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tv   First Look  MSNBC  March 22, 2013 2:00am-2:30am PDT

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rumsfeld. and he tweeted ten years ago began the long work of liberating the iraqis, and yes, remember that war of iraqi liberation, do you remember that? it's not what they sold us or told us that war was for. they are retroactively defining it that way. and this is richard pearl. he is talking about the weapons of mass destruction and the weapons labs in iraq, and he shared this bit of self reflection. >> ten years later, nearly 5,000 american troops dead, and thousands more with wounds, and hundreds of thousands of iraqis dead or wounded, and when you think about this, was it worth it? >> i have got to say that i think that is not a
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it's friday. a high speed texas chase and shootout. we'll have details ahead. president obama is heckled and praised in the middle east as he tries to shore up support but syria may be the most urge interpriority. stock trading on wall street slows as march madness kicks into high gear. plus, how did this guy lose almost $4 billion over 24 hours? the marking genius between american eagle's skinny jeans
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and that powerball jackpot is headed past $320 million. the murder investigation into the shooting death of the head of colorado's prison system is taking a new turn. the authorities are turning their folk thus mornicus to tex. texas police pulled over a speeding car thursday, one matching a description of a vehicle seen near tom clemens home at the time of the shooting. the driver identified as evan spencer ables sped away from texas police after shooting a deputy multiple times. officers caught up to the car when it slammed into an 18 wheeler and the suspect came out guns blazing. >> he wasn't planned on being taken alive. it's obvious he was trying to hurt somebody and he was trying to hurt the police. >> this morning the man is considered brain dead after being shot by police. colorado detectives will be attempting to link the incident and are looking into a possible connection to the murder of
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pizza delivery man nathan leon. he was found shot to death in denver days before clemens murder. on day three of president obama's trip to the middle east, he moved closer to resuming long stalled peace talks with the palestinians. that suggestion came after a visit to the west bank where the president urged a return to the negotiating table. nbc's tia abawi is live in jerusalem where she joins us now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. president obama last night received the presidential medal of distinction from israeli president shimon perez. that is the highest civic honor anyone can receive here in israel. that was following a speech to hundreds of israeli university students, a speech that actually went fairly well among most of those students. but it didn't go by without at least one heckler. >> and given the ties between our countries, i believe your future is bound to ours.
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this is part of the lively debate that we talked about. this is good. >> reporter: president obama laughed off the heckler saying he wouldn't have felt at home if he didn't have at least one. this morning started with president obama visiting the tomb of theodore hertzel. he is known widely as the father of modern political zionism. he also visited the grave of former president yitzhak rabin. currently president obama is on his way to visit the church of nativity in bethlehem where he'll be greeted by palestinian authority president mack mum abb mahmoud abbas before he leaves.
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turning to a developing story out of quantico, virginia, three marines are dead after being what is called an isolated shooting. it happened around sec p.m. last night at the base when police received reports of a gunman. the shooter is among the dead. dying of a self inflicted gunshot wound. the suspect was a staff member at the officer candidate school, a motive is not yet known. as many as 42 were killed in the bombing of a mosque in the syrian capital of damascus. more than 80 people were injured in what syrian state tv called a terrorist blast. the first time a suicide bomber detonated his explosives inside a mosque. among the dead was a sunni muslim preacher who was an outspoken supporter of syrian president al-assad and the most senior figure to die in syria's civil war. a major shut down is confirmed for the third largest school district in the nation.
