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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  March 20, 2013 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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right now, a special edition, live from jerusalem. rolling out the red carpet. president obama arrives in israel, his first visit as president. >> it's a beautiful day. >> good to see you. >> good to see you, too.
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how are you? good to see you. thank you so much. >> it's wonderful to be here. how are you, my friend? >> good to see you. >> thank you so much. >> the president's talking points, hitting the restart button with netanyahu and ensuring the israeli people that america has than back and won't let iran get a nuclear weapon. >> this is my third visit to israel, so let me just say -- [ speaking foreign language ] the united states of america stands with the state of israel, because it is in our fundamental national security interests to stand with israel. it makes us both stronger. it makes us both more prosperous, and it makes the world a better place. across the runway, the president then was given a way
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to check out his the missile defense system that the u.s. helped pay for. the two leaders are now huddled tess prime minister's house, where in an hour they will hold a joint news conference. >> i'm so sorry michelle couldn't come this time. she actually wanted to, and i think she had some conflicts. >> but first incog knitto, the prime minister tells the president how can he can really sightsee. >> if you have a few free minutes and can slip away from your security, a daunting task, well, we've picked up a few cafes and bars in tel aviv, and we've even prepared a fake mistausche for you. >> good day, live in jerusalem, where we are happy to, as always, be on our partner israel's hot tv. in less than an hour there will be that joint news conference.
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they have long disagreed on the so-called red lines, the point where iran is so close to getting a nuclear weapon it should be 'tacked preemptively, as the president was giving a guided tour of the iron dome, mr. obama made light of their dispute over red lines. >> where do you want to start in. >> we're following the red line, sir. >> the red lines are -- >> he's always talking about -- [ laughter ] >> joining me now is ari shabit, israeli correspondent, and a good friend of ours as well. thank you for joining us today. >> thank you. >> first of all, the relationsh relationship. there was a lot of schmoozing, now they're having dinner, will have a joint news conference, but this is not a warm and cozy relationship. we have seen historic levels of tensions between the two men. >> absolutely. this is what makes this evening so important and potentially
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dramatic. so far what we have seen is really a treacherous relationship. definitely most of the blame is for -- because israel is israel and america is america, but i think some mistakes were made on the side of the president as well. i think basically the president looks at mr. netanyahu as an israeli eric cantor, as a conservative rep who is presently hostile. he rejects his world, deeply rejects it. mr. netanyahu sees president obama as suspect envelope -- as an appeaser, who does not see the real world as it is, so projects weakness to a hostile and dangerous middle east. this has been a strained relationship. there were some ups, but mostly downs. here is the potential to really change that relationship. now that president obama comes to israel as victorious, as with
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the mag nimity and generosity of a victorious president who won the elections, does not have netanyahu threatening him, he can reach out and try to prove to them that he is a real friend and this demonization of him was totally wrong. >> now, according to the polls, and you know better than i whether the polls are accurate reflection, is israelis are suspicious of this president, despite the long-standing ties and generosity on the missile defense system and other security issues, there's a real sense he hasn't shown israel the love. other presidents didn't come in their first term, ronald reagan never came as president, but at the same time they expected him to come, especially after he went to cairo in 2009. can he reach on the floor his head to the israeli people. >> there are three interesting
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events. king hussein of jordan, almost an enemy, and the friendly bill clinton coming to israel and winning the hearts of israelis instantly, although their positions were very critical of israeli policy, definitely is a d saddat. the trick for president obama now, and i think this is exactly what he's trying to do. he says trying to clinton-ize himself, reach out and give the israelis the hug they did not get for four years. if this works, that lays the foundation for a renewed peace process, then he can come with the difficult stuff and say to israelis, i love you so much, i care for you, i stand by you, therefore you must act now and take some risks in order to improve your position, dealing with occupation and see the middle east as it is. and the middle east as it is, you understand this region so well, post-arab spring, with the real danger on israel's
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doorstep, not only syria in civil war, but egypt in a potential meltdown of security t. how does he deal with that? >> i think think a fair, interesting and challenging moment. he challenges everybody. israelis must realize they have to deal with occupation and stop settlement, even if it's difficult for them, and even if they fear a hostile and rather extremist middle east p americans, on the other hand, peace-loving americans, have to consider the idea that the old peace idea is not relevant, that peace as we imagined it in the '90s will probably not happen, because what was relevant when -- was arrange, with dictators that were corrupt, is not relevant anymore when the region is bubbling with extremism. you can see the terrible events in syria, but throughout the region. therefore it calls for creative thinking. i believe if a new peace idea comes along that realizes the --
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that sees the area as it is, and drying to see the chances, the opportunities hidden in this chaotic mess we see, then if israel and america, america leads and israel and turkey and majoritying go along, then we can see some sort of new peace process, which will be different than the previous one, but much more promising and realistic. ari, thank you so much. >> thank you so much. for your wisdom today. coming up, also with the more than 500 journalists from all over the world who have gathered here to cover the summit, we'll have this news conference, one of the most prominent american journalists is jeffrey goldberg, who is at the residence with our chuck todd, waiting to take part in that news conference. jeffrey dropped by to talk about what's at stake for both sides. these two leaders, an awkward relationship at best. what does the president want to do? what does bibi netanyahu show?
