in medicare that we have in decades. >> the president has implied that he is prepared to maybe do a bit more. >> he has talked about changing the way we calculate cost of living increases for social security. that's something that a lot of us have problems with because again, the most dramatic impact is on the people who can afford it least. but we can talk about that. i'm one who believes that ultimately we're going to need to change, we're going on need to means test medicare.
11:31 am
and we can certainly tax the benefits under social security for higher income seniors as well. we're doing that now. we can maybe find more savings in that area. you have to be very careful about the thing you do that affect the people who are most vulnerable. that's where things like cpi give us a problem. >> let me give you a little more of what congressman ryan said with his outreceive to the president. >> this is an invitation. show us how to balance the budget. if you don't like the way we're proposing it, how do you propose to balance the budget? >> how would you answer that question? and since to play fair here, congressman ryan over the weekend was asked if he thought the president was sincere in his outreach. do you believe that is a sincere invitation? >> well, you know, the republicans keep talking about how we're having problems with the message. well, they didn't get the message from last november's election. i think that's the problem they're having right now. but you know, i don't really think they're all that sincere.
11:32 am
there is a lot of posturing going on right now. the whole issue of a balanced budget is something that i think we really need to step back and look at. over the last 60 years, we've had five years in which the budget was balanced. every other year has been a deficit. we doubled the debt after world war ii over the next 30 years and we've been able to survive and prosper. so this notion that there is something, somehow sacrosanct about a balanced budget doesn't take into, i think, consider the most important questions. what do we want our government to do and how will we pay for it? and i think paul ryan's budget makes it very clear that he does not want our government to help the most vulnerable citizens in this country. he wants to it help oil companies. he wants to it help very, very high income americans. he will cut their tax rate to 25%. cut corporate taxes. all the while, this is a wishful thinking budget. expecting the economy to explode.
11:33 am
and reduce the deficit. but reality doesn't work that way. and we have his budget last year balanced the budget by 2040. he thinks he can do it in ten years. he's dreaming. >> that was because of pressure from conservatives in his own party. >> thank you for your time. i greatly appreciate it. let me bring in nbc news senior political editor mark murray. thank you for your time. in your first read the team poses this question. is ryan capable of cutting a deal? that's the big question. you heard congressman yarmouth say he ran from the budget proposed by congressman ryan. here we are with a similar document. >> mitt romney kind of ran away. a large part of what they campaigned on was with a few exceptions the ryan budget plan. one of the reasons why paul ryan was tapped by mitt romney was to say they wanted to make bold
11:34 am
decisions, bold moves when it came to the budget. >> he never fully endorsed congressman ryan's budget. there were nuance when's it talked about the cuts played to medicare as it relates to obama care. >> they can run, it wasn't entirely based upon paul ryan. but in large part, some of the change to medicare, the tax, the big scope of things. you asked about compromise and can paul ryan compromise. the house is putting out their budget. you'll have senate democrats put out their budget and then they'll go to conference. at some point that's where the horse trading is made, where the deal are cut. up until now, paul ryan has yet to end up cutting a deal. he had a great opportunity during the simpson boles commission. he voted against that when many others ended up joining that bipartisan commission that
11:35 am
didn't get enough votes to become law. >> let's fast forward. the president has meetings today as we well know. tomorrow, are we, i guess, hearing any inside information on how it's going? >> we're not hearing any inside just yet. it is ongoing. there are going to be some democrats who are a little bit concerned about some of the entitlement changes that president obama seems to have offered. you heard the congressman from kentucky mention that. some concerns about chain cpi, the cost living as it goes to social security. so there is going to be some sounding off of that. when democrats can't unilaterally, all democrats will be on board in the u.s. senate or all democrats can't be on board in the house. that means they'll need to be republican votes that come along with it. that's where it will have to be somewhere in the middle. i think all eyes will be on paul ryan. can he move to the middle? we've seen president obama move to the middle. the fiscal cliff deal, other types of situations comfortable paul ryan do the same? that's what we'll be watching. >> thank you very much. great pleasure having you on. some of our nation's most
11:36 am
powerful people targeted online from the first lady to hillary clinton. even some popular celebrities. their personal information exposed. we're talking social security numbers, credit histories, what happened here? the latest on the investigation. the fbi now involved as well. plus we continue to monitor the sis scene chapel for the first puff of smoke signaling the results are in from the first vote there.
