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tv   Jansing and Co.  MSNBC  March 15, 2013 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning, i'm richard lui in for chris jansing. the fight for the future of the republican party is in full debate. it is at cpac and how the republicans are plotting to figure out what to do next after a failed republican election they thought they were going to win. >> when you spend $400 million and it is a failure and you don't have one victory, you know that there's something seriously, seriously wrong. >> you hear all of the debate about the in-fighting of the conservatives and the in-fighting of the people who believe in limited government, and that is a foolish notion. >> i am haunted by the experience of the 2012 campaign. >> i'm tired of the hand wringing. conservatives were never part of the cry baby qaa tcaucus. >> and paul ryan spoke about what happened not of 2012, but what happened in the budget plan and took a shot at republicans,
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too. >> this has been a big week. we have white smoke from the t vatican and a budget from the senate. i want to bring in "washington post" editor and new york times editor. we have seen donald trump and, mitch mcconnell, kelly ayotte, and paul ryan and wayne lapierre, and we have everybody in there, right? is that a time for the conservatives to look forward to a launch pad going toward 2016 or a time to bash the president, and first is kelly ayotte spoke and mentioned benghazi. >> well, it is interesting, because it needs to be a time for the republicans to look ahead, and the lineup that you just showed, reflects some of the problem. there is a certain schizophrenia in the party, and there are so
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many stakeholders here and so many ideologies competing and you see it in the discussions around immigration and the discussions around gay marriage and foreign policy and the opinions are sort of all over the map, and really, this time i think that it needs to be used for the republicans to solidify, with who are are we? what kind of party are wie goin to be and position themselves well. >> one of the speakers is mitch mcconnell this morning and this is what he said. >> i want you to take a look at the stack of paper behind e me. it is the most powerful argument yet against obama care. what you are seeing is 20,000 pages of rules and regulations. >> so, david, you have been watching this, too. this has been sort of the drum beat this morning, obama care, and we have heard many times the first thing that came out that was said there repeal obama care and when you look at this, are these the ideas that are going to move the party forward?
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is this new? >> i don't know if it is new, richard, but it is something that if you look at what is going on capitol hill with the budget discussions, paul ryan has a budget out to repeal obama care to save mo money, so that the republicans are not running away from that message, but doubling down on the sort of, you know, the sort of limited spending a and the government is too large and we have a spending problem, and that is a message that is carrying the day. on the other hand, you ran down all of the speakers, and there are some speakers who have been famously left out of this and more moderates like chris christie, and bob mcdonald of virginia and so is this the full republican party and is the debate thorough enough? that is the question that you will see out of here. marco rubio did not address immigration in his speech. these are big issues that are going to be where is the republican party moving? >> where is it moving and to your point there, david, i will shift it over to rana, and 17 speakers is what the chair said will be at cpac this year, and that is different, and you look
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at marco rubio, and yet not mentioning immigration. >> right. >> and the first day with was all about immigration. >> right, exactly, and the other thing that you have not heard a lot about aside from paul ryan's budget plans is the economy. that is so crucial, because i actually believe that that lack of a coherent economic policy is one of the key reason s fs for republican defeat in the presidential elections, and you hear a lot about how they didn't follow the demographic shifts in america, and i believe it is more fundamental to not trickle down the supply-side theories which are clearly broken and not providing answers to the stru structural shifts that are happening and everything else will flow from that, because you can't talk about foreign policy, about how rich is america is going to be and how involved can we be? i hope we hear more about this. >> and we are certainly hearing that out of washington, d.c., right? >> yes, certainly. >> and that is the arc of the moment. when we talk about, this david, the struggle of the old guard and the old message and the new
