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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  March 13, 2013 2:30am-3:00am PDT

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child action beauty and the beast and will most likely to be 3-d. paris hilton claimed jennifer aniston and justin they are rose were getting married in hawaii. now a represent says there are no plans for a wedding in hawaii. the reason for that may have to do with the possibility of running into a naked steven tyler. yes, now that hawaii has passed the steven tyler act for celebrity privacy, the aerosmith front man says "now at least i can go to maui and walk around naked in the back lawn." i hope he's joking. >> i don't know how many people really now want to see him naked. >> at least he has the privacy he can do it if he chooses to. >> he can do whatever he wants. >> i'm mara schiavocampo. thanks for watching. we're going to leave with you some live pictures from the vatican as we take a look there and wait fur news out of that smokestack. those smoke signals revealing
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the result from the news of the cardinals. way too early starts right now. of. >> you're looking at live pictures of the vatican where at any moment, smoke could pour from the chimney above the sistine chapel telling us whether or not a new pope has been elected. good morning. i'm bill karins. this is "way too early." right now a conclave of 115 cardinals is holding today's first vote. after yesterday's opening round of balloting fell short of the two-thirds majority plus one needed to select the new leader of the church. quite parent around 2:41 eastern time, an unbliss takable black cloud billoed from the chapel's roof line. only when the smoke is white and we hear the chorus of bells ring
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aring across the city will we know a new pontiff has been chosen. chris jansing joins us live from the vatican where anticipation is building >> good morning, bill. a small crowd with umbrellas is outside just below me in st. peter's square. the cardinals went into the conclave about an hour ago. if you can hear the bells behind me, they have nothing to do with the election of a pope by the way. it's a pretty straightforward and yet it takes time to do this process. first when they go in in the morning, they have to choose three people who will county the votes, skrut nears and individually each of the cardinals has to write the name of the person they want to be pope, fold it and one by one they go up and each of those three counters have to go through, two of them sitely, the third reads the vote and puts a hole in that ballot before they get the final count. they will do that twice this morning unless, of course, they had a new pope on the first vote which we did not expect and we
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have not seen, obviously, any white smoke. the relief here is that we deal with tell yesterday it was black smoke. very different than what we saw eight years ago. we hope when the white smoke really comes, we can tell that, as well. the vatican analysts are in general ingredient, they don't expect it today. no one knows what's going on inside. no one knows what the vote was yesterday nor will we know what it is today. the world is watching and waiting and when i say watching, i mean it. there are a number of stories about the number of web sites that have popped you. . we have one at nbc where you can be on chimney watch. there are thousands of people staring at their computer screen maybe when they should be working and waiting to see when the smoke appears. bill? >> chris, your experts there, the longerer this goes dos does it favor any of the different cardinals? >> there's a general consensus
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if it goes longer, you might get people considered more of a long shot. that would include cardinal o'malley and cardinal dolan. it's really interesting when you're out in rome that the tourist industry would love to see an american pope. they think it will bring a lot of media and a lot of tourists and thus a lot of dollars into the city. it's surprising to see a lot of the roamens i've talked to say they want nothing to do with a tallian pope because then it's business as usual. there is agreement if we would see white smoke today, it would be one of the favorites. probably the one person is the archbishop off of milan, cardinal scola would be an early favorite the longer it goes on. conventional wisdom is it would be more of a long shot. >> we're guaranteed to see smoke at some portion of this morning, correct? >> yes. they do two votes. assuming, assuming that they
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don't get a pope on the first ballot this morning, which we're not expecting, there would be two votes this morning and then we would see smoke. they would go to lunch and we would see smoke again this afternoon. that's right. they burn those first two sets of ballots together assuming they're both no pope and burn the second set, as well. they don't do it four times. you see smoke twice. >> i have to wonder if that pigeon knows how good of a view it has of that smokestack, too. nbc's chris jansing. >> i'm not complaining. i think that pigeon has an even better view. >> probably doesn't know it either. chris, of course, we'll be right back you in case we have breaking news coming out of the vatican in this next half hour. today senate democrats unveiled their plan for the budget. budget committee chair patty murray briefed democratic senators and president obama over lunch yesterday. the plan reportedly calls for raising tax revenue by $1 trillion and slashing spending
