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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  March 22, 2013 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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before any planned medical or dental procedures. before starting xarelto®, tell your doctor about any conditions, such as kidney, liver or bleeding problems. ready to change your routine? ask your doctor about once-a-day xarelto®. for more information including cost support options, call 1-888-xarelto or visit hello, everyone. topping off our agenda, we have a top story with regard to some deadly gun violence. we have three marines killed overnight at the base in quantico. virginia. and a violent shooting in texas. we are beginning at the marine base in quantico. that is where authorities say two marines were shot to death last night at the officer candidate school. it happened as a result of a fell loma reason who later killed himself. the base commander, overcome
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with grief as he talked about the tragedy this morning. >> i'd also ask for the support of our neighbors, the community and their thoughts and prayers as well. for our marines who have lost their, their comrades in arms. mean while, a violent twist in the investigation of two brutal murders in colorado. we have a colorado paroly who is injured in texas. after he has been in a shootout with police. >> he came by me, i would say he was running about a hundred miles an hour. had his left arm out the window. he was just shooting. he wasn't planning on being taken alive. it's obvious he was trying to hurt someone and he was trying to hurt the police. >> the suspect may have been the the man who killed tom clements. and nathan leon, a pizza delivery driver. we're going to start with chief
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pentagon correspondent. jim is live for us. good morning to u what's the latest there? >> alex, there were three marines killed. two men. one woman. in what military officials are describing as a possible personal dispute. and some are describing that reasonship as a love triangle. gunshots erupted in the barracks of the officer candidate school at about 10:30 thursday night. and within five minutes, marines and local security forces were on the scene. they found immediately one of the marines, a male who had been shot dead. it took several hours of carefully going through the barracks, room to room, before they found the other two, the woman and the other male marine. it appeared that that male marine had first shot and killed the. would, then turned the gun on himself in what appears to be a murder suicide.
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at this point, the investigation has just begun. and that's about as har as everybody has gotten at this point. they don't think there were any other outside individuals or influencers involved in this. there was a gun found at the scene, which appeared to be personal weapon of the shooter, not something that was military issue. and we're told that the shooter himself was a marine sergeant. the two marines who were killed were corporals. the investigation is just begun. the notification of those three marines who were killed won't be released until next of ken is notified. >> quite a tragic story. we're going to take you live to a news conference. we're getting reports about a 13 month old baby who was shot and killed. but to further this tragedy it
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apparently happened as a result of two young kids doing the shooting. let's take a listen. >> has the gun been found in. >> to this date, we have not located a weapon as of yet. >> is it a handgun that was used you believe? >> right. it was a handgun that was used. and that's all that we're at liberty to say right now. >> what about calls in the past to the house, any toe mess particular issues there? >> we are not going to disclose information that would hinder our investigation. >> was it a neighbor who called 911? >> there was several people that called 911. we got calls from various locations. >> did any one report hearing actual gunshots besides -- >> what we heard was that there was shots that went out in the area. >> from people besides -- >> from other people. >> has anybody been taken into custody? >> no. not as of yet. of course we are hopeful that that would be in the close
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immediate future. >> do you have any perms of interest you're looking at? >> well, right now we're not ruling anyone or anything out. >> will you be releasing 911 tapes? >> not at this point. >> gang activity in the area? >> listen, understand this. there is no clear motive right now. i don't care what you've heard in the past or from any one else, right now we're investigating this case to the fullest. and until we determine what the motive is, that's the way it's going to be until we determine in clear what the motive, the clear motive is. >> did it appear to be u.s. marshals using k 9 -- >> it is the story of a mother who was pushing her 13 month old baby yesterday around 9:00. and she was robbed at gunpoint, didn't have any money to give. and the literally kids, went and
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shot her baby through the head. shot that baby dead. and when i say kids, at this point the mother describes these two young assailants as being perhaps 13, 14 years old and the other one as yug as 10 years old. imagine that in brunswick, georgia, she's kids wielding a gun and creating that kind of tragedy. we'll get you more information as we get it. we have another update on another tragedy. the bodies of seven marines killed in a training accident in reno have been flown to the dover air force base in delaware. meanwhile, six of the eight marines were identified. all are considered seriously injured. to another developing story, colorado officials are on their way to texas to see if a suspect in a shooting is linked to the murder in colorado. what do we know about the
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possible lick here? >> reporter: a lot of surprising developments. what we flow is that officials here in colorado haven't officially identified the suspect but our local affiliate says their law enforcement sources have told them it is evan spencer ebble. he is a known white supremacist. he was involved in this high speed chase and shoot out. about ten hours drive from here in colorado yesterday in texas. now we do have some home video shot by a viewer at the end of that chase. so let's take a quick listen to that. so, again, this is the end of a high speed chase down in texas. what we know from authorities there is that it was a routine traffic stop. and that's when they say the
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suspect shot a deputy three times. he led them on a chase, shooting out the window. he crashed into a big rig. he then got out of the car, continued shooting until he was finally shot. he was airlifted to the hospital and was considered brain dead at that time. but what they have been able to do is to suspect that there's some link between the car he was driving there and a car that was spotted here in colorado when the head of the prison department here was shot dead outside his home on tuesday. and so they are looking to ling the cars, also to link the weapons used. and they also now suspect that this suspect may have been involved in another murder here in the denver area on sunday, a pizza delivery man, 27 year old nathan leon was shot and killed. his family was trying to figure out why any one would have shot the father of three. and what one theory is, is that the pizza uniform that was stolen may have been why tom clements here opened the door.
