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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  March 17, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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milk, then i come back, he's gone. he's left. >> mohammed says he wasn't going to call the police, but because the robber chooses to run away instead of taking his mask off and facing mohammed like a man, he decides this thief's conversion may not have been completed. and now he's alone in the store left to think about the decisions he just made. first, his decision to overtake the man attacking him. >> if the person have the gun, knife, this kind of stuff, then i'm going to say okay, brother, what do you need? you want my cash register, you can have it. with i see a baseball bat, then i'm thinking to myself, i say i can handle that. >> then the decision to help the very man trying to rob him. >> some people say why don't you shoot him? i say please, i can't do these things. when i'm a little baby, my mom tell me, son, when somebody come to you, help him. >> so that's exactly what mohammed does, and when the cops
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ask the good samaritan if he wants to press charges, he declines, figuring the robber probably learned his lesson, and mohammed says he learned a few lessons too. >> you know, this thing, this helped to make me a change man. shirley is my hometown, but mostly people cannot believe it, mostly people in california are sending me checks and in future i'm going to make a charity. i'm going to help people. it's changed my whole life. >> unfortunately, less than a year after the incident, mohammed falls victim to a bad economy and is forced to close the store he ran in shirley for 15 years. but true to his word, he dough natures whatever remains on his shelves to local churches and charities. if you have a video you would like to send to us, logon to our website, caught on camera i'm contessa brewer.
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that's all for this edition of "caught on camera." ordinary people rising up. toppling tyrants. shutting down cities. >> who's in charge of seattle today? >> we are. >> he simply walked up and started just spraying across the line. >> from tahrir square to occupy wall street, video seen around the world that stoked the fires of freedom and sparked political change. >> ever since then, the camera has been a feature of every protest.
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thousands of egyptians storm a bridge fighting for freedom. 2011 is a historic year as revolutions sweep across the middle east in an unprecedented wave of political uprisings known as the arab spring. >> they're essentially uprisings for freedom and dig any the. some have been against monarchy, some against republics or republican presidents. but at their heart, they're about freedom and dignity. >> january 25th, 2011, galvanized by the successful overthrow of the government in tunis tunisia, the activists put out a call on the internet for a large protest against police brutality.
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>> it went out on facebook and twitter and the activist community. who sends out a facebook invitation for a revolution? >> the organizers are stunned by the response. more than 10,000 egyptians answer the call filling tahrir square. >> and they started chanting no mubarak when they saw the police come out and beating people. >> hosni mubarak is egypt's president who held power over the people for more than 30 years. images of the demonstrations and the police response flood the internet. >> mubarak unleashed his security forces all across egypt. he unleashed everything he had. >> hoping to stop the flow of information among the protesters, the government cuts off the internet. >> mubarak thought he could
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wreck the revolution by shutting down the internet. >> reporter: nora unnis is a reporter for an online and print news resource. nora and a colleague hear about a hotel in central cairo that still has internet service. they try to get a room with a view of tahrir square. >> they were given orders. we set them for a view. >> nora notices something happening outside their window. she grabs her camera and begins to film a chaotic scene across the nile river. >> we heard many bombs. and we couldn't see anything. and the bombs were just going and going and going. then we saw smoke coming out. from the other side of the river. >> nora's footage shows a massive crowd of protesters engaged in a growing battle with police.