11:37 am
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but badger likes it, so i do too. i used to have bad dreams, but not anymore. [ barks ] i used to be scared of the basement. but when badger's with me, it's not so bad. [ barking ] [ announcer ] we know how important your dog is to your whole family. so help keep him strong and healthy with purina dog chow. because you're not just a family. you're a dog family. the fbi and the secret service are investigating an apparent cyber threat against high profile celebrities and political figures, including first lady michelle obama and vice president joe biden. it centers around a webb that has posted what it claims to be the personal information of over a dozen celebrities and officials. the information, some of which is out of date, includes social security numbers, mortgage amounts, credit card information, car loans, banking
11:40 am
info. it does not appear the information was hacked but rather acquired through other means. it is not yet clear who created the site and exactly why. joining me now, "huffington post" reporter, jerry. i just got this in my hand. reuters is reporting that equifax says the report were accessed through annual credit also used by other credit reporting companies. what do you know about there investigation? how they were able to get this information? >> the fbi and the secret service have said that they are investigating this as well as the lapd. if the hackers did get the information from credit reporting agencies, the credit reports have an enormous amount of sensitive information on them as you mentioned. mortgages, credit cards, social security numbers. this sort of information is dangerous if it falls into the wrong hands, it can be used to commit identity theft. >> knowing those potential dangers, what can you tell me regarding the security measure for these credit reporting
11:41 am
agencies? i would imagine with this kind of valuable information, we're talking about the first lady of the united states, the vice president here. critical information. even the police chief of los angeles. this information now splattered online. we're not showing the website but it is there. what are these credit agencies doing to protect all of our information? >> well, you know, the credit reporting agencies, given that they have somewhat sensitive information, you would think that they would take a lot of pains to have very strong cyber security. none of these people who have claimed to have, none of these celebrities or high profile people have said they've been hacked but these credit reporting agencies, if the information did come from there you would think they would have very strong cyber security measures. >> so this is not a so-called hacking but is it i.d. theft? what does it fall under? >> what is interesting is that on the internet, social security numbers of people are bought and sold regularly.
11:42 am
for hackers to post it publicly suggests that perhaps they're more interested in embarrassing these people than actually committing identity theft. >> for example, where the first lady's information, alleged information is listed, it says this is more directed at her husband. that they like her, quote unquote on here. you have this information on alleged mortgage amounts. once it is out there online, it is accurate. what can they do at this point? >> well, the alleged victims, one step they could take is they could get a free credit monitoring report. and that way these credit reporting agencies can monitor your credit and make sure -- >> that would be a heck of a phone call, the first lady calling free that's the most anyone can do? if that's the most the first lady can do, there are people at home wondering, who can get into their information? an ex, an enemy, anybody. >> besides free credit report,
11:43 am
and a credit report. this is something that's done whenever social security numbers are disclosed publicly or leaked. they'll offer free credit reporting and that's generally the first step to making sure that your identity isn't stolen. >> are you at all surprised when you look at the list of alleged victims here, that this was able to be pulled off? you're the technology expert. this doesn't happen every day. but are you unimpressed by this list that they were able to get access to? >> personally i'm not at all surprised. as i report about hackers. they continually amaze me with their abilities to break into even the most secure and sophisticated systems, high profile organizations and government agencies are getting hacked on an almost daily or weekly basis. >> thank you for joining us. i just got information. we're going to the vatican. chris jansing is standing by. we have smoke. we can see it is thick and black. what else can you tell us about
11:44 am
the reaction? >> reporter: well, a luge cheer or i guess i can say a groan from the people below me in st. peter's square. it has been about two hours. it took less than two hours of balloting because there was a homily first. this is fantastic in that we've had complaints over the last several conclaves, we could never tell whether the smoke was truly black or white. there is no doubt the minute it came out that it was black. as i'm looking over my shoulder, the rain is coming down, it is a cold night. the people are not moving. there are huge television screens that are set up in st. peter's square. you see the national flags that are flying. and people have been waiting. some of them for hours but there is no doubt that this is black smoke. we do not have a pope. so what happens now is that they will leave the sistine chapel. they will go to dinner. they will go back to the essentially the hotel that was built for them at the vatican
11:45 am
and this is where it gets interesting. because a lot of people don't understand, tamron, they don't talk in the sistine chapel. they vote in the sistine chapel. now they will go out and have a chance to talk and tomorrow there will be potentially four more ballots to see if we have a new pope. >> so from you being there and having covered this many times before, at least one other time before, chris, is this first vote really just kind of a feeler just to see where everybody stands? >> reporter: it absolutely is. i think particularly in a situation like this, you have 67 electors who have never been in a conclave before. it is also a chance for them to show a little at a boy to those they want to give some support to. the general feeling is that it gets more serious as we move into what is or the second day, when we will have indeed four votes. and then you'll start to see a winnowing down.