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a lot going on. we're waiting for authorities in texas to brief us more today. >> that actually makes sense. it could be a pizza delivery guy seemingly so. thank you very much. well, the first floor fight over guns is now expected to happen in the senate after the easter recess. majority leader harry reid announced that he will bring forward a bill that will include broader background checks. his bill will not include the more controversial ban on assault weapons. some democrats are defending his decision to separate that ban from the bill. >> what most gun rights advocates don't realize is that our current laws at the state and national level are swiss cheese. we can't let the perfect be the enemy of the good. >> joining me now chris murphy. thanks for joining us.
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if not every other week uyou're hearing all these shootings. i flow you have spent time in newtown. you have met with the families of the victims is this the bill, the response those families deserve? >> i think you are right. we are watching a orji of gun violence. shame on the united states you congress that we remain so disconnected from reality out there. the package that we're talking about which includes universal background checks may not have enough votes to pass the united states senate. we're going to have to work really hard over the next two weeks to get that done, and 90% of americans agree that criminals shupts have guns. no this isn't enough for the families of newtown. they know that if we had a ban on assault wents and a ban on these high capacity magazines
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that there would probably be kids alive today in newtown. and ittes a not enough for them. but they, likely, agree with senator kuhns who just said that the perfect shun be the enemy of the good. we're going to try to make this bill better. but this place is just totally disconnected from what people think out there about guns. they want safer communities. and this bill is not going to go far enough in my mind to get that done. >> it's like something's better than nothing here. but you rightly point out that so many americans, the overwhelming majority want to have an effective gun control bill. let's listen to this discussion about what lahappens with measus like this in congress. >> it's just some republicans and some democrats in a tiny little bubble that don't sense the tidal wave that is this c e
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coming if they keep fighting this. >> are there others that are completely disconnected with their issue? >> this didn't just change things in connecticut. this changed things all across the country. we're living in a different country than we were prior to december 14th. people do not accept laws as they r they don't understand why somebody needs a hundred round drum of ammunition to go into the streets of this country. >> does anybody need that other than the military or licensed police? >> no. nobody needs that. and 95% of americans understand that. and i agree with joe. i think there is political ramifications to people who want to continue to stand in the way of this legislation. if god forbid a background checks bill, supported by 90% of americans fails in the united states senate there are going to be ramifications and i would argue that if we can't get a
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bill passed, an amendment passed in the senate that gets these high capacity ammunition clips off the streets there's going to be ramifications for that as well. i doesn't flow why people here don't see it. admittedly it is largely republicans but there are going to be consequences at the ballot box. >> to that end, let's talk about fund-raising numbers which are showing right now the nra having its best month in a decade. look at this. 1.1 million in january. the intensity in this debate may be on the nra's side. do you think gun control advocates are starting to lose this debate, shockingly so, in the wake of newtown? >> absolutely not. if you look at the polls, they haven't moved. they haven't moved on assault weapons, 50, 60% of americans support getting assault weapons off the streets. and the fact is the nra just isn't the political force that they once were.