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ram he manu you' emanuel said th but necessary choice. opponents who turned out to protest yesterday said the closures will only endanger students in troubled areas who may have to cross gang boundaries to attend classes. the consolidation will save $560 million over ten years. gun legislation set to hit the senate floor next month will include universal background checks. this according to harry reid who introduced the bill on the senate floor last night. the top senate democrat is vowing that any bill that passes the senate must include background checks, the most contentious portion of the measure. reid also promised votes on proposed assault weapons ban. the legislation also aims to make gun trafficking a federal crime and strengthen safety measures at schools. and just yesterday, the late beetle john lennon was thrust into the gun debate when his widow drew attention to the cause tweeting a photo of her late husband's blood splattered
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glasses from the day he was assassinated by a crazed lone gunman. and now here's your first look at this morning's dish of scrambled politics. republican senator sax by chambliss of georgia was asked if his views on same sex marriage have changed? he replied, i'm not gay, so i'm not going to marry one. well that clears that up. patty davis, the daughter of former president ronald reagan has a novel out about a woman falling in love with her sister-in-law. she denies the story called "till human voices wake us" is a lesbian version of "50 shades of grey." with reports of jimmy fallon taking over "the tonight show" and bringing it back to new york, a state budget proposal offers tax breaks for live tv talk shows that relocate to new york. some are calling it the jimmy fallon tax credit. misch ole oh, was made to look like a queen wearing a tiara on british stamps. it's actually a new ad for britain's sunday times style
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magazine. house democratic leader nancy pelosi blasted republican efforts to include entitlement reforms and any debt ceiling deal she says republicans want to eliminate medicare and privatise social security. if the goal is to have them wither on the vine or reduced in a way that does not meet their purpose, then those are fighting words. >> fighting words. and some very strong words on the floor of the house yesterday, thursday, rather, from minnesota republican congresswoman michelle bachmann about repealing the affordable care act. >> that's why we're here. because we're saying let's repeal this failure before it literally kills women, kills children, kills senior citizens. let's not do that. let's love people. let's care about people. >> and that's your morning's dish of scrambled politics.
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and bill karins is here. let's love people, bill. do you have a good weather report for us? >> no. i should just turn around and leave and go back home. i wish i was a bear and could hibernate and wait until it's spring. wait, it is spring. the bear is very confused. so is punxsutawney phil. that was a bust. let's talk about the wind chill. half the country has a whipped chill under freezing. the blue shading shows you where the temperatures are in the 30s and teens and the pink and the white is the negative numbers. almost all of the northern half of the nation is still dealing with wind chills in the 20s. here we are late march. we had snow overnight, even heavy snow at that in areas of the ozarks and into portions especially of southern missouri. now it's just a cold rain as we go through huntsville and eventually that works its way into atlanta. cool day there. heavy snow overnight on cape cod. you're going to be driving on slushy roads this morning, possibility of maybe an additional inch or two. that will be about it. even mere the great lakes, if
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you're in cleveland, even the tug hill plateau, you're dealing with snow this morning, too. it's a winter feel to it. and then we have what i think will be, i hope will be our last major winter storm of the season. this one will be starting on saturday in the denver area then spreading through colorado, missouri. really following interstate 70 right through st. louis. the indianapolis. everywhere in white is possibility of three to six inches of snow, especially on the grassy surfaces. it doesn't snow so hard in the mid-atlantic sunday night and monday morning. temperatures will be a little too warment aga. again, we're talking about a major snow event. nothing like that today but that's coming this weekend. we can't win. just got to wait. >> all rightment you just said last major snow of the season. i'm going to hold you to that. >> i've already said that three times by the way. coming up, obama care is on the move s your state one of the 26 that have failed to meet obama care deadlines? plus, have you heard the buzz over american eagle's spray on skinny jeans? and it may be the ultimate man
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welcome back. here's some other stories making news this morning. a new report says republican leaders in as many as 26 states are failing to make obama care deadlines to connect uninsured residents to coverage. if states don't act, washington will step in and create new insurance markets before october's signup date. colorado governor signed a bill legalizing same-sex civil unions. the measure takes effect may 1st and makes colorado the 18th state to allow some form of unions for same sex couples. north carolina is moving forward with a plan to provide driver's licenses to illegal immigrants. it's scrapping the initial design. advocates complain the first draft was discriminatory because of a pink stripe at the top containing the words no lawful status. talk about being at the right place at the right time. a man in awe stral gentleman saved the life of a 2-year-old
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girl when he performed cpr on her. the baby's mother screamed for help when the toddler stopped breathing in the checkout line. thank goodness he was there. if you're feeling lucky this weekend, you have time to pick up that winning powerball ticket. the jackpot is now $320, it's the sixth high nest powerball history and expected to grow. if you opt to take the lump sum, you could walk away with a cool $200 million. well tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern instead of the normal rachael mad ow show, we're airing "hubris." we learned the day after 9/11 secretary of defense donald rumsfeld is already looking to link saddam hussein and osama bin laden. >> meeting notes from the afternoon of 9/11, show donald rum fells tasking a top aide to find the best information fast, good enough to hit saddam hussein.