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>> the president walks to talk over the head of netanyahu and directly to the people of israel. he believes he is misunderstood here, he's been led to believe that the people of israel don't trust him, don't like him, without the filter of the prime minister, a guy who es are let's not forget, probably sorted mitt romney in certain ways. what the prime minister wants is to solidify his relationship to the best possible way. he also wants to -- to make obama see that security problems, as he understands them, and to impress upon him the seriousness of israel's security situation. he figures he has him here to two. he's going to push some themes pretty hard. >> iran is programs the most important? i realize most important certainly from netanyahu's perspective and very, very important from obama's perspective.
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the official line, of course, is they're not far apart at all. they see eye to eye, shoulder to shoulder. the truth is they have very different timelines for this netanyahu thought in six monthsings which is now, that iran would be approaching the nuclear threshold. obama said last week, from a year. so they're going to try to hash this out to some degree and present a common front action and of course netanyahu doesn't really truly believe that obama would use military force to stop iran. obama is worried in a netanyahu would use military force prematurely. so there's a lot to talk about in just that one area. >> the president described their relationship as business-like. now we see them in their shirt sleeves. >> wearing the same color tie. >> wearing the same color tie, wid coordinated, joking, chatting. >> what are you going to do? i want a schmooze-fest.
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>> the truth is they do have what they determine a very candid relationship. they do -- they do exchange views in a very, very deliberate and frank way, and so they do have that openness, about you they aren't friends, one is a right-leaning, and the other is a left-leaning president. they're not going to get along so well. >> so many security helicopters, i assume we'll hear marine one as it makes movements here. you had an bur view can king abdullah, i'll be see the king as well. he's very frank about the dangers of the islamic revolutions that surround him. >> he told me for this profile in "the atlantic" he told me he seems a muslim brotherhood crescent rising. he points to turkey and had some blunt words about the leader of turkey. and the words about the egyptian president were extremely blunt. he says this is a guy out of his depth, he worries about two things -- one that the muslim
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brotherhood is trying to overthrow the more progressive monarchies, the more western-leaning, and also worried the americans don't understand this. i think if netanyahu will hammer of president on iran, the king of jordan when he sees him in a couple days, the king of majoritien will -- will say you guys don't understand what we're dealing with. the muslim brotherhood doesn't believe in democracy, and he'll try to press that point over and over again. >> and lastly nobody is making as much attention to -- though the president is going to the west bank, to ramallah tomorrow, but he's turning it over to his new secretary of state. >> john kerry is very interested in pursuing this. they knows the region very well, and president obama said, fine -- in a way this trip -- this is an unusual trip in that president obama is advancing the secretary of state, who is here
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right now, but will be coming back pretty frequently, so president obama is not going to -- he's going to talk about the palestinian issue in his business speech tomorrow, i think, but bakley he's trying to set the stage to reset the relationship with israel, with its government in particular so that john kerry can come in and with new ideas and be received, better than some of obama's first-term ideas were received. so there is a point to this trip, but it's a building block trip. jeff goldberg, thank you very much, as always. >> thank you. and up next, in our "daily fix" who killed the senate assault weapons ban. plus mark sanford survives round 1 in south carolina, and why is bill clinton getting involved in the kentucky democratic senate race against ashley judd? send me your thoughts on facebook and twitter. this is "andrea mitchell reports" live in israel, only on msnbc. [ kitt ] you know what's impressive?