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in 2012 they put money into 16 senate elections and they lost 13 of those 16. and despite their uptick in fund-raising, they just don't have the political clout that they used to and members that want to do the right thing here which is the majority of members shouldn't fear them at the ballot box next november. >> senator chris murphy, of connecticut, i hope you have a bull horn. david gregory will talk later. school's out forever? 61 buildings will soon shutdown. the uproar is just beginning. about a thousand teachers and 30,000 students will be affected. president obama arrived in jordan. what this trip could mean for
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we're keeping our eyes on wall street as stocks opened higher on the news of a deal for cyprus. we like it when the green arrows are up. school is out forever? the city of chicago has announced plans for one of the most sweeping school closures. the closure of 61 buildings, about 30,000 students, most of those schools poorly performing. and from predominantly african-american neighborhoods. joining me now is karen lewis. with a welcome, i know your
8:20 am
biggest concern, aside from a good education for these kids are your teachers of which a thousand could lose their jobs. let's talk about the timing of this. you have chicago mayor rahm emanuel. he did issue the statement over the past decade. this decision was delayed while we put more money into keeping buildings open rather than investing it where it should be, in our children's education. now we'll be able to better use funds for our children's future. >> i think it's a lovely talking point. and this is what this mayor does. he uses rhetoric that sounds reasonable. but if you unpack it, you find out that first of all, in this so-called billion dollar deficit, which of course is the press release deficit, it always changes later on. the actual amount of money this will cost, especially, if it's done correctly, which god forbid they've never done anything
8:21 am
correctly before in terms of school closings. this will cost almost a billion dollars itself. so i don't believe any of this. rahm emanuel doesn't know the truth if it would slap him in the face. this is a military style campaign. school closings are based on closing military bases. it's also based on information coming from an unaccredited superintendent organization. but let me just say this -- in th they. >> they say these are poorly performing schools. they're not going to have to travel more than a mile to reach their new school. and any one traveling over an extra.8 of a mile will be bussed. so they're trying to -- >> you're also spending more money. and, again, they started out this conversation when they said they had to close schools by underutilization. they said we're not looking at performance this year.
8:22 am
so what they do is constantly change the narrative, when people push back. and they have to come up with another thing. in addition, in chicago, we have a serious gang problem here. we are talking about gangs from block to block that are fighting one another. the people that have made these decisions don't even know that. because they're not from here. they, they have no police background. so one of the problems is they're dealing with very incorrect information and making massive decisions that have to do with the safety of our children. >> so, karen, you make a good point when you talk about the reports of a billion dollars deficit. that's where that stands right now. and what is. doing out of the mayor's office is that this will bring in $560 million in savings over the next decade. but you also make a god point. it's going to cost more to put these kids in different schools, about 233 million in school transition costs. so given all of that -- >> it will be more than that. it will be more than that if they keep talking about what
8:23 am
they claim. it's more like a billion dollars. minimally it's 783 million. they are lying to you about the numbers. >> but even, karen, working on these numbers -- >> they always lie about numbers. >> a proposal, something that you think could work, that you could bring to the mayor's office and say try this in. >> yeah. we actually have. we actually talked to emththem t if you have to do some transitions how you do them and how you do them appropriately, but what the mayor needs to understand is you cannot cut your way, you cannot fire your way, you cannot close down schools your way to a massive budget testi budget deficit. you have to talk about revenue. the board of trade needs to pay its fair share. we need to have a conversation about how we can work together on dealing with the rev flew side of this problem. because this will not be the end. and what are you going to do with 61 abandoned buildings?