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>> people wanted to get across the bridge, across the nile to tahrir square to join the revolutionaries. >> a line of riot police led by two armored vehicles races across to meet the crowd. >> and the riot police in their armored vehicles were determined to push them back. it became a battle for this bridge. >> protesters determined marched forward on foot. police hold the crowd about halfway across and the demonstrators begin praying. police spray the crowd with high-powered water cannons. and then drive their vehicles directly into the crowd. >> i could see cars running over people and a man getting shot in his chest from two meters. billy clubbing other demonstrators and running back. >> the demonstrators prevail and
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push police into retreat. >> and then the protesters came onto our side. it was amazing the numbers. >> nora's footage like so many of the powerful images that are captured during this first weeks of revolution ends up on youtube and inspires others in egypt and beyond to join the revolution. >> i think it was really the most documented event in our life. >> just 18 days after it begins, egypt's revolution succeeds in pushing hosni mubarak from power when on february 11th, 2011, he resigns. >> thousands of egyptians celebrate the end of his regime. but for many egyptians it doesn't fix. mubarak is replaced ed and in
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month's time it begins again. in and around tahrir square. >> translator: we heard about the disturbances and the gunfire. so we ran to see what was happening. >> on december 17th, 2011, an engineering student is with a group of friends outside a hotel in central cairo. >> translator: at that time i went up in the hotel and thought i would try to go in with my colleagues and try to see what's happening and see it from above and try to film it. >> looking through the lens, mohammed sees a group of protesters fleeing from security forces. two of the protesters including a woman dressed in a traditional muslim mumbia fall down and are beaten by baton-wielding soldiers. the soldiers stomp on the woman. as the beating processes, her clothing falls off exposing her
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undergarments. >> translator: i couldn't belief it when what happened to this woman happened. how did this human being doing this? he didn't think this could have been his sister, his mother? >> it's basically soldiers just gone absolutely insane. there's dozens of them around this one woman. and a few people who try to come to her rescue. and they're just beating and stomping on her like she's some kind of wild animal they're trying to control. it's horrendous. >> after the beating, security forces storm the hotel looking for photographers. but mohammed escapes from the area and uploads the video to youtube. >> translator: if i hadn't done what i did, nobody would have known what happened. even if i had said this and this happened. nobody would have believed it. >> the blue bra woman as she becomes known survives the attack but is never identified. the images of her beating
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provoke outrage and appear in newspapers around the globe. her story also sparks condemnation of the egyptian military. in the end, the ability of ordinary citizens to upload their videos and share them with a global audience is one of the most powerful tools of the arab spring. >> before we had access to the internet, before we had ability to upload videos, you had to somehow gain access to the media, to the regime. and so most people have benefitted from the internet and radio is the most modernized. they say i count. when all these is join -- the regime worked hard to say none of you count. i count. now the people are saying that. that's why the revolution will succeed. coming up -- >> the occupation is here to
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tro testers occupy cities all across the u.s. most of this occupations are peaceful. but in oakland, california, one clash with police takes a terrible turn. occupy wall street begins no new york on september 17th, 2011. protesters stage a giant sit-in just a few blocks east of wall street in zuccotti park and refuse to leave. >> i don't really see how it's our fault and why we should be
5:15 pm
paying the bills of bankers. >> the occupation of the park is documented by photographers and videographers. and their image is spread via the internet and ignite a movement. >> the message is clear. people have been watching us. and we watch the internet and we have given a voice to the 99% who feel outraged dwards the system that is working entirely for the wealthy. >> one of the largest crops up in oakland, california. a on october 10th, the protesters set up their cam in the public square in front of oakland, city hall. hundreds join in and occupy the plaza 24 hours a day. including berkeley heights lawyer jesse palmer. >> i think people in society feel very isolated. when you realize many other people have the same ideas you have and are having the same
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problems you have, suddenly you realize we are powerful. we the people are powerful. >> the occupation is here to stay! >> after two weeks, the oakland mayor orders the plaza vacated because of health and safety concerns. before daybreak on october 25th, oakland police raid the encampment clearing them out with tear gas. protesters agree to reconvene that day and march back on the plaza. >> the crowd was a focused crowd. we were there because they had taken the occupation and the occupation was something that had been very valuable to a lot of us. we weren't going to just go home. >> police order the protesters to disperse, but they refuse. standing directly in front of
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the police barricades gloenare marines dressed in uniforms. olson served two duties in iraq during which he turned against the war and began speaking out. other protesters are nearby when police decide to act. >> we were in the intersection and it was actually fairly calm. and then all of a sudden the explosions went off and the tear gas was all around us. >> protester ernest doty is there. >> it got very violent very quickly. it just got really chaotic. >> in addition to tear gas, police also fire bean bag projectiles and flash grenades. both considered non-lethal crowd control measures. >> people of course started panicking. and to the right of me, i saw scott olson getting hit. i didn't know who he was at this
5:18 pm
time. he's just a stranger. when i seen him get hit, i whistled at another guy. we ran in and grabbed him by his backpack. scott hoel son is bleeding from his head and mouth. that's when that other grenade and tear gas canister came in. it blew up near his face. >> that's when somebody said he's hurt and needs to be carried. >> jesse, ernest, and a few others carry scott out of the street in search of medical help. >> what happened? what happened? >> he got hit. >> but he had blood coming out of his forehead, his eyes, his mouth. i looked into his eyes and spoke to him. i said you're going to be okay. we're going to get you to safety. what's your name? >> what's your name. >> what's your name? >> wake up! >> he didn't respond in any way. i realized at that point his
5:19 pm
eyes are open but he's nonresponsive. we were choking on the tear gas ourselves, we just had to get him out of there as quick as we could. which is what we did. >> scott is rushed to the hospital in critical conditions. >> my injuries were a fractured skull, a fractured vertebrae, a fractured bone in my face. i have a cut resulting from it which has a scar. and then the trauma caused brain hemorrhaging as well as a lot of swelling. >> the swelling causes a traumatic brain injury, and scott's memory of the night is cloudy. >> i was laying down on the ground not entirely certain what hit me. and when i woke up, i didn't think how badly i had been hurt. >> what's your name? what's your name? >> especially when they kept asking me my name over and over. i could not muster up an answer.