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democratic majority leader harry reid's decision to not let the assault weapons ban go to the floor for the floor angered dianne feinstein, who is not giving up. >> this is very important to me. i'm not going to lay down and play dead. i think the american people have said in every single public poll that they support this kind of legislation. joining me now for more on that, and all the other political news, for our daily fix, chris cillizza, and susan page. hi to both of you. while i'm away, you let the assault weapons ban die, practically, at least harry reid says he's not going to let it go
10:19 am
forward. susan, his calculus is that it didn't have the votes and he wanted to have something passed. that's good tactics in terms of the senate, but isn't it surrendering to the nra? >> well, it's a cold calculation. what can get through the senate, the straw purchasing provision my biblt get through the senate. it's possible that university background checks, to gun shows and other venues might get through, but there was no way an assault weapons ban was going to get through this senate. not only because reps were opposed. we had half a dozen democratic senators expressing opposition or raising questions. this doesn't mean it won't come up in the senate. it can be offered as an amendment. i think that's likely to happen. i think is most certainly will go down in defeat. chris, the president says he was in favor of this. jay carney said the president was in favor of it. how much did they put on the line here? did they make calls and call
10:20 am
those red state democratic senators and say, look, this is important to me, my name is barack obama, i just won, and i will help you in your reelection if you vote for this? how much did they put on the line? >> you know, andrea, he did say when he was started, he was putting his political capital on the line to make sure that measures to curb gun violence passed. that i don't think ultimately in the president's mind, even in vice president's mind included an assault weapons ban because of what susan talked about, the difficult politics of it. my guess with president obama, honestly, is that he looked at this, said we need to get something passed, an assault weapons ban will tank there, and i'm going to need to go to these people on other things -- on immigration, maybe on climate change potential. i'm going to need to go to them on other tough votes, and why do this now when it may not pass
10:21 am
anyway? i know temperature gun control advocates are very upset, but susan put it right, a very cold political calculation. if you want to know who really sort of ended the assault weapons ban, it's thought conservative democrats in places like south dakota, montana, north carolina, people who have to stand for reelection in states where gun rights is a popular position. >> speaking of a state where gun rights is a popular position, kentucky, where mitch mcconnell is phasing a race and now former president bill clinton getting in there and signaling his opposition to ashley judd's high-profile thought of running. according to the secretary of state, alan son grimes. what is the story behind that? >> democrats think they have a shot at defeating mitch mcconnell after all these years in the senate, but there is some skepticism that ash li judd is a candidate who can do it. she of course is really prominent.
10:22 am
she can raise a ton of dough. some democrats are enthusiastic. yarmouth from louisville is enthusiastic, but other democrats think she is not the strongest candidate. she's just 34 years old, a year as secretary of state and somebody who think has a bright future ahead of her, whether she will jump in. i thought this was a great scoop by politico. kudos for finding out about bill clinton's action on this. i want to ask both of you about south carolina. mark sanford comes back from the appalachian trail and has a strong showing in the house primary, heading back to the house potential. he does face a runoff. had el is the favorite and has a strong candidate on the democratic side colbert bush, stephen colbert's sister. is that all correct, chris? >> you got it. if you ever didn't think american politics didn't believe in second chances, all you have to do is look at mark sanford. this is a guy when he left in
10:23 am
200, everyone, myself included, said that's it, maybe he'll show up on a reality show, but never coming back into politics. there's a two-week runoff with a guy names curtis bostics while elizabeth colbert bush will raise money, not just because of her famous brother, but she has the capacity to raise money and will run a real campaign, any rpg including one i would say named mark sanford probably has an edge. it's sort of the coastal part of south carolina, including hilton head and charleston. we could be looking at congressman mark sanford again. amazing. here's a jump ball, pun intended, for either of you. the president before he left for the middle east did his brackets with espn's andy katz.
10:24 am
his picks? >> kansas is going to win. i tell you that -- >> i knew you were going to say kansas, because you are a kansas girl. >> exactly fourth generation kansas. watch ku. >> couldn't disagree more. we know that georgetown has the best player in the country, and after multiple failures to get beyond the second round of the ncaa tournament, i'm saying it -- this is our year. >> well, the president picked indiana and louisville, and chuck todd's not here, because he's over tess news conference, but i would say on his behalf, miami. thanks to both of you, chris cillizza, and susan, miss kansas. thanks so much. meanwhile, house democrats battle the ryan budget. we're going to talk strategy next with congressman james clyburn. and you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" live from israel, only on msnbc. when did you know that grandma was the one?