8:24 am
we've got buildings that are bored up right now from the last 12 years of closing. these buildings aren't going to be sold. >> you make a very good point there, because there are largely there on the west and south side of town. you've got to think really broad in trying to figure out the solution to this problem, because it's a problem. i know you're frustrated but i do appreciate your time with us here. thank you so much. >> we're going to head to detroit. that's where city problems are having an impact on schools there. meantime. just ahead, a man almost gets away with impersons nating a pilot. plus need to show papers before you go potty? we're going to talk about their. it's a new catastrophial bathroom bill. today's segment brought by tracy mitchell. it talks about our frustrations
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8:29 am
executive director of the transgender lassen ter. this is quite an issue here. we have authorities who could charge violators with a class one misdemeanor. six months in jail. you have a tv station dubbing this as the show me your papers before you go potty bill. how did this start? >> well, i mean, this bill would undermine the basic human dignity of transgender people and anybody who doesn't fit in gender stereotypes. it is meant to target transgender people as reaction to a nondiscrimination act in phoenix. and it's damaging for transgender people and a lot of other folks we anticipate. it doesn't recognize the fact that many transgender people are part of america's fabric. we are participating in the
8:30 am
economy in arizona. and we deserve to be able to, you know, use the facilities that we need. it also doesn't just recognize the basic realities of transgender lives. i'm a transgender man myself. that means i was born female. i grew up as a girl and later in life transitioned and have now lived as a man for most of my life. for most of your viewers, i'm guessing it's pretty clear what restroom i should use and it's common sense. but yet, as you say, this bill would make it a criminal act for me to actually use the men's room and i could end up in prison for six months. and yet it would be very disruptive for me to use the women's room. what restroom would you like to see me in? >> i want to see you in the men's restroom for sure. i understand a lot of this is based on your birth certificate designation. that is a hard thing to change. is there any talk of now making sort of an at birth designation?
8:31 am
would that help things ? >> you're right. i myself still have an f for female des ig nation on high birth certificate. that's not a document we typically carry around or think about. we usually use our driver's licenses, social security cards much more often. and there's not a consistent way to change somebody's birth certificate across the state. so this is a really challenging burden for anybody. but i think there's a bigger issue here where this law, if passed would really encourage policing of everyone in the bathroom. i'm usually able to use the restroom, always able to use the restroom without incident. nobody notices me. but it's gender nonconforming people, like the soccer mom, who are going to be targeted by this bill and harassed because somehow they're not as feminine as angelina jolie or a guy's not asthmas clin as clint eastwood.
8:32 am
it's damaging in general for arizona. >> unfortunately as i give you a thanks, i want to throw up a quick map and show you you're not alone. there are states and cities including phoenix that include the protection of transgender individuals. so it's going to be a conversation we're going to have ongoing. thank you for joining me. >> thank you. next up. people are lining up at the supreme court about same sex marriages. plus bring rodrigo home. what school kids are doing to help bring their deported friend get back to the u.s. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. spiriva helps control my copd symptoms by keeping my airways open for 24 hours. plus, it reduces copd flare-ups. spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that does both.
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but i'm still stubbed up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus liquid gels speeds relief to your worst cold symptoms plus has a decongestant for your stuffy nose. thanks. that's the cold truth! as we get closer to a huge week at the supreme court for same sex marriage, a new ad is out today supporting the right of gays and lesbians to marry. >> a growing number of americans have afroed it's time to allow
8:36 am
marriage for gay and lesbian couples. here's why. my brother. >> supreme court justices will hear arguments in the battle over prop 8. they will take up the defense of marriage act, doma. and there are reports of people already lining up outside the court to hear these arguments. and joining me now is the executive director for the foundation for equal rights. thank you for joining me. i want to get a preview of the case that you're going to present to the supreme court next week. >> sure. on tuesday, ted and david are going to go in that courtroom and they're going to make the case that one, 14 times the supreme court has said there's a fundamental right to marry for all americans. two, that denying gay and
8:37 am
lesbian couples that right all rights them and hurs their families. and three, allowing gay and lesbian couples access to this right to make that pledge of public commitment through love and marriage hurts no one else. >> it must be buoyed by a group that agreed that children who are raised with gay parents that are married have a much more stable home life for them. but when it comes to whether or not this should be a state versus federal issue, we are seeing governors approach it quite differently. you have colorado's governor hickenlooper who just signed a measure legalizing the measure. then you have john kasich who announced his support and then says he didn't really mean it. if the high court declares it unconstitutional, what does it mean for other states that are