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by $975 billion. including billions from defense and health care. in all democrats claim the plan would save the country $4.2 trillion over the next decade. yesterday, house republicans released their blueprint which they say would balance the budget by 2023 by making major cuts to spending and overhauling programs like medicaid and medicare. but to president obama, balancing the budget alone not his top priority. >> paul ryan is challenging you to come forward with a budget that also reaches balance. are you going to do that? >> no, my goal is not to chase a balanced budget just for the sake of balance. my goal is how do we grow the economy, put people back to work, and if we do that, we're going to be bringing in more revenue, if we've controlled spending and we've got a smart entitlement package, then potentially what you have is balance but it's not balance on the backs of, you know, the poor, the elderly, students who need student loans, family who
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have got disabled kids. that's not the right way to balance our budget. >> a major part of congressman ryan's plan relies on repealing the president's landmark health care law, a tactic house republicans have tried dozens of times before without gaining any traction. >> in terms of your budget, if you don't get it this year and the likelihood of getting it repealed this year is very, very low, does it blow a hole in your ten-year budget. >> sure because it calls for continuing the spending, but what is a budget? a budget is our vision for how we should fix this country's fiscal problems and a key part of that vision is we don't take over, have a government takeover of health care. >> it's a hoax. it's totally phony to say in the same breath that they have presented a balanced budget and that they are repealing obama care. the math doesn't add up. and people should know. >> i know that congressman ryan is held out to be this crew who
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understands things so well. what he understands is gimmickry. he's pulled the wool over the eyes of those people in the house and they continue following him. using the same fuzzy math as his previous two budgets, relies on account canning that's fraudulent at worst to inflate claims of deficit reduction. >> coming up, house budget chair paul ryan and his counterpart chris van hollen join the table. later today obama will meet with house republicans for a capitol hill charm offensive. the president hopes to strike a bipartisan deal on several pieces of legislation ranging from deficit reduction to gun legislation. president obama kicked things off yesterday meeting with senate democrats who reportedly pushed back against any potential deep cuts to entitlement programs. but the president's outreach which began a week ago when he dined with senate republicans
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apparently isn't going over well with everyone. the national journal's ron fournier asked "is this smooze athon a legitimate act of humility and leadership or a cynical public display quoting two white house officials one of whom called the strategy a "joke," adding it seemed to satisfy the media more than anything. another said if there's a bipartisan deal, it won't be because the president shared shakes and merlot with a few senators. the article roempbsed recent polling showing a drop in the president's approval ratings. covereding to a new "washington post" abc news poll, his favorability is down five points from januarien. president obama is favored over republicans by just eight points. that margin was 18 points in december of last year. democrats sponsored legislation that would require background checks on nearly all gun buyers will move to the senate floor afternaire 0 rowley
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passing through the judiciary committee. voting was divided among party lines. among those voting yes chuck schumer and blumenthal. lindsey graham cast some of the no votes. should that compromise emerge, it will likely replace the democrat sponsored bill on the senate floor. vice president joe biden continued to push for stricter gun control legislation saying that the newtown school shootings has forever altered the country's attitude on guns. >> one of the leading opponents at an organizational meeting said not long ago he expected "the connecticut effect to fade." well, that effect isn't going to made in the memories of the families who lost children or a loved one. it's not going to fade my memory or the president's memory. and it's not going to fade in the memory of the people of connecticut. and i would argue not in the memory of the people of the
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united states. the american people want things to change. >> the senate judiciary committee will vote on a rochelle measure to ban certain assault weapons and high capacity magazines tomorrow. the fbi and secret service are reportedly investigating a series of high level hacking aimed at "a" list celebrities and top washington officials including first lady michelle obama. officials are still working to confirm the authenticity of the information which was posted online earlier this week. just yesterday, the nation's top intelligence officials told the senate the threat of cyber attacks against the u.s. is now greater than the threat of terror from al qaeda. president obama spoke about the investigation into the hacking during an interview yesterday. >> we should not be surprised that if you've got hackers who want to dig in and devote a lot of resources that they can access people's private information. it is a big problem. >> right into the white house.