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paul ryan's budget is expected to hold sway after a series of votes, but it won't be for lack of trying by the democratic minority. to talk about the contrasting policies, jim clyburn. mr. leader, thank you for being with us. >> thank you so much for having me. >> first of all, the budget fights ahead, it's clear that the house votes are all going to go the republicans' way, but right now the senate is even talking about voting in favor of paul ryan's budget, even though they don't want it to pass. so what -- what are the competing tactics right now on the ryan budget? >> well, i don't know exactly what the senate's plans might be, but i do know this. the ryan budget will inflict so
10:29 am
much pain on middle income americans until it will absolutely wreak havoc in their families. so what i am hopeful, is that we can get the votes to pass the democratic alternative to the ryan budget. we don't believe that we ought to be raising taxes on middle income americans, which is exactly what the ryan budget will do. if you are going to sort the voucherize medicare, and then say to them with this voucher, you shop around, but then i've got to make up the difference with the insurance, then that's raising taxes on people who are on medicare. at the same time, you cutting taxes to people in the upper income categories. then we want a block grant, medicaid. that means that there are
10:30 am
seniors who will find themselves being shopped around from state to state to find which nursing home will be able to take them. that is the kind of stuff that we ought not have. we ought to have a national medicaid program, a national medicare program, and it should be a guarantee. it should not be a voucher to shop around to insurance companies. but congressman, there's going to have to be compromise before anything gets done. from the president's vision, if there is to be another grand bargain, it would require changes on entitlements. are you and the other members of the democratic caucus willing to have some give there in exchange for the revenues that you expect from the other side? >> absolutely. we have demonstrated that before. look, we just had -- mr. ryan and -- because of that 716 billion that he took out of
10:31 am
medicare and extended the life of medicare. we demonstrated that we didn't take it out -- we took it out of the -- we demonstrated that we want to do what is necessary to extent the life of medicare. we want to make sure that social security is there, though it's not a part of this budget argument. we have demonstrated time and time again we are willing to do that. we need the republicans well to demonstrate to put revenue on the table, close the tax loop holes and let's begin to have a fair and balanced approach to the question going forward. >> congressman, let me quickly asking about the primaries in south carolina. in advance of the special election to fill the seat, mark sanford looks like he will win the runoff when it's held. does elizabeth colbert bush have a good chance of winning?
10:32 am
>> well, i think so. in the republican primary, you had a lot of talk, but no contrasting in the approaches to governors the i think we will find, between mark sanford, who i think will win the runoff, and elizabeth colbert, a sharp contrast. the people of south carolina are a forgiving people. we don't mind forgiving mark sanford for the personal indiscretions. that's great. but for his political rhetoric, it leaves a lot to be desired. there are a lot of people, middle income people, schoolteachers, others whose jobs were lost, because mark sanford's governorship cost him that job. we'll remind people of that in this campaign going forward. i think that elizabeth colbert has a tremendous opportunity to win in the first week in may. >> thank you so much.
10:33 am
thanks a lot. good to see you, congressman jim clyburn. coming up next, the senate battles the budget. we're going to talk to chair patty murray. bus first all aboard, the royal family celebrating the anniversary of the subway. workers gave a pregnant catherine a baby on board badge, which she happily put on. queen elizabeth inspected a restored 19th century train as well. this isn't the queen's first visit. she attended the grand opening of the heathrow airport station. ♪ ♪ 'cause germs don't stick on me ♪ [ female announcer ] band-aid brand has quiltvent technology with air channels to let boo boos breathe. [ giggles ] [ female announcer ] quiltvent technology, only from band-aid brand. use with neosporin first aid antibiotic. was a record collection. no. there was that fuzzy stuff on the gouda. [ both ] ugh! when it came to our plants... we were so confused. how much is too much water? too little?