8:38 am
debating the issue. >> we've made the broad case because we think it's the right thing for the court to do. california's proposition 8 hurts couples like our plaintiffs like chris and sandy and paul and jeff. but they're really an example of millions of other americans across their country in many other states that are also being harmed by discriminatory bans on marriage like proposition 8. >> you know, this month, just a parade of people and organizations have. could out supporting the same sex marriage. but the heritage foundation released a report that said there is no ban on same sex marriage. what is at issue is whether the government will recognize such relationships as marriages and force every citizen and house of worship and business to do so as well. americans have the right to live as they choose but they do not have the right to redefine marriage for everyone else. so is this movement for same sex marriage, is this recognition
8:39 am
strong enough to overcome that type of opposition in. >> i think absolutely it is. and we're seeing every single day more and more americans. and prominent americans vocalizing their support for this issue. this week abc news put out a poll that showed 58% of americans supporting the idea of marriage for gay and lesbian couples and perhaps more interesting 81% of americans under the age of 30 support it. i think the issue has come and the country is ready for it. >> all right. thank you so much. we'll be watching along next week. new jersey governor chris christie is clarifying his position. the governor does not believe in the controversial therapy. they didn't say whether he would
8:40 am
oppose a bill in the legislature that would ban the practice here's a look at some of the other stories. the vote to pass a budget will happen tonight. the faa is supposed to make a decision about closing air of traic control towers. a french man was arrested for impersonating a pilot on a u.s. airways flight. he boarded the flight telling them he was a pilot for air france. then he jumped into the cockpit. he was escorted offer that plane after failing to provide the proper credentials. air france confirms he does not work for them the jackpot is up to $320 million. there have been 12 drawing without a winner. and the next drawing is tomorrow night talk about march madness,
8:41 am
harvard plays the arizona wildcats on saturday. lawmakers could be a step closer to a bipartisan deal on immigration reform. chuck schumer told hispanic outlets about 90% of the issues including the path to citizenship are settled. meantime the immigration debate is hitting close to home for a group of fourth graders in california. they've launched a campaign to have their classmate return to the united states. in january, he and his family were returning from a trip to mexico, they were told their visas had expired and they were sent back to mexico. joining us is one of his classmates and his mother. so with a welcome to the two of you, i'm going to start with you. you call this the bring rodrigo
8:42 am
home campaign. so what are you and your friends and class rtrying to do? >> we're going to washington, d.c. to talk in front of the senate and to president obama and asking them to help bring rodrigo home. >> okay. that's pretty awesome. mom, how proud are you of your son? and what really got limb going? this is big time going to washington and trying to address the house and the senate on the floor of the capital? >> first off i'm proud. he has a twin brother. but all the classmates and the families who have spoken to us who are very pourtive of this. it's amazing as a parent to watch your children be powerful and confident that they will make the change and bring rodrigo home. >> you and your classmates, you have been able to keep in touch with rodrigo? can you guys write? have you been having phone calls? and can you tell me what you do say when you communicate with him? >> we've been talking to him on
8:43 am
skype and playing a game with him called mind graft. >> yeah. and how much does he want to get back to join class? >> he really wants to get back, cause he, in mexico, he doesn't speak spanish that well, so a lot of the kids are making fun of him when he tries to speak spanish. >> that's terrible. you know, if you could talk to the president right now, what would you say to him? >> i'd say that it's unfair that rodrigo can't come back shall because he didn't, he, it's not his fault that he's stuck in mexico. it may be, his parents might have done it, but he should be allowed to come back. >> and mom, mable, what would you say to others to help them understand the plight of families like this? >> i think the important thing to understand is that immigration is not a latino issue. in fact, in ca, in silicon valley, 65% of the people there are immigrants and they create
8:44 am
more jobs than american born citizens. and when you look at az yans in particular, 10% of the undocumented citizens in the united states are asian. so what i say to people is you can get involved. you can make a difference. you can make a change. many people told me i couldn't do anything. that immigration was bigger than all of us. and i didn't agree. and when my sons came home and said we are angry, and wroe determined to bring rodrigo home and we will go to washington, d.c., i knew that our children, our youth are the key to the future. and they are empowered and confident. >> we applaud your activism. best of luck you guys and we hope rodrigo comes home soon. >> thank you. president obama arriving in jordan just a short while ago. the leaders are expected to talk about syria and mideast peace. plus chicago is not the only city facing budget problems.