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guard and the new message in the republican party, and this is what has been said so far. take a listen. >> the gop of old has grown stale and moss-covered. now i don't think that we need to name any names, do we? >> we don't need a new idea, and the idea is called america. it still works. >> old, new, two different people saying two different things and complete contradiction and what do you think, david? >> well, that gets to the very point, and the question was coming out of the election last year with the republicans would they look to turn to new leaders and rand paul is an interesting person right now, and you saw that last week when the president was meeting with some republicans in a restaurant that rand paul was holding a very public, you know, debate on television about america's foreign policy and the use of drones and this filibuster got a lot of attention. i think that he is sort of
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attacking the old guard and they are attacking back, because they don't want to go anywhere any time soon and this goes to the core identity and it is an interesting time, and when you see donald trump and sarah palin talking, you wonder how far they will go. there is a lot to be seen this week, and ogoing forward. >> well, a person who just spoke is jason chafettz, the republican from utah and good to see you, representative, and you heard the conversation here and the opportunity for the republican party here at cpac to lay out definition. is this showcasing a split though when we listened to the last couple of pieces of sound here within the republican party? >> no, look, marco rubio and senator paul i should say rand paul, and look, they are some of the rock stars and rising stars, and they have new ideas and a fresh approach, and they represent a different demographic than we have had in the past, and they are the next generation. look, the republican party is about freedom and liberty and
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that is what we should be talking about. democrats do a better job of sort of talking about the emotional side of things, and they do a better job of talking about the cause. republicans tend to talk about issues, and i want to get us back to talk about the cause that we have. that is the kind of the reaganesque, reagan approach that we v but this country is the greatest country on the face of the planet, and we have to-kus to focus on liberty and freedom. >> and the obama care lines, and you heard them this morning, but when you put them up against the new issues and the internet for instance and some people say that is a different tone. do you think that though overall republicans are striking a different tone overall? >> well sh, i'm very optimisticd still cry at night every once in a while that mitt romney is not the next president, but we are getting over it. and the inference is that when i
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got a chance to speak, that is what i spoke about. look, here is a new frontier and the conservatives should be leading the charge and we have an interesting intersection between the first and the fourth amendment and the right to privacy and sponsoring a number of bills to lead on the georadio location and the fairness and these types of things and the issues may change from year to year, but the principles of liberty and freedom, and we have to do a better job of talking about those. >> many critics would say that. and this morning, senator rob portman reversing his stance of same-sex marriage, because he has said that his son is gay in a "columbus dispatch" op-ed. he said that we believe in minimal government interference in the personal lives and we believe the family unit to be the fundamental building block of society, and with we should also consider people's long term commitments to each other. do you believe this will change the conversation?
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>> well, i think that it will continue to dialogue and the discussion. i know that if anybody who knows rob portman knows that he is sincere and honest and cares about his family and passionate and all of the positive things, and this is heart felt and he believes it. gosh, more power to him. he believes that, and i respect him for it. >> and will this stay a decision made by each lawmaker and every republican for specific families would you say and for you? >> yeah. i you know, i happen to think that a lot of this should be made at the state level and how we do it in utah may be different than massachusetts and that is where we ought to be having this discussion, but it is, i appreciate him being brave enough to talk about it. >> and does this revelation change your perspective on this? >> no, i still believe in traditional marriage, and i would remind my friends and colleagues who disagree with me, that it is interesting to me that those who advocate the most