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in other headlines, a manhunt is under way in colorado for the killer of the state's department of corrections. the director was gunned down at his home last night after answering his front door, an emotional governor remembered him today. >> he's dedicated his life to
10:37 am
being a public servant, to making our state better, to making the world a better place. he is going to be deeply, deeply missed. >> security has been increased at the governor's mansion, as a precaution while the manhunt continues. a memorial service was held last night for the seven marines killed when a mortar suddenly exploded in nevada. the service members belonged to the 2nd marine division stated at camp lejeune. they have stopped using the mortars until an investigation is complete. they're investigating a cyberattack that brought down the serve evers of, some experts are pointing the figure at north korean involvement, but south koreaacy internet security agency says it does not have any proof of an external attack yet. only minutes ago, the senate took a big step towards clearing a hurdle to prevent a government
10:38 am
shutdown. pattie murray joins me from the hill. senator, where do we stand on the cr and separately on the overall budget, separate issue, but do you -- have you moved forward on overcoming the obstacles that have been raised i think from kansas senator moran on the continuing resolution? >> yes, we have finally come to an agreement. we'll le voting shortly on, which will fund our government through the end of september and help give some stability. it obviously is not where i would like it to be. i'm very worried about the effects of sequestration and the budget cuts, but we will move forward on that and continue running our government. then later this afternoon, i will be on the floor to present our budget for the united states. i think it's a very strong powerful budget that really focuses on creating jobs and the economy first and managing our debt wisely and responsibly. what will you say in response to the rep criticism and clearly paul ryan's
10:39 am
manifesto, when his budget shows the contrast, what do you say to their criticism that you don't resolve the spending cuts, that you don't deal with the debt adequately, just to play devil's advocate for a moment? >> sure. firstly, we do cut spending in our budget, but if you look at the ryan republican budget, it calls itself balanced, but it does it? just a horrendous ways to families across our country, who have been watching their kids go to school and struggle because of the cutbacks there, people who can't get a job today, people who want to have a strong country in the future, know that the investments we make in education and the infrastructure are devastated in the ryan budget, and he makes false promising that could be kept about reducing the tax rates. the only people that are protected in the ryan budget are the wealthiest and the largest corporations. they tell the rest of america, you are responsible for managing this debt that we have gotten into. our budget takes a very different approach. it is balanced in terms of
10:40 am
making sure we move to responsibly managing our debt and deficit, getting our deficit down to less than 3% of the gdp, as every economist in the bowls simps simpson, all the gang of six have focused us on doing, but also make sure we make that investments to keep our middle class strong. >> the point of our budget is to make sure that we show that we have a ten-year plan, if we can put it into place, we will get our economy moving again, we will begin to manage our debt, and we will quit doing this management by crisis where every time we turn around, the republicans say they'll shut the government down if we don't cut more. we need to have a responsible plan. that is what i'm putting forward. it's what the democrats are
10:41 am
supporting today, and i'm very proud of it. i think this shows the american people with can manage our country wisely. before you go to the floor, i wanted to quickly ask about the assault weapon ban. harry reid has decided not to put it in the gun legislation. dianne feinstein is angry, deeply disappointed, still wants a shot at it. what do you think about the decision by the leadership to not perform a vote on the assault weapon ban? >> i personally have supported a ban on it, i support the second amendment rights, but i think we have to address the issues of weapons of war on our street and do it in a wise way. our majority leader has decided that if he puts that into the base bill going forward, we'll never have a chance to debate the issue that americans want us to talk about -- how do we look at reducing violence on our streets, what are the things we need to do. he wants to bring that bill up,
10:42 am
and needs to get 60 votes just to bring it to the floor. we will have an amendment to put the assault weapons ban back in place. we'll see where the votes are, but i think the majority leader is trying to get us to a discussion in the united states senate about this issue that plagues many communities and worrieses every single american sit zen. illustrates patty murray, thanks so much. i know you have a busy day. i know you've got to go to the floor. appreciate seeing you. >> thanks. >> what message will president obama be giving to young israelis in a major speech tomorrow? the middle east correspondent martin flesher joins us next. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. begins with arthritis pain... and a choice. take up to 6 tylenol in a day or just 2 aleve for all day relief. all aboard. ♪
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10:46 am
>> well, you know, the truth of the matter is that there are a number of countries i didn't visit. i visited israel just a couple months before i was president you know, given how important i think the situation in the middle east is, and our partner with israel, which is stronger than it's ever been, when i go to israel, i want to make sure we're moving something forward. >> that was, of course, nbc nightly news anchor brian williams with the president last october. now veteran nbc correspondent martin fletcher joins me here, an expert on all things in the region. the president said he wanted to have something concrete when he got here. he comes here without a concrete peace plan, with no notion of peace plan, though we believe secretary of state kerry will be coming back here saturday night to work on that very thing.