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it is day three of the president's trip to the middle east. and what you are seeing is the palace there in jordan. and the president has just arrived there. you're seeing part of the fancy pro sessional. camels, that makes sense in jordan. it is a spectacular sight there. sometime in the next hour we are expecting his joint remarks with jordan's king abdullah, and before departing israel, the president struck a solemn note with a pilgrimage to jerusalem. he urged action against racism and antie semitism. >> lit it be heard for all the world to hear, the state of israel does not exist because of
8:49 am
the holocaust, but with the survival of a strong state of israel, such a holocaust will never happen again. >> joining us is senator lieberman. and very fleiss nice to speak w. so we have their new pictures of the fancy arrival ceremony for the president in jordan. it is spectacular when you see what he is being greeted with. he did earlier make the symbolic but solemn stop in jerusalem. how important were the president's remarks about the holocaust and anti-semitism today? >> i thought the president's remarks were important. they were obviously heartfelt. and they res nate, you know, to larger themes. i thought the president's entire visit so far has been a great success. i think in some sense, he is
8:50 am
rebuilding a foundation on this trip for what may follow. hopefully in successful efforts to get the peace talks between the israelis and palestinians going and also to give support to king abdullah in amman, who we don't have a better friend in the arab world than king abdullah. he's a modernizer. and he's in a very difficult political situation. so he needs our help. but i'd say in israel, the president really planted some seeds of trust and friendship and mutuality. and from those i hope can grow hope and peace. >> he also made a stop at the form of former yitzhak rabin. he laid some stones on rabin's grave. and that is remarkable.
8:51 am
the president has made repeated of the children of israel from their slavery in egypt to freedom. which is also kind of a met for for god caring about people and in a sense, re-entering history, empowering people to fight for their own freedom. which moses did in the bible and dr. king obviously did here in america. to lead the civil rights movement. so i thought it was again, very sincere from president obama, and resonated a lot, i know
8:52 am
jewish americans, i would guess with african-americans, also guess more broadly, with most americans, for whom the bible is still their favorite book. >> yesterday's speech when he was speaking to the students yesterday, i mean, personally i thought he hit it out of the park. there was so much applause there, he made so much common sense and i feel like he really struck an emotional tone and tried to connect with the people in the audience. how do you feel about what he said and do you think his words will resonate for some time to come? >> i thought it was an excellent speech. and yes i do think, i hope certainly that his words will resonate for some time to come. this was really a brilliantly constructed visit to israel. obviously he had long and apparently very constructive talks with prime minister netenyahu and with prime minister simon perez. but for the major address, he
8:53 am
chose not to go to a traditional political setting, but to a large audience of young israelis. and i think he struck a real chord of mutuality, based on common values. and based on what you could hear from the audience, yesterday, was the desire of an overwhelming majority of the israeli people for peace with the palestinians and with all of their arab neighbors. and i think the president, in speaking to those young israelis, also really spoke to, to the broader israeli public, which has been skeptical or suspicious of him from the beginning. because of some of the positions he took early on in the first term. i think the president has set the stage, if anybody can break through the wall that now separates israelis and palestinians from just sitting and talking about peace, i think the president and secretary kerry have created an opening to do just that.
8:54 am
and of course, i hope they succeed. >> of course you do, as don't we all. thank you very much, former senator, joseph lieberman. we have a programming note for you, in case you missed it the first time around you can all watch "hubris" airing again tonight at 9:00, it's been msnbc's most-watched documentary ever. following the film, more facts will be revealed on "talking hubris" at 10:00 p.m. eastern. [ male announcer ] this is kevin. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for him,
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president obama gets his b hebrew on. >> since i'm starting to get good at hebrew. let me propose a toast. even though you've taken away my wine.
8:58 am
come on. bring another one. a toast -- [ speaking hebrew ] >> that's good wine. >> not bad, that was president obama doing his state dinner in israel last night. the hebrew toast he shared means, "to life." the president's first lady is crowned queen, sort of, the uk sunday "times" style magazine created this image on a first-class stamp. the image created to mark her first-place ranking on the best-dressed list. presidential chris christie got an inquiry about his residential aspirations from a group of third graders. >> i'm a third grader at the elementary school. you've done a great job here in new jersey and i was wondering if you were thinking about running for president.
8:59 am
>> do you work for msnbc? >> i'm not thinking about running for president right now. because i got a job to do here i've got an obligation to all of these folks and you and the other people of new jersey to not take my eyes of the job right now. you can't worry about fourth grade until you finish third grade, you know. and i can't worry about that until i do this job. >> we're loving that msnbc shout-out governor. that wraps up things for me. i'm going to see you back here this weekend at my usual time at "weekends with alex witt" "now" with alex wagner coming up next.


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