5:20 pm
i could not do that. aside from me getting shot, the thing in my mind was they were shooting flash bang and people trying to help me. i couldn't belief this was happening in the united states of america. >> for those involved, the actions of police and scott's injury only strengthened their commitment to the movement. >> from that day on i became way more involved in the occupy movement. i actually bring a tent down there the next day and i stayed there for about two weeks. >> well, i think occupy is revolutionary in terms of how it effects human protests. because a lot of people were at the end of their ropes. and i think they look at occupy as a way out. a way to fix the problems that are facing us. >> when people think of revolution, what they think of is overthrowing one kind of government and instituting
5:21 pm
another one. but there were other kinds of revolution. >> the occupy movement is not just about shuffling the deck chairs. it's about, you know, finding a different boat. coming up, cell phone video captures a dictator's final moments. >> they wanted it over. they wanted it finished. >> when "caught on camera: revolution" continues. [ mom ] with my little girl, every food is finger food. so i can't afford to have germy surfaces. but after one day's use, dishcloths can redeposit millions of germs. so ditch your dishcloth and switch to a fresh sheet of new bounty duratowel. look! a fresh sheet of bounty duratowel leaves this surface cleaner than a germy dishcloth, as this black light reveals. it's durable, cloth-like
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the death of a dictator captured by a rebel fighter's camera. in 2011, revolution spreads through the arab world. from bahrain to algeria to yemen. landing next in a very unlikely place. libya. citizens there live under one of the longest ruling dictators in
5:25 pm
the world. colonel gaddhafi. >> libya was one they never thought revolution would spread to because gadhafi is so in control. >> for decades gadhafi was one of the world's most successive leaders. but he was also an open supporter of international terrorism. with links to the lockerbie bombers, the ira, and other militant groups. >> he kept libyan people under tight wraps. there was no freedom of any kind. massacres in prison. so he was a horrendous dictator. >> anyone who spoke out against him at all would be arrested immediately, sometimes tortured, sometimes killed. >> tracy shelton is a 34-year-old freelance journalist who heads to libya to cover the
5:26 pm
conflict. >> they begin with protests as with many of the arab countries. people started protesting for more freedom. but the rarks from the gadhafi regime would be to shoot protesters and stop these protests with violence. >> the violence that gadhafi unleashed on them was a violence of another order altogether. we're talking about mercenaries, we're talking about jets, we're talking about tanks. so we the libyan revolution, the idea of non-violence had to be laid to rest for the sake of libyans. >> the war rages for months. in late august 2011, the rebels with the help of nato forces gain the upper hand and advance on tripoli. libya's capital. >> tripoli just fell within three days they had control of the entire city which no one had expected. and gadhafi and his family fled.