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he asks the aide to get evidence from wolfowitz of a saddam connection with ubl. >> we all looked at each other like what are they talking about? who the hell? saddam hussein? bin laden hates him. there is no connection between saddam hussein and al qaeda. >> again, "hubris" airs tonight at 9:00 p.m. you don't want to miss that. turning now to business, good news and bad news. investors head into the final trading day of the week. major indices posted their biggest losses in over three weeks thursday. but for the month, all three major u.s. markets are still up about 2%. on thursday, cyprus inspired selling picked up despite decent weekly jobless claims and another dose of good housing data. meanwhile, bankers continue to protest and panic depositors flock to atms in cyprus as they face a monday dead tlin avoid
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financial ruin. back on the street, oracle's wednesday night spiral spilled over into yesterday's trading, knocking out $24 billion of oracle's market value in one single day. billionaire co-founder larry ellis son took a $3 billion hit but easily holds on to the spot as the third richest american. good news for blackberry. the department of defense says reports that the dod is ditching blackberry for apple's iphone is not true. american airlines is testing new procedures that allow passengers without carry on bags just small personal items to board ahead of folks in coach with roll on bags. and after last month's horse meat scare, ikea says the signature meat balls are headed back to stores. h & m is hoping to heat up summer sales with beyonce. but american eagle gets props for the brilliant ad scheme poking fun at the skinny jean craze by pretending to sell the skinniest jeans yet. 200,000 people have been fooled into trying to buy the paint
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turning back to our top political stories. joining me on the phone is the political editor for news hour on pbs. thank you for being here. >> good morning. >> let's start with gun control proposals in the senate. the assault weapons ban is all but dead. now the debate shifts to background checks. what happened to all of the incentive to implement reforms following the newtown school shootin shootings? >> it's really interesting. everybody says that you see political will in the immediate when something happens. and that's what the administration tried to do. now at the same time, you see harry reid is going to put this assault weapons ban up for amendments in his package when they go back for recess. it's very unclear if anything is actually going to pass. >> turning now to international affairs, president obama's mideast trip is filled with challenges. dealing with syria is the most imminent challenge.
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what can he do and how involved should he get? >> well, this was a huge concern for the administration. so they're really saying they're taking this with a lot of concern. of course, the tightening of what came out, there's no accident in any kind of politics and with very delicate negotiations on an issue. >> all right. kristina bellatoni with pbs news hour, thank you. >> have a great day. now to other stories that caught our eye. we start in pennsylvania. a woman allegedly banned from the local family dollar for shoplifting came back with a peppery punch. security video shows an altercation when the woman wrestles with an even pepper sprays an employee, even worse, the woman brought her two young kids along and encouraged them to spray the worker while they were all fighting. part of a west virginia interstate remains closed after a rock slide earlier this week spilled rubble on to the road. an engineer at the scene videotaped the dramatic scene as it happened. no word yet on when the road will reopen. to florida now. hundreds came out to watch as a
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pair of logger head turtles were released back into the ocean after a chilly ordeal. the two were among 15 turtled rescued off the coast of cape cod in december when they were treated for hypothermia. finally, an ohio high school band was borrowed by a college to play for them during hir run in the ncaa tournament. since they don't have a traveling band of their own, they turned to the band to show pride. but in an ironic twist of events, they are set to play ohio state today and most of the band members are tried and true buckeye fans. oops. speaking of buckeye fans, we turn to march now and march madness is in full stwing sw close calls and big upsets in the ncaa tournament. number 14 seed harvard pulled off a shocking upset over three seed new mexico 68-62. it's the first ever tournament win for harvard. california pulled off an upset of number five seed unlv stealing a pass in the closing seconds for a 64-61 win.
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number 12 seed oregon poured it on to knock off number five oklahoma state 68-55. three seed marquette scored with one second left on the clock, barely surviving to beat 14 seed davidson 59-58. looking at the brackets now, top seed louisville demolished north carolina 79-48. louisville advances to face colorado state. and sixth seed arizona moves on to play harvard. the number one seed in the west, gonzaga, won a squeaker over 16 seed southern university. they advance to face wichita state. and oregon will play four seed st. louis. number six seed memphis advanced after st. marries missed a shot as the buzzer sounded. memphis will face michigan state. also advancing, bcu and michigan. california you will play number four seed syracuse next, butler will face marquette and there are 16 more games today. coming up, viewers speak up
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