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diversity and diversity of thought sometimes have the hard time with somebody who disagrees with them. i believe in traditional marriage, and that is where i'm at and what i believe in, and rob portman has changed his position, and i are respect him, and jon huntsman did the same thing. >> and if one of your children were to be gay, you would not change your perspective? >> i would love them with all of my heart absolutely. >> you would not support marriage equality? >> i believe in traditional marriage, and that is what i believe in. i believe that somebody who is gay can still be very happy and thrive and nothing with but the best for them, and i don't want to discriminate against them, but i happen to believe in traditional marriage. >> okay. thank you is much, congressman, jason chaffetz taking a break from cpacment. thank you. let's listen to a portion of this interview. >> this is something that personally, i believe that
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people should be allowed to enjoy the stability of marriage that i have had for over 26 years. i want all of our three kids to have that including our son who is gay. >> and in the defense of the marriage act is on the horizon and with what has happened, do you believe that changes for what happens? >> well, i was touched for what the senator said and it is a welcomed sense of humanity there, and i respect it. a majority of younger americans believe in gay marriage and they believe it is a right. they are for that issue. so this is about where are you taking the party. are you going if follow where the country is, or sort of rooted in the old mos si ways to quote rand paul. >> yes, and david, the romney camp said this had come out in the vetting process and had nothing to do with their choice of the vice president, but look at the timing here, because it is interesting that this is in c a pac and we have rand paul talking about the liberty and
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marco rubio delivering big applause for his belief in traditional marriage did not make him a bigot. so will the republicans move closer to the center on this or leave it as i mentioned earlier like a family matter like vice president dick cheney? >> well, rana is right, the decision is personal, and if you look at where the country is going, president obama acknowledged this recently when he talked about gay marriage and also last year when he came out finally in support of it on a personal level and we are moving too, and evolving is the president's word and the polls 50% support it and younger people, it is higher and one-third of the country did ten years ago, and this is where the country is going, and the question for the republicans is though, i think that there are a lot of factors that go into this, and i don't believe that the rob portman's revelation is go ing to move the base that quickly. it is going to take time, and people are going to be, you know, sort of pressing to keep the traditional marriage just
7:15 am
like chaffetz did. >> well, senator portman is trying to square republican ideology, because if you are for less intervention in people's lives, you are probably for gay marriage, and let's square some of the logic. >> and long been a discussion point of this very issue. thank you so much both of you for your time on this friday. have a great weekend. >> thank you, richard. president obama has drawn a redline on iran and in an interview for israeli tv, the president for the first time publicly stated a time line. let's take a listen. >> we would think it would take over a year or so for iran to develop a nuclear weapon, but we obvio obviously don't want to cut it too close. >> he said he prefers diplomacy, but all options are on the table, and prime minister benjamin netanyahu differ on the
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today alone more than 50 sexual assaults will happen in the u.s. military, that according to the defense department averages. this week, some lawmakers want to squash what is one of the military's dirtiest secrets, this epidemic of rape and sexual assault and so pervasive that 1 of every 3 women in the military is estimated to be victimized by fellow soldiers. a grilled senate panel and then heard from victims. >> i was raped in military service and during my first assignment. that was 1988. i was 18 years old. it was two weeks before my 19th birthday. >> two days after that dramatic
7:20 am
testimony former army specialist bridget mccoy joins me live from atlanta. thank you for being here. >> thank you so much for having e me. >> and you know, before we talk about what is happening on capitol hill, can you tell us a little bit more about what happened in the incident and describe the reactions from the superiors when you turned to tell them about this. >> well, when i turned to tell them about the sexual harassment that happened a few years later because i did not report the rape, when i went to them, they basically said that i didn't understand his intentions, and told me that, you know, that was it. you know, what did i want? what did i want from them? what did i want from him? >> at that point, why didn't you tell them about the rape, but now you are doing that. >> i didn't tell them about the rape, because i had so much backlash from just telling them about someone sexually harassing me, and i could not imagine a conversation with them saying, oh, and by the way, this