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>> again, i'm not confirming that that's what happened. >> nbc news justice correspondent pete williams with more details. >> the scene of the crime is this website apparently based in russia that posts some prominent names and personal financial information. among the targets, michelle obama, vice president biden, the fbi director and attorney general, among celebrities mel gibson, ashton kutcher and jayzee, also the l.a. police chief charlie beck. >> we will vigorously pursue the individuals that an have made me a victim and a number of other people in the public eye victims. >> the website posts what appears to be their social security numbers, addresses and phone numbers and in some cases what looked like their actually credit reports where the other information appears to come from. >> the credit report is the key to everything. if a bad guy has your report, he can commit almost any kind of identity theft. >> some of the data is the kind that can be bought online once a
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social security number and date of birth are known. among other victims, al gore, sarah palin, hillary clinton and singer beyonce. the data company equifax says at least some of their stolen information appears to come from what it called fraudulent and unauthorized access to the website set up to let consumers see their own credit reports once a year for free. >> behind this website is data belonging to 200 million americans. even if people never visit the website, criminals can break in and access any one of their credit reports. >> the data thieves apparently knew enough about their targets to answer the personal questions required to get access to the credit reports. >> that was pete williams reporting. shoppers are being urged to check their credit reports and accounts for any unusual activity. let us know why you're awake at way too early at or tweet me @bill karins. still ahead on way too early,
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we're keeping a close eye on that smokestack atop the vatican. right now inside the chapel, 115 cardinals are voting on the next pope and the direction of the catholic church. our coverage copies straight ahead. but first, an 1-foot sinkhole swallows an unsuspecting golfer during a casual day on the links in an unusual place. we'll explain how it happened and get a check on your forecast when "way too early" comes right back. with the appropriate changes made to its flight path, apollo 19 made its final decent into the atmosphere showing we are indeed ready in meeting the next step what may be the most significant challenge of our time, the conquest of the moon. victor! victor!
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including new york city that, monsoon washed away all the ugliness of winter and we are ready for spring. of course, the one that's going to deliver that to us, not me, nbc meteorologist dylan dreyer. >> i always get the good shift. the weather always turns around when i'm here. >> if you call coming to work at 1:00 a.m. >> we're done with the rain and almost done with the warm temperatures, too. yesterday the rain was easier to handle when temperatures were in the 50s. that cold front is now clearing the area. across boston, it's going to start to clear out shortly and we'll see a return to sunshine and cold air. cold enough for snow across the great lakes. best chance of seeing accumulating snow about 1 to 3 inches would be back through west virginia. it's more about the cold air. teens in minneapolis. single digits across north dakota and that dip in the jet
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stream is going to allow cooler temperatures to settle into the northeast. today still looks okay. 50 in boston, 52 in new york city. 30 today in minneapolis, mid 30s in chicago. that's going to move in tomorrow up and down the northeast, we should only be in the 40s. it doesn't look like it's going to warm up too much in the near future. we could see a few more snowflakesing into this weekend in new england. that could change maybe. >> you've made history on "way too early" this morning. you're officially wearing the best shoes ever worn on this show. >> nice. >> look at those. >> i mean look at how boring my outfit is. i had to spice it up somehow. >> we couldn't see your shoes. >> you're going to be wearing red shoes soon, right? like the pope. >> whatever it takes. look at that. tying in the news. it's catching on. let's turn now to sports and march madness. three more teams won automatic bids to the big dance.