11:46 am
we won't know what that is. we will have no idea what's going on inside there. but tomorrow, things could look very different. and that remember, they have a chance now. they know what the vote was. it is announced. they know exactly who got how many votes at this point. now they have a chance to go back and talk a little bit about it. >> and also, we've talked a lot about these factions that have emerged here. you noted in your prior report that cardinal timothy dolan of new york received this resounding reaction from people there. he walked in. that you have the so-called reformers, part of which include the american cardinals and then you have, i guess, the more traditional, i don't want to say old school here. we're talking about the catholic church. but the more traditional group of cardinals, separate from them. the romans as they were referred to. >> reporter: the romans are part of the curia, the.
11:47 am
there has been some talk, you would think they might want an italian. there has been some talk behind the cardinal. then on the other side you have the reformers. these folks who do think that there need to be some changes in the way that the church is the run. timothy dolan is an interesting one. largely we were not talking about the possibility of an american pope. and i don't know that he is a favorite for sure. he impressed a lot of people when they did not know him. he gave a speech that was widely well received. and interestingly if you read the italian press and the european press, it was praise. they loved him. when you go around people know, italians know who timothy dolan is. it will be interesting to see as this progresses. >> to say the least. two more votes tomorrow morning. two in the afternoon.
11:48 am
what we are seeing now is the black smoke emerging from that chimney in the roof of the sistine chapel indicating we do not have a new pope to lead the catholic church. as expected today. chris, thank you very much for joining us for this news. we'll go to a quick break. we'll be right back. director's voice: here we go. from the top. and action for over 75 years people have saved money with gecko so.... director's voice: cut it! ...what...what did i say? gecko? i said gecko? aw... for over 75 year...(laughs. but still trying to keep it contained) director's voice: keep it together. i'm good. i'm good. for over 75...(uncontrollable lahtuger). what are you doing there? stop making me laugh. vo: geico. saving people money for over seventy-five years. gecko: don't look at me. don't look at me. all stations come over to mithis is for real this time. step seven point two one two. verify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one.
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choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal. angry residents in brooklyn, new york, are promising a second night of protests over a police shooting of a 16-year-old boy. last night's vigil turned violent. we have individual yoi of the aftermath. dozens of people, some estimate around 70 marched through streets and ended up outside a local precinct. the protesters hurled rocks and broke windows. the residents are outraged over the killing of a teenager. the nypd says two undercover officers approached him saturday night. that's when police say gray allegedly pointed a . .38 caliber pistol at the officers.
11:52 am
they fired 11 time hitting him in the legs and torso. he died at the hospital. witnesses say the police never identified themselves and kimmani gray was, quote, running for his life. joining me now, the global grind editor-in-chief, michael, thank you for your time. a lot of people saw this on twitter and facebook last night and started asking what was going on. this was an explosion in the middle of brooklyn. >> the investigation has begun. two officer have been put on administrative leave. i think what happened, i had a baby two days ago and i was in the hospital and i rush out to stay with the young people. there were some throwing things and broke a window or two but most of the young people there last night were peacefully assembling and were mourning the death of their friend. >> what is at the heart of their concern here? the police say this young man
11:53 am
had a .38 caliber pistol. this requires an investigation. we know that. but you have witnesses i guess telling a different story than what police are saying. or the officers who were there. >> i think the heart of the concern is that there has been a complete deterioration of relationship between police departments across this country and the people in the community. these people out there last night are just sick and tired of the police rolling up on kids in the middle of the night. and not identifying themselves and then the unfortunate situation where a 16-year-old boy, a child was killed. so across this country for many, many years, we've seen the police and communities, black and brown communities, the deterioration has just hit rock bottom. last night the young people have lost their friend. they were fed up. they protested. >> from what we've seen, this was not a completely peaceful. you have damage to buildings and other things. what is this protest then tonight? are we expecting this same image
11:54 am
that we were seeing, obviously, you lose effectiveness in anything when it turns into this kind of scene that. >> i think the images you show were not entirely fair to what happened last night. i think what happened was there were a few, a very few out of 100 or so young people upset. i sat with a 16-year-old girl who was kiki's friend who sat there and cried and sat by the fire hydrant and mourned the death of his friend. most people were just asking for an open and independent investigation. >> are there witnesses who say they saw kimani gray point that pistol at the officers? >> no. the only thing we've heard is the two office here's shot him. everybody else said i did not see a gun. >> but a gun was found on the scene. ? we don't know. until we get an investigation, we can't jump to any assumptions. & there was a tweet. i'm in the middle of a riot action.
11:55 am
>> i saw the councilman last night. he went there to calm taerng of the young people. most importantly, after this death, there is nothing from the city to help these young people grieve through this process so councilmember williams was there and it calmed a lot of people down and we should thank him for that. >> thank you so much for joining us. we'll see what happens there tonight. we'll be right back. ♪ you know my heart burns for you... ♪ i'm up next, but now i'm singing the heartburn blues. hold on, prilosec isn't for fast relief. cue up alka-seltzer. it stops heartburn fast. ♪ oh what a relief it is!
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