7:21 am
happened two years ago. >> and you know, on wednesday, senator kirsten gillibrand gave you a hug and your face is so expressive at this specific time, and it is so personal as you have described so far, but when you went on camera to demand action here, and something that you would not have had to do in civilian court, and how does saying this in public affect you? >> it affects me in so many different ways, because now people recognize me and say, oh, that is a shame that you had to go through that, but i'm not the only one who goes through it. there are many men and women who are right now, as we speak, going through this very same thing. nothing has changed. this is the -- all of the way back through vietnam era, we have women and men who have been sexual sexually assaulted and sexually abused and sexually harassed and raped, so it is just puts my face as the face of, you nknow, someone they can recognize and say, hey, you know, i experienced it as well. >> you had a certain feeling
7:22 am
going into there giving your testimony and a certain feeling after you gave the testimony, and talk about that. >> going into themp the, i was not sure if my voice would be heard, p if the voice other men women who had been sexually assaulted had beeen heard. coming out of it, i knew my voice had been heard, but coming out of it, i am wondering if we will move the process out of the chain of command. right now, that is is a big issue that we absolutely have to have military personnel being able to go to someone out of the chain of command, because most of the time, the people in the chain of command are the perpetrators. >> drill down on that, because right now, it works that the commander has he/she has carte blanche to overturn a military's conviction, and going back to
7:23 am
tailhook for instance in the 1990s when the navy pilots were accused of abusing female officers and the estimate of about 19,000, instances of sexual assault each and every year by the defense department, and the question that everybody has to be asking, why is this being ignored. >> well, i think that it is being ignored, because people are in positions of power, and those are the people who are raping, and if anyone outs anyone else, then they lose their benefits, and they lose their pension, and you know, their right to be in a society and move freely. if you convict these people and put them on a national registry, that restricts their behavior, and restricts their ability to move freely and have the finances that they need, so it's just, they just don't want to relinquish that level of power. >> and as we look forward, bridget, and there are three
7:24 am
senators, jillgillen brshgbrand others, and are they the catalyst for change? >> well, they are picking it up and running wit, and there are so many people like representative jackie spear, and so many other people working diligently to move this forward. they -- i'm hopeful that they will, that more people will come along, that more public citizens will say, we need to stop this and do something. more of the communities will get together and say, this is a problem, we need to get on board and the ruth moore act and the stop act and all of those things, we need support for those particular actions. >> and you are part of that support. former army specialist bridget mccoy, and thank you for the time and coming for wart ward t
7:25 am
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7:29 am
menendez' actions have always been appropriate and we believe that the facts will confirm that. the white house has kicked off a new series "being biden." >> these are a couple of guys in the hunting shirts that i'm serving a meal to along with the folks that you are seeing in the background. >> well, the goal here is for people to understand what was going through the vice president's head when a certain picture was snapped. the vice president also used the opportunity to talk about gun control and push the senate to act. president obama revealed a secret in an interview with israel's channel two 2. >> sometimes i have a fantasy that i can put on a disguise and wear a fake mustache and wander through tel aviv and go to a bar and it is the toughest thing about being president, you know, you can't just slip out and interact with people in, without having a bunch of guys with machine guns.
7:30 am
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the white house is urging the senate to act quickly on a bill to ban military style assault weapons o. an party line vote yesterday the senate judiciary committee approved the bill to limit high capacity ammunition clips to ten bulles.s the measure heads to the senate where it is not expected to pass due to the intense lobbying by the nra, and in fact, the chief of the nra wayne lapierre will be speaking at cpac and we will take you there when it happens. joining us is republican strategists, and great to see you both. this is new york times editorial and a part thereof.