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liu brooklyn black birds punched their ticket with an easy 91-70 victory over mount st. mary's in the northeast conference title game, the third straight year the black birds have made it into the ncaa tournament. in the south dakota state jack rabbits will make their second ever appearance in the big dance after beating rival north dakota state. that's the summit conference final. valparaiso headed to the tournament for the first time in almost a decade, they earned their bid by beating wright state 62-52 in the horizon conference final. imagine, that was all the way back in '98. we know all the tournament teams and will know all the details when the brackets fully come out sunday night. to the nba now where dwight howard got the welcome you would expect on his first trip back to orlando, his former team. his lakers had won three straight aheaded into this one. early in the first, making his
2:51 am
presence felt. nice feed from kobe bryant. second quarter, howard does it on defense, swatting the attempted shot. that one to the second row. kind of vintage howard. he finished with a season high 39 points and 16 rebounds. as the lakers rolled 106-97. think he was motivated? more nba now. heat facing the hawks. dwyane wade gives up. wade scored 20 on the night. the heat have now won 19 straight games. very impressive. starting to get into rarified air. ricky rubio, behind the back, once then twice. nice move. this is what we were promised when he came over from europe. look at this. very slick. he had a triple-double. very impressive win over the spurs, 107-83. how about the nets facing the hornets. how about twin on twin. brook lopez over his twin brother robin lopez. that's going to make for
2:52 am
uncomfortable dinnertime chat at thanksgiving. at least foul your brother on that one. the nets won, 108-98. let's go to the nhl now. corey perry of the anaheim ducks can expect a fine, maybe even suspension for this, a blind side hit on jason zucker of the wild. zirk never saw him coming. the shoulder to the head. he was given a game misconduct. he was ejected from the game. after a few minutes on the ice, zucker was finally helped off by teammates. no word on the extent of his injuries. the ducks won, 2-1. we have ever yet to show you a goal here on "way too early." finally a story that will make you think twice about hitting the links this weekend. a golfer was headed down the 14th fairway on the par 5 in waterloo, illinois of all places waiting to hit his third shot when he suddenly fell into this 18-foot deep sinkhole. literally. he said it was sagging a little
2:53 am
bit. he checked it out and whoop. he dislocated his shoulder in the fall. it took 20 minutes for his playing partners to pull him back above ground. they ran and got a rope and ladder and got him out. amazing. he's okay to tell the story. coming up at the top of the hour on "morning joe," live coverage on the conclave in the vatican city where the process of electing the new pope continues. and what a new leader means for the future of the catholic church. when we come back, we'll huddle around the water cooler where dennis rodman is reportedly taking another stab at international diplomacy. we'll tell you what the worm may have planned for his trip to rome of all places when "way too early" comes right back.
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selected yet but many people have called for the new pontiff to come from outside of europe. tell your friends that 61 of the 115 cardinals that will vote for the new pope are from europe.
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by comparison, north america, latin america and africa represented by only a combined 44 members of the voting cardinals. enough with the real news. let's gather around the water cooler with bill gulp louis. >> i like my new nickname. >> maybe we can put a thing on your jacket. >> maybe. we can look into that. i know you're on pope watch but there's someone else out at the vatican shah has the exclusive. dennis rodman, the worm has reportedly landed in rome. tmz spoke with him at the airport before the take request ofoff. he says the world needs him at the vatican. he says "i think you're going to see me in the popemobile doing my thing." he also remarked his favorite pope is pope john paul ii who he called a pimp. he's not forgetting about his bond with kim jong-un telling a north dakota news station he plans to return in august to vacation with the leader. and if you have rodman on speed
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dial, sign up for the text message pope they will send you a text message if smoke comes out of the chimney. and when the smoke goes up, they'll let you know what's coming down. >> you wouldn't hear about it normally. >> you need that service even if you're in rome i would have that. mitt romney will be addressing fellow republicans in the next few days at the cpac conference. how is he prepping? by celebrating. there he is, romney and his birthday hat. his 66th birthday. his son tag instagrammed him enjoying a fluffernutter cupcake and diet coke. excellent. that sounds like a delicious combination. >> that sounds really difficult. romney has other brothers too, right? -- sons. you always hear about tag, there's matt, josh, ben and craig. where are you? >> tag seems to be the one -- >> still ahead on "way too early," why you awake? tweets, texts and e-mails are
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