5:27 pm
there was a lot of kpooimt in the country because it seemed like it was over. >> but it isn't over. not while gadhafi and his sons remain in hiding. until october 20th, 2011. that day tracy shelton is with a group of militia members she's been profiling for months. >> some of the guys went into sert. i went with them. >> a heavy convoy of vehicles is heading to his last remaining stronghold. >> there were snipers all over the city set up to protect the convoy. everybody knew there was someone important in this group. >> nato forces bombed the caravan from the air. dozens are killed. >> there were a lot of survivors who had run into bushes and housing in this area. >> as rebel fighters prepare to
5:28 pm
go, shelton asks to go along wi but they refused. >> that was the only time they said no. it was dangerous in there. >> as soon as they discover who was in the convoy and what has happened, they send for her. shelton is the first western journalist to arrive at the scene. rebels said gadhafi had been found in a storm drain and captured. >> i think he was already dead by the stage and they were taking him away in an ambulance. the scene was still amazing. people were still celebrating. there were guys with chunks of his hair. they had bits of his clothes going this was gadhafi's. everyone was shooting in the air. i asked among the guys did anybody take any photos, any footage or anything. one of the guys i knew came to me and said yeah, i got the whole thing on my iphone. >> a rebel named ali al gadi
5:29 pm
filmed the full incident. >> he filmed it from the start. he said to me do you want it? >> the footage graphic and disturbing shows gadhafi wounding, bleeding, and being beaten by an angry mob. rebels cry "god is great." stumbling and disoriented, he appears to be asking for mercy as he was dragged, punching, and stabbed repeatedly. rebels hold guns to gadhafi's head. >> they call him a dog and an animal and they're saying his name over and over again. >> eventually they lay gadhafi
5:30 pm
on the ground, blood pouring from his head. later photos are released of the former dictator dead. >> there's no clear answer to exactly who pulled the trigger, but it's obvious it was because people -- they wanted it over. they wanted it finished. >> thel ton transfers the footage to her laptop and drives three hours to the nearest internet connection where she uploads the footage to her editors. soon after, the rest of the world is watching and reacting. >> the capture and death of gadhafi marked an unexpected end to the libyan revolution thursday. >> i really did not want them to kill him. i wanted them to put him on trial. i wanted this to end not with revenge but with justice. but a certain part of you also has to feel sorry for this man surrounded and outnumbered and pleading for his life and yet being killed.
5:31 pm
but i also saw unlike all the other tapes we've watched in which the regime was attacking the people, here it was the people attacking the regime. which was very unusual. 3. >> the video of gadhafi's capture and death shocks the world. it also alter's people's perception of the rebels and their revolution. >> people looked at that and saw the brutality. but before this they'd been reported on as rebel heroes, these civilians fighting for freedom. then people see this video which is is very graphic and disturbing. >> many of us try to remind people what gadhafi had done to libyans. not as a way to justify his murder because it is murder, but as a way of saying remember what gadhafi had been doing to people for 42 years. coming up, angry rioters
5:32 pm
rock london. >> it looks like the police were losing control. >> when "caught on camera: revolution" continues. 360 dust, and you'll dump your old duster. but don't worry, he'll find someone else. ♪ who's that lady? ♪ who's that lady? ♪ sexy lady, who's that lady? [ female announcer ] swiffer 360 dusters extender cleans high and low, with thick all around fibers that attract and lock up to two times more dust than a feather duster. swiffer gives cleaning a whole new meaning. and now swiffer dusters refills are available with the fresh scent of gain.
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here's what's happening. there are reports of 235ialties after a private jet crashes into a residential neighborhood. the number of dead is yet unknown. the seton hills women's lacrosse coach died saturday when her team's bus crashed. the driefr of that bus died as well. the 30-year-old koesh was six months pregnant. her unborn child died as well. back to "caught on camera." tensions explode on the streets of london. years of frustration boil over
5:36 pm
and lead to the worst rioting in a generation. tottenham, england, 2011. a crowd gathers outside a police station demanding answers about the shooting death of a man named mark duggen. >> the beginning of all this is the shooting of a young man in north london. his shooting by the police. protests as a result of that beating. the protests then turning into something more violent. >> independent video journalist hears about the protest and races to the scene. >> i'd already spotted on twitter there was a lot of news feed coming out saying there's a been a protest in tottenham about the shooting. and the riot police were moving in. the first thing that i noticed was just how much was on fire. and we're not talking a few barricades in the street.
5:37 pm
this was entire shops. it looks like the police were sluzing control. several times i saw them going forth with the long shields and the battle attack units going forward. and i'm with the police line at this hail of bricks and bottles coming at you. >> as the night goes on, word of the riots and jason's video images go viral. >> tchs like one place would go then you suddenly hear several hours later there's another place in a completely different part of the country. there was rioting all over. and it sfelt like it was a virus spreading or something. >>. >> over the following two days riots break out across england. film maker mike jells hears
5:38 pm
something stirring out in the street. >> we could hear it beneath our windows the people gathering outside of there. my idea is to go upstairs to e balcony which overlooks the street es and see what i could get from there. >> from the roof mike is shocked by what he sees. >> six riot police against however many people there were. that's where the section of the film begins. >> he sees police about to be confronted by a mob just off screen in his footage. one or two people come forward brandishing street signs they picked up. work signs, things like that. the police start to back off. then just this surge of people come forward.