7:34 am
many republicans claim to share the national concern over unabated violence, but as the committee hearing showed, whenever there is opposition to it, they are not are going to o. are they afraid of the nra? >> no, the constituents at home. there are plenty of democrats including majority leader harry reid who have the same basic concerns, and there is a concern about the gun laws like the assault weapons ban would be effective so that you will see the republicans will try to mostly strengthen the mental health aspects of this problem, and they will see, and watch very carefully to see what senators like alaskan senator mark begich and arkansas senator pryor and louisiana senator mary
7:35 am
landrieu, and if they don't go towards the gun control side, then the republicans certainly won't. >> and jason, talk about that, because for harry reid, does it cause problem for him being in the committee and he being a gun owner and he being the senator from nevada, will that cause difficulty for him? >> i live in texas, and even here, a huge majority of people are here for closing the gun show loophole and bringing it into the fold here and half of the voters here in texas support banning the assault weapons. voters are speaking out in increasing numbers about doing something about this, taand the new york times is right that the republicans and the senate are bringing up any reason possible to stop it while they are saying that they are for it. it is not public policy, but dystopian fan fiction and to do something about this, the senator should not need a permission slip from wayne lapierre. >> this is a debate that yesterday it hit the rough and you have seen the tape here when
7:36 am
a freshman republican senator ted cruz challenged dianne finestein on the constitutionality of her law, and let's listen to that and then i will get your reactions. >> the question i would pose to the senior senator from california, would she deem it consistent with the bill of rights for congress to engage in the same endeavor that we are contemplating doing with the second amendment in the context of the first or the fourth amendment. >> let me make a couple of points in response. one, i'm not a sixth grader. senator, i have been on this committee for 20 years, and i was a mayor for nine years and i walked in and i saw people shot, and i have looked at bodies that have been shot with these weapons. it is fine that you want to lecture me on the constitution, and i appreciate it, but know that i have been here for a long time and i have passed on a number of bills, and i have studied the constitution, myself, and it exempts 2,271 weapons.
7:37 am
isn't that enough for the people in the united states? do they need a bazooka? >> so jason, did ted cruz have a point here in challenging the constitutionality of the bill? >> no. ted cruz was texas's solicitor general and argued before the supreme court nine times and he knows better than this. if many 2008 the heller decision said that you can't ban handguns because they are in common use and you use them for self-defense and you can ban others like senator feinstein's bazooka and ted cruz is a jerk, and that is why we sent him to washington. >> and you have senator joe manchin who is a key person here who has an a-rating from the nra and involved in bipartisan talks to hammer out a deal in bipartisan deals, and could a key in reaching a deal be the partisanship happening in this committee meeting?
7:38 am
>> well, i certainly believe that joe manchin thinks he is a key, but he is having a hard time not only convincing the republican colleagues, but also other democratic colleagues especially those who are up for election. ted cruz is not going to win any miss congenial ti awards and he is someone who has strong opinion, and it is going to take him a while to understand the bigger senate culture, but he is certainly someone who is not, a little bit of a bull in the china shop is exactly how i'd put it. >> and so not one of the lawmakers here, and perhaps one of the solutions that is talking about, and there are efforts under way in the private sector to try to tackle gun violence, and i will play a clip for you first from the mother of a young sandy hook elementary victim. take a listen to this. >> last friday would have been dylan's birthday. i did not want to wake up on his birthday. that was a hard day for the whole family. >> so jason, some of the ideas here smart gun technology, and they have a couple of ideas out
7:39 am
there like magnetic rings or fingerprint devices to only allow the owner to fire the gun, and new technology and new ideas and they don't have some of the political baggage that are some of the ideas out there, and is this a place where some of the sides can come together? >> well, market based reform, and make the gun owners buy liability insurance and that will make sure that the guns don't get into the wrong hands, and there are a lot of solutions not talked about, probably because it is politics in washington and things fall into certain boxes that people are used to, but there is a lot of things that we don't have to do that will make a difference. john, with we are out of time, and i will owe you one next time. thank you both on this issue. have a good weekend. checking the daily feed, two chips and two mechanical problems for carnival cruises, and the ship is having issue with a unit that affects the traveling speed. they say it is functioning, but heading back to tampa. passenger
7:40 am
passengers are being flown back home today after a backup generator left them from leaving st. martin, and this is on the heels of the triumph that left passengers without working toilets or electricity. and kevin orr represented chrysler in the restructure and he is sthag he wants to solve detroit's $700 million budget problem with working with unions and creditors instead of a bankruptcy court. and maryland is about to be the 18th state to abolish the death penalty. they are expected to vote for this bill, and the change has been on the books since 2008 when the governor came to office. and the hashtag is one of twitter's most recognizable features and people use it in the status updates, but now facebook is testing how to use the hashtag to group posts about similar topics an index them. the dow going for its 11th winning day in a row, and
7:41 am
continue its best streak in 16 years. down 42 right now, and was up 60 or 70 a moment ago and the s&p is near record territory, and mandy drury is here watching your money, and while we watch the market, the u.s. is out with a reminder to one month before the tax day and time is running out to collect nearly $1 billion in unclaimed money. >> yes, richard, if you didn't file a tax return in 2009, you better hurry up, because the irs says it has $970 million in unclaimed tax refunds from that year owed to nearly 1 million people who failed to file their returns for 2009. the estimate here is that half of the returns are more than $500 and so it is worth looking into whether or not you are owed one. but you must file those 2009 returns by april 15, and that is obviously the deadline to be able to claim your refund. after that, the money is no longer yours, but the property of the u.s. treasury.