10:47 am
so the is this a charm offensive, sort of sidestead israel, is that what initially poisoned the relationship? >> i think that the -- you know, you mentioned the charm offensive, you know, that sense that the two wsh hostile towards each other played out in israel very badly. at the same time, you know, this is a country that is dependent on american support. when that's pushed into your face and you're told the relationship between the two leaders is not good, there was a sense among israelis of insult. i think adding insult to the injury was, of course the fact he didn't go to israel, he did speak directly to the arabs. so there's a sense that he's coming here, the charm offensive, giving the israeli people a hug, is the phrase people use. i'm not sure how interested israelis are at this moment
10:48 am
anyway. doesn't israel face although challenge, is democracy, the only democracy in the region, yet democracy versus demography. they to deal with the fact that more and more palestinians are part of the population. if they don't begin negotiating seriously, the so-called jewish state as a jewish state may not survive. >> time is running out. this is essentially right now, if you include the west bank, palestinians in the west bank, palestinians in gaza and israeli arabs, citizens of israel, it's already about 50/50. and looking down the road with the population rate changing, there's going to be a clear arab majority between the river and the sea within about 20 years, but i think that's a bit of a re herring. it's not as if they'll have the vote in israel. the arabs -- they're not going to outvote the jews, the
10:49 am
question is what kind of country will israel be? >> will it be true to its values if it continues to not deal with this large population which -- and we've seem demonstrations already today, signs against president obama who is coming to ramallah tomorrow, on bethlehem on friday, saying you can't use your cell phone here, because we don't have 3g in the west bank. they don't have a lot of the technology that they surely ought to have, given the expertise and the no know-how in the community. >> there is anger in the best basic to get. this day calls you. to fight chronic osteoarthritis pain. to fight chronic low back pain.
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and we are back. we apologize for that slight hiccup. beare back in jerusalem. i'm here with my colleague, correspondent, award winning a author and correspondent, martin, we were talking about the anger of palestinians against the u.s. as well,
10:53 am
feeling left behind. there there is also israeli protests in support of jonathan pollard. the american convicted of spying on behalf of israel, has been in jail in the u.s. now for 28 years. and now some of the defense and intelligence officials who were so strongly against him are beginning to soften. the people from the reagan era when this all happened. saying, enough, you should we lease him. clearly, the prime minister will bring this up with the president. but the president is likely to say, let him apply for parole. there are legal remedies. >> i believe, i'm not sure whether he did or not, but everyone that will come into contact with president obama will bring it up. there is even, we were even told the ethiopian who won the israeli, miss israeli beauty contest, that what she will bring up to president obama.
10:54 am
there spis a petition of 200,00 israelis, calling for the release of jonathan pollard. if there is a relationship between u.s. and israel, if this guy was caught spying, and he was, nevertheless, 28 years, much of the time in solitary confinement. there's a real sense that it is enough time. it is time to let him go in israel. >> the president having dinner with netanyahu tonight. he has this passion for trying to reignite the israeli/palestinian talks which have been dormant for so many years now. what are the prospects of that taking place. we know former foreign minister, with so much difficulty as policy minister, she will be at this dinner saturday night with netanyahu, john kerry and others trying to restart the peace
10:55 am
talks. >> i would say to john kerry, good luck with that. if the americans really push for a renewed peace talks between the israelis and palestinians, i believe it will happen. neither side want to be the side that says no. will it be a real peace process with prospects of serious progress? i don't think so. and most analysts don't think so. because neither side is rooting for it. i always believe that time they are progress towards peace between the two sides is when each side realizes the limit of its own power. when israel realizes its weaponry will not sub jucate the palestinians forever and time is not on their side forever. until each side realizes that, i don't think there will be any real progress. there is no real demand for progress. it is also important to say that if there was a peace agreement on the table, i'm sure, and all of the opinion polls say it, about two thirds israelis, two thirds palestinians would sign
10:56 am
almost any agreement on the table. >> mark fletcher, exactly, people are weary of the whole -- of this whole issue. now there is going to be a news conference. we will see what comes up, prezuably iran, what are the headlines. syria, there's talk of accusations of both sides of chemical weapons. that's an american red line but no evidence according to the u.s. ambassador. no evidence, hard evidence, that chemical weapons were used. so all of that, plus the arab spring and the fact that israel is literally encircled by, what it now sees as hostile or at least unstable islamic countries or countries at civil war as syria is. >> i think the issue we mentioned in the very beginning will be very important. the whechemistry between the tw people. all told today, they will have something like 5 1/2 hours, of face time, including after-dinner press conference. also they will see each other
10:57 am
tomorrow. so a lot of time together. >> either time enough to fall in love or fall out. that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." remember, watch the show, following show on-line and on twitter. craig melvin has a look at what is up next. hi, craig. >> thanks, andrea. we will be continuing with the joint conference with president obama and benjamin netanyahu. our guest will include nbc's martin fletcher and louise roek. all next here on ""news nation."" t wasn't himself. and i knew he'd feel better if he lost a little weight. so i switched to purina cat chow healthy weight formula.
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