5:39 pm
and just eruption on the tape. it's a shock seeing thisaway of people then you're hearing what they're throwing against the riot shields. and then tyreke just the sheer number of people that tookmy breath away. the police were moving back. then they retreat. you're left thinking well, was that actually real? >> after four long days and nights, the rioting subsides. >> this is really bad. this is really disgusting. >> when the smoke clears, many are outraged at the rioters' actions. especially the widespread looting. >> i think it's sick what they've done over a shooting. they took it too far. >> underneath the desire to steal, some see deeper causes of the uprising. >> you could point to two or
5:40 pm
three things. one is that initial spark which was about policing gave way to a more generalized way. secondly i think what we saw were young people mainly from marginalized communities. feeling in some sense not a part of modern main. stream more or less wealth y i britain. >> call it revolution or rioting. the events in london in 2011 make clear that some citizens of england want things to change and change now. >> i think maybe what occurred was a revolution in how people are able to discuss what's happening in their lives. i think there's now a level of cynicism. and perhaps across the country about how things are running.
5:41 pm
that's what causing these things. the difference between people who have everything and make all the decisions and people that have literally nothing. coming up -- >> back off! >> -- the battle of seattle 37 outnumbered cops crack down. when "caught on camera: revolution" continues. i have a cold, and i took nyquil, but i'm still stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels speeds relief to your worst cold symptoms plus has a decongestant for your stuffy nose. thanks. that's the cold truth!
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a non-violent protest escalates into the battle of seattle. november 1999, the world trade
5:45 pm
organization, a powerful international group overseeing the rules of trade among nations gathers in seattle for four days of high-level meetings. >> the world trade organization represents trade and bringing everyone to the table to talk about trade. as the conference nears, environmentalists, human rights and labor activists an verge on the city. the conference also attracts a number of independent videographers outfitted with new affordable light weight cameras. one of them is film maker mark leave. >> we journalists and activists around the country came and participated in trying to start something that would tell the story of the protests from essentially the point of view of the protesters. and so the idea was to put out daily reports about this kind of
5:46 pm
stuff. >> mike's colleague is jeff taylor. >> someone would call it advocacy journalism,ed i just wanted to open up and document what i see. >> there was really no internet going on. nothing like we have today that we could be streaming footage directly online. >> the conference begins on tuesday november 30th. >> who's in charge of seattle today? >> we are. >> by 5:00 a.m., protesters surround the conference answer and blockade hotel entrances. police in full is riot gear surround the protesters. >> right now we're literally trying to shut down the meeting. >> there was a little bit of a partilike atmosphere at that point. but you could see the police were nervous. >> who are you protecting?
5:47 pm
>> back off! >> they only have 400 officers on the streets initially. and there were i think at one point as many as 40,000 people downto downtown, maybe more. >> police start ordering them to disperse. >> if you refuse to move down, you will be subject to arrest. >> mark leave is set up at the corner of sixth avenue and union streets. >> i climbed eed up on a mailb i could have an overview of the situation. and i saw this one guy who pulled out a big kind of red bottle. and it looked like a small fire extingui extinguisher. and this officer came up with pepper spray to seating protesters. he walked upd and just started spraying across the line. as he was walking very casual
5:48 pm
like he was out there sprays for weeds or something like that. walked across a line, saw somebody with a gas mask. took it, flipped it off, sprayed him in the face. moved on down the line. ♪ >> all over downtown seattle, police take action. >> crowds were throwing stuff at them. they were throwing tear gas. tear gas can stares were throwing back. i was stunned things had gone to hell so quickly. >> as the day goes on, things go from bad to worse. >> what is the plan today? a small faction of the protesters known as the black block is made up of
5:49 pm
self-described an anarchists who attack downtown stores. >> stlrp many targets of opportunities for the anarchists. particularly large companies. one of the first places to get hit was nike town. people were climbing over the awning to the building, beating on the swoosh. another, starbucks. windows were shattered while people were in there. coffee was being looted. >> starbucks is open! >> some protesters feel that the anarchists are undermining their mission. >> you're making a mockery of everything we're trying to do. >> the police try to declare downtown seattle a no-protest zone and begin chaising demonstrators into residential areas. >> and that was only the first day. as the week goes on, the battles
5:50 pm
between police and protesters continue. are busy shooting and editing their footage into daily reports. >> we were getting some of the more kind of dramatic stuff happening. direct complications between protesters and police. when you watched the evening news, when you saw the protest happening, it told the story the police were using minimal fort, et cetera, and these people were just crazy out in the streets here. they were out to destroy the city. >> police say it all started with several hundred protesters against wto who left the area. molotalolotov cocktails were tht them. >> and the contrast on the streets, the police really turned up the heat. you wouldn't have gotten that impression if you were watching the news. >> in the end, the wto tries to continue its meeting but fails.