7:42 am
the good news is here that the irs says there is not going to be any penalty if you file the late return that does qualify you for a refund. >> i will take that money. that is a lot of cash, mandy. take this, samsung has a new phone. >> yes, it has a new phone, the galaxy s4, and a larger and sharper screen and from the predecessor that is best selling 3 and it has upgraded processor and battery 20% larger than the s3 and going on sale globally in april. we don't know the exact price yet, but it could start at $200 with a two-year contract here in the states. as for the reviews, well, it has a feature that we will see in a lot of phones soon. you can shoot both yourself and your surroundings at the same time using the front and back cameras. it is kind of a bit like having a two camera film crew following you around so you know a little bit about that, but other than that, you know what, some of the reviews say, well, it has what you would expect from a new
7:43 am
smartphone, and bigger screen and faster processoprocessor, b won't set the world on fire, and everybody individually has to be their own judge. >> and picture in picture is what we would call it. it is tough to keep outdoing themselves, right. >> innovate, innovate, innovate. >> we cannot stop doing that. mandy drury, thank you. in the ora of glass ceiling the highest rated ceos is out. mark zuckerberg is number one from facebook. and larry pang from google is number two, and tim took drops from 11 to 18, and the embattled ceo of morgan chase jamie diamond comes in 33rd. [ both ] we're foodies. [ both laughing ] but our plants were starving. [ man ] we love to eat. we just didn't know that our plants did, too.
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waiting the give your newborn peanuts, milk or fish due to food allergy concerns? new recommendations suggest that the foods can be safely given to children as young as 4 months contrary to prior recommendations the wait for age 3 and may prevent food allergies later in life. the white house wants a $2 billion check from congress to pay for research and clean energy and a new effort to wean cars off of oil, and this news comes as the president prepares to speak at argan laboratory outside of chicago, and one of the energy research leaders. kristen welker is with us live at the white house, a nd we understand that the president has a plan to pay for the research? >> he does, richard. good morning to you. and the plan is to take revenue from oil and gas leases from
7:48 am
offshore drilling saying that it will not add to deficit and it won't require drilling on new lands, but of course, the challenge here is to get this through both chambers of congress, and some law mamakers expressing concern that it will add to the deficit, but we should say that there are some who are saying that they are willing to learn more about the are president's proposal and among those republican senator lisa murkowski, and it is to increase research on biofuels and batteries for electric cars and things that will ultimately make the united states energy independent. we will say that the president will be greeted by protesters and those who are protesting the controversial keystone xl pipeline and recently the state department conducted a study and said that the pipeline would not have a negative impact on the environment, and so these climate advocates are going to be basically protesting saying
7:49 am
that they believe that the keystone xl pipeline runs counter to the president's larger message of energy independence, and so a lot going on there when president obama lands in chicago, and of course, he is taking off heading there right now. richard. >> and kristen welker can will be watching that story for us when he speaks at 2:00 p.m. at the white house. thank you, kristen. >> sure, richard. and today, a fun tweet leading up to the st. patrick's day weekend from foodatarium. we have caffeine, sugar and fat, and alcohol. happy st. patrick's day. wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. what's the rush? license and registration please. what's this? uhh, it's my geico insurance id card, sir. it's digital, uh, pretty cool right? maybe.