5:51 pm
we achieved everything we wanted to achieve. we shut down the wto. we've been effective. we've stayed tight. >> it's protest one, seattle zero. it was a victory for whatever they were trying to do they got the attention that they wanted. >> much of the lasting impact comes from the dramatic images captured that week. >> having a camera in that historic event enabled us to share that passion of the protesters who were there and sharing that with an audience all over the world. >> we need to be able to tell our own stories. we need some control over ur own narratives and our own imagery that's getting out there. ever since then, the camera has been a feature of every protest. every major event.
5:52 pm
coming up -- >> we're coming across the wall right here. >> the story kbnd one of the 20th centuries biggest moments. the fall of the berlin wall. when "caught on camera: revolution" continues. what's droid-endurance ? the longest 4g lte battery in a razr thin profile. with 32 hours of battery life that turns an all-nighter, into a two-nighter. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid-endurance. droid-powerful. sales event has begun. ♪ featuring the powerful gs. ♪ just when you thought you had experienced performance a new ride comes along and changes everything. ♪ get great values on your favorite lexus models during the command performance sales event. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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the iron curtain begins to collapse and nbc news anchor tom brokaw has a front row seat to history. >> you're seeing the destruction of the berlin wall. >> 199 is a year of seismic change. in early november, tom brokaw travels to berlin to report on the political situation. >> because it was a good story. it was this kind of percolating situation. it was simmering. and you could feel it was going to boil over. >> the giant imposing berlin wall splits the city in two.
5:56 pm
>> the wall was this sinister symbol. when you went to see it in person, i've been there several times before. you could never adequately convey the coldness of it on camera. it was this ominous piece of slab of concrete and we knew about all the people who pay for their lives trying to get over it. >> the day after arriving in berlin, brokaw attends a press conference with east german republic. a man name gunter shebowski. >> that all of the ger would be able to leave and return. it was as if it had arrived from the moon. >> nbc ranges for brokaw a meeting after the press conference. >> do i understand correctly citizens of the gdr --
5:57 pm
>> i i got him to reread the statement. >> it is possible for them to go through the wall. >> and i said the wall is down. >> joe allakastro is one of the field producers in ber lirn that week. >> we knew right then and there we were sitting on the biggest story of the latter half of the 20th century. >> then there's the competitive situation you say cbs is not here. cnn doesn't have it. we got it. this is our story. >> and the discussion was how do we hand lt this? and we agree ultimately -- >> we interpret for an nbc news report. >> we set up saying we're going live tonightly news.
5:58 pm
>> the news spreads through the city and crowds gather at is the wall. brokaw and his crew set up at the scene back in new york seempb producer cheryl races to prepare for the 6:30 broadcast. >> we have to put this news into the allotted half hour. and that's stressful as it is. and then being ready at 6:29:59 so when 6:30 comes and tom says good evening you're ready. >> with minutes to go until the broadcast, the crowds reach a fever pitch. >> there a guy coming across. cheryl! yeah, after you get done with segment three, they're kooming across the wall right here. >> i remember tom saying to me at one place cheryl, they're coming over the wall.
5:59 pm
and i still get goose bumps when i remember that. he was there to report this to record it. >> we didn't know if they would shoot them with bullets. that had been the history of that wall. instead they shot them with water cannons. so people came over the wall drenched wet. they came over the wall with champagne bottles and west germans greeting east germans. >> they should break the wall down any moment i think. >> with no time left to prepare, brokaw must improvise. >> i said to the control room back here i'm just going to have to ad-lib this broadcast. i can't follow the script. it's chaos. i can barely hear myself. and right before i went on


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