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7:52 am
a newly chosen pope francis met with cardinals today who await signs of change. one apparent, pope francis does not vow preferential treatment. much talk about the bus ride on the night he was elected. pope francis in the white gown here of course riding alongside
7:53 am
the cardinals instead of the papal car, and third row back, and he epiced up his luggage and paid his own tab. and now chris jansing has been at the vatican all week and spent some time finding out how this everyday priest finds his way into the life of humility. >> good morning, richard. rome is a place where obviously a lot of tourists come, but also where a lot of young americans come to study, and particularly those who are studying to be priests and nuns and we have heard a lot about the shortage of priests in america, but here at the north american college, and this is a place where so many come to study, they actually are filled to overflowing. there is something of a revitalization of the number of young men entering the priesthood and we were curious about them. who are they? what kind of young men in america today decides that he wants to be a priest? here is my conversation with three of them. >> reporter: they look like the boys next door, and as kids
7:54 am
wanted to be firemen and baseball players just like so many little boys. >> to my parents, and grand parents, i wanted to be a trashman, because i liked driving on the -- i thought it would be fun to drive on that truck. >> reporter: instead, ryan connors of providence, rhode island became a priest, ordained last june. >> i did not think about the priesthood a great deal deal growing up, but not until high skochool and college. >> reporter: until this student got the calling, he didn't know what it was. you didn't know what we seminary was? >> yes, ultimate ly, it is a calling. you look back at it and the beautiful thing about being in the seminary and being a seminarian is that when you hand yourself over to the lord where he can take you, and i guess for each and every one of us, we never would have thought that we'd be sitting here today. >> reporter: chris syler thought he would be get marry and have children, and he had a girlfriend in st. louis.
7:55 am
>> it is not the best conversation i ever had i would say. >> it is an interesting conversation. >> you are great girl, but, i think i like god better. >> it should be a compliment to her. >> if it is anyone, it is god, you know. >> that is right. >> that is right, you are not leaving her for another woman. >> right. >> and it has to be tough though, because there are expectation expectations, and you guys grow up and you get good jobs and meet a nice girl and have a family, right? >> for me, coming from the arab culture where we are so family-oriented is the hard thing for me, because it was ingrained in me from a young age, you get marry and have kid kids, and that is the model for the future. but to pick something like seminary, and to pick the priesthood and it is just so radical, but it has been such a bless i blessing. >> father, you are and only child, and where the grandchildren? right? >> i have heard that question before.
7:56 am
yeah, it is true it is a sacrifice, but ultimately, it is a gift. it is a gift for the man who is called that the lord is calling him to serve god in a particular way, in which he is able to unite himself and serve people on a really dramatic way just like the apostles did who left everything to follow the lord, and that is attractive in the world today. >> none of them questioned church policy on marrying priests. >> my impression from the men i live with both here at the college and those i have studied with back in the united states are those who are in the seminary don't want to be married, because we have come to understand the great gift that priestly celibacy is, and the opportunity to dedicate yourself completely to the service of god's people. >> it has been the greatest joy of my life i would say. it is something fun, because everybody has the expectations of what priests are, and what seminarians are, and to surprise people all of the time that we are normal, fun, you know, maybe cool people.
7:57 am
>> reporter: maybe cool. >> maybe cool even who do normal things, and come from normal families and yet love the lord and want to serve his people as priests. >> well, as you can see, they are charming and dedicated to their faith. one of the things that we will be looking for is whether or not pope francis can inspire the vocations, because there is a dramatic need for priests in the united states. that is going to do it for me here in rome, and i will see you back in new york next week. richard, back to you. >> chris, as always, great work all week in rome. as she said, she will be back next week. i'm richard lui in for chris, and up next is mara in for thomas roberts. you have a great weekend. we're . we're not ready for spring. well let's get you ready. very nice. you see these various colors. we got workshops every saturday. yes, maybe a little bit over here. this spring, take on more lawn for less.
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